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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, January 20, 1893, Image 1

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Dress Patterns Givon quv
Away at j wit.H
cut. prices romain the same
those additional induce. 103380
Our big: inducements will only
last until February 1st. 1S93.
Ts QMI10 opsfUfiq of TiE
.53te- THE
When von iurchaso a Dross Tat torn at.
.Model (irocerv House.
Euro Hive? Liuirps. 5c Yai
UrilliPS Sl-SfiVJ SWT lOSVtl OlascockVyou are entitled to a Dress Vattorn
Wiling, o 1 M)L oawu, iumJu louordinjf t;c the prioo of R00lla lumt;hi . vis;..
tu p!aMJ S.i i: :..lv..;.:.n.-. m M !. l'l.i lovn ot our Cheviot,,,,. st!m,.ml pHuts. Vno& u'koMu'v with uulnV". 8
TIlOSC SniOlHllU blllUkClS, L. V. GLASCOCK. Tho Rustlers. Oregon. Mo.
U'l 'ttnklr.ii ot Dry Gcntls. Hoots nnd Flicns. Huts. Cans. Km
corlPs. tU.' MNiprallv. w. smikos. that youcoum in unit soo
vvit tt ' ,i ........... tt..tt, ooo n.
itist what wo luvo. U is a eoi liikir.tlal m:Ui r bom. n
More !;-oocls were sold by us in 1802
than in any previous year of our hard
ware business, and in rotunuujy thanks
for tho patronnuo received, wo dcsiro
to say that wo will bo bolter prepared
to show von a largos stock of Hard
ware, Implements. Stoves, Sewing Ma
chines, Tinware, Etc., than ever before.
We have made great roduction on
jiricc of Bleating- Stoves, in order to
close them out. Have one. large Hound
Oak Stove, suitable for store room, or
school house, that we will sell at & low
price. Wo wish all our patrons a Hap
ly au"l pros-.icroui.N'ow Year.
i i
1 "C.
b icy o
i"? T' - s
sv:l..tiou to Iho
7 -n-n . 1STT
Yours for
Fresh ovstors at Li. I. MroroV.
Mis Lilliy l-Vsler, of Muitland, is at
home on a vn-it.
Trv G-'ore Seetnan for Jlour. He
keeps all KT-ides. I
Will John cww in from Stanberry '
Wednesday to km tna ma. 1
-liav. Johu retiorta an mtoroa'.ttjc '
in progress at the Culp chool
Fred Noudorff and his brot'.er, Wil
lie, of St. Jeph, v.ero alicnihn court,
this weak.
I have a few p:mo b ix cutters, lap
ribes and h jr-:; liiaikols Jef. which I
will clo- out ut cost II. C. Schmidt.
Do you need n clock? Ftejrenbitiun
lias an eli-t;anl line of e'htday
cathedral cons ttrtke, with or without j
iii.ni.i, m. i.iv, ji.niT. i
T. L. Price has reduced the prices J
on heating stove lj ain-'ist co-l, in or
der to clu.v them out. Go and i-co them
he Will give you a bargain.
T haio ttvelve ni.ini!ivi;li F5ron7e
tnrkovs live t i!n and seven pullotK -which
I will , itfer fo- -de as l;reMs for
j. sliort tune oaly. a! $' aatf ?l p?r head, i
Iiuriui -Meyer, civ Point. Mo.
F.tr sn!e -Farm of 111? :urs. nlxittt
10iJ in ctiltivatt g.sl oreh ird. gn.xi
building, mid pit nty of w.st.ir; thrt
m-Ins north.' ist of l'ire! t.'.ty. Mo.
-R.unnnlil.. t..r.n- nn.l t.-.i-.in.ti!.. ?.r.e-
......u.k. ... ...... -
. it- n. ir.i I i n
yrttl n or au iress. t, . i. . t. iit)Oii, . urttt
Citv. Mo.
.funics T. Hivai!! ha.- weired h;s
bake toon and other listnr. s. am! !is
ids.i liad a large show uuvlniv placetl in
tho front purl, of the buildirg and oilier
changes made in tho interior arrange
nients of tiio same. lie will, as soon
ns everything is in running order, dis
continue fin ishitig regular meals, nqd
nerve- short orders. ,
Prof. Thorpe is now in Chicago.!
vhre !ii is purehastng another large
rtock or piano and organs, which wih
bo divide.!, Mr.C. H .bhtzell.nf thisciti.
receivimr half, and Mr. Thorpe, .if
Mound Citv. the other hilf. Mr. H..b
lttzellsaystliat tilts will be t lie finest fin
i.tgiiment, of in-.triitnents in stvle. ti-isii
. .l : -- i
nnil ion' ever loi-oitrii in uri'tiu. ;ii;ii
i .,t.i ,.. ..il ...
im-, t-iit.i'i. in (...nun ij .... tu
nnd see them.
The Siit linlnv A ..no. rf St .Tn-e!i
is th" latost candidate for fnvoro in tlm i procure another: "My Dear Old Coni
jonriii!ttic iiidd. J. M. Davis, foruierli ! ratio: -1 desire to give yon a real estimate
city editor tif the St. Joseph Herald. ' of your services as a soldier in the 49'h
i-i it c'iar o" the edit trial work and , Ohio Ir.f't Vols., during tne war of the
management He i? an experienced I rebellion, under my personal command:
new p p r ir.ni. and the Democracy of t IJv land, rail and water, you traveled
that ci'.y an 1 county should support the 1 1110 miles in Kentucky. Tenne-?ee,
WVfk y Argus with a will. The party MNsiippi, Alabntirt. Goorgia.L'unsisna
down there nttMls a Democratic jiaper. 1 and Texas, and sharing the perils of pv- (
nnd they need it badly. Mr. Davis will jery bloody battle of the Army of tho t
(j ve them this kind of a paper if he i j Cumberland. You wore in forty-two j
properly encour
iww iw wk.i iliu
and receive three
class publications
f-oo frr r.nn
& CO.-.
public to call anil inspoct oar Sto:!f of
Good Bargains,
- -See tho lino line of silverware
nt Ij.
If you want irncd coffee or tea, co to
(leorjre F. SoeraanV.
-o.lirA nr Mn.ilan.l. wn at. I
. 5 ? i i,-U!i;neiSS ()reiron. last 1
. ii,,.,i..c n r,i.i..,ic ;u ncotciinc.T c. '
Philbrn-k in tho druc store, and learning
,i ..r ..;n
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the res
idence or Mrs Montgomery. Friday, J;ui.
20, at 3 p. in. All cordially invited.
