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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, September 04, 1896, Image 3

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Much in Little
Is especially true of Hood's Tills, lor no modi
cine ever contained so great curativo power in
so small sjacc. They are a whole meiliciuo
chest, always ready, al-
ways efficient, always sat- m A
Isfactory; prevent a cold III 2
sick headache. Jaundice, constipation, etc 23c
The only rills to take with Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Sioux City, St. Paul, Minncapclis
and the North.
f W. Wakeley, G. P. A.,
sr. wuis. mo.
Howard Elliott. Gen. Mgr.,
sr. jcscrn.
D. K.Tc-cy. T. F. "...
st jut :"
Fnref-t Clt . Mo.
Ir. A. 1". S.iwjer: Dear Sir: Mrs. Hamburg
Induced mc to try jmir l'aiiilly One. 1 was
i;n'.-itly benefited by it and I recommend it to
every lady in pnr t ilth. Yours Uespcclfnllv,
Mrs.Asher. Sol I livT. S. Ilinde.
-Srnil tor . d
vt t is .f 'i'tt tS
two of
i which weighed
IN 1894.
2806 lbs.
PFirst applicant from each local
ity can have a pair on time
and an . D e:. n , , ft
agency u u. enter w., uiuiiiuii, u
It Soaks
Into the Fie
right down through the
fevered parts to where
the inflammation is
rooted. That is why
Mustang Liniment
44 cures all aches and
pains of man or beast."
If it evaporated or re
mained on the skin it
could not cure. That
is why volatile extracts
fail. Theycan'tgodown
through the inflamed
owes its success to its
power of penetration.
There is nothing mar
velous about its cura
tive powers. It is sim
ply a few common sense
ingredients combined
in a way to make pen
etration possible and
insure a cure.
Mustang Liniment
has been used for one
half a century.
Write for "Fairy Story Book," iuus
trate.1, also "Hints from a Horse-doctor's
Diary." Both books mailed free.
Lyon Manufacturing Co.,
4.1 South 5U1 St., Brooklyn, N. Y-
Apts Corai Money Sellii
i.i ri: ok
McKinley & Hobart,
ltyMural llnlstcad, fur 10 years the in-t
fatlfmts Journalist in Ameiica. assisted li.vllull.
John Sherman, ttcii. t". II. Orosicimr and lion.
Chatinev M. Depou.
Also contains complete I'.iopntphv nf lion.
:.-irreit A. Ilnliart, nominee fur Yiee-l'rcsi-dent.
No campaign Hook equal It has eici been
IHililKlii-.!. The illustrations are rieh and boau
tul. includm? Mr. and Mrs. McKinley. and all
the ureal nulioiial leaders ; also persons and
placed of general interest. fiofl paites. prlntisl
on line paper; Cloth Ihndin: fljin. HairMo
rocu Kimlinsl.!; ly mail, postpaid.
Very Liberal Terras To Agents.
Agents act iiitrkl for mm- is vourharxest
time. I"n't delay ; iml'-r fine rruspi-ctils lo.
mail. only in cent-, which mctcly rovers cost of
iwistne and mailing. Address.
I'l'ltUSIlKKS' Sl'l'i'l.Y CO..
7 a'lil l Kmihe l'.iiildlng. St. l.ouis. Mn.
Ir. A I. Sawyer :- I was sick in bed and
my grandlather gae me some of our Family
Cure and in less than ten days I went to school
perfectly well I think it a great medicine.
ICtta l-icaa. :.ileshurg. Ills. Sold by T. S.
btt taut "Trouble. TV Witty, 4Ltrrf?ln(C Ptomtctt cm
ffcnwle Ilia, and id noted lor making rorcs vben all other
- . . m. M- nniknaiul bwiliil IuhiM tier It.
IIIBIIIM I I HIU. .s. iv-- ..- -
ClMntrt end tontine the MTt
honKUrf a laxonant Crowlh. I
Hvcr Fails to Jlratoro Gnj
uair lO us iouidiui i.uior.
Cuixj mln d.raca hair tailing.
SSSZaapu Hi pain. Makes walking caf y. lx. Drugs1-
The Chicago Clironide
It Is Not Republican.
It Is Not Mugwump.
It Is Not Populist.
It nuint.ims the' Kenuicraev of .leflVtson.
.I ickson and Titden. tM-lievin; it to he the sal
vation of the Keiih!ir. It is lliere!orei-iosed
tn Socialism, '"cc Sihvrisin ai.l Ue'diatim.-
'Sljio ilollar is loo good Soran Atncriean.SaHiiile
copies friM-. Aihln'ss
TT7T? f'TmnWTf'T.'P
lr.-i-ir.r. Wasiiingtoii st..ciiii"igi. il'.
QHclaalaaiiCtailrCnalae. t A
.TV TL. Mfi.hl. i.nrr. ..V JW
Ihxrrirt tar aieUMtrm FHpluk Dia-
bUcr C.r fjm4r. in Irtltr. bj rrtara
rt, itr.tr, .Mr Kani
The Democratic Bevolt.
