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What, When and Where.
What will I buy for Christmas, when will I buy and where vi'. I buy it?
This is a question that is przzling a great many people at this particular season of the year
aii'l the following suggestions if carried out will enable you to answer it intelligently and
to your benefit: In tK first place buy "what" you think suitable, buy it "SOW" as you
"Ct the pick and avoid the usual rush day before Christmas, and last, buy it of
ZEZc have just added to our big stock of General Merchandise a new. clean and up-to-date
stock of HOLIDAY GOODS, consisting of
Toys, Art Goods, Mirrors, Sleds, Wagons, Doll Buggies, Swings,
Mechanical Toys, Carts, Drums, Hobby Horses,
and in fact, anything the little folks could wish for and propose to sell it at prices to please the
We also carry hundreds of useful articles suitate for Xmas gi.ts in the way of
Gloves, Mittens, Mufflers, Handkerchiefs, Suspenders, Shoes,
Candy, Nuts, Fruits.
Also a nice line of Jewelry from the well known house of Habbcler & Co., Chicago. We can save
you a good per cent on anything in this line. Remember our 5 and 10c counter and don't fail to
look it over when you are in, as u contains hundreds of useful articles you need and at the right
price. We carry the largest stock of Groceries in the city.and the price of is seldom equalled and
never beaten. Our Patent Mcd'cine Department is gaining for us a wide reputation on account
of the unusual low prices we arc making, and for the benefit of the few who don't buy of us we
quote the following prices good until January 1. 1899:
Swamp Root, large
Aycr's Sarsaparilla, large
Favorite Prescription, large
Golden Medical Discovery, large
Paine's Celery Compound, large
Peruna, largo
Warner's Safe Cure, large
Groves' Tastlcss Chill Tonic 50c
King's New Discovery 50c
Snow Liniment, small
Bull's Cough Svrup, small
Chamberlain's Colic. Choleni and
Remedy, small
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
Produce at market price. It pays big
Tho Good Roads Meeting.
The Missouri Goods Roadt and Pub .
lie Improvement association met at A
St. Louis, recently. A large attenilaniv j
waspreeent. Praceeding upon a wel1 f
studied plan the association, has decid-j
ed that the best plan is to start legis- j
inMnn tn fnv tho state a better read j
RVRt.Pm. The bill ns outlined
adopted by the convention provides for
a non partisan board ot three comruis
doners to bo nDnomted. It will be tLf
will oe
duty of of this board to gather statistics
as to the exact condition of the road.'
throughout the state. The board will
be required to visit allot the counties of
the state and make a careful inspection
of the roads, the existing road laws, tho
amount of tho road taxation, the expei
ditura of road funds and to secure such
information as pertains to the highway
system of the state. The commiesion 1
will then be required to proceed with
such legislation as will enable couutiis
to build the roads that are needed.
The bill was drafted by a coramit-
Ton nnnmnipn ni ma lasu uuuiumiuu 01 .
-1 . . 1 . . . .. r
the Good Road, as3 ,ciat.on. Lieutenar t
Governor Bolte was chairman ot tin I
committee and his views on the im-!
provement of the road system are em
bodied in it.
This of course is only a beginning of
the move for the betterment of the
public road and it may be several years
before the agitation presents good re
sults, but this is a btart in the right
direction and will some day be of great
benefit..- -P. C. Landmark.
In the Southland.
President McKinlcy is to leave Wash
ington next Tuesday to attend the jubi
lee celebration at Atlanta, in Georgia,
of our triumph in tho late war. He will j
bo aceomuanied by several members of
his Cabinet and by Major-Gen. Joseph
Wheeler, one of the noblest figures in
that contest.
