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Merrill Jasper Dead.
We are truly sorry to hear of the death
of Merrill Jasper, of Mouutl City. Mr.
per has been in the state of Wash
ington, where he had fiinti in the inter-
Issued Every Friday.
Friday . Icteiiilnrr 4. 18JM.
Blair Gel vm.
Our.sincerest congratulations are ex
tended Ivan L. Blair, who on Wednes
day last, November 25. 1S1W. led Miss
'Lulu E. Gelvin to Hvmen's altar. The
happy bride is tile daughter of David A. t est of Mime of our fruit growers in the
Gelvin, of Maitland, am! no two young northern part of ourcouuty. The death
people start down life's rugged pathway was sudden and wholly unexpected, a
together with brighter prospects or with telegram reaching his family Sunday
more sincere friends. morning, announcing that deatii had
The groom is the son of I. L ISlair. occurred that morning. November 21UI:
C. O. Zook was transacting business
in Fairfax, this week.
Judge Van Woriner, of Union towu
shiu.was in the city this week.
Charles Bennett, of Mound City.was
in the city Monday ou legal business.
Uncle Hayden Edwards, of Big Lake,
was an Oregon visitor last Wednesday.
Miss Mary Louise Ambos, of St. Jo
seph, is the guest of Mrs. Funuie Duu
gati. M. D. Walker has returned from a
two weeks visit with relatives in Wright
Mrs. Mary Chapman, of North Enid,
Oklahoma, is here visiting her mutoer,
Mrs. M. Spoerie.
Miss Sudie Collins was the gue.-t of
Joe Hoblitzeli and family at Maitland, a
few days last week.
Mrs. Mary Quinby, of uear Craig, is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. A. II.
Greene, or lliis city.
Miss Kalo Polk, one or Holt's best
of teachers.speiilTiianksgivtng with her
home folk.-, in tins city.
Dr. 1. D. Kelley lias removed from
Foibes to Oregon, and will hang out his
shingle here. We Aish him success.
E. W lleadley, accompanied by at
torney VanBuskirk, are in May-.ville.
Delia lb county, on legal business, this
II. W. White, wife and baby, of Chi
cago, are yisiling in the city, tueg'ie.-ts
of his sister, Mrs. Itutur. .Montgomery.
They will remain for a cotipiecof week.-.
Elder McFarland and wife, of Des
Moines, Juwa, wele tliegliests of Mrs.
M' parents, James Curtis and wife, of
Union neighborhood, lor a fe-v days laot
W. A. browning, of Lincoln town
shin, was in lo.vn Pnday, and gave us a
friendly call. He was elected J. I'. at
the receut election, and came down to
' Ab. Douglas and son, of .Savannah,
were hero this week, to see his -nuttier,
who has been ijuite sick for several
weeks, but al this writing is considered
some belter.
George Douglas--, of Blencoe, Mon-
ouu countv, lo.va, who has been here
of Union township, one of our county's
successful and intelligent citizens. He
is a graduate and was admitted to the
bar about one year ago, and on being
admitted located in Maitland for the
tiraclice of his profession. He is of a
JMtj Ills daughter Alice and Nim
Were attending the Christian Endeavor
society convention, which was in session
in Mound City; his other daughter Nel
lie, is attending school at Fulton, this
state. The hliu falls heavilv indeed
most exemplary character, and with his upon Mrs. Jasper and her excellent fain
natural and acquired audit v lie is ad ily ot cliildreii.
mirably equipped for a bright, promts
ing. usetul life.
The bride is one of Holt county's most
charming young ladies, ami while (hush
ed and polished for the social realm, in
which sheilas always been a great favor
ite, no young woman is more grandly
equipped for tho-e duties that come to
'.er by reason of her new obligations
the wife.
The ceremony occurred at the palatial
lioine of the bride's parent-, and was a
scene or siicti beautv. a uill douhlle-s
remain a plea-ant reinemlirai.ee by all
those present. The parlor was tilled with
plants and (lowers, the couple standing
under a canopy of w hite lace curtains.
ver which wa- sus;ciiJeil a monogram
"I (i"iu white fhrj-aiilhemiinis.
The bride a-iK attended by Ml Jen
llie Whitn.er. who were both robe 1 in
while, while the groom, wuh his b-st
man. Mr. K. L. Under, were in the con
ventional black.
Immediately after the ceremony which
was performed bv Elder 1. l! Pre-lon.
of Mound Uitv. tlie gu-st- were enter
tamed with a roal fea-t.such of course TIM. I
ac Dave Gelvin would have. and you who j
know him. can best imagine what it .
would he under such circum-tances. ! Nancy .Jan.
