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Issued Evorj Friday.
- " Hero iKatthpy are opihhh1 by llu
JJOBYNS & CURRY 5rs;n..!loWntrK;'andlhatthUistbo result
I-'rHlsty, .lime 1C).
Kl'ptihlu-an islixia 1 icKrt.
Tor Governor
r w K1H B
.vernor.K.-noi.ni Mm., r.s
,ofState.UM:YT.Ai.K n :
l'or liieet. Governor,
VorSocretarv of State,
KorStato Auditor..
John M. V. i.k ;
Tor Attorney General. . .David Mcki hit
For Treasurer...
i:b J.
Vor U.R. Commissioner YV.S. Hatiav
lr.Iudt:e .Supreme txiurt
Division Xo. 1 W- S. S?unK
For .Iudt;e Supre'iuo Court
Division Xo. 2 W. W. Huwaibus
V r Judfje Supreme Court
Divi.-ion Xo. 3 Cn.i:i.ns Xach.b
Forjudge Court of Appeals
KansaM City ..John 15. IIai.e
4'or Juile Court ot Apih'als
St. Lioui3 V'x. I. W'aui'K
i:i-. d.r.il Ticket.
D.wm 1'. Dvi;j:, of St. Tjniis.
Samlki. I'. S'-oit, of Clay county.
First District John C. IdcKwloy.
Second District -C. D. Morrison.
Third District -L. 1). Moier.
Fourt DistrictDavid llonham.
Fifth District Joseph McCoy.
Sixth District J. 3. Frudy.
'Sfir-nlh Dirilrict - Oilon Guitar.
E-nhth District W J. Powell.
Xinth District- Ii. F. Kusell.
Tenth District-!-. I. W . lthenstein.
Eleventh D'strict F. B. Urownell.
Twelfth District- Xathan Colt.
Thirteenth District D. 1$. Gaboon.
Fourteenth Distric4 Joseph T. David
sun. Fifteenth District G. W. Ditty.
The Time Itijii! Fr Action.
The editorial in The Herald some time i
Fince showing what benefits Missouri :
would have conferred uoon her bv the I
Al.wtw.n nf Mni.ir Wurner h:i4 linen wide- !
lv copied iiDd-iorcrtity commented upon. !
-.ri, n , ..r ,i. ut... I
recognize tho force of the facts therein
set forth and there are many members
of that party who aro honest and candid
enough to fay that tiio picture was in
no reseets overdrawn. It is patent to
the most casual observer of passim;
events, that tho arguments in favor ofj
Major Warner's election aro w forcible ;
and convincinp tho
... i
Democratic hosts aro not going to bo
able to use tho party lash eltectively up
on a largo number of the rank and tile
umber of the rank and tne i
tho habit of thinking for ;
, . ,, -
who aro in
themselves and acting in a manner that
mana--ers ol ine:4j"---
will bejt subserve their own interests, as j j-r,
uellasthoso of the people at largo. iSitt.!
'These Democrats who constitute what;lS70.
, .:. i .
niav bo termed tho Uonservatuo ele -
4 ... . , I. ,i
ment of the partv, fully recognizing the
manifold beneUts that the election of
Major Warner will secure to tho state,
are not so tilled with partisan prejudice
;ns to make them act in direct antago-
J-m.jrfH tlinir o-vninats-ial irleresl-.
-Fj&tti-tiPA'&u&W ffiaoLuVatioi?Fri
ment and will vote for Major Warner in j
spitoofthe herculean efforts that n ill !
be mado to whip them in'o lino and j
make them support the Democratic j
nominee, in fcpito of their better judg
Wtll has Ttbeen said that tho Repub
lien.e need nothing but legitimate argu
ments to support their candidates in the
present campaign, and we are not sur
prised that tho Democratic bosses aro
beating tho bush for campaign material.
All that is necessary for success in Xo-
vember, is for tho Kepublicans to mam- j
tain ti.e.r present eninus.nsm and do :
their simple duty. For tho past ten
jonrsormore wo nave been steadily
gaining ground, and the time is nor.-nr
for a signal victory. Both Republicans J
er a mnnlv man. nossessim. nbilit vnf tlm :
, . , - ' "
h ghest order and a record that is clean
and unimpeachable. His nomination
was wise indeed and. considering all or
tho crcumstances, it might be termed
an inspiration, ihe people or the 6tato
have been long praying for a change
mat. wouiu p.aco .uissourt m lier proper
position among tho Etates of the union. I
and now having the golden opportunity j
to do so tho "signs of the tines" forcibly j
indicate that they will take advantage J
or it by chosiug Major Warner as their
next governor. St, Joseph Herald.
Licensing: Kiigjiiecrs.
The question of licensing engineers is
oeintr no airitated in evetv nl.-ilo m tlin '
Union that within a short time, for tho
'protection of human lives, it will bo ini
iosbi1j1o for any ono intrusted with
steam to hold or secure a situation with
out pas-sing a rigid examination and ob
taining a license. "Stephenson's Illus
trated Practical Test has been publish
ed to aid engineers preparing to pass
such examination, and as it embraces
all the ques'.ons asked on the Uoilcr,
Pump, Engine, Dynamo, Corliss Engine.
- Jcc, it has already met with such a de
mand that it is now in its fourth edition.
' - '
. ... ... ...... 1
This werk, which only costs ono dollar.
can bo obtained or tlio publisher. Waller 1
- ti. Krart, 70 La Sallo Street. Chicago. j
In the June Arerioditor Kives
ono of the most vivid uu-u JZ
. . ., . 1
nineieeniu ceinurv inlerno which lias
ever appeared in a paper, entitled "The '
..j..i-i .11 .. .,in.'i, entiiieii Aiie'
Democnicy of Darkness." Ho takes us
throueh tho under world and lets us bo i
hold glimpses or what he has witnessed
: i i Boston. Ho next
leai in all our great cities.
l orlt City, civinc tacts and tlmi rei
ureal video to soeml elmlontc mm fl.to !
ho discusses tho cardinal causes ivhie.l.
,..ou.icU mo emocrayoi uaniness. a I
i .. r i
, further aih-ances a com".irehr.s.i- nln i
for tho amelioration of miserv and ati',luctim of ,1 Irincial farm products j
- effeotivo educational agitation. Anion-i 11,0 world ov'or w"eo nbx,t 18SJ Mcopt
the leading papers in the June Arenn i w,,p,lt a,ul 1-re;'dstufrs in ISM. if vol.
are AuUm.ntic Writing by B. F. Under-!
Aoml; Tho Right or Children, by Rev.
M.J. Savage; Newly 'Discovered Prop
erties of tho Ether, by Prof. A. E. Dol
bear; Tho Bed Rock of True Democracy
by A. C. Houston; Three English Pools,
by Louise Chandler Moultun; The Lako
Dwellere or Switzerland, by W. D. Mc
Crackati, A. M. Mr. Garland's story,
"A -Spitl of O.I'ue," com 03 to a close in
t this, issue.
Ti .idc I ".l!;u ;-..
S- Tinil farmers are "driven to tlio ,
trifc.2 ,litl. I, rim iui!l.itr:tnr'' I
' t vo column article addressis! to Amen
' can tanwire, intended to uinko them be
of the protd'live policy.
This article Kret "ivoa tlio iucroaso in
, , , , r
'ISiHo 1SX tram tho cusus roior:d,
' i.i ..., ic -i i cen
for tho Mt-oml per.o.1 in no rontr than '
UlB inrnsBM. fur tbo prwioUB , tf4M.
..... , . n .,.. .,,,
I'll is looks li!:o n valid argument: but
thwo js Jcft out of the cacl);llIon u10
e.ffei-t jf ti:o war. That loft in ISGTi.cne-
I' - UCI l U. IliU Will. All. li l'l( I.I "- f, v... -
l.lfi!..trv.,r.iraiL Tho value :
of l!ie farn:sf h:soUth nonnou.ly
roduel bv the waste and ruin of war. j
Tho dde from 1.0 to .S0 wa, for
.. n - ...... ,.f ..n-nuinir l.rl
on tho other, shut the ro.'u gniin-jjrow
1 - r 1 . . - . . tr
iuzz rciilUU Ol liliasitt lill liuui tiiu Willi-
1 " , , I
trie, or Eastern Kurope. and we had to ,
f,.;nisl. them our farm products for food, i
I u neat wmi on ine larm 111 uuiu .11 c
! and over a biifhel, and corn at a dollar.
I Other farm products were hih in pro
I .uirtii.n I'ndor sueli stimulus, tho de-
ivclopnuntof tho west was marvelous.;
i'fiie-o facts e.vnlain the tremendous farm-1
' ' !
