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IssimmI Every Friday.
003YNS & GURRY, Publishers
Krulnv. .July XI. ISiXi.
ItJib very p;iiy now for a IVii.ocriit to
bo better than his part.
Tiik SliT wheat we hurd much
about has nut materialized.
Ik the government can create inouey
by its stamp, by its statu! up and say so,
why levy any taxes' 2"
You can't have twotjuahtes of money
a dollar worth 100 cents and another
dollar worth 55 cants.
"Tut; great crime of lSTiJ" did not re
duco the laboring man's waes, and did
not in any other way operate to his din
iw-K.ssiox on lines of latitude was de
feated by four years of war. Secession
on lines of longitude will be defeated
tlio peaceful process of the ballot
If the United States government can
say that 50 cents worth of silver sh
be a dollar, why waste 50 cents worth
tha metal? Why not let it go at
cents worth?
Tiif. liberties of this country are fce
cure so long as the judiciary is pure,
said Thomas Jefferson. Under the Chi
cago platform it would be impossible to
have a pure judiciary.
Tiik people of the gold standard coun
tries get higher wages, enjoy more com
forts and luxuries, and are more intelli
gent and better educated than those of
the rest of the world.
If free silver will bring prosperity, is
it not very etrango that all the great
commercial nations of the world have,
after long experience with both metals.
deliberately adopted the gold standard?
"In this contest patriotism is above
party and national honor dearer than
any party name. The currency and the
credit of the country are good now and
muBt be kept good forever." McKinley
Would it not be better for our farm
ers to eo arrange matters that a dollar
could be got for 53 cents worth of corn
instead of voting to give the rich silver
mine syndicate 81.00 for 53 cents worth
of silver.
The total volume of money in circula
tton in France today amounts to 335.77
per capita, while that of her neighbor,
Switzerland, is only $9.97 per capita,
Doea any one believe that the prices in
France are four times as high as in
Ws hope the free-silver "restorer of
prices" will not forget the great lake
men, who now haul wheat by lake
and canal from Chicago to New York at
a profit for 4.14 cents per bushel, were
in the habit of receiving 21.47 cents per
bushel in 1873.
Taking gold money as the basis of
comparison, France has $22.19 per capita
while Greece has only 23 cents per
capita. Does any one believe that prices
in France are a hundred times as high
as in Greece? As a matter of fact they
are almost identical.
The silver miner receives on an aver
age $729 a year, while the coal miners
only receive $472, the workers in granite
$131, and in factories generally, $539. In
other words, it is not necessary to waste
sympathy on the 6ilver industry in com
parsion with others.
TooKE,in his monumental work on the
"History of Prices," sums up the matter
as follows: "Circumstances do frequent
ly operate with such force as to reduce
prices in the face of an expanding cur
rency, and to advance prices when the
currency is diminishing.
It is of the greatest importance to the
farmers that the dollars they receive for
their produce, shall be good dollars with
the greatest possible purchasing powe
An inferior dollar for his products and a
gold dollar with which pay for the farm
will ultimately ruin him.
In 1872, that was before silver was
demonetized(?) the freight rate of the
iSew lork Central road from Chicago to
New York was 31.50: in 1895 it was 59
cents; that ia it was less than halt under
the gold standard than it had been tin
der the so called double standard.
Frf.e silver will not open a market for
an additional bushel of wheal or corn
Making the dollar worth only fifty cents
would not be finding buyers for our pro
duce. Free coinage would make a market
for the silver of the mine owners. lie
would be enabled to get 100 cents for
every 53 cents worth of his product.
We have more money now than any
nation in the world except one. It is
hoarded in the banks and is not in cir
culation. Hoarded from fear. The blood
won't circulato when vou hnva not a
blow on the head with a club and money
won t circulate when the country
got a blow from the free-coinago club
Mow the dissenting Pops eay that
"Billy, the Kid," won't do. He is a re
demptionist, even of poor money. Hav
ing no use for redemption now or I ere
after they refuse to support him. Well
that is probably the true Populist doc
trine, and if we were of that faith no
doubt we should view the matter in the
same wav.
The scarcity or money in the present
case does not make hard times. Money
is scarce because the times are hard, in
stead of the times being hard because
money is scarce. Money is scarce be
cause the chances to earn it are scarce.
If the millions of idle workmen had em
ployment, they would have abundance
of money and they would spend it
Monf.v is scarce because those wl.o
have it refuse to invest it in business, or
to lend it at reasonable rates of interest
to others. They refuse to do these things
because they are shy and timid afraid
or this 10 to 1 agitation. Every man is
holding hia money tight t see how
things ore going to turn out. Would
you not do the same, if you had money?
Do people buy Hood's Sarsaparilla la
preference to any other, in fact almost
to the exclusion ot all others?
They know from actual use that Hood's
ia the best, i. e., it cures when others fail.
Hood's Sarsaparilla ia still made under
the personal supervision ol the educated
pharmacists who originated it.
The question of best ia just aa positively
decided in favor ot Hood's as the question
of comparative BaleB.
Another thing: Every advertisement
Of Hood's Sarsaparilla is true, is honest.
IstheOncTrueBlood Puriaer. AlMrugRists.$l.
rreparedonlybyC. I. nood & Co.. Lowell, Mass.
rati are the only pills to take
HOOd S PIllS withllootrsSarsapariUa.