For your wacons, busies, harness
and carts, tro to II. C. Sclinudl't Xoth
tnj; but tirst cities imhIs sold, and fully
Mv 6took of cigars,
uts, Krocoiies and
canned cco.ls, tho
j.,rear in me cuy
L. I. Moore.
fho. 1 il:
residence of Josiah Wdhanis Albert A.
HM rs of n.-;lii. nn.l KraneiH Smdor. of
" r! 7 - -
-A lecture will be delivered
on the
at the .
Sunday schwd lesson at Lincoln
house nest- Sunday morning
1 usual hour. serviceE will he
held in
the evening at early candle lighting.
- We understand that our hotel diree-
tots have about closed a lease for llio
teiit.il of our new hotel to C. K. Sopor,
i former resident of this city, but now
of Iowa. We hope to be able to spak
advisedly about this .natter next week.
The Woman's U.iion will meet nt
the residenc of Mrs. 1'lvira Brodheck
' on Mondav night, '23 inst It is oneof llio
. by -Vm. Kaucher. J. P., or, touranh studio at that place. Mr. Kun- t,ort l. P!ra!" ln"m iul n nouncement of lunch. Folding tibies . ,i, .-hurch gotn neml
nf .I;.in.-irv lSITt .t tliA 1...1 : . . .1 :. . .,! . ! of coods. always Ketung in fclock wnat I .ra cnr.!.1 trir.itf.- th rmms and tlio :.. ...
j most useful organizations of women in justice of tho peace for Hickory tewn
! the west, and shuuld lie Attended by all bhip, by reason of no election for such
J respectable women ia this city and vi- office having been held last November,
jcimty. I J-. Licy has qualified and is now ready
I The Kpivorlh Tyngue meets next to do your acknowledging, writing deds,
I Sunday eiening at ("o'clock in the M. K.
htirch. Topic: "Tlio Great Message."
L- ider. Miss BmniH Allen. The plnce druggist, Mr. T. S. Hinde having sold
id time of the lirst meetiiii of the Ep- his interest last week to Mr. Philbrtck.
t.. Reading Circle will be announced. V do no know what Tom intends en
.v.i ouiig in-ople interested in literary gaging in. but wo have heard it rumored
work .ire cordially invited to join the thai tf lie can make satisfactory arrange-R.-inling
Circle. ' nients he will form aco parlnorship with
Tho followine- letter has lieen rpoiic I Uncle linden Edwards, of Rig Lake, and
' , , . ,
oo ot .nr.
A. H. Greene, of tins citv, from
ins cor.mol during the war. Ab is proud
of it and justly so. He would'm take a
rnrm for it if he tliou-'ht ho cnuld not
conflicts in which some of your comrades
v ere Killed. In all this terrilile service
i from Auuust 15. 1SG1. to Xnv. 31. 1H.
" ... . ... ...
vou never laueti in umi or koijiu in
avoid anv danger. Mav God ble-w and
-preerve vou. A ever voiir fricd, W.
it. Miit(ta, ono i-ii iJiii u3io i ci. oi.
lof., T:!Ss, Ohio "
MlK ,,. nw
1 . nMtMnltttiJ
I111.u (11 ,.,Xi ,.,
to !
I Pi .1 T 'lliUlirr n n. SI. lo
icli, Un wivt, o i.(ivousl iii.iii.im.
'V.lUovou' pusln.M lo liooliio b
St...oiii m..l tf.-t I ho liii:lil oli iiiM
K.. M.s.
Mm. Ma.iI.I.x tlnrmon. of Millnnl.
' ........ i ... i ... i
''" "',k
. ll.Hiiii j.-ii. no n juo m.-i. i
; for FOtoinl tin InM w. oU. Is o nWoloj
Mr .lolii.5on. lsvU Uoo...r. A V.
IShuMor.t t o. Si ,loh. n .tUi.lnt:
. 'iiil. tin woA.
I ,tatc Mniifoo i xiMlli'i; with lola
( uo miI ntloii. iii'S lo IntMinviw in Mo
Ciotj, ArU'ip.iK.
' -i'i;iiiU Zcllor. of no.Ar Mourn! I'ily.
i as iiilorvi.tm- liif niniij (rivnd in
I Oivtf in. at isU
I l. 1 Mooro. Ili loliaMo envvr. cH
I j our atlonlion to ln lino lino of
! vri iitnl oatimsl t.1.
! .t V Kolioci;. of Mniil.iml.
! tiiij: with fin-mi imil triii'.RiH.nng Iihm-
j lion in Orojin, thm urok.
Mr S ll l.ukini. who lisn lwn
1 15UU0 Mi,'!, for so oral rrks. i now niltoli
j W'tlor. wo ro tfl:ul o l nrn.
, - Mr .loxopli Horn, oroilit nnnsicor
i for T.Mtlo. H.imm .V V i.. St. ,Ksih, wn
; n'tomluiK Miirt. t!n. nook.
I Now Point is now ti ninnoy orlor
' oll'uv, li'ivmi; boon ina.lo m through tlio
, 'on.istoiit olVorl of tiiootluvut l. M .1.
' A Uron.
- .mtrow Toi'litornian will loavo in a
fow ilayx for tirant City, whoro lio Ims :
1 iMiitnicl for tho orvcttou of a lurjio Iium-
ni houso.
j - Wo inibhsli. this wlc. on tho in".!o
j jingo, n "1 A'ttcr from iJooisia." nttoi.
j ly s.i'ss Uroono. formerly of this oit, to
I tho Sliolby. tlhio. Tiun-s.
, -F. Non.iorlT of tho NVmiortT llar.l
whroO.... St. .los.jih. whs in Wrojron.
K-nliy of hi.t nook anl sold a lino i-afo
lo.lovo!or. W. K.I. r'iOKuliaum.
W. W. Prioo. nhilo rilling horsp
b.iok fnin Moninl Oit. Fri.lay nihl of
hist wook. Si.-iil his horse to slip ntnl fall
iijHin hiiii. imiisiiik Povor.il bruise, but
n.itbm of a sor otis naturo.
Horn, to Bailor P.itlorwin Bntl wifo.
-Tliiir..la. .Ian. 12. IS?.!, a daiihler.
H.nlov b.ivs tlio thir.l tnuo whs not
tho ;
ohnrtu in ttt- in.-lanoo tto oxpocicn a j
bo. as tho othor t.o wcro Kirls. .
llnr-I.. .Tru. Willinins. ri.iilino lU3t
oast of town, who tint) t!:? niuforl lino to
r!l ami briKik his lo,n fow.las aco, is
doir.K moolv. altiioituh ho will Ih oon
lined to the hoiiso for Ftoorai d.svj to ,
i-otno '
-VinkS!on.t Hoblitzell reijue.it all J
UnowmJrthoo...M.lvoSindebtod to them.!
