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The Grand Jury Returns a True Bill
Charging- Robert Foiter and
Wife and Mrs. Ferry
With Murder.
The HoP County Circuit Court
in Special Session.
AFIof trrirlrnf, fin t!l Rllfrt KofitfiT
mystery cape Monday and Tuesday, the
Brand iurv on luesuay aiieruoon re
titrnuil mrliftmuntK mraintit Robert Fos
ter and hia wife, and his mother-in law,
U Klizn lVrrv. nharciuir them with
tnnrilnr in the first deuree. and on the
amn aFtarnrirtn f llM rciKn 1':IS IllaCed Oil
the docket and the parlios were at once
arraigned, Messrs H. T.Alkiro and S. F.
fnr the defendants.
v i'i rv
tai,i.a;inird ivprn nf frillrsH somewhat
delayed, on account ot the "due procei-s
01 law ; a venire 01 sixty rueu a"ici
ed by the court, and the sneriff ordered
to make his return at i o liock. w
nesdav. and Sheriff Edwards and Dep
iiliuo Pnrunng nml limWIl at OtlCO got a
htiatln nn thtm
rm., nu Una attracted mush attention
f,v ruinn of its neculiaritv. and of the
fnct that all tho parties accused being
...m.tr.nta nf ,nr nlliet. little Cltt. A
ICOiUDUW v. ' I ...
Miilil urna horn to the now wife of ros-
..... ,.f iin.l tliA rhild mvs
iirr, uub ui .. ..... -
teriously disappeared; the remains of
n Infant wapa of tnru.'nrf?R fnlind in A
privey vault.ou the premises occupied hy
the defendants, Mrs. Perry and her
.liMicrhti.1- nnw Mrs. Foster. Following
a coroner's inquest the three parties
were arrested, and waiving examination,
tn u-iiit Mm nftinn of the
MDllh W JOU ........ .....
grand jury, which body returned a true
bill as above stated
Sheriff Edwards returned his venire
nr. A m mOrl I n tnt V nftpf the
J VU-fblJ, UM ...... rf
dinner hour Wednesday the following
were interrogated:
Kolit Emmersoii
rliil Ilemler.
.lol.n 1'iiclier,
ll. iiuiiiinin.
The Court Progressing Bather Slow
ly, Owing to Numerous mo
tions and Cases That
Take Up Much
The Monument That Marks
Grave of S. A. BaynUl, un
Veiled by the Wood
men of the World.
1 term of our
circuit court convened in this city on
Monday last. Judge Anthony nrnveu a
little before the noon hour, and entered
immediately upon hisduties.An adjourn
until I o'clock, wlien
i.lna oriturm! :urtivelv unon me uu
tllU JUUHUVHi . - . . .
..f ,l...,l,.,.r ..lit 1IIKT.ll.-a IU UlU UmHJ
UC3 Ut U(IMlth" -
i ;.,... ..,r,t tli 11 riintf doer anil the
HUH UUU i ..... -- r.
..., .....I
'U"S . ... .
l..rtT K. Iu:irils looKB alter inn biuh
ti, ,.ri..i.n:ilvi insisted bv Deputy
Pardons, while Clerk Morris Keeps me.
.... ti, rriiir-ia. indictments anu
11U I'll . i v- " ....... . .
numerous motion Mis lillieuross is
i ti .louir .i steno-'raiihor. giving her
ntt.ifinil ti. hir illltii'K.
BVC aiwidHw" .
Immediately after the noon nour uie
following grand jurors were eivurn; t
W. Scott. Rolley Ramsey, ueorge nor
u- i T. f 'luiiiiiiL'. John blater,
ir..-;ii -Inliii 'P. Collier. Geo. Mur
KUIIll I - ' -
..... I.. I... I.t K.iinrii-H Knimell Lialiue.
Wm. Keble and umioipn nciuoiv-imuei.
Mr nhnnitir was selected as loreiu.w
by Judge Anthony and George Horneck
er was mauo Biier;n
Al MrKnlIv
W. H. Frame.
Jaraes Criswell,
Mike Bennett.
Jincpli lllltlerbrand
Wm. Mlnton,
E. Golden,
John Thornblll.
Henrv Ilershiier,
W. W. Trice.
Otlio Maitln,
Walter Youse.
Wes. Wehrll.
Joe. Mitchell,
Wm. Bond.
John HalRlock.
John C, OrdiiunK,
Jno. IIodEins.
Charles WriRht.
CUy Backus.
Guy Slrickler.
John Peters,
Lincoln Meadows.
Kat&an Smith,
Wm. Knru.
E. H. Potter.
Mark Moore.
Wm. Cochran,
Phil. Bender,
Junes Tueker,
K II. Knovll.
Strother Bragv.
Jiisepn Parker.
. wiuimore.
.1 r
.1. It. Denny,
f 'nltnn riArlc.
Mike llershncr.
u. iiaram.in.
C. II. Simmons.
At Mmtlh.
Wm. Stejihenson,
reyinu i-ropes
Eil. Harrison.
I. Merritt.
Ceo. Donovan.
Wm. Painter.
H. T. Dillon.
.1. J. Ulatt.
fSpnrve Plistal.
E. K. Williams,
l?fiuill l?tnn.
Henry Feuerback
Dati tulirman,
S. T. I.ucas.
Wm. McKee,
Joe. Iinsini;,
Alhert KurU.