Tin: United States statistical abstract
given the export price of mess beef at 7
cents in 1S73. at 8 9 cents in 18S3,and 0.7
cents in I3'.i2. lluttor in 1872 is given at
19 ceutH. in 1S82 at 18.(1 centf, and in
1892 at 19 cents. Prices of eggs for the
same dates are 20.3 cents in 1S72, 20.9
cents in 182, and 20.2 cents in 1892.
Other great staples like corn, pork, nnd
lard show equal firmness.
The fall in prices between 1S05 and
1S73 double discounted anything in the
way of a fall that has taken place since
1873; that it wan greater in those eight
years, than in all the years since. Why
don't these "fall in prices fellows" re
mind the cotton planter that the price
of middling cotton fell from $1.00 per
pound iu 1861, to less than 17 cents in
1871. This was just before the crime of
1873 was enacted.
O.sr.v a prophet, and that one witli
great power of rhetoric could portray
the evil effects if our financial system
should be changed to a 10 to 1 policy
We honestly believe that within thirty
days after the law became oporative.oue
half of the business houses in Missouri
would be bankrupted, and the rest
would be trying to get out of business
with their money in their pockets and
would bs trying to gat out of the coun
PEitn.r the free silver advocates
would lilto to apply their "restorer of
prices" to the price of refined sugar,
which cost 12.C cents a pound before the
crime of 1873, and only 4.C cents in 1892.
Or perhaps they would like to reliev
the poor suffering oil magnates, whose
product was ijujted at 23.5 cents a gal
Ion in 1S72 and had "fallen" to 5.9 cents
in 1892. It may be that their tender
sympathies go out to the manufacturers
of bar iron, whose product commanded
$97.00 per ton in 1372 and only S29.9G i
The farmers of Kansas and Missouri
want sound money, as well as the bank
ers and capitalists of the Cast. They
differ somewhat radically as to what
constitutes sound money, but they are
all in favor of a good honest, reliable cir
culating medium. There are many rash
and intemperate utterances by partisans
of the two metals, but every fair-minded
and intelligent person must admit that
honest differences exist and that neithe
side monopolizes all the knowledge o
wisdom on the subject. The fact is, the
financial question is a deep and perplex
ing one. Xo one knows just how or to
what extent n radical change in the
present system would affect the coun
try. As a rule, the fewer and milder the
changes in business policies the better.
The Republican party has a reputation
for pursuing such courses as stimulate
and strengthen business confidence, and
avoiding courses which have the oppo
site effect. Under the circumstances it
is safe and advisable for Republicans
who feel that they are not educated and
skilled financiers themselves to trust to
the judgment and patriotism of the party
that guided the destinies of the nation
so long nnd wisely, the Republican
party has never been wrong on any great
.! . -fr persons to travel In
jjii. aaiary s7W.ou ana expenses. Kcferenco.
i-uwusu K-ii-auiires.mii stamped envelope.
President, Drawer V, Chicago. ML
Dr. .. 1". Sawyer: I have been troubled
Willi riieiiaialiMti anil mmr trouble Mr n num.
berot years, can sav I never had any lliiiiK
nt ii we iiki our family i lire. airs. II. vtiii
can, ia'wa, ins. Mini ny r. s. mmle.
Nervous Prostration
Complete Recovery by the Vie of
AVer's Sarsaparilla
"Some years ago, as a result of too
close attention to business, my health
failed. I became weak, nervous, was
unable to look after my interests, and
manifested all the symptom of a de
cline. I took three bottles of Ayer'9
Sarsaparilla, began to improve at oucc,
ami gradually increased my weight from
one hundred and twenty-live to two
Iiiinilrt.il pounds. Since then, I and my
family have used this medicine when
needed, and we are all in the liest of
health, a fact which we attribute to
JVycr'a Sarsaparilla. I lielicvo my chil
dren would have been fatherless to-day
had it not been for Ayer's SarcaparHla,
of which preparation I cannot say too
much." 11. O. Ilrxsoy, Postmaster and
Planter, Kinard's, S. C.
S Sarsaparilla
AYER'S Pills save Doctor's Bill.
Ik- bbbbbbbbbbbbt
The Democratic Revolt.
Deaf to all reaj-oa, blind to every con
sideration of party expediency, heedlei-s
or the country's necessities, forgetful of
the supreme obligations of national
honor and fai'lilesa to the .-oleum re
fponsihilittc uhich rest alike mi eery
citizen to uphold the financial integrity
of the common country, thcte men, in
tuxicated with the mo.Jt Mnieter craze
nf the century, promulgated u creed at
variance witii almost every essential
iiiiui-iple of Democracy nr.il placed th
titnir uf leader-ihip in the hand.-; of a tyro,
I'll ears of age. (Salveston News.
It can not be too strongly impressed
upon all bound money Democrats '.hat
their duty to their country does not
t-top with the express of their disgust.
The election uf a president of the United
States is not a mere declaration of senti
nient; it is ;a great national act, and
may bo as it certainly will be this year
fraught with consequences most
momentous, both to the material wel
fare of the people and to tho future of
our institutions. Iialtimore Now.
There never was a higher and holier
duty devolving upon tho genuine Demo
crats ot this country than tho duty that
new confronts them of perpetuating the
integrity of the old party and vindicut
mg and rescuing it from the slough ot
false principles in which the Free Sil
ventes nnd Populists, stealing its livery
at Chicago, have attempted to befoul
and drown it. Austin (Texas,) States
man. V
III its preamble the platform is Demo
erotic in tho old beuse of tho word.
