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Winter Is Approaching !b
Time Table.
Below will be found the time of de
parture of the passenger trains over the
road and also the day freight
trains. It will be seen that by this time
card, the B. St M. traioa do not atop at
Forest City:
ooma sorth:
No. 1. Leave Forest City at 1 :M p. ta.
No. 3 Leave, at 12:48 a. in.
No. 5 Villisca patteenger, leaves at
S.-30 p. in.
No. 19 Freight Leaves at 7:55 a. m.
No. 2 Leaves Forest City at 1:23 p. m.
No. 4 Leaves at 2:52 a. ta.
No. 6 St. Joseph passenger, leaves at
1050 a. m.
No. 18 Freight Leaves at 2:38 p. m.
For Sale.
fg S5 Don't waste your mon-
QxIBh 0 ey paving railroad fare to
fc -B. wJ. rh si Joseph.
You can buy what you want at prices
equally low if you trade wnn us. Our
stock of
3v '-7c -2c -I - ' iJIK' "rll VSS -71 5? JVI I r'Ji ric '2f V22 -U il -?R22 .2f
ft , i
Boots and Shoes,
Dross Goods,
Furnishing Goods,
Notions, Fancy Goods,
Groceries, &c, &c.
Is as carefully selected as any you can
find and our
Than St. Joe prices because we do not
have to pay high rents and heavy taxes,
so that we "can afford to sell lower. Be
reasonable and help build up your own
town by tr.jdiny with us.
Northwest Corner Square,
"Superior" Stoves and Ranges !
Firebacks Warranted 15 Years. Take Less Fuel than any other.
A Bakery nntl Confectionery in Ore
gon, Mo., doine a goml business. The
hest or reasons for selling. Call on or
address this office.
J. II. Curtt was in Craig this week.
I'liilbrick'a Paralyzer: Cuts, Burns
nnd Bruises.
Go to Schlotzhauer's mill for aatfee
lumber of all kinds.
Hamilton Lovii moved his family to
Forest City this week.
-John Kline, of New Point, came in
on his wheel, Tuesday.
Go to E.P. Hostetter's and drop a
nickel in the slot and get five cigars.
J. P. Vandevecx, of Troy, Ohio, is
the guest of relative and friends here.
Miss Anna Roecker is visiting
friends in Mound City aod Clearmont
this week.
Those who have promised us wood
on subscription can bring it now, as we
ate needing it
Rev. S. Blnnchard will preach at
the Pierce school houBS next Sunday at
3 p. m.
for lunches and cold drinks, cigars,
etc, go to II. MoHer, J. B. Pyne build
ing, east side square, Oregon, Mo.
Reese & Foster have moved their
paint shop to the Glascock ware room.
whore they will be plena to see you.
Found, a pair of lines fcr harness.
Owner can bare same by describirg and
paying for this notice. Frank Knnkel.
All Sons of Veterans are requested
to be present at a meeting to be held in
the mayor's office, Monday night, Oct.
Miss Emma M jrris-tlrossmnkor at
Mrs. Julia King millinery rooms. Call
on me Indies and I will please you in
prices and styles.
Vou can buy a round trip ticket from
Forest City ever the Burlington Route
for 310. This ticket will be good for re
turn up to Nov. 15.
I have too many buggies nnd will
give you a bargain in them. Will alto
lake aocond hand ones in exchange. II.
C Schmidt, Omgti. 1U.
J. C. Philbrick has received and
put in place an entire set of new show
cased and "Philbricks Pharmacy" now
presents a metropolitan appearance.
The revival meeting in the M. E.
church is reinforced by J. M. Harris and
wife, evangelist and singer. The meet
ing continues with unabating interest.
This is a fac simile of the ticket wh;ch
Fiegenbucm gives with eoch one-dol!ar
pc ciiae or on dollar spent for repairs.
entitled .0 One Char.cc in a
Ladiez or Geni'e Geld Waiek
cr Qr.ciir.cr.d (Ring to dc giv
cnaivav Saturday Evening.
Qccancer 23rd, 1893, sy
(Dealer in Watches, Cloelcs,
a.'.d Jeivclry of all kinds.
C- . ::?ch (Building, JTori'n
c" Sanare, Oregon, Jdo.
