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Issued Every Friday.
DOBYNS & CURRY, Publishers
Friilsiy, October li", 180:8.
Fall Work.
(Jrnpe vinencan bo trimmed ns soon as
the lows fall from tliem. and if you
have tender varieties they can be taken
fmiu the trellis r.cd laid upon the
proutid anil ftit-tened there and slightly
covered with earth, or you can cover
tliem with coarse straw or hay or corn
stalks, but if your place in infefled uilh
mice, ;.ou had letter use a shiiht cover
ing of earth, or the mice, iniijhl bark and
thus d.'htroy your vines.
If yon have hedge that needs to be
trimmid. if ilcaii not be done nit wxiii
it can be cut after t lie leaves fall, and that
much will be done in the spring when so
much worn demands to be done n such
a short poriod of lime.
lfojs that are designed for fattening
this Tall and early winter thould be sep
arated from the oilier hogs and fed lib- i
orally lwfore cold storms come on, an it
will then take mnro food to keep up the
natural heat and keep the animals rtow
itiir anil at the same time putting on fat.
Fall pigs and their niothers should re
ceive all the attention they require to
keep them in good condition to enter
the winter.
(J rapes can be trimmed ns soon 3s the
leaves fall from the vines, and if you
have tender varieties they can then be
loosened from the trellis or stakes aud
bent carefully to the ground and fasten
ed tiiere and u slight covering of earth
thrown over them, or you can cover
them lightly with straw or corn stalks,
provided mice will not find shelter un
der the litter thrown over them red
b.irkand thus destroy our vines.
Your hedges can be trimmed as soon
ns the leaves fall and that much work
will be offyour hands when spring work
is so pressing.
Apple trees can also be trimmed in
the fall when sometimes the farmer is
not m pressed with work us in the
The blackberry canes thut fruited this
la summer can toon be takeu out and
if this years canes have made a good
growth the tips of the canes with their
lntteral branches can be shortened
Your fruit will lie much nicer the com
ing year for the suppression of some of
the wood growth.
The raspberries can bo treated in the
same way by cutting out the dead canes
and shortening this summer's growth,
provided however, it the car.es ha-e
run out and touched the ground nnd
there rooted, making you a ne plant,
then in that case iou had better let
tl.etn remaiu until spring when the
voung plant can be taken up and put
out to increase the size of jour piaut or
you can Bell them to some one that
w.iu'.d be glad to get them.
When the union ia broken between
the fruit bearing cane and the young
plant they are found to be more easily
injured by cold weather during the
It will add to the richness of your
foil if your garden is plowed this fall and
the land thus turned up. exposed to the
action of rain and snow nnd frost, be
sides jou can plant your ground earlier
ia the spring, especially ir the ground is
Irft in ridges sit much as possible.
Dr. not Tail to put out in the spring
some strawberries and blackberries and
raspberries, currants and gooseberries
and to the above collection do not forget
to add lo them a lew grape vines. 11 j
van get good plants they wdl all give
jou mme fruit the next Mjason after
In order to be sure to accomplish your
o'jject prepare, as far as you can, your
ground this fall for the spring planting.
There is nothing that will add so
much to the comfort and health of your
Felf and family with so little cott as
Harare Greeley said the man who pro
vided his family with plenty of good
fruit, that his daughters would marry
earlier in life and bo more likely to se
cure good husbands, as the bestjand
usually only the best young men in a
community would be likely to visit such
a family of such refined tastes and hab-
A. A.
Townsend & Wyatt's
Second Floor, over Jones, Townsend & Shireman's.
The lato fire is of too recent a date to print much store news about the goods
saved, but the interest in the trade resulting from the calamity is o great ami
the inquiries concerning our sale- so numerous that our customers will be
pleased to learn that the bulk of men-hand so daily going out from our teini-.rary
quarters has never been exceeded. Our buhirie. is proceeding with accuracy ami
dispatch. The vast amount or work we hae had to do compels us to ask at times
the patience and co-operrtion of our friends.
' This week will inaugurate a great sale of Imported All-Wool rrencli Uress
Patterns, comprising all the popular ideas of the season.
Dress Goods valued at S7.50. S9.00 and $16.00.
Special Sale Prices, S3.50. $4.50. 4.95 and Sb.UU.
Dress Goods valued at $16.50. $20. $25 and $35.
Special Sale Prices. $12.50. $15.00. SI 8.00 and $20.00.
Dress Goods valued at $25.00. S37.50. S45.00 and S50.
Special Sale Prices. $17.50. $25. $28.50 and $37.50.
Also an extensive range of fifty different styles of All-Wool
Dress Patterns worth S3.50 and $4.00 a pattern. Special Sale
Price, $2.25.
Laces-A Special Sale for this week. One of the most im
portant offerings we have made in LACES.