There were -nine 7." guests present. ' III W
and the couple were ihe recipients of a
large number of u-eful as .e!I as orna
mental pe nt
Mi. Japer was born in Holl county,
October:!. 1815. Mis .ather was one ot
the early settlers of I he county, and died
a short time before Merrill's birtn. The
deceased was reared and educated lit
Holt county, and in 1 Si went to Omaha
wtiere he w.is engage.! as a mercantile
clerk. He served for Ihiee years in this
capacity, when he entered tl.e car shops
of the I'nion Pacific railroad, as a wood
workman, where he remained three
year.-, after which returned to this
cuuntiy. and engaged ill farming On
Ju.y 12. 11. Mr. Jasper lost a hand
whileharvestiug. audsiuce that time has
not felt hue a well n.an. and a few years
alter tills accid.'iit disposed of bis farm
ami located in Moiii d Uit wherehe lots
resided since. On May 11. 1871. he was
united in marriage to Katie, daughter of
Samuel I!. Voting. E- , one of not tlien.
Holt's uio-t higtily re-p-cied ciitr.ens.
Mis. Jasper was born in Barren county,
Kentucky, in September 1"5. wiio with
three children, survive - Mi Alice be
ing a teacher in the Mound City schools
To Ho-heart broken f.uuilv I'iik Skx
extends Its deepest sympathy.
J. Polly is building an addition to
his house.
Some animal or person helped them
selves to Lud'lg Waegele's turkevs.
Jim Taylor is up north working for
W. Kne.ile." Dick Taylor has been work
ing for Mr. Caskey.
Frank Curtis had a husking bee
Saturday, November 28. and an oyster
supper in the evening.
On account of the bail weather, the
Christian Endeavor society's oyster sup
per had to be iostpoued.
George Gelvin ami wife. Edgar
Weigel anil sis'er. Mws Ida Ciimmmgs
and George HihharJ and several others,
whose nanus we dnl not learn, went to
Mound City to attend the Christian
Endeavor convention.
The weather took too sudden a
change for comfort. Last Wednesday
it was uncomfortably warm, with out
side door standing open, while now one
can scarcely keep warm with hot tires
ami house closed tightlv. Ac.vtk.
Miss Lelah Nolami spent Sunday
with friends in Oregon.
The young folks are making ar
r.ingements for a Christmas entertain
ment Mrs. M: ry B.icUu-, of Grant City.
Mo., was vi-iting her aunt. Mrs. J. E.
Penny, tills week
Mis- l.ora Penny lias returned
honi". after vi-iting rel itives in Mound
City for some lime.
Some of the white woles have he
gan to ro.itn around in this neighbor
liooii They seem to crave chicken;.
--Rev. Eugene MeFarland and wife
of. DeMoines, Iowa, vi-ited with her
Parents. Mr and Mrs. James Curtis, the
latter part of last week.
Motlerslieard was bom
t Virginia. June VI 1-.!. and
died ii Fore-t City. Nov. 2" I'.': ag-d
C5 yar.-. 1 moiiiiisanil 2 das.
She removed with her parents to II.'ii
fter a short, visit with friends in thi- , ton county. Missouri, in lS"l. and from
section, the couple will return to Mail-; there lo (, dorado, then to Nebr i-.j i.
land, ".-et nji housekeeping and begin . ami irom mere nacK io iieniou coiiuiy.
to live, and mav that life ever be one i w here -in. was married in H.77 to Foiiu
with her
worth its living is the .-inceio
TltK Skxtinm..
Mrs. Barbara Drcher is some
nt this writing.
Miss Ada Mertis isstay ing with Mrs.
Drelier at present.
Mr. B. N. Kunkel is getting :ilong
nicely with his school.
Mr. P. W. Cunningham is sin-iiiling
a few ilavs at WikmIviIIc.
I Mr. J. D. Tritt spent Tanksgiviiig
i with Ins sister, Mrs. rickis.
- . , ... . - i.i i. ii.
z " : i ;; z: , : i l. m. smtn spent
mother, whom we aro glad to stale, is
now much belter.
-Charles Herman left this week for
Coburg, Nebraska, where ho will visit
his sister, Mrs. Rulla Kauisay for about
three weeks. Charlie is figuring on the
amount of game he will kill on this trip,
as he will put in his tune hunting.
We had the pleasure of meeting
Elder A. G. Alderman formerly pastor
of the Christii'ii church, this city, but
now located at Topeka, Kas. He came
up from St. Joseph on his way l. White
Cloud, where will stay for a couple of
weeks, conduct! ig a meeting.
We extend ourcougrnliilatioiis right
now to Uluirjej isoltey. who n.ls jn-i
wish of . tain Smith ISule, .removing
, husband lo Fore.-t City in lSli"J, where
j she resided up to the time of her death.