I..:s Watch and Cicch (Re-c;-.
. Fine Engraving a
! t'oe:.al.'y.
One Ticket to Every $1 Purchase or $1
Paid for Repairs.
r. j 1- -'
WOOD in.SE BURVKUS: Poorin Rovn Pncep'. Saxon, Moni
tor lrlor. It- ! hi I'iiror. Hcckwil" - ICound Oaf. Suorior. Art
G:ir'. -sd il.i'd Ci.l rfiv.. Ifcix SUiven, Eic We cm si-ow you the
lar -:."! tnr' if C -i -ns Henting Stoves of anv houn in thi coun
ty i.td :il I' AUO T:j! E PRICES. We have the agency Tor the best
Hioi.-H mi thp ainrkpt. A full Htock of Hardware. Call and see. No
troulmi t show goods.
T. L. PRICE, Hardware, Oregon, Mo.
That Wants to Buy a Cloak.
We Are After You
We want to tell you that we have prices never before made on handsome Winter
Wraps, We thought we bought too many in our first purchase but were obliged to buy again.
Today the second large shipment arrived. They are beauties, and prices lower than the
first lot You all know what that means Just one item of this shipment is 32 Ladies
Cloaks worth from $3.50 to $7.50, that we are going to sell you for $1.75. Just think of it
$1.75. Then another lot to offer you for $3.50, worth much more money, and so on. A large
shipment of Shawls also just received- Fifty styles to select from. Look them over.
Then again we have something to say to you about handsome new Dress Goods
if you will just come in and give us a look. They are simply "out of sight" to use the
slang expression. We want you to look at them. They are just what you need.
We must tell you about Underwear 20 dozen Ladies' Vest3 and Pants cheap at
40c we are going to sell you at 25c. Another lot of 15 dozen Ladies' good, extra
heavy fleeced, good value at 75c, we sell you at 50c. Sixteen dozen Men's Camel Hair
Bibbed Shirts and Drawers, extra heavy, we offer you at 50c. They would sell well
at 75c. Eight dozen Men's extra heavy Cotton Underwear, heavy fleece-lined, at $1
oxirfril frtifiAT Good camel's hair Shirt and Drawers.at iUQQ-3tio itubmai Woor
Uxxderweap at lv6,-would be considered very cheap at $2.00. A complete line of
Childrens Underwear on sale. If you need Underwear look us over-the largest stock
in town and the lowest prices. Men's heavy Wool Hose 25c pair good ones.
We sell you a good big heavy Comfort for 75c. We sell you a pair of nice white
Blankets for 76c. A good heavy gray Blanket for $1.00 a pair. A 5-pound, red, all wool Blanket for . $2.50. An
immense stock of Woolen Hosiery at way-down prices. A pair of good Overalls for 50c, just as good as you pay
75c for. We sell American Saxonies 4 skeins for 25c; sell you Lawrence LL Muslin at 5c; all Standard Calicoes
Canton Flannel 5c yd, the best 10c Canton flannel in the country; Turkey Bed Damask 21c yd; good unbleached"
Table Linen, heavy, 21c yd; all-wool Bed Flannel, 21c; one lot of Flannelettes, worth 8 1-3, 10 and 12 l-2c, to close
out for 6 l-4c. Handsome Eiderdown Cloakings, 60c.
0VM T AliAs rrrrA Anae of &1 CCi a noil Rhnoa -fVT "Won crnnH Vi oqtttt nnao of fil
a pair. A No. 1 good Boot for $1.50. Our Clyclone Kip Boot for $3.00 cannot be beaten at
any price. Childrenrs heavy Shoes at 25c a pair. See our Calf Skin Shoes for Children and
Ladies. They are the best the market affords. We sell goods for Cash. We take your pro
duce in exchange for goods. We want your trade and these prices will get it, if you see the
JESSE C- F I TTS, Oregon, Missour
Pliilltrick'B PnraUzer: Cuts, Unrrs
and r!ruines.
Dallas B.ikeni doing tho pnintinjf
on Ooonjo Cotton's lioiihe in the eastern"
part of town.