Take a Chair
and rest yourself, and while doing
so look over our elegant line of
furniture. We are daily receiving
and now have on' hand the largest
stock of furniture ever brought to
the county. We can please you in
style, quality and price. Our stock
embraces everything in the furni
ture line.
Side Boards,
Book Cases,
Parlor Sets,
Bedroom Sets,
Kitchen Sets,
Easy Chairs, Etc.
tmrt I Wyatt's Cluing te.
The tables of Men's Suits have been the center of great interest. When clos-
. . . - I oP ! 1. .1 r. 'Ilia
ing time comes one wntiiu tlmiK a cyclone nsieau 01 me n.m im.hu...
reason is hair over and in order to CLOSE OUT this stock wo nave reduced the
i . . .-r . ..i
prices oi everv arueie tmcrru. ... , , . ,
Have you tried a fit amongst tho qdd s;zes? '1 ho pick is marked at way-down
Boy's and Children's Clothing.
r.n ni.ii.: ik,n ,nL-.iV mat. iiiterestinir? Here aro Short Trousers
1M1 Ij VflUllllllK . '" ..........
Suits. Single and Double Breasted Coats at normal prices. ,,
See the slock ollereil in -ien s rurniMiinj; vhkmip, n iiiui". 4,...v.. ... . -
Hats. Hest values ever olTereil.
Townsend & Wyatt Dry Goods Co..
$j Jose Mr - - - fHo.
The Only Best Waps in the United States,
Thc Very Latest Patterns and Designs in Wall Paper,
Upholstering and repairing prompt
ly attended to. A full line of fine Coffins
and Caskets always on hand. We have
a fine hearse and make a specialty of
Denny & Schlotzhauer,
When you are looking for a Cooking or Heat
ing Stove, call in and examine our fine
line of PENINSULAR Cook Stoves
and Ranges and BUCKS Heat
ing Stoves
Are unexcelled and are
rTOULAR STOVES granted in every
Heater is one of the
We also keep constantly on hand a full line of
Hardware. Tinware, Stoves and Cutlery !
Waukcgan Bart Wire,
is a saviu;
TtiJt; UJiLtiJjliAliU nusnruiiu :
Fine Buggies, LapRobes, Harness, Shovel
ing Boards, Horse Blankets. Good Goods at
very .Low jrrices.
Tho lightest tour-poini wiro mauo.
rods ci.tile t-tyle. 7'J (toil mis: SO rods, thick
set or hog, SO pounds. The ordinary foiir
IMiint wire will weigh from 100 to 110
Hounds to tho SO rot's. Tho Waukeiran
; to the cousumer of from 'Xt to .TO cents on every spool.
Woodmanse Steel Wind
Mills and Steel Towers,Pumps,
Pipe & Fittings, The Nancy Hanks
Pump, a favorite everywhere. Kegler's
Patent galvanized iron tubing for chain
pumps. It is ever-lasting, will not rust or rot
An.no o-rrro-rr tttiVi flio tipflvv water soa.ked
unit, uuco a w j vv --' - j . ;
wood tubing. We make a specialty of Tin and
-i 1 I J T IT j- oIca ViiTiili T? Olid IT'in cr
Give us a call, examine our goods, get our
prices before buying.
Here's the wood local you have been
looking for: As the roads are good, you ;
can bring tho wood in at once, nnd
...nnch to run va through the winter.
j that wo enn hurry and take the local i
nut of the paper., i
Walnut Orove.
Corn husking has commenced in
great shape, as there is a large crop this
1. S. Alkire and family, of Forest
City, were iu this vicinity hiBt Sunday
Mr. Wni. Youngnian has taken tho
postoffice at Napier, and is now putting
up a dwelling houfe.
Mrs. Freemver, Mr. and Mrs. Lone,
of Worth county, were visiting in this
neighborhood last week.
Dave K'ibisnn returned from the
Cherokee Strip last week. He wa oro of
the lucky number that secured claims.
V.lr,..r flit!;, li:t; In-in ciiiitined to
his room several days with the chills,
batv.-eaicKiad to leurothathe is bet-
Winter Wheat.
Average yield per acre, eastern belt. :V.
counties. lii.Cl; central belt.M counties
19.17; western belt, .12 counties. 10-11.
Area.easlern belt, 7i"i,474; area central
belt, 2,r9C,S10; area western belt. 407,
72D acres; total eastern belt, ll,T2J,'Ji:i;
total, central belt, rjO,57o,417; total wes
tern belt, 8,132,050.
Spring wheat, eastorn, 11.32 per aere:
snriniT wheat, central, 13 22 per acre-
spring wheat, western, 14.C0; acres ext
ern, 4.133: acres central, 21,210; acres
western, 231,101; toral pioduct eastern
ICtt; total product centril, 330,132:
total product western l,120,2v.
