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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, January 29, 1892, Image 2

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Istm l Kwrt t'rtibit .
TiKKS: M.5I1 PER YCAii :.' At; A.V jE
OOSYNS & CURRY. P-.i-'n i-,?
I'lnlsix. inim-ny till. INilU.
SI tel. to tlio I-:! ri:i.
Tho tosh .if t.riff too frotn fron". I e
farming dtsli K-tt. t tlw ritirs ts t io
depl- .! and liouiil I - ili-i-'irwl. Ks-4hi-.j'I
is tikis tin.' in tlit frtttle pratrif
otales ( Hi'' nest. nlnw- lau.b. are cm.
Mtratively .'lifsr- iokI 'I... -il pro.-tir!!t
oihatt!l :!. Oi.iy tlnee tiul .ifeti-ri
!'tnn f:.ii. trt, m sti-'Trstut.l. pur
mitti at- M.i!.f,ii Ijt l Imn 10 per
onl of Uie farmers "n nn re-.tMrrilily
i.lu stri -us ri.!r and skillful aro lial k:
.. 1... Th,.! hv ': Hv I..r.H-1-r.ur... f .
iirfajius A Urn.M bus cirf l.-iMiiro
tliiui ns iua:i in ti.rr.iritj!e lito bo i.-;
to cnatorall ins to ascit '
tSftfim-tntl inrrra-iuii: int:!uir.
InMtr ;aai:tim:ry ha tnltoa away
r. arj.iv jKirt of the Jrudsry of farm
Tiie barJfst ork nm. ao n .
tlio M-as-m of pr. paraJion. raltitation
awl liumt. Xrarly fonr ai'T.tli? u'
wry twrrhr nrr a ; ri.hl .rf ?jso to 1 1 if
miifwrul farm.--.
Ot'cnorthoro ar.' tbrw dassM . '
fwruicrs in .wr coat.ln - laa owniTs
'cit of dob:, laud ouim- :r. d-bi nr.l
t. nm: SatuI'-ts. Th ' tyj. i..! nncul :
turlst is ;ii.'n wbo lun pa: 1 for bin
inn.) i.n.1 I, i. iir.n !,! .i .1 r Bt.-itn of
....... V.. ....... -
iMrf-rt riIt.r:ti.tn. v.bobas budt com '
furtablr btiu.-.i'. bartu arJ uraiiiin. a
ao.l Mho ban all lhovry labor sni--
in-. inin1n.-n..nm -ni.J st. rft tr,"itlriit to
f -
Fiicrcsiful fannimt. Tbou-tnJiJ of ccb
farmers iaav he foutid in Indiana, I!!"-
uols, Misxm-.. loiva ami in the i.ldor !
tattled jiurticnof K.mi.s ami Xobno -
kn. Tiir fartiH-r in drbt slmtastoi
overtako his mo? sti.-cissfnl- neighbor
He. is the individual who sutlers mon ' m,j nu jlluj va(. ;., J(t fo LftHV ' H10 snaie sis ir.onthr in lf thr.y m-rc . or other bo;r pro hiulf. aad tl.o slim ot
'hen crops fail. Livanso ho t.ive Bion."-, ' ,-0 1 ttt, .,t 0l-ill.; tnotiatairi- and s. H -i'-.V2i. 11 K.iin of 31.aW.0-.ii) in round :'' re.'iti per bu.hei for ea -b and every
pays iniiiron and :s in d:.;;,.-rof sheriirn its Uiba-o and cotton for H?" j fibres'. '! h-. lof r.iin nail olbi r fn.-.a j.nliir
-ale. Tho tenant farther, mi a rule, b:.s! '"Wnv. it w.inl-.l m.ik.i oar iiatu n uw I The t ital e.xjnrls of brradstuiTs for iMutrai'ted for !o ami ili:.ve.-y undor
only bbmu-cl as his capital and often ' ft, j -i.-h. iTo'uldn't it' tun! C'larlev."" I D .nii-cr '.Vii-s $::V-U.S-fl, a sain of j '-o.-moit i d ''nvl i:h opti 11.8 and fu-littloe.xpi.-i'tation
of ever liowiuini: a " 'V ,ax on.. 1 lao!, 'it AOfsid." ' i about i.0"(V-0 over Xov.niber, wbijb fjr.n. Tiicp. s-1 .-tal t.iseJ !.r.. to !kj paid
It u 1 o-.vner. Tb.o.. cmilM bl.'is.i into'
:ch other, but are more or less distinc: .
511 .'.Tory cowiiiumty.
The e.xiierier.ee of overv
faruior in the ' ,
older sectiriHS of tb'S state and Icua i I
that v.ben bo o;;.:e "cts on his f. o:,' ,
that is, clears off bis indebter.ess, com- '
plotes tho nt-ce-isarw buildini,"!. owns Ins ,
implements and tias .1 little stook. he is
almost sure of a surplus each year. The 1
farmer in ubt wiio is fruai. tbrirty and j
pkillful in manaseniont will in due time j
step into the ranks of independent uu j
morigaijed laud owners. The others j
will fall by tho wayrido and eventually i
-.lro; back anions tho ton.1r.t8. leaving
eventually out two cinerep o. auricui
turists the farm owner and the tenant j
I n lisa.th cf tbo farmer .s a capita! I
-J.hiei the o erworked city wan ivst !
often torero. Often the farmer lad. with j
a i-wi-i-il oeniua for snme urban owuna. 1
. ;
tion, biiiTceeds against bitter opposition ,
by riastin of the physical t-cdurance ho I
l-oiiecaeF. na a result of -I oi'tdoor la-
Iifir in the Held in his voSitb. The value I
of LeaUb cannot K ov.ire.-.titr.ateil, r.r.d i
no s-2c;?s3 will r-3r,ian--ratj t!i.t individ I
'csl for its loss. I'i-rmers. as a c!a--B,p0r-;
jl-ss independence. he.i!ih,tfu.tntn.i-nl,
h jpe and freedom fr.Hii Ih harussirt:
cares of mercanlilo or olhrr c.-imni'-r j
'.e.--n.ji..i o.-.v
iii-jie oio mo larmvrs ooy .vnair v. i-v,
1 . t
"liould thu fnriiMf'.-
:ilia-i...fi ti p I
ot.n:r oc -upation-r W by is .'. rather aim t
at- p.-curir. wsty or to; hundred and
sixty acr.-a of land with irood .Iirollms,
barns .-anr.r:os. implenn-iits, clock and
a bnltum- in bank? Any stroBj;. clca-
headed. industr:.'ja ;. u:-g m.-ti in Mi-
touri or Iowa uti-1 -r tv -ay five years
of njje who will patiositiy. persistently
and carefully devote h.:...-!f to the J
f fforl can count upon nil tho-T?, with tho
cfimfort and ind--p:nd.i:;!v they icio.le. ;
with moral c-irtainty oy the imo be is i
forty years of ae. .Missouri .m-l loiva I
rarms win do jutio ...rtunes to their p m
fes-jan? in iifteen years and the boy i
wliostickp to the farm, or rather re- 1
tiira! to it when he has oomph-led his J
i.-ducation. will havo no occasion t-j ro-:
irret his choice of oceiipat'on. '
Six more States will tala. mn m ,.. '
ppimtiL' fr.-sidentinl ehciinn" ?l..-i. ..r. r
tlfnre ii'i.l ll.irlv m..nt ll.in ..l.t...l .1 .. '
:i ., .
uiei.juesiie.il. inru ir.ero woro i-tar-
. r., . . . . .. . .
iotas; this year there will it f .rtv .'..t:r
States and 11 J ciWtnni! n-tcs. In '
the popular vote wns, in round tsiinilwrs.
ll.HW.OiX', m 1S')2 tl is e.tini.-'.d I'-hl ii
will reach lo.iXVTO, thn lnrges-t rote
vcr cat at any election which history
rerords, and liiey wiii tie f eultcret! f ver
ft greater area of country. J'or tho fiist
limo the v-itc of the luit-t) Statm will
evceeil that of 1'iatsre and (."ennauy.
With so tr.-iiii-iidoiis a fr ua-hiso Uio re
cessity becomes stroiii'or than owr for
rurroiinouix 1? with fiery pussiblo sre
puard, and tnakiu f.cry itToit U so-.-riro
fair and honest elections.
