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it i
Ken. George C, Crcwiher.
Hon. John Kennish.
Judge S. R. Beech,
and others.
" Will nd.lrery thf people of
Saturday. Septcm er 17. 1892.
At 2 p. m. KvorvluMlr cordially in
vitcd lo attend, ladies especially.
RefuHican Meetings, i
:Hc:. John Kennish.
Hon. S. R. Beech ard others
will address the Republicans of 1 1 it
county at the plai.v. n:ui dates named
Craig, September 13. 2:00 p. m.
''nmi! g. Sept- :nl --r i3. 7:: p. in.
Forlewne, September K p. in. ,
New Point, Sor.i.-int-or 17.2:00 p. m. j
JtLOIl. i. J.
iiemp, i
Of Chilhrolhe. Mo., wii
addr--s tho ,
people of Holt 'un:ty on the jmlitua!
issues of the day. 'fii'w who wish to f
hc;ir n forcible and logical
shoild heir this l-ilii:;nt orator: j
Forties. Sept. 15'. 7::V p. in. j
K.irest City. Sept. 2t' 7t:l p. :n.
Bigelow. Sept 21. 7::l p. ru
Mound City, Sept. 22. 7::?0 . m.
Maittnnd, Sept- '', M p. m.
Our Choice.
'Tho clost vrrutirg ami invcdig.i
tion can bo invited fr the Republican
county ticket with perfect confidence.
Such "a twt will pot dtstiguie it uor vi. tit
i! tutfer l.j C'HiiparUuu. Wo will not
outer iti!i a di. -ii-ion at this tu.ie of
tho merits or dements of those who
lulled of iiuntiiibtion iu the convention:
.'then we say all were worthv and -pudi
' lieu v.obut simply speak that which
vns conceded by nil. Tho duty of all
oml Ilcpui-lit-ans m tlii promise's is too
plain to nv.d a t:.U moiil. We- wiii uov.
tiaplytK'hi aiih re&iiits. After all that
i;,i to t-ud tor ami ngaiii-& the Re
pnb'tean county ticket is. t-aid, it ui!l hi
-oftecded by ail tair minded men that
.the j;ant!enien on that ticket, will make
tnpaolo, conciei.l:c; s unJ enterprising
Fur the honorable position of repre
sentative and head of ll.o ticket, the
coi enlim could not h.v.o selected a
bttto." representative of K-;,ui-li'.-an
ideas ::tul principles than Air. X. F.
Murray. For nearly a ijuartcr of a
century he has been one of the leading
farmers and fruit growers of tho north
west. H- wi'! enter the legislative halls
with largo aunntanco and wiilo in
fluence, far ho is w 11 aud fuvorably
known from one end of tho state to thf'
-other, having Iwn ide..ti:k'd with state
horticultural and a,'rieuUiiral society.
Ho is ol larso caliber and splendid bus i
lie ualilieatioG., ami l;) jtocuharly
littcd to s . vo o;ir c aaty in tho legisla
ture with honor and lis'.i.-ction.
The ollico of collector is otv of vast
tnipjrt.ir.co to tho taxpayers of the I
countj, and every properly owner must
.be inttTivted in tho selection of a mail
well qualified for the pi ice. In the
nomination of M. C. Iirumbnj;h, of
Liberty township, for that olUf., the
Ttdpublicuis have named l man who
would takf to tho p-sition splendid
buKiuess ability and entiro titi:cs. Mr.
l.imbau;h is of tho manrr lwrn and
lias been a teacher for year., is well
aciuainted all over the county, and all
aro ready to tesMTy to his illness for tho
pr.itien he aspires to.
G. W. Murphy, oar candidate far pro
secjtini: attorney, needs no intrtKhiction
to the- peopio of Holt. Ho has been
practicing for tome time at Craijr. aud
has built up a jiromitiin practice. Ho is
acquainted with the duties of the oilice,
ami ht feplenilid jua!ilications are well
5;novn ;;nd universally rccanized. No
citizen who is in fator or a conscientious
enforcement of th. law cm bn opjKjsod
to the ejection of (.5. W. Murphy.
It uvw evincod on the day of tho con
veution that filliolt U. Mever.of llickorv
township, was" the favorito man for the
.titlioeof truasurer. He has lived in Holt
county r.II hU life, is v.v!l ua.iiied tor
tho oliice for which h has het'ti named
and the convention made no mUtake
in his uumiaati.m. Mr. Meyer htt.i been
biiccostiul as a farmer aiid tnr.'&isnf,
and we kr.o'.v of no reason why lie
diould not ho chosen to the responsible
pu-ilioii ot treasarer.
