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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, June 08, 1894, Image 2

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.Issue.! Kv. rv Friihiv.
H:.'.S: H.5Q PEn YEAH Ml AOAf.'CL
iD03rXS & CURRY, Publishers
1-Vnh.v. .I.iik-. -S. 1X!.
KcihiIimcii:! Connor. (' .1
To the nietnlMirs f the It' .!. ':
Iml diit'iiiitl's"! ;f Unit nii:
l'leae t.tke ii'itice that :i i:u-t t ttiir oJ
She iiepiihlicni: Central Committee i!
Ih.lt iMimlj is hereby ,-alie.i .fur We.l
u ..liy. tli- K'.ili d;iv i.t-l'ine. A. !.. lv.l.
t the tnanr sn!!'w in l-'i.rcsi C.tv. Holt
cimity. .Mi.-htitiri, tor tlit purine ' m-I
tin;; tin- Hum tl.at tiiir enmity nominal
i tlii c.uiveiili'.n shiill I-. held this venr:
i-d Jiving tlie bsi ft:r represent ,-il.it:
in I tit h in l arrange !..r represent a
linn in tli.- -T.-tl.- :i i i emigrest-i-mal tun
veiilinii ei-m to If held, and to attorn!
tuaay other business that may irTl
i-nin before said committee.
It is earnestly desired that nil t!.t
.members of the enmity committee
?) present at this meeting, anil alsttiat
1 iey evteii-l hi) mutation to ill? tin-iie-tnber.-.
of tl.e several tov i 1 1 1 r.im
iniltee.s in meet ivii.li tin nt that time.
for III tit Tl :i 1 l-ti'Mlr--!.
li:. K. lU t.i.f.K, Hi:nkv T. Ai.ki;.:"-.
Secret.iry. I'iia.rm in.
County O.niiu'.ttec.
Iluiiit-iiibor, I'itt-; alwiiv- malt
: tie
jo'Aesl price- on lrv eimils. bout
rsiioe-. ti.un aivi c ips 1 iiriiis:iinj s.'o..is, -
etc lie to ;.
l is stock is
o.ir mtoreft to iu.-ttate
the l.ir-et.
That A wl'til Tai ill -lioliluTj I '
The lieu.ocratic national o!;. if inn
c.dls the McK-.nle bill a "fiaiiil" ai.d a
robbery of the p.-op!e." I-t us m-c how
much of a robbery it is and what this
.Democratic administration projioses to
it-ive to the rubbed.
Dnrinj: the hist liscal year under the
McKir.lev bill enr imports awrealoil
SCtTlMCiJ Tit. of wiiicii -lmVl2.ti.")S.Hj
uete dutiiible. 'J he dutie paid under '
the McKinley bill awreated ?1.s.:IT::, ;
4.7i7. or not unite Si per capita for the j
entire population or the L'niti-d States. J
mcn. women and children includid. :
What a frmhtrul "robbery" this tariiT j
j;u ,s; I
Prof. Wiison's bill, ncwrdini: to the j
Democratic estimates, wiii provide a ;
revenue of SPJI,0at..i04.17.
; decrease ns j
-compared with the total of th duties ;
levied under tho McKinley bill diinn
the pa-t year of STIl.o.M'.r'.f? K Prof.
Wilson's bill therefore proposes to Mive
t. the np!e of the country a "rohLe.-"
ta of jusi about tl a head, nut it soo ' , . ,
... .... ; ;nv reii:ir-d. It is ciiarjiiitted to Kive
farther and fares wor-e. Jhe revenues.' 1 .
, ,, . . .1 I perfect satisfaction or moiu-y rettindod.
under this bill woi'ld not support the , , ,
. i- i i, r m-i IViceii cents per bos. lor sale by
Kovernmeat and a-corJituly Prof. V. il-; ,
...... ! C.ar.i O. P'Oi.-.l.
sun reir-cstre lunjuitfiis income t;ix
which, it Ls estimated, will yield at Ii-.-t j Ti'ltniiii i!" Tiu Trtisls.
.$.-m-H..til:l. Tiits estimate in considered
tooIo.v. the income tax.wi. I prot.alily 1
ejual halfof tliosavinj; sn rmei.i.otaws ;
so-:hat in reality, under Prof. Wilson's
lull, a terrible load t-f robber tartirtuxos j tnis f;-lCr that is uefJed. A proatirenl
to the extent of o'l cents per ci-.itn vili ' froe . r.tllt, c,.nator says it is a modi tied
be removeit from a loaj; mi:K-.- -. peo MeK-nle.v bill. As far as the average
I- ' Democratic mind can gr;r-p the pun
Hut therc-jis'.stiir anott.er considera- j Qf p-')tei.-f.oii as held by the Ue
tiou. Prof. Wilson's bill has b-en rmmd IlUbic.iii party this is probably true,
ed by the stnate and the duties increased ! Accord::,;: t . the latett advice.- '.In
to f?IftVJt,77!.45. . whicii. subrracted i mo:isura that is to see the li-ht of d:.y
from the duties levied dur-ns the ast j H,. ;;lis sc,:lle v,.rv lt.
year under the McK nlev b 11. leaves a .1llri;iib!" protective features about it.
reduction or the terrible "robber" taritf . Taj:,. ti,e matter of woulen manufae
taxes or only sCK.-HW.OSl .VJ, or justabont ttir. s.for ir.sm.c-.: -.: is s::i that the
what it is estimated that the iniquitous : duties are to be U rt much, the s..-ne as
income tax will yield' mnv for jiit. ,,-.:,-c:i. n or the :n... I'm
So that, while this Democr itu- aduiin ( ti. producer of voi is le't to look ..-ut
istration protases to relieve the people , for nim0jf. McKinley idea is
from the "lObb.-r" lantT to the extent of .vi:i.Hy of another sort. P-y the present
half a dollar a In ::d. it also proposes to iiivv tni.. manufacturer is ir-f-n prctee
levy a new tax of precisely the ra:i.e tionsto the extent i f adjusting his in
. amount, and the tax it removes is a tax !ercts to the b.is of the price of home
on foreign good s. intended for the pro- rown wool a proti-ctiii Trom the cheap
lection of American industries- a-.d WOols trom abroad. The new bili would
American workingii:en, while the new clVt, re manuiacturer free w.-ol f.-..m
income tax will be levied only on our own a.jror. I and also continue the present
JWI'le- . rate of protection, or nearly
Which is the robber. McKiuley's or AlJlj j0v aV-at sii-ar? Here, too, the
Trof. Wilson's tan!!? lr,J5t is Ulfatl c,re 0r The planter will
! pet encHh protection to soture his
'.Two Livo Saved. sunnt?rt'to the bij'. but the" trust 'W
Ma Phoebe Thomas, .if Junction be put in a way to reap an advantage f
City. III., was told by her doctors she ' oinethii!- like Hire- iu.l'.ions a year
had Consumption aril" that there was no r"i tl e deal. Tho consumer will have
licjte for her.but twe Oottlosof Dr.KimrV " more f .:ir com suar on his break
Xew Discovery completely cured her 1 f-ist table. Iiow--.r. for the protectior
i.iul e says it rttred her life. Mr. i 1 1 be a tax in fa t. nnd the consumer
Thus. lagers, WU Fonda St. S.ui Fran- will i.ave to jay it. That is certainly
Cisco, suirerod fro.ti a dreadful cold, ap 1 not in line with the McKinl..-;- idea,
prc.achiiiir Cor.-;uiiiplioi.: tried without mokitfed or ot?.- r.'.ise.
result every thinj: else tl.w. bought one The fact is tha: t.'i- trusts iiave na I
bottle of Dr. JC-nc's New Discovery the pre--er.t a l:ui:iistra!i.ii by the slack
::ind in two weeks u.is cured. He is nit- of its ap;-nrel s-in.-e t'.e tirst dav of its
urslly thankful. It is such results, of
which these are samples, that prove the
.voaerfit! e-ieacy of this mericine in
Couch's and CohN. l-'reo trit! b)tt!es at
Clark O Proud's dn.j; store.Ileular size
fize oOj and ??c f.'