' inir development of that decade.
'. . . r 1 .1 .
! -.ion and iinaneial failure, marked by tho ;
1 i:ict ,1 r vn:iix i.irifii 'I'liirriii oi'iiii'-.- 1
! . - . ...... . '
icrastiot is.,., ine result, oi uie.ow tarm
I . . . . .. . . . , , ....
,.ti,.v . wiii -w tin, utinniliis of war '
pohcj as wwn .is tlio Htmuius ot war,
for r d .va8 removed.
Xow let lis no over the tiures p;iven.
;tr..l..ino the li-iires for IS70. and s.-.:
We Lave boen sent, bj a dMn or more w" 0 01 4,10 " """" ' " unmv. of the financial nucs-1
different reader. Blir:3 cut an!ttWDTlv .thuPn,nV- H is ipuite true tlml gold has net
from the New- Vork Weekly World, of n ' Vl,oa- m,,ncV- 1 rto 7 "","' " lue. "Ircd with
, because of the discovery of cold in Cali- j " ' , ; " mceavo .a ,..e
fornia. winch poured a ,-ohlen stream t.hut,,utt ' co" X" ' Iolte value of roU in the last twenty
' into the u, .netarv channels of the eouu-: for. thfe 7 Y7 1 ? , , ! yuara' K"1'1 U'",,,,S ,lBa,,r l"
' . . i - ' row of n bank in ?ew lott: at 1'. to .5 1 nf ..vriihin" that boii"lit mil
trv: second, because tho Crimean war,, .... .... - , ; pnto oi ci. ri.iin uia. .o uouut .tun
.. . ., .. . ' per cent l: ho can put up I tided States!,, ,..,.. i....,, f:,tlpn farm orodn.-t
lietwcen lliissm on tro ont sido anil . f . , . . , , &oui niusi i.iuen l.inn prouiiis,
I i oVi: I Iwnds, for ttwtanso, us security, for, if milIlurilt;turou ,,00,10 1,V(J plock. fllrm ;
what tho showin;; is. Tho acrea-o of That is t he true
farn,l,v the r...,M.s. for four decades, is!'1"' I''" "-shoan money
as follows:
Improved !
iicrenjro. !
li:i,(tJJill 1
.2107-OVfil 1
. . . lOTliSW
18S0. . .
....107.7jri.ll lM.ltll.0JKJ
The average number of acres in earn
f-irm fur eai'h flm:ule is as follows: l"!.i0.
SB r.cres to each: 1SG0, liil) acres; 1S70, !
iw.,.. i5o i-it n,.-slm.. tl
The total number of far.s for each j
census year "was:
Xo. of farms. I
. i inoT" I
.. i.ii.v...
.. 2.O11.077!
The total value of tho farms of tho ,
Unit0(1 states for each census year is as '.
,,.,. !
Total value of farms.
' 5 ?7 - I - oV - m -
l lsil . .......... lu,li,,J.'",i
1 , .
T!io li'iues for 1S70 nro greenback
' 1 "u 3 '
! value.. Tho mI,-n.h..m nf tl.oTenth
j Or.sus." page C38 from w oe!, the a..,.vo
; aro taken, has the following note:
h1" "Pansons of values between
' iS70 and 1SS0. it s;houl,l bo borno
! t aver.ago premium of IU per cent."
K"1ucing tho tigttres for tho total values
"r farm8 10 l,1? G'M bat:,s il is to
' . t r it . .1 i - r ii
"e " memoereu 1n.1t 1110 iw-ir.-s ior .111
11,0 other years nro on this
! have:
5 ft9101
inoino-casoin toi.-u wnuo ior o.icn
i, 5 .... ..
decado is thus to bo seen as follows:
13.-X) to leon 5 W7:uo..si
I Koi in id. -7J ptr.7S
is7o to 1SS0. . .. . . . . . . 2-11.',.,lS;JVJ70
The remainder of tho articles wo will
brteily restate, substituting facts for in-
o-rect assertions
All food, clothing and articles of ne-
ce.,-sity, comfort or luxury, used by tho
pPO,uu -jr ilis or any 0,her country,
must bo provided by their own labor.
l,od, and cotton, wool, hides, hemp,
n .i : r., -
i 1 "liu niiiioi ia. ..i.iivii.ii
j manufacture, are produced by the farm
.r. uI(lths. :inU textiles of all kinds, ma-!
, c,linerV) furnlture, and a lonir Ust ol
jsuch nrtidl.3 aw ,)rojuced by manurac-
tones. Illilu.rs furnish tho cwll Iroll or,N
. cop,,er, ,eai1, tln, and other mil)Prals
ur.0( as rau. materials for manufactiire:
lumbermen cut down the trees, which !
tl)0 mills rodu(.0 to iumber; railways and
VPSS)Jis on til0 lakes anil rivers transport
llireo products in their arious forms,
from ono section to another and tho
number of men engaged in this branch j
commerce and transportation forms
no inconsiderable part or the population.
Wo might go on subdividing wero it
'in. ,.;.. ... ....
I i V. k, . ,.)!. t . All". Irt.il. . . 1. 1 .1 1 I 11. Illl.l.U .
" i
is this: That it is not honest, fair or
nnr ir tt3 ..... i...t,-. i-.t. rf i
proer, to attempt to divide a 1 i'io tc-o-:
i r.i it . ie, , . . ,
pie of the United States into two c asses i
i.irmers arm tnanuiaciurers as l he
. , , ., , i
article does. Iho census groups tho
, ,,,,..,,. , i
people ol tli United Stales bv occupa-
.... ' ,
lions into four great groups, an fol ows: '
T 1. 1 v I
. , on . -,
...ngagod in agriculture i.GiO.lJJJJ'
Prorelsional and ,H,rsonal ser- ,
view -I.071.21S
Trade and transiHirlation l.tfloV'. ,
.uanulacltires, Iradia and in.n
Tho farmers food tlicms.elve-1 and all '
u,0 ethers; thev also produce a vast deal j
f raw m;lter.al" for the maiiura.-turerUo
work up into finished products. Those 1
eu.plored in mat.uracturo consumo the !
...i.. i t.....-i.. . .,..t.. 1
"v u.i-iusuira iiiimmi-, win
wn!lt ot'l6r '""ches of tiLmuraclures
Produce, as well as tho food tho farmers ;
The free trade theory is that we ought 1
Ltnitifving fact that the sizo of individual -I"""; '"' "
I ...n.i;t.. ,.1.,,,1 .... ,t,:iawil.-ciaringlli:ailsiiall oo so. ine
aven.go -more farmers proportionally to I'f tho government has no such
tl... -..,, nr..a of land. . ! l""V,'r- f"r ""V I,Ut lif
ne nas wiinessed - " . iln mil itinmtit in in-ill il,,. In.- ,ur who an -in nei-i in Kiast.e.5.
notices thoprob.!, M bp f?lr,"crs' nn'1 "r , Tin 21 I T ra
tios, notably New- j ".aleriala, bringing back man,. - ; l' ' will be a rare op.K.rtumty for all
i and figures of'turcil goods. What would tho u.,11- ' , ' 1 ' ' ..."-.o" ! I aro m.t.ering fro,., defeetive visioi
lolls who t:nd employnient in mantlfac
t,,r,n do? - ro Uw to Ko to farming?
X Iiorn irriiiui fiinn In iu tr ior r-
' 7 . ., ";. , " '" ;
S-UIW- B I- ''as been an over pro-
tl,rn U or lIiro, m,Ilio3 of persons en
gaged in manufactures in tin's country ;
inn. liirnif.rs' von rriinoi. lie iiini .int..
iHrino mouiiis ourinrmershave toreod.
and increase enormously our agricultur-;
al product, ot which tho world already '
princes so much that prices ..re so low
.is not to yield a reasonable profit. What
sense is there letting foreigners reap tho
profit there is it. inanufitcturiiig.instoud
or keeping it at homo to enrich this
country? The other itoints- in this fii!s,3
and misleading argument will be rererre.1
io later, i
'! J.i Silver (,'.if-utin.
10. --Effect of "Cheap" Mn y.
ouin-ureu luK.i.v .iu ..miui.. M. or wn.it is 1:10 s.iiii1.1. v.uen cotn-
to tne ear of the wiuws u,'v',l"':,t"" '
1 -..1 I.hl t.j nt-iilmli.V tI. II
! , ,7 1 i , h
At U!. I.nw .lp.
- -
! ..V.....-" in C-t.k U'linn tt.l ?Li 'O l-llu) .