It will ho a journey into the "enemy's
country, in the sense that it will be a
journey through states that voted solid
ly against his election, but only in that ,
sense. Mr. McKmley will be greeted
by a population whose loyalty to the Hag i
was manifested with passionate inten '
sity during tho war whose victorious re '
r. 1 -1 1 - - : 1 1 . 1 1. c 1 . I
suit ho will join with the Southern peo
ple in celebrating, and that deep nation
al sentiment will find further expression
in tho heartiness of the reception of th
Xor do we doubt that in the addrcit
ho is to make at Atlanta next Thursday
ho will engage the sympathies and com
nianii .tho respect of all of those who
hear him or read his words. They will
find that ho is without sectional preju ,
dice and that his policy is governed 1:
comprehensive principles which seem to
him and to tho majority of the people 01
the Union to bo essential to its prosper
ousdovclopmcnt, and yven if they an-1
not brought to his conviction they wiV
honor it as broail, liberal, honest am
If Mr. McKinley does not make many
friends in his journey to the South ncx:
week his experience there will be singu -lar
in its variation from the respect and
confidence which ho has aroused by his
presence and utterances in all parts of
tho Union visited by him since he be
came President.
-Rev. J. W. Reiser will preach nt
.iCKeii s urove next oauoatn raormr-
nr. 11 n Vlnelft man in Ihn Kinniroii.i,l :
church, of this city, nt
7 o'clock in the
Additional Homesteads Pur
chased. A. H. Greene has taken an agency
from a Lincoln, Xeb , land claim com
pany, for the purchase of all old soldier's
additional homestead claims. Under late
rulings, it is not necessary that tho old
homestead should have been compicteti
or canceiieu. homier neeu nut muw
on to tho additional homestead, but can
disijoso of it the samo as any other Drop -
crtv. Write me at once. "
A. H. Greene,
Oregon, mo.
8 "5
1 00
Pisos' Cure. Small
Ballard's Iloarhoi-i.J Syrup
One Minute Cough Cure
Browns Herbal Or iment
25c Bottle of Quini. e for
15c Bottle of Quini:e for ,
Pierce's Pellets
Japaneso Oil, largo
Wine of Cardui, large
Bromo Quinine, 25c size
Kennedy's Medical Discovery, $1.50 sizo.
Hanson's Corn Salve
Vasoline, large bottle
Former Holt Countyite Crushed j
TJndes the Wheels of a Mis
souri Pacific Tram.
The body of the man killed by the
seph, Friday evening, December 0th.
1S93, was identified the following morn
" .. ...m.jn-., .v.. .......
cook, who was residing on I'rankhi'
street in that city. At the time of the
accident he was walking beside th,
track with his head bundled up to pro
tcct it from tho extreme cold, and step
ped in front of the train.
It is supposed that Scheirmastcr did j
not hear tho train coming, his actions ,
. r T . - 1 TT- . 1
muicuung mucn. no was seen 10.
in rite? nnml iniinl ip i liiirrli
picking his way, and at that instant ht
stepped upon the track. He had no.
more than reached the track before tho !
engine struck him, hurling him to one
I side. i
T'e train was running at a good rate
of sI)eed- and was stopped as quickly a3 :
possible. When tho trainmen reached '
, bcneirraaster he was tie.nl. the iKxly
was placed aboard tho train and taken
back to the union passenger station. At
that time the identity of tho dead man
was not known, as there was nothing '
about him by which he could be identi- j
lied. '
Schirrnieister lived at 415 Franklin1
j street with his wife, and left home at 1 .
o'clock Friday afternoon to hunt rab-
bits. As ho did not return Friday night,
his wife was alarmed, and with one or ;
the neighbors went to the station to loo!:
at the dead man. She recognized hi"
husband. The body was afterward re
moved to Heaton's, where an inquest ;
was held at 11 o'clock Saturday.
An examination of the body showed
that both legs were broken below the '
knees, and that two toes had been cut
f f t , t, j , f t, t . j
- ..in 1
The right arm was broken at the elbow. ;
and tho head was terribly crushed. The 1
face and forehead wero not even bruised. '
' ,
j but tho back of tho skull was crushed
in, and tho entire skull broken like an j
; eggshell. One jaw was broken. Even ,
j the frontal bone was broken in several ,
places. Two or three long gashes in the '
, back of the head show where the iron of
the engine struck him and crushed out
j,iK lift.