Citioco Inter-Ocean: Ti
bounties in round numbers cc-.'t Uncle
Sam S10.O.W. But it ir..-i!e suar
cheap and plentiful. Ths tarirl as for
MulateJ by the Oeajocrstic secste will
iirinu in upward of j 1 iV .. s and
nine tenths of it will be pa.d trt.m''.hi
I'OckeN of the lalKirics; mir-e.;.Trn-party
which was so worried over the
1-w airin's little dinner pail" ana "the
r..bb?r tariff." which added about onc
third of a cetit to its cost. 1? a wonder
fid party.
lietrtrs' i.ittlc Oiaut IMHn.
The Crowning Hcauty of Wotnan
Js luxuriant growth of Hair Uec
t 1- .
11.nr i.-:newer is iruaranieoiJ to ei
t-atisfaction. a it tl a purely u .egetabl?
preparation, and a:'a dire.;;'- on the
r.iits of the hair. Sold and arranted.
For sale by J. C. Philbrick. Oregut-. Mo
Thk house has voted to withhold any
-appropriation for the Civil Service co-ai-inissiou.
This is an indirect wav of
killing olT the reform of which Uroyer I hate two little grand children who
Cleveland was such a loud and vocifer- are teething this hct summer weather
mis exponent, ami is another stab at the ! ;icii are troubled with bowel complaint.
Chicago platform. This on.lv em- j p,ve sri).ra Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
Vhnsizes the hynocrisy nf the platform era and Diarrhcta IJemedv and it acts
. when it declared ia favor cf this gur- j iiko a c:irnl. I er.rs.eelly recommend
real principle. J it for children with bowel troubles. I
. ' was aiy-i-if taker, with Severe attack o'
.Something t.rong when you nr.' VP . " jiains in
a.sily. Something wrong when She slao tny st.:i, ic!i. o..t t:..id ..! a bottle of
is not clear and smooth. Snmethitii : ihis remedy cured tne. Within twenty
wrong when thrvjj'.ood is impure. Ever
thini? right ,vhe you take DeWitt's
JsJ-iissAjjirillii. It 5' e vnraAnds itself
;iTold by T. S. H.ndj. f. M .
A Democratic Conspiracy
Tin 1 ' ITMt if Chli- .;, Tlllll'H full
.c. u-s nil intensely interesting recital o'
.e s-eheme of the sugar Irii-t which
wi'l re".ilt in gtcmtie ptitit an bilious:
"li. tin- -'.'-;. ther. is en.iiigh ill
-ntnntic inlet. t.i inula i! livi. 1'
tell-. !i:..v ti-is prrsidr
i! the renin:.-!
at It. l. U.i'.e
: i. : ;u J'h
.:yiT :f the sugar trust .in.I K. C..".'!ie
li.et, one of the lenders of til.-lt ; (Wt Mil'
ie.iv vil.de mi l!ri .Mr. 15 iirtlu-t"
viiuh! the p-imiiiiarn--;
fupir(y were nntiried. H tells
thi-.triii jior'i-ftvi! the iK'tails of the
i-.'iisp:tai v at their vniimer coitai--'.
!:ov a saiictiinoimuts Suinl-iy clm .!
MioiTiriti-ml-tit. '-iiic .John K. Su .-!:- i
a iin; tiio cnifliit. sui itiseit. :mwt
iii!-)iiiaii: i! i'-kii ir;I l!i:;t ovor i:i:i.Ii
rnhioii a '!: iU f r a Tiinn. w5 '.".ill;
t!it'M ii;-'!; an-I ai.h'-i iht'in in niithniii;
tht' --I'lit'm" for Imiraja natinn.
"It tells ho a- tin- i-imii-aiaii ;n;I oih
iaii)oio!ist ,-eiit ins im: niptin aivnt
into the ealmu t It tells how the w
L-retary of utato v.w hiiiln-l air
lnoreil aim i-:it e: into a conti!'
ai-'piii-s; -enee i.i
Il (.Oil-liraCV. It tell.- j
ho:v tho arncMit
if... i..r j,,., I
out Senator t'alTiev w it It a l.rit.e on hi
tongue nnd n U'rert in his (.i. uhih j
tl.'s seralur drafted a niar bill that j
would be acceptable to ti'-j trust. I.
tells ho-v ('irhsi... uiini'iter of stat. ami j
i ii i, !
r- i.'l.l. ..1 .ill" II... I. I.I..I .1 ..-.4. , l.l.ll. 1
l if.ire the tir.arer cfiumittee f tin '
senate and told it for 'he i:residei.t that
il o-ved the sugars rnst a debt of lunuu
ti.at must b. p-i.il: that the tni ha.
it :n it'll iiiirs rii":. 1111. 1 t?i:ii 1 -lost1 s.'iiti .
tors must renin tiie ili-lit m
1 1.-. 1
ia. bii.il '
should 1 'cafe the trust. In reading t li I-
j piKtenty may at !i at say; "In th-si
d.ivs thore was ln-nor ntuoti tluoies.
Pos.enty r!ial! ra.i. too. the story of a
man iio a !': d one of t lie otiicerr- of the
uar trust il he did not fiar tiiat tin
house of representatives wi fad tv
tilav into the ii.uids of the trust, an.l
how this oliicer simK-d and said: -We j
d-.n't care wh.it the hoiir-e d.s. Wo
o.vn the senate ard ve control the i-eo
pleat the other ei:d of the avenue. Xo;
bill will b.vmi" a I.t rthich will tinea
tl'" "i:r busiiies.s
' Posterity sh.r.l read all this with a
smile of pit.-inji letn Hpcctiou as beinj;
crimes and ron-i, of a dark asc-
-"d the men or t..dav.sl..,!l read it tin..
read it with a smile that is the smith-of
inditrereii'-e. Hut not f.ira.'.vays. The
people will awake, and their wrat:..
thou-h slow, is sure and terrible."
IJ:!i-I;!ciiN Arnica Salc.
The Host Salvo in the world for Cuts,
. . i
Bruise", Sores-, Ulcers, Salt
I Fever Sores. Tetter. Chapped Hi'i iK
' Chilblains. CornF. and all Skin Krun
ri.e now W.ison bill is the triumph of
1; tr,s.;s. The little that is Known nt
u ide ihj. eei-rot cha.uber in which
,t .-on-triicted is all the assurance ol
eister.ce. Tl.e po.'.pie w ;ll not be r-.iul-ed
.vith anytiiiiii: tiint it may to to
cive a shr.d.iw ofli.'rje-rty to its urj.ler-
iaKinr;s i ir:u imiti-riusr. 1 -ro:ciin
. .
is eit:ir;r r.i.t or 1: -s ii vvmnfr. i. 1: is
1....1 ...i.i. . 1 1 1..
riKir. us wni-ias uir.- .0 1111 ciae
alike, fnerecanbeno half wav work
about it that will not'be wronc. Mtxli- i
t'watioaa broucht about at the derated '
of the trusts vriii only increase the con
tempt of th- people for the parly guilty
of the iii:r?;v.