"Tlio Jacobin programme is the pro
gram mo of I ho new Dctnnur.-icy. Wenltli
come?, thc claim, nut liy ii:ilnstry, itl
tcllii'iii'.' anil ter?ttrauci, but by the
intTo fiat of ennirrt'KS. They pmp so to
o.'oithrti.i llio ruiindittioiis of society, to
d ':-tri.y tbo vosteil rights of property, to
dtvrivH Ihvi laboring man of a chance to
toil, siO.il nib lit tit of orii-half of ulmt he
may ho ab'o l i earn. Tlioy propose
fru- trailn, fret! silver, frte riot, frei'
h -II. (Nnlailelii'iia Knotierer. (Dent.)
L n! thertj is national organization
for itti prihemition ar.il perpottii:-
lion tin very r.iiini of Democrat will
lit-.ippear from tho laml. Tin n : j uity
of t1!-! party no-.v parading that title tin
der falsi pretenses aro PoplistF, and in
tin fullni'S of time will return to that
pri-fernx ilesignntion. Having lirtt ro
puiliattiil the principle, it is only it mat
ter of n few jwiw when they will (lis
card the very name of Democracy.
Louisville Times (f)em.)
"I am for McKinly. I will not only
vote for him. but I will work for him. 1
will differ from him on the matter of
protection, but on tho money issue I
will stand by him. Oii'tl Joe. Shelby.
The one and only Question for all the
friends tr honest money, of honest deal
ing, and of safe and conservative govern
ment, i, how. shall Mr. Bryan and his
party bo defeated. From the Haiti
mnroSun of July 11, IS!)(i.
hvery Democrat who wants t. make
sure, that Revolutionary programme of
tl'.e Ked Mob shall not be carried out,
will not dare to throw away his vote or
to stay at- homo on election day. Hi will
yote for William McKinley, not ns a
Democrat voting for a Republican, but
as an American voting for an American
and voting against tho dishonor anil
disaster winch the carrying, out of tho
Ked Platform would bring upon the
United States. New York Sun July 1.1,
The Republican party is not fighting
Ih-mocraci in this canvass. Them is no
Demoicacy in tho Chicago plat form ex-
c.p! its opening declarations that aro
tnite.'iliately dtlined by the specific
::: iMires that it pledges tho party to
Tise platform was made to suit tho
I'm t:. wis and it is an expression of
l.,ii;l:r-t opinions except where it is the
v.- .- nf Aitgeld. and at those points it
.Vl-1 i for I hat auarchy which he
low;- .-f well. Richmond Va Tunis.
1' '.n;iiM have been much better for
Hi: Deui Hr:tlic party had its platform
contaiiii-il lr.it a single plank, and 11 at
plan'-; fnv s.lv.ir, as there are main
l'l-uioerrts i. !:o could stand free silver
niu:-. i Ixttu-r lliau can s.v.illn.v tho
popiiiirtir mi which constitutes tho rest
o bepln-fiitiii. lltstou Rouge Advo
r-ii-re i: nothing binding upon any
D.'innu.a: l i-.'lii for the tickot nomi
n:.tfd at Chicago. -The Han Antonio
D,!.Iv Et.rots. (Tex)
"for live weeks I lived on cold water
so t-i speak," writes u man who suttered
terribly from iniligestion.
He sou hi hardly keep anything on his
sumach. What stayed, wasn't proper
ly digested and gavo him terrible pangs.
Tins ia not an uncommon case. Dys
peptics don't get enough nourishment.
L'iiey are generally thin and weak.
They may eat enough, but tlioy don't
digest enough. Much of what they eat
turns into poison. If this keeps on
thero'n uo telling what disease they
may get next.
That's why it is best to tako Shaker
Digestive Cordial, as soon as symptoms
of indigestion appear.
It cures all the evils of indigestion,
and proyents the evils which indiges
tion causes.
Soid by druggists, price 10 cents to
Crowther for Congress.
The Republicans of tho Fourth con
gressional district met iu delegato con
vention in St. Joseph on Monday, the
17th nnd unanimously placed in nomi
nation for congress the present incum
bent, the Hon. George C. Crowther. It
was the right thing to do, and it was
done with a heartiness and enthusiasm
which indicates unmistakably that he
has tilled the full measure of capability
energy and faithfulness to the interests
of the whole people of tho district pres
cribed by a reasonable, a patriotic tied a
liberty-loving constituency. In a speech
accepting the nomination, Mr. Crowther
"gave an account of his stewardship,''
in which he declared that ho had
scrupulously endeavored, consistently
with a thorough performance of his
public duties, to serve every one of his
constituents, without regard to politi
cal predilection. He had aimed to re
present the people of the district, and if
re-elected which ho will bo ho will
devote himself equally and assiduously
t tho interest of his constituents in the
future, as he has done in tho past. The
p3ople of Andrew county admire Mr.
Crowther for his consistent and unfalter
ing devoting to the cause or the labor
ing people, knotting thai he comes from
tho ranks of the laborers, having been
a printer and nowspaper man, and be
lieving he will over prove faithful to
the many who toil for for a livelihood.
If the laboring element are as. faithful
to htm. as he has been and will be to
tiie.i), the election of George C Crow
ther ns next congressman from this dis
trict by an incteasoil majority is abun
dantly assured. Let the workiugiuen
carefully consider their interests, and
vote for the man who is their friend and
the friend and servaut of tho peole.
Savannah Reporter.