Tun total number of tienstons borno
in tho rol'sJiino .10. lTJi. Wsw G7C,1C0,
Lvillin that is h -n.iriibie aa-5 eirUtin to iCuropeno mnnufactnres:' " j that is tha .jticstson. Only plunt the j The ;ir-t tep ti.-.vard s?.uri:ijr better i c 2 jj Ji if 1 ' "l jj S '
lie remunorativefor thdiit.'ioititisienls ! "'Wliv, then we haie to tnakn then?, very l"st varieties, pruao and cultivate j roads la this country is the development j f j! i I ty j 0 I '
anl di.-.-Kters esperi'-need hy a m b.r? o J here. We pay l.i waes .iod keep our proj-eriy. keep orchas-d clean r.f all weeds. I of public .-entti-.ei-t to a re-ihztitien oi ;! ?J J S Si U 4j! L. !
1 p.'rc-.'n:n- of tb'i-i who onirio in mn at home- nny fcol can ft that -tct,l' r,I f-it cleaned up, either by ; their firesent tJiuck.nt: erudition. ,M.v "
iw. ...ere. se o. ...,. oier u.e previous .. .-,,,1, , U) ffl
tc:.-. The teta amount of money dit- K(XHj r)r ,. , ,(, ,( , , -
bnrsed during the year was .IIV.W.CO.;, ujH f
mereat.. of aW.ut I.at not )(? An.j M, w ui haro
fO miicli as was upinoiiriiited In over ' , i.t .... i i . r . .
.-witjiiSi.. -ii st-'M and lots ..r inanufariurers, wii-es
fyvO.OtX1. 1 here are r. ui alx-tit, l"(y. .. ... , ,- ,
,.- , . i- i- i u'' l" '""ipntsiton will make
o -aOOO of these are on th- js-.is.on rolls. ,w J ,
f.ojce there are bs3,K) survivors who .-,, t , ., ' ,., , ,. ,
, , ' . , j lou 1-rt we nil). Chariot! I said,
iro not pensioned. Of the o I'liteen i.i ... " ..
1 -,,eM " ""assoundonthes.ouestMas t-;,,, aro
5.0.,tU)Jl.OC dun nB tho year, a creator . nw. tt mak . -
siiim than any of tho others excepting ' .
CVilumbus. Tho averaire pension m ..t- m.h,. ....
iw,,t,, -dr. .Mills now canio in and said, 'I
ubout fll per month. , , . . .'
must t.iK... Charley back to Corsieana.
Tiinsr. are record-breakiiiK days in : ' '',usw ,lorlilrn schoolboys talk and '
breads! uiTi. exportntion. Decembers t"k much.
ngtires were sij.(W,(;Si greater
, ' '' ''. '" 1 '
h month r-tood
this respect up
. , .- .
ill ... .. i .
thc-t-o of Xovember. nhieh month r-tood
at the head of the list in
to that tune. December
vjroa liil'teovisr SD.l)). D), or ab mi
fires tinm a-i g.reit ai thow of thj
-,-l. :.. tl . r.... ,, ..
si ii - -j i mi ii iiji. i r.ri'i lntlllil
pri-Di-.v- soid IVWOD'vvH, f
. i lit : J, ftbro i l, or ab -jni1 ),') )J
2. f J "in i.i t'.u drroiiixidm ' or..tl
r w i'nAnie'iiiin Sar-nor u mt
Z-j'ti': -i -jrer tfij silu.itio'n.
. . i
t-.H lrt J!it t.ti t mtl- If..;;.
IW. U" Hot ( liitriot .
'H-.si..u C.; J..,. :niil publish. 1! e
foii.,uing iMerwe-A uilh Kb IVrki.,'
JitiuMt 1). I .until in. i Ihe itfll kr. -nt.
I. .ii tn ..a. .uneri.-t
"i . ir,.-0:i.al.a Irn.t. f.-.r Nicttx (it.,
Th. .'" d y o a-1' . Hun tsman Mi.ls.of
l.x.. Wat. inf.. Kvlih hii'.l i.u;
...... .!. h-fl ix-cn ;n n Mi.;ne:i. ..In
!lvl!t:.-fr!.m ...lr:U ms
I l..-i. l,ut d .1 - win i. iu.
n..vt;.i..,. i t'u.. :;;..,..., ..! u.hi..-h.
1 1.. a. .M t. ......aw nil .u.j.7Tin4.
i.i. .1 t'fz t..l....h . .t.ini.Tii.t .t.il
....... :
-i at.br.1 .ir. Miils f 1 miht a ttic .
l::tir fM)n i-)im.U.t.tin9 ami not bis
- -IVrUini.- snid tbr yciwl wtwrrAi
m-iu . !vii.l ami v-.; v.iU ::ml C. ariry
br.-hi..m.a,;l. tan,raaytb !..-"
"And you oou't Hiterinfit t-'
'rtainh a:. '
1 eaui mlliiic tli
" -X.m- t'iai 1 .'
.....it i.ttV f..P a- iii. ! nm sro
.,. 7Vj MUt(. jlurt q.ili.i.is. bar.-
Jhan .-uIhi root. iirA I don't Ivl:..vo a 1 I .
Uo fi'.l-v.v 12 v.j'ars old likf you cm an-
Ba..r tbin."" I
!r.,r. ran." aa.. ul tho oroi il
iut; Ti-xan."
-W.-'l fh ithv." I said. if v .u livo.1
la a to0n whom a'.i tbo twopSf et-nt oi r
, .h.. ret irnio t i.i.v n'l tbfir tl::i.i;s.
ui.t aoulJ tbf tlW;;" ;
- -Why.' su'M f barb .' our iurrh.-uii. '
u4j,i ;i l ;,-x.r. for ail ..or moi fy
.-.M .... -nv n..u'Jnt it i V.VJ ali bo
ir. sr.rr.""
- U;..;lt Cbarlrv .' I fttlJ
Him bow
i ,. ,r.j :. nat.iui tont uiu JL isff
. ..u. ..'.. .r... i -
jiia.. ,invin;t til ini-iiHiyiin pri,i-m
.i ,..;c,..,.ii .i.i.ir.oiv.-i:,..r mii.i
'i a-:. a -,v. .'.,-..;. ..r ,.., -. :r it c..st '
Uiis ..!.( au.l .i.tloann.Hvhoat ovor to !
... .: J . 3.1.1 f.,- f..,
v, i. .lll.'il.. n -- . . .in. . - v . i v'.i . .... ' . - -.
p,v j ,.t, -,.3 .,,.., nna ur. and
.," .
" .. .u"s,v -v..',! bj k .r l.ixe tho to.vn. of
.,., " '
..vlrimWIiail 'Itut smi.i-k.
,r . i ,!,.,- m-l I n,.:i ,
o.ir i
rn....i .... I
;,a(j kejitclO'V.l.f'iX) of -.'Id find (.:!
:oviT fikX).OtO.'J worth oi cotton ati.l
uhr-.it and toht.vo for ni-.mev J..r tbirty
. ....- mi.t, i,--i!th u-i.uiii ivo ha.-
j ,i :s ,.... .4 . j
.. .y;,v " .iid ("iirv tii'tiriti" on a 1
ar '.-.0- woohl hnveover cb
fcy o.iitV). 5ut whv dido't v.a keep it.'
-j v we ancitraeturo our own '
n)ins? Xl. OXL.T Sl,i,lt. to ulauu
ra,.tUre them?
Yos,' I .iid 'bp are trjirs to now.
Xo,v t'jiri,.;., I contintn..:? 6upp.,so
thpv . lMX fPi. w oejlUi WT ,Jilv . ,,-
iRij.,ri -s ln Karor for tnakin- knives
-.i..:!i. a n. -...1 ...,.1 .1... f-..;..i , :
mitt "I llfl.l ". 1 tillll i
-. r.,rr.i,n i..r.!r lo.-iiin bnndna!. t
! and our workmen vert. m..kin a day
I - . - . .
ilfn? w ,,ou-,l ,,ur workaiea do if w.
na,j .rt.c. trade.'""
-Why. thov v,-.ii:M hr.vo to work for J
.1 .. , .1.... .1.... .... : 1.- ,
liie r.iiiiu ...ic-js ui.u in-, uu in i.i...ij-- -
j,jus tbe freiijnt. Of inurie. any onecim i
iiuim can't thev. father" i.r.il Chirlev
i,i..i .1.,. r..i.- .. .1.. m.ii-.
