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SIF ffi
Pocket Cutlery Warranted.
We have just received
'stock of
a vcrv lae
"Keen Cutter
Pocket Cutlery. Prices from ."c to J l.i"
They are hand hammered, made of the
highest grade of steel If you want a
Hrst class Pocket Knife at a
reasonable '
priee.call at our sto'e west 6ide of square
and buv the
'Keen Cutter.'
T. L. PRICE. Hardware
Oregon, Missouri.
Phone oo.
Oregon, Mo.
Mr. Knoth has oiened up his shop in
thu buildinsr. one door west of Kreek
Bros., Store. He solicits your trade,
guaranteeing satisfaction in every par
ticular. - See Medallion Portraits, Celoron
Panels, new enlargements, buttons for
at Zook's gallery.
Just think of it! Holt county peo-
pie can get a gootl square meal at Hotel
Woodland for onlv 25 cents.
. , i .
-prof Crosen,countys.er.ntendent
or oiir schools, haasent a copy or the re
vised school laws of our state, for which
we are truly thankful.
Odi. Oreone. of St. Josenh. Slient
Sunday with his parents and brothers
and si-tors, and a whole lot of his Oregon
This SATURDAY at 2 o'clock p. m.
frigerator, Lister and Household Goods.
The Auctioneer,
Count court is in session this week.
s a hoard of equalization.
Mrs. M. K Moss, if St. Joseph, whs
hi re on a visit for a f. v days with rel.i-tiit-s
aud friends.
Murray A Hucher arc now roadv i,.lun-' J'"
wait on ou and replace all of la-i yt-ars --Klder Maupm will preach ai the
winter killed stock free of charge. Cliii-tuin church, th s c:t. nei Sun
-Hob Kosvvell. of the Fairviewdis ' "'"rn.ng and evening
trict, has lost several Lead of cattle re-' Mr Hnusmau. has let the contract
ccntly. from what he thnks is the Mack ; fur building an ei jht room residence near
leg. ' the Christ Fuhrman property
For the le.-t prides of native linn F. M Kihhy was arrested last week.
Iier. call at Phil Schlot.hauerV mill for eddliiig patent medicines without a
three mile- south of Fore-t City on the licence He cave Imiiil for his appear
ri.mks land. " sntv Itefore Ksq. Kaucher n ilietth.
The Adolph brothers are making ar- The next uw-etirg of the Clirvsar.-
rangements to timid a residence. on the I
proiert rccentlv purchased I
! from the Koland Burnett heirs.
Will McKee. of this city, was a
! passenger on No. i2 hen it was "lipid
j up" last Friday morning. He says the
j negro porter turned white and fainted.
I Jeflersonian.
i -You can huy the tinest home grown I
I hudded jeach trees, Champiuu. Kllterta J
and all other choice varieties of Murray
..V Hueher. at their tree yard in Oregon J
I at it. 8 and It) cents each.
Pack Decker lost his smoke house I
'and contents by tiro Mondav afternoou.
; The ori-jin of the tire is not 'known. Hy
tne assistam-o oi nemiuwrs tne House .
was save.1 from hein" damai:e.l.-.letTer '
I K. V. Milk, of Denver. Colorado,
; has leen the guest of Harry Kobinson
nnd C. G. Landon. of Fore'st City the
J past week. He served in the Philippines
as a memlHT ot tne r irst Loior.iuo, anit
talks p.ite intelligently on the Philip
pine juestinn.
-The Christian church has called Dr.
.1. L. Stephenson, of Oregon, as its pas-'
tor for the rest of the year Oivinii to a
previous engagement he will preach the
second and third Sunday in April, after
then regularly on the lirst and third,
Sundavs in each month morning and ,
evening. Forest City Journal.
J. W. Clark, proprietor of the City '
Kestaurant Hotel sold his half interest ,
in the business to John Johnson a few
davs ago, and hitching his team to his 1
buggy, he drove away. Some of his
creunurs nave oeeii iootuii ior nun iiui
up to going to press no report of finding
him has been mado. His wife retains
her half interest and is still in possession. 1
.Maitland .ewspaier.
