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ernment. xoe United states would not scheme and some fathers will ho sum tn hnu.
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buna ana control the canal; the canal is satisfied baby clinging with chubby entirely the fault of an unruly alarm
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globe; it is, therefore, the duty of this home picture to be destroyed. But pro habit of sendinu in word that vou are
gress. science, 20th-century civilization sick and can't work every time you have
say to old rogyism, step aside for ad- a bit of a cold or a pain in your stom-
vancement; the -Nannie Uoat has cornel ach.
and God biers our babies. Platte City
country to proceed as rapidly as possi
ble within the bounds of jus tic. Col
umbia has removed every consideration
of sentimental conciliation. The situa
tion is reduced to one of technical rights,
and there is no evidence that the bold
policy and quick action of the president
have violated such rights. The world is
not going to quarrel with this couutry
because this enterprise has been for
warded by a daring stroke of diplomacy.
Hearts That Beat as One.
Married at the bride's home near Ore
gon, Nov. 25, by Rev. James McFa land,
Mr. James Buntz and Miss Blanche Ste-
Agriculture in Our Schools.
James Wilson, United States Secre
tary of Agriculture, at the annual meet
ing of the National Association of Agri
cultural Colleges and Experiment Sta
tions held in Washington, D. C, last
week, commenting upon the introduc
tion of agriculture into the Public
Schools, said:
"To President Jesse, of the University
phenson. They were great favorites ' Missouri, more than any other man in
with the young people. Mi68 Stephen- America is due the credit for the wide-
s m is a charming young woman of re- spread teaching of agriculture in the
finement and education, the only daugh- public schools. He was the first presi
ter of Hon. and Mrs. Geo. S. Stephenson, dent to see that the introduction of agri
The groom, Mr. J a tats Buntz, is a pros- culture into these schools might be
perus young farmer. Theyoungpeop e brought about through teaching it to
will go to housekeeping at once. They teachers; and hence his university was
irnm fltn ...nl.... t -. t I . ftin -.rat in A m arioa . n nfFai 1 fnnnhapcl
null- wo l 1;J1UUI Ul UJaliy UlUaUbl uidv .ui-.v ,w univi fcuuuta
presents. The young people called and cours in agriculture, loday his plan
gave them a rousing serenade. The nae ueen adopted by almost every nor-
bride was dressed in a beautiful silver mal school, college and university in the
gray silk gown, and carried a boqqet of United btates.
br dal roses. The couple stood under One of the most promising alumni of
a beautiful arch of bittersweet and the Agricultural College of the Universi-
arborvitae and a large double heart in ty of Missouri is T. I. Mairc, of the class
white chrysanthemums was susDended ' '96 He is now Assistant Professor of
If you do he'll be bored, and he'll set
you down as a living, walking hoodoo
a man that be doesn't, want about the
place. You'll do well to conceal your
faults, and register an inward vow to
cure them.
No, take off your hat there is noth
ing but courtesy in the action look the
man straight in the eye and tell him
what you know you can do. Tell him
you want an opportunity to show that
you can deliver the goods. Answer his
questions truthfully, aud make him
know that at heart you are a real maD.
And don't tease. When he says "No!"
it is time for you to get out. Vou can
always go again, you know. You can
keep on applying for that position, and
it is almost certain that you will land
in some capacity, and the coveted chance
will be yours.
Remember, the whinrr is a beggar.
He may get alms, but seldom considera
tion or respect, and rarely a position.
There are nighty few employers who
will not give a frank, decent, aggressive
and courteous young man a hearing.
and the sanitation of the cities of Pana
ma and Colon and the adjacent territory
The United States is to have the same
power and authority within the zone set
apart as if the territory were ceded to it.
In return for these and other concessions
the republic of Panama is to receive $10,-
000,000, together with an annual pay-
ment of $250,000, beginning nine years
from the date of the treaty. The ports
at either end of the canal and others
leading thereto are to be free to vesoela
passing through the canal, and the latter
is to be neutral and open to all natione
on even terms. It is expected that the
treaty will be ratified at Panama early
in December. The members of the com
mission have already expressed their ap
proval of its terms.