! ;oo::c-.i 11:1 at t;;o lamer or n.o ..iu
.. ;i "!,.--,.. if n out on a vrr-'
fr.-ir t-Hir .if sihont ."ai n. r reel
l-rilf of about ."i0 in-r cert.
jyj.jt these European things r. ado bv
,.h,.-m hibor ho.v would that aife-'t our
ia-i-inn men:
Win wo could rev them more :
.vaces, ol course; ttiat s plair.".w riay
u ri,,,n C'lmrl.-iv what 'n we train bv
" . . .
: puttin-; on a protjtlve t inil ngainst .
rir't th nr."-'
ii,.r 1 .nri.-iv '
-.n-il Cini'reHim.in
j'.;.-, takirss otf his cla-vei and wipict:
jilMn with an Aaierii-iin bandana, 'let
ll0 ..jj; vou n tjuitiou now."'
j " y.j-.'t .ju see all tho pauper labor -
le 8 0j Curopo coming over here.Chiirlev?
1 v - ni am hnvr ran wn ki-en tlie-n
- V.'br nam wo could take off tins 1
.:1r-;r,.-o::ldn't ;v. nnJ th -n our washes
ttrjiiij ..0 down as low as tl eri our fnc-1
triun wtia'd stoii and their f-irl.iries
w.ud I start up, and they wouldtt want
conns here, would they? Thnv
wouldn't want to coruo here, papa, if onr '
washes wcrcu't hilier than theirs, wo-jhl
ihov ?"
sjr jj sjjs didu't auswer, but wont into
th'-' smokini; car to think." t
"'.Vinh- he was j;one I askd Charley
wh.lt ho til.llU'ht V.ojlll I a) the offi'Ci
iiMtti.... i. tri'T ..T r. .-.-.i-i n.-..... 1 1- .
1 ...... . .
..-..., ..- I,-,-'..,. ..,-,,1
t''"s " Cinoua. ia a
twe.v.- ti.n s Inijjp a-j UukoU.
.1- ,..;n l.... i,. .,..rt ..t .: '
... ....... ,i.uu
s..i. Cli.-:?y, 'and rni.a-tbe price heref"'
"And b..w will that atlVol the price or
ln..l fii-i'lai " 1
' ' ". :." '
v. iiv. tietrer pn.es tor uite.il i.-ouiil
lakctbatcoiip, t.-o. aad I heard Y
i.-aier t -lhag p:i;ia this mornin-,' that
he land ail uver Iowa and Dakota and
Il.inois was fast p.;.n- up. Is it?
-' Vos Charhsy. it is,' I said. 'Tho wnrran . ovoryllus:-,' tli.il i frml out to be -vo s:ail tiover (,'ei icoou onw until mat . ;j:"";;.r..I1 i r- i .i!. r.
farmer is pt-ttin.T on top airain. Thous ' :'irAi -',KFS- , is i-.v-oMpIished. Happily rapid proare-s j TJjp A!j-j pr.lfjG-A poy fj-r -ARY,
an.iiiaaaiif.i-tiirers-aromakini.'suir.ir.; . , " . . , is now beiti;.-mado in that ducislion. " i.v uV.'l MAlin: l-l i K
. , , ' I .ot. arc mine for nit ii. sstnl not rr.en v v i I . . ". , , , ....
siik,Hie.-ry. linen, tie, Kiiiss anil iRilterr.' , ,,. , , .n. s..o . T..t!..M u- Ii.hp rp..l Tie- 1 i.j ..n Mi-
. for pants, noann wi.s mado for man. . i t.r.," i shit iittm-. vp nr. .t- t'ur..- x-
1 h-y ar-, movi.ii: over from , , rope and nn(, w . t.. k U:..-it ,.,,:,. yttmtMi - -Vn -'''f'VfS "r l"
-, . r manuracturers will oat up all of wnlaaa aan - ,,os. ..v!ir;illrv. j "ft M.m.lH-r ,.f .t,,i;
sn.-pius wh.lit. and then what Uharlev.' ... , ' ; . i M-rlp. v..-nli -.!' tr'.li..'i t -. r!i ! itt'-a-i.
Tnu iviuntrv's wheat crop it is now" , . j, ' , " ,
,, . ' ' . mahv. arrested for drunkenneEsand i.vJi
rZZVT ac,ln,",, to aboul , femalfH. There were 0-"rtl males arrest-
CWWOt-JbiithnlH. while tho corn cron i nn.i ..07, fm..iM for iM.i.,l!rllnIt,n,i
.wmjlVU , , , " i '! nnil 0' for IL,'nn nr1 ?
t ' v- -..tfj.wjj.' tj ousne.i. .twnr.l.irlv Tli.in. um HlftYt mntiw
i nis is, tor wu-at, oy rir tho greatest
-.:..i l : . . -,
jHiim'i.ii .iiwpv, Willie lor C'iril It
; "ever was s.Irpnl bat o,.0. As tho
prices for ori iKircal are higher than '
.!Kni - l,:iiv,, - ,Hv i,n.. ; . '
the farmer has no right to grumbl" over -
- . ------- ........... ,u i,-.,-ii. .i-.ii-.
tho situation, and ho is o .. grumbling.
Ml Iti-rorils ICflif .1.
.!aj. I'rork, fhiof f tlio hiiroau
t Kirs. has cmpl-ici Jtioo.tnp.t. 11..11 .
.-V" Is of br. nil -.ten's for I 'eiioi ilr.
Kj-ri itiif for Ootolier ami Xo
t.-mU-r wee .urpri-ingly la.-gr. Tin
til-lire for D. ciber i.rw even lli.lo
Kx.t.it-. ..f barl. t du-ing Deo n.iI .-r
i.-.i.'iic. toe tiiitmrsl vnlue of 6.".".
1't ). .-.inU-'. 1H;H. the taint of t -.j-- rig
f Imhi-v only iJ-.-JH
i-ortj. if ti lat mx
in mliis t-r
l el.j:si.li:i. r..ticsl ir
ti.f rr.-si.iuilli' .nHi f I.-J-1. J !:
n...n..is.i .wwimiro tbi.n 81-OiVHiXi.
lll'jri'iis! .vii. liiiiii; .ii. .11
Kvit't-f i- ii.at fl.uir for IJitumlHjr
n.-.u nu.. ..u "-
uem ialiic.1 .it tT,iK5.7.5..iuul for IJoo.m
i t i.i.. .1.... iiV(71T TI...
Ml lt 1 4li' '.""-'
tIS.. tm tl month was Iioarix
On th. ri months the niiain.ii
rt.-.Uw,;. Wb.-at tluur esjHrtls m tl.O
i i .-t i...ir ..r if.11 i.oiiiii lii .f.. .iii nt'ii
in lbi lust bnlf of iK tboy won1 iSi.
Tn.VJ:fJ. TLif incroayp a nearly ilO.
The xportH of rv for Uecoair r wero
i-.'i. nn.l for I iv.i.:b.T a year usi
c'J-'.-x"- 'I'br cp -rts of ivo fvr tho last
moat la-worpi'.iJIi27, anil Tor tbe
six months in 1SI tbi'y wpro
HI. n incrcnsn of ;J'Jt,Uo
Tsu exports of wheat for Divert-brr
weroIO.rs;wi. ami for Utt-emuor a
I .
;o:.rno 8U.fcrc!2. an ttiKroaso of more
than SIV.M.'W Tho ,vp..rtn of v lioiit
f".- i!m la-t six iftontns of 1S:1 vtro WV
WH, r.ml for the last i-ix :no:it:H of ,
1 ti.i.y wit.- V??j?t I, miikinj: tho
iu.-.-faw. ovor r7:..!i .'. H. !