O. W. Plant, of Hamburg, Iowa.haa
moved his family ta thin city nnd is -.
cupyiDR tho Frnnk Kroek property.
II you want a cistern dag, cemented
and finished up in an A 1 manner, or, a
firet-claea cellar, oce Henry Holtgrove,
of this city. References: Dozens of per
sons for whom he has done work in Ore
goa and vicinity.
The Seven Brothers TainticR Co,
will finish A. Rocker's house, paint a
house ods mileeaet of Mound City, paint
Joe Noellsch's house and 4joieh the New
Point church all this week. Look for
ihelr "d" next week.
Remember tbnt Schlotyhauer's mill,
two-and a halt mi lea south of Oregon, is
awioir every day, and turning out all
kinds of the heb! native lumber. If yon
ontemplato building, get their figures
before jou buy jour bill.
New York Count, Extra Selects,
and best Standard freeh oysters Lowest
prices Ht E. P. Hostetteb'h.
William Maier, letter known as
"Dutch Bill" and well known on tho
Oregon. Forest City hack line, has re-
' turned from a stay of several months in
Take the Burlington Koute Eli
train for the World's Fair. Makes the
best time and gives you the best service.
Only $10 for round trip from Forest City.
See Vine Hovey, agent.
I nm still in the lend with a FINE
old stand, south Public Square. Come
and see me ladies. Nobby styles, low
prices. Mrs. Julia Kbc.
J. W. Keiser goes to Shelbyville,
Mo, next Friday to hold qunrtly con
ference service over Sabbath, Oct. 29th,
and will al6o be at Wsnston,Mo,f rom Nov.
3rd until Cth to hold quartely meeting
service as that place..
Duck hunters from here may be
been every day in the bottom above
Forest City, and the old saying of fowl
one day and feather the next is very
From now until Oct, 30, you can buy
round trip tickets from Forest City to
i Chicago for (10, good returning, until
Nov. 15. See that your tickets are over
the Burliagton Route.
Remember for fine hair cutting and
shaving to call on Bert Saal under the
Hotel Woodland. Bert, who is well
known in Oregon and vicinity, and in
fact, all ovor the county, invites his
many friends to call and see him.
Niel Kuukel recently received from
the Rimington Arms Co. a 32 calibre,
single shot rifle which he had made to
order. It is what users of slang call a
"Joe-dandy" and it makes Niel's eyes
sparkle to have his friends inspect it.
The annual corn husking season is
now on all over the county, with the
possible exception of some sections in
the bottom where the corn is not yet
hard enough. For the most part it is of
good quality, well filled, sound and
yields well.
We are always glad to commend
any deserving enterprise which has for
its object the advancement of the city,
and along tbia line we might mention
the cornet band which meets for prac
tice twice each week in the room over
Seeman'a store mgh-unto the Democrat
office. The members are, Gay Roberts,
leader, solo Bb cornet; Ted Biggie, Bb
eernet; Frank Kunkel, Eb cornet; Bert
Benson, Bb cornet; Harlan Roberta,
solo alto; Fritz Seeman, 2nd alto; Wil
bar Smith, 2nd tenor; Lloyd Lewis,
baritone; Ben Molter, Bb bass; Albert
Seeman, tuba; Roy Knnkel, snare drum;
Tom Davidson bass dram,
Cuts, Burns
Philbrick's Paralyzer:
and Bruises.
A car load of Mound City flour at J.
M. Ford Jb Co's, Forest City.
Robert Boewell, of Nebraska, is visit
ing old friends at New Point this week
J. C. Fitts left Monday for a busi
ness, social and pleasure trip to St. Jo
seph and Kansas City.
Hostetter's for a good stew or a No.
1 fry, prepared in first class style.
Kalamazoo celery supplied to the trade.
Robert Foster, who has been hold
ing out at Forest City for some time, is
now at home in attendance on bis broth
er Ed.
Bert Saal. who has purchased the
Hotel Woodland barber shop, extends a
cordial invitation to his former friends
and patrons to call and see him.
The Stanberry Nominee, Rev. John's
paper, says that town spends 176,000 an
nually for liquor and tobacco and $13,
000 for churches. Poor Stanberry.
A church at Liberty, this state has
young lady ushers and it is said that all
the young men m town workship there.