Dan Carr,
J. li. l'Hii;lioii,
Fred Kramer.
x.nm mD Hot f Ki fnllnicinc were ex-
t.nrtrl nmniinf nf llfintT ODDOSed to
the death penalty: Messrs. Dunham,
TT:i.inv..nn.l nnnr M Uarclinnr. Hard
man, Parker, Youse, Wehrli, Strickler,
McKee.Backus,Caton; Meadows, Totter,
Adam Smith. Hill, C. J. Moore, Mur
ray, Buntz, Frank Keiffer and Fred
Kramer. Messrs. McNulty, Frame
and Cochran knew too much about the
case to act as jurors, and they also were
excused, while Thornhill and Clark, be
ing related were asked to step aside.
From an unexcueed list of forty the de-
- ... . . 1 . x. 1
Th ;iiil.f. in ctharcinL' tho jury, re- ofiicara of which
miniled tluim that certain things had y. J. Find ley.
,,1 uinr-a thn 39IIIU mniBnt OI IDO
UWHtuul'u ...w J
last crand jury that rpquired the acuoii
nr., r:.,.ii mrv h or Luis reason iuc
Ull.M..4-V --- - - -
Un.l I. ft,... cnmmnniul 1 fllir (1ULV 19 IU
11 it VI UCCU .1 ... ... .. . -
quiaitive; you are to enquire into otlens
s. and if vou find cases worthy of re
.ri hit nr.nn do so. it reauires a cun-
..rrun.., i.r ninn of the members of the
....i t-. finrl n trim lill. If any
Ktfluu J". .. .-
four of you desire to non concur, that is
your privilege, tvoep me couhmm o
ivinroal rati nn 1 Mm ntnto secret. The
i . 1 1, at-i i riifl fnr venrlt.
The aocKet was caueu, anu wubu hc
f n,o stnt vs. .Tns. H. Inks was
U w. . .
called the sheriff brought the accused
;nin ni.rt nnil ihorft bomcr no attorneys
tn nnavCAr for the defendant, the court
r. R Knnwlea. who &n
nounced that he desired as co counsel,
lion. John Kennish. Senator Kennish
mo.l uintAmnnt. to the effect that ne
Tii Xow Point camp. Woodmen of
the World, performed a duty last Satur
, .. !,. I. ISO". ll.Allrt nf till
ii:iv. ucLooer .ulii, iuf.
hind, and a larco num
ti...t ,.lnu nml Rurroun
1 ii paminnnV. the like of which
HC3rri u ' - v .
i.r.d iMvnr before taKen place in tins
county the lemoving of the veil and al
i. ....... il.o .rlnrinns snnliirht of heaven
to shine on the granite pillar that marks
the last resting place or one or ineir bov
niciKUD. . ' ' . .
xne n uociuiou ui
the "World is a fra
ternal and benevo
lent order com para
tively of recent or
ganization, not only
in N'nw Point but in
this nartof the coun
try, the saevi roini
nmn liAinir institut
ed December28,1894,
with the following
charter members: W.
o . 1,,-ruir T. lull. II. K. I'amler. b.
M. Richmond. Jno. Kline, W. W. Price,
Watson Bloomer, Kouert rineale, ueo.
Webster, Scott Cono way. U. A. Williams,
Tinvid Elv. Irving Caskey.
ftu.A tnflnv tlmiifrh lens than one
year ola, has a large membership of live,
.,.. irtic. and renresentative men, the
i. . , . it .
a duty last Satur-
).-. the iirbt of the Can Be Seen in St Joseph, at
idingnTr? wif 114 North 5th St., Every .
uay uunng ine
Philip A. Derr, representing the Philadelphia Cloak and Suit Company, of Philadel-
phia, Henn., will De at
nrn as follows: Dr.
council commander;
Charles Williams, visory lieutenant; E.
i u .iimiim imnuflr? t r.- x-iiiuLi?!.
llll.UUIUUUt T . '
cUrk. lo these were added, for special
duty on lait Satunlay, uaviu r,iy, cap
tain of the day; W. M. Price, master of
...... nml .Tnhn Kll1P. flRCOrt.
lm nf -lift baauuiui ieaiurea vi wm
magnificent order is the provision for the
..i...nr. tho hnml nf the irrave of each
pittblUff WW V..W " t . ,
member who hall die in good standing,
If the real two Taylor boys, the mur
derers of the Meeks fnmilv should be
placed on exhibition at 114 North Fifth
street, a great number of people would
Hock to our city to get a glimpse of
them, and pass their opinion as to their
tuilt or innocence. While we, the two
Tailors of St. Joseph, have committed a
similar crime in murdering high prices
on tailor made Suits, Overcoats and
Trousers, Bra ready and willing to face
all the people of Holt and adjoining
counties and invite them to call and get
n glimpse of us and pnsa their own
opinion as to whether we were justified
in committing the crime we nre charged
with. Overcoats and Suits made to
order as low as 815.00 and upwards.
Trousers $3.00 and upwards. Clothing
nlManed. dvod Hnd renaired at the two
PIIIPPS & RAPP, Tailors,
114 North Fifth Street, St. Joseph
Mo., next door to Regnier & Shoup
Crockery Co.
-rar-i.Tn rvn of t.tLe larsest. axicL finest lines of
Cloaks in tlxe United States.
maun o wv, " . ,
could not well assume the trust without
..i,.t;nr hia nlinntn who nav him and
expected his time and labors. The court
made the appointment, uuwevci, uu
,1 t., olilo nttnrnnvR will have
charge of the case, and the man accused
of the murder ot jonn raivereou cauuui
possibly say that he was not wen repre
.. .1 nml ilafandofl
DOUICU l t. L v
The court immediately ordered a ve-
:.A nf eirtv man in thtfl C'A(. to bO r-
.1 nn,l nnnanr in rilirt. nn WedneS-
Llllimil llUU - w
day morning at 10 o'clock, and Sheriff
Edwards immediately went, vt wor w
obey the mandate or ine court, oui uui
imn orur until nfior the argument of the
defense asking for a continuance, which
h nri rafnanii tn ifrnnt. anu inecuMi
was set for hearing for Tuesday or next
wnlr. nt which time an parties wero
The first case disposed oi was mat, oi
tho state vs. Burt Itrogan. who was
charged with unlawfully selling liquor.
