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Fnilsiv. October ID. 18JM.
Issued Every Fridsiy.
AiituitttMl Law Iireukcrs. ,
The Washington grand jtirv huving
The Country's Friend.
In all perils and emergencies the re
public has encountered, the Republican
Another Free Tnule Fall.
Ctiuirman Wilson went to Luodoo to
pruiae ih0 destruction of protection, iu
dustr.es snd wan- iu Una country. The
English traders ulio heard hlui cried, 8;vor
-Hear! Hear'" mid applauded to tha'l'ie
echo. It milbt have LtVfl r vorv f.fnn.l ! Wllich illCUirll into Ll. urn r If df tlit. ' vilittitttfj fur df'ifponifinrim
tiiomect for Uie Arnoricanr?) Kinio. ! tru.-t officmlb in cunnectiiJii with the! It hits never Keen forrwl t.t r nnntaa
indicted tht president nud treasurer of
tl-.. tj. ....... - . 1. r ,
.uM... iiav muir remsai 10 un
certuiu questions propounded by It has never predated puerile reasons
henate investigating committee I or excuses far its blunders. ornfTan.fl
purty has never failed or tlinched.
Fe-eiino; The New York Weekly Tribune
his season, is a serious J
LDOBYNS & CURRY, Publishers
man(r). Better would have been the
applause of the poor ia this country
than the applause of Ibe rir-h export
merchants of L-jtidon. What pocsiMe
interest can thissu tich wen, who deposit
for their millions uton exports to the
framing of the sugar schedule, it now ! sion of "perlidy find dishonor," and
remains tube Been whether the court asked the people to rally to its BUDtxirt
will do its duty or will render the nction t bceuuso its leaders had violated the
of the uriind jury k wero farce. It is a
uio&t natural imprcr?ion, in view of the
t'jcceisM this fonuidable combination has
lir ini.rrnif .luiV.
W. M. KUIStNMix.
JuptT COillll.
or SuixrrJutiiM.'ut id I'nliHc schools.
.1. :: k:kk.
J.-fk-..!! Count r
t'ur lijilriu'l C.'ii.iuI:ouer.
josnni i i.tn:,
M . I.ui.
For "i:ir.ii;:in l ..:irtli l'i!r !
utoix :-.'jvjjii:i:. '
M. .tdl.
United .States, have in the welfare of had in ese.ipi.ig legal respouBi' .Iilv.tbiit
: tho people here? Talk about the rich
'at home, about tho manufacturers in
parly pledges and proved their base-'
ne&A. 1
It never made a campaign on tho de
nunciation of its leaders in other elates.
fn:ericH, aro the rich in London and
i the manufacturer in England any bot--T-ter,
any more to bo trusted; are they as
J near our prospiriljr, and as much under
J the iul!ue:ice of our laws?
j Hut on tho eve of Wil.-on's grout day
in LfOndun the Democrats 'jf Ice Em-
pirn state repudiated Wilsou by uomin
nting for governor tho only senator on
tho Democratic side who had dared to
J brme Wilsouism. And in fur away
J Victoria. Australia, which has Jong been
J c free trada center, there was an elec-
nothing will oopio cf Urn indictment. It 1 anil accusing them of treachery, c.rrup
is apprehended that either tho astuto ; lion and treason.
and resourceful attorneys or the trust . Tho Republican party, faithful to
will llnd a way to circumvent .it or Uie every pledge, is competent to open every
powerful influence of the combination doed induhtry and set the silent wheels
will ho Lruught to bear to have the in- nnd spindles in motion, remove tho dust
dictmuut disposed of in a way that will from tho looms and light tho lires in
avoid giving the indicted offi.-iuia any . forge and furnace.
nunoyanco or trouble. Of course they The Republican Dnrtv will rnrnin nm.
are not worrying ab jut it. In tho con
dence of their power they do not fenl
Hey apprehension of danger from the
work cf a district of Colurubiu jjrnnd
jury. The;' ere familiar with that lo
cality. It is the scene of their niOEt re
!".r Itfittiw. ui.tii.f
Fur t'fi-ciitius Altotm-V
:i:;i!:.iK v. Miria-iiv.
t t lrniu:i.