-ti.i'inwit:- of roni for Ptci'mbiT
vs t.;.::(2'.s;i T. is i-omparnl with sX.'i.-
for 5,--'mbi'r. 1A', an i:icr.'a of
ri v rii.rtHi.; Tin. f ii ' ;kii'P i T r-i n
- -
f-r too N.st six months n-r f n,r'."..3:f
as i-iimoarrd aUb iO;CV-Vri!5 for the last
.nths or 1H. Orn. it may bo ;
stttd. lias i'lol la irntl to aiove Oil a I.irsro '
The oxttortf of oiN for rivtnl.jr jt
r:s,-' ttoroJl.KS.Otr'.ai.d for Drwiuber
a year nn only f l'W. a i;rmi of orer
M.'S'iK-O. The oxportt ot oats for tho
in t ,:s montbs uore .?i,'.ri,721, and fLr
was a red -letter aiont n. I ho total OS-:
poria of breads ntfs in D.i'etnber. lRli"'),
Eirrcated 310,l-tT:!J. The CTin v.::s
"VTW'v n a s'nt;:.. moaui. ror
- . . .. . . - , . 1 i
t':'"' months clo-in lI tho total ex-
ivrts of breadKtaiTs wero SUsi,'.''.!'.!!.
1 SirsV.'.::.!.
or ISO) sla 1
,,l h:.l: of th,
anrt 'or ,ue f-''"'1" poril
lvi'r'" ?".h""..-i.'
In tho la-
'at -'!"-st'il K'i :e;l over loo last Halt
'" ,,,,r preewbus n "-"e evjsorts o'
oroaiJrtiiSiscov.tTwrK.i. rna ii almost
inereditjle. Il menti? jjikm! timea.
Gt.'ixl rrittt.s :it!l Jinn
V. V. f".-.tt rer.d t!.n fc-'.ouirff inter
stt.iir narifr hforo t u llorti.-iiltuml r.-
tie'y, Situr.l.iy, .ia. Hi.
Hark, liorWculturiMs.! h..t do
'l U '11 . . 1.
hoar: 'Hie coaMiuiers 01 our proi'm ti-'
c-ailiu for taol tii.'r- but better frm:.
ftlii ivo have been taki:.K thi' up fi.-
.nr.;. .nnl vc: ai. ii.r lb., rrv 1-na'ei
- - - --- -
and oftene.-. -ive u better fruit, and ot
looking aroi:nd va se- bo:n. tb.it nr.
tam-Kcil to siai.d at sin. heu-.l .-.r boiti
oin'---o " o..n... ... ..." .-. ....... .
'culture as miides, fairlv seratm.a !.
orchards as il were, with a tine t.mti.
coa.b, to fret nil of the fruit to ship nif
coa.b, to eet nil of the fruit to shi; ..if
to ci:ir.tiraers. Xow. my friends. i.i-.
R-h ""i -". but if you mo not n,ttt- ,ied
ivilh mv i!.'.r.r: vu. 5ti.it "o to a fruit
market and spend ou hour pncii;
r . , ...-. . . .. . . -., :
1 ieroiii. -jrnu'3.-ci irmi, niai you v.tii oe
conv:nc'i. j
,,!.. . , I .....
--- ro jn x hi:k 10 no ;.uuui u j
hand orrome oth.r ua;
and '.wop tree:,
, mid vilip-: weii siiorti nel "bi.ck so
1 't-11' u"'!' n,it havo so rauch of a chauce
: lo lircn'-t thctii. Particularly tho peach
' should lie cut bark one third to one-half
t'" y-sir's Kiouth. IJut now
, comes tho hardest job of all it t.ik.-;
' more nerve to walk up to a favorite tier
that is hendin niaier its h ad of jouriK
Iruil -l piisk from nc third tocmo-hslf
"'tf and throw to th ho than it dm-s
to Krow tl.c treo to tl.it axe. But i-
must bo deist. Wo jurt havo to
c":n" to it, and tho f.r-oner tho bi tt-r.
Hut we cannot sto,--. hoic -v.e have to
h-.irii to pick and sort our fruit properly,
then wo mut p.ii-k in the best po-:sibio
shape, and 111 the no iio.it pnekapjo that
,;'tw 'w uhtsiimil.
In fuel, we havo irot to re-mot; fruit
Js'ron :nj-; to n
stem, aad ttn.ly the
wani-e of the neopl", so thr.t we can fur
r-isl. just au.'i frsiit as the S rad.s riei.iar.u-.,
unit we bavf : t to ! erv cirefnl nad
I"lt le'lhioj.' but just first class ofids or.
: tho c.itrki-l and brand every box or
basket BO thai ciiesuiuiTK will knuw ins!
- - -
'A',al tlti'? ar '-'ayiiw. lhat m i.tl .h.,
un-v "'' 1 kn "r '-'J fr";'
ins; pcv.
I ... '..!,!... o..ll 1 ,l.:1l
" r o.-u.... ... ..n.i. ..
...:.. . .
f'l,it "My priec and let it Ko on the
iMrltetJilhniTanmoca it. If I did
r'P wwH '-ot l:io.r nliat to do with
, r.uch frtuif, for I havo lol.l the.n that I
niey are a pair o; pants, taucli pants
do not. Inst. 1'antn aro like mokiFBiw, (
they aro thinner in hot weather and
thicker in cold. Tho man in tho moon !
rlir.uges his punts during an eciipso. j
Don't go to the pantry for pants, you J
may bo mistaken.- ! Such miftako.s make
breeches of promise. There has been ;
much discus-ion as to whether nants is 1
singular or piurai. Me-.-ms sous wlien ,
pi.m u.vir t.:ii,Ij ft....- r.. ..!...! ..r,.J
- .
wlien liiey ilon t wear any, it s singular.
Men get on a tear in their pants, and ,
it b all right; but wnen the pants
a tear, it is all wrong.- Kx.
ot on
Tvr. past year there were in Xew York i
city W:2f7 arrests. 71.tXl wero
l i.i nr. r I., . ti
j '
arrested fo' disorderly i-onductand l,7.T3 j
r...l..., Tl . 03 r
....ii.i.i-r . ii u. t- .cii. j i.'i u i rtjii utiii
x, ? for nomlci!,0 anil m, for crand Iar. j
Ce(!V ,, airo ,r v,Ution of the excise I
.... ..'... i n-v. - I
About one half of thnabovp number of
i:.ir. i. il, i iivni -. .-. r. -. ir-iiii-i, in iiitmiiii.. i
arrcstB ran lie traced to whiskey.
I'uliin'-. iiinl ';itio!is.
V.VkUtii proJitfert" will b rsiim-inily
imorctixl i:i the bill introiluccil in t!u
I'nit.tl KMtfs Ker.nle by Svuntcir V;i!-!i
burn of Miiuieul;i roh.tin to futiir.'S
ti! opiiDns, nm! proviilint; fur taxing
lU'iik-rs tlicroui. Il will bt i.MiivnibiTtil
Unit n iniT.'Jtiro fur tins imrin'.if.
cuinptrliL!iM titan Uis ;rivrnl on-.", is
introtiiie.'i! anil iii-eii.-vil in t!i" I:i.-t
I,, it t. iu v-L-,.., .... ii
'i"!itr' !ian b.-ni n iiiornl .f-i t-arn.
i!i.;nl f-r !v'lati'i ' tbis kiml fn-m
or ';i!i.ii.s rr!r;-.-,:.tu. t.m ..ir.'..l
Minn ..-.iur: r in nir f...ir.: rj.
'IV .'.! 'f Si natur Wasbburn .l-!i"
... - - -
niti:M tsi nu-:tn miy intitt..i:l ui njjn-.'
-i - - -
mn.l wiierriij a piny uioivio. or ar.j i
ii.-.. Ii .'.ir ir. ui'ii or in xhK M-Iinif mm.-1
. ----- -- - - -
"iirat-. nr sKn-ran-.n i.h iii.i-ii-.iiK:irii:i
H Law r -.v.. t., bnnscif or am.tbor tin.
Oj.l:-.:, to b-iy .,rM-!, ,,t a futar.. t:im.
.ii v ifriiii. tf.iLi'iii ii'iii iiLiiur iiiriii ii ii- .
ducts. j,oi!;, lanl anil a'f. i.t'u r Ii.h; pro;
iliscts. rutarrd shall bo uiiilfnitinxi toj
: m.u!i an c uitract or 'i.-. nu;it wboio i
.iy a part) aroim to nuj. r nereis to'
, .-11 ami iMner, at i fi;tito tin:- t...