! to plonso imI! and sottlo at once, either t1 " ..,..,. u,;t
In h. or pwl bankable not., aa thy I " -'''r" M- att. FPrrotnry. Retail
...... ,v nl ,hv r; t,,! Mro! ml- AS1CI itl.lll. St. J.M8ph, WfcS
meet bdls m.w duo.
. . ,1
K. H. Clark, the St. Joseph jeweler
j cavo a tle.it til irust to llio Aaltonal uani.
.r St. Joseph, to secure tne payment ol '
' . . . ....... . .....1 'l.. .!.. .....r. in.. ..F I
mill ii.i.. .-. .inn iiiui!".... ..I....H..K
i lr.sl week K. S (S.itoh. tho truMoe, took
I possosion of the block.
--Hv aid of c-ilcium litrhN you will see
the lie.iutiful statuary tmd mammoth
buildings of J io'.js in park at the opera
h .u-e. Tuo-iiUy niht. January 31. Ad
mission 2 and :3 t:nt. Riwerve neat
tijltet.-. on h iu at Hindo A Philbrick's.
Will F. Waller, at one time interes
ted in Tiik Skstink!.. but the iast nino
years editor of the Omncil Grove, KasM
Ui'tiublican. has disposed of his intrrest
in that paper. He .tiade the Republican j
" uf the verJ" best papers in K.iuas.
Jno. W. Stokes. Di.Uiict Deputy. I.
O. O. F tnstalletl tho oltK-ers of Oregon
L.-a, "J eiinestiav fvemns ot iai
week: R. F. -Morcan. N. G.; D.in eb-
Mer. U.G.: C. R-Elwa'ds. Sec; Win.
Kauchor, Per. Sec : II. h. Denny, treas
urer. Dison. the twelve-year old son of
! Matt GeUin, living three miles east
of Oreeon. w hile skating last Thursday,
'Jan. 12. ltJCCi. fe 1 and broke hia right lez.
. below tne knee. Dr. Butler was called
and set tho broken limb, and he is now
rcstinji easy.
or Wes. Kunkel. htw loca -
that citv are to be congratulated Unon
. pt'LUI illK tillll. !"
! H:int. C. raham. of the Sins of Voter-
r'th'" ' rf"VV. cVmn of
this citv: C.tptain. Arthur milliard; 1st
w Ti.. . hm.i" . ..
Lieut., C. Molter; 21 Lieut., Si Allen;
Quartermaster, Goo. Seeinan: 1st Ser-
geant, Percy .VcKniglit.
Oregon lodge. 107, A. O. U. W.. duly
installetl the following as oflicers for tlio
ensuing year: D. W. Thunin, M. W.; II.
Ruvd. overseer: Chns. L. Killer, recorder;
C. J. Hunt, tinancior; L. I. Moore, re -
coiver; Daniel Thornton, guide: D. L.
Xipher. I. W.; H. Molter, P. M. W.
G. W. Licey lins bon appointed
or bim! you over to keep the peace.
i The tirm is now John C. Philbnck.
at once, or as soon as the trost is out oi
t'" ground, commence the erection or a
largo hotel at that popular resort. We
nave goon reasons tor oeueving wns io
be true, for wo have often heard loin
tell Uncle Hacten that ho ought to build
a larger house that there was money in
it. These two geutlemen would make a
good team - tf there was anything lack
ing in ono it would be found ic the oth
er. They would always draw crowded
houses and be very popular with the
1 A u ikouuoi a .
' Here is a ehance to get a quarter sec-
tion of fine land in Nebraska, dirt cheap.
--:i .i:....- .1 ....l
xne wv. m kiu, nuu -uiuiiw niiitpicii tu
all kinds of grain. Will be eold at a
btrgain. For further particulars, call
in, or njiin1". . ncuuuvf vintuui
t"" tui.er.t- .i, ti.,i K-.r,u.2 r..r fho r.roj huh unites in titt-t it n uuuubu.iibi. ..it i nnfl mHrriineiit ran fit Us I il 11 lute unill -!.., T trv t,. th
'd. li..in-onir.red inooeratinir a nho- 6am t,!' future nnd will use every , jn thp s,rm wns cnM by tht an- ! W..1I. in mv oliirv.i
VoUHof l-Mtmotv ,i)v
If u n't llntl ntml oo mill in
oUr ln.v m town, o.tll n.l to I
Ortii; npn.nl vn'iil. I . I Morv
Y H loU V HnvUlo
.(.-to of W'ol.oi A Hip. I-Vivl CtJ.
l-'il.l , S-tlucl.t nu.l M..u.l.-. .Inn VV.
Ilitjlx.fl mnikol riN yaw
S ito It.t in miolliM
ITor poiiltij
r , olir,,r ,,f si .lonih. n lioiv
i, i)n, H,,t..rnml llooltw in tho .w I
of 1-..III.I iv..A Stophi'inon. who i a ;r,.t
n.iir.Mvr fiMiil miiMim of tho fomm of
tho I oi-o,
V M Smllb.ot T.Mkio.ti..oiiiMMitor
of tho .toioi n-tatj oiitr.no.an inwuntof
wluoh n)i,.otr.l in our m;iiiiiii I.-ikI
wrok, I a r,Hirnol fwin Chioaco. ulion'
ho ha.l Ihmmi for tho nuto-o of o'liforr
jiij with iinnilvrof "i,ac ntul No
Vor! o.iMtalnls. Mr. Smith .nato. thai
boforo ho iofl Chioajjo ho iol.t out to tho
rwi.Ih-.-iIo nt lii" own pruv f-nltW
Uonry Slnlonn an.l fn. Siie.ni
Prnv. of ti oitv, woro uuil.-.l in tho
tnoh Knnls of ni.it riinony in SI
lact Trulav. .Ian. i:i, IMVI. ProMiiuit;
.lii.lit llmun of Iho tMiiutv cunt of
Hiioli.inan (nmnly.olliointini:. Tiu- Skn
tinki. wisIion this hafpy ootip'oallof il:o
jo, . h;ipjirios ami pn)-.poriiy that oaa
Iv nllottol to man ami woman upon this
' oarth.