ELUOrrr. MliYi:,
.if Hi.-korv.
jin.To.v ; . ithi, vua i ;u,
il l.ibetlv
7W It'tiunier:
t llAi;i.K- .'.KX'JtE,
. . tit I'.flitnli.
F-r Sin rlK :
'.'ii aiii.ks n. i:iu ai:;s,
.. Eiiil Lvwlt.
..rnrcint C'l-Tk -
;rv. Moititis.
it IHcUty
Kir'iTinty'l-ik ;
JOHN l!.r.GUi:ns,
ot Kyl Iv.ii.
Vtit A'-'-'rtr .
iith!) i: i;n:sj;n,
u! J!ea:jix.
Fr I'rnlcitc Jmln
IIliMIY T. Al.KlltL",
of Cisl l-nl5
Fiir.In'liri"i!t lnrjfe
ol Ii:j;eIo .
Fr.r JuIe lt IlhU
el Nodav.ay.
l"r Jmle.'2il Diit:
il Lincoln.
UH. J. A. KI.Ol'P,
of Frl)rrs.
Ik.wi. .v.ii ivdi.iivu in me juiurn oi oq. , i uu i;iu-l iiuL.'iinu viciory. iiiey
ly 11 free tralers as againbt 92 protec- naVu deinoastrated tLut they have
". tioniste. Tliere thy nave been finding 'rS"ds l!sre and they ki.ow the way to
out tho same thing we have found out
here, that free trade is cot "what it is
c.'Ukked up to bo." That Iu ctte-upting
to make a few rich nied poorer, they
bue impoverished all who labor, with
out accomplishing the alleged object of
vide employment for every honest work
ingmsn at remunerative wages.
The Republican purty ia capable of
touching the corpse of our waning pub
lic and privato credit and seeing thera
spring into Hfo and activity.
The Republican party is not a theor
ist, but from reason, experience and
demoiHtrated facts, is prepared to act.
n:ao more friends when they are re ; and deliver the t-ountry from the bond
quired. Still it would bi unfair to the j of tho deith and destruction upon
court before which the proceedings un- j every hand, if oace more placed in pow
der tho indictment will be brought to or.
assume that it will do anything lehs
thau its duty, and therefore it inav lie
their crusado against industries that ura hoped that thetc men, self-confefsed law-
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The Politic ul ICevtilsion.
Five states have held elections since
the Democratic tariff policy wus made
public Pennsylvania in February.
Rhode Island in April, Oregon in June
Vermont and Maiue in September. Tho
votes of all these states are significant
a showing the diift of popular seuti
ai jut, as the fulllowing returns show:
State. Itrp. Iem. pop. pr.
Pennsylvania. ...jToVijo ZJX'M 5,5iT ll.lco
. ......it . ... -- 2.217
breakers in their ctlciul
be made an exaixple of.
capacity, will
... J-Vs
"Every trite Deniccrat and every sin
cere tariff" reforaisr knows that ihis bill
:n its present form, and as it will bo sub
mitted to the conference, falls short of
the consummation for which wc havo long
labored, tor which we have suffered de
f ;at without discouragemeot. which In its
aiticioatijn give us a rallying cry in our
triumph, and which in lis promise of ac
complishment is so interwoven .with Dem
ocratic pledges and Democratic success
that our abandonment ot the cause of the
principles upon which it rests means
party oerfidy and party dishonor. "--GRO-,VR
Tile IiH;roiifi
The Democratic party Bays to go to
tother nations to buy things.
The Republican party eays buy things
.at home.
The Democratic party sais foreign
commerce is what makes a nation pros
The Republican party says it is home
production that makes a people prosper
.ou? The Lemocratic policy builds up for
eign fuptones and gives emp!oyu.ent
to foreign labor.
Total 0CC,St 2BI.S7.J 34.771 I'JpM
In the foregoing liyo States the Re
publican vote is only 0,522 smaller than
it was for president Is 1692, while the
Democratic vote is 18o,151 smaller than
that of Cleveland. The Reoublican
falling off is inconsiderable, while the
Democratic is :53 per cent. Hitherto thp
tulling off of the Republican vote in "olf
years, compared with that of presiden
tial years, bus been over 10 per cont.,
but iu tho states above given it is wholly
inconsequential. Furthermore. the
Rcpubhcnn plurality in the foregoing
states was 123.703 in Xovombor, 1S.2;
thi3 year it was .02.223, thowing one of
tho uioit reir.crbable political revolu
tions in the history of American politics.