Is Your
II.it FaHinjr Out
Turniti Iray V
If so, why dun"; you try ISetrsrs" Hair
Uecewer: It is the 'iiy p;s.tne Hair
K-ev"?r on the market. It stimulates
the Hair foiiices and t'ives the hmr a
soft, luxuriant, youthful appearance,
.soi l and warranted bv J. C. Philbrick.
Oreor.. Zlo.
t r-7.- . ,
Lk.w as when is. tin-re is danger of it
depreciating still trjre. There was a
.visible -upply -.-t ,'J ) bushels iu
. lhe tdtvators only a Xc.v days
ago, mere la sun j..is o wne.ii. uu me
f.iriua and :t ia but a few weeks before
thft new crop wil: begin to ripen which,
; according to present procpec's will be
immense I'r.der sch ccndi:ion.. onlv
very cst.-aardinary
bring iugh-jrpru-va.
circumstanees can
jfourhoural was out cf b-d and doing
i my house work. Mrs. W. L Dunagan. I
Hon -i'jiia. liichtnan (V.. Te..;i Kor ;:'
Clar 1 ' ''r '
A Uaili-n.'id l'limeiT.
Tlie north o.-terii oxteiiMi'ii "f ;
loirliDC'"'! railroail noiv .im!utn. ,
ll roiiKh nurtheru Wymiiinj: Hlmost ti .
the Muutan.i hue, hae opeiit'il fur ihvl
a;eut an iintn-.-territory. Iiom re
soirees Inve hitherto heun hnrill tins I
j-eeteil Uy the general iiihlr: mnl tint
naif tiiui Tt. 'o.I l. tli-ri lio v..;re uioi-t
fauiiliai wi'.'.i !l in. 1 he liu tr.ierM.t-.
for inor..' th.in three huiitlixi miles, :i
section revi.inslv wholly without rail
. jiitieeli.iii. ami although such an inci
iient as lh oieiiin; up uf H'-h n ni".v
iiT.iI niaiiitii-ent region uoiihl a M'ure or
ye.'.r.ao l.ave attracteil national atten
t-.ni. it ocenred .hist, year without excit
iinico more than a pat-injj panuraph
in ttie pre.s.--. So uiiicli niilroail hiiilil
u has liecii tloae uiul so muth zeal has
I.ceii ihsplajeil in ailvortisinc the ex
r:ne Northweht and the I'.ieilii: I'o.ist
hat this near hy territory has heen emu
laratively neitlocte.. So far in-- the pub
ic has hail any impression of this region,
t has been tliat. it win", if not actually a
ve:t. at least sullicieiitly anil and un
itti.il to bo the fouiu'ation for the
t . ...... i .. ... .... il tl...
ailVV aCnllOIVietlXe ll, vios I oi: i-l .linn
ieisten - - a of the ' C. re.it American Do-
t. i i i f i..i.. . ,.ru -
il lias noeiei. oeeu ui ihkv i i...
urettv thoroUL-hlv demonstrated and
r.ithcr nonerally eoneeded that this re-
itiiia is admir.iblv nil.ipted to the breed
...f .:.!!.. alari'eseule.ai.dthisde
..T. - " " " " r. ' .
-riee of UtniuieUue oi its resources is te ,
in-sliciveded by the inevitable discov-
lory that much of it is well titled by,
l'ia:Uj oi sou ami oi.ior coii.mioat. lor .
of soil nr.d other conditions for!
.1 i'.i.-5ii 1 uui.uiii.iv.
. ...... I.- r,i -.,.. inn.... .M 1 1. iv:i v Tin.
ii-n ir i-.i ......
tlreat West has gradually and with
1 ' , t
much dillu-ully ttniwl.nl out irom be
11e.it li the cloud cist upon it nearly a
century auo. when early explorers mis
iiaiuiHl it tho Great American Desert,
state by stale, county by county, single
ii!t. it has emerged in small ilet.icii
with much fear and tremolinsi ul .
those tirt settlers whom it had taken
into its coali.lenca iind invited to m.ike
tiictr homes upon its itosoni. It was ai-
most as il a worn oi reiieinpiion w.isko-
i iiif; on rather than a work of develop
mem oi wiuu aireauj eAi.-ieo. in i.i.ii
i . 1 1.. ....1 I .. .
lioveliipmcnt llic uurilUKlon r-iuroau nas
done more, perhaps than all other ngen ,
oies combined. It was the lirst to push ,
..... y '
out, without the encouragement ami ,
assistance of subsidies, into the vast re- ,
'ioii over which hun the Might ins: re-j
i nutation of aridiiv and barrenness. It
has pioneered the way for the sturdy
t. . i t- .i i
J liomesteauor, inaue ii.s pain easy .i:.o
. invited him to foiloiv :n c.Jiivoiiienceaud
,.mfrt. It has onened un for him vast
areas of invitins territory, almost against
Ins protest, and has rouo into them
doubtir.ly. but lias remained in pros-
: purity aaii jKice. At ever new invasion
'by thisonterp.UTu' r.uiro.ul '' ''-ew
portion of the western plains this same
! " u.is ii'ij.j'Lui ..
.f a reulany lain out prorume. w
: ;'"u !S";;"ctl . ." r - , "l
: i t. ...t.. !.,...:..,. ....... it.
""' i--i ."
.i ...i.i.. . . . . r i i.t.i wt'ii..
me ii. i iiiuie si 1 1... us ... no- . ....v.
, in the older tunes tv.ien tuere were no
aiiroads: than a How bevond these, and I .
then the taking possession of the entire
territory mid the upbuilding ri':l'
.in.. S.I...IJ, i. ...... mi,... .
.... I ... .-.I". . t .'
mere s.-enes are ueini; repeaieo m .i.e
ne.vly reached region penetrated by tins
read. located in northwestern eifrnKn.
southwestern South Dakota and north
'easieni Wyoming. Contrtiry to the en-
..-..11. ...... !iitir..cittn litis imineiisi
v....... -a .......
territory -three hundred miles lorn; by
one hundred miles wide, ii'id in area
filial to. several or the smaller states it.
the I'nion is j assessed or resources tl.at
.jiiniifv lttolie the Iu me o. a nudum
, people, and its future inhabitants are
already movini: iu auil taxinj; possession
iu droves-or thousands. New towns are
st.rinj;it)S up. Those already-organized -
Alliance. liemini:fi.rd?Crawford, Ede -
mont. Newca-lle. Sheridan, etc r.re en
i .iiii: a period of 'unprecedented pros
.p.rit. OiK-atic; "iiterprisoii-minini;.
irriatin, tlyes. even luauufacturiuj:
having ehosen'tlns ns their Held of
operations'lr.nd Jair sides the reuuitsof
wisely directed energy are.app irent.
' t'i..n..n'!itist ti....v..vfr."'is hv no mean?
'." . ..!
the only , person wiioe presuce .. n is
N'e.ver Xortl.west is noticeable. This i.-.
it not a veniaoie pior ai iu s ... ... ...