Sc,lirrmcistcr was carrying with him .
. . - "
"HN wmch ll0 intended to kill small
game. It was intensely cold and he had
wrapped his head up to prevent his ear..
f f - r, . Hk th t ,
not awaro that the train was coming, or
that danger was anywhere near him.
The unfortunate man had been a resi
dent of St. Joseph for several years. He
was a cook by trade and worked at sev-1
eral hotels. Up to about three months j
ago he was assistant cook at the Metro '
pole. Then he went to the Donovar
where he held tho position of second
cook until three weeks ago. Ho was
, t - ,)f d sevcral
ago married .Miss iuay, inceiuestaaugii
ter of Thomas Miller of this county, o'
the Kimsey district, who without am
children survives him, and to whom w
extend our keenest sympathy. Tin
couple for a yenr or so after their mar
riago resided in this county, and farmea '
a small tract of land in Hickory town-1
ship, and then removed to St. Joseph.
The dead man carried 82.000 lifo in- (
suraneo in th Modern Woodmen of
America, in favor of his wife. He hac. I
not been a member of the order very
. iu"k, un o8 ir tiiiumi jiuw, was 111 ,
good standing at tho timo of his death, j
: The remains were brought to this cit '
on Sunday last, 11th inst. where they
'were laid to rest in the MapelGrovcl
cemetery. '
1 00
to trade at
Here are a few of the prices that arc making our establishment famous as THK STORE FOR BAR
GAINS. If you want to give your dollars the greatest purchasing power possible.you cannot afford to
overlook the unniatchable values which we offer.
Ladies' fine cheviot suits.
Jackets, satin lined, braid
trimming, material navy,
black, mixed brown and
grey. Bargain price,
Black brocade worsteds, all
wool, variety of designs,
width .IS inches, Value, 50e.
Bargain price per yard.
Silk waist patterns, change
able brocades, largo variety,
well worth 82.50. Bargain
per pattern
Childrens' wool ribbed Un
ion Suits, silver grey, all
sizes. Value 75c. Bargain
On all purchases made at one timo amounting to 85.00 or
over, wo will allow a special discount of live per cent, pro
vided you bring this advertisement with you. We posi
tively will not allowit unless you bring this cdvertiscmcnt.
Our reason for making such a special otFvr is to test tho
value of this paper as an advertising medium.
The Store for
"STOnr reason why our mail order
A few years ago the Hou. Gtorge
Graham Vest.ot Missouri, challenged the
protected industries to a war of exter
mination. The protected industries were
gratified by tho challenge, but declined
to be exterminated. Then Mr. Vest,
who is a born exterminator, decided In
exterminate the gold ftiindard, but had
to quit, as the g"ld staudurd wouldn't.
Now Mr. Vest, still on extermination
bent, has fired an exterminating resolu
tion at expansion. Expansion will posi
tively refuse to lie exterminated. For n
game little exterminator Mr. Vest lin-.
hard luck. He starts out gloriously.
His shootiug cont is fuller of pockets
than n pool table. Ilia velveteen .Fhorts
are a vision of delight. His coonskin
cap is the most rakish little coonskm
cap in tho world. Hu blz;s iiwhv per
letuallv. He is loaded for b'ar. It seems
miraculous that he shouldn't hit at least
a hen or a pusBy cat when he bangs
along the chase, nut his gamecag never
has a thing in it. But we do love to
he.r him halloo. He is the greatest
common exterminator in the Democratic
Here for
Wo have a
k of lino Ch T" jT
Saucers, Di IX
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A line lino or 1 J
'ies. Shirts. Mu I
.its. Ac, suitab i
A big lot or Ft
8,'; nnil ICo grad
per yard.
We load in th
and have a larg
select from nt
.sible prices.
1 1
In tho Grocery Department we have a
comnlete stock u "TN
Staple Meats, L I
Ac. New Orlea I
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Syrup in cms
us a I
you I
Itmvaro till
We bought an
samples of Sta
from a drummer
huy at wholesal
lesal (
d see
Come ami
Bring Us Your Produce
Yours for Business,
Mil. LEO.N'lnAS R. CKOI'P.