( aanthor any fjrani, cotton ami otl-. r f.i u I
protbicln pork, lar.l anil all oilier L
pr.-im -V, .vi.vf:. nt lb tins ' ? i .ak.ii.
sticl. r ialr-i.-: or ar.M.u :.; 'bo p. ,
, aKTor::.i; to ai.iKo sucl. u -liv.try, or tin
piny aiiohi no rrpn-A-ms ir nn capaei
. . . ft
ly. :s not .in; .ivcn-.T i.I Iu atiich' so cm j
tr.ictiil ;ui.l ari t b. A !:,. rtL or j
usim; t u- .u.:.. .MiitrMi-! im.
i- -.1 aa.l .Irrnvn; i sia". sui . -in.vitly bo
a Ui.V.ly dolivoro.! t., th - .:it-huxT for
m tiufu-Mr.-or r n-tl .ipt:o :. but tho
'. art shall not apply to any vr:trai In orj
:n n:i'itt. f:ir :tui livrry man:'
wila l.u n.t :t ;i.:.tf.v'" i!: aiy walo
cHinti'i u: t'lMr.1 a-ity. a ir .! j .1.." i
- t
nu.l a;.:n -jui. ti'.'-. r.. t.Io by f';r..i. ... rjrU iit
1 sslo and il-iiv.r;. o? mdv -f tho anich-s
a; ni.od vriiieb a., .r. aotaal of
Iirmiut Holt 111 th.' Suae of lIKilli:,-' tho
c'ri" r.Vt or af Ji i;.. -it.
Ti.f mvas-iro proiidiw tl. it . tellers in
' optioiH anil futnn-s 1 hall pay a HiKtcial
', tax a.ini.i.i.. -;f .. ., ;.n 1 .d. too fr.r-
tiu-r funi u'. .. e.-: ts por p.wail for -ath
, and rvory pj;u..i of eotton or ixirk, Ian..
t tlio colifi't-r 01 uteriinl reran
( IVrson1? or a-S- 'iations intending to!
. :.t'r into liie b.ismi-.-s ntunt make n-
t . 1.
, to tho .-ili-i v.r of internal
. .. , . ,
of Uiodtstiict in which tho bu
; revenue
' iues in to Im estubh-ihed and pav tin-
: wm or 31..M.I. r.U) c-xe-utin.; a iiad in
! ,be peoal .n cf ? -ith ra-isfac.
' i;ies ir to Ki estubhihed and pay-
lory nure.u-:-, Mn.tii:o:ii-i itn lli luil
; and failhtulco-nplianeoivitli tlio ro j-tiro-
: input 0: liie act. 1 ti penalty tor v:o
I Siting the net is a line of not liw th.it.
1.'J0 nor raoro than c...'K tor each am!
j every olteni-e.
I A law o? this kind wonid he verv hlci:-
!? So destroy .ntir.-Iy tho bu ur.e3
' wih.: li. s. iv :iM.: o. itiart.. wii.i
! tat? piir;.'i:-i. i;, u jj., sbt'ity di;!n.M-
t...5t tbtro should be si.,11.1 ihei:k or re
3 r.o:.t uj.n s,K-.-j.a-.ioi! 111 . s,
; da-'s. b tt it i 1 ;:... 1 -r '-i o:wr.! l!t:.t ii
I it by mi .n
M.n 1 ua'Vorsnl opint t.ial
i 1 10 ifealiiiiri v.ir.c'i it is ttio design oil"""
: w ,
Senator Washburn's bill to put nn end
: to arn nu a'i-.i.i!u:-Jy :iun:ved eril.
"-."-naior v. asii-inrn sum .o uui nn cno i
. -'-v T.'ie! vi l:.cy are :i sveeies
1 M.ii-.litis. v.hieh !e'--la!iu:i otiltt to lake
! nicf r. r.nd the in s-t pnicliil.lo w
of roai .via,; llu-m
of roai .via,; liu-m. or M any rate of re
l.ii intiieir operation to s-ieii hmils
I that tho Ieist po-i-ib'..: mwiif may r.-
. s ilt. i-s to hea
ly tax them. Tho bill i.f
Snutor Washburn will prrbably i.r.ve
1.1 - .1 I
-m-, " "" .i;i,.. ....1 ... J..........V.O.
irst Stv- TViivnr.! :t;ir iio.tcl.s.
progress has 'vra made in bit dire.-ti.-a 1
I diirir WI, t!ia:i in any previvjiu year.
1 The rrMil .luettion has !ven the theme ot
' eoiistant and thorough disi-u..--ion by the
1 111 wyuipera in every part of the eo.nily.
. '11. . winter season ii?i;ravate.-i tho
troubles canned by bad ror.d-s, s.nil more
is aid ubout them no-.v than nnv pre
: vijns wsnti-r. A dii pat-.'h from ili;riii:yr
l'.-n. la., says:
J "It would take n n.'
to cvn up tbe losves
ad million d'.iHar.'
in tra-.ie to the
I merchant, ;-hijp-r3 and farmers in Iowa
on aeeount of tne tearful mud bl.n'kr.de.
which eii.ts not only i:i Iowa, but all
ovor tiie Mis-sissij.pi valley. I-'er two
j weeks r-'untry roads ia Iowa. Mi(-souri
' and lls'.m.ii h.ive been hub .leap in the
j uiiid, and trio ftirni itjjx cowmuiiitics hr.vu
1 been padlocked on the .arm. As a te-
: suit, merchants d-in-nuin on crmatry
tr.-ide hivo sntfor.ii immnire pfisianciid
ois, esiseritilly in lioiiuay t-a.:i
t-a.le. while
.. .,.
! toe inraiers anil sliiiit'ers 11.110 lost ly
1 usability to market their prodnetf.. It is
. feared many
ire-i asiioii; cosi'itry
inerc'i.UI't-s tun. res'.It.
; Tne in.J. icapol s ,J nrna! saystnat.be
cmhtiuns in lodi o.a dun,,-,, tho past
: niunth have Iieen ab-mt the sn.uo 11.1 in
' Wn n,.,t ,n-V,.ro :i ,:.r.. ... , ,1M,
- -
II 1 1.1 :.... 11 :... :. 1
j bad roads have iiijuriM business quite as
. much in r.ci-at.- as so the other. It
j i:l U a trrcat thinj: i;.iii.-.l to have per.
, pie coovin.-c-! that bad roridr, don't
Uu-hard J. Hintoii s fiur'.t illustrated
f,ni,CT on tbe great Colorado Desert, and
delightful descriptive and ruiiunisrcsit
nper upon "Historic Haunts am!
Homes in Xew York," by -Kehx Old- j
JOV" (tho late Colonel John P. Mines), i
ato .1,,. leading features of Frank U s-
i.Iinjf !
Popular Monthly for FVbrui.ry.TliJs
.... .1, .-;..- nn.i,..P l.- n ......... .:..-,..-.!.-!
briliiant list of contributors.
iiipIu imir. '
, . . .... i
. I... ..1. ..... 111.....!- ll...ll-l. ...11.- i
v;ir,i Kipling. Mrs. K. M. Ui f.eon,
(.leorre C. H-rlbut. I). sighs Slr.dei.. i
i. jUis nnK0, A. h. K ,uson. David Iter. .
Kttn W. I'irri-e. I.n.'V il. Hootior. .loc! !
l Ilenton, J. Carter Heard and Captain '
W. W. Webb. The r.ingo of timelv bub
jocts covered is wide. . mil the picto
illustrations aroof surpassing excellence. '
., nr .
1 "e wjoner the jieople of the I nited '
States, (1t.it tinWnntf with the currency
1 " 1
and coutciit theais
with the host
; money that- any nation has ever had tho
. . , , i
.nhtleDPC ill be restored and
B,lU1,036'f M? no . ,,n
the vaults of cinita hsts on both mlcs
.of the Atlantic will be irinvestid and .
'circulated among the neonle. '
Eciectic slkgazin
IHmji23i Liicraliire, St.tiX2B a&i ArL
l t
TI..' I'""' I'litii iti.iiiiiii i
i b.-st tli-inut t "t ili iil.l
1 N I I ' '
ii.. I.
! K'lr.Mw- H i "f
M : iitu- t" . rt. rl unit irj i u.l nil
, ,tr I !, uln. b iin. f ttilui. t. .i..- ...
! r.....l.'l. 'I Ii. f.luli .t lis- I .
im 1 tilr' S- m-.m .'. iJnbuw.ii. U
i;r..).i. r.il : .... t. ! i. lit- T.. -.1 I !