Did You Kvor
Try Electric Bitters as a remedy for
your troubles? If not, get a bottlo now
and get relief. This medicine has been
found to bo peculiarly adapted to tho
relief nnd cure of all Female Com.
plaints, exerting a wonderful direct in.
tl tience in giving strength and tone to
the organs. If you have Loss of Ap
petite, Constipation, Headache, Faint
ing Spells, or are Xervous, Sleepless,
Excitable, Melancholy cr troubled with
Dizzy Spells, Electric Bitters is the
medicine you neod. Health nnd
.Strength aregunrateed by its use. Large
bottles only fifty cents at Clark O.
Proud's drug store.
Th Republican platform says that
ono dollar should bo as good as any oth
er dollar, and that's what the candidates
on tho Republican ticket believe. They
also want tho soldipr wiien ho draws ins
pension for his suffering and his patriot
ism to get as good a dollar ns tho man
who clips his coupons.
When you want Furniture or Carpets call on
We prepay freight.
101. 109 and 111 South Sixth
The Kansas
is the only metropolitan daily
pie's candidates. It will be sent
January 1 i.iQJ. for
The Tw ice-.i-Week Times is
the West. Sent postpaitl until January 1, 1X97, for 25 Cents. $1 a
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The Inter Ocean
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ThsWZeekly Inter Ocean
As a Family Paper Is Not Excelled by Any.
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Ll-i YOUTH'S DEPARTMENT is the very best of its kind. ItiLITi:.:
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liichlainls. NniiilirrH linilti'il. Semi for Cata
logue (-imt.-ilniii terms ami .irtlcti!ars.
Klrkwoorf. Mo.
fy wx.I an I im til w..r!:cn. ivlthost rttin
s- ...r,t'.liil.s-.l wiiti V
;row lontrl'Mi n job nrtil (rfrccTr.it
r Tt lit t.li thi tr.tr I. .Ifil,.r-.. ..n
itl .rloii,Hl. t'jti.iluipio fnv.
I-'TtLSt'-ca!, Roc'Kfcrd, III,
Public Administrator's Notice.
jvoiiee is nereny given, mat e virtue ot an
niiler of the Probate t'ouit of Holt Coutity.Mis
souri. malleoli tlirAth lay of August. Hie
umiersiKueil public ailniinistnitor for.saiil coun
ty, has taken charge of the estate ot Krel
Fries, ileeeased. All nersons liai ir.g claims
against saitl estate are reipureil to exhiliit them
to inn for allowance within one ear after the
I'.ate of sahl order, or they may he precluded
from any benefit of such estate : and If .alii
claim? he not exhibited within two j ears from
the date of this puhli.-ation. llirv will he for
ever barred. This 7th davof August. I'.
KII.KH A I.At.'lilll.IN.
l'uhliu Administrator.
HO I nlRH-pjDrn"everfallii:Bcnduiyoor
addrets, we willUUnCUmailtrlalboUlePDCC
The DR. TAFT BROS. M. Co, Rochester, N.YT IfU
Wanted-An Idea
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of wme itmpla
thing to patent?
Protect your IdMi: thir mar briac yon wealth.
ceya, Wasblacton. D. C, for their thao prtxe offer
and lilt of two Hundred Inrentiona wanted.
Wanted-An Idea
OWtt - vnnp fAttt' 4twv mttv til
Who can think
of some almplo
ther may bring you wealth.
Write JOHN WEODEPJltTRN ft CO., Patent Attor
neri, Waahlngton. D. Cfor their prlxe offer
and Uit of two hundred invention wanted.
is a complete set of People's IMrtr Convention
tickets St latins. .Inly i!, !.;.
On receipt of ten cents III postage stamps we
mail to on free of rli.iw this most artistic
set of steel enura villus, covering all sessions of
the convention. These are the (iflicial Tickets,
published li v the National Committee.
insx. llh street, St. Louis, Jin.
; ..AAN0T.ri!ins-pok'?, :
:utlKH!v taurllt.
l'uelve teachers, 800 students,
hoard, and the finel Commercial Collez
1. ..i.i:.. : a : - i.... in . . v.
unions. Tteautiful Illustrated Catalocm FREE.
Addiess D. I- MUSSEI.MAN, President.
Oeni Cityliuslneii Colleiro, Quincy.Ill.
in every section to sell staple Roods to dealers :
no peilillnm; experience unnecessary: best side
line. ?7.-.w.i month. Salary and expenses or
large commission made. Address, with 2 cent
stamp lor sealed paitictilars. ("ittou Soap and
Matifa?f tiring Company. Cincinnati. Ohio.
Dr. A. r. Sawyer: I have bci-u troubled
with rheiiianlism and lung trouble for a 111:111
1 1 1....1 ... ti.i....
I'rtHi r.iii,t.iii si, an , 1 " j .iihis
help nie like oiir l'.-iliitlv t'nre. Mrs. II. Wln-
:art, M'll.'l. Ills, riiii o 1. iiome.
Now, at this time, it is ordered by the
County Court that the Clerk of this
Court ndvertiso for fifty cords of good
straight hard dry body wood with no
largo knots. To be lot in 10 cord lots at
public outcry at the court house to the
lowest bidder on the 0th day of Septem-1
ber. A. I)., lS'Ju.
J. If. C. Coutis, County Clerk.
Dr. A. I. Sawyer. I think your medicine one
or the crandest ilicovc ricsthat was ever made
for women. We can never thank miii i-iunmli.
Kespeclfullv. I.I1U C. I'.mdshaw-. I'aiinVhl. III.
Sold liyT.S. Ilinde.
Can save you money.