. at K-ast -is od arrilorv as the man
... n.e.ios -""""'all tha principles Tor which it stood in
.Most of the laii.l sdli belong to toe , . omiso nni ivariiinL'
I ilii.IC iomiiiii ai:ti can ji- o. ' win.- -v
home.steadir.i; except that in certain
portions it may be taken under the Pes-
ert Laal Act "and i'-'-i toil secured by
putttnc it under ditches and supplymp
it with water for lrri i p-rpocs-. What
remains is the hist;ortheoac vast area
that has triven free homes to millions of
entorprisiiit; American citir.ens. It is
rapidly bean; alsorb.-d m.tlx- sp.me way
theirioat mass ot it lia-5 none, ami 1110
, , , 1,1 .... 1.. ,1.,,.,
lar.n who nelavs is dehlx'ratively throw
the lust opt.ortunity to secure
. ,., l,orit:. o . '
; of a liberal sovernment.
'Many of-'.he eitiej.s of Raineville
Indiana tire never without a bottle of
Cnamberlain's Ciuh Kemetly in the I Sometime ago 1 was troi.bled with an .
house." t-avs Jacob Hrown. the leading attack of ihetimatism. I usod Cham
niervhant of the place. Tl.-id Ilemedy berlain's Pain Ikslm nail vvas completely
has proven of to much value for colds, , (:u red. I haved since advised many of.
croi.p and whooping cough in cniiureii ,ny friends and castomers to try the I
that few i thers who know sts worth
a-e willing to be without
l.v Clark O. Proud.
it. h"or sale
They A re Kasily PIciuc.I.
If the Dem-cra'.-iof Missouri are proird
t r.e record "I 'w l-'r'J ' -"ra
,.:eai.e(i. The record has been one
' leg bluuder after another from the very
day Cleveland was inaugurated. The
Democrats found the country prosper
oup. with factorial, running full time,
botiksi full of the money of the vvurking
man, and a contented and liappv people.
In k-s-J than a year the country wr.s in a
toiancia! panic, catiHed by the stupidity
vf tno lerrjocmticr leaders. Today fin
ancial ruin stares thousands of men in
1 utuu-aiiuQ 01 turn oj
, .,
prosperous when the
- . , . . .
into power Tactonei-
the face who were
Democnitd came into power factories-
are closed, huo'lreds of thousands of :
me.n are out of work act! their families
are suffering. Ftr;!:- are rpreadingand
disconti-nt is even s - -re. the lnuus-
." . , , j
r"" , '. ' . .
t rioa of f In. rOTlfi! r
and stagnation and ruin has taken the '
-V . - , .....4 tiprtfrwintv fl.n ;
,...,. o. ..s.-.i... -
Democrats have the power to r:-Ms-
these things, but the lack the hoi:es-v
p.ple believe that the honest Derao-
cr-its of this Mate are ir.ind of their
St. .t'js-ph X-ws.- ,In. I.) '
A Tale of Woe
Important to Sufferers From Heart
bum, LrS3 of Appntlte, etc.
Sir. W. ft.
.St. l.o:i!(IriicoraRj ttenrnil Mrrdiant.
K.IItori:;! tlriwtliii.'iil. M. l.ou'.s. Mo.
. ... r i -.v:,....! u iti.
IVltl l.l-l .liu.nri i uruii..'- nmr niM
wariuur.i ru-iut-u.! -a-. iii-.. .o.
. . . . . a ; At
aiomncn irouaiu ana inQivesiian.
- - .
' siii..ni
i:rv eiie ana ini-ii niimni-r iii.-ih: iiri-srriiioin,
...ungareiu-f. My apjiettte m pine. ami I
rouMirt have umiI any iligmtlon l( I li.nl lia.l tt.
Well. I chan.c.l to r.a.i an H.U.rtU.-.i.nt ta a
nk . i .
, .
tai-r. la v.hleh tin- J'stfU-'I't iiaj
II.i.hI t:r--. t lw:::it a liottle Hint
m:.lU. llt
li...---ri f:i!.ln - 1:1 si tlira n.- to.liUi-iN-ijar
Wa.tt tlifr lott uf my Nl.miacii wuuM
Tanelo Up Liko a Protzol
Jf x ft n ., .., Mtint .-.nytl.Uc
xi-iiui. 1 kr.t-w inn i.iufis r.i.i.r.i.ii.1
untii.in t ii.i uitv more 111.1a iunu 11 mrn ; ii.-.un
- -
syrius. lint I was ilU:i!':it.toii. A trw I'.osrs
H.MKfsSiM.iiiir!Ilaaii.l I L.-icm t.f.s - It..t -
t-:r. I muM lunliy I'-H.-m- It pn-. If uIihii I ale
a lialf f a l.it.-tor an.l foiin-l tii it it n-all n.i-.u.t
turrauln witli nio mor nislit. (tr.i.iu.tlly my
Appetlto Returned to Mle,
Anil I soon foiind I couM eat nsot nnytliln;,
and aho Ix-jan to grow fnt. I to.-k 2'- Imttlf
.. 1,,0.1-h Stnir !": M
liailto. Mywlirvwiiiililnl jiisiiivMiy inure 10
ea!. i coulil Mit Jowa at n wrll fill-tl tnliieand
eai a ..jear sn.-t xiround myself In tea minute
iium i.nr uy iiive i a l-.i u-ir. '-
.ihi.-h I jiicsMc." W. 11 Uoii-.iUsoN.bt. I.oms.
Hood's Pl'lscure ill Liver UN. I'lllonsness
Juunilii. IiiJigrtnii. SU-k ilcai'.ache.
The .June Koleotic opens with an
j article descriptive anil reflective on
j ('.HiPtnulinopi.' as a Historic City," by
i Mr l.'r.ileri. k Il irri.son. Ladv Coole's
J o- .i;;.iXs . io CUsriim"s or
.00Ii!c of n,, tUa?.. ?:uU with
... tt,.!,it-' i ,,.,., l.Pn
I ... o .l.h..
i joisiois repii io u cu.i.iei.e iu ui-uuv
. his jtK,. )f ..j;, .; (ltKi Mnrality"lind
, m ,ho .jtj,,,, 0f articles, and
j sirjo!l Simon's paper on "K.irly Social
i Self f;;ov..rni.,?I1.-- ciue;; t!, list .of
, tlll)?e f lIlt Uo;lVh.r .orl. --Kmerson's
Mt;(..;cs, jtll O,. .uncey." as its title
,ui.,i,0.. ,s of interest to slmletits ot
. ,itor:ll.lre. ; a d!-written paper on
.... .i
l!riiat A,,en " "0"K111 f Uu,l,rat"m
iiisciist-os a curious ctioiecl in a vijror
o;i manner
in article
. j-jj, ot v- is ,,erh-ips of even more in -
crest to the ceneral reader than to the
IIC eiali.-t who knows already thc-,e
triumphs of his profession. There is a
hrm niimlier of less serious ailicles
, WMiy, lholi) jia t.cSorl;ti,.:nt;
. i iaei,isir!i hating" as an
experiment -
jls rt.ujt8 ;ui fensaii.m
Worthv of
v.Ul m(.ntion is an ea.-y. "When
i.f,, stirs." rrom the pin of the de-
. ... 4
i"liliiil writer who cans inniseii -.1 mm
. ))f M Mj.uv ,:j0 tu. short storv
..v.nd One L'ukliown," is a bit of ijuiet
. i,"ul .ira-natie-writini:. In all, this nine-
b..r ,.ont.ti.w ei-hteen cood and rendu -
Loni.u..s 1 i.utf. 11 fcoou a. in n.iu..
j.le articles, with the usual section 1 f
, .-.jUunv ;,d Iiitorary Xotes. Pub-
; ni,itt, ,);. E u i,.It,in. nj Khth
c-lrt.Ptf xlHV Vork. Terms. S"i per year
numbers. !." cents: trial Fiibscrip
,j(Jp for :! mont,s-, 6. Eclectic and any
?j M-e'-ir-iiie. SS.