For assessor the convention could not
have naiul a injro worthy or popular
H atle:iian then I-'erd. C. Meadowy, of
Ciay tosvti'jhip. Ha io ono of tho most
inteliiu.-nt rarmers of the county,
thoroughly practical and of most ex
cellcnl judgment. Has a tiioroun
.kuowlcilco t,f valm-s that enter into
the assessment of protmrty. His sclec
ti'iii was a wife one.
JTo heller sol-action couid
imida for j:uneyor tiiati that
5nirns,o: ienton toi.sn:p.
pni'iti Sil civil ftipineir, was
tlii. c-ftiutv and U ttiotuiili.v
lc is a
.sd tvdh tho
.kr.o-Su wo i
...n iuu v....o ..mi
iovo .lhiust oi-oiy ho g
witiu (ill, i..a, llUitiluu;
sliintr, ie iiRol't.'i wiso choice
imrty tna lo. Tiioio who know
Ur-tS-iu b.-nt aro his waruuat sup-jortr-,
m-I il is. -Miid j.'iiii'.i't iat, a warm
er t( ir' ti-jvor I tir )ljb?.i in nun tlia-i
tho 'itf tii it boalAtho pu:a1,ioas oT hv;
'inly lifa As t Mr (j.'.tham- nuny
.jua-irici'matf njno will question - u
,s-oriii':i 3--unta.it. a i oxcollent pau-i---iio.
A ti-iol baihd. detumrate, pain
tat v -aiscr ,vili ho iuy.
ilr. -iitw L-itiKhi.a, candidal for
mi .U- h iiaiuit.tnito'-. is one ot Holt's
iu I '.,.ir-ive tfictier'-s and in one- of
!h - srmrt.r, pr-v;resjiv U ub!tc;ios of
d(? .Uiity. Tlio diitus of pu!iti: ad--id'?tsir..t-ir
in hm Ii;iiidfl w.iui.l ntcutvc
pfifc-r lue'ltMn and thj work bo in
taV'n ntl. handlistL
Or K H. ln'i.tcV. of Forest City wa-
in t t.d; h's jdace Un the ticket
f ar r-j ir. T ie d.t.-r u among our
iu.is, h ' ii'tvsilans. thoroughly
litto l lor tlio .liit-es and too part
loitor.-l itself in n-nuinating thisi
uorilir t-onn; p'rsieiun. i
In AlfK-i.-. d-ccph V.'ise, of Lincoln j
tor csliip, and Itcu. 5-'. McKg.sn, of Nnla
way. who wr nominatc-d for ourcoun I
1?" judges from the upp-r and lower dis
trtcts rospe.:tivi-ly, even
our friends tho.
pnumy, aitmit that just exactly tho right
kinJ of men h.ivo been named
important jM-itmns. They aro wide
iivakc. progresnvo men, who are prac
Ileal farrcerr, who h ive been reasonable
fiiicces-fiil in conducting theirowr. biwf
nes-i. and it is bat fair to presume that
Un w.ll be nn;cesfiil in managing the
jitlairj of the county if placed upon the
rounty bench. Tho election id both of
thea men would bo a very fortunate
tiling for llolt ceimtv.
Democracy l.isniayed.
A thing that is worre ing IhoTonnosseo
Democratic nnp.-'gers just now is the
ntiDiarous applications being made foi
MilKjmsnrs of elections. Tho petitions
do not .is heraiof-jr. eomo from Kepub
licans that would not lv worthy of
comuicut, hut from the Populists. "The
Daniosratic le.idcr-5 hav( iioiieved until
very icce.itly thtt the force bill bugaboo
wi'dd le ail ti'itvnl m whip-ping tho Ai
Jianc" men. tie-irl, all of whom aro ex
Democrats, back into the fold, bill when
Miry selm!' men applying for aiipcr ' tremely low rates. The signature of tho
vi.-ors. and hinting and demanding a j purchaser of tickets wiil not be requir
Jr0' ballot and fair count, they realize ! ed. nor will they hav to lo stamped at
that they are not to he scared by the j Washington. They will be good for ro
foTcti bill. That Him i no Ki-onlnneuus ' turn journey until Ociolier H'th, ami
request from the feteral c-iiititie--, but, will be, good to stop off nt all stations
instead, a concerted plan, is shown by j between Cumberland and Washington--the
fast, that the wnf'en petitions aro .' a region familiar to every veteran, be
all In ih sa.n. hand writing. Another cau-e of the warfare along tho r Poto
Mcg prvos tho Dem-ji ratic managers . n.ac. They wiil alro bo valid to Ralti
uneasiness is thtt fact tht iiio signers of more, where the hut ting of the Naval
tifsYtftitioiisnro.-.l! Alliance raon nnd i Veterans' Association will bo held from
members of. tho labor party. September 13th to 19th.