St Joseph. Mo.
in this section supporting the peo
daily from September i, 1896, until
the most popular semi-weekly in
the most popular campaign sontr,
It doef-n't matter much whether pick
headache, biliousness, indigestion and
constipation are caused by neglect or
by unayoidablo.circumstances; OeWitt'e
Little Early Risers will speedily euro
them nil. Sold by T. S. Ilinde.
Dr. A. I. Sawjer. Sir : After sulIerliiK font
years uitli female weakness I was peroiaileil
liy a friend to try your Pastilles, ami alter us
ing tin in one year. I eau say I am entirely well.
I can rot recoiuineml them too liilily. Mrs.
M. S.llrook, Broiisoii. Iletliel Iluucli Co.. Mieli.
SoM liyT.S. Illu.le.
With a four months stibscrption to The
St. Joseph Daily Herald. To every
person sending us 81.35 for four (4)
months' subscription to Tho Daily Her
ald or 50 cents fornix mouths' subset ip
tion to The Weekly Herald, we will Fend,
postage prepaid, one paper bound vol
lnine (:;' ) pages) containing tho Life nnd
Speeches of William McKinley.
Silk cloth binding, 10o extra.
Half morocco, 55c extra.
aimikkss i)i:ii:i:s to
Heralfl PnMsliiDS Company,
S. W. A1KEX, M. I).,
Physician & Surgeon,
Special attention given to Diseases of
Women and Children. Ollico in Vnn
liuskirk building.
Hr. Sawyer:-1 had not used half a box he
fore I was relieved, ami am now- well :vircness,
p.ii'. -Nch:in:e. MI iu this particular. t;oue.
only iisiiiR one lo. I was astonished. I make
the 'tatenieiit hoping it may be of use to some
pw.r snlfering leinale. Itespectfilllv. .1. JI.
reae, Keadlng. Mass Sold by T. S. Ilinde.
Damki. Zachmas, C.J. Hunt,
Prosidont. Cashier
Capital Stock Paid Up. $20,000.
Transacts a general banking business.
interest paid on deposits left for a 6peci
tied timo.
Drafts issued on principal cities. Col
lections mntie ami promptlv remitted.
DiRKCTons: S. F. O'Fnllon, J. T.
Thatcher, W. M. Poynter, George An
derson, J. A. Kreek, Gouv. Morris, Alex
Van Buskirk.
Dr. A. P. .Sawyer. I have used both. Family
Cure and Pastilles, found both jrood. I liav
suffered about II years what water tumors of
the stomach. Your tiicdicne cured me. Mrs.
Ida Mollile. Aftoa Iowa. ISold bv T. 8. Ilinde
Gross .Garbling.
Mr. Uryan in his speech at Albany,
Now York, last ueek, again iptoU'd Mr.
Carlisle, with the intent of impressing
his hearers, that Mr. Carlisle was iu '
favor of free and unlimited coinage. He,
ijuotes as follows: "According to my t
opinion the conspiracy which seems to '
have been formed hero and in Europe
to destory by legisiatioti ami otherw i
from three btventlir; to one half th
metallic tnone of the world ih the most
ni'autic crmiu of this or au other ae.
lib coiisiiiumatioii wiiiild ultimately en
tail more misery upon the human race
thuu all the wars, pestilence am! ftuutnes
that ever occurred in tho history of the
world." Mr. Carlisle in his upeecli al
UovinKtoti, Kj, in May 1805, wtui: "The
only speech I ever made iu couress on
this subject was delivered in tho House
ot Representatives more than seventeen
years ago, ut ti tune .when tho value of
the bullion coutuined in a biiver dollar
was only about seveii cents less than
the value of the bullion contained iu a
gold dollar, and i, together with many
other opponents of ftee coinage, believ
ing that a restoration of silver to our
mints would briiiK it to it parity with
gold, bupported ti measure providing for
tho I.IM1TEO coinage ot silver dollars on
of private mdividuals and and Con
roKATioNs as is now proposed. Kit teen
years esperieuce, however, demoi.btrated
that those of us who believed, in 1ST3
that a large use of biiver by the United
Stales would enhance its price or vuluo
were mistaken. Instead of increasing
the price of silver, it continued to fall
with greater rapidity than befuie, not
withstanding all the ttTurts made by our
government to uphold it, until now the
bullion contained in a biiver dollar i.s
worth only about hi'lf as much as the
bullion contained io a gold dollar.
Mr. Carlibe further sas. "The speech
made by me on tho occasion rtferred to
has been garbled and twisted and per
verted in and oui of congress during tho
past two years with a malicious in
genuity which has scarcely been equall
ed in the discussion of a public truestion,
nnd yot no one has ever ventured to
make tho direct assertion that it. con
tained a single word in favor of tho free
coinage of silver. It was, iu fact, made
in opposition to free coinage and in sup
port of the senate substitute for a free
coinage bill, as can be seen by any
ono who will take the trouble to read it.
Certain sentences, in which 1 denounced
in utrong language the attempt to
"destroy" silver as a money motal, have
been separated from their context and
quoted again and again in congress, on
thobtump, and in newspapers by men
who nevor read the speech and who ap
pear wholly incapabalo of understand
ing tho difference between the total
disiiFo of that motal as money and its
freo unlimited coinage at tho public ex
penso for the benefit of private individ
tials and corporations. "
A Cure for Btllious Colic.