' A rl I "r.t in. in, t ..!'.''' i '
It'.i . 1 11.11!
r:;r ACS-ltl Will I Uli HI TttI v.'j;uil
1 """''"' " -
. il tilt It MiilliJ flllltttiY' t ht
u.;l, ( (, ,. ,.
f r();,s
, "
Altrmi Twin
I'rofe '-ir lln.:. .
I'ri.tV'o r lit.i.!t.
V. tl U'lt.--li.
.1 n'.iriiMin l"U.r, I' K '
Ii. A. I'V-fuwn. U. 1' I.,
R. It. Tvl. r.
fiol. M.f Molior.
i'til 0n,
IJ.-iit) 'I .in-
iii.ire. Antbuiiy l-'roinu.
Tii..l!.rtrt Iluiil.:--.
Als'i-ruon tT. Swtnbu. f .
Wibiaui IJUrll,
Mr fi.'tpl.anl.
Aisin-iv Lu
M.-h Ftia-; . r.iy.
TlionDiH Har.t.
I: I i-rt Itiirbuuiino.
i-tr., 1 1
Fu- K 'l.KfiTCrn.tii! l:n Ai iiri.-n
S r.'.:ilir t.. h- it oi.im-If i.ibiiiii d on tl."
VP.kftt a.w!'M 1 4tf till
t,. n,rr!., i.ml no inti-lb;:'.:
'itin :m l ' :i':.u. ii.
tk.KMS. Sim.!- oi-iiU; ..
i-ij.y. oai. ..ar. i. 'fail wi!i r;AUa
j M.W
i " v --
Ui-hKCl 1C
i-:. i:. I'Kirox, psiIiHsJist,
1 M Klbtli Str.ft. X-w York
The L'.,..!i",T Friia:! Pipsr of Ihn
y it'cJ Stales.
Tiio hold wiin-h thi
beautifully ilbt
d weekly rut'iiiM tiim ibe prs
n:i !ez:-e" is a-t-j:ii-.hiil!r. but il is
pies "-on:i
ll7 f Vr" U,v m!'
t vilo of iUm iitunes m not meai'irril by tiu
,u , ,,r miir.v they cost
but the ea-.ir.i. ot tho pi- iph' to r.-a.i
them. It 1 1 !.m tea tons ..f ..ip.T overy
s;l!1i, ..,-,1,3 aus'ioasly await
11. iveeiny t
Hviir.-we.-Uiy is-aio of tho '-Saturil-iy ;
Xirfiit"tM.U i::is 11 iju.sMy and .j::antitv ;
r ifi..r..r m:.:..ri.-i! :.-ii tvi v iii-- lii nwfr
1 m.nb.T of tb.. fa::ulv. vo'in- or old.
Tho uiait ;rifted stithors-i-ik t!io''d:
urd-iv Xi-.hf as tho chanae a bv wbtr'.
thevV.in a refutation. Its pi-:-us -ir-
, .-..-0.. if b.-a:itv. n.-oJu-vJ b.- Cm sW
IS , c-li4t4.
A t v n, irv '.verv .-sec-n.l week.
ivie'i o p-ir h is si.v o.!,tin...ist"rie...
.: many ivora. tt.-nss of iater.st.th-
Iat-.--l f.liin.iiis. iris.ieri l c-irro-si'.-.n!
,-n::; cti.l .1 vanity of hifti-irotts aad
( tert;.r.ii:,
artieiuj. Si.cificn cop:t
S'-H -itll't ION BIT!
1 Year. 52 itiinX'crs.
S Hsstln. :o
lM.:et.l3: i?
:i H-inlhs. 13
2 Witt ,j. 3
1 M;:.t;i. 4
- 3.00
5J "
25 "
Sub;eri;i;:oas ran liem with any
t.uaih-.-. Itiek unnilieis ti;ipl'ed at tl e
lino r--.ti. or t-iule for six cents each
A':l iiinanientio i -.bu-nn -si or.otlier-wt-r,
f.l,-ii:l I ir. ail !'- -'v d '
jamk Ki.vF.nsnx.
I'iiiiis.ielpiiia. !'.;.
V'i: XKKf)
.1! Akt.Al l-
vol I-W3HLV.
satisfac'i tori Fan t.mf. mokey.
(iilllKVi VI Til s-ive yisi tl! "Ilrest llait-t" Itll
lain t ft-, ni.; in 1.111 -.ir.
.--lllilli: Vs. i..I! kiii jiiii a l.KIer Men nflien
t-iilr - .iml Mh t n:ril-ruls to hv t'.ia:i alii
illl.O-ir jmliiir-'tt.Ml
.MlSir.Vs im.. jilt- y.ia ln-Iter iphIii.'K t!i:in
aeiI rf ih.-iiiU e a--, j-nn-aiinli it.:i-tziis,--i.
;li::i " v.t ! j;n ).-u i-!i..a-e it I-' ei.t
t'.isi-1 1'. ii.-T!. ; litul.is; lie- irar, aloue v.mlli
lu. it. 1.. t:ir siil'..-t.iiti..ii :
j .'-usri' t wtniv,. t:.e'n-.i Illattrati il K::li-
.1 111 . m..,i. i.i mm. t-ii"i ii"...
in ,1-1 u- an V...iri,.
j ,,i.n .- Hi.lc.i,taii..-tii. C!iinlr.
11 -1 (.ur-
i "
in. ti ti.-. :.u -o lavuruiiK' rriviv.-.l ain! 1
piii.. i-1 iy .nr v.-iiM rea'Irr. I
i.It.Vt ii:Ilul.e i: in ' n'l Hip t-estnt i-v- 1
puis. in-; ttiliiia il- tiw ii-lias : it i!.r--. '
i.i'.-r iiire. r..--lii..iii. n-ii-. I.isravtii':'t, liitfs- ,
lliiit.. it'::p ra I--, Ki t I. tt-. pSp.. p !
11 11.1 Hip .1.1:1:1.11 . issue .e will Ijpia two 1
ia-v f-f t...s. Piitst . .1 :
i: :.;u;i:; f.iwrirrT. J
A -:.il nl Ni'M V-irk !ip, lrltl--.l tn Il't I-t '
1 fn .t.-.S iu.ni:'r. lu-itati ni'it rpntiUilhisi 1-. a 1
aii tun i;i:.ii.ii.;t't' I an n.t'ir. sii.; i.ov. tpllp j
.'.i.;i;i.A::i;r m-i:vs Kit
xvhrwp tirlKl:t and atsrap'sie trllrr-. fsoni :
IV-i -':. r..n Ii ivi- 11 ..i:!i kii i.itip.i flur ti:..,.
! .-,ir raf-rs. 1 lis si..r 1-!ih-.tr.l ill Hip .tri-.
! .-.nil pi ll.p a.anr. -.-Is r-.-:f r.ilt ti.pr.-(
. f Tt.A a.,...!-..... v ,.rpil.ct mr-Jlai-;
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out PfPtlj pri:iiitiin-
Kingle Subscnplinn. ?JoVl a Year, AI-!
ways lu Adianoo. sample I ipy I-j cents
AiMrf-". "(;oili:vi Mill's IlOflK."
It.. II II . I'hilmlrlphla. Vit.
In Club ilh this Paper. Godeys and !
le Sentinr-I. price $2 75. vvhicn should
be 3 ce r ,his Paper,
l''V-! I i.i . ;-.-ir nirf,: nn i'-r 'a:-ll -pi'-ral
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Trjercr. rwrjks of violets,
Aqd barjiis vfierc rrjiqers jrope;
And bArjks trjevl rj&rjdle goldea COiq.
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j V UV,'l-t, - A. Kr- k. j. T.Th.vW
Vl" a:.-1 ii!:b.t.v r..ji tu .1.
. 1. hi 1 3z,ii
Physician & Surgeon,
a::r.t;ox. m-.
; - pr.iptiy aB-f.f .y .ay ..:
nvt.t. u - -t ..I te fr-n: fxiue-.,;
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'J 4,
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s.v&m tfss sac
ll'J Xorth SeCOH.1 .Tr,,., 1'iiSt D.K.f
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bi. J - - Lao..