I IV P. Snullw.vsl. if S'i:!oh ilistnot.
oamo von oonrix loui); his ronlonoo l
tiro, last tvrok. Iy sonio olothos, un .i
ohnirnoiir tho utovo takitn; tir. An
oarly ?ioovory or tlio tiro provonloil anj
iionous oonoipi,oni. A now cloak bp
loi'in:: lo Mrs. Smnlhvool was ontiroly
'(Mii.min'tl anl tho ohair upon whioh it
..n0 I...MI.... 1iiim..,il w. is flu. nvli.fil Of
tho loss. w'" tho p!oasiir(. of liM .nun; to iho
Tho latost iliscov? r bv the soiontitlc ' ' ""i" proitm oa l- tho .iroho-t ra.
Smart A look in. that ol.l c'roonlKioks aro I Tho author ami lootnror. I. II Ir
full of b.iotona. ami t!i:.t it i ilancornus i"''. " " forun-r Ort'Kon oy. : i shoal.l
to han.ilo Ihom. H.movor. wo will hH'l.-.iw a full Iuum. Almii-sion. ') ami
t .in r .1. ,H, ,...! knl....ti!...rH. Hint uo Xioonls. Ko.rriHl Hoat tickets un snlo
havo Iwn vaocinnto tor b.iolona. ami ;
.no mmvunus.
Any olil jrreoi b lol.s that
thoi inav ha v. thai thoi ilo uot fool s.ifo
in havitii; nlxiitt thorn. ma bo Mnl horo
wo iiKMiimn: ml n-l;M from bnclori.i.
Tniy. K ii'sas. t'luof. Wo'vo boon vaooi
niiioil too jvml in tho o. c nt our risk.
Tho loot tiro ami nliotootiticon vioivs
of tho Worl.l's K.iit will civonno a hot lor (
uioa nl tlio liuiIiluiK.') "ut .Miinry limn i
a vim! to .laokwin park, lvoatno vory-1
thm; will I o oNplaiuo.l 1:1 1 lol nil. 1j,m;;i
Initio. Uio lociuror. tias soorii mroo
tiionths on tlio Kniumls. Ho is an old
Holt oounty bov. Tiih ontorta-.r.mont
will boifivon und.'rth: nuspioofl or .jnk s
Orcliostra. thus iissiirinir tii au.I.ono: of
choioo muMo A.lmisMon 2o and; ols
llckrt9 " m U ".udo
n ';,J,t Tumtay it'meinR ,our
morohanls m rogard to the bill which
t,un. nw trvill , , have passo.1 in the
iejjjs..,tr0 ,h,s term. makinK it a law
to , , .l)!nw M t cl;ljm nny ox-
.... f
ln,t,n ttliur.. Iho lliL vciiU niilili. Iiv
!ine Iiuri-riii-o ii. llio lloues"ilies tu
We b.-hovo it would lw n irimd law-
-i. .i ,i. . : ...
tmr m..r..hnMth stiniil.Mnr,!; i!ito tho mnt
tor. Mr. I. I. Mnoro. of this city, hits
the petition tiotitionini our represent-
tive. Hon. F. Murr.ty, to use every
effort to net this bill through.
Temperature and rainfall at Oregon,
Me'ted Ius.
0 10
17.0 "
Hi 0
Tho b-icn indicites below zero.
Mr. J. C. Philtrick, who is now the
sole proprietor of the Hindo ,fc Phil brick
drug stock, having purchased Mr.
Hinde's interest, extends thanks to their
many custunera for the very liberal pat
1 they have receivetl in
the past.
the trade demanus; as heretofore t!
I nre'cnntion business will be nude
feature always receiving the
ist careful attention. Mr. Hinilo tn
ot ra splendid selection
. amgo.xiw times
.lgivwi wisnesiownru iiissuecess()r..ii u
also returns thank-, for the liberal sup-
port tho hrm has rocetve.l, and nsks that
Mr. rhilbnck may continue to receive
the same. Mr. Himic, or lorn as he is
familiarly known the county over, will
be sidly missed in business circles, for
his was one of those genial natures that
m.i.lo mnnv friends, and had the happy
1 faculty of retaining them. May his lines
be cast in pleasant places, and'may John
I prosper tn his new undertaking is the
; wish of The Sentckki,
Oregon Lotljre Xo. 107, A.O.U.W.
Meets at I. O. O. F. hall at 7 p. m. from
Oct 1 to Apr 1. and 7:30 p. m. from Apr.
1 to 0..-1 1. on the second and lourlti i n-
. . . . .....
dav evening ot each month. It is the
duty of each member, nnd especially the
oflicers, to oo present at each tiVMHing, me ikkjihm s.icks oi pcanuis. xneie (uthtir. ow. .Misler t..ntur, l nave
unites tirevonted by sickness or other i was much raetriment in IheEO.irch and a ( HVn a tliinkun over the talk I iiurd e
unavoidable circumstances. We doubt splecdid good time was had by all. The turda at Chris Unkers shu stor. and hav
..hotltufttliere isuni- other order that lias
t........ I -u ... un.r lilaocinmi nnnn ita
unfortunate inembets in our little citv
as the 'indent ordr. No lesi than four
families in our city aro living in pleasant
homes purchased with tho beneficiary
funds derived from this benevolent or
der. The insurance provided is far
cheapor thnn tha. secured in old liue
companies, besides each member i pro-
vided with careful attendants in cafe of
sickness. No man that id eligible
should rest until he Ihas secured mem -
betship in this grand and permanent or
g.mizalion. File your application at the
eirliest onnortunfty. as delay might be
disastrous. Any information will be
gladly given by inquiring of the follow
ing ofh-vrs of t he Ivdge. "barles Ruley,
recorder; C. J. Hunt, financier; L. I.
Moore, receiver; J. T. Thatcher, medical
By a hearty co operation of every
member of our order we have the assur
ance that the coming year will bo tho
most prosperous in its history.
X. W. TnuuA, M W.
l,ll.' Soolnc
M follow HI
tni H.S.lll
i. iu nou.nii.i.f.
of lUo :iiul 'liolo
mi.l Ivmi- on tlio
ll no....MO.l m llio )i
of IVo l., lv.?, lno ln'h Kino in..n
li nn i hnn.lio.l io li,- Iv.-n n.l.lt'.l
lo lli llt
lilfjMy lnltw..tlT inl nilUlto
cni. 1 1 lnninU lio i ..-nV. of !?io
Oi.-tniv of llio !ionl l.niMnlf rtii.l
oll..T fonlio of llio .M. VaW,
li.-l.l nn otivmlx Inu'O auli.ioc it
'T -k
Intoiv.loil fivm llr.1 to ll. I .omllio
oponinc mow. of HioiiioiinIoi l.ii S.llnst
of iliioapNi Iho aiiilionoo a. lil.on
tlniMich nil tho tii'at .IruotiMW nml
W.nilifnl jrilMi. of tho Wi hi' I'an-.
many prolyl .iinl. of Rn-hltoolmo,
ROiilpliml ami iloiMvation, Win.lionn
In lino ilolsil A map of tho tiolo
i;rnmils ll iOiomu. ilootlptlvo of
thl. t.mi iif Iho WoiM'"- K.iir v liioh tho
amtloiiiHi m lo l.o tionti'il to. nn.l tho
liotorliil moltoi .. otl-aM illnsti.it
cl in ooiui.C I inloivs!(tif li lo by
Mr I. II. lixino. an Milmlrablo lovtnivi.