Resource, Screven Co., (Jn. -I hayi1
been subject tn nttacks of bilious colic
for sevoral years. Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera nnd Diarrhoea Remedy is the
only Bure relief. It acts like a charm.
One doso of it give3 relief when all
other remedies tail. u. I). Miarp. i-or
sale by Clark O. Proud.
Why Xot Bo It?
When wo know that wo can procure
ten times morn water than wo require
by tho cheap process adopted by Bu
chanan county at its poor farm a pro
cess used on many of tho greatest stock
farms pure, delicious water as was ever
used, nnd that the man who built the
plan aro ready and willing to undertake
it for us on tho fairest possible terms,
why do we not stir in tho matter? Why
not send ono or two capablo porsons to
view and report? Xo matter what plan
we may adopt lator for distributing tho
water, let us get the water first as near
by ns possible. Tho greatest expense
under the plan ia for tho land, but the
land is always there and worth more
hereafter than now. It is worth the
price. The lubor will bo a trifle, com
paratively. Citizen.
Euof.se V. Dkbs, in a letter to George
P. Zanisun, of Chadron, Neb., says:
"There is a vast difference between Bry
an and tho Democratic party. If the
lntter'd only ambition is to swallow
tho People's Party so as to place them
in power and get possession of the otlices,
their desire will and should be thwarted.
I would rather sco McKinley elected
than to have another Democratic i.d
ministration." Debs is a leader among
tho Populists, tiut how do our Demo
cratic brethren liko such utterances?
Republicans aro feeling much bet
ter over tho outlook now than they were
a month ago, and they will feel much
better still a month hence. By Xovem
ber thoy will bo wearing smiles n yard
Try a can of Hopkins Steamed Hom
iny (Hulled Corn.) It is delicious. Full
quart 10 cents. t f
Cause and Effect.
Every idle fnctory, every man who is
without work, every American house in
which the comforts of life are not found
because there is no work to be had,
every fchop which has closed its doors
not knowing when they will again bo
opened, is nn object lesson of the folly
nnd idiocy of the Democratic idea of
placing American labor in competition
with tho paupor labor of the Eastern
countries. In Ohio nlono Inst year there
wero 58,052 less persons employed in
workshops and factories than in lS'.C!
aud tho loss in wages was 622J!01,2SO.
In 1S0.'J the Republican tarilf law was
in operation.
In 1S0. tee Democratic tariff law was
tn operation.
Catarrh Cnniiof He Ctircil.
with local applications, as they cannot reach
Hie seit of the disease. Catarrh is a blood or
constitutional disease, ami iu order to run; it
you must take internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh ("tire is taken internally, and acts di
rectly on the blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's
Catarrh Cure Is not a quack medicine. It was
precriled '" one of the best phjsiciaiis iu this
country for , ear, ami is a regular preset Iption.
It Is composed ot tin: best tonics known, com
bined with the best blood purifiers, acting di
rectly on the mucous surfaces. Tie perfect
combinations of the two Ingredients is what
produces such wonderful results in curing
Catarrh Sml for testimonial, free.
F. .1. Cheney & Co.. Proprietors Toledo. .
Sold by druggists, price TSc.
Tho whole system is drained nnd un
dermined by indolent ulcers and open
sores. DoWitt's Witch Hazel Salves
speedily heals them. It is tho best pile
cure known. Sold by T. S. Ilinde.
of Spirits
so common in summer-time.
. i r
accompanied D IOSS 01 energy,
t lack Of thOUght-DOWer, means
a deficient supply of nourish
ment. The vital force is lost.
It isn't a question of muscle and
sinew, but of resistance and
endurance. At any age, but
especially in youth, it involves
the risk of lung disease. Loss
of flesh and a cough are threat
ening signs.
of Cod-liver Oil, with the hypo
phosphites, meets these cases
perfectly. It tones up, fattens
and strengthens.
In Scott's Emulsion the taste
of the oil is fully disguised,
making it almost as palatable
as milk. i
For sniff at . ami by all t!rui;7Csts.
Scott it Uowse, Mf. ChcmUts. New York
Ir. A. 1'. S-iujer: I have hmmI one I'ox of
lour l'.istillr-, :inil tliv liae Iiil'tl !iil- more
lli.in au;li i'K i Mat I ever us-l. ami liavt
ttii'l .-ilmost i v.tII.iti' JIarv Johnson. Jlusli-m-11.
III. SoM liyT. S. lliinlc.
Farm for Sale
Of 250 acres three-quarters: of a mile
east r Xew Point and eight miles north-
.ai.t .f n.iuHm All in rmitiv.ilTnn nr
grass except '."0 acres of timber; 300
young bearing apple trees; 5 acres of old
bearing orchard; 100 bearing peach trees
standard varieties; grapes-, plums, cher
ries, pears, berries, etc. u-Room house;
line collar; good barn nnd granray; hay
barn. 10 ton capscity; IJ large corn cribs;
smoke hiuKi'; work i-hop; hen house;
hog sheiN; 2 heg lots; 15 acre hog pas
ture; 4 good wells; cistern at house;
wind mill, tanks, els. 120 acres on
Xoilauay bottom one-fourth of a mile
from overflow. This is one of tho best
gtaii: anil stoelc farms in Holt county,
l'or further inforie.alion call al farm or
Oregon, Mo.