. . . i. t in.
a uitnuie monument. iu uium m mo
.1.1 ihnennt nliarit llHR OI1B in whOBB
brast "liove. Honor and Remembrance
were paramount principles.
The first camp in this county whose
ranks were invaded by tne novereign
th nnn st Vew Point, lhe
bcnii wuo -
first chopper to lay uou mo " , : .
... . r . . r. iku ntTnrKriTlVrt con cnlianrilwr. helnff
Woodmnn in tnese loreoto, M.O . ." i
n.. n,i nut hr ivith thn I within one venr of the entire life lime
UaiUrHliUUH vane; i -------- -
w im.n ti.r.,n7 in thealvsian croves of the paper. When he came to this
bevond was Samuel A. Rayhill, whoso county, he stopped in this city and put
Fifty-Fifth Anniversary
We acknowledge a very
nlaiinnnL call from our
nlil fnnnii and subscriber
t Cummins Porter, Esq.,of
I Upper Holt. He oas been
: in our countv fur forty.
: Hvn veara. thirty of these
he has been upon the list
tragic death, while hunting with a com-
; P.hriigrv4. 18!)5. is still ereen
in the memory of many relatives, scores
.,r frion.ia nml hunureus oi neouie wuu
were not numbered among nis acquaint
up for the night at lue old rouocK
hmisA. th.it. Hftnrurnrila burned. From
here he went to Jackson's Point and has
remained in that section ot the county
ever since, and is today one oi noit s
most hichlv resnecUd citizen. lie is
I . . .p. . . b.l'U...- " "
. .1 I - .;io nt I otlll nrnnrl nt thn fnnt. that. 35 vnarn ttUO
It was to penorm iuo nuiomu mm i - -
the order incident to such occasions that on the 30th of this month -Wednesday
DBoruonuuuo u,-,i loot -Orinlur ?n IfUO. hA cast his
Iew 1'ointr camp eei. oiiam ""'""ji v -r. -
Detnher 20 1893 At 2 p. m. the chop- maiden vole, ana it was lor -xippecanoe
UClOUer -o, iOJJ. - V- , , . . , ttninnl hm
pers met at tneir camp in ureu unn, ' "
and made necessary arrangements for majority just three days prior to the
...rfiimii at the Fnirview cemetery, election, and for fear that bis vote might
Visiting Woodmen from Oregon, Mait be qnestioned, his road overseer put hip
land. Mound City, uranam, nigeiow nuu u. . uu, u- .
p.n.,.nr ininml them nnd a long proccs- without a question. Mr. Porter is a Ke-
. .i ... ,i nnhlian nf the highest tVDe. and IB US
sion moveu to u wmiowi j i . , . , . . .
. ... it. .: I l. .. . : n,lAU f... In a .nrtv oa tin
rrn. . . .r run pumr nnil inn r kuluuo mat u muni iui ihb ..... .1 .w
i,kn.n fnrmpil m line at the was a half century ngt. Mr. Porter is a
foot or the hill, and headed by the New native of Ohio, and came from Washing
. t a a I . . I tnH A.jhiinlii If, thin olllta E-J I CI Cn I .1 1 W .
where they were joined by the relatives ton is still on the old original farm he
of him in whof memory the exercises purchased lorty-uve years ago. ite came
i. ..Ll ,ni nil. -rit h r ow anu solemn uowu as 10 iiih uumuui uuw w kwn
Ln Tr flowed lia strike twentv and charged with unlawfully selling liquor. were held, and all. ith slow and solemn down as is ins custom once
leaymg twelve which will constitute the hneu yfl- GeorRe Curr. Xta7drtnte.J Meyers and others.- We are sorry that
JThXndants were seated in the on the charge of forgery-he was charged which the most beautiful nnd impressive circumst It"ng
the with Urging two orders for fifty cents ceremonies of the order were conducted, his visit with Uncle Georg, Mejw. We
5." Tach on8 Doc. Price and Geo. Butler, Council Commander F.ndley read, the enjoyed his visd latly trust h.
juror whether or not ho had any objec
t inna tn thn inflintinn nf the death Den
nltv. should the law and the evidence
;.mt;fr anr-h n vnnlip.t.. The wavworn
mother looked sad and distressed. She
rhurcrnd with a serious offense
iraincl tha Inv nnd Rncietv. If she did
any wrong, it was with the hope of
shielding her daughter from what so
ciety regards a burning disgrace. It is
a sad reflection to 6ee nn aged parent at
un lm. nf ;iiDtirn eiifTnrincr for the
till? LJU . iu..iu. " rt
misconduct of a child. The daughter
seemed unconcerned. Likely her mind
was less burdened with the conscious
na.o f miilt f.ir wlmt. transnired in
this mystery probably occurred without
her active participation, j ue ueieuu
ant Foster showed Bomo signs of anx
f qoci-q A 1 li r A nnd O'Kallon. attorneys
fnr thn defendants, were on the nlert
nkilo iha Jnrvmon u-prn lieinL' cate
chised by the state. The case called
into play their keen legal acumen, but
thnv were eaual to every demand. It
merchants of Craig.