Tho hol onlcrlaiiiiaont .i o oom
ploto In Rtilni; litoaxof thoiruin.1 otTeot
of tho World'. I'.lr in i:oh.ti1 1ow
nn.l pnrtioulnr snhjoots l'iat n Tlsit to
tho 111 u ll.l O) in H0111.0 t .wook will
Koro many in.ton.l .if a tit to ."hi
o.mo" This onlortr.inmont. ini-lor tho anpio
os of Zook's tln-ho:-.-!. will ln i;ion at
I tho ofora hoiiHO. this oil v. Tuos.laj ovo
i. it. .. J
imiK'. dan. .11. in nii.iuion initio
boaiitlful viiins, whioh w II bo (.,unt lo i.
vim' thoUorlils l-.ur,
ll'o amuonoo i
at ilir.ilo .V I'lnibriok's.
In t!to S:.-ial Swim.
Mr. ami Mrs. .1. W. Ki.-'.T woro ontor
t.itnors to a nutab.r of ihoir frioml o:i
hist Frnl.iv oronttw nt tho hnnin of Mrs.
I, .,iTV m,o h.r Mrs I) 1 IVihins. Tho
urinoni'il mnaus of intrlainniont olToroil
by tho host am! hostoss was pro;rosivo
hti;h li.'o, nml tho osrtioMnoss ami in
lease interest with which tlio tjiie.-ts , oi.iy to an tu n .nr. r. .oucr i- ";i fw,
participated in tho aani.i wore evidence j intoiTtiptiil htm with tl o follorin' unest
fnon:h that thev had sirttok the e' ord Hhun. "Mr. Si!iUr ifs. do ; on really
-f approliation in their soloi'tun of the bt loio that nun hut low ilowu pepi! n?t
cvcanviwi'it'iiiuont An lcant Ian lot- the b?iok soots in church?" "W-li."
thoon came on at the proper hoi.r, fiis'sed .V.r Siiodras, "of horse I am aspe?
kiviiiK' ?!! a ctittK'o to citttit tho -..tars" kin' of a rule, and I am a jTr.idm pepd
t o their score cards. Mrs. Ira Piniti-ton in reh'Kin' and boliavure nnd in tlair luv
..,.,! i..i. ii,.. ...;.l...nri'i.. 'u.li.' t:ir tlio church. Mv onii un is tha. if
capital prize, fter nn interotinc con-
ii,..r. K!n,. f.oir Indies who had
wonthesnrn numlKirof pames. and, of that th w,xid pane be :; mitv site wus
stiurBo. the matter had to Uo d-cided of than tha now ar. V ..u km just matk
bv lot. Gouv. Morns was fo-ma t" bo . it down now that nitty fu p.nn or fra.n
the winner of the trentleman'i capitRi taoinbtl-ov ciin churo.t s-. on "lo
prize, and Mis. Duncan anil I .-. Th.ilch baok ivets :u :i r " "W oil c. jat.tiudc
er were doomed to carry away tho M .-. Sno-Uras. "1 Horn !! tea thi.r
ImioI.v pri7es. Am-nt: th" nuinliorjts nyvitr no b i.! b haviirc o. . rli'r
n-.io,Lr i.'O-or.t we notnvd: Messrs. araun,: tho pond who s.-t aIiok: ill tlio
. i.. ..... ir:.n,..l... Uh.it! l'tti.tr..!.'
t t,Xri i.i.L-st...i tVi-'illon." MclVmal.l:
!-K,1:!m.-s Dunf.m. Tnatcher. Shutts.
Mo.-iis, Currv, Pinkston: Mwsei Ijuck
h-.r.h t!nrrv". H.n..lit. ltro.ihock. Collins.
K-tnkel. Frve.
A very novel s:cial event occurred in
our society circles, this week. Mr. and
Mrs. Ira Pinkstou entertained n large
nunibtir of fnemls at tho homo of Mrs.
Sue PinVston on last Vii"id iv eviir.?.
l'iie large anil roomy residence on Main
iroet was thron-n i'i"'i wl l'i" mvtimt
g ;.:,i8 ii.nt tne Iree.loul oi tno juioe. i
K-i;:!i n? thj s-n;"o::s coi.tnrtmontd was
briih,inlv lighted iiild attorned with
choice tapestry and ornaniantion. The
Zook orchestra discoursed most beauti
ful and exquisite musb to the delight of
all pres-nt. Mr. Pinkston ts an ex tnem
ber of 'his excellent musical azgreg.-.tion.
and the boys. romembring his past fa -
vois nod somet'.tres sacriiices. recip-oca-
led and btouglit their most bewitching
I nm.,kinl. ,.,.m..s v-.r.. freolv induced
a :nnw rti m- ri i -fii ii ii iiiuuLfiiL
i i : ..... r.,ii nn't
happy guests rallied Tor a hnal siege. jno ,T0ntipmen," conttntie.1 Mr. Snod- i and there is not a day during tneir win
They held the fort, like vo'erans of tho 1 Kra ..,hltt tto nav sam 0jj Sitneuns and ter months that they cancel woik with
gastronomic legions of old. Many cours- j ;,iarVs still a Iiviu'- nn-u and wimmeii perfect comfort. Tlioy are now; plow ins
i rB 8,,..,! - itt, pxouisite skill, and
I .r- lr P nlrstnn s mother and
n:stl,rs ai,iv a!,sisteil the hostess tn this
Mnter(,gt;n(. plrtof ,!ie program. After
lnnch was t'isp?nsed and du- .-isod of ac-
. ,.or,iin(j to the latest and mo-t apprnred
rapthods, the novel part of the evwiicg's
. entprtninment occurred. Mrs. Pinkst n
nnnounced a peanut hunt, the tinder or
the greatest number of peanuts would
get a prize. Like a lot of keen and hery
canines, tho crowd uni turned loose lo
search for the festi.-e jieanut. These lit
tin gems were secreted in eve?y cinceiv
able nl-jce about t!i room, in the tats-
trv. about tho furniture, nmong the
adornments, rues. etc. Miss Haight sue
i ceedod in timhtig forty-oni peanu.s and
... . ii i.
won a Deauiitut set. ot vases. .,ir. m - o -
htzell won on nineteen for the geo.le -
men. Mr. Shiitts and Mrs. Hutler won.,, i))X- "that burds of a fethi-r !l-iek to-
1 Urifo circle of friends was extravagant
in t h Aii1 rtmtuc nt t hia most exouisite and
novel entertainment.