Mr. Leonidas R. Croon, merchant at !
Kichville, was in bt. Joseph on lhurs
day of last week, transacting business;
returned home in tho evening in usual
health. Along toward daylight Friday
' morning, ho spoke to his wife, telling her
ho felt cold. Ho arose, sat by a lire, for
a little while then laved down and in a
few minutes was dead. Ho was born in
Stafford county, Virginia, July 21st, 1S4S,
and died at his homo in Richville, Fri
day morning, Dec. 9th. 1S9S, which would 1
make his age 50 years. -1 months and 18 ,
days. Ho was a good man. active in all .
religious affairs. When 15 years of ago
ho professed his faith in Christ as his 4
Savior anil united with the il fci. churcli
and has remained an active. Christian
worker ever since.
On January 27th, 18S0, ho was united
in marriairo to Emma G. Iliekerson. Ho
! leaves this wife, four children and two
brothers to mourn his loss.
His funeral services wcreconducted on
Sabbath afternoon, from tho Nodaway
German M. E church, by Rev. Henry
A.Sawvers, assisted bv Revs. Lauerand J
T.r..i. 1.1 ' : T.M
line, liner wuicu m rummus t.ciuiuut
to rest in the yard of the same church.
Tho funeral" service was largely nt-
. tended and tho widow and children have
1 the sympathy of many friends,as well as
! tho comfort of tho hope of a near one
saved by grace.
Children's Eiderdown Caps,
fur trimmed, laeo niching
in front, various colors.Bar
gain price,
Misses' Jackets, made of
Venetian cloaking, double
breasted front, velvet collar,
steel color and Resedo green.
Would bo cheap nt 85.50.
Bargain pri?e,
Ladies all wool tlannel
waists, fancy braid trim- j
ming. popular colors, value i
?200. Bargain price,
SI. 48
Yard wide blenched muslin, soft finish. Bargain price, per yard. lets.
Drefs ginghams, per yard, bargain price, 5cts.
Blue denims, 10j kind Bargain price, per yard, Oets.
10-4 unbleached sheeting Value 18c. Bargain price per yard, lilets.
Boys jersey ribbed draw
ers, lleece lined, large sizes,
value 25c. Bargain price
15c per pair or 2 pair for 2"c
of Holiday uifts.
department has grown into such popular
5 cent pound candy at Motire'n.
- Channing Ivunkel, of Cumpiny B
is home on furl mgh for the holul.-iys.
' - Bert Dupor.t. who used to live at
' Mailland. is n-kvui tin- regular army
niul h rtHtioned at Huiw ille, Ala.
-Tlifre will b a snooting match fur
I thirty turkeys, chickens anil ducks, at
j Charley ParkerV. on the liver, three
miles south of Forbes, on Thursday,
!p:emb?r L.u t forget the ila;e.
Thousands of pounds of fresh
Candy and Nuts for your Christ
mas at J. N. Zachman & Co's.
-J. B. Rose, of St. Joseph, who was
elected cashier of The Farmer's Kink,
vic J. E. Weller, resigned, has been iu
town the pat ivenk making arrange
mwnfrt tn morn to M:ntl;mri Fin u-!ll n...
jcupy the residence made vacant by Mr.
Weller. air. ito's is well Known by many
of our people and iR considered a strong
business man and a first class citizen.
He and his family will be welcomed to
our town. Mailland Herald.
and well selected
' 1
ina Plates, Cups
Ac. from
Men s Collars,
Htm. Suspon
for presents.
niinclctt regular I
e for t and 10
e Shoe Business,
i e assortment to
lowest pos-
f rancy anil
nrd, Flour.Meal,
Jus, Mo I ass oh
-v H kinds of
J nd buckets,
ean't rest.
entire line of
inped Doylies
that you can
e prices,
for yourself.
May Ship Game.
In an official opinion Attorney Gen.