. :
, Arc You Troubled Willi
, Constipation oi Sick Headache? If so.
why not try Uejr.s' Little Giant Pills?
' It only takes one pill a day ; rorty pills
: m a bottle. One 1oltle will euro yon,
I n.i.l nnlv costs Je. Sold and warranted
.,"1.. r .-- ..,,..:.. ,..,..., t..
eorsaiei-y - 1 inionin. wirjuu .w.
Wlinrr..'?he jen,0cracy: has learned
, nvthi r not. it ii:is at loast f,trjj0ttfn i
: ,ho Il5utfonn :
that Present t. levianu i.as mime or
irivcn. I
In old times it reined to be thought
that a medicine mutt be nauseating to j
he effective. Nov.-, all this is changed. '
Ayor'.s sarsaparilia. or.e of the mojt ,
poweiftil rtlterativs, i3 agreeable to'
most palates, tl.e flavor buinii by no
menns medicinal.
Fm:mi:i:s who vvere cnted into votiuj:
! for ( Irmvr Olevcland w tiie r.ri.xais.- of
, . ,
. .vncat,
er Cleveland, has reached
, . , ,,, fl)r
IGrover, Grover, 'hrea years more of
Grover! '
remedy and all speak highly of it. Simon
'Goldbaum, San Luis l.'ey, Cal. For sale
bv Cark O. Proud.
' ig :' 'ks ;,n, A ,
hobo is a man who voted for a change
. m(j BOt i: n) nrj... foots u to Washing-
ton to kick against it. '
- '
. It Cures blood anil skin disordtre. It
does this quickly and permanently. Is (
there any good reason.why you should ,
not use De.vill's SarHap.it ilia? It re
commends itself.
Ongon, .Mo.
Sold by T. S. Hinde,
How would it do for General Kelly t.
huve his army towi-d down the I-'.ither
or Waters to Vx-lc-burg. The planters ,
. ... ... , . . i
of Missis'-sppi are begging for Tarin labor I
crs and oiler high wage". .
jsive oii Tried IJejZS-" cr-
an Salve
For Piles'- If not. wh. not? Can you
alford to suffer longer for the cake of
-":. Thin is the price of the greatest
' I s dvo on the market. Sold and warrant-
VI. Sold by . I. 0. Philbrick. Oregon, Mo.
. -hz avorage Democrat is kept pretty
the pending taritT .clieme.
J tilt s t'tllsare ccem.es to i
Il!)lTllll. I
SlerpuiK Car Kvfurm.
The bill providinc for half a cent per
mile for i-leepine; car fares has -struck n
popular chord. It iuim be that con-res
will I'illy-dally with tl.o Mibj.ct tint
everybody has forgotten about it. or m
til tho sponsor for the measure i.i deai'
hut a j;riitfful j:ciienitieii t'. emb.iln
tin) spirit of the pMposeil reform in it
memorj iind trust in its tinal triumph.
Uno-half of a font per mile is the limit
that it is propooed to be placed upon I
ho occupation of a bed in one of the j
-oiling palaces. That is, provided tin j
pafsonKer ie fortunato as tosecuro i f
lower berth. If compelled to climb u; j
to the second story, however. Ih- .-I.:ti; j
must come down to a third i ." j
It may bo necessary to put s.i.
atious upon the iiiiuimuiii lencth of .mie
that a berth (r scat may be occupifd at
tho specifi-d rate o fare, but in a gen
era! way the yreat monopoly should .line
no complaint to make of the proposed
restriction. With the exception of thu
discount provided for upper berths, tho
rate is practically the same as that now
charged between KautT.s City and Chi
c.iijo. The bill of representative !-Vlder
HoiiM be much improved if it would
I. ll.ill.ti.it. ...itiliinill l flMV
" ......i.in .-.......... . i-...-
living wai-'os to its employes and forbid
t t-
nod or civil answer that is had from itt!
servan s.
Xo law on the siibi-'et will he com
,,eto until it is made to do away with
fl -
some of the outrages v.hi'-h the trave'
i utr public is no v ci-mpellcd to suifer at
the hands of PuKiuan einploie:', win
are driven to the ver-e of desperation by
rule.; ai d practices of
- ....v..
tK. company employing I hem. Kansas
A soft, fair bkin is the result of pure
b'.-iod and a healthy liver, toseciiru
which. Ayer's S.irapanlla istheJiuperair
Medicine. Ladies who rely upon cos
t., l,..Miil.fv their eonio-fvions
ii"-- -" " v ......... - i
sijonU makea uote of this, bearing in
mind that they can't improve upon na
tine. t'nrc for Siiiallinf.v.
A correspondent to tho Inter Ocean
.vr.t s that a sura cum (or small p"X
and scarlet fever which ovl.ov. Adir
ondac Murray claim:- to be as infallible
as fate is compcse-l of ot:e rain of Mil
phiite or zir.;1. one trraui or iluitaliis
(eomtnonly ki.own as fox glove) and a
half-teiispoonful or sujrar. 'J'lus is to
be thoroughly mixed witii two leasjion
fids or water and Tour ounces id water
added. The dose Tor adults is one tea
spoonful every hour and ff-r child.i-n
suialier doses according to nj:e.
Murray says: "The medicine is harm
less and is recommended by the best
schools iu Paris. I have cured my chil
dren of scarlet feve- and olherriof small
p,x when the doctors said the patient
must die. Hither disea-o mid -r this
trtntnicnt will ilisapear in twelve
1 )1)llr.:. f tho countries
would com
(1 t: eir ,,1,,,,. t ,!tt. ii
there would
I r
. rnureaies; iieaiiu. creaies sirencin
'creates vior; Do Witt's Sarsapari'Ia.
! recommends itself. Sold by T. S. iiindo
Oregon, Mo.
Pilo Can Ca:
The greatest pie remedy .
tHW t.eni.aii ,.lve. :
I at once, a.ni eil.-cts a nern:.iiK-i.. :n i
. hicr.-dible r!...r: sn.-.t- ..f time. Airoi
excellent fort' it.-. Scalds. lJurn. nii.il
HruiM-s. Kvery box warranted, bold by
.1. C. Pinlbriek, Oregon. Mo.
, 'r.,I.-o W'-n nin.r
! i)e notice and tiu. !;. w.-rnin is
hereby sriven. tnat I vii iierc dler en
I t,,rCi: lf 'l IH-tsiiw wi.o
; !erMt 10 pluatiw up the pool c ro.d.