Five childien were born to them, four
1 .tlrta :i,nl Ii ,v ttt f:ilfip unit Ia-.i
better h.uing proceiled her to the other
side. Ihe children left to mourn for
her are Mr.-, diaries Moberly. of St.
Jo-epb: Marcella and S T., or Forest
. City.
Slie was (inverted Hliu received into
the fellu.v-hip or tlie ISiptlst churcii at
Fore-l IT.lv in 1870. under Tie preaching
of Eider G W. Huntley, and continued
a faithful member, loie.l and e-temed
, bv church and the commuiiitv.
I Fuiieriil services .erecondn:-t"d ,-nni
'"Withe Iliplist .tiurch. Monday. Nov. .;.
! by Elder J. M. Heeson. of Mound City.
Sim- ( tile tevt being John. 1 1:1S will not
i leave you conilortless; I will come
again" after which the remains were
I laid to rest in the Forest City ceme
terv to await the resurrection morn.
dav with Mrs. Alic Mnpl"
Miss Flora Maple is able to
about with the aid . -if crutches.
There is pravcr meet ing everv
day evening at the school house.
Mr. E. C'ooksev. from Highland,
visited Mr. L. W. Wliithain Sunday.
Mr. ('. A. Niml will t:ioe down into
this part of th" county sen from J.ige She had only been sick about ten days
low. j wuh Ivpl.oid feier. The bereaved chll
Miss O.-i Siinm-ms spent a few d iys ,reII have the svmpathv r a large cir-
wail hit iiucic, iiioiii.is oimmoMs. uis, . t)r neiiil-m t he.r liour of sorrow.
Several from hen" attended the Gel
vin-Kair wi-dtling. Weilnesdav, Noveni
Iter 'i. at Maitiaml.
Mr. Peter and Andrew Frvnian havr
IJU HI VylKllirv. lJ.fl.1.. ...... JH-, . . . . , , ... . . .-
arriveil from London, England, and who I ".",!; "r Vr Vt "... i it has fio.-n up.
license on ylouday of tins v, : , . . .
vvoous onoiiay si inni is iiiieiiioni;
have a Christmas tree. Will give
juirticulars some other tinic.W. X. V. Z.
Nickell's Grove.
Preaching at the cl-urch
evening al the u-ual hour.
The roads haw been verv rough sinc
obtained a license on
.......If t.. (..nil t.t Ivmeiis :ilt:ir fi-ul
-..n;.. r. i... .....ii. i..i ,i ,,,.,i,tur ..r :
..eiiii' nnT fi.... . .
Judge Uichard Collison. of Mailiaiid.
Mrs. C. A. Fox. of Fori IJobiuson,
Dawes county, Nebraska, is al the bed
side of her daughter, Mrs. Henry I'oley. Skating
who is improving slowly. Her sister, froze over.
Mrs. Daisy McKane, from the same The Modern Woodmen, of America
place is also with her. and another sis lodge has been organized at-this place.
ter, Mrs. flora .. 1'orter, ot inner,. .Miss Cora U.leii, of Craig, is now
the spo't
since the lake
Oklahoma, is here also.
Charles Voting, of St. Louis, who
was here visiting his parents, returned
Monday evening. Charley was up coach
ing the Columbia university foot ball
team for the game at Kansas City-
visiting her sister. Mrs. Harry GuiHiams,
of this place.
-Athur Wake has been bu-i!y en
gaged in telling William ISabb his sport
of foot racing last year.
'Ihe literary at the IJnuks school
I'lie recent ram was a great, help to
the fall wheat. The prospect- was uever
better 111 there parts.
Mrs. liaibara Dieher, who lias been
down with the grip the past twt. weeks,
is some better at this writing.
- Ilho.id.s ,fc llardn.an are up in the
upper pari of Ine county drilling well-.
-The school directors are putting a
gas pipe fence around the school house.
It will make a nobby fence and hitch
-Our literary society is on each Fri
day night. A paper every two weeks.
A good program every Friday night and
good debate each night. Everybody ill
Thanksgiving day between Kansas tint- j house is progressing linely with large at- ! Hurl Kunkel while playing at school
versify team. Charley reports business tendance and good behavior. ! one day hist week fell and ran a thorn
is liuving corn at this ' just above ins eve. lie was laKen to
improving, and especially in his line -electrical
engineering. He is in the em
ploy of one of the best linns in the city.
Willard Proud ami brido returned
from their western trip Thanksgiving
day. They visited Denver, Pueblo ami
other points of interest in Colorado.
Willard says the people out there don't
know that the election is over. He re
ports, N. B. Irwin and family, Tommy,
Curtis mid family. Dick Irwin and fam
ilv. Will Kennon and family, and in fact
all of tho former Holt countyites'. as well
and prospering. N. 15., or better Known
here as Pole." who is an uncle of Wil
lard's, with his
A. Habb
for John II.