Mrs. F. L. Stout, wlio lives about'
two miles northeast of Forbes, presented ,
ner iuisohihi wiui ii nirwicay pteseni. in ;
Mieohnpe of a twelve pound boy on .
ltiesdav the.ird inst. franK sy6"tne
hoi is h little, bigger thun I figured (.n,j1)em plants, all perfcetlv sound and
but as I have thirty-eiglit years the ,Paf,j,v. Don't fail to see this stock,
sttirt. I guess I can keep a head of him.
Dr Brans, of this city, and Dr. Klopp,
of Forbes, were in nttendonce.?
The Democrat-Courier comes to us ,
with the name ofShafe Kautman, as
its editor, and much ablh is s.in
We labored under the impression front !
the announcement made the week pre j
vious. tnat tne paper vvouia pass out oi
the bands of a board of directors, but it ,
seems we were wrong in this. It is still
in the hands of a corporation. I
We acknowledge a verv pleasant call ,
from Hon Charles Booher, of Andrew
county, who came over to see the faith-
ful of the Democracy in "these parts. .
We found him in good spirits and the i
same congenial fellow, as of yore. It isn't i
our mix up. but we can say to those old
rock-ribbed, moss-covered fellows of the .
Bourbon variety in old Holt, and there I
are a few. that you have no finer man.
no better representative of a magnifi (
cent cuizensnip wiiuin vour rauns mau
Chas. F. Booher. of Andrew county. He
will be a verv hard man for us to beat if ;
he should be nominated. j
Wall Paper! Wall Paper!
We now have the latest patterns and .
largest stock or wall paper in Holt coun- j
tv. Call and see liefore purchasing. ,
ij. r. ijheuu iiuu uniij uaiuti,
The home of Esquire Win. Kaucker , A mom, Hre visiting their parents. J. B.
and wife, was the scene of a pleasant Ln b and wif of Forest City. Harry
gathering Saturday evening last, March I has been absent for about nine months,
:tlst.- The host anil hostess had issued ; but C. E. has really not been at home
notes of invitation to a tea, as a kind of i hut only a few times in eight or nine
farewell to Prof. D. L. Hoberts and wife, ' i ears, and has traveled all over the
who are to leave in a few weeks Tor other j
lields. After tea. toasts were called for
and responded to most happily and feel-.
.alterji .cOr..MR
were presented I with a ( token of re mem-
brance by each member or the Oregon
corps of tochers. The ev-ening was
passeit most pieasanny. inose pr
Aipneranu wiie. unas w unnu .
Misses Minnie Rostock. Carrie Sehulte.
Martha Petree and Ruby Fitch
J. c
East Side Square.
Powell Building.
Ollice Hours:
8aX)to lliWa. in. :W
i:00 p. m.
- We notice in the Atchison County
Journal of the 5rd of March, a timely
and trenchant article irom Liynn iv.
Thompson, whom many of our older
citizens pleasantly remember as a lad
and student of the Oregon normal school
in the old time davs or the 70's, ndvocat
in" theestablishm'entof a public librarv
iti"our neighboring little city of Rock
twt TJ,f nwessitv of such an institu-
lion, its practical and far reaching value
in cverv community, and the conserva
:..- ;.,'iin...i..r u ATKrtM for L'ood. esnec-
i i:lHv over the young men. wnoniiiis
, particularly designed to reach, are
5 stromrlv set forth by Mr. Thompson in
jinaVlo article in question. No
j' . ; indeed could be more lauda
fJSf ad Thb Sknt.nki. wish
i . ... rni,,,,,,.,,, ... Arv measure of suc-
I ' ...! r:,wl c,j.oil in his work, and the
I r.. ;tBpif. the iroal of all goals, the
j soj;,i roci; 0f success.
Mis-D.ii-v Ku-loclj i-at Clyde Mo.
where sin is ti immiiig fur 11 milliii
erv firm.
:Svu: A
1 young team. I
vear old-. Write, or call mi .1.
y t
theuium - cie' v will ! held at tlie
re-ulerea of Mr
itilia Kit:. Tue.-.iiiN.