j uiduu u)simig dm ui
1 Boots. Shoes, Rubbers. , W,
I Sept 12 and Continuing
l ffSWa WT'Ws'ST . . .
I IffljjjJii- - - -
: :
1 ;,
Our line of Men's
the snecial wants of
S prices $1.49, $1.99. $2.49, $2.99, $3.49, $3.99, $4.99 and $6.00, an
Cl es' and Children's Shoes at nrices that cannot be duplicated in the
I position week, between the dates Sept. 12
c. ivrrsriT.n.mfi. snowiiiB-vnii
fe chases made
m our
LI 'f'l i il lliHH IIP
Tin- President's i.ettcr.
Every voter, whatever his political
alHlialioas, should Kv" an atteulivo
reading to President Harricon's letter
of acceptance. Ho accepts the chal
lenge made to tho people Py the Ueiuo
crat.c party for a vote of v.'.mt of con
tidence" and thoreupoi: enters into a
terse and forcihlo review of his adtsiinis
tiation, touching effectively upon tho
policy with which tho Denioerauy offers
to replace it. Xo more satisfactory
statemor.t or tho condition of tho coun
try could possibly be made. Tho letter
sets forth tho progress made in com
mejco and industry during tho pat
tiuee and a half years, and points to
tho acts of his administration Tvhich
have inado progress possible. Wo know
of no instance m this or any other coun
try wherelegiji.it ion has been so speedily
and fully follo.ved by the practical re
salts it promi-vd.
Tho prcsi.'o t reviews in detail tho
workings ol reciprocity, which, as he
rc-marks, tiio Democratic platform de
nounces as "a sham." 15ut he save, and
proves, that the great nation-- of Europe
dj ii'.t casidcr it "a sham,"' but "as a
serious threat to the trade supremacy
they hav.i long enjoyed."' His iiuolaton
from the iSntish Trade Jouraai, speak-
ins of tiie incrcasq ot American coal
cXj-orts to Cuba and the decline of such
exports from England, as "Another easo
ot Am tom competioii," demonstrates
-s.!imu recipiocuy is regarueo in ureal
Uritain.Ilul coal is only one of a score of
articles which Amsricans are no;v export
i:ig under I'm workings of reciprocity.
Tho P.e-idflit aks with reason another
"our farmers of tho great grain growing
states are willing to surrender these
new, large and increasing markets for
t.ieir surplus?
iug in exchange
"Aro we to have noth-
for the freo imports; -
i ini.n ..iiif luu
l..t ..f -i-.w-. -ir.l r..IT.t.. il. I ... tli.i
! same time to destroy tho sugar planters
I or t.io south and licet sugar industry ol
t ,, -ti,,,..i ..,i si..;ii,. ,o:.ct ni-
aro we to have tho taxetl sugar which
i .1 tariff for revenue only necessardv in-
i vlves lv,u, ,.,,1,! j lnss ol" t10
: i,. ..i...,.!,. ii n,
now iiiar
Aaiericati paplo will answer those
mat'.'iial int -rests of tiie country. It is
clear, statesn. unlike, arumi utative, and
I comprehensive. It must carry convic
1 tion to tho niiml of every reader who is
; superior to partisan prejudices. From
i hl-irary standpoint akno it is of rare
merit. As a faithful outline of the con
dition of tho nation it is invaluable.
Itogiirdod as a commentary on tho great
questions which enjago the attention of
our statesmen it will take high rank
with any document over penned ly an
American. It treats upon our foreign
aud domestic commerce, shipping.
finance: our international relations, tho
political duties of our citizens, everv
; subject referred to being cliiiinatod
Willi the light of a superior mind. High
as President Harrison has heretofore
stood in tho estimation or the American
pixiple this letter must further exalt
In tn . Since ids nomination four years
ago ho has many times surprised his
warmest ::dmirers by the ability dis-
I ..-..V.; ti.. ' t.;..i.n, .....?.,!.:..
