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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, November 19, 1897, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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A Daily Besume of History for Your
Scrap Book.
OnNov. 19 or tiieyeara named occur
red the following important events iu the
world's history:
Snintd Pontian, Iiarlnan, Elizabeth.
IGfO Charles I. of England.
1 1 10 -Albert Thordwld6en, Danitil
iSU-Jumea A. Garfield.
KM'J Caspar Scioppiun, writer.
ICm Nicholas Poussin.
Ku'i-WilkiDfi, Hishop of Chester.
litu Uonl Anthony .Mattlnall line ui;ti
in the iron mubk.
1S.X) Ittciiurd M. Johnson, ninth vice
13rT-I)r. T. Domeyn Keckr
lB7:t John P. Hall, of New Hampshire,
181)1 William Jermyn Florence, corned
1893 -Dr. C. W. Earle. at Chicgo, III.
1S'.." - Cardinal Lucien Iionaparte,Rome.
1530 District of Augsbure decrees
against the Protestants.
1778 -New Jerssy ratified the articles of
1704 Jay'a treaty between the United
Slates government and Britain
commerce, boundary, extradition,
1800-Battle of Ocana.
1832 Nullification ordinance passed by
the Columbia, S. C, convention
18T0 Nashville convention recommend
ed a congress of slave holding
1801 Major-general Uulleck assumed
command of the department of the
18G3 National Cemetery at Gettysburg
1872 Strike of a part of the London.
police force.
1817 Mexicans repulsed at San Jose.
1873-William M. Tweed found guilty
of fraud on 201 counts of the in
dictments, and sentenced to twelve
years' imprisonment and a tine of
1879 Battle of Sao Francisco, Peru.
1832 The steamer Wearmouth wrecked
off Maddalena islands; 1G lives
1884 M. H. DeYouog of San Francisco
shot by A. Spreckels.
1835 Gen. Caceres defeated by govern
ment troops, Jaujn, Peru.
lsso f orty lives lost by a snipwreck in
the Pacific ocean.
1887 One hundred and twtnly five lives
lost in the wreck of steamer V. A
Scholten. off Dover.
1838 Three men killed and four injured
by a boiler explosion at Meadville,
18S9 Wreck of tug Fearless at mouth
of Umqua, Oregon; 10 to 15 lives
1891 Shenandoah reached Havre, beat
ing in tbe race of four vessels from
Snn rVancisco.
1892 Homestead strike declared off by
the lodges of the Amalgamated
1893 Plot discovered in Montreal to
blow up Nelson Menorial.
1893 Arlberg tunnel. 24780 feet long,
completed between Austria and
1894 -Railroad wreck at Loritue rStotion
Pa., killed 5.
1895 The Sultan of Turkey wrote Lord
Salisbury, promising to institute
government reforms.
Dreadfully Nervous.
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The Work of the Bailroads.
There are some very interesting facta
shown in the annual report of the inter
state commerce commission.
We have in this country 182,776 miles
of railroad, .35,950 locomotives, and 1,-
297,049 cars in use. There were 511,772,-
737 passengers carried during the year,
of whom only 181 were killed, or only
one in 2,827,474.
Could figures better illustrate the ex
treme safety of railway travel and the
success of invention in overcoming dan
ger? There are 83C.2C0 employes in the ser
vice, and their wages amount to GO per
cent of the total operating expense.
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dustry. Ab for the effect of railway operation
in enriching all the rest of tbe people,
bringing to their doors tbe producte of a
continent at inconsiderable cost, and
carrying tbe grain and manufacturers to
the sea on tbeir way to foreign markets
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rnre delicacy, is $150 pound; beef, 50
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61; coffee, $1; nam, Si; lemons, 'Zo cents
each; eggs, $1.50 a dozen; oranges, 50
apiece, and other necessaries in about
the same proportion.
Fatigue Means a Draught on One's Reserve Strength.