April 10. nt 2-:ar
in A full Ktieiidance
Charley Loucks was over at Henry
Meyer's last Sunday, and while injoying
a scuffle in Kughy. MI in such a way as
to lireak his leg At last reiort- he wa-
,,u.ie merit .
i.ii,.. n, x Clnnn
AnOItier lar 01 rlOUr,
agaifl redtlCed. We
u .r f 4KQ
Prices '
yc ucoi laiuco iui uio
c:i..- I -.( - .,,!,
ucai. umy jj.i aanv.
CrOWninQ Glory. Only 90C per
u-,ll I CI Oft1
oa,n. fancy umy. uiuy v i .wy
per sack. J.N.ZACHMAN & CO.
-An extra line selection of Watches
Kings. Sterling Silver Novelties and
everything needed in the.levvelry line at
Cm:i v K Hi XKKi:
Oregon. Mo.
The regular "Coiree" of the M. F..
li u roll, will be held at the residence of
! Mrs. .lames Scott, bv Mrs. (taker. Mis- '
Lizzie Cillenwaterand MissLibbie Mini .
" r.n"? -Mr " 1
bo,1-v ,nv,,l1-
-The entertainment civvn bv the
Mandolin dub. of Nirvells ( trove, w is
n grent faeces'!. It is in to Imve been
the le?t entertainment that lins ever
vis:ted new Poin. Coniengiiin bys.
ltorn to Fred Kershaw and wife, on
March 20th, 10iH. a line boy weighing
nine pound. If this boy dots well it
won't be long until Fred will have him on
j)r Mev,.r f xt.Vy Point was called in to-
introduce the new coiner.
l?mmlier tlint the Unit (innt
Xurserv Vards. in the northeast -ide tif
()r0;on art, ,, vltl fr Uiwiness. Thev ,
cont.,;n ,. hundred thousand choice
rrl1;i tnw ,.v,.r..reens . hnibs. i ines.nul
I narlie Keilmonit uinl at r.usworui
Iiospital St. .losepn. rrutayoi lasiweeh..
n"Z,t "ZL ZZZ
, ,"i"a ,"i , i.?-V ,i, ".tA,i . MC I
i the ren ms behlg I hi .iIn '
Hewas about
- IJ - tars 01 Jf't-
-Hp ving closed The Typewriter Ex-j
etiange, I nave several macnines - some
new. some second hand, for sale nt cost, i
the Fox. Call at Hotel Woodland, and .
Miss A lice Trice will tellyou al.oul price-, j
J. K. Cottixi:h v.m. ,
i.i wannsii .wer.ue. uansasv. uy. jih.
. ..Mrs. Mattie Houston and Miss Klma
Mover of this citv. will m to Darlington
tj,j; cek. where'thev will ojien a school
r0T teachinsr the square inch tailor sys-.
j,,,,, Df ,irPSS cutting. The pinple of 1
narlin;ton will find these parties perfect j
t.Verv wav reliable, and they will
find the svstein "represented by them to
(,e an tney repr-sent it to tie.
oilier v. oiiinguaiii cioseu in- seru-M
of meetings at the Christian church
Monday evening, with nineteen addi
tions to the church. He is a strong.
earnest, zealous evangelist, and his work j
here wo believe ha done the church i
much good. After a week's rest at his
home in Kanwis City, he will begin a '
' series of meetings at Maitland. '
1 , T .1. 1 IT r ..p f
B-juth und west. 1 hey both have good
inbs to which thev will return in a few
-Johnathan Culp. wife and two
. nrikii'L' arra-i-e-
"Dpdnt;'0 mMt.
. b ,iy ,,,r Okla
- hntnii and other southern p'ltn's. They
, ,,rospect.ng trip, and may locale
,.' , . , . '. , , ,
if thev lind just what they want if not
: will return to Holt county. Wo wish
j them a pleasant trip.
John McUinnis or Oregon. Mo.,
came to St. Joseph n week ag and re
mained with friends until Friday when
, he disappeared. Relatives called at the
i police station last night and left ndo
1 tcription of McOinnis. He i- six feet
.ami two inches tall, slender and hi
! nose is somewhat deformed on account
of having been broken at one time. His
wife is anxious ns to his wbereMboiils.
I The irtihce have found no trace of him.
Herald, St. Joseph. Mo , A ril I
- How cav it is to forget. How ca-y
1 to lind fault.