I have r.tt-i'ntly p,ir.-iia.--.il t!- bu:li
im:. 112 Xorth -tv. .1 I-.nt i. lir.-t s.ni
p-.uih ol l.jtV. v. hi,-!i t iiuv" n-tititti.
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niakiiur it
o:.e of tre li.:i-:-t nr.d l-cs' app.iii.t(d
rorls in the city. I!s,-r;. thinsr neat,
new and clean. iu ron. yu-nt or lioistrr
ia.ii-.css poru.it t:-i. A fi..i line of the
Fiiiesl LIqiiors.
Choicest Cirjarc.
Ii Sftfp rfr Ttnii
I Ul,l Vff. . ll
i ii'ilc.o
i .!J0.
I extend a cordial imitation to my
j many Holt county friend., to rettiouibor
uio when in the rlty.
.It) Ji; li f i'ilV ri 'i ';l ; ,;:.. :
U'J Xrth Second Stre'-t.
Tin-l-.j 0.nf,4i7
- j Mil ji li I : i I If
XTis Uchi tQ'iecic to at all
the new i in the bi. Jcspfi
Da'ltV NtWS errv dnV
btt it all
gets ; and the readers are h.'gh
ly pleased. All important tele
graphic, state and heme news,
PORTS published. Four dollars .
a year. ;
The 8-page Weekly News andi
THE SENTINEL only $1.65
per year.
Noticft of Kinal S.-ttlomi'iit.
At! rr'-diSiirs .o:iIcit-prs!nrpr-.SPil lntlw-ps '
tit-of rtiailp ll.-iir"it. .tppp-ip-t. nrp iio'iSpi. '
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,',, ,;,.; hii,.!,pi 'ivViV-iVt.iw
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Banks of rrpss,
lit- ! i. C i : i.U Oii.i-O
I.fnv Xiif tilf .Vt'iisl.ri' nt"
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V. Hat tif t ;'A
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i' Ki-.y
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u-v t-'i a -.-i
iar '.fit. b-.t "i-
'i In- -. .1' I '.:"' tutt of Ibr lntfru.ttoi.rd Sunday Hchcol
r a 1..:. e. -ft -!:! S '' -'- '-ht: ueik. I'ltzrle-
C-'.iT" :t' tv.Vi;v-iil tl'tit will p-ri i -x aa 1 blight inijenioai
i." :i.-tt.;j con-" b"saa I uirU. ::- it ha-i i. the past. Tin
... 'x ... 1 .. .'1 . ... ... . i . .
L.-'-l - vitb --..rr;,i- .iK-
tl:. .1 Ki u! f.t ii 'f
i,v.-,.,.,ii6r4M'.rf t f itfrih lfnt an. i.i!.iu it.,- ,;ot:ros o w
..t.trtr.i br .! :iJ.:c.-..i;tin: . ff.'.i-..i.rj.. litond-. In short.
'4 ..t pr.,;-!-- wa-.t t.? -I. -Loidea Uayst ivdUtop at no exponyo
'.I. tl. tv:;:v HT.-.-.I .iLiv Hiuru.-.ls of
.t...i.. ... 1 .. ,..,i,.: .... " 1 - . '
-f..r.f'!. I. Ibilrttl. flo from Ti.f
- i-'J.-t C..;.aKo S-.tor.l.--.
. : . 1 - " ' 1..,, ".ill."., .n, u.i.. . c .
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. 1' I -:-rs i?rt.-at be
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in Hip .MiiD
a no kly.
t-rs lu irrtut becauc. tlicy
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'" .fcato Sl!. ni3r'-; w', se a
... .,JMn!i,.. T... : . ... . .
. ii.M.m 1- a I...- t-:.-.i.v .!-&. r..t
' jj.11, If a.' t ' fKr5-i.l io urU-t to tve
i r.pitsh this r'n't. i"I:i.-i Is Bot iu.-k-i'
it &
"lh si.turi-1.;-
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' Tl n X -o itm-.IaT Itli. Im i
Cr.....c- oaaiular lite le is -
1 prj r .r. t a litjtary papt-r ii-n---
! !in t T-. f .utr.- ..f tuf Sffk.
, . - ' , , , ,
!; r-c- :-i of nn-tter eoilc-tfti
.-. . . . -r:. ar. hi.l- pn :u: J U
' .- '.. .- ,-' - 1 :- ,irH-
, l:.:v t an: in toe baton!?:
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jil:i'i.!i::; r.rvstitf. its it...-jtrj
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. . - -, - . T.
TO.iii. U. r.- . . 1. . ii-yrtS K.aiS. It.,
iii.-triiH.-Bi :irf r.i..ys tt-o vtrv te?
to art'-::-- p :: vf vi- -V.H-..I ret.;
on-titni-r jicU'snJ h stor.- of th. j'
i'li.-.t'!..r.n I-.;, r is ic.f?i cpi siti j
a'.'? l.iv t-...u,;f f.u:ly j-pr i-t ;:. !
ve.:r. Atsiiiirf th K.-i-Jsi-faisi.-d u.i; '
. r& : r.-ntribtste tv its column n.a -
.ss. a". ..- i'.D.i Vbeckr Wilc
-.:' y WmI.. i-.-.i. W.ii'am Witilac
-. ' S ,ra i!. ti : A-ti.ar V. Siritsoa..
5v f-.!..h..:-:i. W ui. II. S. AlHiaia
li. Ko-.c'.sjui. i.Ai:t V. fo.jml-s, El
.mtl r'losfr. I?ry Armstri'Cjr. Aitty
'!ra'.vl!aN li.ai I toward Wiut. auJ
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'n- i--.l -.r ..t..r!p- nm put ihn 01.! i
.-. w serial.' wit't i:-t n.. uia.i.v iK-or
itp ihvxl.- to i iviy .-.in-.-.-: ink. ILfj
deal J..t' tlto :e afi'icd u.-.
M!i; ! lis seri.-J st.-tie.-. are writtrn es !
,.:--' for the r.-"?-.--.T. aral ih-al w:;;
-Itii-r i-vv.-il ai.U . mti-r pr.bleai- '.
Flv-n i -i.-u- z-i.y ador.ttl to been ;
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tv;.s-. The Ij .ic T 1: iter.; are rat Wit sit " .1 q i
ire from rk f. t k .f tiif Iivps r-r. ' hi .pM '1 ns,u n jtt-j ji
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tiies;,.ri,!sdr,.i.:i'.t. wil-vtltbo sn Sl3?t-3 V.ZOZii S'i-3S5SUJt.'lttl
is.tcr.si'iy it;t. ;'s!hi. not f ithstan.I'.! t
ihv tr.-1" that tb-y sre tMij- .1 with tl..
.-vents, aiiibitions and pnvatioss of t
' d.i..
Xo imptsro tliotii'lit orexpres-iiiii Ttsd.
its w j,y int. th" coitunnt ot tho lw.-1
It i.-n pnjt-p for lio- hoi.so. 'I'lif Ih no-""
and Yi:n' iler.artr..rt??r arf pr -t,ii
.lent fe!uroP. ,;. ! the d pirtmont o'
f.i-hi. -n is !. ,rior to any !:i.-.-r print.'.!
Torre wv itensaliut liter--. aU-ut il '
h.i p -uinits, nbimt p'oti.inent people ,
land ait sav imrs anil hum-irons pan.
I i-aph. are nlfr.tifnllv s-'..ttere.I thn.n-jl '
I its columns. K.i--h week the portr.iii of
-...e;-.' i!iti,i.2tiis!u it auii or is jtiven. an.- .
H-'i s..f i.f aft-'-t -.nt-rt-ir tne oiiy
out r.o..te to itt M..;ttir -. i.iii;ii.. 0"ti.-i.-.
and ii.-tru. iiif e.-.-..ys 1 citrr.ut !cp:-s ,
Xn one r-u ::!T r-! to (five Ihf IjOihre- !
j of :! l'-t of fi;p--i4 t. bo ro.sd o: '
-,. TiifLtler i:. s 'i vi!;ly ctn-u' ,
I'm ol l-i.olM'i'ji:.'
Wht rc t!-f "thtil sin-I L-N?er cannot
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i.'f-r.fr'. Mtp-c'pi.ili--i niuv '"O tent di
r.'-:l l.sl.e ptil.l.sh. r. V. D. Ilovre,
. ::-:til.l V. LV
i'i.e pru-... . It It fit--,
i- iJ --.r. Tl.'-v are I'ti
i. rit per dpy.