Dissolution Xotico.
To all whom it may concern: The
co-partnership heretofore extfting bo
tween T. S. Hinde and John C. Phil
brick, known as the fi-ni of Hinde A
Philbriek, druggists of Oregon.
.110.. is
this dar thssolvo.-'.. Mr.
Hindo with-
drawing from
the hrm. 1 he b'isiiiess
in the name of J. C. Foil-
1 will continue
brick. AH persona knowing the-nselves
indebted to tha firm of Hinde .t Phil
brick, by account or note, will call and
settle at once.
T. S. HtjtDE.
J. C. Puilbrick.
To Mr Trlen-t ami Patron.
I I tender ray sincere thanks to all my
kind friends for their pttrouage for the
hut ti-entv years, and feci assured that
Mr. Philbnck will da as well by you.
i Yours most respectfully.
I T. S. Uis-de.
From r.Oo yd. and up-
.Ian 1 s t.VX
M'Moi ;'..litoi
til lu l.il l.'Um I foi.t lo lli.it
inoUI konil.liif thom.is alsMii tho
til tvsl pi'l'll in llitfVliiMll. ao.l miIi to
think t tliair tmiolui' bui'.i ol uiui
ma.luin i a wo ,.! for tho publ k c.vnJ
! Wo li.i n ii'iin horn ! liiKCtn i ' ll.o
lianio i.tlVi in I' .kor. vli. W.-o n lin
loi, A uii',M; rT U.rtii lui
MIJ l'l'IMl K" ll'KII "UO
ll.iirt bill Hint. ll lsl I.. Ill.lt h0.
i ..,.. i, . ... ... ..,,. u
.lii'iiii'i . ...... ........... . ........ ...
h.n n .io.l u.o.ini toon l,ol ,ii tiiilna
. il . i. .....tu t., li.it tm liiltoll oIm l.l .lit '
but Is !; mmiio of thorn ai. u'i iiotu'
1.1011 Woh. a I was laMli lliait lovtur
oa I liipt in a til lilinits nti.t toiin.l .I.1W0
Sn,slsr:., .I.m lloiutvk, Oi. J o.! ..i .tii.l
y.oiiakia 1 1 iiivrnin i.n.i ... .i i ttior. s
ilisoiu.m" oiiiiuh uiattur .lol a. I on
, tur-.t tho lm it.-r 1 hur.1 .I.nUo Soisl
i ras sa, "Woil, jjottti .rn-o. I am no
outlioli uii.ml.iir, but I mh Im tho Kii,i
of pipil in a ohuroh by tho pUv tha ml ,
whon tha ontur tho lions. ' "llo'i km I
oi: lol that'" oil .nl.ikia ll : ins
Wll," soil Mr Sivilras, "I hnv tun
t oiiiltn tlio MiO'n-.list ohuroh ".uni hoar
in Ibi.kMiiM il. nn i I think I am mrt
wol a.ii.untoil with our Kslii; who
oo tliatr; ami tliiir is ono tl..- 1 hav
i ..w.iso n. Hint ai too romuos ami .01
lore xMiuifluti' tho .v:i:rtliua n-t!
I .in tho h-to'i soots. I 111 tu ultv lli.i. ,
on tlio nioii soots, i in ik it.sv uim
mo.t of tho ppil who hnv no roticir." h ! t
on tho H.iok soot. I a thatr lt Situ ,
la into: thair was old m.in Hooka'an : ;
Imis; ,oor b,lily noso thair ivpula j
shun. I ha oon I som to mi oi;-i ti.inc ;
' aKMtl ciiil niannnrs nor what i: takos tl'
sou; tituto itosont lhaiiri. Woll tlui
wss thair a sot nu on a baok soot. Thou
tn.'nr was .I.m Hobs. Uo is n baokHnlnr
an tha ka!l thorn. Woll oio-ibiiti.lj iiom
ho is a In on ur:o now tha i ho ilul bo
foro ho ptofi st roltKin'. Wo! Iu was thai-
i.,Kt Soml.i into a so.tin on a soot rito
iii-vt to tho loro. I huril ho h.nl .ont but
th.iir fur thro otoliths bo'oro. Thon 1
' ti.ittst a lot . jjal- aboiH forotoon or tlf
ti'n iftrs oM I. it .11 11. .111.1 m1 ilown t)
hi.iii'lho tt.no. Sum of th-Mti iii-Ioni; to
, wl. it kaloil Iho istost rospoktalnl faint
i lis oi llir;in-iil. I'"- it w.,s just tkan.la
lis tho wa Ilia out up a iliirin proaohit. .
Now that's hIhiiU tho w.i tt:i bin ovorj
i.it.i IVi. Inn th:nr. :iml no I haio mail..
iu ttiv muni that tho lowest down p.'p 1 !
who t;! to rhtin !i sot un tho br.oi; soots,
ami i hi!.' I k int l:ij klamo to ; p!.io on
a frt.nl soot. I h.ivo ma up mj min i
nut tjsftotl n bark soot if oanv of tl'o t:th
or' r.r oaipti. an' tha usually nr." At this
tunt lr. Siartiio.
lartiio. who Im! Hstin..t vory
the church had tn depend on the pepi! I
who set on ihe luck soots fur a support.
. nii.lilel iif tho hous: and t Iiave lift
niirty k.. fui what klas ov pursiins t.'.R..
! nr. Hear is whair most of tho church
meiiumrs net ttiat liav r.o tamiiy prr.irs
' at homo. Hoar is whair mist of tho
church momburs set who don t to
prair moetin' nor attend clns uuH-tin'.
ltr.. ij v.S -ir irmit i.f tin. ehlir-h r.liim
jmrs 8!. wliogo to thiturs. cireusisiv.
I ,i;,ns.jn' mid kard parties Hear is whair
mirit f t, clutrch mombnrs eot w!c
jV. n,,.,r p,.,il that du not belong
t dnirch t!i.it yu kant tel them iipr.rt.
; t;:.1!r ja v. hair most pepil who want
... j, .j,ot behnnvd tii'Li-bvase sot
tu." "Well." s-il Jio.i HorTbok. "M-.
nodgras. I bolove that so tur you hr
ntiT.it rite. I hav notis', thee" ame
things. The lat chs voU miii?:iune.l it
nbjut as fur up as I put miself. am! t'ir.t
ts about the p irt uv tho church that 1
rdwase make fur as suae as r .:tt iaside
nvihnilnm" "I am ro.d "lad." sod Mr.