' ir .... .....r.i;!.. 11.. :.. I
1 public esteem, and this masterly letter
J is only another exhibition of the great-1
I ness which seems common to the man.
It will place i:hw arguments in tho
hands of his supiorters, inspire the.n
witn new eutliusiasin and zeal, and im
bue the ranks or hi-s party with a de
termination to give the county four yea's
more of Kepubhcan rule.
Low Itates
via the
Round trip tickets to Washington,
via the Ihdtimoro & Ohio Railroad, tho
"Veterans' Route" to the G. A. R. En
campment, will bo on sale at all princi
pal ticket offices in America from Sep
tember i:th to -JOih inclusive, at ex-
&ign os EIepliant9
IUi Tl.p..ti.r . !.. I,.,l!,.l , fn..,.. f iin IHl'l " UMllt ' I 111 l lTlrTl 11 III
I ceiprocitv and protection. ! "nd inoculated w.th itn old-
Mr. i !.'.... ir....... . :.. ... I time nnhticHl vims, stands in tho harbor
an admirable state p iper and an effec- ' 'r ;:ow llet r-v'"1; H'T - V"'
live campa.ii .locum't.L It is an ab-. nr,tl'p '" f o Jmted States, by
..i.itu--.-rr.u.t r..i.-i...v ..r ..il fi which it is hoped tho nation m-iy be
Fine Shoes cannot he surpassed for "beauty, style fit and wearing qualities in the West. Bought for cash, selected with care, adapted to
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It Won't Work.
How piverty-strickon tho Democratic
campaign in Missouri is m livo issues is
shown by the speeches which aro being
made by the leaders of that party. Son.i
tor Vest has taken up and reiterated tho
"force bill"' cry which Mr. Stone began,
aud tho hitter emphasized in his St.
Louis bpeech the fact that ho did not
consider tho state government to Iw un
der consideration, but the force bill
policy to bo t io only question of impor
tance boforo the people. Hvactly whoro
these astuto )Hihticians get the idea that
thero aro no state questions itemanding
attention, or that there is no subject of
national importance to be settled ex
cept this dead nnd exploded cry of lead
ers at sea for somothing to say ic favor
of a candidate for president who cannot
bo endured by them, is hard for an ob
serving man to imagine. Major Warner
has raised enough piosions regarding
state policy to keep the Democratic de
baters hiisv during this campaign, at
j leist; and the tariff has not lost its force
as a l:mg issue.
Tho states of the south are gradually
; swinging over to the American policy of
; protect 'on to home industric-, and thoy
don't like Clot eland any too well. There
, had to U.- some excuse found, therefore,
, for supporting tho Democratic ticket on
' some other groui.d than that which is
its only excuse for existence, freo tr.ide.
I The "force bill" cry is tho result of tho
nam mint mailo uv the luko wanr
Cleveland Democrats. It is used only
. where no othor issue can ho mailo avail
able, and whenever used it is a sure in
dication t!..t the c;;u;e of Democracy is
weak. That it has been dragged into
Missouri to call attention away from the
matterlv arrav of facts nresented bv
Major Warner for consideration of tho
1 Missouri voti
ers. shows that tho Djnioc-
.. 1. 1 1 . 1 . 1
t itirv iio v.euK auu oo uol oaro maiiu
issue of the stnto government
Cliolor.i and State JJilits.
Again tlio doctrine of state rights
threatening tha nation, and this time
with a plague more deadly than war. Dr.
Jenkins, the health ollicer of Xew York,
spared tho calamity of a p'aguo visita
tion, and decluring that as he has su
preme authority, derived from tho stato
of Xew York, he a ill exercise his own
discretion in regard to admitting ships
from cholera-infected countries without
renrd to natural authority.
Thus, through tho revival of n doc
trino which cost tho nation a great war,
wiih its cxi'end tiiro of blood and treas-
urer. tho country is
threatened again
with a Fcourge whse promise of death
cuts the fatalities of war in the shade.
ilow il -lined this Democratic olheial
and liolilical disciple of stato rights 13
for his responsible t-osition issufiiciently
illustrated by tho Tact that ho allowed ;
the first cholera-laden ship to reach this ;
country to pa.-s all ouier and safe guards i
and :nchor in the lower bay close to
Xew York. I
In bright nnd pit rinth; contrast with!
his position of Dr. Jenkins, backed bv
tlit opinion of the Democratic Attorney -
General of Xew York, is the prompt a'c -
quiescence of the authorities of Charles-
ton, the birth
placn of secession and i
sfafo ncht, in tho proclamation of
President Harrison, and the public nn- j
nouncement that everything will be!
done by tho authorities of South Cam-:
hna to eo operate with the national i
Card of Thanks.