Jm ,trict, other than b mvihric
, tion." .Ian -s S ( libson. over.-t-t r 'of d.s
. tricts 12 and IX
Do Yon Oc.sii'o a Clear. Tran.s
iarciil Skin?
liens' IJiood Puritler and IJ'.ood
. Make! will remove all ilisordeis from the
, blood and leave your skin cl.'.ir. trans
1 parent i:i:d you'.l.ful. I.-1UI ami war
ranted. Sold bv J. C. Phabrick, Oregon,
1 Mo.
K'O's llcmcdy for Ca:.nh it the
r.-:. l!-:!..t to te, act ri-t-jpr-t.
BI . toUhyUnz&y mint br aiaa.
t:. . t. Ilciuae. w am n, !.
Settle Up.
All persons indebted to us are
quested to c-dl and settle, either bv cash
.' or "xI note. This .nst bo done at once.
New Point, Mo.
'I'PK Wi'.STAErtXSfTirilitntlioftils-rh, !
J l.nraot i-fK!niy tablw,f.n-f !
O a.it&l-l...fAni;l.aT'.nf.'tUAl. .Vlilul.10
r. ni.-y for luliout-n's. Jut.hc4 on th5 luc,
I-rUlr h-f.r, C-linh. Celt-. C-n.t.fatl(-n.
2 felu.rf.ic I'lI 1 tiit ih.mw- Llitr Tit. 1.1...-. 1i.j-
5 KU-. Hi.irJirii-.l stomn-n. Inziue-. 1tmmt7, T
X I.7p-.ivts I'Z.-a.-s t.n:Iiiit.-, IirsH Com. Zt s
2 pu.rit.t-m:II'n-n.IIaiiv..IfrettL.irn.r!Ki,
m 1 1 ' t . i . . ..,. -. 1 .. . -r. 11 -
...ui'x, J . ...u'...... ... .11. . . .......
or ... ; i-iiir, j-oiuu itrprr.i. n. s-ti.-ra.
St-ttlP IL
I j.i.l-il I);
tl.n. 1'imi.W-s
Ii tha IJ--rt.
;I-uon. Salt
5 lti4. s-rf
Z fc-V.SkU. Dls
l:-ubn( l-lt-
a!i.S.ilIai. 2
a.rt trerr olh-
air nr.
r ryn p t a ci
l.Jiiir" bkI or a Til! Tiro m tiio j rr-js r l-Tf
ani-ccf llM.-ir f asrtior !iy Irnn.h.IlvirraM
2 inltsllnm I'rr.m-ii?lTeutoose-Unan;t. 7
W . t'l..i l.rt..l.n....a .ft.. . . . n.l. . -
tstxltis? .f the IicTului I the ir--rl tt
for oU1laa coniitloiu They contain 1
2 rnr"
0 n. ?Miir ttiit run be Ir.tuiioui to the montfi
uc. . croi I Z pro. ' i- (.'pm
1-1 srm. 15 renTA sat .t nill iiu-u.
ue. cpchs l 1-2 pro. 4155. 1-i i.-r-
m .ia.in-.ii j.il. hi. ass ""'".'f ...
1: o. uoi o 101 c
A Rtrictlr hlKhraxta Tmlly Sewias
Maclua, posseins -11 modem
Guaranteed Equal to the Best
! Price. Ttjiy rea-omtble. Obtain tht
I from yor local ileoler mad
j coaapuito-i.
iTHEts j
pi nnrnnr
ihl llUblll-l-
Tiie flew fork
The Holt County Sen ti n el
Address all orders
With a N'ice, Clean,
, .... f n ril
Tie Weigel & Roth
lli-t ami !1 South Sixth
41 "Yout S
A superb selection of liaby Carriajtes. We manufacture our own Parlor Fur
niture. We iuvito your personal inspection.
We begun is half done." Begin your house-
worn oy ouymg a caie oi
Sapoio is a solid cake of Scouring Soap
for all cleaning purposes. Try it.
KifJsjs City
Both One Year for $1.50.
f.,ke advantnt'e of this olTer and jret
tii-li.tiTV War Hook Premium offer -
ed bv the Kan-sis C.t v Journal: antl cou-
iion'rind l- cents each week fort weeks
ttiets fi. .- iii.oii.s Century War l.k .ne
llo.vi-t prif" of whii-h has heretofore
been A new departure in joiiru- j
. 1 J
rtltin . ,.,,,
Call r :nl Iress all orders to 1III-. .
sE.vnxi-;u Oiekim, m.
!)e Witt's Sarsapr.rilla is prepared for
. cleaning the blood fmtn impurities and
disease. It does this mid more. It
1 lunlds up .ml strengthens const it utionH
J i i.pnirwl by disease. It recommei.ds
' it.-elf. Sold by T. S. llinde, Ori-on
T-s, . TTf . II
ly s. 1 1 I j-fTT I 1- 1 n T Of 1
I ()ilillV WillliLll
i. VLllLl ) ' UlllV-U .
rCL iP
1 wmmm
1 "zmmmmmm
SsIbes, Bossier.. Sacks. Geese aufl
I Kor which we will pay in cash:
No turkrv n-i-islilng !.-. m.-n hhiii'Ih w:ii.i. .i
Market Price
To bo delivered at the ntore of
Welier & Burgess, Fores! City. Me.
Friilav. Satnnluy ami MoihIuj-,
.luncS, !anil 1 1, iSU.
CSfD'Mi't Torgct tho date. Don't tie
them. All can get coops that call.
I ll. UOV.'hKVACO.
Fiction, Etc
A Grand Edueitar
Abreast of the Timts
A Library in itseir
Hob. B. " war,
jau- nr r. .
Hnpteia ."oart, wrttisj:
I acametxl It Hall m
i Tlii- One Great Stmdatd Authority.
PuUltbe.1 bT
51..l..i.si-i v.-... .
rv-r..r .1- !-rll 1-.tieaen. Seiri to tPb
i tjKrto.-Jn-l.rt-J-tc. m
K r -Iwuufo.iT irurtnU of art aittoi
. . i. ..nti.i.'A G..i.mts Viu.rjil.
1 tVWWmWWr1r-lMrWt
! ! , I Sncresorof
' 3iffyil -l.-n-tiriie-i.-' 9
fmgm& L A Dictionary of
.5l.r YiEnillnb.
Weekly Tribune
Well Selected Stock of
T J i.siiooiuii .-cnooi ime.
Furniture CompaByirlt
Street, St. .To.scjih, Mo.
Orilcr of
in Tax
STATK"!-" MISsilL'ia.i
I'.l.liltV ! il'ill
In tin- I'irfiiil I'.-.ltt..' i.elt
oiuitv. la s.iiil
il.it-, to tin- Aiuii-I It-rui, I -'I
iTli- SUI ef Mluir' at !!ir rcl itt'.ii an-! t-
1i:..-iis.-..r.ItIM-ii . liritiii'MI-li. .: wr n:
rve!ei- v.it..i..aii.lf.'r I!:-- n.ani;, Lull :....
si:.'.- el .Vii so-irt. I'l.ui.llif.
lfH.u.V.,. ::'
plainllll !:ir. ii..lo II. T..MI.11-. la- all-ri...