UllDODUi .
pi,n ro iimicn- liodce was civen
x lii ij . .v. . ------r. T '
30 days is jail and a fine oi .0 at me
Ani.nct lorm fnr diuturbiniT the oeace:
he went to jail nnd laid out the 30 days
sentence also uuajs to pay um ii
the court concluded to lei mm orauuuo
The case was dis- commemorative passage from the ritual, may bo spared for many more years, to
nd Mm Marv J. Huse. supreme guard- niaKe ins annual yisi. us.
i A T .TP. ivronsTTDrT- 3TO"V
ian of the Woodman circle, of Omaha,
Vol, dolivAred the ritua.istic poem
A, n nntnmnnd f mm thn COUncil Com
mand'or, the master of ceremonies lifted
u.. nml minimi! inn Tisifin Ul uor-
rntvlnn-mlntives and mourning friends
the court conciuueu iu iei iiou ununuuo rowing reiaiija nuu muu..- .......
to beard at Edward's hotel for twelve to re9t upon the cold, fragile and emo
i . a I . min.mntafl tn im I . : i I. f t f,ii thniioti lllRIMinPS rosl
A Delightful Event.
One of tho most delightful events of
tho season, was the party given on I
Monday evening.by Mrs. J. C. Philbrick, vs&si2x.
ilvc thn fine beinc commuted to im
...nn.nont- fnr ttmT lnnCflll OI lime
Cnris Hendricks was indicteil at the
last term of court on the charge of lor
and tlm p.iiiRn wna called Tuesday
and the court appointed J. W. Kieff
fin.l fJilna l.niiL'hlin to defend: bond was
lised at $500 and a continuance was
i.l.nn ntilil llia.Tnnilnrv tprm
. . i :
W. II. Uay is party crienuani in
suit for unlawful detainer, and leiuses
to vacnte certain property claimed by
the heirs nf Ilenj. Clitt, now uoceaseu
in hnnnr nf hur nnnllrtV. Mr. CharlfiS
nnd emo- ,ir.l.. fUmnmt Mr. Pmmntlv Rt
for though his bones rest 7.;w 'g to arrive and by eight
o'clock the double parlors were filled
The Weather.
fv.rrnp.ind weekly by William Kaucher,
At . ..a-a An..-.! fn nrorv flamnnil. II I w a a
lUBj.noPiuai i Justice of tho I'eace, uregon, mo.
should be a proud moment in the nttor- J UHl"-e l" ' ,.KKC.,T.,
ney'e life when the lives of others are j.jlin
Ani.nDlail tn Iuo inrn nntl nn IR milH IU I .1
cui.1 i ... . , , 1 MAXIMUM. MINIMUM, rail.
rescue them from the entangieu raesn-
es of the law.
Thn nnnel of fortv was chosen by
2:45 pm. on Wednesday, nnd the court
instructed them to Keep tneir own
tipm nn nnininn' hn nn ll H fl ll
LUUU IT , V. I ... a.v
....r.ntl,r nt. 1 nVlwk i). m. lhursdav.
when twelve men would be agreed upon,
A a. - ' 1 .I..!..
and tne case go 10 turn, uien
anrl artth hpmminf CTaVltV. llie lOriV
men passed into the open air for a
tAnt.fniip hnura vnnntinn.
The defendants' attorneys in contin-
uinff the examination or the panel
more closely, ascertainau tnnt some
thlrtv.flrn nf th fortv had obtained
their information regarding the case
froB Thk Sestineu
Xa u.-n nrn "mnkinf 11 D the fomiB
nrnnnrntnrv to f oini? to lireSS. PrOSeCU
tini? Attorney Murohv is presenting
the states' side of the case in a clear,
logical and impassioned manner, and by
the time The Sentinel reaches its 1&J0
subscribers, the trial will have fairly
luiiitn inil hnnn t rt llrt fillln tn POn
ucBuii auu Ttv ' " - .
tinue in detail a complete report of the
The rain of the 30th was mised with
nnmn leet and snow. The least amount
of rain for Octobor in 41 years was 0.15
im-hun; this year only 0.1:1 inches has
thus far alien and as the day is i;r.r
with wind north no more is likely to fall
before the month end.
An unmistakable shock of an earth
IIUIJICS3 num. f , , .
beneath this sod he is buried elsewhero
i .... ii... l.nnrl cinwL- nn nn imnro
nun uo mo 'i' . . . i
priate dirge, many a heart welled up and
many nn vyo necuino ihuididhcu .w.
grief nnd 6orrow for one of the moet
..i.i f viiiuf Wnodiiinn. who had been
r. ... .i ...i i. t.'..
so unexpectedly cut uown umi mo j
preme lienper was lensi, eiiouie.
M'l... ,..mn,.;l nnmnmnder. visorv lieu
A-lill ....I. .. w.. "
tnnnnt nnd banker of the camp then
.i.i;.ii...i iI.q mnnmnnnt with annrouri
uriin.ui. ' . .- - - .
- oflur u-llich line. M. II
e.:il. ,.f rlruiT,.ii dnlienrnd nn mil I reus.
ounutt - ----
full of ripe thought, peculiarly beluting
the occasion, in a masienv uinuuoi.
if,,,. Umiih oruiltB in substance as fnl
iva. ' I
lows: -Although standing on weary Teot
we are loth to leave this placo, where we
are gathered to pay tribute or respect t
!. .r tt finr dnnrteil f.overeil?U.
liio iutjiu,j v. - -who
had laid down the work of a V ood-
man nnd gone on where we sunn nifei
him. We have written n few words of
nr. thin mnrliln slab, but there
' 1 1 L . V.I . ' ' "
is a secret r-cord which no man can tell
-a history of hid many virtues; a nistory
r I.;., i.m'iur fnmilv rnlntions: a history
of tho vigor with which he took hold of
the tools of Woodcraft; all the achieve
ments of Ins lire are written in a recom
nin..i. uii.ill lut Lreen when this grnnite
ci,,.ii iw diit. Will not attempt to
enter his home life or seeK
his achievements - can only say we
t,nn... ...!,., Q,.i(.riMin Woodman is.