There were Domocrats who flattered
themselves that the hostility to Cleve-
laiidiFiu and revnnue tariffs had been
dying out since tho voting in Pennsvl-
vania and Rhode Island early iu the
t year, but the returns from Maine and
Vermont plainly indicate that it has
broadened, deepened and intensified
dunnlthe intervening months, since
tho Republican gains in these two states
are proportiuaaily greater than in Penn
sylvania and Rhode Island. Like revo
lutions will appear in the votes of India
na and Illinois i? the Republicans do
their duty as they r!id in the btates
Ituil I';ul Notes.
J. W. Iiailey of batavia, X. Y., Con
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DMnoeratj m 1'rotccteil Trusts.
The Democratic administration and
congress have placed tho whole country
completely in the hands of tho sugar
and coal tnisti. Pretiilent Havemeyer
has announced thut the Hugar trust re
fineries will be closed this week ana re
mum closed until the value of sugars
has been advanced by the reduction of
the large stocks now hold bv dealers
throughout tho country. He auo claims
that tho governtceut appraisers are as
sessing the value of imported tugars in
a way that is most to tho udvautHge of
the natioiinl tu.asurv and least to thu
ben?iit of the reliuers, and that tho re-1
liueries are being operated at a loss! It
is the same scheme worked by the sugar
trust last year, and while it is biing
worked Prot-ideut Havemeyer and the
sugar-coated president, congressmen and
cabinet ofiicia.Is will tiring Secretary
Carlisle to new regulations lor the ap
praisers by the same meUioJd utilized
when he was induced to framo the sugar
sc ledule of tho new tariff iu the iuterest
of the sugar trust.
Come then with confidence and trust
t those whe can and will do something
gosd for us all.
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a ticket worthy the support of eycry
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The Holt County Sentinel!
Time Tnhlc.
Below will ba found the time of de
parture of the pke!ae.n&ur tiaiLS over tha
K. C. road and also the day f reicht
trains, it will be teen that by thin tins
card, the B.&M. trains itop 'at Fotefct
Xo. 1. Leave Forest City at 1 :5I jstb.
Xo.3 Leaves at 1:30 a. m.
Xo.5 Villieca passenger, leaves t
S:20 p. ci.
Xo. 15. BiM Leares Forest Cit v ml
.!0:o0 a. on.
Xo. 19 Freight Leaves at 7:55 a: m
Xo. 2 Leaves Forest Citv at 1:23 i;bs
No. 4 Leaves at 2:22 a. m.
Xo.6 St. Joseph passenger. leaves at
10:19 a. m.
B & M Leaves Forest CTtx at
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They Forget.
The people who express surprise at
the size of the ponsuin-roll forget the
immense magnitude of the Etruggle for
national salvdvion.
Ihey ferget that it represents the
bodily disabilities incurred iu the long
est, tho (-realcst, and the bloodiest war
in modem history.
Thuy forget that over, 2,03,000 men
fought for four long years.during which
tima tho rirb nnd cannon were not silent
for a single day; that more than 2,000
battles took place, miny cf them the
bloodiest ever known; that 125,000 men
were actually shot dead on tho field;
th:it 3'J;V').) died from disease produced
by the. hardship of a soldier's life, and
nearly ji'JJoO were more or Ies6 severely
wou.ided by the missiles of the eneniv. i
.,.1 . . ......
iney turret inui iuis aie:i:is mare
hard titing was done and mure lives lost
thau in ail of the armies of Europe put
together in tho la6t 75 yeare.
It they would remember these things
they would be sloni3heJ that the pen
sion-rull is no much larger thau it it.
Proportioned to the number of men,
and the amount of righting done by
them, the pension-roll of the (Jutted
States is is really much smaller
thau that of any natiun in Europe. j
A county court should be co-iposed
of men who are not prejudiced against
any portion of tho couuty, but who are
willing to do equal nnd exact justice to
ail, ant) Ata Turpin, Joe Wiso and Ron
Morgan will make just that kind of
county court.
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Are you, each of you, saying a good
word for our county ticket, and are you
going to put in a few of your best licks
for its election!' It can be dnno tha
way nnu it is a iicKei in every wav
worthy of election, remember.