,.ni.. sa..-slll.es:iti-:arlii:.e: II i-ouit lint ;
' tli.-.lr..-i..l i.-.i sa ....ta:.-s..i--i.i ..nl.e st:u.-..i .
j .Mi"i.ari:ii..i-.'-i:."l Ih- -tvr.l will, tl.e ui.li-,
I VV lii.i-iin.iii il s' erih-ri-it l v tt-i- Ce.irl
...... . .1. i ...i .....i i. i
i... i. S.U-. ... i. -in ... i...-. .
alioii lli-il plniplilt h:i- e.M.ii..-i.rts; a suit!
a.iii."!li.-rh- ii..-.e...1,i.t..!.j.s-t.... l s r-
:il nalur-' "-.!.i-!i is ili..l i'eUi - l..en '
r.in-.-un-l:-u of ili.-! il- f .:ii..iiii r;;iM '
11. :..l..ui:i-il. ri'ir;! n..t i-kt-.t-.s.!.. ly
lir' ;M.ii i--a.r la li"U ctn-Iv, Mi.i.e:i, ii' l Ih
len.Iiis I" l!- ''.--f. ""I::..! I" li.ls I. t..i r
I:i.i. ...-Iiii.ii-i.: :i...t imi-U -s ih..- I! ..-iti.
an.! iinp..iil fr III- Mars Is-s, t-n. M..
twit will. I'.Ii-n I llii-r.-..!. ami is'st-, !i-vi. .1 up
"1 sai-t lot -stale, as la ll:t- n-iilna mnl l.i
lull li.-r. in s.-t riTtn, t.i--.ii:
1 'I:--ikI.I ai-r. s(.! sit -siulli i-iwl m in--;
iiitIIik.-sI f.Mitli nt Hie .irtliwst i-iiiler Il
s.-c'i.iti t-iity-.-ii!u li's.i la l.'i:sl.ii siij ..n i
4 it iiin v lltirtv-itl !
, -tnii J1 iiul-ss Uies.u.l Iiatsy M .!'' J.
, . ,,, ,,. 'il.-n uf. Ih- Ih-s-ih ami I1..I.I.1
at the iurt I....1-"-. mt!iei-ity ul On-4"". "ai'
e.niiyti tl.e-TiIi .l:iv..f !i--N.V,;x!-''''V,a''';
,V11J .,,, , , -.mj,,,,,.. :m.. tr it.ih-n i.
. ur lirfim-li.e l.ii .lav ( s.ii.1 ii-r.u auer it
!''';'l t-tli-l-lili-i. 111 saw r.M-j. 111-
ill. as tu lier.he Mk.-M a C'lile-scit.aiHl Jii.I.--
nient wlli lH-te:i.!er.-il ai-i-nnlinsly
Ami :i N tiirlli. reot.-r.il. that a eui'v I.-rrut
I..- p.ililirinl ai-i-i.filni i. 111 1 UK iioit
( ir.NTV -HKNriNKi.lur fear vi.wu.. -lv
tin- lat lii--rti.i t 1-e at If ar tlftern .l.ij b -li.re
ll..- tlit -r.t: ilw it Aiuuit, 1-:U.
TIIKTvlKof Ml.-iSOfltl.f
('IlllltV .11 iii-it.
I. ituav .VIi.VrH.CIi-rk nt t lie Circuit '.irt I
Hell i-...ii.tv, af..r.-s.lM. lii-rrby i t-tnfv tli.it tlir
al.me I
ve I a t.-.n-ri'pv 01 tl.e .irisiii il "Mrr il,
I.i-.ili.in. In l!ir-iiistilnTt'iii i.ai.itsl. as Hi. j
jn... :.t.t..:irs i. mi .tlllrt.
W1111.-.S luml rl.-rk. ai.it tlieiral i-t l
I-1..VI.1. i--iirl If..iie atRWUi llrifwi, ll..
.btiI..v.fMv. tsi.l
(fit V MHi;l:l.Cl.rk.
j Hy ri:-.vu I.. KrsKKi. l.-pnlv-
Ti-u.Ntcc'.N Safe.
'.Vli.rta'. ICra ltru.ii :iit Aii.i-H K. IIfii..n.
l.i-. will-. Iv li.i-ii ili-.-.l el tr..st..i...-. tii. .I.iv
"" :it.l.. 1". K .....1 1.-.-....1. .1 1.. tl. ..!. i-s
tii,-,...f ... i ...n.-.v, vti til. I.. Nh.-k.: .p. - .. -
It! . t.. Il-.il.l V l-..rl..r frii.Iii-
the" f.il.im't:. ! s-ri!i'il nal i-I..t- -ioul.-.
(lilK ami I-u.-. ti 'In- I'.'in.l .if Itiilt aim
. M.-Ii-et Ui-i..ni, li.-v.ll : ,
'I I... w.ttlh ltlf uf th.- 1. 1. I'll IfriTf tif liliii-L 1
ltwei.lt siv i.n.:isilesiii.itis "ti tin- r-oili .1
nt it ..f tin i 111 ..M:t .: IP.i: I ...i.tlv. Mis-
v!i:.lis.iil....v.t..i..-..n.isi.,t..intriil I"
si-e.irr I lie e-'Vi.i'.t "t ivrl.iin .:ils...-
1 1:.irs !! .oii ili-.-i t.: tiiit.lt-irriis-tl;:e... wl..-r
as. .I. I.ll. It 1: 1- I'.-.-.l I!. ..! 1: Ih" ,-.( -. . ..I "I,
a sir. 11. s.ii.i 11..0-. .ti-.- iir in., 1. 1 tii.i......
!.T :s. II ..l-l 1 Iifi.ll.li-.I 111 .. . ..i-ri.
.it tlll-I. ll'3t I". ls-! tl.e . l.-e'.l ., i!. .illl. r
fii-al li rf.-i. ir itis-o.il:i in .... ..is.. . ,
. tr.isii-.-. Hi" ll.ri. a.-in.i: sli.-uii ..t II.. it in..
Mi-sen.i, i..:i;i.t ,..i..Ie It..- in,.
IniNiei-; ami ulii.-. ..i-t tfii-t.-
vv. Porter lia refis-.-.l to art
tnisti-.-i now. IhiTi-t.-ri. ai Ins r.iti.-
Hi.- tec.it l.i.Mcr f 1 1 -siii ..i.I'S.
ai.. I In iifsu:it..-.- uf tin- rr.v.si.i.s s-ti il - 1
u irt.si. i.inr .in... rsi.i.-u .stn-i h. ,.1 .i.. 1 . . n;-
IV, .Missouri, awit 11. .-ii ln.il.-i-. will en
J10MAY,.:i.'NK I".
r.."twfrri tie- limn- "'I tt-i. iV!.M-!k la tl.e for j
inii ale! live ..Vl-k 111 Hie iti.-ri.i-Mi i.t ai.tj
:?iiv-.iVoo ,WtitW;;;izzz:vz
eel In si.llall.nr s lullrli (.1 litl ml i-MHte.
as in.iv it.-H.jill.-ifitt t ;mv -sii-: n ii-s. Ini.-rs.
ail' I llls.S I. ...is l.-l-. ...11- .11 s..r- ...I. ,.
imi.i.r jtti-tln i" tin- :iii..-i i"i icr lor ci a n
h.lli'1 IIKMIY imiK,
MicriU'.f IIi'tl"oaiit.'Iri:?tce
Public AiliiiiiiMtrator's Xotlcc.