r 1 1 1 j . i ii . -' - n
Itulmr a Vrwdm:in. llO Will Strong. llll
l Ii.rlma nn I'l Vllltltllll liOCK BUU III
quaKe was leu oy many oi our citizens i ...". , . .,
r., ii.. tilt i'..u ir. nil n u timvM sett ors at Jamestown Colony Ix-
. . . . . i. .i o i.. nun thn vvnrk nf hewinir out this greiil
Ul 1117 . ' ......... p, I ' . ... 1
with a merrv crowd of young ladies and
gentlemen. Musicund game's were in
dulged in until nine o'cloctt wnen
Ktranire and awful sounds were heard in
tlm front ard and on tho porch. The
ditnr whs liHHtilv tmened. when lo. and
iiBimiii "iSfiiiinn" unci oroaen loose: in
trooped Indians, Crazy Janes, Nuns,
Dolly Vardens. Topsy, Bill and the
t rench Undo, The i'nUe oi the uauana
Inst, but not least, the Old Dutch
woman with wooden shoes, the surprise
to the young people was complete and
when quiet was again rcstoreu, tue
hostess announced tliut the next thing
on the programe would .be a chocolate
hunt, chocolates being niuueu in every
available spot in the room. After the
hunt tho Chocolates being counted, it
was found that Miss Maud Montgomery
had won lirsl prize anu rare. Anna
Kreek6econd prize, Mr. Roy Kunkle
having won the gentleman's prize.
tteiresnments were inoii serveu, mo
hostess being assisted by the Old Dutch
Woman, Dolly Varden, Topsy and the
Pride of the Hall. After refreshments
those in mask costume bade the guests
good night, and aftet a delightful sere
nade gracefully retired to their several
homes, music and social conversation
was again the topic nnd the hour or
parting came all too soon; each one on
leaving expressed their gratitude to Mr.
Wilson as being the means ot tneir nav-
mi n:i--o(l one or tne most ineenni
evenings of the season.
(lew, ii 1
I Novel i
Is T
and Nice. I
a she
IS 'ji
of burglars but others who had ex-
narienced them berore understood tne
-inc nf thn nh:ikini7.
The shocks wer felt south of Mill
Creek at John Bond's, abo at Kunkel's
mills and other points in this vicinity.
Accouats from Corning nnd other places
along the K. C. system give accounts
similar to the roregoing.
Thin in not the first time our town has
experienced such a shaking up. On the
2Uh of Ariril. 18C7. about 230 p. m
r'li Htrnnirer than these oc
..iirrml Thnmuirt. hniiRn wns nrncknd in
a number of places; the old school house
on the site er mo present one was
cracked; the old Christian Baptist
church which stood at the north gale
of thn uravevard was so badly iniured
that it wns conuemneu as uangerous
sometime after. Scarcely a brick build
ing in this part of the country escaped
... . . , j. .i
without injury nna many uues on me
frame buildings were shaken partly
lr.ixn A nnicA urnn hnnrd lilrn fliRtniit.
thunder. The shocks continued about
30 seconds, clocks were stopped. Wm.
Cotton, ieweller. had a regulator which
stopped at 2:32 p. m. Circuit court was
in Kf.hion nnd niliourned for a time with
nut nn nrdar from thn iildire. Thpflhnlc-
ing was severe at Forest City and other
places, but uap. uannn wno was in a
skiff on the water knew nothing ot the
occurrence till he landed anu was toiu
nt It V .T Ifvfvar doflitrnd thnt. thn
court house steeple moved at least two
Tmm)r.ihtrA nt. OnT Annltn nn t.hn
f n nn il in n T'.i ui pf. milirav nn t.m mnrn.
ing of tho 28 wa3 zero.At Bismarck on the
'H.)tli it had fallen to z below zero
This is unusually cold for so early
tt Air,. : , u: in thn bad arm I )nr nnldpRt fur tlm
T- lilutea mentioned was 21 and 24 ilo-
..... . I trrtkac n ltra vaM fAartantlfnlV
HATx TAhn ITvfTAF Ail nt. tinr inma ,l,,D uvu,u vv. y.
AUkl at v j v -a.-uu ..v. .uui mi. . I t . .. I ii I .
nMr t.h r nilv nn Woe nest av ul this I ...vw. . ...
uvw - J vanm -t-oci n 1 HT 1 r ian thn mnrrtl rv
week. October, Jth. 1805. Her remnins ,,f . J r
were laid to rest in the uerraan n. b. n-m.-,t.. ii,. n.t nt rw.iin
-v0l nn Tlmnlnv 'lint intt f 1 I t . " "
They Greeted TJs.
Whiln in attendance at the State
Editorial association at Pertle Springs,
last week, we visited the Warrensburg
'nrmnl Rehonl durinu chnrel services.
and saw in one vast room nearly 1000
students. If we were ever proud of our
magnificent state it was at this time.