Last week we published.
, or thought we published a complete n-t
! of the various enterprises of our county.
ami io, ami nenoio. our pa-r uau u.ini ,
J ly been distributed in our city-, until
some one reminded us that the list was
not near complete, so far as our own lit-:
tie city vvas concerned! Why. don't y "er '
, know that we have the Muiray .V Co..
, Holt county nurseries right here in Ore ,
uon. Then anotherone aim. si paralyzid
unity saying: "ou iorgoi me i in-em- j
llrothors' llrick manufacturers " Then j
another ono says: ".-ny. why didn't you i
mention Wh-t'mer's Sorgiann factory."
It is still here." Then some one els.-j
told us that we had the Weaver cider
and vinegar factory here. So. you see. .
dear reader, it is a very simpl- matter j
to let such thing get away from you
However we ask turdon of tho-e who
, worn omitted from the list last week.
' Hero is the revised list -o far as our city
is concerned. In the labor coinmis-toii
.. tt , ... ....... i i .. .,i,u
er l ICIl.il l ii-iiiu imiiin'i .-
having aiiouiing miii. when as a fact
. sue also nns a canning i.icmiy in.n nii
; the world's fair premium at Chicago: a
1 feed mill, and broom factory, a cigar
'factory. The Holt county nurseries,
Urick manufactory. Sorghum Tai-toty,
and a cider and vinegar factory.
j Why Not
1 Got i he benefit of" the
! McKinley Good Times.
! Go to
and change your S per cent loan to
5 per cent.
Fn.ii lettuce, onions, radishes and
lloiv rs at .1. X. .acliina'i .V Co'- i
Mis- Kosetta Nay. of St. Josep' .wa- .
vi-itmg with hi r aunt. .Mrs Win. Kun
kel. of New Point, over Sunday.
We are truly glad to hear that the
Chri-tian church of thiscily. on Sunday
last. r taii:cd I'.ldcr Maupin for another
K. S.iuer i- now ready to receive or
; ders for trimming your trees, fruit. orna
' mental or .-hade, your grape vines, and
other business along this line. Call on
thun at hi- roms over Tiik Skntim-x
otlice. or leave orders at the postolliee.
Whet: you have it you don't
want it
When you ilmft
have it mi wan
it This
-.cell! -ti.Hige
necrl!ielis its tine, our
eh.iiif Frc-h Ciocenes tir-t
create that lui'igrv feeling
anil then sati-fj it
Itf-ides this we -:m -.h-'W
you that th more money
tun --end with u-.tht- inure
tiui save.
No better g-x-il
dangle tan be
than we
'ikhI- i- our
clean, palat ible
hobbv .
ltnng yniir Eggs, lint
ter and Poultry .
t)id'-rs Solicitiil. Free
and prompt tlelivery.
I'ilDIIC l.
Geo. F. Seeman
Oli-goll. Jin.
, The Spring Season
IS HERE, and so are our
We are now ready
line of
I Clothing
Our line of Furnishing: Goods, for both
dies and Gentlemen, is full and complete.
. i m i
hought before the advance
t-iueiiui ULiJ. uuoiuiucio wm ay uv; a.uuw.l (i neighliors. baptism and prrordina
The best markets have been visited, and the' tion. when they were aw ready to
newest styles at lowest prices is tge result. , thla! a Vice
In Groceries, Canned Goods and anything
you need for the table, see us. See us and get
prices before you buy anything. We are
Headquarters for Bargains.
' line niici; Here ford yearling hull
for s lie I'al' en or nil.iiess. Fred l aik'.
Oicg " . M-
Harrv Kreak has bought an interest
in (.. I. Moore grocery husines-. and
invoicing" is now going on.
Fine Watch. Cl ok and Jewelry re
pairing. C.mskv F. Bi xkkk.
(Brecon. Mo
The Deiivt r Bakery is
the place to
eel n muate m-al. iV: hot lunch. 1-V
Frei-h oyters on hand constantly.
Fred SiMMiian. Jr., of St. .1-eph,
wn-hi re tins week visiting Ins father,
nu-tlu r. bmtlier. sister-, mid i.uniero.is
fr ends.