From the Leader, Cleveland, Ohio.
John P. Sonnhalter, who lives at No. .18 needed. The warm weather was at hand,
Melrose Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, is one of a and I was afraid I would break down com
etnall army who can be:ir testimony to Dr. pletely unless I got better soon. I was suf-
illiains' I'jiik rills. Jlr bomibalter is in
me prime 01 me. lie is luurrun ami jus
family is his pride. He is Mmin; and nth
letie and has a splendid physique. Itut, like
many other men ln are similarly fortunate
in the possession of an excellent constitution,
lie recently overestimated the strain which
it could undergo. He is the yardinastcr of
the .ettelmeyer Coal Company. Nos. '25 to
31 Comuurcial St., and in that capacity
finds it necessary to exercise considerable
physical strength. The use of a great deal
of "muscular energy, however, did not seem
to alb-' him in aur manner until last spring.
Then r discovered, to his alarm, that he,
i i . : 1.: IP IT,. I I
Iiau iHt'ii iiiTHTArriiii iiiiiirii. 11c urttu
to l- troubled with congestion, mental and
physical prostration, u relaxation of the
muscular tissues, insomnia, und other symp
toms of the result of overwork. Hut the
story in his own words is interesting, for he
tells it in the plain and simple manner
characteristic of a man who earns his susten
ance by the sweat of his brow, and at the
same time he pays a glowing tribute to his
inanimate and diminutive benefactor:
" It was last May," said Mr. Sonnhalter,
"that I liegau to notice the effects of my
hard work. The blood would rush from my
heart into my head, and almost make me
faint I felt "that my strength was on the
wane, anil my entire system seemed to be
out of order. Strong as I was I uotild feel
weak. I was nervous, anil felt distressed
not only in body, but in mind as well. AVhen
I awoke in the morning I dreaded to think
of the hard day's work which was ahead of
sprightly as formerly, and I was altogether
me. My footsteps were not as ngnt ana
wretched. Jly appetite always strong,
rigorous and healthy before, seemed to be
deserting me, I could not sleep well, and
i unable to get the rest and recreation 1
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Asuy BunniEK.
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Then my appetite returned and with it
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strong as ever now, and ray health is good,
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.I, ninn 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j.tu Ma ubiu. auu a
often have to overtax myself. But if I ever
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Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
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Territorial Judges.
in looking over some old books and
papers iu the archives of the supreme
court the other day, Mr. John R. Green,
clerk of the court, had occasion to com
pile a list of judges of the supreme court
of the territory ot Missouri from 1801 to
tbe admission of the territory as a state.
It is an interesting bit of historical in
formation. From the list it will be ob
served Hint John 13. C. Lucas was fairly
successful in remaining upon the bench.
The list is as follows:
1805 Henry Vanderburh and John
1S05 -Jean Ii. C. Lucas and Rufus
1800 Jonathan Meigs, Jr., ami John
B. C. Lucas.
180 John ii, O. Lucas and Otto
1803 -John Ii. C. Lucas, Otto Shrader
and John Coburn.
1813-John It. C. Lucas and Willinra
1812-John U. O. Lucas, William
Spriggs and Silas Kent.
1814 Alexander Stuart and Silas
1810 Silas Bent.Alexander Stuart and
John B- C. Lucas.
1817 Alexander Stunrt and John B
C. Lucas.
181? John B. C. Lucas, Silas Bent
and Alexander Stuart.
Good Roads Convention.
The good roads convention held
in St. Louis in November will be an im
poriani meeting. tven if tbe conven
tion accomplishes nothing tangible, it is
important in tbat it shows that tbe peo
pie of Missouri are cognizant of the fuct
that better roads are a necessity.
The road question is one of the great
est consequence. Under tho system at
present in vogue in Missouri there is no
doubt ot the fact that hundreds of
thousands of dollars are wasted annually
without any betterment ot the high
ways. Many plans nnu suggestions
haye been offered, but so far nothing
has been done.