I wish to offer my thanks.
tho medium of The Herald, to
publican boys of Clay township nnd j
oilier 11 lends who worked so failhfuilv
Mr.iL'irMia 1. .,,..1 .li. 41. lnv. 1 I.
..., ,LI. IIUIIIIi; LUI7 lllll- lll'JIIlif- I
iicHii convention. No candidate had
truer friends than mine were. Rut cir
cumstances and Joo Graham were
against us. And. boys. I am still a
siraigni-griiine.! Kepuiincan an me way ,
' iccl ami .our incnes. Again, f
mv friends,
I w sh to tharoi you. and as i
a true Republican in all candir and
fidelity I know of no better way to re
quite you than by helping you" to give
Joo Graham a rousing majority in Xo
vember. Yours for sure.
HowAim Cii.tMiinns.
P. S. Defeated but not Doniosra'ic.
Maitland Herald.
On account, or going to press one
day earlier than usual this week, so that
the Ixiys can go to St. Joo Thursday to
see Nancy Hanks ard tho fair, wo "are
unable to publish tho result of the
Democratic county nominating conven
tion held in Forest City J Wednesday
afternoon of this week. Next week wo
will publish the proceedings in full.
1 1 I - . . .
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and $2.50; former prices $1.35, $1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.50.
and 17 inclusive, to make
Tin: tkio.
A Day Spout with tlio
cutis ot' l''orles and
Forot Ti:it M.-inri.tv w-iiK (!rniitiisr IWcli
and Kennibh day at Forbes and Forest
Citv. They were met at the depot by n
strong delegation of representative Re
publicans of Forbes township and
escorted to tho school house, which was
tilled to its utmost capacity--In truth
not a dozen more could havo gamed
standing room.
Geo. C. Crowther, the Republican
candidate for congress, was tho llrst
spoauer. His speech w'as listened to
with great attention and was frequently
interrupted w ith ai.i.lauso. His sneech
was grand and ol.quent and made many-
new friends for the fourth district.
S. Iw Beech, candidate for circuit
judge, and .lohn Kennish, candidate for
state senator, were the next .speakers.
They both made eloquent nnd forcibio
speeches and fully impressed the large
audience with tho fact that these gent le
mon aro fully competent and every w un
worthy the support and coulidcnco. of
tho people.
On Tuesday, these gentlemen address
ed tho peoplo at Forest City, and wero
joined by X. F. Murray, candidate for
representative, II. T. Alkiro. candidate
for secretary of state, and others.
Positively Identified.
The body found in the well near Sa.v
ton Station, a suburb of St. Joseph, tho
effects being positively identified as be
longing to J. V. Greene, of this city, by
his wife and others well acquainted with
him, a full account of which was pub
lished in Thf. Skntinki. at, the time,
was disintened bv a committee.appoint
ed by tho A. O. I. V. lodge, of this city,
last Monday for more positive proo'that
tho body was that of J. V.. Greene, and
if any doubt had evisted in tho mind of
any perton, it should now bo dispelled,
for fach member of this committee, who
had beett intimately acquainted with
him in life, instantly recognized tho
body as that of J. W.Groono Tho com
mittee was composed of Dr. J.T. Thatch
er, Charles L. Kuley and David Xipher
They wero accompanied by a brother of
tho deco-ised, A. II. Greane, of this city,
who recognized peculiar foruntions of tho
teeth and othtr marks liiat ho know as
!iNin;mnf lo hie irithnr Tio .f tin!
upper and ono lower tooth, wero gone,
presenting the appearance of having
boon shot out. At tho base of tho skull
was a large bunch of what seemed to be
clotted bliod, tho skull also being dis
colored but not fractured. Tho theory
now is that ho win shot in tho moti .h,
the ball going far onough to strike tho
, vertebrae and disjoint it, which accounts
' for the head fnlhm' from the bode when
' taken from the well. Tho bod v will be
taken up later on and removed to this
: ..itv for linal interment, nt which tim n
11)o"r0 thorough examination of the skull
and other parts of tho skeleton will bo
made, it being thought by tnanv that if
he was sho the b ill will bo found upon
the insido of the skull.