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The Republican party builds up fac ! a they did in thn states above naie,l
tones at homo and givL employment to To that end bury past issues axd make
our own people.
The Democratic party depresses busi
ness at homo and makes it lively abroad.
The Republican policy makes times
lively at home.
The Democratic .policy feeds foroign
The Republican policy feeds workmen
at home.
The Democratic poliry makes wages
, low.
The Republif.iii jrolicy makes. -fes
Democracy makH soup houses for the
bupport of idle workmen.
Tha Republican party make- work lor
t'workruoo and enables ttem to live iu in
t dependence.
Jwe Democratic party neeks to
crease foreign importations.
Ihe Republican party oecby to in
crease home production.
Since the Democratic party came ia
to power have wages been advanced or
j tho fight on tho issues which tho general
incompetency cf Cloveiandism and
Democratic legislation has developed.
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A Striking Contrast.
On Monday night of last week. Sena
tor Vest spoke in Kansas City. On the
next day Gov. Mcliinley snake in the
same city. Sor.itior's Vest's effort was
I in pait a criticism and condemnation of
the financial p.ilicj of President Cleve
land and the dominant faction, the
eastern wing of hi, party. Then fol
lowed a defeLce cf the Gorman-Sugar
Trust taritr bill. His spe.-eh was in fact,
a attempt to explain, excuse, justify and
apologize for the record made in the j
past nineteen mo at ha of Democratic i
ruie. .-viciviniey proudly pointed to n
grand record of twenty five jears of
glorious national prosperity uuder Re
publican rule and legislation.
A Law Against Anarchists
The anti-Anarchis bill which passed
jiowered? Has tho farmer's wool been
advanced? lies ho r6coied a dollar a
bushel for his wheat? In what i.articu
lar has the farmers of Holt couutv been
, benefitted.
The gentlemen composing tho le
publican ticket represent the grand old
. party wliose history is interwoven with
ttne grand achwemeiits of a third or
t centu ry. Tiiey aro:
Otorge a Crowther for congress.
X. F. Murray for representative.
E. C. Meyer far treasurer.
M. C Brumbaugh for collector.
C. C. Moore for recorder.
.Charley Edwards for sheriff.
t Gouv. Morris fpr circuit cferk
Johu Curtis for county clerk.
.F. E. Burnett for assessor.
Henry T. Alkiro for probate judge.
Asa Turpin forjudge at largo.
(Ben Morgtn forjudge 1st district.
Joseph Wise for judgo 2d district.
Dr. J A. Klopp for coroner.
the senate is likely to prove effective in
shutting foreign Anarchists out of the
country, Hnd :n closing the mouths of
those who are here.
Tho till provides that no alien Anar
chist shall be permittrd to land m the
United States, and it authorizes the
secretnry of the treasury to Eend back
to the country wbeDce they came, all
persons who, having succeeded in pass
ing tho inspectors, shall be proved to
hold anarchistic beliefs. It also provides
that any unnaturalized, foreign born
poreon, who, upon trial in a court, shall
be convicted of being an Anarchist, may
be deported. The bill also authorizes
the secretary of the treasury to appoint
inspectors for service at foreign port9
who shall have authority to forbid tran
sportation to this courtry of any person
p io, he is satisfied, should not bo per
milieu locome. a penally or ifjllO is
imposed upon the muster of a vessel wi;o
transports such a person after receiving
v .rning not to do eo.
It will be observed that this measure
is designed not only to close the door to
all Anarchists from Europe, abut that it
will enable this government to Eend out
of the country all Anarchists now liv
ing here wbo have not become naturaliz
ed citizens. It will be a long step in the
direction of meeting too growing evil,
and the Lender hopes that the bill will
become a law.
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iSonroon "TreasuryLooIei-s."