! -Don't fail to see Murray .V Itucher's
iiumenM stock of trees before placing
youronler-with irresponsible tree agents
j -filing for foreign nurseries.
Editor Itntts of the Kansas City
Stnr vvas here Sunday una brief visit
with our fellow-tow nsinan. Ed. A. Welly.
' and while here gave us a friendly call.
J -ir you want tostc a real handsome
I .r r r.l t.trl.- von nnVlit ask
County Clerk Welty l show you the
record he made nvering the colhvtor's
annual K,tilenienl.
.".'.i'-.-'' Maud Montgomery has return
ed home from Skiihnore. w hen she was
a teacher in the school of that city. We
are glad to learn that -he gave most ex
eellent satisfaction
Kcv. ( J. Warper, has leen secured
by the Odd Fellow- of this city, to de
liver the anniveriry address, on the oo
casion of the -1st anniversary of the
founding of the order, April "Jtith.
N It Miller of I.eloy. Minnesota,
ha- been home on a visit for several
davs. called here by the illness of his
father Thomas Miller, who has been
.Unite ill. but we were glad to see that
he was able to 1m out some last week.
New Wall Paper. Fine Wall
Paper. Cheap Wall Paper.
We can -ell you cheaper than any one
can sell you by sample.
Call aud set' us
and we can provi
it lo you.
T. S. HistiK A. Sox.
0. C. Cotton went to St. Joseph
Tiiesil.il. where lie has acwiitetl a msi-
! tion with Noves. Ninuan A Co. He will
'-.11 their stiilT in Missouri, making St.
j .Iih his headquarters Corb has the re-
putation ofa crack a jack salesman both
on anil oil tne roau. aim ne on- our urn
wishe- for future success. Whi'e Cloud
iKas..) (ilobe.
The oople up at Skidinore were on
the vcrv verge of pray ing that a good
rain might bet-cut them. It was getting
awfully dry, and one day Adrian Pink
ston took the notion into his head that
-.miethmg just had to be done He went
lo work and put a sufficient force at
work to reshingle his residence, and
within a few hours arter the job was
.-ompleted, a bounteous rain fell
-On last Saturday night about a
scoreof Oregon Masons went to Forest
(Mv to usti-t the Masonic fraternity of
tha't Citv- to coiner the third degre on
n couple" of candidates, that were travel
ing east Each lodge conferred a de
gree verv creditably, after which they
did justice to a line supper prepire.l by
Mine Ho-t lioyd al the Atlantic There
were tepro3entiitivea from d-ITerent
iiojacent lodges, and all enjoyed them
selves. While P. J. Wellerand his assistant
were blasting a rock one day last week,
the charge of (mwder exploded while
thev were lamping it. giving them a
narrow e-cape for their lives. Mr. Wel
ler's race and hand were badly iwder
burniil while the other party, who was
holding the crow bar, had a finger thrown
out of joint. He afterward held his
linger on the crowbar and Mr. Weller
with a weight, threw it back in plnee
again. The explosion was torrilic and
was surely a close call for them both.
Maitland" Herald.
Hew Spring Goods.
to show you an Elegant
m TjriCeS. COnSe -
r- tt,'11 v.nnr nHlTOtlfiO
.1 list riveivil another
These are beauties, and you
one of them. All the latc-t
$.1.00. jii.lH). f M and ?7.T."i
We still have some of
tho-e elegant Silk Waist
Pattern-. Nothing in town
lociiual them. Prices. .5
to ?.V
Rear in mind we sell all
Calicoes ... . . ."i
l.L M uslin "
Indian Head Mu-liii t
1M Illeacheil Slirelltig 'Jit
t I Unbleached 1-
I toil nets
': A- ."Wo
M ule
pers $1
to SU'JO.
For Sale A good bicycle in goml
repair very cheap, t all til tins ciure.
W. It. Cmtar aud wife are here visit
mg Mr. (IV parents, .1 nines It. Payne
and wife.
Mrs. A. W. lteiison. of Phrnell City.
wus here this week, the guest of rela
tives and friends.
U. T. Alkircand Dr.J.T. Thatcher
were reelccteil scliool clireclsrs l uesuay.
which will start thm upon their fourth
term each.