! il to mean lliat intorebt bo " l'.vcr; .
it to mean UialMKores will uo i.mt,
..l..,r flauf lit. ntnnnv ilCf.lf V.'lli lu
As to t!: firl, tlio rato of 11.lor.ft do-
"oniif "Pj '
" 1
b.Iy !-
ponds utH D two thuiRS. FirM. !(,
rroveri -ror wlieil eery-
; irf! ko il.; and hen tho dcui.in.l for
I loans is s. ick tlio rate tjo-s lon n. Sir-
. . .
ofld' 0..'e Mml .of ""i"" N. 6""
wlU f'R " '"" ."T
" c " " r.v
o h 2 t, e
1 1
' he fails to pay, the Ininils
i for cash for the full amount of the debt;
-.1 .1
while a farmer in tho west may have to
or j. xh ,o c m
r m ,, v.hero?
j if tho creditor is compelled to forecloso
i it may bo a ear or so beforo ho get:", his
I money.
Free coinage would not make money
,noro '"""J""1 H'au it is made uiuler
.1. . 1 I . 1 II... .. .....1.1
too preseut smer i.m. nut n. mniiu
l'ivo lis 11 currencv
that in tUoir is
- 1
-flieap- that ha.- losn purchasim; pow-,
..r tii.'ili our fireci. nt llmnev iVdltl st
,i ii, in inn iiii'miil iiiiiiif, iii.i.i r - i..ii -
.. . , ....i.i
-- .
",lnl' iiosse-s-es. .noiiiiiik on e.nio
i .....,. ,..
injr on earth
could prevent t!" silver .1
iil'ar ironi Tail-
inn in purchasin,: power to its bullion
vaiuo-aimoM one iiur.i less man it now
iiit-aiiiiii: or
' A dollar
I then wotil.l buv onlv two-thirds what it
w'u ',u-v n,nv- rarmer could sell
wl'iT.t worth OJ cents (nold) a bushel.
and would jjet 51.10 of cheap money
(silver) for it: but that 61.10 of silver
wuu,i i,v him. when he went to spend
it, onlv what IV) cents will buy now.
The people should recognize the ftin-
.lament:.! truth that no government can
mKo an inferior form of money eipial
it reason th,t the superh.r form
costs iiiori; li i .ii i moiuiLiioi, inii it i. .ma
vosl which gives money value as a mo-
dimii of e:-!iaili;p. Agolddrll.tr OSts, !
- -
praclieallv. a dollar, bv iho time- it is
i : r ... i .,
.. ; siiver lU,;iT costs sometliing
.. 4X)(,... n ' ... . Iwm.v tha1J
jwJ f(jr ,s th.lt whi,.h ,1S
. ,,.r..iiv,n ,,vvt.r cheao moin-v
" " ' , " ' . .. . , -."
isascostlv to a mil ton as it t for an in-
., . , r..i... 1 that Hie
, wuror the rebellion cost the United
I Sa K"vpninn nt V1X,.XX) moro
man uiu oj..i. ..liuui ii. i ...... .......
i ., -., . ;.. imliwi rii- but, the nitisnutablo
ab o to cartv it on without tasuinggrten- ' ."'lusirus, out iu i.n . ,in..i
.. . , . , i ! r,,. ren- in-s that v.a'csst n il at a h h
j baclcs-the loss being duo to tncir de- X?l&r I;
precatton. , 3 Ono "a ov e ti w , tho whole
Tllt, Rh:lnK0 froBl t,,w fi,an,lnr.l to l '
; lhe si!v,r Ktailll.,r1 Wo..ld deal a lieav, ' V " l" remembered that the
Uo V. tho verv :ir.-t thing, to everym-.nl U l' U' ' r.-UKr 1 .11 t
... .,, .. . flm .,, , ereaos iMi -ur, ami rnriTno-taa; or
j l)lr of,i0n.lrt!. i)Ul .j.v .voja j,avo O!)0
1 third less mro!..:." oo.w,ri this ,vnllM
! jn (trecl rt.,luw5 1)ig w Jlir(1 Ir
1 im ha3 n tlcht - for instam-e. if lie is btiy-
in a home -he will foi l the niiieli. Snti
' pose he owes ciV.0 on it. and is 1 vceivuig
60(.O a vear wn.es. If the ,l,.?,r..ei:ilion
J r ' m ,,, -,, . .,
1 ,Itbt rotluced tl'ut uitich-that is by
, - : " " " h " ' ",
. aro reduced stThO for every year at the
' B.imo time. Suppnso he has four venra
in which to pa for his homo.
Ho gains j .
j 00 in tho price of tho house, but loses
; 61,'JOO in his wages in the four vonr?.
Tho farmer who is in debt would!
! be,,, ,v l!lt. chil.w to ,.hcap m.1(.v
, at Krst: hut on!v in lio were able ti.
( ,,av olT uobt"at oL.o. If not. the onlv
. KrAu ho wol!;u Iiavo woll;(, ,,(, j lllo ;
; . ... '
numtv to pav interest in :. cheaper cur-
rel)t;v; lfo.uu.st suirer tho inevitable
evil.s of cheap monev, T.ith the dear
J ,.oads which or necessity accompany il.
And lf he had to borrow, ho would find
, that fa Urwa wouiJ m;ut fm a u
! basl,, U ilo W(.re not willing to borrow
' on ,i.n, i,..u ,,., , ..... mnn..v ;
nnv lar-o sums Vndtli.-n the farmer
I woultl 'begin to see that his efforts to
gain relier through "cheap mony" leg-
islation had onlv nut him the more
helplessly in tho power nf the men
whoso business it is to speculate m
Every person unless it be speculators
in money would Im imurcil hy Hie
I .... -".I
nlmnrrn In u."iii-tinr niminv 1 1 1 fl t
money" that is to
, silver. Wo should ht.ve two currencies
- .. ...
gold for tho wealthy, ki
, ,, .. ,
or and the tvorlrmliiii
Iver for tho farm-
ir .mil tin. i,-.--tr?iiliiii--in it'll li..ti.it-r.
- . ,
that tho best money is none too good
, ,,, , ,
every American citizen. He do not
, ,. . , . ., - , ,
believe in dear mot.ov for tho rich, and
, . i
,'nonI) ,"''1i '",r th" rest or us. And
tho inotiey wo now havo is tho best
... , ., , ,
money in th-worlMncinse tt . based
" gold, whi'-h ls the bed-rosk id the
worl d's finance.
Tho fact should bo recognized that
r"K'":"i'"' :l current i.t...
V'",um'" r,,r uianag.-mont by men
xvho Ml '-,orJs in W""
J "''" Kr,.tes,o , the
!I,cCn ''io country now pnsents r
men who aro so ijetiuient in
nbi lv nit not. In bn n'.tn t.. ronn free of
. 1 1' 1 t tl J
, ! ,""am',n" l m 1 "' ' cr"i, i
lhnoree Rlinit ;io ;ii!.in!isil ri tho lin;itii.t:il
'",Iil!-v ,,r l,,t' ,,al!,n- I'""!li",-"l' !-' j
it... n..t:., l. l,, .i 1 r..t;. t.i.. '
,1i..,. n,,Hl,.-,o.-.l l....:0t.,('..... fi.ni ,...7 !
i ognized ii daii!f.irtius and ilnslro:-tivn i
bv omtv mm, !.., ri.allv
understands i
financial mutters?
Tin; Silver (Question
.-Oil '.'.. A. .-..!..... i.l r -...t.t
s'.ini; iiii.-miiiiu t .liuii iii tf.ilil. ;
A r.,.rr........l....f i l f ....,. :ti.. ..;..'
.. .. .....j. ... .. .....,.-...1.,., ,.,(,..,;
writes in lenlv to u stati'tii-uit in Tim
bdo t" I In. elUt tiuil gold htm been
J, 'J u J U Z
. . wor''' - mot', j molai fur ti hh tl.nl
d ' """ tabl ui vah.o of i.t.y id
earth's i.toilin-tH. and iln Ihietnnl iM i !
vni,.,. i.,iv .,.n fnr . VllnM ;
.. ,. ... V,T1 - ' '
P:''1') tiothii.g. When u: wrot...
that, wo meant actual value, not. aim-1
jparaltvc ( Jar eorregiiiidoot, however,
imralive. ( Inr rnrr.'STwiii.li.nl l..n. At-nr
1 ............ .1 .... 1 . .