1 Snndgras, "fur your konfurnnshun of
. ,,. ,,;. Mr. Hornhok: I no vou a. -i
verv ohsurvin' sunn, and hav alwase . -
nmnnna nn fori1 rniinr.11
t" " ' I li.;" V " Ittrl
. . ,
ugs as tna nr.
turns I hav divided
into thre clases.vi
censidur." "You
whnes piotv overv bjddv heiocves in.
Well I fcav bin a notisin that nearly all
..r .i.... i.. c.. o..f ,.n u fi-nnt re.tt
:n;t,.n9 thair is old Hro. Oiw.dhart
j ,ei yu h is wel earned. If thair is a
L.O0(j ,., jn Iu.j;insvil it is old man
, Goodhart, and just ai reglar as Sumia
C()IU.S v win fiod him and all of his
tam,w W nr now at homo on the sec-
llni from the 'runt, mid I hnrdonly
, ve!.f.ird.i that the precher seJ that the
, jtt, MV e,inlelv fi,so nlwas
ase produaod
mrt f(f inspirasliitn th
helr.t him in
' l.i t ..v,.- .-,i
prechin." "Now, 'sed Mr. Snodgra?, "I
hav onlv given' :t the results of my ob-
snrviishnr.s. Sum how it seai:ii that
pil who luv the tirecher nnd t!io pr -chin'
c nlsv.ise want to git tmrty well lip tourds
toe frunt whair the' predict is. Wei, nf-
, .. .. . - .....
, l(r .,n ti,w onV pruves me irutn ot f.n
; i(t sjun' that I tiste to beer wlieu I was
i,;n ....mn-irin' it with in: own obsurva-
.i..,nu 1.... in TTi..(-t,..i-t1 nml f L'nnfiM
i that I :i:n ruther inkhnist to belevo tnat
; Mr. Sttodu'rna is korrekt.
Jf.kry IIlor.tNs.
Wnltitlt (Jrovf.
Tr CI .T I'.Mrnr visited in
Qjtv Sunday and Monday.
Th tnfjtit i-hilil nf Mr.
Ranks is
aorjou9jv ,n :il this writing,
Robert CjIIow tTent Satur.i-.v
and '
Sunday with friends jod relatives north
of Mound City. I
Miss Susie Hunkius was visiting
Mrs. Rirmtoghaia and family. Saturd.iv j
and Sunday lat. j
There is a series of meeting lieing j
hold, nt the school house, by Hi v. Miller,
from near Ortgon. I
Mr. Hoskins. editor or The -Holt
Count) Republican, stopped here Mon
day evening, enr.iuto to Narjatcr, Kan
sas, whero he formerly published a
.puper. Am:tv.
Fancy and
HI Hi.
A hu'ge assortment. Goods always
,( IHI Ol'ilOl'll'l 11 IV
it-! ! .?!! fl' tl lllllilUll VlMI
1 " .1 I ' . " s--. .....
... - . . . .
W 101 IU0
Goods delivered five.
SI85 Grand
. . ,
111 Ol'dCl' tO VCdUCC OUl
seasonable goods,
reductioiiiu the
The ClelTJted Union Hardware Skaies ai Cost.
mm Sets, we have carved ilie price in iwo.
cut in
Thanking our customers for their patron
age in the past year, and hoping to receive
their favors in the future, we aro
Yours Truly,
-TTyv lim..Wil.J HH3HI
Tin- Sittiuy Soitlli.
Tho following interestim; letter is fr-r.i
lii" por; t-f Mr. M. 1. Walker, who w.tii
a tortv of Orosromans, is troitt..i;
th:o:::;l. the v.sih. Kt. Wnlkor has,
''p,nVr.0".' "
a b-iru'.s o. loliets tiota .u.si ;
jcountrv. u.'iioh wo can assure our road-,
! ors w -il be lutoresi'.jj a.i :r..-: . u -tlve: i
J-,.. oj. C--.. ( - bT, til V.U'
reourVt. and ti.at ..r manv ..: 'o.ir read-
" ' t .... ! i ..."..".. ..r tl.nt
part of thee.iuntry w!.:ch -.v. hava boon i
over that I think woitl.i lis most inter-
e.-.tmg. Fr. u ar O.-Ioni: wo p-.ss.d '
over tho Southern P.u-i:ic. a iti-.t:.uco of
ii.0 mi'.rti, lo iWu-u. a town of porluip
IkW inliabitar.tr. Inc-.ted in tin- cent rid
i.art of C.dc.isi-u ParisJi. li;:n-: that por
tion of lx-iniM.iua l)..;v..va the A;c!i:if.d
nya river on the east, the S.sbine river on
tne west, tho Giiif of Mxu-o on the
' south, and nt-rth to and including a l.trgo
' p.irt of tho heavy. 1 .n - if ye.l-w puio
bolt. The abive d..crib.nt parish
ses-es the most marvelous cMibmation
o( beautiful prairies. v..!i:ab.o woodlacds,
navigable nv-- r.r. I charming lakes.
' with one of tho healthiest au.i uio.itgeti-
... i..i ..i...r.....
1 ial climates I !..-.v.
l. er it.iii t nt' ii 'u i
:i (. ,..rv
of vis.tttu. Ice ro:
1 eu-iiitMiL ii uiu.juLtir.i rr i v
' mnmn? i. inter fr.un 40 to 7ll degr-.s.
in summer irani o-.i u ;ni ..ir.T-, .i.iu
good, co.i! refreshing breeze at ad times.
J Farraors experienco no ir.co2viiu.nco
. from the he it during the hotlo-l mm.-o.
nnd oihtw.mi propnting t.t ir rice
1 gnuniK Cine is being rttpully planted.
vegeth!i:os are growing in tneir g.ir.ietn,
and where t'.e proiier rotation wnot ne
giccted, hey m:iy have garden produce
on their tab!o every d.iy in the year.
Tho p.' ich at: I -traw berry :iro sitowing
rt..nuift..i-;d.l. l.t. m. in ul ihlrftt'itA The
liorticultiw..! products the parish may
. be pur-imed up us f
seetlhnas. b-it bud.
l .... .. f.,it...v-l.....t, I,,...!
. ,o.-,w... ...
l-l Vfiri..H-S .in tSI'Ilir
' tried; Keiirer and L iconte p.'ir. .iiiinoe.