Total product, 1,502.'.2C; average yield
per aero for tho stato, 14.r3; total winter
and spring. 71.ii3S.90t;. X. X.
The following is tho program of the
Teachers Institute of the northern dis
trict to be held at Xew Liberty, Nov. 4.
10 to 10:l" a. in.. Opening exercises.
10:l."i to 11 a. in., Teachers reports
it-milling iliiti-.().
II to 11 :30 a. in., "Methods in Spell
! :.. m;. .. '';.....,
1 li,. .MIW J IJ'MIII.
HSU to 12, "lnif.ortance ami Methods
of Wilting." Arch Crews.
1:1.1 to 2 p. in.. "Obligations of the
'IVm-hr" W. M .TohiiMin.Chas. Wat.-oii
! ami J- IS. lMirmout.
2 to 2: 13 p. m.. "Obligations or the
Parents to the School," S. 11. Christian.
.1. S. Christian and W. 11. Lacev.
2:45 to 3S50. "Methods in Percentage,"
Mrs. Wooldriihre. M. W. Hrtimbaiigli
and .Tno. Sleer.
. ..... ... . it-
:!::ito4, ".ciiooi liovernmeni. .
IVarson, Miss Landon and Cynthia
4. Opening of question box.
Parents are especially invited.
15y order of
Tho Old Reliable Petr S:h littler
Wagons are made of the best and tough
est hickory, oak and poplar timber
that grows in America. It is the only
strictly lirst class wagon made now; be
sides that it is also the nicest propor
tioned and the easiest running wagon in
the United Statcj. H. C Schmidt,
agent, Oregon, Mo.
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ccpt wenfei Itumn
qanti:i f their
UOOlS. ThelI?CrOi
contract the let the
price, quality remaia
ior the wme.
ttndlnr One ollnr Tor er jt' nli,cii.iin .
Trw' Farilnr WTorlil n4 IS mtt tit to t'
1 adin' Fine DoiiKOKldllpr niOifi.nl
Tlr ( cat). thj iny MlecU b4 ir will cnlrr cr
r.aniTBTOtmtlit jo mj tend lth tb-rrfr.Inr
nijnr'i tnbtrnptioo to th but dallutjttr family
Tro' Furml k World n-prr tnnilily
mnsnxlne, with lisndtome coreni. demtrd li, li-mr.tie
end lltfmry to)ict. tbe rtlcl r inHmttue nd t tin
ni tim lnl.rr.tlns to nil tnntri or , familT r
r.nmbr rt.ntir b.nfclD rift plta. l on "to to
kr plMurl will, tho fp-r !" tho 'I'l r" rannot rl
to nlomw. r-r thT re wrrth $1 3 it ct reUll ,h-m.t, ir.
V cnnrintro s.fr irrt n.d crniplrto .ttiUrtlon.
T.ii nlf r l oqniulj pf-i tit old wpll nl Iiow nl-rnt-or..
o.-it I hftnK tkrn ndrantnro ef by llinniiit
l:.irr ,!oiit ctt in Uto. hnt nl yottr rtf to,iyil
rrotlt I.J Cio vfryl-irf '"'r rrmdp l toy f nhu.it
liphon.elntlmor oy othrr ronnlry Zhr" htMtJ
tn.iT.Ji'e KitU ciO-i nrt r mt'lo.ln ll r -
ii-l tcMili. tid it if I'nlr nrroiry for y i tMr.iI I If o
!-ondiriJlhofj.Tirl"tl.tnd wo cnrn-o
rYori ur Sllppor nce Ititrmhirotl J.t mr
larerrfc'h otdrrn tnrfr r.TMvNrfiy i ni.m th.r
pV,,l.od-iinrotnr.d,ftnlh"iw we run fnrnih "
n.r- r,l,r r,litlH:nnrir. W.ffcr tboo MrerJ
orttTr,rl 'Vvn witl.oi.t rniriiiTo. fr olo atvc4
Vollur tcrniir. p. t,ro?:'i oir-. mi -r.
Branch ( 92 Fifth Avenue. New York.
I tn tire , mt .mi mit it,imi. in a.iiu
State, lo the .Iiiiiiian- tt-rtit,
Tiii!irifii.l Ulinri ,it tlu, f. 1 ,,l.. .....t ..
I Ihe noiit Millnii llninitinti-'lt. t'tt'tn-r.ir ur'tiirn the errrlio or a pimv
Ciiirl:c,sa!t,bread and nnd steak
t WittVWitoh II.izoI Salve
k are put , l,uniH, hruises. skin affect ioi
i Ivitiv in .T C Philhrtf'r (l-.w.n tn

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