I iii'S it lo i-.l
, thus:
.n;ui i.ili.-r, and utiles'
This, in my cjtimntion, embraces tho
jmrwl itli ai.il f value fixed upcu
.. - li 4 ! . t . t
llot calcu aled U, arrive
" v I'""--'--"' - :
I. ,..t.l . 1 !
- ., i ., .ul w ,nn ;JO rn,.ro r..:r
,uiuu eoin.a.o it u. me . no at
' leu I of tiricx's of all tithtT couuixxJitit'S?
.1 . .. -i! 11
, AwX ns the prict.s or cuc, comaioilitios
hnvo hef-n anil are steadil.N fallnif,', when j
; .. . . lS-ur(,j ; .fold . doe.s it not nrim run. !
du.-ivelv that tho value of oId h:u" boon '
;iIul js sU.-.,iiv risill(.? Or. in tth r
wordj, if intittics are eorreet in show ins:
' '
1 tt.at the Renerallevel of pncea" has fal-.'
" . they
1 ",Jl ,un,K" ,n,,,5,:e 5,r1"c" lnfiI 1,10 v:,lao
1 . "A !
"as iiii-r-.T-teu uiiu iiai. in ine nine.
lands, city real estate, and labor that 1
is, waives. A drop in one, or two or,
three of these, without a corri'spondiu i
drop in all, wmld not provo tho theorv j
that gold has incre.T-T-1 in absolute 1
and to any oilier in 1:1 of in jliitrenco
and obierv.itioa, wJr. Knr the o .lasbcon
a fall in tho pn.-j of r.v.h and all tho
thirKH enumerated, ot "ono-third." as ho
. . .1., 1 1 . . - .1. .
. siaiesj i no com i..ci is, tnere ikih not
been. There has been a ireneral fall in
tho prices of manufactured Koods-
ii - i.iiiii:;iiiiiiviMiii.ii.; iiiiiiiii-iiiiiirv.iiiiiiiKi
, i i i.
V 77
anil i-ikx-s, etc., etc. v. o navo no uotiui
L, ...... '. , ,,..... .
and i-Ikh-s, etc., etc. Wo have nodi
1 ...V .......... .. .. ... , .... -V 1" .
ti. ..-,. i.n I ....... ,f.-..;-i,,. i,r rnllt "tl ...r '
, ;.. ii.:.ii..m ,r i!.n li.o il.U
is accounted for by the increiised com
pt'tit ion nmon; Ainori.si'i inntiufactiirors
under the stimulus of tli i taritr, and the
enormous strides mailo in cheaiiening
production by the invention .-.nil u.-so or
labor-saving machinery.
There has beei! no gen?ral decrease in
tho price of farm lands, nur of city real
estate. Some has none down in value,
others have risen Ian; ly The prices or
farm products and livestock have risen
and fallen under the law of demand and
supply. Somu or them those of which
tho world's untu.al production was
greater than tho world's consumption
went down to very low
which there was a prarcily wont up-
: .
1 any Iinaneial status.
I tut the one culil, inrd fact which de-
. .... . . ..-... ... . .1 - i ,
stroy.- ine inoiri oi tae usooi one mini
in iu pneo ..r gold, and tne coaseipint
cheapening of ever; thing measur,l ...
; gold v; is the ta. t that wag-s have
I "ot fnil-n in f:e ;:i-t t.veiiiy xears, but
! ,,., -r: .... :s n . .,,;i,i,. e!i!ana-
"it 1 ls n-' P1---1'" xpi-iu.i
! ti-.n f.ir this t.iiea i:ue :.m. if gold has
J risen at all in absolute value. Of course
j various niw atr.-.t the wag-rat.., and
t uei. coin is ery small, becanso a ery
P:1"-'' I'oition ..f it lies from year to year
: :.. 1. ...i. 1 . 1 .
111 01111. aim ir-:r.i:r ).iiii., ami i. rep
resented in circa! ition li gold paper.-
The tendencv ia to hold tho gold
1 . r ' , .- .1 . ...
o.isia ior c.ic-iKiuou. miner man 10 p-.u
tho com in adii.il circulation. Each
year the sto;-k of g'i'.il coin is tnldid to;
... . 1 . -1 . ....
and we can detect no indication that it
is 1101 limy iidcpiato to tne world s tin-
.-nii-ial il..iii:miU- U'Ifli!.' ni.r ri.nt nf
tho world's exchanges now transacted
through banking methods,
Wl.iioilt Hie
. .
intervention of actual
llionev or anv
Kind - giild. Silver or tinner- WO F0O no
, , .. ,
iiiitwu ... !.. .... r-i. ... Ik. .11 .'lll
i for all commercial ucods, nor of any per
ceptible ri:-e in its absolute value.
g-21. A Questi i of K.itio.
When the First U'Kigrefs established
our coinage, J!71 'j grtiins of pure silver,
or til grain. of piiro gold, w.n tak:ia as
tho dollar. Fifteen tin. o -Vxt is o71'..
That is, th.- ratio established between
tho metals was I to 15. Why was this
ratio taken? Uecauso, at tho time, tli.it
"as the actual comparative value of
gold and silver bullion. An ounce of
1 o!.l was Aorth fifteen ounces ot silver.
I Dut silver dorlinod in price, and in ls-.l
j congress .-iianged the ratio to wtiat it is
! nmv 1 to ,C- XVh- - l"''-:'"
i r,lt' u'1 ' 'K-,r oxpressod a fact
ratio was changed to make it correspond
witli tho actual value of tho ttvo u.-jt.tls j
in tlio wo' (I'd markets. j
Xow thu rat io is again a lalsn one..
Why not do as the congress of 1SJ1 did, j
and readjust it, so that it shall express a I
trilll'v V.l Vlll.l rn-u.n i-ll. I... f.I.-n.-. f..r
truth. .v .i.id rcson l.ui Dognen for
not so doing. In place of takinga plain,
linci., vJ.vj.- nf tl... Hn ...1 .1. ...i;..
s.. ..v... ... .......... ......
with it in a common sense way, tho issue
. . li.- li . r 1 ,
. ........., .......H..v-...a i. ,ivi t iitui i..-
,,, n.,.1 ,it:....,.,..nt ..t i
and easily understood facts. The w hole
silver ijiiestion is simply ono or the
r ilim imt W..1.11 I in. riii.j ..f ,,..1,1 ,.,
r.it.os neiweui tne u.ucs or gold and
Sliver, if Olirc-miage IS not iiased tt'Klll
..... .. '
tho correct ratio between tho actual
' values of tho two metals, thou change
tho rati...
Tnat is the common senso of
. t10 maltor.
A Trrnt for Ori-gon.
, .III I. 11. .. 'It-lj; -..11. .11 .Ml., .71 M
. ... : .
l'l... ITi-....!....... I ... I....I .. ..f s,N1
1 f II..... c. ....1 SI I 1. ...... .........!... ..I
""- "" I" - '
iii.nifS 1,11 " n.i.i- 1 'n. iii;s;-,i;iurg
, j nssu.i..;. stav two .lavs with their
- .........
trratigemonf- to have Prof. Ilirschborg
t agents. Hindi & Philbri'-k, and t-st i-ves
for all who are in tieo-l of glasiM-.t All
This ;
who j
aroHin.eriiig irom iieiecuve vision to
Iiavo their ey.. seientilically evamnipd ,
iind corrected.
I el... l. r. - I.,.- I. ..ii.. r..
lm"""ml a "ny m
the intere-di. of tin. II. Hirschlierg Op
ical ( . i., and will slop with Hindu, .fe i
., ... , ,.w, , , i
'hilbnck Juno 1Z-Z, whore miiv bo
I found it full lino or II.
lllri'i.liliorg S ,
I lir.iti.iil.t mill Villi. l .-li.n.,:.1.t.. St...., -ft. I
" - ....-
U4 ami Eye Glasses.
" ,K ",,m" ' i-'i"" i..u o.erj-1
"" prtn.iiin-.. in their fiivnr, and nl! ;
"8" " ' w !
...,., ,' ..m
us l" u" ,r ' " ' ''"'"J.
rt and ease they give to tho eyes, even
at Iho most dillL-nll work. i
I -..M.w.n. .t- n r, nr., liii.i.rtnro
f(,r , w0n eauned goods Fillmore. Kun-
lad mid St. .foo tluurs.
linlmnKi. .fi.i tl.inra
Wc perspire a pint a
day without knowing it;
ought to. If not, there's
trouble ahead. The ob
structed skin becomes
sallow or breaks out in
pimples. The trouble
goes deeper, but this is
trouble enough.
! If you use Pears' Soap,
no matter how often, the
skin is clean and soft and
open and clear.
i All sorts of stores sell
it, especially druggists;
all sorts of people use it
- ' Tlic World's Colsiniliiaii lixposi-
Send oO cents to Hond .fc Co., 57(5
Rookery, Chicago, and you will receive.
po-.t paid, a four hundred paca advanc.