It is out ot the question to entertain
for a single moment tbe idea of working
convict labor in road building. It is
thoroughly impracticable.
j uage . A. ohewood ot the supreme
court advances an idea which should
receive careful consideration at tbe
hands ot the coming convention. It is
that tbe state issue good roads bonds in
a turn sufficient to connect all of the
couuty seats in the state by ruacadamiz
ed highways. These bonds could be
placed at 3 rcr cent interest for a long
period of ye -re. His plan would include'
the .supervision of road building and
mamtonance by a state commission, tak-
eg road matters entirely from the
urisdiction of county courts.
J. C.Berry, one of tbe best known
citizens ot Spencer, Mo., testifies that
he cured himself of the worst kind of
piles by using a few boxes ot DeWitt'a
Witch Hazel Salve. He had been
troubled with piles for over thirty years
and had used many different kinds of
so called cures; but DeWitt's was the
one that did the work and be will verify
this statement if any one wishes to
write him. Sold by all druggists.
To Cure'Hams.
This is the way Mrs. Henry Clay made
the celebrated Ashland hams. For
every ten bams of monerate size she took
three and a half pounds of fine salt, one
pound of salt-petre, and two pounds of
brown sugar, r.nd after mixing thorough
ly together, rubbed the hams therewith
on both sides. They were then packed
in a tight box and but in a cool outhouse
for about three weeks, tben taken out
and put in a pickling tub or hogshead,
and covered with brine strong enough
to float an egg. After three weeks they
were taken out, throughly rubbed with
fresh salt, and hung up in a well Tentil
atcd house for a few days to dry, then
hung in the Bmoke-nouse ana emnKea
fwtth green hickory or walnut wood until
the color otbrigbt mahogaay, when each
ham was sewed up in canvas, the bag
whitewashed and hung up to dry .Farm
JVJlNE-TnmiS ofr
all the pain
which women!
suffer Is caused
by weakness ort
derangement In
the organs cfi
Nearly always!
when a voman Is not well these
organs are affected. But when
they are strong and healthy a
woman Is very seldom sick.
Is nature's provision for the regu
lation of tha menstrual function.
It cures all " female troubles." It
Is equally effective for the girl In
her teens, the young wife with do
mestic and maternal cares, and
the woman approaching the period
known as the " Change of Life."
They all need It. They are all
benefitted by it.
For advice In eases requiring special
directions, address, civic? symptoms,
tho "Ladles' Advisory Department."
The Chattanooga Medicine Co., Chatta
nooga. Tena.
TH0S. J. COOPER. Tupelo, HI., tarn
" My titter tall end from very Irregular
and painful menstruation and doctors
could not rtllete her. Wins ot Cartful
entlrs), cured her and alto helped
mother through the Change ot Life."
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and PERU
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he Garden State of Delaware, near all the Iarc
rkrt s of the country. Only 5 hours from New Yofl
near Rail Roads, School and Post Office. High rolling
hnds.no hills or stones, rich soU,mild healthy climate,
only short distance from sea shore, plenty of fishing
and hunting. S10 down, balance In small monthly
payments. Send for our paper which gives full Infor
mation. Delaware Land and Improvement Com
pany, I Broadway, New Yoric City.
A 40 aero farm within one mile of
Oregon; all under cultivation; plenty of
water. For particulars call at this
Pension Business a Specialty,
Ofiice over Zachman's Grocery Store"
. . . OREGON, MO.
Ynn can't cure consumDtion but you
.... - h
can avoid it and cure eyery otner lorm
of throat or lung trouble by the use oft
One Minute Cough cure, bold by all
Try Graln-O! Try Grain .O!