Good Sense From an Old Editor.
Death, of Elder Hardman.
Anthony Hardman was born in Bed
ford county, Pennsylvania, December 29
1825, and died Friday, November 27,
1903, at 10:30 p. m., aged 77 years, 10
months and 27 days, after an illness of
about two weeks' duration. In early
life he moved from Pennsylvania to West
Virginia and afterwards to Ohio, and
finally about the year 1875 to Holt coun
ty, Missouri, where he resided until the
day of his death. He was united in
marriage to Miss Mary E. Sliger, Febru
ary 16, 1845. To this union nine children
were born, four sons and five daughters
all of whom survive him except one
daughter, who died in childhood.
Mother Hardman departed- this life,
Fnllnwinp are PYprn.a frnm tha nnnpr
from the center with white ribbons. Agriculture in the Pennsylvania State read by W. T. Jenkins, of the Platte Fbruary 27 1901. leaving the partner of
The home throughout was handsomely I College and besides performing the du-
decorated for the occason. ties that devolve upon him as Buch, is
The bride's cake containing a hand- conducting a correspondence school of
some ring, was cut by the bride and as agriculture with students in almoBt ev
is said of old the one obtaining the slice I ei7 state of the union.
contamg the ring, congratulations were
8:49 a. m.
3:3S p. m.
9:45 a. m.
Arrival and Departure of Kails at the
Postoffice, Oregon, Mo.
7:99 a.m. For Omaha-tanu intermediate
points, and all points north, east
and west.
12 :19 p. ra. For allSpoIntsnortb, south, east
and west, (except JTarklo and
ViUIsca branches.
For St. Joseph and Intermediate
For New Point only.
Helwig supplied by Rural Car
rier, Route No. 2.
4:39 p.m. For ViUIsca, north, mall to all
points north, least, south and
west, except intermediate be
tween Forest ity and St. Joseph
8:59 a.m. Omaha Malls from all points.
north, east, south and west.
ViUIsca andDTarklo Valley
branches. Malls from north
east, south and west.
From New Point only.
Main line K. C, St. Joe. & C. B.
Mails rom all points, north
south, east and west.
From St. Joseph.
Rural Route No. 2, leaves. Re
turns at 4:00 p. m.
Rural Route, No. 1, leaves. Re
turns, 4:00 p. m.
Mails are made up promptly 15 minutes be
fore departing time.
New Point mail arrives and departs daily
except Sunday.
Mali to Fortescuc, Rulo andlpolnts on the
B & M. in NebraskaTwithin 100 miles of this
office, should be mailed before 8:45 a. rfl. in
order to reach Its-destination the same day.
Malls for main llne-of K. O., St. Joe. & C. B.
north and south, are made up and depart at
the same time.
and Italy in recognizing the republic of
Panama. All the other countries will
follow this example. France gives recog
nition on the same terms as the United
States. She sees that the revolutionists
extended the brid's brother Earl. Fol
lowing congratulations an elegant wed
ding dinner was served, the tables being
handsomely decorated in white chrys-
nnthemums and emilax. Tho following
guests were present and made a merry
crowd: Geo. Stephenson, and wife. Mr.
Mrs. India Price entertained
friends at dinner, Sunday last.
were laid for 18.
a few
City Landmark, at the meeting of the
Northwest Missouri Press Association
held in St. Joseph, Friday and Satur
"uo not permit a card of thanks on
the part of the 'bereaved' fur kindness
shown the family of the 'late deceased'
to go into your paper. It says to the
outside world that the exercise ot com-
mon numanuy is sucn a rare virtue in
your community as to call for special
mention when the' rule is disregarded.