N.illr.-!. h-reliv uivti. tint hr vtrlae i.f an
irilfr uf I1-'-I"r-.ii.it fi.nrt nf rt..lt Ctitntr.-.tl- '
sunn. ni...1.-on r. lfKli i!.n rf M.n. ti, I-;;, tl.e.
iiiil-isig.iMl 1-nl.l!..- A.H.uaistrat..r ill.ni a..1 i
f"r llt.lt i-.-i.iiiy. vlisso.iii.li.is iai.rn cliar- of
tli-estat-..: M .wn t h-tiln:.il-feai-rl..MI wr- i
itis having rl.iims mist .ii ejiit- . r- r- i
pilr-rt lo exl.itiit tli-m ti in for at.ov..inre 1 1
ttiuiui on'- j.-r Mrx .iM-.ii -am i.r.i-r, -r iiirv
mav tw- nr-.-ta.lfil troia any b-Pffit Pi s.:rh
tl' : ami it s.n. claiinslx-nntextiiMti-.t itl -in
Ino if-.ir l.iii.i tile ilali-oi tins .iil-!ii-a:ii :..
tl.-i will W t..revrr tarr-l. This ml. Uv ot
Maj, t-:.l.
ftll.KS A. I.AfCl!MN.
I'ulitir A.lmlnistrat.ir In .-.or;'
Dli. .1. S. MEYER,
Veterinary Surgeon,
Graduate of the American Veterinary
Coileg". Xo-- Vork.
,r-.i.irr, i.i.rj-s einrn. 313 ramrro
Street; rr.t.lpiire. l.-5v.- Kelt :r.: Tclf-
pine.-.tn25rs X '0 T-Iepee o 5tl
refills tiy mail er Iclcura preroiifj it
it-linen in.
For Sale or Rent.
My residence property rea- :a Chris
tian church, in Oreirin. M.v. Term
readonable. Call on D P. Lwl. cr
write me at St.-ToxT-h. Mr.
lit Hnusutar-KCm.
Below will bo found the time of dr-
Ipartureof the passencer trains over tha
K. C. road nnd also the day freight
trains. It wdl be seen that by thin time
1 card, the U. & M. trains stop at Forcht
; r.oi.Ni: mkt!i:
No. I. Lonvos Forest City at 1 :."Vl p. m-
Xo. :l Leaves at a. ni.
X. .") Yillisca passeneer. leaves at
i r:ti t. m.
j Xo. ir. tt A M- Iieaves Fortst City nt
j ti':" p. in.
Xo. lt -Freight -Ieave3 at :Zf a. m
Xo. 2 -Leave. Forest Citv nt V p. m
' X;. i Leaves at a. ra.
Xo.tJ St. Joseph passenger, leases nt
1 10:10 a. n.
t 'i. lit U X M- Ivnim l".,r.w dim
ly - f -
;c-muii M.K. Chiircii Diroctnrj
Sunday school every Suiulay, 10 to II
'. . t.
Preaching every Sunday from 11 a. m.
to 12 f. m.
Preaching every Suntlny at tho Noda
way church at 2:oi) r. t.
i Sunday school every Sunday at tho
Xinlawry church at lift) r. m.
, .11. K. Church Dircctorj.
Mlll:lll.N U. SMITH. TANTOK.
Sunday school every Subbnth, at l)i1tr
' A. M.
I Preai-liinzeery Sabbntii,ct 10:15, w
' M.. and at 7::'.'.). i y.
Cl.i.-i; meetii:.: r.t ItrJo.
Prayer met;ii t-.-erv ThurmIT, nt
. 7 ::.(. r. m.
Uiisiness mr "m: of the olJ'rinl hoard
the third Moi. ay f eacii mouth, at 7i5()r
; I-. M.
Kpworth It:ne Sunday at 3:0) r. m.
Christian CIiuii-li lirpetry.
I .. u. ai,ii:i::av. -.-..si-nr:.
t Sunday school every Sunday, at 9:V
. .M.
; IVeachiny; on the second and fourth
j Sunday s in each month, 11 a. m., ami
I- eveninir.
V. P. S. C. everv Sunday evening on
hour Ii.'fore preaehin.
Prayer meeting every Thursday ern-
j Meeting of the ufiiciaS board every
j fourth Sunday at .t p. in.
.vii are coriiianv inviira to aitenn.
The 'hiircli ol Christ. Scientist.
iSuhbath School meets every Sabbath
the northwest room-
; Physscian & Surgeon.
jouHuox, - . . . missoukt
Can lh found duri.v; dnv hours rit tha
ollice lately iH-cupied by lr. Ilutler.
Dnriiiit the niht lit Dr. Hutler's rrsi
ilence. J T. TIlATCiltR. .
ll:)iii:icup:itliist and Surjjcon.
j Special attention riven to
to niKos::- in.n.iiis
( I Hut ! A I -
" 1 - llVl.LUli.ll,
r.1 - - n
O rflVSlC13n Oil
. .. .. , . .
.AH calls answered promptly. ly
Ali calls promptly attended to day or
Dr. W. E.G. Stcrrett,
coi:.tx ;. Mo.
All enll nr.svvored pr-ti.pt'y dav nr
niuht. O.lice over K. V. '.Valter'r tore.
Dental parlor over Kim,' .t Troud a
dru sttire. Oreuon. Mo. All th lalft
improved methods and appltancm in use.
1 5
S. W. AIKEN, M. D.,
.... 1.. T ...T . :1 S " llnili.
. l I TaUUiCe Ol - I - " --
' call Sohools.l
Ollire in iitillus:irk building. -Ml
,.nu nromtitlv attended b by day .r
.' ' 1
-- . -
- .
.1. Uvr. r.
e.i.'i'.. ...-...-
"l r ',rsV,'rv'.0'
mm wm mi
i Capital Stock Paid Up. $20,000.
TrarisiaetK a general bunking biihinrnr.
iterest puid on deposit. left for a Mpeci
imI time.
( im,.rest ,i.i .n ,max mi for a
1 tied time.
Draft.'-. isiiiied on principal c!t. Col-
, ....... - . -
; lection" mane ami prm. ,n umioi u.
fl.H-.-r.,iiH- S. K. O'Fullon. W. M.
sctions made and prou pnyrcniif
Diun-ri.iis: S. K. O'Fullon.
Povi.ti.r.d.T. Thntcher. W. H.
.lame" Kiu-ale. C.-orge Anderw.n.
J. A.
Knju.UT MoNTtautv.V, LiF.vz ooe.
Vresideiit. Vi-Iref.idnt.
, r r.,.. . -f,,,.
Al.uu.Y IvorcKl R. rHv.v D. Zoo-.
Cash:er -s t trashier
KHT.r.i.s.iKn tti.
The oldet-t Fak in the const;. Trans
act a general tasking b-isinetn. Iutc-e-t
paid on tim deitj. Drafts sold
on nil the prinoir-. citu?. of the country
and Europe. Have ina.ieff-ecislrtr.inge
ruents to eollret n.nnej due f rote jststet.
in foreign oiuBtries. The aefoni-.tsof
Farmers. Merchant nd intiivirlriala n
spectfullTsidic:t?d. StHal carecivta
- e,,.: i.tniitM o nm
to nv butJine. inxru-iea to o,
' ' "
Farm For Sale.
A farm of 410 acw; Win cultivatioa;
; balani m gcsul tiib. r. PIent of water.
Ig.wd out baiMir.g. and a residence ot
ix rcnm. It u locr.ted in township .1,
rsr.ge 40. Trma made known cn apyh
i ration. Address
Bijrelo, Mo.

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