Dr. S.iwur. Ihar'tlr: I can saynith pleasure
that I li ne li.-c n u.iia; Nouriuedieine. and will
teeommi'iid it to all siiiferu:- ladies. .Mr. XV.
v. i'eaUn rsiiee. tigusta. t:a. SoM bv T. S.
The Weekly Bee
12 pages every week,
inal.osn special cuiii'algii rate f
...oi: ...
Subscribe now for the leading.....
Sound Money Paper
of the west.
The Bee Publishing Company.
OMAHA, Xini.
Dr. S.iwcr. Dear Sir :-llalug iM-d your
r.islilles. can recomnieiiii tio-u to -nie
public. I ha.e been alien. led by fourilllferent
doctors, but one and a half boxes of your iiiedi
eine ha done me more good than all of them.
Yours resH ctlul!v. Mrs. Maggie .loluison.r.roii-
mmi. Itrancli Co. Mich. Sold by T. S. Ilinde.
Tremoixt ofeI
a t IN 1-)
Xorthcast Cor. Main nnd Francis Sts
Clias. Ebersold, Prop.
Good rooms and Beds. Ono Dollar
Per Day. Best Refreshments Served,
All rooui3 nowly furnished.
Only authentic liiosrapiiy of th Drtni rratlc
Xiiiniuis's for I'rc.siitc!'? ,uui Vue.l're.ideat ;
:ihe-.il of all others
"Hits will be the Democratic iialui 5:oo! of
Is'ttand millions will be sold.
This will be the year of years for the sale of
I'.-imp.iun Ilooks.ior there never has been such
e.x-iti tneiit and controversy over a National
II.M.k will be handsomely illustrated; Cji
paaes on fine paper : Cloth niiidiii- Lru; half
Morocco r.ui.lliis; ?J : ny man, posip.un.
Very Liberal Terms To Agents.
L-eiits set to work imick. sreure the cream
of the I'.iisiuess. and Coin Money. Send for
elegant l'nispwlus.lu cents by mall, and tak
tildcrs at once. Address.
fl'I'.l.lSIIKU.V sriTi.v CO..
i & i: Kmilie ItiiildiiiL'. -St. Limi--. Mo.
Dr. Sawer. I haeusisl omt box of I'terlnc
I'astdli-s aud praise it .cry hluhly. I know- it is
what il is recommended to be. I belive if I
continue its Use it will cure me. I have suf
fered for three years with female weakness,
Yours tnilv. Mrs. Kosa Duller. IlainburK. S. C,
Sohl bvT.'S. Hindi'.
Dr. A- I'.saner:-Dcar lbs-tor. I haw uel
and sohl xoiir I'.iinUv Cure with excellent re
sults. It'curcd me of Ihe ilu-nm.iti-m and I
niov am "uxears oh! and have not an ache or
lain. Mrs. I". A. Khoads. .Sutherland. Iowa.
Sohl hyT. S. Ilinde.
TTm. green,
Physician & Surgeon.
Olliceover Philbrick's barber shop,
front room. Residence, two blocks
west of Kreek tiro's store, formerly oc
copied by Dr. Butler.
J. T. THATCHER, ffl. D
lloiititt'itpiithist nutl StiriMtti.
Special attention given to
tftyv Don't coW,
Yoa raay have a poor Stove.
Not if it's -
For they csa be relied
upon to do
. Good Work.
ORIiGOX, - - MO,
The Grand Old Party.
Toe Republican part! Xo wonder
Am "fie. i ns lovu the name! Xo wonder
that it w as 1j ir to them as the Union
Hsvl'. It record w gl.irious. It cannot
bo re;ealed loo often nor iinr.xaoiS too
htrongiy mi Ihe onods of the nsing gen
eration. Tl'.e R'pt:b!ie:i:i ;nrty i-: :he mighty
lHiIir.ic.it p.i-Aer thai saved the Union,
that !:b.-ratei: th t-lave, that protected
home industry and preserved the na
tio.'iid credit. ll upheld the
arm-i of tlm m:irtyril Tjincoln iu the
peril.ms i'irteii of the Civil War. It- pi
loted tl:e country .safely through the
i;termy um of reconstruction, ami by its
wise, b'iK'.'icent policy, restored the
Uni.ni ii: fact as well as in name, ll
presented a solid frost against tiaucial
vagaries and British free trade s-ehenies.
It has been associated ii: city, county
and state with reform and progrei-s. It
is in earnest sympathy with progressive
movements everywhere, rejoicing at the
certainty thai Ireland will attain home
rule and Cuba will be free from the
Spanish yoke.
But the Republican party does not
rely upon its past record, glorious and
honorable as is that page in tho national
hitory. It has not passed away or dis
banded, as some Democrats said it would
when the war was over and slavery wtu
It nearly forty years einc the Re
publican party made Fremont its stand
aril bearer, nnd nearly won a victiry
thal might have averted the Civil War.
But the party is still young in all that
constitutes the vitality of political or
ganizations. Tim Republican party is equal to nil
emergencies that arise in tho progressof
Jour great country. Tho principles on
j which it is based aro immortal and un-
5 changeable. It is in sympathy with the
noMer aspirations of the American peo-
pie. It is essentially a national party,
knowing no South and no Xorth, but
glorying iu a united people working
stuidfastiy for tho advancement nnd
welLire of our common country, one and
Wo believoit will prove to the inter
eat of every citizen lo support tho nomi
nees of the G. O. P., uation.'d, state nnd
couuU. Every voter should seo to it
that his ticket has tho Republican candi
drte niin it.