Do not let your friends commit such a
Rev. and Mrs. H. . Bower enter
tained a few friends at dinner Thanks-
aitrincy 'rho rahla ora mario t-tnaiif if mi
have established an authority which se- and Mrs. James. BuntzMr. and Mr a ' .ifh i-t ,: !o.M .a breach of mod taau.
snm mKmHamma mm 9-1 ft I . i HUU I
i-u.ro uuwnuH) uu iuc uuuiuua, uu uuo Hunt, of Mnnnd Hifcv. Mn - Mr m1 U i:nna. . ; . ,
. - . . . . . t I w. v ! ran wuu mB uiuuot WOO OVt fCU A14 UIDU bUUIDOOt
it i8 we oniy autnority existent in tnac i Buntz. Mr. Eld. Buntz. Miss Loot
quarter Columbia has been turned out Buntz, Mrs. James Watson, Rev. and
one win stay out. xnereiere. roere win Mra. rM. MeFarlr.d. Mr R Htl.
. ,, r".f nd Mr. J. L. Stephenson. Mr. and Mrs.
Sh VdklljhH 4K 9A&a dhST 4Sk J U4a4aa 1
lu lu,luw ol"I Ui luo uuivcu dwh Rtenhenson know how to antartain. W
Kill off the obituary poet in the early
her joys and sorrows to continue the
journey of life without the comfort of
her presence and help in the battles of
At the age of 18 years Father Hard-
man as all loved to call him united
with the Methodist church and for a
number of years was a class-leader
among them; but afterwarda united with
the Christian church, of which body be
remained a faithful, zealous, and sseful
member during the remainder of his
days. During his early life Father Hard
man was a teacher of vocal music and
his experience in this work materially
aided hbavas he often said in thewark
SDriutrudA or dm armtmnca. It i
' I m r . - ... . . .
enoueh to have one's friends die. but 01 y. wmcn ne took Hp ami
th noiimanev of m'f ia nnt -- we year jeiu. lie was oraaiMa ail 9104
by the perpetration of mortuary dogger-1 in curcn in jucuaoa
el. Beetdes. it is taking a cowardly ad- conniy' uaM m ,B na Dm nrK
19:39 a. m.
11:39 a. m.
3:15 p. m.
C :99 p. m.
9:45 a. m.
9:43 a. m.
Current Comment.
It seems that it has been discovered
that Missouri has a claim of nearly half
a million dollars against the general gov
ernment growing out of the civil war. If
it should be allowed by the government,
we hope and trust that the state may be
obligated in some way, that it shall not
be juggled in such a manner that the
tax-payers will be called upon to pay in
terest on the amount. Otherwise it
would be a better financial investment,
to the tax-payers, at least, that the claim
be not allowed.
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Zcok entertained
a few friends at 6 o'clock dioner, Satur
day eveningof last week, complimen
tary to Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Crampton, ot
This country and all the rest of the - unita in wflnin ,hR vonn , Kansas City, and L. C, Irvine, of St. I wntafi?e of the deeeaaad when Im cannot i obargs in theiniuistry was at Palmyra,
world will accept accomplished facte. Ioni. and rmnm i0ornv thm.,,h I1"- Dinner W8S ,n eiht defend himself. Ohio, in 1874, and up to a few yean ago
HenrvW.ttoraonhaa been leeturin life. courses, covers being laid for eight Bthlesslv cut off the wcord of wad J w o" B ministerial work.
" I aa. lutvomia I . I Tff. f.l 9 a.9 S
on the morals and manners of the New . . I ding nresents. It is a cruel limitation I "oora ia w8 masws vinsyara were
York Four Hundred. It would eeem St. Ik)uis Babies. Mr8 Alice Ma le entertained at din to nrovincial nride. and manv a butter fruitful and saany soak owe their start
that the editor of a neMsnaner which has A corporation with 150,000 capital oer, Wednesday of last week, about 25 dish, berry sdood. rockine chair and on the WT to 010 Btwr Land to his ef
- I . 1 . . .. I.. I - - - ' " . . A. -11 1.1 1 -I . r
.n.ihifl.Mk.t.tn. .inl.toH kullnf I Stock. SDOUt one uOllar D6r camta ner of har nlihvea and fnenda. in honor of aonn tnrMn mmi cm Hnn th mm'lnM (' w iu iu worm 01 uw saviors
awa swsi uimu uw wwrnv awaHwtM wwawfc 1 1 - f Mr Ow wmw
boxes, courts engaged in the selection of baby. has been organised in St Louis for her sisters, Mrs. Amelia Nash and hue- of time unrecorded and unknown; still,
partisan juries and a pardoning power the purpose of establishing and main- band, of Seward, Kas.; Mts. Anna 994 of your 1,000 readers will never shed
turning assassins and ravishers out of "ng goat dairy to supply the Hershner, of Esbon, Kas., and Great la tear or express an an aoDretiation of a
prison faster than the court law can turn World's Fair city babies with goat'smilk. Niece, Mrs. Julia Attleberry, and baby, loss of knowledge withheld. Haifa
hem in. micht find plenty to do without This innovation, for the ease and comfort of Dotham, Mo.