While upon the rostrum, we looked out
over tne vast sea ot emuinK meets aim
MimifniToil unrarnl frnm Unit countv
On the closing of the exercises we were
greeted by the following: Messrs Mead
ows and Forney of Maitlacd; Edward
nnd Flora Keaster, and Irene Kolley of
this city; Misses Jesse Blair and Cora
Rvnn nf Craur. and Nora Keiser and
Bertha Stahl, also from this city. We
were proud of them because wo were
informed that all the students from
Holt county, were not only exceedingly
studious and obedient, but their denort-
ment was as high up in grade as those
of any other. We also acknowledge
tileasant calls from Rev. Keiser and
wife, and Prof. Dodd and wife, Mrs
Dodd was formerly Miss Laura John
son, who taught in our school several
years ago. Allot these are well and
nniA.inff 1 1 Fa I ? v fMiBAr linim, vn.mli
improved in health, since his removal to
..nt:.... i lw.itnf n Woodman, he war
of that sturdy stock that has made thi.-
ni nn .m.nt Wl IWlVn L'OIIB llirUUlfll
the d.iners nr. 1 horrors of war and
came out gainer iiibte.id "f loser it
takes its bravo a man to wield an axe as
a sword. Our fathers inarciioii lino uie
wildernes.i with their axes on tlmir
shoulders. We ar. in tire innlft of lhe
forests of the moral world and these
Wood-ten are rwady to kup step with
any of the fraternities, not totdied lilnod,
iinleKS it becomes extremely necess:iry,
but to contend for tho principles that
have in ado America great, vvoooninii
aro among thoso who provide ter the Ml
tlire and so number their days' a tn lie
ready lo die. Woodmen are twinl men
. "Thn nmti were (lOilV hrst lenip'es.
May Gl bli ss the widows nnd orphans
and comfort them. When tho veil was
lifted, the splmidiil monument mot my
pleased eye; tsoon wo shall stand where
ho stands. Oiuld angels appear, they
.......I1 hi luaa a:iv lhn- KlllV him Rtanil
n ii u in viw.i...i.---j - .- . - - - -
ing as this i;toiu t-tnnds; this stone will
perish arter awhile, out me spin, sun
lives forever.
After "Altogether With Camp Honors
to Our Deceased Sovereign." the choir
sang, "We Shall SIihp. but Not torever,"
and a benediction iy iviv. nmiin, inu
exercises were cloned.
zero. Itismnrck
coming this way.
8 degrees above and
Brick for Sale.
iurv novt Aalr
Whnn thn nurlhnuake shocks occur
red Thursday morning it is said that
our worthy mayor seized his revolver
and marching forth, clad in EUch regi
mentals as are "usually worn in the niirht
issued a verbal command, to whom it O. C. Plnmmer & Son, Forest City,
might concern, to desist from their un- have forty thousand (40,000) paving
lawful disturbance and go home leaving brick for sale. We also have sand stone
peaceable citizens to their slumbers. It blocks of any size for cribs or any kind
is tntjught that put a stop to tne racKe. I ot building at very low prices, and are
and saved the destruction of much'prop-1 prepared to furnish stone by car lots, or
rtv which mizht have occurred had I contract stone work of all kinds on
the shaking continued.
I short notice.
A. B. Wilson of Craig, constable of
Union township, returned from Des
MniiiPA. Town, last eilnesdnv. where
he had been as a wit ness in the United
States court in the case of Gabe nnd
Genrire Johnson nnd John (Jollett,
charged with attempt to kill, hay
ing assaulted Deputy United blares
Marshall Kay nt Albia Iowa, uct. ,
1891. The trial resulted in the follow
ing sentences in the pententiary: Gabe
Johnson and John Collet t each received
a sentence f six years, George Johnson,
three years nnd Mrs. George Collctt
18 month". These parties will be well
remembered by our readers, ns Gabe
Johnson, with his father and mo'her
had removed to this county ad were
living near Bigelow, where Gabe John
son was arrested Dec. 8, 1804, by Con
stable Wilson, assisted by deputy united
states marshalls, and George Johnson
was arrested in Pineville. Ky.
The father and mother of the Johnsons,
Constable Wilson informs us, nre also
under arrest, charged with selling liquor
unlawfully. and their trial will soon
come up. They were nil n hard nnd
desperate sot of criminals, and the
officers who succeeded in landing them
behind the bars are to be congratulated.
I have added,
in connection with
my line of Groceries,
a full line of
Tn the Farmers Interest.
We do hone our farmers will inteiest
thinKk-na in the cominir institute
which is to bt held in this city, on next
Monday and Tuesday. November 4 and
). bv attending tho sessions and laKe an
interest ill the deliberations, lhese
ii. in. I inira nr inxtitutpR nr arrnm?ed bv
the stale board of agriculture, and the
nvnenRes nrn nuid bv the neonle of the
state for the sole benefit of the farmers
of the slate and they should show tneir
appreciation by their attendance We
regret that the meeting lina been called
for tho dates named, on account nf the
speciel term of court, but this should
not keep any of our larniere away. tome
tn these meetings nnd hear such prac
tical men as T. B. Terry, of Ohio, dis-
cusf, manner, clover, proving potatoes.
Tillage, and thoroughness in 'arming.
And all about Horticulture, Floricul
ture, Commercial orchard, Veterinary
service, diseases of live stock. Feeding
Jairy stock, corn culture.
G. W. Waters on the scieno ot breed
ing live stock. The growing, handling
and fattening of our herds.
Undo John Patterson will repretent
the farm dairy.
R. M. Bell, of Decatur, III, will lec
ture on hogs for protit.
Prof. Waters, Dean of tho Stato Agn
cultural college will lecture on the work
of the college. Other tjxakers will be
present, and it is to be hoped thty will
be greated with large and appreciative
CMnaware, Etc.
So You Remember This.
How many of the readers of The Sks
tinei. remember the following? How
rapidly pleasant incidents along life's
pathway pat-s out of our minds, and
only now and then are called to mind
by 'looking over the files of your local
..Aa ".t Ktnrmttn ntwrn hnnon. tiv
the Home Troupe, 'Above the Clouds'
on Friday evening, December 18, JBS.t.
G-whizl think ot it: ten years ago. The
following was the cast:
riiil Kinirnlil
Alfred Tlmrpe
A.iiim llnvliinl-
Hownrtt liaylurd .
Tltu- Turtle ...
Nat N;i J lor ....
Hester Tlinrne....