A Household Treasure
I . W. Fuller, of Canajoharie, X. V.,
says that iio always k.iepsi Dr. King's.
Xew Discovery in the house and his
faintly has i:Jwai' found the very beat
results follow its use; that ho would not
be without it. if procurable. G. A. Dyke
man Druggist, Cntskill. X. V.. says that
Dr. King's Xw Discovery is undoubt
edly the best Cough remedy; that he
hits need it in his family for eight years,
and it has never failed to do nil this is
claimed font. Why not try a remedy
ho long tried and tested. Trial bottles
free at Clak O. Proud's drug store
Regular size 50c. and S1.00.
Only the sufferer knows tho misery of
dvspepsia, but Hood's Sarsapar curfB
the most stubborn cases of this disease.
ftiiti.iUKi wkkki.v itv w. ii. i:h:iiai:is.
IlKKIillN, Ml).
Atetracter aud Negotiator of Loans.
Transfers fur tho weekending.Augubt
.los Iloblitzell ami wife to II lllacr.pt sec
::.'.. :is. tivw
S A Wii-khaiu ami husbaml to S V Aiken
e71 ft. lots -J ami 3. block II. Oregon liiGt)
.lane l'ctcrs to I'hochc liuriis, lot r. hliK-k
1. 1'liikslon's add Otejson so
X tl Stn.dcr to A .1 Mitchell, sw sw 21. HI,
as Is'O
ll A Danker, to Henry Kosehus, lot tl.
block 1. Corniii!; UlTS
I- DIvcll'-yaiid wilelo Henry A D.mkcrs,
lot K. block I.Coruhi. '
Mcuud ;uy to Klcctiic I.ishtCo., jMiwcr
house site
V II lle:itoii and wifeto.l A Alexander,
pi lot I. block II. I'rai- 230
Marv Slmms to Alice K Homie.sw!. block
-I. Crab; l.V)
S C Collins to C M Ouilltauis. land in ..lt,
40 and i and '-'i:. (, 4(
Town of liluelow to .lacoh Hook, lot I,
block III. l!if:clov
A .M Hunter to Dell.i Hunter. .". C. It and
J.-..tdo;kr,i'raitf ISmO
AiiuieC Williams to Chas ratteison. w
II W 33, CO, 37 400
.Iin I'altrriisou :tnd w ife lS. and J V!
I'.ittcrson trustees; lot 13. block 'J, Mait
Uu.1 4ii
,Ino ratt.rsiiii and wile to S A and J W
I'.ittcriou trustees, pt sects -ami 11. CI.
Jim r.ittcrson and wife to Y JI U-ciht
trustees. tlUJ It, block 0. M.iitland
Ino r.iltersou jihI wife to S A and J V
I '.ltter.oo.pI II. fit, 37 1,3)
.Ino ntttersii and wife to S A and .In
I'atterson. pt II. 1, 37 1,01)0
Jn.i l'.ittersou and wiftsto S V and J U
I'.ittrrsnii,y net ami n2 lie y, CI. 37. WM
A I. Mcioloivs to uuai r ISacby. nw seaiul
tie sw 9. CI. W 7"'"
.1 A I-ase to A Snrx .lot 1 l.bliH'k I I.Forest
S P. Keiftcr to M CuiwtNMt. lots 13. II. 15.
block l- Maitlacil TOO
Juo A fields Iu (Jco V iMk. lot 15. block
17. M.iitland 10D
Nellie A lewder to (Jeo W Zook. 1 and
block 3. add M.iitlaiid 710
.Ino I'.ittersoii by trustee to M Cajwood,
4lxi3tt, block II.Maitl.iud . Ii'
Poison Ivy, insect bites, bruises.
sca.ds, burns, aro (juickly cured by De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, the great pile
cure. Sohl by T. Ilinde.
Senator Wm M. Stewart, of Nevada,
participated in the debate of 1873 that
demonetized (?) silver, and voted for the
great crime, tn the debate Mr. Stewart
Sir, tho laboring man and the pro
ducer is entitled to have his product
and his labor measured by tho same
standard of tho world that measures
your national debt. There have many
battles fought against gold, but gold
has won every time. Gold has never
been compromised. Gold has mado the
world respect it at all tunes. You must
come to tho snmo conclusion that all
other peole have that gold is recog
nized as the universal standard of
"Free silver will not euro overproduc
t'.on nor under consumption. Freo sil
ver will not remove tho competition of
Russia, India nnd the Argentine Ra
public. Tho competition would remain
if you should coin all tho silver in the
world. Free silver will not increase tho
demand for your wheat nor make more
consumers. You don't get consumers
through tho mints. Yon (ret them
through the factories. Tho home mar
ket is the beat friend of the farmer. It
is his best market. It is his only re
liable market. It is his only natural
market." William McKinley.
Skxatoi: John P. Jones, of Xevada,
vjted for the crime of 1S:: In the
sennte on Juno 11, IS71 ho said: "I be
lieve the sooner we come down to a
purely gold standard the better it will
be for the country. Tho human heart
was set upon gold, that it was the stan
dard of high civilzation. nnd that when
gold wns used exclusively for money, it
taught ino very habit of honesty.
dcrcd at that
sick and half
sick women.