(rains- north to tell even Xewnort societv 01 weakly and "society" mothers, was
how to behave. Between moral sermons P"oabiy incorporated under the benev
to the Harry Lehr collection of harmless olence and charity act. It is claimed by
simDletons. however. Colonel Watterson tne promoters of the enterprise that
busies himself writinir editorials anolo goat's milk is better adapted to babies
than tne oid-rasnioned diet and inter
teres not at an with the engrossing so
ciety engagements ot the mother. A
dozen people will be disappointed; all
the rest will feel that they have been
gizing for the political oligarchy which
denies the right of the people of Ken
tucky to a Kepublicac form or govern
ment. Mr. Watterson is one of the jurists
who arranged that Caleb Powers should
be lynched by a jury
ites to make a Democratic campaign is
sue. And yet he grows red in tne race
and blue in the rhetoric when he talks
about monkey dinners ia Rhode Island?
As a moral missionary Colonel Waiter
som seems to lack the essential element
of sincerity.
Miss Loraine King entertained about
30 of her little friends at her home Fri
day evening, Nov. 21, 1903. The house The Farmers' Institute.
-.-.-.I., ji - :.i 1 I
. uc.-jr ucuutcu wtu muuiB aim It is to be hoped that the people of
late autumn leaves. Various games Hoit eonntv ara haarin in mJna hft
wore piayeu uuring fcuu evening, jrao-
love. Hie faith in the promiaes of the
Master, and his love for the souls of men
kept his spirit sweet and gentle and;
hopeful during all th trials of life. His
presence was as a benediction and to
know bim was to love bim. In losinir
him the church militant has lost a faith
ful and valiant soldier; gaining him the
church triumphant has gained a soul at--tuned
to sing the praises of its Maker.
Funeral services were conducted at
the Christian cburch, in New Point
W71 W .
rarmers insututa mnatincr inn onrn
tomime oemg cne cnier one or tne num- ahow to ba held in 0rarnn. rWomh,, Sandav mnrnina NnirmlA. 00
quart bottle of the nutritious food left . ' I P , I 15- Aa has b".on several occasions, o'clock, by the pastor and were attended
with Mia irirl" in hrv o kohw .,, rBireaumeu.B were aerveu anu a gooa noted : these colums. thnra will ha bv the entira nnmnnitv .h.Vh
ueojrowers suouiu o """j " 1 j 1 1 -
nf twnlcn iai. last maybe sixteen hours, giving mother awarded cash prizes for the best display bled to mourn his loss and to look for
ample time for calls, clubs, box parties, Jonn toodhart and wife, of Maitland;
Ac, and she has but to kiss the 'dear, "i'1 Bender and family, of New Point;
sweet thing" goodnight and her mother- George Webster and wife, Sterl
lv functions are nerformed satinfantorilv Mathews and family, Mrs. Fannie Mc-
and hygienically. It is not impossible Intyre, Prior Cunningham, George Fry-
that in this commendable entemriEe. man and wife, Mrs. Maple, Flora and
which Lsnsena the burden of mnt horhrWI Maple and John Jtfrodbeck were
mav be found a narfc nolutinn nf tho entertained at the home of Bert Dreher
of corn, the object being to secure fine I the last time upon the form so much be-
agricultural exhibits for the World's loved in life, after which the body was
Fair in St. Louis next year. There will laid to rest by the side of that of the
also be in attendance several able Bpeak- J faithful wife in the Fairview cemetery,
era on agricultural topics, who will de- there to await the call of the Resume-
liver addresses on subjects of interest to I tion Morn. Four sons, four daughters,
every farmer. It is to be hoped that in twenty-one grHnd-childred.twenty great-
this meeting and corn and agricultural grand-children, and a host of friends
The cartoonists, who for several years, Roosevelt problem, not the negro prob- and wife Sunday, last, complimentary exhibits that every township in Holt mourn his loss. An affectionate and ten
State Labor Commissioner Anderson
in his official report for 1902, states that
there were 630 labor unions in the state
with an aggregate membership of 79,443,
of which number 2835 were females; that
of the total employed in these trades or
occupations, 8050 per cent, are mem
bers of union organizations. Dur
ing the year 1902 there were
159 strikes, of which 110 were settle d
satisfactorily to the unions; 25 were com
promised and 24 were lost. The average
wages for 1902 was 27.77 cents per hour,
a slight increase of those paid in 1901.