When it deals with details it is, in many
respects, according In the old standardH,
un-Democratic. It reduces hundreds
ot thousunds of the most faithful Demo
crate to the necessity of choosing bo
tween two evils or of abstaining from
participation in the nntional election
next November. Macon Telegram.
In all the maddening surge of politi
cat disturbance that this country bus
passed through, the federal courts have
constituted a safe and conservative bu)
wark against revolution. Tho party
that attacks the federal courts is a dan
geruus party thnt no mac who wishes
to see the constitution upheld can af
ford to support. Nashville Banner.
We take the mass ot Democrats to be
too intelligent in their conceptions of
Democratic principles and too serious iu
their devotion to the institutions of the
United States to sulk when the country
is threatened by Democracy's bitterest
enemy, Populism. Refusing to vote fur
McKinley, the only effective opponent
ot the Populists, and setting up a sec
und Democratic ticket would be like
withdrawing from the home army be
cause of dissatisfaction with the
General's epaulets, and going off sap
nrately for dress parade. A third
ticket might serve the personal comfort
of those whose hatred of McKinley
hotter than their love for this country
It would be an ally, directly or indirect
ly, of the Populist ticket. Don't let any
Democrat deceive himself on this point
New York Sun.
"And the platform?" Monstrous!
not only means national repudiation
and spoliation, but it is an open door to
revolution. If tho leaders of this move
ment could come into powor those of
them who have any sense or accounla
bility, any conception ot an orderly
government, would be quickly set aside
by the wild elements behind. Ir. this
way civil war, as foreshadowed by the
Chicago outbreaks last year, could
precipitated upon the country. Then
the strong hand of ttie f eileral powor
was interposed, but if this were with
held the reign ot the mob would be
easy enough." Louisville Courier Jour
No Democrat can vote for I'.rvan and
the Chicago platform, eingiy or togeth
er. The platform repudiatus the f undii
mental principles of the Democracy
whoever sides with it does the same.
Yet this does not constitute the entire
rule of action imposed for tliir camp
aign upon sincere believers in the prin
ciples inherited from Thomas Jefferson,
No Democrat whose understanding o
his party bus been sufficient to fill him
with national pride, lis well lis party
pride, can hesitate to vole fur .McKinley
lie has become l decree of fortune the
Hying hope of Populism's defeat. Rail
around him without factional cmardic.
Compared tn the viciousnes.s nf the
Bryan movement, any difference be
tween Republican nnd genuine Deni
cratic politics is as trivial as the cut of
McKinlej's hair. New York Sun (Dem.)
No Democrat who cares f jr the fniuc
or the future of the Democratic part;
can cast a vole for any candidate, for
president or congress, who can for one
moment stand upon bucIi a platform
and call it Democracy. Louisville (Ky.j
Evening Post.
Protests and appeals, warnings and
threats have alike had no effect upon
the convention. The men and the
states which have won every success ot
the party iu the past iiuve been turned
down. The states which proved true to
the south in every time of need were
abandoned by the south. The states
which have antagonized the south in
nearly every struggle that has been
made were honored by tlie south. We
do not understand it, we cannot explain
Free silver bus won in Chicago, will
it win at the election in November? We
o not think so. It would bo disastrous
to the country if 11. should win. The
ohd south and the solid west could
triumph: but the smith ui!l not be Mihd
on such an issue, 11111! the ppI is not
et hopelessly meant'. Tlie Charleston
(S. C.) News and Courier.
Young motl ers dread the Su mine
m inths on account of thu great iiior
tality among children, caused by bowe
troubles. Perfect safety may be as
sured those who keep on hand De Witt's
Colic &. Cholera cure, and administer it
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hat It Is rt'Coniiui'inlcd to lie.' I bellve If I
continue Its use It -vw ill cure me. I have suf
fered for three jears nun female weakness.
Yours trtilv. Mrs. Uosa Itnller. llaniliun- s. 1'.
Sold liyT.S. Hinde.
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m pleasure. Call and see
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get anywhere.
Family Newspaper,
Will make a vigorous and relentless fight through the
Presidential campaign, for principles which will brinp;
prosperity to the entire country.
Its campaign' news and discussions will interest
and should be read
Wefurnish "The
4 Months (17 Weeks) for 50 cents.
Address all orders to
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(Established IS-'il.)
A Republican Paper
The campaign of 1896 promises to be the
mosi excuiDg' oue since
J- 'A'
a i m m ifcuix uaam v&x -M.
. . .
uews. xb is line umy
paper of the Missouri
has fought the battles
Reduced Subscription Rates.
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to build. ihoBia mbo
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nciiDcni u. uniitnoi muiucuii
Oregon, Mo.
Okfick North looms over C. O.
I'roud'd druc store. Residence tlrst
door enst of Schulte Tiros.
Ir. A. I". Sawcr. Hat tm; used vour Tas
tings, ean sav I am cured of ulceration of the
uterus. Itesp't.. Mrs. K. I-ease.St. Cloud, Minn.
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us for anything in the fur- M
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Sally lorn Tee Flag,
Sound Money,
National Honor,
Home Prosperity.
The Leading National Republican
by every American citizen.
Sentinel" iintl "INew lork Wet'Kiy
earil. ur ml It to Cleii. IV. lteot. Tribune ltiillil
- A Republican Year,
TnnPVAT. rvnfa Vir
v wjlvxa&u uituvg uuo
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Valley. For 42 years it
of the people.