Gnido to tho Exposition, with elegant
Enj; ravines or tho Grounds and Huild-
inirs. i-orir.ius oi lit. le.tiiiiiL: n "ins,
! a Man of thn Citv of Chicatro; all of tho
'. .
lines irovfrnim.' the Exposition and Ex-
i . .. . ..... ..1 ...i.
hiDitors, anil all .tuoriii..iion wuicu cm
1h given out in advanco of its oponing.
Also, other Engravings and printed in
formation will bo sent vok ns phbhshed.
It will bo a very valuable I look and
every person shcu d secure a copy.
Oiilcr of I'nlilic-ation.
rnr: statk or vissot;i:i.
r.Miin nt Unit, i
In tin: Ciicuit rii:t or v.U County. .Villus:
Ti l III. IMr.'.
Ainlv l!i!rr:.T,.lr., fl.ilntilf,
William Asliwnrtli. Dri'iulant.
At till-. I:li i'.av i.i M.iv. lnt.i'iiini-stliotil.iiii-tlli
lit'tcui. to I I.'iirv Shiitw. In-, rfttinn-t, l'i
fiirr tin-linili'K'.itiifiirii-ik tin- ll.il! rirrait
t'.mrl in vaiMli-ni, anil till -, tii-I"-'!!'!"!! anil af
iiil.ivit. ai'.ii.iit .iiiii.iu ::i-r lf:iirz tl.ril tin-il.-ri-iiil.tiit.
uilliam Avliunriii, ii iiuw a imn
iiliiisil uf tin- .iat.-i S!im.i:ii.
Wln-ii !i'ii It i-. on!i n-il liy the lantroirpoil
I'li-ik mat -.ii'i ill Iruilaat !. until., il lv iiilli
eatain tli.it p'tinlilf lias .niiitii-iii il a -nit
aml liim m It.t-t n.nrt li m-iii:.ii -n.l:.l-tarliim
nl. fmiiiiliil iiJM'ii .1 imle slv n tr -.Ktj
'..iit.irs an-l in i-tv-l tin-t.'ii'i :.t n-n "-r r.-nt. -.-r
ani.nni Iiniii il.itr, lin- uslen-J If imt panl aii-
. ...-,..,. , .,..,,; , ,;. i,,i.,i.. M.,t.i,
n.iliv l-.-i-i'i:"1 a- iniiiiiii-i aim i i-.iro:--
;... tlu. - ,.r..,. riy nas .warm ,
, i.i.-n-i.f t;. t..-.1"', j!,,!;;'!;!,;;!;;;, !
,'i'. .u'vi.i-t
'in- m..Ii .l.n i -.."i'l !
,mi ,.,,,. .i it ,
lil-xT. iiki r.n nr iM-iuri-
nil. If tin- I. "in vli.il!
nut lln-n. mi nr I'l-Inn" tin-
t.,t il:n- i.f ...nl li-riii..in-iM-r nr ii'i-ail In the
j.. Iliini'i in -.-nil .-.in-f. Ihi s-iiii,' wiii li.-t.iki-n.i-4
oniife i-il, .li.il j'i'!j;:ii"nt will In- i.-n.icie.l at--.-n:f.iiflv.
Anil il i-itiittl:iTiril.Ti-il that a onny !i.ti-I
ln .!ihli-l.nl ii.-e..iln:j to law ill Till: Hon
1 or.MV SKNTINT.I. ! Imrmrk-i s'11--.mvi-I..
tin- l.lM iii-erlinll tn It al least liUfrn ll.Hs
! ht-f- re !li.- Iitt 1l.1v ! - n j '.'Tin ,
lilll -HllfcUI., 1 -IT...
(..mil) ..f Unit, I '
I. Cmiv M-'tri-', C erk nf the Cnnit Ciiatt nf
Ilnl: riei'i!. :f"M s;.Iil, In-rel.j ceil tv thai III'-i.ii-iM-
's a ti--e -ii "f the "liuiii.tl liiili-r
iiiihl:rali.'!i. In tin- cum' Ihcrcm Hamuli, as Ihe
Viin-s iiiv h.oiit as Clerk, ami Ihe sea! i.f sah!
Isi Ai.! I'liiui. D.Mie at !! in On smi, tnis
ICi il : nl M.iv. IMrJ
t.ot'V. MOItlUS flvrV.
lli lirj Simtis. Atl'j far l'i'if.
;tl:!i-ili:!ii' Still of Kent Kstsitt.
.siai:-e i
er th.- tn-iim.- irl ot llnli i-oinitv, ami
, i's-oari naiioai li e m.i lerm. . i,
s.i.-. -f s.iai e..iitl,l. I.en is I. iH.r-v41tar.il in of
Hie i-i.'i-i .nnl lue.if v'lr-.1 Mnnie, a pi
1 "l 'f lll'SHl.ll.i llltllll, -a ill mi
,,.,,..,....... ....
I .II l.s II.. ,.l L Jn. Pa;.
-.,.tn-i ,-n Hi- ! r...t ten oVI-vk lathe fom-.o .,
i am! live iVInrk in the all .nni-m nf s -nl il.i . al
Iiiv :!nt-k in Hie all -rini-m nl s 'HI n.i, al
imttli .i.H.r.il rieenurt limise in tla eit o.'
-n..-.Mi'iiv 1.1 l!-lt .'.ii.l si.ite ot .M:sviail.
iiir;,ie the sitiln 11' the jii-ol.i.te ei.iirt ol
1 .mil .inn.,! il!. silllli.- 11. lilt' lit
! i't ,-..iiuh,.,. ;, i.n.ilic aiietimi in the
l"Sl-si In. r l..r.-.sh in Ii .ml f..r the .m-
i 1 1 ' 1 i'l li-:i. i-s,inrni. .ill unci. 11 .111;-- ,
intetest of. in aa.l In the rntli.n inir il-s.-iilie.l
real -state, siiii.iii-. , ji.-aii.l l'iic im the i-uv
theeis. si.nlli hirt -sit feet, Iheneu u-st
seii'i.t. -tiie iT.-o fe. t.thcmv m.rlh lhr:y-si .T.a
fei-t. III lire e isj seventy-live 171) feet tn tile
nlace nl hiviiiniii
i.kwisj. mooim:.
ttnarili i'i nf the per-mi anil estate of Alfreit
Miu'i-.a H-rsuii oi ii.i-iiiimi iniait.
For Stilo or Trtttle.
Choice improved and unimproved
farms in Webiter and adjoining counties
in Nebraska. Choice locatum. Good
bargains. Write for descriptions to D.
J. Myers, lied Cloud. Nebraska.
Notice of Tni.-tc-j'N Stilt.
I Whereas, nil Nnteiiilii'r l.tt'i, l.ss-, Thomas S
l itai'li in t'O . ei i ii n ii ami ii.-inriiii ins ,i.-, u
nl mist, lor seenrins ihe paxment of tlirre
liomls. am:ieK.itiii-r the sum ot Kyilix linlirs.
lii. ni'iii'il in uM il.-e.l of trust. In-reln he
e.illeeil In Ihe iiailersl-zneil. IMvhl II lltlen.
Trn-lee. the fnllowm-: .leserilni! real est..te.s;t
llate.l in Ihe rolllit) of ll.iiti.llil stall' ot .l!s
soaii. tn-wit
TNe west half of the nnrlhu-.-st nuarterof
seetjiin. innnh'-r tliirlv twn txti.tm.iisiiiii.m.t.i-
l''T sll -IWe IIC'I. rille. Illlll'.ni'r IIIII Cllll
j Stt u,.?t ,,, . tl(tIl ,,! merii'lai!.
I Ami wlierctssai'l i!e-i! of trust wanlulv lll.it,
I Noeii.h.rr.'nl. s-ti. at lt:!n i.VliM-ka. m., iihi
. .-..ink ;;
Pane lll.n. tin- rci-nriW
I ot sani Unit -min, Missouri : ami whorea- it
j i proviih-il in sji.i Imml .nut ih-eil nl Iri.st l!.;it.
nil' sani l num. is n. i .11 inn. sn.iii i;n. in ..i,i
! w ;,i.y . fs.1,1 Is at th J
I ittii i. salul.' Ih enlile line ami ll-1.l.'Ie. Ih.Mi
tin wl.nl. nimciiit s-ur.-it Iiv anl .le.il nl trust.