' concord :'-ap..Iainn p'u:tl..Ie.v ie straw-
i. .... l.i ...i.i.,......- o.l .1.. . .j..mo ..r..iv
' wild in such profusion that little atten luc!is! by Lev. I. I). Roberts, asst-ted
1 1,,. I,....., ..t.r, th.. inni.. si.rtjj Tholliv Rev. A. liaroni&n.
tig boar? idsi'.t continuously. Tl
ange givo n henvy yield of tho
ijmlitv, nn-! ..-.a bj cju.itcd ja .u ;
Tho or -
a p:4v.
,.,...... .tr,-
In 'agricultural p'-1'''. ri- is the cemetery, nea-Now Puint, to await the
great staple and everi energj is bent on , resurrection. li
its produut.on. jt thtsro ts not tho one j - - - -
hundredth part of tho available rice Sum? nf the Dotisojrntic leaders till
lands under cut;va:ion. Rut to givo ! m-.intain the extreme dwrir. f 8
' vnur readers Bonn, idea of the mairnilud-t ! riehts an ! favor a i-tati quarantine sys-
nf this lrnnortnr.t imbistrv in wf-slern
Lt-ouisians. would state that lliore na
( been a spe.-wl ro- trim n.n nvir i.io
Southern P.iciS d -i!y -ir.-i X jieiuber
first, haulict: from V..i-1., lo forty c..
! path trip, and we nre leh-.h'v ;"f -'ii-ei!
. thr.t one-half t.f the oroo slid rer.iair.s
along Ihe tr - k at u-fi.t-t points. Ini,leai.
immense crop w.-j ceatly ait produced j
in Cilc:i:-iou p?ris.i. I tv.!i tt: vtiue f n
tore ciuher gnu your readers the nti 'u
o-.ls employed ir. p- d:tc;-'g l:ot orop. We
Iave mis point tor tn mi. jnaa imur,
Florida, and may te addressed nt Argo,
P.i-ico countV. Florida. M. It. W
New Orlesus, La.. Jau. 13. 1S0O.
Just think of it I THE SEN
'TINEL. New York Weekly Tri
ibuns. Western Plowman and
Golden i0ni2nUc or.c year
SI. 50 in advance
V'V'HH.1 (ll .1 llll 5
SolVA XMIl'l.lt'lllllHI
Save your
. , , . . v i . v v . v; v..
5U drucur.&H
j O.UECfON, - MO.
. ,
and close out un
we will make a great
following articles:
sale !
Heaiiiiii Siot'S.
Cook Stoves from $! t $3 cheaper.
Nito. Fiutti lilt Capital.
Tho iMuitiutteoa of I In. houe.of which
tb.ero will l.t forty Iiv. . h.ie tiot been
ai-.r.oti.iced by the ei-ojik t. anil until
13 It dojL-bi.t li.tio woik c.i'i be i-rcmu-pltthou.
ex, opt the tutrcoi;i.tiii of biiis.
over 'vu hundred having already bit'it
intrixlucoit. of which twenty sre road
l-.ii . , ti i..on ............ ... . I..,,.
Olll-J. .Ill unit. II-I...U1-, .......
i orJurrd print,.!, ami it is expected
; tkat out of all we will get a mad law
that will bo a great tuijirutvuieut ocr
our preseut law.
Ono wild cat banking hi!! was intro
duced by Mr. I) i;h, of Her.rj county,
w!in also "introduced :: bill.reiiusriiigr.il!
roinl coinpai:.e-4 lo .r-vilo ctinpurtmeutn
in t.K'ir co.i.;i;es lor the colored peoplo
to rule in. Mid uinktii.: the nnlty a tino
of tifly to !ie rundred dolUrs for each
faihiro tc ilo so. but tliero it-timlaiijier
of cither in"e pacing. Duo Democratic:
niombor re.uarked tome. lpnbli
canj aro ahead ttf u.- Detiu?crats i.tj
linatice. and our pattj lias iveii u. tho
best mo.iey the world ever sw."
WoilnOMhty has h.-e.l tel tt.r tho trmt
of Mr. Pettij!i:i Hn.l Swm.ger, tlio K-
i tiubltiMii iiieuilieiM wl.,
jmi m.iIk are con
, . ..... .-- . a
tiered. Hutu have tnetr certihcates of
tooiion nun iMtu nnvc tei"ii h'.i'rn iu.
. . .... - . .
fill the tight tigutisl tnem still goes
l'liere 19 evidoncf' crotiping out. her
and there, that nil is nut harmonious in
Iho Detncnilic camp. More anon.
N. F. M-JK&vr.
OI..tt..rj .
At the r ai.ieuce of her father. I. C
li.oa 1 -t. nar Ne.v I'o.nt.'M .. ,I:.n. 12.
l-J.I, Mrs. Nir.i 15'ig-t tloptrloil thiili'o
after four ni inttw tllnjs with mu
htimption, i.t the i:ge or je.irs, 1
month and 1 days, l'iie d'ce.isf,l wt
turn nir Nco.."tn F.dl-i, Kat, I'.s;.
I 'H72. She was niarriod
to Juseph t
vicvls in ttariiuti.
Dec. 215, IS? I.
, , ......
I IllC .OittrS tlll-.IJ.IMU. fltlll-l llll. tr nn-
i tor to mourn her i ejMriure. i no tuner-
ai oose-piios tyro ii.-i.t ..t uif ..t-.; .
r lure i. .1.1:1. Ii. tr;i.i. ai 11 ociock. nn-
i -, , . .i ... .t... .. i
I lilnuti a very t:-tiii u.i uiu iuhcihi
servtce-t were well aitende I ty iuh peo-
i ..I... -ri ... .:
pie til tna. viciinii. i itr it-.ti.t iji rm
i iiv?n a re.-iing in i.'e in .ickoiis iirum
I tim n!T.t:ns a U'llfn... Uiii. In It. a
r .e .sew iirienns xiines 1eir.in.rHi..
tnougii t.iongit g to j-.-sou.nern rcnoot
of pol.;icians.objets. It t-om.-s out !-'.-
iy in it recoii: cumncr and snows ur tn
woi!v.-i of stato control and the
I Pay Your .Voles.
Parties who g.-.ve their notes at tin
j .Strrttt s.ile a year ago hist October, are
. reouested to come ut to the captain m
desk and pay the same, or they
hare Ui pay cost.
W. H. STERrrr.
1 Mfffk RI jmmgrMttTttjfOKttwmtrtfr
irz r c 1 i 3-w,ieKST. i J;ii a
IT. ttmi -nytl vr wit r2. t- rSE?f
ifj ..jlJ. I.: iiJLAxi

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