Oregon churches might try the same ex
periment. The executive ootnmitte of the North
west Missouri Press association met at
the Bacon bouse in St. Joseph, last Sat
urdaynd decided to hold the next con
vention in the Commercial club's rooms
in that city, Dec 9 nnd 10, next.
Mrs. W. R.Laughlin, who has been
to Chicago for near three months, and
who has been engaged as a writer in
some of the departments to prepare a
history of the entire fair in all of its de
partments, callfd upon some of ber nu
m.mn. f riAfufa in flrdtmn and elsewhere
on her way to her home at Collage
Springs, Iowa..
Philbrick's Paralyzer: Cuts, Burns
and Bruises.
Miss Julia Fimple returned to her
home in Omaha, Thursday.
-Prof. Charles Watson, of the Kelso
school waa the guaat of his parents over
For a No. 1 hair cut or shave, re
member Bert Saal, under the Hotel
Mrs. Kate Thatcher is recovering
from an indisposition contracted while
moving a abort time ago.
Harry Morgan and Willie Way, of
St Joseph, came up Sunday to visit
friends sad old acquaintance.
The colored Baptist church will give
a festival io their church building, Fri
Friday nigVt, November 3, 1893.
Ed Foster, a member of The Sexti-
tsa. force, who has been quite sick, with
hsmhorrage of the lungs, is better this
If yon are contemplating buying a
monument, see Joseph R. Collier, our
marble dealer. He will save you money
and give you a number one job.
See Vine Hovey, agent at Forest City,
for round trip tickets over the Burling
ton's Route to Chicago for only $10.
Good to return up to November 15.
The Young People's Christian union
of this city will meet at the M. E. church
next Sunday at 3. p. m. Miss Mattie
Peret is leader, aod the subject is: Our
Responsibility for Others. 1 Cor. 15:57;
1 John 5:3-5.
The Worid's Fair is out of debt
Treasurer Seebergerand Auditor Acker:
man celebrated Chicago day by making
out a check for $l6510.7C. payable to
the Illinois Treat and Savings bank,
trastee of the holders of Exposition de
benture bonds. The check settles the
last cent of debt owed by tho Fair.
Largest Stock,
Lowest Prices.
Moore & Seeman
Sell Groceries,
Confections and
We have had about 8 years experience
in the Grocery business in Oregon, and
think we understand the business thor
oughly. We pay cash for our goods. Dis
count aU bills anc" defy any retailer to buy
goods cheaper t1 A we do. We are satis
ed with a smr profit. We want to sell
Oroceries and Queensware and will meet
or beat any price.
We handle the best of Groceries, Candy, Queensware, Meats,
Flour, Woodenware, Stoneware, Spiels. Gasoline and
Coal Oil Orders solicited and goods delivered.
Moore & Seeman, Grocers
North Side Square, Oregon, Ho.
Sign of Moore's Grocery.
Levi Zook was in St. Joseph Tues
day. Misses Lizzie and hV'Ie McDonald'
will leavo soon for Hamburg, Iowa,
whore they will attend school.
Mrs. M. E. Mom returned Thursday
froai an extended visit with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Braytou E. Davis, at Linneu,
Mo. The improvements on'David Bar
bour's house are progressing nicely.
Peter Grosse and sons are doinir the"
1 work.
Next Sunday being (lie fifth Sun
day in this month Elder Alderman will
preach at the Christian church- morning
and evening.
Sara Sohulte was taken very ill with
typhoid fever last week, nnd,lthough he
is not well yot, we ae glad to learn that
ho is on the road to recovery.
Joseph R. Collier, our marblo dealer
now has a first-claw workman in hisera
ploy, and is prepared to turn out flrst
class work on short notice and at reason
able prices. '
Arthur Mohler and Calvin Luudi
professional cappers who have been
with the Oregon- Canning Co., during
the xeafton returned to their home at
Blair, Neb., Wednesday.
William A; Nies,-of Craig, was visit;
inP hlM h(Mt of frtanf). K.pa Cttml..-
j Billy is a universal favorite in Oregon
au opi wbiuuido visitor, ii oia ap
pearance is a good bases for calculation
we should certainly think that he is
well fed in Craig.

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