The September national debt state
ment is another eyo-oprner for the tav
payers and voters of thoXntion. Xot-'A-ithstacding
congress was not in session
and the much boasted stream of inter
nal revenue was largely increased the
receipts for tho month were 87,701,790 i for tho homeless to make fnrms as they
The statement which has been going
tho rounds to tho effect that the Chero
kee Strip was the last public land for
settling, is erroneous. The government
has no more lands to be settled under
the same conditions as was Oklahoma,
the strip and other resort at ions, but it
has large quantities of land here and
there, upon which the settler can enter
and become the poesefsor of, under the
hometoad laws. In Missouri, for in
stance, there are SOS.000 acres of public
land, a large portion of which will make
good farms. In Kansas there are 731.-
0J0 acres of public land, which, what
ever else may be said of it, is as desir
able as Oklahoma and the strip. In Ar
kansas there are fj.ODl.OOO acres of pub
lic lauds, a part of which is doubtless
good for farming purposes. In Wiscon
sin the government yet owns 871,0lO
acres, which, as it has not been gobbled
up by the timber speculators must be
suitable for agricultural purposes when
the forests are cleared off. When the
webiTo lino of Kansas is passed there
are t-cores of .mllions of acres, which,
with irrigation, will becuiu valuable.
Xebra?ka has 10,000,000 acres v hich can
be made the btst with sufTtcieul water.
It will cost money and take time to
bring such lands under cultivation, but
there is no hurry. While tliere is no
prairie that is desirable there is room
The Republican party has a ticket se
lected by the people at its convention,
and being first in the field the h.io of at
tack is open already. There is absolutely
no valid objection to any ma.i on it.a id it
is an exceptionally strong ticket end,
unless 6ome false issue can bo raised,
will sweep the county.
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Preaching every Sabbath, at 10:15, a.
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Class meeting at I!:Jo.
Prayer mce'.irg every Thursday, al
7:.'l0. r. m.
Business mating of the oPcmI board
tho third Monday of each month, at 730.
p. M.
Epworth Lttue Sunday ct 3:00 r. at
Christian Church Directory.
Sunday school every Sunday, at 9:15
A. M.
Prtachir.g on the second and fourth
Sundays in each month, 11 a. un and
Y. P. S. C. E. every Tuesday evening
at o'clock.
Prayer meoting every' Thursday oven-
Meeting of the official board every
fourth Sunday at 3 p. m.
AH are cord'iallv invited to attend.
The Church ol ChriNt. Hrimtim
Sabbath School meets everv Sabbath
morning at 9:30 in the northwest roots
over Fitts' ttore.
Presbyterian Church Directory.
Sabb-.th school at 9:30 every Sabbath,
i. P.S. C. E. every Sabbath evening
one hour before preaching.
Prayer meeting every Thursday even
mg at 8 p. ra.
Preaching when published in Tst
Skstinei. until further notice.
Everybody cordially invited to attend
above services.
H H Physician and Surgeon,
Office over the Racket Store, north
side of Public Square.
Missouri Republicans aro not coir.K
to elect the full congressional delegation
this year, but they are going to have a
good share of it and they don't care wh.
knows it.
All the talk in the world will not con
vince cu so quickly a one trial of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve for Scalds
Burns, Bruises, Skin Affections and
Both One Year for S1.50.
lake advantage of this offer and ?et
the Centnrv War Book Premium offir
1 by the Kansas City Journal; and cou
pon and i.i cents each week for 20 weeks
gets tho i-'iinotis Century War Book the
owest nrica of which has heretofore
een 322 00. A new departure it iourn-
Call r a.hlrejs all orders to THE
SEXTIVKL. Oregon. Mo.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Graduate of the American Veterinary
College, Xew York.
IVomcr. Dim i:iys Him. 5!3 Edmund
Street : resi.leiice, l.nc YtUx Ktrerl. Tels-paoin-ato.Tlcr
No. SO. Trlrphihe Ao.STl.
;SiJ ilIs by mall or telCKiahi pruroptlj tl
tnc!(-i tn
9 FWi Itr.fdy (or Cit&rrh to ttie
Pa SoU by Dnigzlsu or test ty r-ail. H
Gj Kc. r. T. BuclUse. Warren, 1'a. aV
I DlltMri 'UMtlT. Cottfart.
Me. SawM.ralwbrr,llrraIlnr.ll. Ilto.beokApre.9i
There is more Catarrh in this section
,01 the country than all other diseases
put together, and until tho last few
,'yearewaa supposed lo be incvrable.
Tor a great many years doctors pro
nquoced it a Io2al disease, and prs
eribed local remedies, and by constantly
,iaiung 10 euro with local treatment, pro
uounceu it nicural.Ie. '
"There is a Salvo for every wound.