Ask your Grocer today to show you a
package of GRAIN-O, the new food
drink that takes the place of coffee. The
children moy drink it without injury as
well as the adult, All who try it, like
it. GRAIX-0 has that rich 6eal brown
of Mocha or Java, but it is made from
nure Lrrnius. nnd the most delicate
stomach receives it without distress, if
the price of coffee. 15c. and 25 cts. per
package, bold ny an grocerp.
Time Table.
Rwlow will be found the time of de
parture of the passenger trains over the
K. C. road nnd also the day freight
trains. It will be seen that by this time
card, tho B.& M. trains stop at Forest
Xo.21. Leaves Forest City at 2:29 p.m
Xo. 23 Leaves at 1:17 a. m.
Xo. 43 Villisca passenger, leaves at
23 p. m.
Xo. 15, B & M Leaves Forest City at
30 p. m.
Xo. 91 Freight Leaves at 7:10 a. m
Xo.20 -leaves ForestCity at 12:35 p.
Xo. 22 Leaves at 2:44 a. m
No. 42 St. Joseph passenger.Ieayes at
50 a.m.
Xo. 1G, B & M Leaves Forest City at
:59 p. m
Xo. 92 Freight Leaves at 2:29 p. m
Oregon Protective Association.
Meets the first Saturday afternoon in
each month at 2:30 o'clock, at the office
of R. C. Benton.
S. M. bTOUT, Secretary.
ke Laxative Bromo-Qulmne Tablets. AH
H ts rerun d tne money nil rails to cur.
Statistics of the State.
Tbe following are among the ques
tions submitted to tbe principles of the
Kansas City public shooltt by Superin
tendvnt J. M. Greenwood, vith the pro
per answers, tbe object being In in
struct teachers us well us pupils in the
history, resources, etc., of Mieenun.
Q. What is the total taxable property
in Missouri?
A. 81,107,933,473. Actual cash value
ever I3,000,0!X).000.
Q What was the total value of bur
plus commodities marketed in li'Xt'i
A. $170,000,000.
Q. What if the ectmiiited population
of Missouri?
A. 3.250,000.
Q. What is the rnnk of Missouri in
assessed valuation?
A. Eighth.
Q. How many acres of land in the
surface of Missouri?
A. 41,000.000.
Q. How does Mittouri rank iu tb
number of fbrms und in the number of
acres of improved laud with other
A. Third.
Q. What is the approximate value ot
all the products of the farms, forests
and mines for 1S90?
A. $100,000,000.
Q. What id the number of manufac
turing industries in the state?
A. 15,000.
Q. What was the value of their pro
ducts for 189G?
A. $175,000,000.
Q. How many towns and cities has
Missouri with over 4,000 population?
A. 3o.
Q. What states have more widely cir
culated newspapers?
A. New York.
(J. How many uillerenl railroad cor
porations in the state?
A. 71.
Q. How many miles of railroad by tbe
close ot the present year?
A. C.735.
Q. How many men do these railroads
A. 28,000.
Q. How mauv teachers aje employed
in the schools?
A. 20,000.
Q. How many state normals schools in
Missouori? How many colleges and
other secondary schools of private
A. 4. 9. 100.
Q. How many school houses in the
state? What is their value? How many
pupils were enrolled last year?
A. 10,000. $17,000,000. 750,000.
Q. What is the yalue of the daily out
put of manufactured articles in St.
A. $1,000,000.
Q. How many persons nre employed?
A. One hundred thousand.
The Uroiitest Discoverv Yet.
W. M. Repine, editor Tiskilwa, III.,
"Chief," says: "We won't keep house
without Dr. King's Xew Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds. Ex
perimented with many others, but
never got the true remedy uutil we used
Dr. King's Xew Discovery. Xo other
remedy can take its place in our home,
as in it we have a certain and sure cure
for Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough,
etc." It is idle to experiment with
other remedies, even it they are urged
on you us just as good as Dr. King's
New Discovery. They are not as good
because this remedy has a record of
cures and besides is guaranteed. It
never fails to satisfy. Trial bottles free
at Clark O. Pro'ik'a drugstore.