Cholera Cures.
1 .
1 . r
It is now given forth on the veryhigh-
meilical authority, based on years of
leriment, that tho u-.o ol sulphuric
aciu lemonade as a beverage is a sure
preventive of cholera. Sulphuric acid
diluted in water and sweetened is called
sulphuric acid lemonade. Thousands of
experiments hnvo been made and never
n ono instance lias any person wuilo
using this oeverngo over neen attacked
I1 by tho dread diseaso although constant
ly exiKisod.
It is also given out from tho German
through ' hospitals that injections of warm salt
the Re- water has cured mottot the cases in
which it has been tried.
Notice to The Public-.
Xotice is horeby given to the
that I havo purchased a halt interest in
the lumber nrd of C. Hoblitzell Rid
hereafter tho firm will be Pinkston
tIoulitzell. All accounts duo C. Hoblit-
, ,i nn,i .,vlili tn th
r i;r.w,, . n,,l.i;.,.,n m..
call and sottlo at once, either by cash or
Pinkston- & IIom.rrzF.Lt.,
Oregon, Mo.
Farm for Sale !
For tho next thirtv davs I will offer !
for sale my farm ot 130 acres, 334 miles !
northeast cf Oregon. Has 1.000 worth !
of improvements; all in grass for the last j
five veare and 534 per acre will buv it if
sold at once.
F. LI BUY, Oregon, Mo.
3 lHj J Ji
absolute cut of 10 to 20 per cent from former prices. A complete line of Boys', Youths' M1:-f.'
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Georgo W. Crnbb is entertaining
his father from Omaha, Xeb.
A first class piano is offered at
vato sale. For particulars call at
EUor Aldorman will preacl
. union.bunday morning and evening.
1 Morning sermon, "Tho Homo." Evening
eraion,"Need of a Savior."
f 1 IV i Tur fr th nlicor fr rf 1 wt t.
coonsier ami pasior, 1110 ci o.r practice
at tho Christian church has been post
poned until Friday evening.
Items from two or three different
localities came too lato for this week's
issue. It will bo a great favor to us if
correspondents will got their items inby
Tuesday of each week.
Z . i""', V 'la u'"'a "Z' !
i in in i. in f'li.v- viKiririfT i r htiiiq
and rela
tives. He came over to seo his family,
who have been here for several weeks.
They will return in a week or ten days.
Ou account of the dato conflicting
with tho fair in St. Joseph, George Do
vorss has changed tho dato of his big
stock sale from Thursday. Sep. loth, to
Saturday, Sep. 21th. Kemember this.
Our congratulations aro extended to
all the interested parties: Horn, to Mrs.
Eliza Fry-Simpson, on Tuesday, 13th,
hist., a bright girl baby, to bo known as
Hortense. Papa Simpson struts high,
while grandpa Jako is tho richest man
in Holt.
-E. L. McDonald, foreman of this
office, takes his departure, Friday of
this week, for Washington, D. C.,Xew
York, Philadelphia, D.dttuore and othor
eastern points. Ho will be absent three
or four weeks nnd will visit with rel
atives in Ohio befor he returns.
Isaac Lamb and James C. Meyer
will sell on tho farm, known ns tho
Isaac Lamb place, four miles north of
Oregon, Thursday, Sep. "Ji, ISfti. 2y head
of cattle, consisting of cows, calves, heif
ers and steers, mid three head of horses.
For furthor particulars, see sale bills ami
ad in another column.
J. II. Wilson, whilo working on tho
road in the Kimsey district, on tho farm
of William Wilson, unearthed about two
feet below the surfaco of the ground, n
shuttle, inado from a dark gray stone,
perfectly and exquisiteiy finished, and
as true as if it had been turned in a,
lathe. The holes in the shuttle aro !
exactly equal distances from each end,
nnd perfectly turned. It must bo of
lt;n-it- ituujuiiv, nun in Ki9iii,u I'liurilVD
ol the habitation ot that extinct ruco,the
.Mound ismlders.
W. It. Horshberger nnd wife, of
Ravenna, Xeb.. aro in tho city, the guests
of ill s mother, brother, sisters and
many friends nnd acquaintances. He
has disposed of his jewelry business, real
estate, etc., at I'avennn, and for a short
time will rest on the oars; and in tho
! meantime ho will travel over thecoun-
i try in quest of pleasure and recreation
and with the pos3iulo viotv of finding a
location to suit him. Wo would like
very much to havo Will return to old
Holt and make his homo in Oregon.