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1 I
The Marriage Record.
Recorder Moore reports tho following
marriage licenses naviug iieen graniei.
during the month nf June:
Runt.. Kdwnrd, or ew I'mnt. anil
Katie l. Ilibbiird, of Oregon, by R-tv.
- W. Kiegenbatim, June lltti.
Cueter, Orthi" A., ni .Skiilmore. ami
Naomia K- Drake, or Mnuml City, by
Elder Clyde Dame, Jure l.'ith.
Dunn. James h, ami htntu It. ilc-
Kinnev. of Fortepcue, bj R. II. Stuart.
J. P., June 'Jlht.
Gresham, No! a mid lyuiisa 15. Ixing.
of lligolow, by R. II. Stuart. J. P., June
II listed. Ira K. and Dehorn Davis, of
Rigelow. June :?, IS'.ttl. by II. C. Long,
Justice of the Peace.
Howell. J. IV Ctok, Neb., and Mary
A. Campbell, ot St. Joseph, by Rev. .1.
N. Cole. June !th.
Hunt, Ambrose R., of Fairfax, nnd
Eva M. HeeHon, of Mound City, by ICev.
J. R. M. lleeBon. June :tOtli.
KonnishJno. of Mound City .and Nellie
M. Offutt, of Kansas City, by Rev. John
Richard Urown. June 10th.
McGregor. Wm. V., of Cameron, nnd
and Mrs. Mary Ilatterton. of Mound
City, by Rev. J. M. Wright, Juno 21th.
Montgomery. Charles II. nnd Kiiima
E. Archer, of Maitland, by Rev. C. II.
John, June 22d.
To Our Patrons.
The Maitland fair once more greets
you with a reviaed premium list and
new attractions. Kemomber, Maitland,
with one exception, is the only fair in
Northwest Mieeouri, thnt ia still able, to
Haunt its banner to the breeze of lS'Jti,
with a record of paying promptly in the
people!) mouey, whether paper, silver or
gold, every debt it has contracted. Our
premiums are paid in full. In looking
over the premium list you will see that
we have made several changes this year.
Division Eight, poultry, has been en
Urged and money added for the pur
pose of having the largest poultry show
in this section; this will be n permanent
feature of the fair. In the Floral Hall,
the ladies'depat tment has received entire
revision at the bands or tho supennten
dent, Mrs. Goodpasture, and the num
ber of entries entitling the lady inak
ing them to a free pass to the fair for
the week, has been roduced to 10. Every
department should receive encourage
ment at your hands, as this is jour fair
and should continue to bo, as it now is
one ot thr best in the state, and helps to
build up and increase the value of every
hamlet and farm in this beautiful coun
try by advertising its products and re
sources. In the matter of attractions.
the management has succeeded in bring'
ing to your door one of the greatest at
tractions of the year. Thousands of
people go hundreds of miles to the large
cities to see tho High Diver, who start
ling as it may seem, will each day dur
ing the fair,divo GO feet from a platform
into a tanK of water. I his is one of the
greatest feats of modern times and the
association has secured this special at
tract;on at great expense in order to
keep up it reputation tor offering only
tho latest and best attractions to its
inn nanus anil a quarieue 01
Xpgro minstrels will give open air con-
certs each day. At the speed ring the
eeu ring me
amphitheater has been m
:. iri, -ii i,
sire to witness the races. There will be
given live races each afternoon by the
beat racmu blooil of the country and nil
will be hotly contested. Make your plans
to lay your work aside nnd tnke a few
days' outing. This will be your only
chance for the year, as there will be no
other fair this year within a circuit of
For any information address.
E. L. Hakt, Sec'y Maitland Fair,
Maitland, Mo.
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Sharp's Grove.
Charlie May and wife spent Sunday
with V. A. liMwning.
;,, Vltr fillml hia rocinlor ntv.
. " i o 1 rcS"iar P-
pointment bore Sunday.
Mrs. Heffner. ot Coin. Iowa, is tho
guest of her son, Wilson
The Holiness people nre holding
meetings at Uutlliam s mill.
We had a tine rain Friday night and
aaturuay. It was much needed.
Miss Addie Vanb leet is in attend
ance at the institute in Oregon, this
Mrs. Skeeles, of Maitland. is the
guest ot her brother, O. Ii. Van Fleet,
the past week,
k.u. Hopkins and family, of lower
Holt, have been visiting relatives in tho
Grove, the past week.
bred McClure has bought him a
brand new buggy nnd now the girls all
smile so sweetly on him,
-hithel nnd Clara Krowning spent a
few days last week visiting their uncle,
Charlie May, in Corning.
Mrs. W ill Harrington and children
ntarfeil forClAVBlamT. Ylhio. last Mnnnv
...en .u. uiDiriuiiu, .iit "u j
11 visit, iiiev oiuoci iu uh uuseni.
o or three months.
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. .
and n chance to earn plenty of it, is
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WANTFD several faithful
i -- persons iu iruvei iq
I S0-. iarv7W.uo and expenses, inference.
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i fTeuaenx. Ilr&wer i. I.'lilriurii. I
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lulu. isclianre. all in this particular, gone.
only using one box. I was astonished. I make
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fUlII.tSWHl) WKKKI.V 11V W. II. ItlCHAllllS.
Alstracter aiid Negotiator of Loans.