A Library In Itself.
t ew people are able to buy as many
books as they would like, yet it is pos
sible without them to keep in touch
with all the leaders ot literature, as well
as to follow the world's progress in
every department of science and in
dustry. Tbe Youth's Companion al
ready provides the means for more than
bnlf a million households at an ex
pense to each of $1.75 a year. Every
issue ot The Companion gives as much
readme matter as a 12mo book ot 175
pages, and The Companion comes every
week. The quality of its contents is
shown by the announcement for 1893,
which promises contributions next year
from the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone,
Rudyard Kipling, Speaker Reed, Capt.
A. T. Mahan, Mary E. Wilktns, W. D.
Howells, Lieutenant Peary, the Mar
quia of Dufferin, Senator Hoar, Justin
McCarthy and more than two hundred
other eminent men and women.
All new subscribers for 1893 will re.
ceive Tbe fjompautous gold-embossed
calendar, beautifully printed in twelve
colors and the paper will also be sent
free from the lime tbe subscription is
received until January, 1803, and then
for a full year to January, 1899. A
handsome illustrated prospectus ot the
volume for 1893 will be sent to any one
Tut Youth's Companion,
200 Columbus Ave., Boston, Mass.
An Indestructible Shoe.
Duncan McXobb, of Lowell, Mass., a
new industry has been established. It
will be a shoe factory for manufactur
ing practically an indestructible shoe.
In spite of nil known devices to prevent
it, shoes will be worn unevenly at the
heels They will run down at the side
it a plate is worn on them, and nothing
can prevent it. Persons who wear tboir
shoes down at the side and confine to
put them on, jeopardize their ankles,
and many an injured leg has been the
This fact gave Mr. McXabb an idea
which he has successfully worked out
in a "rotary self locking heel." The
heel is made by special machinery, and
is in two parts, one of which is per
manently fastened to the shoe and the
other is adjustable and removal. When
the heel has been worn a week or more
and shows signs ot wear on oue side a
atroog pull unlocks it, and by turning it
one quarter a new surface is presented
and the heel snaps back and lucks itself.
In this way the heel is worn away
squarely and the sole also. There ia no
strain on the ankle, and besides there
is a great samg in stock in manufactur
ing. Mr. NcXabb has had several offers
for bis patent but he intends incorporat
ing a company and add another to
Lowell's varied industries.
TflE export trade continues heavy,
notwithstand the fact that a protective
tariff law is in operation. It was 22 per
cent, larger in September, 1897, than it
was in September, 187C.
Fpr 14 years this shoe, by merit
alone, has dl.tanmt all competitors.
TT. L. Douglas S3 .SO, S4.ee and SLS.OA
shoes are tho productions of skilled workmen.
from tly N-t material ponUM at these prices.
8.00 ana SI. 75 for boys and youths.
Vt. L Douglas shoes are Indorsed
py over UU'.iu) mrarrre as tbe best
in style, ltl and durability or any
hoe errr offerist at the prices.
They are mart In all th latest
snap, and styles, and of every varl
'T of leather.
d,eil!t-r,caJnot.TOPP,T jou. write for cata-lo-ue
to . I Douglas, fcrociton. Alas s- sold by
Sold by L. P. SENTXEV.
Forest Cit. Mo.
Christian Church Directory of
Forest City.
Sunday echool every Suuday, at 9:.'10
a. ni.
Preaching on the first nnd third Sun.
days in each month, II n. tn., and even-
l . P. S. U. E. everv Sundav evening
at 0:30 o'clock.
Prayer meetintr everv Friday evnninc
nt 8 o'clock.
AH are cordially invited to attend.
Christian Church Directory
New Point.
Sunday school every Sunday, at 9:30
Preaching on the first Sunday in each
month, 11a. ra., and evening. "
Y. P. S. C. E. every Sunday evening
at 030 o'clock.