Tho St. Joseph fair commenced Sen
temher 13. The best horses in tho
countrj- havo already been entered for
the pursea to be given at this mett.ng.
Xuncy Hanks, tho famous trotting mare,
who recently lowered her record to
2SXil4 at Independence, making her
queen of tho turf, will be there, as also
will her driver. Bud Doble, who has the
justly earued reputation of being the
best driver in the world. hilo in ut
tendance at this meeting you will need
refreshments, nnd the place to get tho
best m tho city is at "Joos Place, II:
orth "nd btreet. ilo extends a cor
dial invitation to his numerous Holt
county friends to make his plnce head-
qnarters whilo in tho city. He 6erves
an excellent dinner for which ho will
only chnrgo you 15 conts.
-During tho fair and races in St Joseph,
this week Sep. 13th to 17th, it is
found that on account of increased trav
el it will be necessiry to supply extra
train service. In order to accommodate
travel from Council Bluffs nnd interm
ediate point6 to St. Joseh, the K. C,
St. Joo i C II. R. R. Co. will run a
specinl train on Sep. 11th, 15th and 1G,
as follows:
10:10 A. M. Corning
10:-i3 " Craig
10:40 " Rigolow-
10:50 " Napier
lli02 " Forest City
11:10 CurzonB
11:20 " Forbes
11:30 " Xodaway
7:53 P. M.
7:13 "
This train will arrive at f rancis Street,
depot at H:.- a. m., returning leave
Francis Street depot Bt G:03 p. m. By
this accommodation of the railroad
company our cit'ens will bo enabled to
1 attend tho fair and races and return the
eauio day.
411 Felix Street, St. Joseph,
3IH ma : am'iM: mm
For nil who visit St. Joseph from OKEGOX nnd vicinity this
week, as we hnve exerted every effort in securing the Largest, Hand
somest and most varied stock of
Fall and Winter
Goods wo have eyer brought to tho city. Every department has re
ceived its full complement, nnd we are prepared to greet our out-of-town
visitors nnd friends with stocks of bright, new goods, which
havo been arriving during tho past two weeks. WE SHOW
Black and Colored Dress Silks,
Black and Colored Wool Dress Goods,
(Introducing all tho new weaves.)
Handsome New Effects in Fancy Trimminq Silks,
An Unlimited Variety of Dress Trimmings,
Everything that is New in
Ladies'. Misses' and Children?' Cloaks.
(Cueqtialled values.)
Also Show Leading Bargains in
Hosl-Ty. Knit and Muslin Underwear.
Gloves. Notions. Handkerchiefs. Corsets,
Infants' Wardrobe. Table Linens, Lace
and Chenille Curtains and the
Best Stock of Domestic Goods
to be Found.
Remember that OUR STORE is the Largest Exclusive Dry G001I3
House in St. Joseph, and is conveniently located to all street car
lines. All parcels delivered, freo of charge, to any depot in the city.
Take advantage, of our Specinl Fair Offeriugs.
RiS and .",'20 Keltx St.
Carry a large stock of Pine Lumber, Cypress,
Cedar and Pine Shingles, Doors, Sash, glazed
and unglazed, Blinds, Screen Doors, Brackets,
Turned Ornaments of all kinds, Lime, Hair,
Lath, Cement, Plaster, Etc. Come and see me.
Can and will save you
the building line.
John w. Hill,
cvr mice; ceil
' Scc.r.'i
Olii & Clli5i
Our Few Fall Stock of Hoots and
Shoes Mas Arrived.
will endeavor to make yourstav pleasant arid
41 1
St. Joseph, Mo.
Should be Headquarters
money on anything in
Tiie wrll-known Opllelan of fijsOIIveSt. X. K. rornr 7lh and
Oilvi.St I.011N, Iu ap-.llilf.l IIIMlK & I'll 1 1 11KITK ai
iiecnlH fur Ills rrlflirated Dlamoml ami Nun-Chaiicrablr
Sirclarlcs and lljc I!lac5. TlK-ISI.iwtarr the Rn-.Ut In
vcntlim ever imulf 111 irt;icl'-, and rvrry pair purrliard ar:
gii.iranlri-tl. .vi tliat il tlny cfr lfe llireyr (nc nyilti-r liow
irratf liwl ltii Irii-s), they will furnish th- partv with a new
pairol (;laM, freeefrh.no:-. UINDK & I'flll.HKirK Iwvna
full a'irlincnt. and lnv'Ieall whn Uh ti;ilKfy thrimelviiof
tin-great iipcriontv nf thi-sr kUhp1 tirr anv and all ether'
now In iw. to call and examine tlu'in at HINDK i I'll I L.-IIKIC'K-.