Wo refer to De Witt's Witch Hazel
Salve, cures burns, bruises, cuts, in
dolent sores, as a local amiiicatinn in h
rostrils It cures catarrh, nnd always cures
lines. 0010. oy i. a. llinde, Oregon, Mo
Tobn to our Kepublicgn county ticket
and read the names of the candidates,
and ask tho other parties if they can
show better, nlennor n.nm t, i
uroven eabirrh i l. ..:....:...:. " w"ur 4uauneu
" ..r. ilu irinilt ITII 111
less than the expenditures! The debt
ttatecent alo states that the receipts
of the first three mouths of the present
fihcal year, beginning July 1, lr'tl, were
$19,O7,,710 less than the expenditures!
These are not Kepublican assertions but
' the official statements of Secretary Car
lisle, the chief "reformer" of one of the
departments of "treasury looters!" Mil
lions of dollars were stolen from tho dis
abled vuter?ns by tho conscript, copper
head and rebel government during tho
three months, but still the-o was a de
ficit of over 31,500,000 for every week in
the throe moutiud Every voter in the
United Stntes should study that official
debt statement in tho light of his own
duty to the people and the government
in the Xovember election. There is on
ly ono method by which much greater
bankruptcy can bo prevented and that
is by turning the rascally "treasury loot
ers" out by tho election or a Uepublican
congress four week from next Tuesday.
were mude in indiaip, that is, by clear
ing off the forests in Missouri, and even
in Atkansas, if they have the courage to
undertake it.
Small in size, great in results; De
Witt's Little Early TtieerB. Best pill fr
Constipation, best for Sick Headache,
best for Sour Stomach. For eaie by T.
S. Hiude, Oregon, Mo.
The Chicago Inter Ocean says: We
Democratic statesmen will soon be h
our ni:dsi,ftnd the people will modestly
ak. What promised pledge of 1S92 or
1S03 ha boeo redeemed? Did voting
10,000,000 to the whisky trust and 10,
000,000 to tho Suar Tru.it help "the
poor man with his little dinner pail'
Where is the ol.2. wheat? What has
become of "tio good Democratic times"
promisee, when "every man t-Lould have
fair ungos?" Are these not fair ques
Xo Griping, no Xausea, no Pain, when
DeWitt'o Littie Early Kisers are taxen
Small Pill. Safe Pill. I.est Pill. Sold
ny V. t. iiinue, Oregon, Mo.
-i : i
uiBBiuw, una. merelore. r"; .;rr, r .
HtiLuiuoai ireaumnt. iia iiv. '.,
le respective office. They
For Coughs, Colds, Asthma,
Or any discBsecf the throat and lungs
try Beggs' Cherry Cough Syrup. It re
lieves where all others fail. Sold and
warranted by J. C Philbrjck.
It is not a question of men. It in not
a question of county priil. W. C. Elli
sou rejre.s.'nts n,.n. Miat hue chut
Some may wonder if a fire should oc
cur in the Maryville public school, how
much time would be required to get the
900 or moie children to a place cf safety.
An experiment was made this morning.
i ho following methou was purued:
Superintendent CUrendon at; 11:15 un
exjiectedly to both teachers nnd schol
are gave tho alarm, four short taps of
the bell. Tho ieachers dropped their
work, gftve the command to rise und dis
missed the children in tho samo manner
as at the recess, -iron and evening per
iods. Tho scholars, with as little nibn
and as expeditiously us possible, passed
j down stairs, nnd in soventy-tvo seconds
from the time the tlrst bell sounded the
building was entirely vacated. Prof.
Clarendon is to be complimented upon
this drill and the quick time made by
this arrangement. Mary villo Democrat.
Tnr. difference between the Gormau
bill and .ho McKinley luw is one ot de
gree. If the McKinley law is un.-ou-stitulioiuJ,
i.o i the U.irinati b.ll. If
.the McKinley law is a robbery, so ia the
Gorman bill. If the McKinley law is a
fraud, o is the Gorman bill. The bill
which has just passed in many of the
articles scales uotvu the isuties provided
for in tho McKinley luw, while in mnny
otho's it scales pp. Sugar is on the free
list in the McKinley law but it js made
dutiable in the Goruuiu biil.