Edward C. Crow holds that tho provis
ions of the act of 1803, and the amend
ment thereto, passed by tho General
Assembly of this state in 1805, has ex
pired by limitation. Tho act provides
that it shall be "unlawful for ami Uunng
the period of livo vears next succeeding
the passage thereof for any person to
sell or attempt to sell for the puriose of
shipping outside of the county where
killed, or ship or attempt to ship from
the eountv where killed to any other
countv in tho state, or to any point out
side of the state, any quail, pinnated
irrouse. prairie chicken, deer or turkey."
Tho law as it existed under the act of
ISlXi did not include the words "deer or
turkey." Tho amendment of 1S95 does
not undertake to extend the time of the
operation of tho law, but simply provides
that the two additional species, ueer anu
turkey, shall be included in its prohibi
tory features. Hence, the law expired
by limitation five years after the passage
of the act of lH'.K.
Maryville girls are wearing a new
garter buck of silver, emblazed with a
shield, muckets crossed, with the Span
ish and Cuban Hhcs flying from the muz
zles, assorts the Maryville Review. How
in th world does McJimpeey know so
much on this particular subject.
made of good white mater
ial. Bargain price,
Children's Jackets, made of
Scotch material, fancy braid
trimming. Would be cheap
at 8:1.75. Bargain price,
Children's ready - made
Di esses, faneysuiting.jaeket
effcctof cashmere and ru flics
of hame material, popular
shades, ages 4 to 1 1. Bar
gain price.
si. as
All wool flannel skirt pat
terns. Value ("5c. Bargain
Thousands of articles from which to make your selections
Our bargain prices enable you to buy
goods, which ordinarily would be expensive, for very little
money. They include mirrors, frames, toilet cases, glove
and handkerchief boxes, albums, sterling silverware, opal
goods, necklaces, collar and cuff Ixjxcs. calendars, music
rolls, jewel boxes, pin cushions. Battenburg pieces, smok
ing sets, ink stand-, worK boxes, oronze ornaments, Wres
den bric-a brae, etc. Prices range from 5c upwards.
515 and 517 Felix St.,
St. Joseph, Mo.
favor is because of its rapid service.
Al i.u ICiicnr cnanf Miittlrftnv
land Sunday with her parents and sister
, in i ins cny.
Mil's Elizabeth Feitz spent a fe
days in St. Joseph, the guest of reli
tivt'i, last week.
Students' Holiday Hates.
Students and touchers of universities,
colleges, etc., desiring to visit their
homes during the holidav neiinon, can
tin soon one anil a third rates over the
Great Burlington line, from any station
to any point iist of ami including Mis
souri River Points. Tickets sold only on
presentation or certihcatn of nnnci
pil officer of Ihn institution, with which
the homer is connected. Tickets will
b sold one day only, not earlier than
Dec. la nor later tlmn Dec 21, nnd to
return not later than January 11th,
Dnte of goiog and return must bp
ageed upon by tho agents selling.
How.usn Elliott. L. W. Waceley.
General Manger, General Pnsaenser
St. Louis, Mo.
Vine Hovkv, Agent, Forsst City. Mo.
Too Many Men's, Boys' and Children's Suits.
Tomorrow begins the greatest sale of Men's Suits St. Joseph has ever known or experienced a sale that will
plnco within the reach of all Extraordinary Suit Values at an Extraordinary Lou Price. Xot ever in your memory
we d.iro sav - have you mn offered such fine tailor-made suits - products of the best clothing manufacturers in this
country there nre'noiie better at mui-Ii a ridiculously low figure. Will you profit by it?
No uso of wasting money buying lottery tickets nnd
taking chnnces when such sure things are ready at your
hand. Then! isn't a suit in tho whole gathering that isn't
of either medium or high grnde material- better thnn the
best that is usually sold. If this was not a sale which im
peratively demanded the turning of the stock inin money
it would bo better business to p-rk the Htock into moth
halls and hold it for next season's trade.