! mi't.ee ; ami where.-sih.-sl'iil Tunni.is s r.ii.i.n
I have f iile.1 tn p.iy, or eai.s.il to iie paiil. s.ml
, ,,1(.ll t.,',..,,,,,. ,,. :t ,,;n.-,hi.- .1. the
slla II at O'lee neenlin il.li anil i l". ame. tmiii'iiu
Ursl ilaynf Nnvemiier IMll.wlillilnielliew-li.ile
iimiiiiiii seeiireil l.y s.ihl i-,-.l ot trust, is now
ilue -tml p.nahle. umler t1'! terms nf s..lil tmatl
ami ilivil if trust, .nnl nil ... 1. 1.
Now. tiiereh.re. pulilie mrice l lo-retiv given
that 1. the uiehTsImieil. Ii.svnl II. K'tlen. Ihe
Trustee nam. .1 111 s.ml I I of ln.l. timlcrauil
to shine of 111.- .niliioiitx i-steil tu in- I.v sail!
ileeil nf trust, al Ihe reipn'sl nf the Ii l'.iI ImMei
ami owiu r of s il.l l..,,-ls w i'l i.roceeii to -eltth.'
a!ini ites'rihi..i ri!.il .st .Ie ai pi;:ilie''inlm'. In
.1,.. I.i .Iim. Itl.t.l.'r f.t. . .!i r.l lli I. nr! Il fr.tnl
, , . , ....!.
1 liiHir I'l III I lilll , . "Ill I ll'"ls.- ... li. 1 ....
I 1 ivk.tnTl in tin. .-it v nf I Irifuii tin- i'iinul st-.it
t -" .- r. - - -
I ot s.il.l im.t on
' TPFSI.AY. th.".tsi ).v nl .HTM-:. A. f).. tsi-,
1 i-r 11.. 1 . 1.0--isi n.i . m .11 . 1., ... .. 1-
hetwe. n the hnnrs of i.i'.e ..vio. k n. tin- i..r...
,1. ,..,, h-.s I,, ih.' all.-rn.M.ii nf sni.
.1 tv fur Ih liltrtnr( tf r: Nhl' 1 tu ttnilirV I t:i
tin MtTMHiiit f .!. I Im'ihI. wtlh uil"T"-l. ;in 1 th
iiavii) ii i;rni:x. Trutio
Adininislra tor's Xotiii.
Noljee Is lirrl' Ri''ii. that hy irtuenf an
I ntiii-riit Hie 1'fl.tslte I'-lltrnf Unit Collll!. ls-
I s..itil, iii ote on the mh fl.iv of M.t. ls.'r.-. the
j timVislijiiei! Ailmliilstr.itor Ins taken
i charae nf Ihe estate nl l-'reileriek Ki-eh .
I .i,..-..-.x.-,l All iM.rs.iiM Ititr eliuns
ajKilnst sahl estate are reip.ir.Hl to evliilul lh.-ni
I" me fur allnwai ee w ithr.i om- Jiar after it.ile ,
.if sii.l or.lcr.nrtlii'S la'V he iiri-i'Imle.1 Ironi
.ius ,, , r,t ,,f .m li si.i.e : am! If vi'. claims
hen.it rt ill'lteil wiiiini i w- tears irini. nrii.ur
, ... ,,. ,...- ,,11! ,,c. forever hatreil
Tills L'llll ll.ll ol tl'. ii.-.
I:m;V I-'I.NK, Ailnvinlstntor.
. i. ti ...,,.. Hivros ILDavis,
Attorney at Law and Attorney at Law.
N""'f-V ,'",,lit''
rrniT M A MT Xr T A VT3
Hlji: X 1YIAIN IN CD JJA V lo,
tin I
111 II. 1
Rooms 0 and 10 Tootle Block. Corner
is 0 and 10 Tootle Block. Corner
Frsncis Streets. Telephone, 414.
ui.i ...ill
.. iir.--.ei. cou.m 111 i i .ti ami si.ii.-oi .iissoiiti. with the .Journal 1 'oilman v. publishers of . ,?CY. li ;"r.
lsal'JeetloIh-iliiv'-rliiieresl in sail! hn.ils in ,. i,...,.. .,,.. i--i... i:.V,,-,t ....1 v.. 1 . s-n' '.rve. Iowa ; I.Vv. 1 t-. Perry, IV-
t v,.r..Iaml hel.t hy Mrs. ti, l. Jtciiu- tl !, tju' v.ins.isClt eoklv Journal ..tid Ag-1 rf:,r Irani Is. Iowa ; Kev W A. I.lle. l..-aviii-
Xo wit : riculttinst by which we are enabled to w-n Ii. hansas, i:,",. .1. T. Munif.irit. Kinersiui,
1hirt -.it :i fe. t Iiv sevrnty-tive iT.l) feet, offer both jlv.a: K--v .1. V rt'n-.irt. Kmersni'. lima;
enminriieins at the ii.ii.In-ast ..-ni.-r nt l.-t one v . i .t v. Oi:m in f irk. r. Kai. i-oii. low:. ; llni.. T.
Hun l.loek eleven lit) of Ore"eii. Mi.s-.nri. 111!'. M'.J IIM'.Ij I.J. AI'W I ri.nr. Itlimiis ; W.A.Sti. -i.C.iiiii-
The Celebrated Staliicns.
Bire:lor, 3rfl3 aufl. ScoltMM! j
lUKKCTOK, nr.l. 5IWS. (Tlll.l lTl'I-i
;i:ki: ami nKM'itirro.v- :in-.-:i 1-.1 mmo- i
v.it:mn. ilnrh i-h-vtiiie in v.'Iit. nnstil ivoi
m.:,!.U. tna'i'il l?7 ; liriMl tv Win Itvicril, m- ,
f.'iirl lil 11-f. r.l. nR. !k. Kii-.'!;iii(1 . ImiM.ri. ct 1
A-siH, l-J. ' T Oatlifr S S-.i-. J!:r,
Mn., iiikv Hit imN-it f t. Il.irili..n. Si 1
i'..iut. Mi Siri-,ciii.!;.T II. iTi ii.o.i !-'air- !
Iti- (Vii!. V). t.y ll'ri-uV itif.'li. tniiul I..111
1 hriK. l- v 'Hi-inn l.i'.".. t-real until 1 it. .111 to
Saiiiviii ':IT'. lllli'-t.r 11 (IitV.i. m n- i-iml i
.til" M.1111T .SiWIi. il. ui lv Jlaj .r t --. tv
! 'Ile miri-naiit). Iiv Ttiwiiit'rr lill'.H. l. .:sr
('JtT' l '..in-.i T"hi (iicrti i.-. I . 1 I'm!
III l' I'li' .li.'H i:ior i;u:i. i II.--1 -1 'lorn 1
.I"." . I i.ionii lliir--. iM''Iimi .1 t'-ill-.'-. ' 1
1 'o-fn-.ii 1'KIH;i:i:k .'.il ik-
I SflcllTlDN ruMlN'.i U11I i-t a l .i'Ui..ii il. rk ,
! !.i. li'-ri liaii.N iiili. I.h iiml-. nf j
j iiti'iii.'l.-. ImUii a.i. I snj-iior art ii.ii, fitii.i'ini!
I ltli ari'al miii.ir ""it. Iti 110. S.r l;.im-r, 1
tin- ni'i;i.-it nl 5!r t'..ki, l'r, i-lai...... t n.i - I
It.'i.iuu. t-.'i'.iiul, a iu it" l.r.-.l f'vl. - it ile
! il. .11', .i! hv tin rH!.-tr.ii-.1 linrve. Jrfir.i I'l;. in 1
j Tl-.it'.IS an.! niMliritlNS :-! le IiiMire
I mar-- ei fmil l Dirifinr. ?s to lir.rr uiarr it
j fo.ll ' ie-Itisli U:il. l'.oti.-. Rirlt:-tz v.! ii
J man' l..-.ir.- known tu l-e wtli tnal. f.irfi-it 'ii
; smaiiei-iiii'l'i y. W i'.i'ii m ire ! n-!i.mii tt"iii '
..r...iit..l Iim.iiIv. i.tti.i.-v fi... s'r:c.. I.i.'.-llii,- 1
ili-f ai i i.it. A li. 11 i r in re .-.I'd f.-iluilll't-;i.
il tnr ii.-mani-i- iirf.ni.. r.ir.-ill ias."!i (
In in M-.it iirc-Ieiit-:, but mil not !. iojhiUs!" j
l.e .h"t!M nay occur.
Dln-cti.r anit Scrtti-li 1-i.i will ni-'ketli-vea- j
sum i't lWt a. tuIini-.N: iJi.ai'ax. ti:i,-il:iv .:nl.