Most of them
suppose their
cauonly be cured
bv the ohvsi-
cian. That means local treatment and
examinations. Xo xvondcr they hesitate.
And hesitation gives disease a stronger
The truth is that local treatment and
examinations arc nearly always tin.
necessary. They shouh: not te sub
mitted to 'till everything else fails.
cures painful menstruation, irregulari
ties, life-sapping drains, falling of the
womb and flooding. It cures all the
pains and troubles by making the
feminine organs perfectly strong and
healthy. Its action is wonderfully bene
ficial to girls just entering womanhood,
and to women passing through the
period known as the "change of life."
No need to hesitate now. Cure can be
hid right at home.
Prcshytcriaii Church Director)'.
Sabbath school at 0:30 every Sabbath.
Y. V. S. C. E. every Sabbath evening
one hour before preaching.
Prayer meeting every Thursday even
ing at ".-.TO p. m.
Preaching every Sabbath morning and
evening by the pastor.
Everybody cordially invited to attend
abovo services.
Ucrmaii 31. K. Church Director)
Preaching everv Sunday from 11 a. m.
to 12 1 si.
Preaching every Sunday at the Xoda
wavchtirch at 2::"H) i m.
Christian Church Directory.
ci.vnn iaiisik, i'astoi:.
Sunday school every Sunday, at 9:1.1
A. M.
Preaching on the second and fourth
Sundays in each month, 11 a. v., and
evening. Preaching on the lirst and
third Sundays in each month.
V. V. 3. C. E. every Sunday evening
at 7 o'clock.
Prayer meeting every Thursday even
ing at S o'clock.
Meeting of the t9icial board every
fourth Sunday at 3 p. i;.r-
All tiro cordially invited to attend.
31. K. Church Directors.
Sunday school every Sabbath, at OilO-
A. M.
Preaching every Sabbath, at 10:15, a.
m., and at 7i50 i. m.
Class meeting at 11:43.
Prayer meeting overy Thursday, at
8:00, r. ji.
Business meeting of tho official board
the third Monday of each month, at 7:30,
i. M.
Epworlk Letue Sunday at 7:00 v. m
Tiuic Table.
Below will bo found the time of de
parture of the passenger trains over the
If. C. road and also tho day freight
trains. It will be seen that by this time
card, tho B.& M. trains stop at Forest
coim; south:
Xo.2I. -Leaves Forest City at 2:20 p.m
Xo. 2:5 Leaves' at 1:17 a. m.
Xo. i:t Villisca passenger, leaves at
o:23 p. m.
Xo. 15, B & M Leaves Forest City at
H10 p.m.
Xo.01 Freight Leaves at 7:10 a. m
Xo. 20 Loaves Forest City nt 12 Al p.
Xo. 22 Leaves at 2:11 a. m
Xo.-12 St. Joseph paseengor.tonves at
0:50 a.m.
Xo. 10, B & M Leaves Forest City nt
4:59 p. m
Ao. 92 freight Leaves at 2r29 p. m
Christian Church Directory of
Forest City. .
o. n. joiissos, I'astoi:.
Sunday school every Sunday, at 9250
a. m.
Preaching on tho first nnd third Sun
days in each month, II a. m., and even
ing. . P. S. C. E. every Sunday evening
at 0250 o'clock.
Prayer meeting every Friday evening
nt S o'clock.
All are cordially invited to attend.
Christian Church Directory of
New I'omt.
:. it. jonhmin, PAsroN".
Sunday school overy Sunday, nt 9250
a. m.
Preaching on tho second and fourth
Sundays in each month-?, 11 n. to., and
l . P. S. C. E. every Sunday evening
at C.250 o'clock.
All aro cordially invited to nttend.
Theories of euro tuny bo discussed at
length by physicians, but tho sufferers
want quick relief; nnd Ono Minute
Cough cure will give it to them. A safe
cure for children. It is "tho only harm
less remedy that produces imuioiiiate
results.' Sold by T. S. Hindo.
Tim Indiana Fanners Association
has 50,000 members, ccmprising 27,.r()U
Republicans, 20,500 Democrats, 1000
Populist nnd 1000 Prohibitionists, and
12,250 of them are going to vote for
McKinley nnd sound money This in
dicates a Republican gain of 15,(100 over
the Presidential vote of 1892. "Tho
silver sentiment is swiftly disappearing,'
says tho president of the association
"and tho Indiana fanners tlon't want
any of your cheap money."
Tun silver men nssert that price have
gono tlown, and that therefore they in
tho most simply way prove that gold has
gono up. They conveniently forget tho
thousand and one factors that enter in
to a decline in price's. They forget the
laws of supply and demand. That wo
cannot expect to get- as high a price for
our cotton whn we raise a crop of al
most 10,000,000 bales in 1891, as when
we raise only 2,971,'557 bales in 1872, or
for our wheat when wo raise ICiOiTr.lK;
bushels in 1891 as when wo raised only
259,997,100 bushels in 1872.
Missouri Populists can havo what
they want from tho Democrats if they
insist on it. Tho Democrats have got
to have fusion at somenrice. and it they
can't get it on their own terms they will
accept the Populists' terms. Think of
the crnnd old Democratic party of Mis
souri that gave its candidate 40,000
plurality in IS92. now seeking fusion to
save Missouri for its party.
p- dliirufun'

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