Transfers for the week ending, July I
Fnuiccs Weber ainl Annie Zmk to OT
Ciavi-t. lands In 4.ir. .17 ( 90A
Annie Zrnik to C T llravri. I.uuls In 4. M.37 5
Annie .mm anil u l lir.ivri . -mil wile to
Frances wctier. In W ana It. hlock 25.
Forest City liOOl
Transfers for the week enilinir,
18, 18!)0:
I TO Dtinr.Hi ami wife t' .Inlia Ncutun. tot
8. Muck -2. MimiiiiI Cltv .. VS.
I J.im-t Ktiii- ami Iiusli.iiiil tn S A ITatiiH.
lot 7. lilnc 31. .Minimi ( ity )
ISA Hill t.i l).it-y I. W.itt, (nilli all n:il
hiiu iir.sim.ii irony
Transfers for the week ending July
W o Yoiis ami wile to r w ii.iiiwaiiii .iih
IS llruce. .Ir.. lit 'l and 3. tiliK-k 8.Miniinl
fity t.''io
V. MHiiiipkinictBllto v K Stubti. lot I.
i. 1.5. ti. . ami tj.tiiock -I. ex .ilimuit
Citv ..
Ilarzill.'i Al!. ami wile In V K Kvt rliart.
lntl.liliick I'.'. .Maillanil
C t:iiaiiu:in n I Drll lircKory..ri in n
K.i I'liikstnii ami wifctn HulillU.-lI. !i
lots 7 anil 9. block n. cr.ii ......
K.! I'inkstoii sinil wife to .los Holilitzell,
Iota I ami 2. block ; Maitlaml anil nw 12.
Ilir.nu Blazer anil wife to Jim lli.Milz-IS.
ots 1.2. 3. 4. S. fi. 17. If. 19. 20. 21. 22. 2X
24 and 23.blnck 9 a.UI .Maitl.mil .-uiii n v. i
I s W 32. S3. 37
Anna Smith et al to II E I'ralsuater. w'J
V 19. fit. 37
II II Simpkliis to W K Stubbs, lots 1. .
3. 4. fi. 7 ami 8.Mnrk 21. Moumt Citv ex fl)
Kli:i llemlcr to A II Morris.pt ue sw IO.f.1.
.uru. iv. uniuunK, .uiuiiieuurt.. la.. I
st T ri..s.-.. . Sf r.i.n. i
writes. I have need One Minute Cough
Cure for b x vears. both for mvse fan.i ..
- , - - 1
family andl consider it the quickest
nctinc and most eatifnetorv Conch I
mora t hfiVA AVr tion.1 Snl.l l.v T S
. e'
" - ' ' u. v
Tutfs Pills
Cure All
Liver Ills.
Bilious and Intermittent Fevers
which prevail in miasmatic dis
tricts are invariably accompan
ied by derangements of the
Stomach Liver and Bowels.
The Secret of Health.
The liver is the great "driving
wheel" in the mechanism of
man, and when it is out of order,
the whole system becomes de
ranged and disease is the result.
Tutt's Liver Pills
Cure all Liver Troubles.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy cures
colds, croup and whooping cough. It is
pleasant, safe and reliable. For sale by
Clark O. Proud.
Ir. A. I. Sawyer. Alter usins "ii" Imx of tlie
!'asiill-s I Unit iiijipK lntirrl) (,'urei!. My raw
hail t.-.-n trratrtl tiy leverol ilix lui.i. Lucy
Kitner. K.msit. in. Niii ny r.s. llimle.
Skt the wheels of industry to turning.
and the good mouxy will begin to cir
In the Spring a young man's fancy-
lightly turns to thoughtH of -DeWitt's
Little Early Risers, for they always
cleanse the liver, purify the blood, and
invigorate the system. Sold by T. S.
State of Missouri.
rii.i-jli:l.. Mo... I ill v 1.',. Kit.
Tit.Iiilm II. C. Ciirtii.l'li rk of tlie.l 'utility Court.
111 linn iniitiiy. Ji".
IIKAIt Sn: : ITiimler tlie iirovLslons of sect inn
S7XI. K'-vivt!! Sullies of Missouri. J our I
I'liiiniy Is enllii-il li semi In Hie ilelKUimt-lil ill
Hie Univrrtitv of the State of Missouri at lo-
liuuliia ami Kiilla. during the session rutliiii;
June I. KU7, lime sluilents, above the age 01 1
Tlie ri'iiiiiirnients for ailmisslim lilav be
found in tlie University citalniiue for tlie cur-
relit year. For Mich i-alalni;"f apply to ttie
iiiuviTMiy i.iurariaii ai lviiiuiiim.
Kvimiiiaiums inr uniiiissioii wm he Riven ai
the University on Tlinrnlav. Kri-Iay
mil Mittiilit- slMiilMinlkr !.! irli r.lh nml Till
1 nreceilliu: llin mienlm: ui ttie liniveMtv. I lie
icssloii of all tlieilepartment will Degluon
1 sj j o a u a ioni!
IlieSUaV. oeuiemuer O, lOHO,
I anil will continue until tlie first Wednesday in
j,,,,- is;,t. exc-i.t that of the sciu-l of Mines
and Metallurgy, nlik-ti will lieln and end one
I week later,
Under the iroviimis of an act of the last
tlemral Assembly, each county is entitled to
one free scholarship iu any department.