V.Viliii-'it.u ft eic'i k:.l iiiv laiin, t..n I
iinli".si.iii!ii-ast nf w r..inl. Ilinr- u I'ri-I
th: ami itiin!a I ui li w-rr.. at t..i lr I
n it. f. IS 1:, m- li.ilf in ie i-ist nt Un-rnii. j
if, . ; .v li 1 ..11 .v .1 , 1 it;) '
.Bopfti Sfl,$
Will mt.ko the season of lsJ"2 at Curion.
Description and Pedigree:
bred by Mrs. Henderson, of G'enhead,
Dublane, Perthshire, Scotland. He is a
dark bay, 10 hands high, weighs 1,500
Terms of Servic:e
810 to insure colt to stand and suck.
t. : 1 l 1
ourvico money neianiies iiue iuii ji.i.iio.e
if tnaro i-s parted with or removed Irom
original locality. A lien on mare and
foal will bo held for insurance money.
Cure will be taken to prevent accidents,
but will not be responsible for any.
GIFFGfiO & CO.. Propritirs.
(!isr;'j)n. Mo., also dealers in General
Merc!ianih.-e and Agricultural f.t.plo
i mm in ! i
ForJl'i.i-O;.!'.. r.n get I.IO'1 wor'.li of!
beatilifui FloA.Ti fro.11 the laret audi
:mt s;,o'-essful grower m X irthwest
: r-
Mi:-.si.iiri. Iltiiotr..U-d catalogue free. ,
SI Joseph. Mo.
Corner G:!i & hte Sts.,
J vwwfl.i a
Largest at: 1 Uvt ass.rttnent of well '
grown plants in ttio ivot at !k:i-j:u .
lirici Send for catalogue. i
I"rr,n t'lf Kansas CitV WcfkJv
' ' , , ... . .
, , . , . , i J
' l)Uril,;l .'till! A" TlCUitliriSt to tS'.U'
' '. ( . r. , , '1 .. ,1 , r -r
1 sUi)si.i IOCI.- .11.5.1 ri..UCr Oi Iiir.
! c..-V-IVi. i
'11... r,,,:,i;cli..M- ,,f rri, Ui-.-rtvr ...ii-..
-"V ...w..-n... ... . ..r- .............
I mad; an I'Mraordu.ary arrangement
. I,,
.mil the
riCC piTV WrVY lOiP.'!' l'.'T PrHlTn1!??
for one vear
T . r 7 "?
Tiie regular prio-nf Tun SK.vrixui.is. .. 515a
1'l.e n-Kuiar piiiv if the Kansas City
Weekly Jniiraal aial Ariciiiturisi is... l.na
Total ...
Oar price fur Ix.tli nne year..
Making a jiresent to each subscrilk-r !
of 7." 'nis bv takiiiL advantaeof this 1
wonderful clubbing offer.
'flu Kansas City Weekly Journal and
Agriculturist is published by the JOUR-
XAL COM PAN V. Kansas Cilv.Mcs. and'
ts handsomely pr.nted, 8 ,,ago 7 column
weeKiy, st.-iuncli. wide-awaKo and pro
gressive. Republican 111 K!itics.and de
voted to tho interest of Agriculture, tho
Home, Science, Politics and general lit
erature; contains the condensed tele
graphic lien's ot the world for 'Ao week,
a complete chronicler or the local news
id Kansas. Missouri. Texas. Now Mexico,
Colorado and the whole West.
Sample Conifs will be sent Free on ap
plication. Sii!tvrih now as this grand j
clubbing combination arrangement is i
, . i.i.- i
made for a hunted t.me only
ill orders to
Oregon, Mo.
The Dingee & Conard Co's
Their Own Recta. ar.J Thrive
Arc on
Where Othrrs Fail.
We are I mil haw li-en fur V. ir-i tin- l.irc.-.I
itn.e (inmi'is tu '.in ne 1. M til tr.ii:.' is mi r
urea' s.H'ei-ifti. V. he-s-v. -r n,,- m,n Ci,. i!i
r. If i. -i'it'n s uu-.irt!- tit
II fV I" "iT 'iftl 4U ;
r H 1
lli-r in. tn rv ;.iv- N '.:! .c- an;! jmii.t I
way to s !.-.-.s w ip n '-r-. I'.-.- on n-ipie.t
I!M ! AT- tilitl ,sH'ftNn.i Vtl il
r-. m ma r rrr . r
71.mi I -er r;ir I Ainfttnran mrreJr to Jrp bn
foriilinimll,"rharc Ibrni rvturn ar!n. I n vin n
C"It-l cc. I wnMh'tfiot'iWiiot Firs, KX'lIw
F.IY or FAI.UNC; U'KfcS;A)lttlolw:tI'l'r. I
vmt ruj?rtnt!j7t.ci3r l worst cav. Jlcaut
nf.- ."it fiLs,l la r." ru.n fnr tiol nnfjg rr-irinfff T.
cnn-. jvnJtonr tut r trvafMiKti Vrt-w Jlmk:
!2xoc-iitoi-'-i .Notice.
Ntthv is In reh siveu, that tn tirtne nf .in
r.i.-rot ih.- iroii..ier..artof ll..Jt rmintv.Mis
jvmri. ma.le on the "V''1' ;';
f'" '
i '.-.Mse.l ,ti, will .in.irt.,1. All persons Imv-
1 u,s ctalnis ..s.uiist estate are rcnilied to
vrarwfDTilVeof :Ui onlt-r. or tliv innyln
i.n.'lii.I. tt frm anv l-i'iirfit nf micIi elate; ;itnl
Ir .d.... 1. i, i.r ..-rltil.iftl within tun :irt
ftem'the Hale ot this pui.i.caiiou. IHey will
1 '", l-u' '
'''i'."-' mv. tji.
DAN t !X ZAC'II.MAN. Exurutur.
Ifcnuhfo mate cblnej as vbite a5 fc sun.
And finish cur mK as soqiJ js bagun,
CLAIRETTE soap islfiei'ngfatWilldoit,
And foing once boiightr it you nefo will rue it.
Fresideiit. Viee-l'resideBt.
Alhcut i.ofi K'.t:. Ckas. D. Zook.
Cashier Ass't Ctishier.
: MlSSOUill
TAltl.!!lKi 18T1.
act a genera! banking- business. Inter-1
! est paid on time dejn'sits Drafts sold t
! on all the principal cities of tho country
! ami l.uniin-. Have made special arrange : iti-i t.i.A uiu make mi- iri-.riii;niM n
nienU to collect monej duo from estates ; JlJf'.V.n" Un'r" lUtn-M'xrlW1' tuK
in foreign countries. The accounts of - i kkiifh atk f l'KDICKUK amt UK
Farmers, Merchants and individuals re- sriHiTiox .-Tlilsit..nu that itic ilaik.
u,.i...felK-uilii-iti.il Soeei-i? i-iri "iren . 'a,l'!'--tray lVn-licron Slallnm. (axO.) fnaliil
speilll.tlj solttliid. .i-tti.tt t.irt u en i .IIiin ik1k iwN.;. .mt...init lKS.e lUmtU &
to auv business intrusted to us. I ll.i. iitci... t.lai.tii:!.-. Uini.iiMn ; t-rcl i.j w.
! rli.'itiviii.Cemniiiiiei'f iUiUn.l aiitim nl Itnuir,
D.vNitu Zct"i:.N,
C. J. Hi nt,
Capita! Siock Paid Up. $20,000.
Tran-i.T-t's a general banking business.
Intore.it paid on deposits left Tor a speci
fied time.
Drarts issueil on principal cit.os. Collection-;
made and promptly remitted.
D''J!: rrt !:: --i leorge .Vnderson.E.Vnn
Huskirk. W. II. Davis, J.-.mes Kneale. S.
F. a'Fa!lu:i, J. A. Kreek, J. T.Thatcher.
J. T. liUTLKli,
Physician & Surgeon,
All call promptly answered by day or
nig'tt. '):li. e tip stairs in frun' rocaiover
I.. Kva is .t Co's drug store.
C C3 S
mm 1 m tt
M"OI.KST!lKKih III K is a nnsilive cure
i-li. !"r Nii!ii.-y ami l.ot-r e.miil tut iiini al
Mini . ilise.is.- Il,-1; p.,v t- -nit. r whrli 'il
1 e.ut I -e e irp.liiv n-i iS Miiun.' Tr.-enf Life, the
"f c ,
, -- .-........
ni-.n m."iin: a si!...Tami no- tliinc i.v.n uiis.