I ir"-st ixipers
their class priiit.-.l f..r ?! ric in thf
world. ou .-hou!: not fil to sen. I for
-atisp'o .visu-b arc abtavs tnai.Lsj
f r--.. uit.li aps'!iir.t n '
1 '
i;.:su!-.vo.nr. S. I.
The proWem f city mtz8 to the
r. i.ovo poi ni i.-t now vwl by tlio .'.en
, , , , ..
; ki? of the nfW line of tho irlmfct.-r.
i:-ut into t hut lito i-lty of tho Bku k
Iliils o.usstry.
t ia V bruary lirs t tl X.-tr rfranrh ol .
the a.t. si. n. il. u-wi:- the
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... ... .
b fsMi!u:t. S. II.. wasofvrtf.1 l.ir SU.-1
! t'i! t-lt us-.it
r.-r...:,r,ilitT fr.,, tho
snail rin-r to the Itlai-K ffills. Il.t-
p t.. the is- 'i.i! I.ich stac.:it.l..f
t-'uiuti,iltrir iwhip- nn'"- f.im
,i,,y M u.-n n..p. I'arts.s fr.,o jH-ii ts
MMith ai.il f.i.-t of italics t ijy ur Ssl
J'(h "sti :.kn a thru tub Skepii g
f ar lavitig ,-inr.s-.ts I'itv at :-. arid S!
J.is.eph -I II:.-". c. for latin. in. arm
ng there lb- nf.xt 'i .to-ng in am;'
fisr.o tit twtke r.i.inr'tiiHt Willi t S -thr-.;g!i
S!-fpfr f-r IIcsh'w.iimI. T'.i
IJiirlingt-,1 wrst ln.i.ud tbrotigh tr.i " -'r,ut
Sf. (jriiiin: itlso make lire t innrw
t-on with tniH flefper at fiinc-ln.
I'ur further information in regar-! t
raft, etc.. call nn or mldress II. f ' On.
O. K. W. P. A.. t' Main .".t.. Kt.i.t.,s
f.tv. Mo., or
' A ('. D W.'IvS. (i. l'.,vT. A .
.t. L eu.'. Mo.
t'oliiiitii's ::i:;-:il V. orb!.
i As it grows oliler gro'.' s younger .it. l
I i.i in tigoroos and instruel'Vf than -t r
J Imfure. How any farn.er or breedi-r if
I horses, cuttle, the p or -itino of ai.y '-f
the imprrved brp."!. can do withuut
! thtti v.-iln.'il.f. Wppklv .Wririilmra! r.aner
,..,,,,,,,1 .i ,l..rJ n il It me'lit tn
"h """l'l l.l..l.-rp..ii.il. 11 oiiKlil. 10
hsvo half a million of subscribers. It
is published bv C D. Colnifin. St. Iuis.
at S1J a yivir. Sample copies sent .m
(anplipatinn. It will bo clubhe,! with
The Sr-vi'iNM. at Z2.10.
OnllT of iiil)ii:rtiiiii.
;tatcik Kt.rt;T.
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of vti-urt. i iini:.i ln... ivi!
folttf tmMLt-t l la.- ..
J,fis I. V. .in, :"-...st'l.
V.a -i in . ! r t '.Xil-..!i. .i.lminiirr till
' Of ." .it1' l. J I. l .11,, l-lM--4, Hllll
K It. .i. H.f I. f (h-, iliulT, ir;it!i lit
.hi t.ir-t - f. ... .i,rh ii llir I.-.-1 if-t ttr .f
iM..ir.la .. u'ul -v-iiI re-m-.i.
II j .:t. I.. ul !at -. .mil jet r.-i
; ... i l. a-ii t i.I - .Si.-. tit aM-tH, ,ittiniip:iif.l
I. Hi .!-. u.i.Ti-i- a.i.i lliVM.t.iii-, r..i.ir.il
i ' -. I.. .1- i I ui . Citll..lill!l wtiri-t i(
- -T. .. - rt- iiiirri-t.il la i!ii-f
. I i---.it If iiiri.! tlut .itiitii-i
i..i . :. r- mi h-;-n -.M...I-. .mil th. I mi-
.-. I .fliirl - h..l ih ,.r ti-tr tlm
I- .; i.- n.-xi t r..i -1 nn-. .-..ur'. to Im
i.. .- .t. -:uxu.. IKHHtAKY ?. nn
-r v ,i H..I'... i.-r .,. i.l tlir tii.Itf.nr
i-'. r .j. . -....it ihc:ix,
". .;!-. t. r r im. i-r.? vuil i!itt;
i iriis'i .-Ut-.i ;lnt t!.n imtlr t'
I il-l""-' t KM- if H-IMp. r in ii.h ohiiiiy fur
, r . i -1., f i-i;.i-ii. ; i, ri:i rf IM. oiurt,
.... I :b? l I ih- p. funt.il m ttU'pnf ih alio. i.
i '.ill. - h ip. nf -iil ilrrrn-u-it rr
!!' "n. I. Mh.iHirl. at it-n.l tun
. - i- S t- v.. '. ..--. .i: r ..ut
- if.iv :;--i-i t:i, .
-r v ..f li-r .
I. ! I Of- i .f. t'l.ivr i.f th( ro:;M
it .i-i i' f.-rU 1..- r.-ul. hrrrlij rrr
1 : I --ii .i .1-.- rov of IS oii-i
.. ..--i . ... ..ibltr..; i. ltiri' i r (-rri .1 to, u
1 it-. zm irn ui m-.ir.l r. mv i.tll.-i-
r- mi I. ini :s i-.i.lK- :.n.l t.'i
i - t it . '.ut ism-.it ,n .'t -
- in tr4..'i. M-i.. itt -oit r. imtv.
.. IUi .I...-: J.i-mitv. . H I.-S;
S.t Kl.n'FAI.MiN.
i -aa-ltx . it.-... i i r.n l'r..:.:tt- i.tit
roi: ;uv; nm! t;ii:r.s.
Til I5;ii.-it -i n lifir or the
Jl ! Mi K IVlU.t'-VT ONs.
I .) " f :.. ii-f j.f.lr
"tl .'.i---i il :-. a s.ti--n pane week
K. !;':. .i:b rt.nis -i:titf!n.f o! ndienl
i. . I :T'f : r.iaili.r. ami iverthiti
:! -tr rju . t.-i." t. :-i.:'it.iii and benefit
I" ir ..:.;, s'i.- itis-'-i. rU-ryaion r.nd
ia-atorH v rrm.rftd iti-n "liohlut
IKy It - i;lti-'r,.tii ' are prr.fnso und
:a thf b:ti .-t -?v!i" f .irl. It wiiljciii
. fit -h k a nn.i n-ho-arlv muxi
, IK fttil tal'iri.. :'!.!! ami to aniwer tho
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t!.. lit!., tba: tho ilueritainaliaii
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tlltt of
I si-; .:-..tiTI"K. l:.7t
t v.;,- 52 na-ttieri - t r.fl
: s Btb&. 25 1.50
1 4 -.'siiM 17 I GO
. a 'ir.ivShv. ! t . . 7S r.nnt
2 Scritrs, 3 50 '
' I Eoiii. 4 5
' JAJIL E... EI--.O.N. Fuulisner.
Pniladelphia. I'a.
r?ltcl" Sale.
, CiTU.atiui. j V"'rf. Thr ili-rMi t niiiiiu -01.I Vsmi
' t.-'-.tf 1 i- n.. hy L. iih.i- 1. in ...nt ot in
' I'niit l.f 'i v jrtii-. iu. aril r.ff.tu
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i . urt. n. '- .. :i-f ivi.n j..i .0 Wi..
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ll-l. ts.r. I firto I rli.!itl(.
I -it;..if. i.a."arti
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arsi 11. .ir II. fir ciMititv ut Holt
r.li..ta- J!--..-ll. ! '1:1
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I vi..-ti,i;..rnii; l-.r rltsf. si ijii-i-
r.-: -.:-.r, -i.n ;.T. .1 tiii-l.l.
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Frcsli Fir ii and Oysiers a Spec
ialty. S!i3rt orders at Reas
onable Prices. Meals at
hc-tj.'s. 25 Cents.
Open Day and Night.
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