John Klder. who has charge of the
Culp road district, was looking over his
district, last week, and reptrts it in
pretty good condition.
C. It. Ilaylnll is improving hisreai
lence property, in the way of adding a
porch, etc.. which adds greatly to the
appearance oT tlie place.
Mrs. 1. Iv. Ilurnelt. proprietress id
the ("ottage bouse, s;)Uth side or square,
will be prepared to feed and lodge all
who callidunug circuit court.
Mrs. L. N. Howard ami son, Orant,
of Near New Point, was visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Andy (turner, over Sun
day and shopping in Oregon, Saturday.
Laurence Walker has a handsome
new buggy and new set of double har-iicj-s.
inul a spankin team, and he will
now prov unite a "ketch" for some
sweet out.
Do not buv your WALL PAPEU
till you have examined C O. Proud s
stock largest stock most beautiful de-
signsever brought to Oregon. AI-o house
paints, lead, oil, varnishes. ,vc
--Hon. Charles F.liooher. of Savan
nah, was here this week, looking after
his fences in regard to the nomination
for congress. Charley is going to make
the boys get up and hustle if they beat 1
Ueuiember that the next meeting
of the ChryeHnthemuiu society will be
held at the residence or .Mrs.juua iving.
Tuesdsy afternoon, April 10, at 2:30
Kvery member urgently reqnsted to be
pn Hi-nt.
J. C Plnlbrick returned Wei!-,eMlav
evening from a three days' trip on the
road for the C. C. Powell Cigar Ca. He
traveled by team, making the towns in
Andrew and Nodawny counties, nnd
had good sales.
We printed handsome cards, this
week, announcing the marriage of
Miss Flora Watson, daughter of (leorga
Watson, of Hickory township, to Mr.
Will F. lttagg, of the same township,
Wednesduy evening, April 11, I'JOO.
Ladies of Fop-st City are invited to
call at Hoyd's hotel, Saturday. April 7th.
at 2:30 o'clock, to examine the Square
Inch Tailor System, as taught by Mine i
V Stine. of Oregon, lo the hrst
pupils, one Tree dress will be taught. j
List of letters remnining in the j
postollii-e at Forest City. Mo., uncalled t
for during the month oT March. 1 1 Mi: .
('laud Cooper i.lnp. James Cooper,
.lohii Dnier. lieo Onyer. .bic,h lira vi s.
J"!-eph Motgati, Mary llu-ti. Lu.n
Whi-iiiuh When call. tg for :m of the
iiili.veh-t. til-ii-e -hv. "advert i-eil."
Ii. L F.ven-on, P. M
j .lu-t aliout dark, a stringer rink- up
i . i i . i i . . i..
to the tanner - House aim a-io-u m in
allowed to stay all night. He .-aid that
he w.i a new tin-nelier on that circuit
and was on his way to the next plan of
i meeting, but. as it vvas a good distance
away, he would be unable to get to hn-iih-sf
nation that night. He was received
"Wplwilh the old time country hospitality .
" C 1 -,,.1 w-ns made to feel at home. He anil
lfamilv sat nr-mml the hre until quite
late, ilisctis-ing liie wen.n... we- .
Itxjkhur v)uruMiian .inti woumn frttiinU
in Jllltl. a VI II IT llliti. nit- unu iuii
from home to get married, asked to Ii
directed to a preacher. The host intro
duced them to his guest, who performed
the ceremony in a true ministerial man
ner. They "had tho m-cesiry papers
with them, and the farmer signed the
marriage certificate as a vyitnrss. After
receiving tho congratulations of thefam
il, the seemingly happy couple left for
hbme, and the next morning the new
minister left to till his appointment. On !
Saturday the farmer went to town. and.
on croing around to the bank, was almost
knocked senseless when the cashier:
showed him a note for S.T00, signed by I
himseir, in tavor or the new minister.
Maryville Republican.
:. id.
lo! of Ladies' Siik V
cannot alTcrd t. mis- 1
cii-r-. Price-, flit.
I'.m't fail Iitl; over
our stock f Wash Snks.
they are beailtti- anil a
large line to -elect frmn
Price, per yard. '" and
Sivcet Choco
Corn Starch.
ale pr cake
1 lb bo ..