Ample provision has been made lor the eilu-
cation and care of youiiK women In all the
classcs of the University.
You will please, after xiviiir two weeks pub-
lication to this certificate, transmit to me. 011
or before September 1st. a list ol the names of
all the youths of your county whm Intend to
inaKeappitcaiiou tor entrance 11110 in univer
sity at the commencement of next session.
Hoard can be had III the University clubs at
$1.75 tu t'-.u) per week : in private families at
M.:i 10 miO.
I .ended extract frmn the Statute.
rrnmt me to call your; attention to the ap-
Verv Trulv Yours. J. ii. HA KB.
Secretary of the Hoard of Curators.
" The Secretary of the Hoard of Curators shall
cause to be transmitted to the Clerk
of each (utility Court ill this State
certificate statins tlie number of pupils
that such County Ls entitled to semi to the
State University the next scholastic year, which
Icertlllcate shall be published by each Cwuiity
I cierK tor two weeks 111 a newspaper puii;isneu
in such county, the exueiise thereof to tie al
lowed by the county court and paid for out ot
, ,e county Treasury."
I ersnns iiesirmi; 10 enicr me niaie universiiy
at Columbia, or Kolla. are reipiireil to make
known tn me tlelr Intention on or betore Sen-
lemner isi, ikk. .1. 11. . ijliui ia.
uierK 01 iiiei-omiiy iiiiin 01 iioii i.oiiiiiy. mo.
Sheriff's Sale.
llv virtue ami authority of a ueneial execution,
Issued from the olllce of the Clerk of the Circuit
Court of llucliaiiati County. Missouri.rcturnable
al the ttepiemker term, lf.i6.ot said court Aim to
meiiirecieii 111 lavoroi 1 naries r. .iiauireson
and aualnst .lurelt.i J. Shirley.
I have levied upon and seized all tlie right,
tirle. Interest and claim of the said Juretta
.1. Shirley, of. In and to the follow ine de
scribed real estate, to-wit:
rive acres commencimr at the centre of the
northrt quarter of section twenty-nine C."J),
lowiisnin iiitv-niuetKi). 01 ranee inirtv-seveu
tar; : tnetice soiitii loriy rods tun : iiience east
sixteen rods Oil): thence northeast to a point
twenty-four roils from and opiostte the
commenciue corner : inence wesi 10 commenc
ing; also six acres (ii 111 a parallel strip on ci
nii-caM sine ot the norinwest iiiiarterol the
'ouineasi uuarier 01 the northwest uuar-
icr 01 sain
I section, township and range : I of seel ion six. township sixty-one. ranee thirty-i-ticini:
at the northwest cor- I iiit . iiunm m.s ,r . n,. l,.i..
also cniiimc
ner of
Jason U . Hump's lot 111 the
.13 : " , ; .. .'' 'Zu
1 .if .-ABfxu . i.u... r.K i.iin.k
I sihiui is irei, inence easi leri. ineiire norm
1 s .- .. . ........... ......... .
"SSLXn feel
range atoresaiil; also coniuieiicing i.t;, feet
I from ths southeaU comer of thesnulhwest
Iiiarterof the northwest quartern! said section
tuentv-lillii. Ill.tiiwnstlltininl r:iiiffe:iforesnii.
I . .
lim-nce south y.jj teet.tlience west Hl!4 feit.l
I - comnienci.. corner at;.. it rive t w in
I block one (t) Iu lievnrss' addition to the town
"r K'S"?- fVi''"'!i!l!"' !'i",.!;ii" """ '""""'y
... ....u.. .. ii.
neiueeii the hours ot nine o clock In the Mre-
niMiu. and live o cliK-k m tlw afternmm ol thai II
iiay. at tlie row iHmu. . Hour .111 the i.ity ni
or so much thereof as mav lie reoiiireil at pub-
lie veiulue. to the highest IdsMer lor cash In
liwtlil fiil.lij In oil timid l.iilnl.iilill
ronm. s.iiillliy in loiiaion-s.iio.st'ii inr siinii-.
to satisfy said execution ami costs.
t . It. r.llWAKIKt.
Sheiirl of Holt CiMinty.
One swallow tines nut mnke Spring.
but one swbIIowh of One Minute Couch
Cure brines relief. Hold by T. S. llimle.
Tremoiif Hotel
A Nl 1
Vnrii.BBBt.nir . Mnin nn.i prnn.; Ru
Clias. Ebersold, Prop.
flood rooms and Bed. One Dollar
I'cr Day. l!Ht Refreshments Served.
All room a newly furnished.
"joes plage;
ii .North Meconu street, t irst Door
South of Lutz's
Finest Liquors,
Choicest Cigars,
Fresh Beer on Tan.
Good Pool Tables
eXtetld n Cordial invitation to my I
mnnv Holt pniint.v f morula tr. Finiimliap I
whnn in t li nUv
mo wnon in ine citv.
Dr. A. 1. Sawver. I lliltik vnnr mi.il iiliif line
me craimest iieoveriis that was eter mane
orwnnien. w o can never thank ion eriouuli.
Kesnecttll V. I. dxl'. liruls i:iu- r':.irnr-lil. III.
Sold by T. S. Hinde.
wi nmfiHHBcnfu:Mod,a'o;
aaraaa, w win wwilWWmall
Wamedln Idea I
TYotatt Ton Idaaa: tbar mar
".'' " myM"rl .13 Jr
ur. A. r. lawyer: I was sicit in irrii aim
my Kramlfathrr ttave me some of your Kamiiy
dire and In less than fen days I went to school
peneriiy well. I lllinK lia urtiii ineuiciiie.