Men's Suits that never sold anywhere on earth
less than $5.00 go in this sain for
Men's Suits that never sold anywhere o:i earth
less than 87.00 go in this sale for
Men's Suits that never sold nnywhere on enrth
less than $10.1)0 go in this sale for
Men's Suits that never sold anywhere on earth
less than $15.00 go in this salo for
Men's Suits that never sold anywhere or. earth
less than $18.00 and $20.00 go in this Bile for . .
In the whole history of sales -Bankrupt
s.des, fire sales, dissolution sales,
remodeling sales, dump sales no prices
wcro ever quoted that will compare with
the ones prevailing in this sale. Here are
tin; proofs. They're more eloquent than
Good, solid substantial $1.00 Pants go in
this sale for 75 cents.
Good, solid, substantial $2.00 Pants go in
this sale for $1.25.
Good, solid, substantial J2.50 Pants go in
this sale for S1.75.
Good, solid, substantial $3.00 Pants go in
this sale for $2.00.
Good, solid, substantial $1 00 Pants go iu
this sale for $2 25.
Good, solid, substantial $5.00 and $0.00
Pants go in this salo for 83.00.
Look for the Gilt Wire
Sign Strung Across
the Street.
COMES this year on the 25th of December, as usual, and as usual
linds us loaded down with presents for everybody that wishes
tl.eir friends and home happy. We have almost every-
' 1 thing in tho Jcwelrv and Silverware line imaginable, and you will
find it a treat to look through our store and see the display of Holi
day Novelties and see how much you can purchase with a very little money.
If you cannot come to our store write to us and give description of nearly
what vou want, and price. We always send memorandum packages, to
responsible parties, to select from. We always give our customers the
valuo for their money and no mistake, e consider our long earned repu
tation more valuable to us than money. We shall expect to cither see you
at our store or hear from you between now and Christmas.
Very truly,
Ix21 R. U. Hendriek.
The State Fruit Growers.
The forty first annual meeting of the
State Horticultural society held in Co
lumbia last week, was one of the very
best and most profitable in its historx .
Tho attendance, at the various sessions
ranged from three up to eight hundred.
Among those present were: Hon. Nor
man J. Coleman, (who was the first presi
dent of the society.) Prof. M. B. Wait,
assistant pathologist, United States De
partment of Agriculture, Washington, D.
C.:Prof. M. E. Vandeman, Parksley.Va.:
Prof. E. R. Tapt, State Agricultural
college, of Michigan: Prof. J. M. Barnes.
Topeka. Kan.:M. A. Aldrich, Cottn, 111.:
M. W. Baxter. Nauvoo, I11.:M. J. Wragg,
Waukeei Iowa. There was a much bet
.n nllAL1nnnrt lliin HCMTll lit OUT niVTl
HJi llll(.llllllll.V . -- --' - -
members from all over the state, and the
, , .. , ,. . ,.i i.
!c-il attendance was all that could bo
The papers read and discussions on
them were of the highest order, all of
which will be printed in full in our next
report, and all who are interested in
horticulture will do well to secure a
Keporls on the failure or the apple
crop this year, went to .how that tho
first great cause was tho continuous
rains in blooming season, which preven
ted jiollination of flowers: second cause,
was scab following, which destroyed
most all that was left. Quito a number
reiiorted a good hair crop of fine apples . nauM also no pronii.ui-u ,rom seoi
' , . ... , . ' , ing all sorts of dirt from his store-room
saved by spraying with Bonleas mixture. . int() M, imblil. thoroui:hfare. Dirty
just before bloom buds opened. i streets nre as unnecessary as they are
Keort of Mr. Attwooil on our fruit ' disagreeable and expensive.
exhibit nt Omaha was very gratifying, i , . - - ,. - .
, . , iii. Judge Anthony After Perjurers,
inasmuch, wo took more medals and ,
mmriU than all our neurhhorintr states
. .
put ingt no r.
Only two counties in the state con
tribu ted more fruit than Holt county,
Barry county heading the list.