ME.f os WOMEN auke $10.00 a dy ttBSng ths
...... j u. w ..av. . ..(.tSUBlTK
f or termor. CriamxKtnCo.,SVeaoiiOtLigt
of elthr hi, any a-e, la any pan of UV coantry,
at the employment wrilch w furuUh. T03 iwed
not ba?ayfram haraconrnigl.t. YoacanglTe
yoarwholotimrtotli.-nror-.oronlrTourfpaie mo
menu. As oj;.ital Is not required yon run no tisr.
Wc euppljryou wltU IJ that ! certlr.1. It ia
eost you uotlilns to try the btuinei). Any one
ear du the work. Keginuert ninke turner frora
tLe tart I ailure Is miknowii with our trorkers.
Ktery hour you labor you ean easily maU a dollar.
No one lio U willing to work fails to makeraure
money every day than ean be made in throe da
at any ordinary tmplurrarst. Send lor fre lock
Contaiuliif tUe tui'irsl luforointiou.
SB Wr mt-Iii'iaKmlMT. TW
Physician & Sunma.
Can be found daring day hoars at tho
office lately occupied by Dr. Butler,
During tho night at Dr. Butler's rest
J t. tiiatcherTmd
IIoicoeoDatlii.st and Surgeon.
Special attention given to
All calls promptly attended to day or
Dr. W. H.C. Sterrett,
t .
All cnlls answered promptly day or
night. Office over F. W. Walter's store
W11M, iuhm mmA rUm Oms
wiuwt mm U toads. Tn
ueran. rUM.inniS i
til HMMlliSiMiassslsillia
Box 880,
Bridge Builders.
. Notice U hereby itlvca tint t'ie uud.-rime
KiKid ( imimti-tiiiierKl Hull Coiintv, MKuMiri.
will, at tilt- imrtli tloot ot the Court IIii kh. In
lite cuy vl iireeoii. uu the
between the liouri tit one and three p. m. of
MM nay, lei at (mime nuirry t the l-iwet bid
der the contract for buiMIng aiiuiliiri.itien
t.ri.lic o. r D.nit creel:, one-fourth mile west
ol .Mourn! Cil).
For plant and ii,pclnatIn- call fct oDlce of
oiiiu i ierK ornrnce ol Kn.fl ( cniminlouer at
jioumi city. nu.
Tlil llUi day of October. ISM.
w. m. Mottifi:.
Kiwd Cuminluloner Holt County. Mlixmrl.
in uiiscaHor iutv to f.icfori.w. n.ir:. . t,..; a
rr-: ''v.ir?.!ie.- i.. . . " u...ktin.
"''"""""'""uity L'iieney t: ' ' -' JU" 10 iarmera tvlie.it 111 cuupotit ton with the'
f wiuu, 10 me vf$iy coneluu- '" wuuwiuu, voiu lor
Don't commit suicide on account of
your "incurablo" blood dihearo. The
Eennible thing for you to do is take
Hucklcii'K Arnica Hujvc.
The Best Salve in tho world for cu. I
B.-uisex, Sores. Ulcers. Salt Klir.iim !
teverhores. letter, Unappeil Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, nnd all Skin Erup
tions, nnd positively cures Pile?, or no
pay required. It in guaranteed to give
perfect satisfaction or monej refunded.
Price 25 cents per. box. For eule by
O.Clark, Proud.
Lytle Safe & Lock Co.
MAMUMOTunaiia e.
....-.. on. on 11 no market. It is taken ' who go to make un that
internally in doses rrom 10 d rope to a ; countv.ticke
ItoMpoonful. It a;te directly 'on the
r1 z?.fr 1 .. " m rath.,r .xTzna
for any vase it rails to cure. Send for
circuUre and testimonials. AJdress.
ls aril. m m .
.byDruggi.u 7 ' w,u "' Kedy.
than any doctor I know or," Kays Mrs. '
Huttie Mason or Chilton, Carter Co I
Mo., in speaking of ChambarlainV CoPc '
Cholera and Diarrhoea Iiimedy. Fori
ualo bv Clark O Tr.-....l
those men cheaper, freo silver !,,:.. ..f Ir,,i.,. 1 -"'J'or " harsapariila. If that fails, why.
Republican j George C. Crowther represents a party . ,h,!n "k"flI",n tryiu,r' il W1" not
itbat protects tho farmer in h.s home fai1, Th, troul,,! J"'" the
, - !noi nJis pledged to biinotalim. I011"1" "Try. try. try again."