Kev.t.. i'r,v Vi-ier. r.oii.le. lima; lh v. aii-
ii ii.ii.i-, ...-.; ...i.-u sue;; in n as in.- ann.e
I ii :re -men their t 'siinio:i tn favor nf liire's
rice oi I..t -, ami tin- le.i-lin-j wli.ih-ali- ilmj;
I win rc the il iy heen.. l. wti.it ti.-t:ereii.i-iice
I iill Willi t'. Will sli.iiiM 1,..4 sutler when .ni
eii.e.1 ht nsiiij; Jlnore-s Trrc ol Life?
Veterinary Surgeon,
! Graduate of tho American Veterinary
I College, New Vork.
i r?yO!ilii. Omi Kiiej's I'.aoi. r,ir. Kiiimm.l
!!tI: re.i.leiiee, lt- Kt-lix street T. - ls -
J .? V r,: ,V, u
t.'llileil to.
The Belgian Draft Stallion,
I IIOMI'O .-. J.! is 111, km-
the prcswii s.-a-
110 l.irm. threi- it ii s ...ist an I omi-lialt
, mile hi rill ol ii-?a. Missoiirl.
Dcscriattiii ana Pedinres:
, kcmko. .-wn. i.i; v.as f.Mte.1 in r.Hhim
, M..t !ij.'i. ts.-;. .-.1 .1 imimrteit S..p;,.mi.r. 1-;
Sire. 3I..i lice, .17; iriiut sire. Omer, Ktaml
. i:.iiu. i-.iiiii.i. I'.ini, li ue : sire. r..'r .lean.
i:r.iHil it. nit. r.iimic M.nriirr. Mrr tt Kt-uifii.
;i tUf 4tl (he i:!..vt lltil Imr-M'S Iti ltett;ii.
l.ni!H s r uiNif-r-! in tht It.-'ffiHii S:tl K-Mk. i
v.'Iniu.' II. I- :n.t hi ttif r.v'i;uiMil
UJi vf w-rn i. n f li Atn-rir.iti tti
f Iiiijuirl. i- .in1 linn tr d! hi Dnttl
IIur-M, v uiu. I, p" l Kt-hiio a lin
!ntrM. ul-i bnm! Imi:. .ih1 :i fin1 1 ( Nlrtack i
J!- - - 'lPl'e V,l.s"-
-f r r? .5-A-i ' i
rS?. F-! -
ml Ir r
1 -T- vs- Til
hanils hUh .it'.l weighs IjiV Minmts. lie Is I loth taest- j.irksliaveieireesfullj recnrile.1
l.erf'.'l s..-eiiii. n e the ilnilt Imrse, snlemliil ; TI!lA!S:-?tn to pisiirerolt to stiinl amt suelc
walkei ami tmllcr. kmI Imctli ami iirrat : hv Zol'lcnfier.iiml Jl-lhy Hick .Inhiisoii, mmli
J.rtMrftli: iHl I.-.-I li will ia jnu to set- him tious jriuz the smif .f for D.ni'ii-t penny.
""tpIijjis "conditions: j GEORGE S. STEPHENSON.
iii.-re is . .rlf-.l iiioi or riioneif Inu orT;ltMl
liH'.ii.t.. inini.'v l'.-eii-ii-s ilur at once. A hen on
m.ir. .nnl l..;il will ne ui-i-l l-innsiinoire iii'in-t .
('-rwitl Ut- t..k n tt pr-ti lit acrMmtN, tu!
wit ka:t J:fk fink Ih
:ir tlir imt iav .i' tlii- sfanUm Koim
;i:TS- tn tii-iiir & It t suihI a
i'ttntlfttim-t iiti ;t Ur -.liillioii
We will piy the atMive salan toany lire ncenl
or Salesman sIIin our penerat line of .Mi-rrh-aniiise
ami Supplies. Particulars anil Cata
lesueon receipt nf 25 cents for express tec.
a. KAi:rK.vKi'o.,
53 ttiver street, Clilcajre III
TlieFerciioroi! SlaEu, SDFFERN !
aitint-nt. nt l.tnret I tier i ci.t liv I.'.'ILilnl.
il.il ; liel. l.Vilai.it.tst. hi-l.j l'aln lilla l:iln,
i;rrln, I timKiiijf tn 11. riiatiiii.i i.Rlslrr
eit in Volume V. nl I lit- lVirlirmii Mini thx'k i!
America, Psse ."j.s. hi.s nmril iiiiint.ir IriUK
Ills. 1!.. ui-i-hs.i.ji, ami Istimv the in-rly
of r. V !iil.-, nl Ki'li-t l'lt. Jltsxuiiti.
TKItJl.-s 5!n ; In-iirc t-iiit tn Malul not
sack Wln iiliiare l-i;iimh!i.1 nr 11 Ir.ovt il fn m
original IiTalit. nimiej fur si-iviro 1 in mrH
.In., .it ulie... A lini 1111 f:i? .inii Lain ui.l ho-
' Ii.-I.I fur iioiir:Mu-. Car.-mil In Lkee, I'lit will
not he resiiijl! shhiiM :m arriitent n cnr
liEM-KIITION ai.'.t I'KliltSI.KK:- I'll. I y
l:i-:Knil.i:isT.arsi.:.t!hU sprini:; 11: Iian.ls
IilSli ; weiclis I30,.ii:iii!s; lour white fiTt i'l
to pasler-.i j-iints; siar intnreloail : cl es'init
siirtel In r iii.r lie isot t'riuteratnt Cnlil Itnst
s:iM-k. Iteaiuifiil form ami pin! ilisiHisiiiuu.
Will make th.- iir.srnt M-asmi at lhesrnie.lai-i
ami nintcr tin- s.nne ti-ims ami comlitlinis as
iKsri:ii"rioN an.i i-fiui;i:kk:-i:omki
-taints i.v, t.aiiiis kiiii ; ut-islis urn jh. units; u
1 lilnck iiic-.l.. ii- v M.-; iinn-ense Im.ih ;
ti-ie -Hie; . .-.! in- ml i. .-t.it is i l ltlak Wjr-ri-rali'l
M-'tiim tli sii i-k. sr-rsot last An
z'ltt. Wa- :r.i;-.'itnl limn I., iitin-ky ti I'lay
cntint. . 11. 1 st it.- i hen on.- .-ir ol.t.
KOMKO n:!l in :!; t o- ir.-e-.il mmm'H at th
sani.- lime . i;.i i.'ais- asiheStailiniis, terms ami
iinnilti.ui.s li. in.- th-s.iiii.-.
S. P. DGOLEY, Prcpri Icr.
ii Mmni
Ill Edmond St, Xorth Side,
Fresh Rsh and Oysters a Spec
iafy. Short orders at Reas
lonaoiQ rTics. Weals at
a!i hours, 25 Cents.
Open Day and Night.
Si. Louis
, .....
: !KS t. PASS, i T K T. AO T.,
The Celebrated
Clydesdafs Stallion,
: Witt make tlx nri-sont va-oii of Inr nt mv
1 farm 3 miles iiorlli. a-t nl ol On "on, .Mi."
t. ,).',.XiN?1; ''K-VXY i a "ah"K.iliy 'hrowii.
1 Im.Ui himl lift winte, iitazc in fnrvlnv.l is
.-jrsoM. !; k.-vi.Uh gli.imtveiKhslU)N.riiuls'
i.-imliniNirletIhyMii.ili& pmir!!, Svnicuse
New York II . has a full rrcnr.lril neitiurer
TKISMS Of SKUVICK. Hot- Insure a ci.lt
, tn staml am) si.rk Money ilm- an,i pa.ihlo
1 if man is parted Willi nr reim.tpil fmai 'iri.'U
nal Ineality. ('are will tie taken tu iireteniae-
ciiletits. tiui will lint tie reiMiiibihle should any
The Celebrated Jacks,
Wilt in .ke tl.esras.in at the tame place.
ZOI.I KIIKI'KKIsa.l.irk hrnnii. Ijears out
thl. spring. luan,l!il-li. nclln pjcu nomii!
Oil Ji .loli V.MIN will iH-alliweii tosrve.t
limitrr mauli-r of m iri-s. Ih- i-. hi irk with
ut.iteHihits,2jt-.irsnIil IZ; h.imls lil-h ami
112 North Second Street. First Door
South of Lutz's,
ST. JOSEPH, - - MO.,
Finest Liquors,
Choicest Cigars,
Fresh Beer on Tap.
Good Pool Tables,
I extend a cordial invitation to my
many Holt county friends to remember
me when in the city.
mWM Chica
tEZMxA iATi . 1

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