J .. " . . . .
l he granil result nt umann is regarueu
as a ereat lift to Missouri in advertising
her fruit interests. Quito a numlx-r are
already known to have located in Mis-
souri since tho exposition, having been
drawn here bv our fruit show, and oth-
ers nro coming.
A resolution was passed favoring an
appropriation by our legislature of $50,
000 dollars to erect a building on tho
horticultural grounds at Columbia, for
entomology and liotiny: this is needed
and wo hoe nnd expect to got it.
It is now concoeded by our neighbor
ing states that .Missouri is now taxing
tho lead in horticulture, and may tho
good work go on. President Murray, as
well as all other officers wcro re-.cleeted.
N. V. Mukkav.
Farm for Sale.
20 acres of improved land for sale 3!
miles northeast of Forest City at rea
sonable terms. Kor farther particulars
;:all on or address,
Forest City, Mo.
See Moore for fine candies and fresh
dew nuts.
As near a gift as reliable clothing ever was sold. You can't
i got too many of thwn. even if you have to pack them away
j for future use. We i u-t turn the stock into cash, and it
takes herioc measures to draw the trade. But here are
! prices that will sure vl it. if you are not dead to economy.
Overcoats and Ulsb -
store todav for $7.0')
frl? S 0u:rccat9anl1 Mstori that will sell in any
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for 3.69
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Btore today for $20.'Xi
for () Q"i Atid they're of the very best grades of
y.OU workmanship in keeping with the goods.
Boys' Long Pants Suits
Three-piece Suits that never sold
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f $5.85
415-417 Felix Street,
IN 1878.
Throwing Rubbish on the Streets.
The New York police have been or
dered to arrest all persons throwing pa
per or other rubbish into the streets, to
the end that tho said streets be cleaned
by preventing them from getting too
dirty. That is a good idea. It is enforce
ment of an ordinance that in too many
American cities has Iieen long a dead
' letter. If paper, banina peels, sticks
and stones and other refuse be kept olT
j the streets, the work of cleaning them
I would bo much simplified, the gutters
and catch-basins would not bo so fre
quently clogged and there would be less
danger or accidents to persons using the
A rule of that kind is rigidly enforced
I h
Paris and with good results. An
American learned of the inflexibility of
i ice law roy tearing jiho iuuu uiw a nv
. , . , , , , ,hm.:n
1 .i i . .. . : - . it i i,.
them upon tho pavement He was in
stantly jiounced upon by a pair of gens
dariues and commanded to piek up the
tlisanee he had created. As the wind
was blowing at a spanking rate at the
time, it was simply impossible to comply
with tho request. Besides such work
would not comport with his dignity and
might be unfavorably considered. So he
went to the lock up and was shortly
thereafter relieved of some coin of the
If a similar rule were violently and
forcibly laid down in Oregon n great im
provement would lie perceptible inslu rt
order. And whilo passers-by are for-
to so olfend. the shop-keeiKTS"
t Alx.ut two weeKs ago a atiy nametl
Stingier, from the vicinity cf Kaven
i W(KKj, u-pnt iK-fore the Nodaway county
, ranil jury and testified that ho bought
i liquor nt n drug store in his town, ihe
j druggist was in.Heteil and tho ease im:
1 up for trial at Maryville Monday. Sting-
. ,ev was ,,,aml ,, tht wi,nos nd and
j was asked ir he had liought liquor from
j the druggist. He said no, he had not,
I "' reversing his testimonj U-fore the
I ly'ifi3ttcd :t K,nc, warrant for Stingley's
, arrest, charging tieriurv. nnd ordered
tho sheriff to summon a special grand
jury to meet Tuesday morning, lho
Judge stated that his instructions to the
grand jury would bo to return a true
bill against Stingley. and that tho rec
ord of his (Stingley's) testimony before
tho former grand jury would be used to
convict him of pcrjurv. Gentry County
Christ mas is near at hand. Vou will
want something for some one. Call and
aee our stock. No matter what you want,
vou will find it at our store.
John Pnn.BnicK. Druggist.