It is so refreshing to be relieved from
gazing upon "What Will Borden Do?;"
"When Will Wilson Act?" that bored
the life out of the readers of the Gazette
for so many weeks. The Gazette under
the McJimsey-Morris management has
greatly improved in every way its
make-up; editorially; quality of paper
used, as well as to quality of matter
printed. Indeed it is gratifying to the
people around here that the Gazette has
at last passed into the hands of a set of
men who knows what goes to make a
France has joinedthe United States
have been caricaturing Mark Hanna, of
Ohio, in a brutal and disgraceful way,
can now see what the Ohio people think
of Uncle Marcus. Six years ago he was
elected by a majority of two on joint bal
lot in the legislature. This year his ma
jority is ninety-three, or almost a unani
mous vote. Nut only are the people of
Ohio appreciating Mark Hanna, but he
is now understood and appreciated by
the people of the United States as a
great, big, level-headed, able, just and
successful man. Few men, individually,
employ so large a number of men, be
tween 0,000 and 7,000, as does Senator
Hanua, and he never had a strike or any
serious trouble with them. These are
the things which have knocked into
smithereens the arguments of dema
gogues who have denounced Senator
Hanna. His working men stand by him
and stand up for him on every and- all
occasions. It is a case of honest merit
winning out as it always does. Dema
gogism may flourish for a season or a
campaign or two, but by that time they
lem, for the black "mammy" will be the
last to adopt the new food method,
High society" will be the best customer
of the "Condensed Angora Company."
It is interesting to contemplate the
possible results of the adoption of goat's
milk for the St. Louis baby. Many sci
entists accept it as true that humanity,
in a measure, is influenced in character
and habits by the food stuff consumed,
10 the nesh of wild animals and came
has been attributed the savagery of the
American Indian and the pacific nature
of the Chinese may result from meager
and simple diet. So the success of this
new enterprise may mean that in a gen
eration or two St. Louis will have re
turned to the fashions of its founders
and "gotees" be generally worn and quite
the thing, and too the "Butt-in" pro
clirities may be materially augmented
by the modern infantile diet, and instead
of a few dozen ex-aldermen hammering
at the gate of Jefferson City's wall of
granite for admission, the entire future
population may storm that center.
to Mrs. Dreher's father and mother, .
C. Nash and wife, of Seward, Kas.
Miss Amy Hasness was pleasantly
surprised at her home in this cilv'
Tuesday evening, Dec. 1, of this week,
by her Sunday school class and teacher,
the occasion being Miss Amy's birthday.
Flinch was the game for the evening.