Lvnds for which he' Dr. Findley, at New Point. and tne thorn
is pay ing II cents per bushel.
The spelling match at Walnut Grove
Friday night last was postponed ou ac
count of tlie teacher being absent
was taken M and Dolph is all O. Iv
Herslmer ISros. delivered a line
bunch of hogs at Forest City the first of
Ivttle Mable Khodes is on the mend.
M'irinu Lumley's baby is recovering
' after a long -pell of sickness.
- W. F. Hughes lvt one of Ins pony
mares. Inclining his buggy team.
Mr. Stephen-oii's team run away ou
the road hoi.it- from Curzon-: no ore
hull .
i - Our Sunday school is progre-sing
finely under the management ot Mr. Ii.
I -Mr. Port Houd. of Southern Knn
sas, is visiting hi- daughter. Mrs. D. N.
-Prayer and social meeting at the
house everv Sunday eight, jled by IJro.
Nellie Mar-It. of Curz in vicinity,
is with her cousin tlrs Jim. Smith, and
attending school at Monarch.
Mr. and Mr.-. J. l Garner ban the
pleasure of r. short vaut with Mr iiuil
Mrs. Will Drav. of Oregon recen:ly.
The cold wind .vhl-tles through the
trees ii-lung the itie-tioi.. What have
von done with vour last summer's
Ttuinks-givtng has come and gone,
everybody feeling thankful that they
still "live, and also live in the hopes of
better times.
Mr. and Mrs. Dunning and d.iugh
ter. Mytle. v.-eiethe guesl-of Mr. and
Mrs. Aaron Bullock, last week, return
ing home Wednesday. Mrs. Bullock
and b iby Bernice accompanied th-in.
-Mr. "Mat Cordrey is still jubilant
over theiesult of the election, and with
all the party, lis. is sjrrv about our
favorite. Congressman Crowther.getting
beat, but there is always a bitter with
the sweet.
-Mrs. H. Boyd went to Corzon to
meeting and had the pleasure of meet
ing with Mrs. Judge Wise and her sis
ter. Mrs. II B. Ltwrer.ce. of Craig, two
cousins. of Mrs. Boyd. They had been
separated for near! -10 years. They
allto-k dinner with Mrs. Mirsh. ati-otlu-r
cousin, and a sister of Mrs. Boyd
Time ll w too fast for the short time
j they had to talk of childhood days in
I dear old Ohio.
j - Rv. J. W. Stephenson preached at
I the BlulT City school house the of
I November to" an appreciative audience
and will meet with them again Satur
day night the 2fi of December, and Sun
dav 27. He also preaches at Monarch
" .i. mm r f .:it
cnte every uionio. ineu. x. us i
meet nt the school house next Friday
evening. December 4. for the purpose of
organizing a literary and making ar
rangements for a social for Christmas
purposes. Everybody cordially invited
to come. Cufkohd.
Miss Annie Baulrs has returned to . the week -7." head that averaged !500.
her home at Preston, Neb., after three
weeks' visit with friends and relatives.
W.G. Craig'sstore was entered Wed
resday night by a band of burglars who
took iiiite a lull of goods, amounting to
about 622 at the lowest estimation.
W. B. Minton, of Mound City, un-
I Iaii1uI 1 1 . r.,.fe f.;ir (nulla i t .;iftl.h lit llnu
wife are conducting a ! place Friday. November 27th. which he
and are doing a nice ! bought in Southern Missouri and slnp
' ped here. KKroinr.is.
Price $'.lCt per hundred. Bill Derr got
the hogs; Bob Kueale delivered 71 head
that averaged 240 at the same time.
-The boys that opened II. L. Her-h-tier's
gates and let out !is stock aril tore
up things in general some tune ago
while they were aay from home, have
lieeh found out and their names are
known and the boys should look a
little out for they are after them.
List or letters remaining in the post
odice al Forest City, Mo., for week ending
Nov.2S, lS'Jtl. In calling for these please
say, "advertised:" Mrs. C. X. Atkinson.
(2,")J. M. Cotten. Miss Jennie Cooper,
James Dosher, Hayes Dunn, D. C. Pick
el, Joshua Fay. Wm. Murdock, Jr.
Frank Strecil (2,) Miss Freddie Slein
ons. John Fkanok, Jr., P. M.
Try Powell's "Hard Tiroes" cigar, 2
for 5 cents.
ag von never will think of until you had consulted
It also coutains weather forecasts for every day
over to the treasurer for the purpose of
paying this or similar wurrnnts. and
I "Pcr.re the payment of rtre-nrtto lit W rtrrd nf .
MISSOURI 'rtist iiartlciilarlv ilesciHwo.-nie rent eiaie In
Molt county. Ml-iticirl, tliscrileil an f.-.llims

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