All those indebted to D. M. Martin
& Co., Forest City, will please call and
fcottle at once, by cash or good bankable
Lessons in Dress Gutting
By the
Square Inch Taylor System.
The only system in tho world not
chart School over Montgomery
Roeckcr Bank.
If You Even Think of
Buying a Suit Some
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r - ; that will sell in any
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Suits worth $1 00 and 31 W go in
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Mail Orders
Filled Promytiy
Keeping too Warm.
The prevalence of colds can be at
tributed principally to the common vice
ot becoming overheated. When the
temperature is 10 or more below zero it
is the practice of some persoc3 to stay
indojrs as much as possible and bake
Iiemselves. The office man turns on
the steam, shuts down the windows and
roasts. In this unnatural and unwhole
some atmosphere hi remains three or
four hours, soaks with perspiration and
lazicess, and then goes out into the open
air. Of course, he fevls the cold, for bis
clothing is dajip and the cbacge is too
sudden. Arrived at home, he spends
'.he evening in a superheated air, and is
thus a ready victim of influenza. Then
le wonders why he suffers so much
i'rom cold and takes cold so easily.
There is a proper moderation t be
observed in the b?atiog of offices and
living rooms. There are persons whose
blood is so poor or whose circulation is
so weak that they are not comfortable
.n a temperature under SO. But with
the vast majority, such indulgence is
simply a habit and a dangerous anu
senseless one. One can become accus
omed to such high temperatures acid
actually learn to enjoy them. But each
,l tasle is not natural, but acquired.
When once formed it ought lo b got
rid of.
Shot While Hunting.
Last Wednesday Jack Meek and bis
son, Lon, went down to Lum Peeler's,
nliout seven miles from the city, to shoot
quails in a grove near by. After being
out a little while they becamcsepa ated
and each hunted independent or each
other. A bunch of quails Hew up and
Jack shot into them. Lon was standing
behind a brush pile, facing his father,
and at about thirty five yards from hi:n
vhen the shot was tireiL No sooner had
10 tired than tho father heard the son
cry out in anguish, and rushing to the
place from whence the sound came he
tound that Ixin had been shot in the
face and eyes and was suirerir.g terribly.
As Mjon as possible he got the wounded
Iiov to the house of Mr Beeler. who is a
relative, and Drs. J. M. and J. C. Tracy
were immediately summoned. They ait
ministered chloroform and examined the
wounds carefully and will wait a time
for further develojiement. They found
that six shots had taken effect on the
face. The most Nrious is found in a
.-hot passing into the inside half of tho
right eyeball, ruining the eye. Lon was
brouirht to his home in this eitv vester
riiejoung man and his parents have
the profound symnathy of the whole
community, and it is sincerely hoped
lhat the deplorable accident will not
prove as serious as it now nppears.
Mound City News.
- Sunday echool and textual commit
ters will tied Geo. V. Seeruan is in shape
lo fix you up in the way of special prices
for candies, nuts, fruits, etc.
Farm For Ren.
Cheap for cash.
Forest City.
ISO acres adjoining
F. L Zellek.
Forest City, mo.
Tliroiitfli Tourist Sleepers to
Portland, On'jron, For lujrct
Sound mill Alaska Travel.
From St. Louis Via Burlington Boute.
Personal Conducted Tourist Sleepers
via the Burlington Route from St.
Ijouis to Portland, Oregon, will ibe
established in service commencing
February ISth, 1S0S.
They leave St. Louis at 8:15 P. M.
Wednesdays: Kansas City 10:10 A. M.
Thursdays; St. Joseph. 12:40 P. M.
Thursdays, and run via Lincoln, Den
ver, hesnic Colorado, it Salt Luke City.
The current lowest rates to Seattle,
I'acoma nnd Puget Sound ports apply
via this route, offering an unusual
chance to make steamer arrangements
either at Portland, Tacoma or Seattle.
Ask your ticket agent or the under
figned for special folder containing all
Howard Eluott, L. W. Wakelet
GeneralManager, General Passenger
St. Louis, Mo.
Vin Hovet, Agent. Foret City. Mo.

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