I.. ... I If OX.... r I tniulialnu
... I jir.-i -i i:.iivi.iirf
Ills. Sikl by T. H
Mrs. Savlee will mil Tnn ninn mnn-ta
of bread for 25c. See her r.nd cet tickets.
Mrs. Mary Greens will tm nmnjintil
to entertain four gentlemen during the
tenetiMrV inulirni.. Ev .1 .
the lumber yard.
--. - . v 11 ai. uuur wisloi t
For low prices and tht Utnat math
oils in dentistry, go and see a W. Lu
kens. the dentist. He will extract vour
teeth without pain. f
Now would be a irood lime tn nut
out strawberry pl.inis or now grass sevd.
iu iney woiu.i a go h! start this fall
and give good crone another year.
V. II. Richards liMBdrawn and liml
printed, a form of release, under the
new law, with nlhYavit of loss of note
attached. Parties desiring these blanks
can obtain them by addressing him.
i-rici. .h: eacn.
For the best lunch in town, go to
Henry Molter's, east side of square. He
keeps sandwiches, ham, bologna, liver '
wurst, canned goods for lunch, choice
line of cigars and tobacco. The beet
soill pop, ginger ale and lemon soda you
ever drank. Try a few bottles of his
pop or lemon soda for home use noth
ing better.
A MUIBKBl nf th eallinal cava that
m -1 . . ...
ireo silver is nnL in tvnrnr. am mnifi n.
ed in the Chicago platform. These
are Tor worse thing. The supreme
court is denounced and theories ad
vanced that accord fully with the views
of Altgeld and other Anarchists, and it
put in practice would lead to a disrup
tion of our government. This official ia- -sists
that our country now stands in the
presence of a gr,at peril nnd a necessity
exists for all patriotic men to come for
ward and act together in order to pre
vent the impending calamity.
A. Ii. Wooster, a promtoeul citizen of
Osaeo, Mich., after suffering excruciat
ingly from piles for twenty years, was
cured in a short limit by using De
Witt's Witch Hazel Sahe, an nlsolute
cure for all skin diseases. More of this
preparation is used than all others com
bined. Sold bT T. S. Hinde.
In every section to sell staple kmhIs t dealers :
un pettdltiii:; experience uunrcrssary: best side
Hue. I73.W a muoth. Salary and expenses ur
l:irffe cmniiiissioli made. Aililns?t Willi rs.nl
staiuu for sealed nartlcalars. (Mlltnn sCi ii.an.lV
iaiiiciiirini: company. LUcinnnii. uiuu.
Order uf Publication.
County nf Holt f
In the Circuit Court. Au;mt Trm. I.-3H.
Ella M. l-evk. rialntiH.
William T. Uvk. Defendant.
At this day Clinics the pltintitf herein, by
llenry T. Alklrr. her attorney, latere the un
denlKUeti clerk cf said court I :i vacation and fllrs
her M-titimi ami affidavit, alliitini;. aiuiing other
things, that defendant Is not a resident ot the
State of .Missouri so tkat theorUinary timers uf
law cannot lie serrrd upon him.
Where iiiNui. it th ordered liv the clerk, that
said dele miaul lie initineil by publication that
I piamtlfl hascoiniiieiicetl a suit aisilusl him in
lUils court, the object ami ceiieral nature of
which i that tilalntirf seeks to be dlvorred from
the bonds of matrimony contracted with defen
dant on the 14th dav of September. A. !.. Iss4.
on the Kroiinds that defendant was guilty ot
such cruel and anil barbareu treatment as b
I endanger the life of the plaintiff, and offered
I puiniin sucu iiiuiiiiiuies as to render plalutltl's
I conditio!! In life Intolerable. iiadjiaiil defendant
I was guilty ol such conduct as to coutitute hiro
I a vagrant 111 the meaiilne of the law respectliur
iapriiu. i iaimiu mnurr iiraysior ine cai
I and nisUid y of the minor children burn of llw
1 saM marrlaite. and that unless ttie said William"
I "f be ami appear at this court at the next
house. In the city of Orejton, lu said county,
on the '.'lib day of August, next, and 011
or liefore the sixth ilay of sail term. If the term
shall so lone coal inune and It not, then on or
liefore the last day of said term-answer ot
plead to the petition In said cause, the same
will lie taken as confessed and Judgment will
be rendered accordingly.
And it Is further ordered, that a ropy hereof -he
published according to law in Tiik Holt
Countv SKJiTIMM. for four Keeks successively,
tint last Insertion to be at lean four weeks be
fore the first rfay of said term.
ICTIH .uriCT'i.11. urwyiiiiiiuii imiuruiutarnHin
lotinry 01 noil. t"
I.Couv Morris, Clerk of tin-Circuit Court of
Holt conntv. aforesaid, hereto-cert liv that the
above Is a true copy of the original order cf
publication, in the cause tbervlu named, as the
I Witness my hand as clerk, and the seal of said
sk.i.1 court. Hone at effltu In Oregon, this
same apiiears in inv omc.
na nay ot June, ikk
I ny I1U.N.NIK HUODHECK. Heoutv.