Xle .crnts fur Orecou, .Mlouiuri.
- .'.g Scaz uccd for all .cZcazi-
Ileal 1-Jstate Transfer.
The following is n list of the convey
ances tiled for record during tho wck;
ending Tuesday. Sept. 13, 1802. Com
piled by (i.uv. Morris, abstracter, Ore
gon, Mo.:
Emma Sands and husband to Howell
Caton. o'a lots 1 nnd 4, block 5, Mouu-.l
E.A. Brown to J.T. Cottier, lot 5,i
nnd 7, block 4. Mound City Ex., $430.
Johu F. Davis nnd wife to Harry Rob
inson, n'i ot seAj. 27-C0-30, 3S0O.
Emma Stephenson nnd husband to J.
S. Minton, 50x110 ft off e end of lots G
and 7, block 7 in Mound City, SJS0J.
John F. Barnard and Rife to L. D.
Sommers. lots 1G, 17 and 18, block 5 add
to Maitland. $t25.
P. E. Whitmer and wife to 2. M. Bry
ant, nwy nnd n4 orswf, I0-?2-:i9. CG00.
August Berres aud wife to II. R
Wright. eet4 or 8w4 5 Gl-37. 8100
A. F. Punish and wife to W. S.
Thompson. 20x30 ft in lot 18 block G in.
Uraig, j.av.
S. P. Rasmussen nnd wife to Jarae.' W.
Wills, sw so 20-GO-.33 nnd 5 a in 2tVG0-13
and roadway, Sl"i00.
Leviathan Clark nnd wife to Elijah
Rowlett. nH soj, 31 G3 33, 82,400.
J. L- Chiming and wife to James
Spencer. GO ft otr w end lot 29 block 13,
Chuning'8 add to Bigelow, i 113.00.
Chns J. Fox to Daniel Hahn.uwtj and
nw of sw, 3-59 :18, ?500.
Wm. H. Allen et nl to Mary A. Mnvity
nnd husband ne 19-G3-10 ands' of nv.-tr
20 03-10, SI.
Edward Lasell et ai to Laurn LiseH,
w-i; andsoW.nwti and w swW 13 02
3$.$1. .
A. J. Nolard et nl to John Cain, 5 a in
no cor of swlj boj 17-00-38. tio.
Mortimer Xolaud et at to John Cain,
same as berore.
Christian Church Dlreetory.
Sunday school every Sunda at 9:30
A. M.
Preaching on the second and fourih
Sundays in each month, 11 a.m., and "iuji)
r. m.
Y. P. S. C. on the second and fourth
Sundays in each month at GiX) p. j:.
Prayer meeting every Thursday even
ing. 7::50 p. m.
All aro cordir.lly invited to attend.
M. K. Church Dircetory.
Sunday school everj" Sabbath, at sWJo,
A. M.
Preaching everj' Sabbath, at 10:43. a-
m., nnd at p. m.
Class meetin:; at 11:13.
Pniyer meeting e.-ery Tliursdav, at
a), p. r.
Business mf iing of th ofBcinl IxN.nT.
the third Mont ay of each month, at 730,
Epworth Lt gue Sunday at 0:30 p. si.
Felix St.. Y. M. C. A. Buildiag,
copies or
Sheet mu.
I ic targe
ment of Music Books, Violins. Guitars,
Mandolins. Banjos and Musical Merchan
dise of every description.
Catalogues, prices and any informa
tion desired cheeifully furnished. Pries
as low as quality of goods will permit.
Write us before purchasing and see if it
will not lm to your interetrt.
Dr. c. l iiolloway,.
Physician & Surgeon.
FOPvESTClTY, - - - MO.
All calls nnsworel nromntly. day
I night
Brick! Brick!!
We are now ready to furnish you with
first-class brick, having opened up oue
kiln Tuesday of this week. Thisisoni
cf the lMt burns we hnve ever .fecured,
nnd wo cnn guarantee every brick.
IJememoer thntfieorgo Devoivs. of
For?e. has shnnged tho dnto of his big
stock sale from Thursday, Sep. 13th. U)
isaturday, Sep. 24 tb.
1' -f

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