Lncrrtia Cerriih..
Craw Incallt
Suv Cauiiru.
Ia.r. Irvlnf
....Mont Aiiitm
... W. Luke n$
I". J. Zlllls
.J. E. Cummin
..Clare Inlne
Cr.int lloltz
...Minnie IInlU
..Cum Ihiwl
ln NIh
.Emma Foster
With thai aranntinn tLA hnliaVA nf 1-
'Ilia nml I hi 'i.mmlna 1 hn m a rv. I Ti
bers of this troupe are now married, 6et-1
tied down to life s worn, and have quit
their "foolishinV
Making a specialty of 8
Dinner and Tea Sets, ft
Call and see my Stock, k
r t n
a trices always uown. 3
It is a well established
tn nl 4h4 CuAiupiae arn
necessary essentials in ev-
5? I J kln t,nnn W
ery iiuusbiiuiu. vrc ivccp
everything that is implied
under the heading of Gro
ceries, and the stock is
Clean ana Aiactive. I
Our Lunch Counter is supplied i),
with lhe best of the narket. noth- ft
ing being spared to make it popu- ft
ll nu am uiiini-i y
. i . . a ninnlTKn . w
are made a specialty. Carry
a nice line of the best Confec
tions, Cigars and Tobacco. The
finest Soda Fountain in the
County, and Soft Drinks of all
kinds, Wank's St. Joe Bread,
fresh and nice, always on
Lunch Counter
Corning. ;
Abe Wilson was up from Craig,
Will Thomas, r hock rori, was in
town Wednesday.
Miss Uelia uoins wns snoppiHg iu
Craig Wednesday.
John Smith is selling apples at dif
ferent points in Iowa.
Miss Pearl JetTenes received a tine
new ornan Wednesday.
-Geo. Ward and his best girl were
up from Craig, Sunday.
Attorney, E. Miller, of Denver, Mo.,
had business here Monday.
II. Roselius and family visited Mr.
Beasings, of Nishna Sunday.
Mrs. Henry Roselius visited fiiends
at Nishna the tirst of the week.
Some of our people took in the
show at Craig last Saturday night.
-Fred llahn was up from Forest
Citv visitinir home folkB over Sunday.
Ed. Roselius and wife attended
divine services at Craig, Sunday morn
in. Prof. W. T. Matson, of Omaha,
Visited W. C. Pearson aud sister over
John Young, of Fairfax, was shak
ing hands with friends in our town,
M nmlnv
Miss Mary Smith left Sunday for
McPaul, where she will spend the win
tar with her sister.
Perrv. of Albany. JIo..
tr.-mHae.ted business here and at Fairfax
t k li rot of tho week.
Dave Bertam and wife nnd -Miss
Annn Mntunck visited friends at Pair-
fax the latter part of last week.
liilly iSies, or uraig, wns up iasi.
VVMilnixiilnv nti'ht. measuring Andy
Dankers new house for the tin work.
The meeting nt the Christian
church 6till contiLues, nnd several addi
tions to the church have been received.
One of Dr. Fast's lino drivers came
near breaking a leg Sunday, by step
ping through 11 hole in tie Mill creek
Several from here went to Craig
Wednesday, where the the ordinances
of baptism were performed by the Rev.
Dixon, to those who have joined the
Christian church since the meeting le
gun. Tho literay entertninment at the
school building last Fridny night was
largely attended and a sui-cess in every
way. The speakers all did very well,
and the music furnished by the home
orchestra wns all right.
Quito a number of our citizens re
port 11 sharp earthquake shuck about
4 o'clock, Thursday morning, Oct. 31,
115. number who were awakened
from their sleep, say that it was quite,
heavy, the trembling motion being
plainly felt.
We understand thnt Corning is to
have a newspaper, alrendy nw, pretty
quick. Charles Smirl nf Craig is to be
thn editor. We wish him success in
this new enterprise and hojie he may
enjoy sufliciont patronage to enable him
to remain in our town for at least ten
Last Sunday about noon FnlzBun
geiistock's large barn near Nishna,
caught tiro iu some unknown way and
a burned to the ground. On account
of the very high wind nothing could tie
done towards lighting tho lire, nnd it
was with difficulty thnt the horses nnd
mules were driven from the barn. The
lire was carried by the wind nearly
three-quarters of a mile to, Lrnest
Scheeli's Imrn and stacks which were
nlw consumed. Peter Christen lost
several tons of millet hay in the same
Fritz Rose, who i employed by Gus
Henstorf in gathering corn, met with an
unfortunate accident last Wednesday.
While in the field gathering corn, his
team started to run away, and in en
deavoring to stop them he got in front
or them, when they stepped on his foot,
throwing him down, the wagon wheels
passing over him. breaking two ribs on
the left side, and almost tearing the
right ear off; he was also quite severely
injured internally. Dr. Sterrett was
,.iiiwl vehn cave him the necessary
Burgical attention, and he is now rest-
ng easily. ui.vui".i
Tha most valuable, best located, 40-acre
farm in this county to sell, owner nas
bought into other business. 32 acres in orch-
ard containing xuuu ijbu juravxa, w
peach, small old pear orchard, plum orchard.
350 rods of 8-wire, smallest, pig tight fence.
Two number one stock wells. 25,000 or more
1-year blackberry plants to set or sen ne
spring. 400 , or more rasprry
Cherry orcnara oi ou riany muxuuuuu, jva.o
set. Finest location in the county and is for
sale till sold. Five room House, cellar, cis
tern and out buildings.
Address, LOCK BOX 14, Oregon, Mo.
Forest City.
Cap. Moulton, of Mmtland, is here,
placing euiuu new machinry in our flour
ing mill.