1-numlrv Starch. I lb Imx
: lb bo Starch
Ureeiiwi.-h l.ye. I f.T
vu..tl Oat M al-J I on.-.
1 gabmi bucket Syrup
lOtiibn i i
' "
Circuit court wili emm neti e fourth
Monday in this m 'nth. April 2-t.
- .Miss Helen Wellv is a t-tudeiit a'
Hie Dress Cutting
invited to call.
Ii illlr
(io to J. N. Zachmau"- for all kinds
oT early vegetables plant-. Also llower
aud (lower plants.
Charles I.ixlln l. of St. Je-eph, t
visiling InsM-tr. Mrs. (teorge ttreiner.
t'i the C dp ueiglib uleioil.
Mrs. Kditli P.erceaiid b.iby. of Kim
s is City, are vi-ituig here, the gue-ts u
her parents, Cave. I. Hunt and wife.
-D P. Debyns. the senior of Till
Skntinm., is vi-iting with relatives .n
Frunkfiirt. tins rtate. tin- week.
Harry K. Kreek and Lewis I. Moore have formed a
partnership to sell you firocenes and liicensware.
We will carry a larger and better -tock than w as ever
carried in Oregon. We want your trade. Don't rorget
That Good Flour
that the people arc going cra.y t get is sold by us only.
Kvcry sack guaranteed. In iiiren-ware and (ilas-ware
we have added to our "lock and now have everything you
want. Our (larden Seeds are all new and fresh. We keep
what the people, want, even if manufactured in thcTrr.ns
val or Kiiglaud.
Yours for llu-iness.
At Moore's
Phone 7
Our line of Cultivators are up-to-date.
Strong, Durable, Light Draft.
Manufactured by
Moliiie. Grand Detour, Case.
Our Prices Are Very Reasonable.
Sehulte Bros.,
Nebraska, Colorado,
Montana, Black Hills,
Utah, California,
Puget Sound,
Chicago and St. Louis.
tlLIOT MARSHALL. pi l'.l.lST..OSLrH.M0
Forest City, Mo.
Reduced Kates.
HiiiitKgton's spi-cial round trip
i at"- w i
HI ! ti' etlcct at I orest Citv
lo.lou -
Sf . i.i I m.e wav rales to Seattle,
r.'.-miia. Portland and NorthwestfiS S
San l-'iam-i-co and California com
in.'i' piiii(s IK 50
I'nr further particulars address or
c..U..i .John IHWiti- I). P.A..
St Joseph, Mo.
1. Wvuh. v. ti. P. A..SI Louis, Mi
Visf llnv A.. Forc-t City, Mo.
Homcseeker's Excursions.
(''.:tvtn j. are dates on which tickets
m ' !' -Li over the lliirhngton Koute:
I'l.c-day. irii:t. and Tuesday, April
17. I'l.rM. tickets will be sohl for all
s. utli. West ninl Northwest for
tti. First Cla-s Fare, plus S2.lX. lieturn
.mi. . -1 il:,vs frum date of sale.
John l: Wirr. 1). P. A .
St. Joseph, Mo.
1.. VA Wvm i v , ( , P. A.. SI. Louis, Mo.
Vini. llov i v . A., Fi rest City. Mo.
Mrs. William Seeiuiiii is very
-.-U with iiilliutiuintory rheuniH-
-in. we a-e si rry lo learn.
The Fanny Mever Auxiliary of the
W. F M.S.. w ill meet at .Mrs. Liverich'a
liKiue. this Friday afternoon. April
Uh It i Kiitl that there are eight
hundred millions on earth lo whom the
name of Jesus is unknown, and thirtv
iiitliioiis of peeplein India without food.
(Jul help the Christians to do their
McCl.nn A Yates, the (ireat Wes
tern Clothing people, who have been in
lniMiie-s here for about three months,
disputed of as much of their etook as
they could, boxed the remainder nnd
-hipped t. St. Joseph. Monday of this
wve't, where tl.ey,will engage in business.
We round them gentlemen and bnsi
tii-t- icen, ai d hope that they will pros
per in their new home.
Old Stand.

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