IMC IM. , ... I
1 ""ij iiue euouui not nguro n cam-
paigns where law makers aro to bo elec-' 1 ,,r' "Jcreneod price of sugar in tho 1 press the prnsidi'iitH letters is an iiibiilt
The Democratic campaign book which
is now being circulated by the congress
ional committee shows that pages from
208 to 225 are mwsing. Tho index. which
has not been changed, shnuu that these
pages contained Mr. Cleveland's letter
to Chairman Wilt-ou and his letter to
Congrenttuan Catchings. The pages wen
cut out after tint matter had beeu ster
eotyped and when it was iiuposfilite to
change the numbering of the pages or
the index. The idiotic attempt to sun-
to cars
or rww
m UGidiiiitirju nm um.
Ie Sold ta a
torn re any f.-rm of
net rout divans or
anydtsonlcrol ths V A
lenerallTe orioni WT-
of .Itasr iM.ya'T. '
BEfORE nasal sttmulanta. AFTER
Tobacco or Optam.ottluoutr; roT-thi! tt'.Hu
ium OT.r IndultCBCS, Acsuch a Li't. of I:;,
r'oiver, WaktfulnsH, Rsjartns; down Fains It. t
ock. seminal Wtaknesa, Uyura. Kerrons IV
trslion, Noctnroal Kmltslona, InerrbT. I
jtue-a, weak Mtmory, Losw o( 11wr a d lo-j
uu-y.whlch If rexltctcdofun lead teprerii.ti
oM iur and Insanity. Price II 00 a box. ibut
for f. tX sent bT mall on Ktpt of ptlc.
WRITTEN UaSSTEe la Ktr tor ev
t.' order reretred. to refund the money it
-rmunfnt cure Is not effected. We hte toiv
MUda of teallmonlals froat olt and ynuns;.
hoUi selra. who baee hen iwrnsnmur . .1 rv.
byttieuseotApbmllUii. rfrenlart.ea 'adti
xssst strissus
Weatern llrancn.
For sule'by J.
Oregon. Mn.
Dentai parlors over King A Proud
drug store, Oregon, Mo. All the Istea
improved methods and appliances in uesj
S. W. AIKEN, M. D.,
(Graduate of St. Louis and N. Y. Medi
cals bchools,)
Office in VaoBuskirk buildinr. AVI
calls promptly attended to by day or
Dam ei. Zachmax,
Hot 1v - hi,.o
C. Philbrick, druggist
apital Stock Paid Up. $20,000
Transacts a general bankinir buainsma.
Interest paid on deposits left for a SDetiU
tied time.
Drafts issued on principal cities. Col
lection made and promptly remitted.
Dikcctors:-S. F. O'Fa'llon. W. U.
Poynter.J.T. Thatcher. W. B. Dstis
James Kneale, George Anderson, J. A
ted. -Maryville Tribune.
Tutt's Pills mako pure blood.
Kind oi an argument against tho Demo-. to the intelligence of the people, and is
cratic party that cannot bo answered by eminently characteristic of the nartv of
any kiud of tiupiiiqlry. j fulao prctbi-sou. I
Guaranteed to bs STANDARD
Bend for Catalosjucand Prtoe Llat to
Tie Lytle Safe & Lock Co.
1 PV.IJ Mlf lb, MIMLM K:
koimtskr mot aaaeaW
Robert MoNTtiomtRT, LxviZooa,
President. Vice-President,
Albert Roccker, Chas. D.Zooa.
Cashier Ass't Cashier
kst.i:i.kiiki lait
n. .in
in ia
asr lute w m sw saw s's awj
uw la m mi lame awaaa a saattaaUtaa
!.. iiaUilrBwis.awlSBi
.i,,Htwce,.iiSMa. OssaSisSst n I l BK
.iii'id CtekatjatawMaaacsA
wit m stMinaav saw imm
The oldest Htii!t lo thi county. Trens"
act a general batikitig.bLJutFe. Inter"
t plid on ttui iletc t:t Drflt-rolsl
;'! the pri-ici; u' ' the country
and Europe. Have made special arrtflge
tueuts to collect money due f m estatea
i& foreign countries. The secosnleof
Faraaera, Heschastp and tadi visual, r
peoUwIly solicited. Special etuvgiTSis)
0 aav business intrusted to us.
.1 1

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