All nre cordially invited to nttend.
German 31. E. Church Directory
Sunday School, 10 a. m.
Preaching every Sunday from 10:45
A. M.
Preaching every Sunday nt tbe Noda
way church at 2:30 p. m.
Everybody cordially inyited to attend
nbovo services.
M. E. Church Directory.
Sunday school every Sabbath, at 9:30
A. it.
Preaching every Sabbath, at 10:45. a.
m., and at 7:30 p. m.
Class meeting at 11:45.
Prayer meeting every Thursday, at
8:00, p. m.
Business mtttmg of tho official board
the third Monday of each month, at 7:30,
p. M.
Epworth Leiue Sunday at 7:00 p. m
Presbyterian Church Directory
Sabbath school at 9:30 every Sabbath.
Y. P. S. C. E. every Sabbath evening
one hour before preaching.
Prayer meeting every Thursday even
ing at 7:30 p. m.
Preaching every Sabbath morning and
evening by the pastor.
Everybody cordially invited to attend
above services.
Christian Church Directory.
Sunday school every Sunday, at 9:45
A. M.
Preaching on tbe second and fourth
Sundays in each month, 11 a. m., and
evening. Preaching on the first and
third Sundays in each month.
Y. P. S. C. E. every Sunday evening
at 7 o'clock.
Prayer meeting every Thursday even
ing nt 8 o'clock.
Meeting of the official board every
fourth Sunday at 3 p. m.
All are cordially invited to attend.
Evangelical Church Directory.
REV. A. soivr.
Sunday School at 10 a. m.
Preaching every Sunday at 8 p. m.
Prayer meeting Wednesday 8 p. m.
It will be noticed that the pipers
which are predicting that tbe govern
ment will be victimized in the Kansas
Pacific sale a few weeks hence are tbe
very papers which were clamoring that
the government would be beaten in the
Union Pacih'u sale, which took place last
Monday. They are Democratic papers,
of the extreme left of that party. That
is to say, they are the yellow papers of
New York, with their annexes in a few
of tbe other cities. They predict that
the government will be beaten because
tbey would like, fur partisan reasons, to
have this take place. The wish dictates
the prediction. As tbe government is
run by the Republican party, a failure
by the government would, these papers
believe, be a great advantage to the
Damocracy. When the interests ot the
Democracy and the interests ot the
country conflict And they usually do
conflict the yellow press is for the
Democracy every time.
What has become of that favorite
free trade argument that a protective
tariff destroyed our foreign market?
that we couldn't sell our wheat abroad
unless we had free trade with those no
tions tbat bought il? Such arguments
a short while ago were used to deceive
the farmer into voting for tariff reform.
This was tho fond them ot the Demo
crats when they promised that if the
country could get four yunrs more ot
Grover we would roll in clover. Well,
they won with it. But the farmers
didn't roll in clover. Not much. Un
der the Wilson tariff which opeced our
markets to Europe, the price of wheat
fell to the lowest liguro ever known
within the memory of any man living
today. Under the present law (the
Dingley tariff) the price of wheat and
wool has nearly doubled nnd every
other farm product has largely advanc
ed in price. These are plain and stern
facts, and the people ought to profit by
Prince Bismarck is getting surley in
bis old age. He recently denounced tbe
Monroe dictrine as "uncommon insol
ence" on the part of the United States
towards the rest ot the world. We are
willing to acknowledge that Bismaick
ought to be a judge ot insolence, for he
used it times without number when he
was chancellor ot the German Empire.
But if the Monroe doctrine is insolence,
what is the meddling of Germany,
France, Russia, England, Austria and
Italy in the quarrel between Greece and
Turkey? And the meddling of the Pow
ers for about a century with Turkey?
The killing of tour men at Lexington,
Kentucky, on the morning of the elec
tion was enough to give the country a
pointer as to which way the blue grasa
state would go at the polls.

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