1 TiiiMtji Uiiln
Whereas. Mary E. Wales and Wm.H. WIes.-
Scher hasband.liv their deed of tnisialateil tlh
9th day of Juiie.lKi3.aiidrecartleit In the rf cor
der's office of Holt county. Missouri, in book
5l.pace.r."i.couvejeil toll. K. S. Itohinoa. as
trustee, ine loinmine ucscrtsen real vstate.
situate, lying and being in tin: County of Holt
and SUite ol Missouri, to-wit:
An undivided one-half Interest in the Mound
City Flouring Mills, tweei her with an undivided -one-half
Interest In the fo lowing des.iibed
land upon which said mills are situated and
w a. . 1 iimiiKiiviiiA ai iiirwiiurv. -
corner 01 ine noriawesi quarter or section sia.
township sixty-one. ranee thlrty-eleht : thence
.sill-ion chains south; thence north TiVS. west
flvechalns: thence north H7 -. west five chains:
thence south . west 3 al lOOchalns; thence
north 57 . east 15 ai-lou clit.lns, except that
tiart sold to Wm. Kvers. Conimenclne 30 rods
and :l links utli of ihe iDrtheast romerof
fill tiiirtlliui.t nnartM nf till, imriliwil
I liaxls'creelc : thence following 1111 the rlmiiif 1
. - . . ' z .r .
"UT" "'?,." "if K-
1 iai of Mound City : thenn north following
sum line u place 01 urgiiiuing: taiso excepting
.,.'!?t ,raf ' ",M. T Si""ua
1 1 ty wter works off ot the west end of said
I tract of land).
which said conveyance was made in trust to
I i.a..u t. ...... r . i ..... ... ...
..... iri.tir;.. "i mire crii.iiu uniiiinwii
notes lii said derdfoflinst described uuulsjiem '
I"...''"-.""'. ;,l,:'f V, "r. L"?"". "
trustee, lti'pursiiance of saidi.rivLsloiis nf snli!
I dii'd in trust, and at the request of the legal
ui,i,ir hi sniii uoies aioresaiu. wm on
i in.iv.... n... i.m.r r i.. ..vi.t i.. th.
uwu !U five o'clock m the afli-riiimn of said
1 day.at the north diH.r of the eiuirt bouse. In I he
I reeil to sell all. or so merh oi Mdl "real estate,
I as may be sufficient to pay said noli s. interest
I . ...... a?.....- . ... .
em-nr lln-iinu. In Unit rsuiiitv. Slfesnii, nri
I and coats of this pmrefdiullig-the ale lo he at
1 ii 1 ne nignesi imiiirr lor rasn 1
II. K.S. I.OItlN.SON. Trustee.
Ortfer ef Pablicallra.
Counly of Holt.
In the Circuit Court of altl Couiily. AiiKust
lenn. ikk.
Thiiin.-i.s U Henry, rialiitlff.
May Henry, Defendant
At tills dav comes tlie l'laln-ltl herein. Iirhls
attorney. K. I.. Hart, Ix-fnre the inuirrsinneit
Clerk nf salil Court. In varallon, mill Dies hLs
petition and afllilavit. stallui: amour other
tlilnes that the alNiTe )efeiidai;t Is a nnn-resl-
lent of the Slate of Missouri, .mil that Hie or-
I ill nar y process of law cannor. br served upon ,
her. n hereillmn It is nnlrml h the Plerk that
I said Heleiiitaiitbeimliried by publication that
i laniiiii iiascominenreu a situ aeaiust ner in
this Court, the object and iteneral nature vf
which is that Plaintiff seeks to l.v divorced "V
fnira the iMimls nf matrimony cuntracted with
Drfendaiit on the 27th dav of NMvembrr. IfttV
I on the Krounds that IMe miaiit lias aliamloned
naillttff Without rrasoouhlM niiLe for imff
whole year next before the Plliiff of this Ietl
tlon. And that unless the .said May Henry lie
and appear at this Court it the next term
thereof, to lie begun and hidden at the Court
House. In the Citv of Orcein, on the twrtitv-
fourtli day of Aueust. next, and on or before,
the .sixth dav of said term, answer or vlead to
I the irtitlon In said cause, the name will lie tak
en ?s confessed, ami judgment will be rendered
Aim ii is tiinner oruereii. in ti a copy nereoi
be unhllsheil accordiinr to law In Tiik Holt
Coi!NTV SrXTiNKi. lor four weks uccesslely.
the last Insertion t.1 lie at least four weeks be
fore the first day of s tld term.
lillli V. SllllfKia.llflB.
County of Holt.
I. Couv. Morris. Clerk of the Circuit Court of.
Holt County afore-uld. hereby rertifv that the
above Is a true copy of the nrlcina! order ol
nuhllcatloil. In the r-.iuae thereto iiaiunl. i thu
same appears In my ndlee.
I Witness my hand a Clerk, ami the seal of said
Iimeai.i rmirt. thine m i.m.-i. iniin-iMm idis
fin nay oi juiy. isvi.
;ot, V-. MOKKIS.rlerk.
liy l.o..Mf. Iiuiililif.CK. ivputy.
Dr .A. I. Sawyer. I can sav with nlniMsur
that I have been uslnc your nirdirlne. anil that
I liave rrcelvril crrat benrfit from It. anil
would recommend it to anv Ifadv. Mrs. K. J.
I'avy. IesMirj;. Ohio. Hold by f. 8. Hinde.
t AttwMy at Law,
CalleetltM tmi Prttate IhImu
a SvMiaHy.

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