Born, to D. C. Stallard, nnd wife or
tho Shaeffer district, Oct. 19, 1895, a
line girl baby.
Dr. C. L. Holloway and family,
have removed from Forest City, and last
heard fr.nn jvere in Kansas City.
Uncle John Able is quite sick at
present, being contined to the house. We
hope soon to learn ot n is recovery.
Jliss ,elll tlovey 11113 JUBi returned
from u visit with hor sister. Mrs. J.
II. .Villinms, at McCoIo. Nebraska.
Born, to Howard Teare and wife.
Saturday. Oct. 1, 1S93, a son. Both
mother and child aru getting along
Harry Williams, who is now opera
tor on the U. P. R. R. at Lodge Pole.
Neb., has been a', homo on a visit
to hw parents. Harry is loking well,
but s.iys that is the most desolate look-1
ing country that man ever gazed uHn.
He will return this week. 1
Rov Claiborne, while returning
rrnm a" festival al Bluff City, Friday ,
night of last week, sustained a severe
accident, th- horxe he. was riding.stmn
bliii' and falling with lnni. breaking his
right arm between the elbow and wrist,
and als-t fracturing the right hand. Dr.
Btill.-ok reduced the fractures and ho
is now able to be out.
Messrs Credifonl ,fc Simpson, the
"Racket" men, have packed their goods
Large crowd in town Saturday.
Two men hurt at the korse race
last Saturday.
W. M. Rankin is taking in corn at
Curzuns switch.
Rov. M. B. Smith preached for us
Wednesday night of last week.
W. II. Lacey was in our burg last
Saturday, transacting business.
We see tho Gusset boys aro fenc
ing their property e;nt of the schuof
R. Li. Shirley came up from St. Joe.
Wednesday of last week, and remained
a few days.
We are glad to see the face of Geo.
Ellis at his place in the store, after his
severe sickness.
Will Rankin's horse took a nation
to skip out last week from his driver.
Result, one broken wheel and the shafts.
Misa May Hopkins is very sick with
typhoid lever.
James Smock is now occupying his
new store, and is ready to wuit on his
Work is being rushed on the new
postofliue, nnd it will be rendy tor occu
pancy in a Tew daje.
Victor Chambers is still quite sick
but his rriends are in hopes that he will
soon recover his usual health.
Mrs. John, wife or Kev. John, iscon-
...,.i i..rt f.ir tlmir new home in Nevada. ' rnUcimr nml her mar.v rriends are in
lluisliile. where they will open up their hnies thnt She will soon be able to be
stock. Both these gentlemen made ou. ngain.
mint friends wlnlo here, who regretted The Harvest Home supper, given by
- . , I,.. ...Ill ..... . . , 1 , .. al
to see tlie'ii leave, aim especially mm the lailies worKing uniiu assisieu uy tne
the loss id Mr. Simpson, his wito and ' Epworth League last Thursday night
little daughter be jteeiily Mt by all ir was a success in every particular; re
cur citizens. ceipts ot the eveningabout forty dollars.
Charley Flinn is now in charge of j Lenora Elizabeth Germaa.daughter
J. F. Mitchell's restaurant and confec- or John German died of diphtheria at
tionery. Mr. Mitchell being engaged the home or her pareots in Eureka on
in buying grain. Charlpy is getting on-! Oct. 27, 1895". aged six years, five months
to his new work in good shape, but is j and eleven days. She was laid to reet
annoyed some by the boys occasionally ;a Prairie Home cemetry, near .Graham,
nicking up articles! oi mercnanuise aim last Monday. ncroicrti..
.1 ........ ...I!.. I . i .i Ipniiiv. I
ledce. However, they return them mid
then have the laugh on him.
The following parties partook or
the sumptuous dinner at the New Com
mercial hotel last Suuday: C.J. Lund,
St. Paul, Minnesota; C. C. BloomBeld,
Rockford, Illinois; S. R. McQueen St.
Joseph; J. F. Rogers, St. Joseph; Ben
Landrey, Buffalo, N. Y.; A. R. Hunt,
Liberty. Mo.; L. W. Holmes. Council
Itl. iir.a Tna-.i-Cavt. MuultoD. Maitland.
J. O. Credirord, Nevada. L. L. Shepard,
Watson; A. K. mil, iveli vyne.
Dickson and Mrs. J. R. Wil9on, Forest
City; J. C. Fitts and wrfe, D. M. Martin
and ramily, Els;e Bennett, May. Curry,
MralD. E. Bennett, Mrs. H. E. Kreek.
aud son, Alice M. Kunkel, hflij t.
n,.,n.,l T-uirm T. Moore and family. Lena
Snoerle. Alice Spoerle. Mrs. Mina Curry . -e had with ua as visitors. Messrs
and children.Mrs. C. D. Zook anddaugh- jfeely and Fiegonbau
l T. nl tTunlral nfOrpffon. I
The Philamothian.
The Philamothians rendered tbe fol
lowing excellent program:
Reading. Carrie Eiler.
Quotations, Bartba Iewis.
Instrumental music, Jes6ie Dais.
Reading, Fraak Roecker.
Biography, Kate Hibbard.
Quries, Will Pointer.
Memory Gera. Elsa Bennett.
Reading, Clansnce Bishop.
Current news. Miry Green
Quotations, Nettie Parsons.
Itecitation. John Peret.
Vocal Solo, Lossie Hostetter.
Recitation, FronaTbol.
After which tbe society adjourned to
meet Friday Nor. 1.1895.
is visitors. Messrs
uu, and Mrs. Saw-
1 IT Diilnr jma n.ttndincf to
ness in Atchison county tbia week.
We have vacant seats for the accomo
! dation ot visitor.
busi- We ard iry much pleased with our
; new president, Mr. Sawyers.

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