Miss Amy received a very nice token of
friendship and good wishes from her
class and teacher. Those present were:
Mrs. Jim Ramsay, teacher; class, Alma
Shambaugh, Jessie Schulte, Myrtle Lev-
erich, Lillian Kuuz, Grace Crowell,
Kittie Ramsay, Pearl Anselment, Myrtle
Hunt and Amy Hasness.
county will be represented. Now is the
time to gather the best corn and other
farm products for the display. Let us
show the world what we can produce in
grand old Holt county. Arrangements
will be made to properly display the ex
hibits by Mr. Henry Meyer, who has
been chosen by our county court to take
charge of the exhibits. Bring or eend
your specimens to Mr, Meyer, at Mound
der father, a true and helpful friend, a
public spirited citiz9n, an earnest and
loving fellow-Christian, a noble and
pure-hearted and clean-lived man, his
death brings sorrow to all.
X X.
$100,000 for Missouri Live Stock.
The Missouri World's Fair commission
has set apart $100,000 for the depart
ment of Live Stock and Poultry. N. H.
City, or to County Clerk Welty, Decern- Gentry, of Sodalia, is the commissioner
ber 10-12 inclusive, and they will be prop- in charge of the department and the ap-
erly cared for. Among the prominent propriation was made upon his recom-
speakers that will be present are: Hon. mendation. Of the total amount 87.000
Matt. Hall, Marshall, Mo.; Prof. F. B. will be used for the exhibits in poultry,
Mumford, Agricultural College, Colum while the remaining 893,000 will be dis-
Don't Be aWhiner.
A writer in the Saturday Evening
Post tells of an applicant for a position
who approflched a politician, and de
tailed at length his misfortunes and
troubles. The answer was, "I don't
want you. I never hire hard-luck peo
ple, especially the kind who talk about to the farmers.
bia; Prof. B. S. Seawell, Warrensburg.
The subjects for discussion are: "Mis
souri at the World's Fair." "Improve
ment of the Corn Crop." "Improvement
of the Common Live Stock of Missouri.
"Alfalfa for Missouri." "Some of the!
Important Features of Fruit Growing,'
tributed as prizes for Missouri live stock.
These prizes will be supplemental to
those offered by the Louisiana Purchase
Exposition company. The combined
prizes will be largely in excess of any
amounts ever offered at any World's
Fair for live stock. The Missouri mule
are recognized by all the people and are I Goat's milk is said to be free from eerms There is some hard sense in that. Canal Treaty Provisions.
sent to the rear and a deserved oblivion, tuberculosis and it should also be a There is something for the young men By the treaty just signed with Pana
while the honest, upright, just man is certain and nermanent cure for indiires- who search for employment to think ma. the United States guarantees the in
tion. Pins, buttons, marbles and all about. A smile is an asset for the man dependence of the republic of Panama,
Forecasts of the President's Message I those alarming things that seemirreeist- with ambition and desire to do some- which grants to the former country the
to con-Tress, which meets Mondav next ihlv attracted towards babv'a month, thing. The tear and the whine should perpetual use and control of a zone of
in regular session, say that Mr. Roose- may be swallowed with impunity, and in be left to the professional beggar. territory ten miles wide across the isth
velt wUl take the ground that the United later years LonsUna Purchase cocktails I When yon want a place, and have mm, with the right to acquire by pur
States is the "trustee of the world" in may be consumed to heart's content I reached thd man who hires, don't bother I chase or the exercise of eminent domain
the matter of the Panama canal, and that I without a rebellious stomach's dissent I him with the story of your past life, any other lands that may be deemed
it is responsible to the world for the I Some old-faehioned mothers with Don't tell him how you were forced to necessary for the construction of the ca-
trusteeship. This would be a fitting I grown up boys and girls will resent the I work for 17 a week, and lost your job nal, the provision of its supply of water,! splendid showing at Chicago.
and other subjects of great importanco will receive special recognition in prem
iums. Mr. Gentry is not ready to an
nounce the exact distribution of tab
prizes by classes. He states, however,
that all breeds of stock grown in Mis
souri; hog, sheep, cattla, horses, jacks,
mules, everything that is classified under
the general department of livestock, will
be properly taken care of . It is the par-
pose to indace an exhibit that will bring
oat the best live stock in the state.
whether grown by the large or small
breeders. Mr. Gentry expects the state
to suke a better record than even the

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