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! Pure Buckwheat flour and Maple -Homemade mince mra- at Mrs ' "J
Syrup at Soman's Savles.
' Lee Fuquay has sold his farm to landlord York, and Rev. Warner, of g
: his neighbor, O D iJatnaan. Mound City, '.r.-r in town Thur-day. ' sS
i Can you afford to miss Dr. Creen's Attend the Kacaet's Shoa 3ui. 8
' lunrura t th a M W ,.'rvnr..li T ni.ii O". I T C..i. 1 7.... '
--Andy TochtermHP has moved into! -- Wic. Mathfin-s whn hpPn n vp.-
; his lovrly new home which he naa just sick from stomach trovbie, is now eon ,
finished 1 valescinz.
j Charles D?ge. assistant P. M. at Mrs. Sutherland, of edar Rapids
Corning, was in Oregon this week, for j Neb., is here enjoying a visit
J lilt; i!is- tliiio. I fricH'' Mra .1 ft T..inv!lln
21 ?3
For five Wor&A Who Wants I
1 Good Solid Work Shoe
with her
We thank you for your
liberal patronage during
the pat year and ask
a continuance of same
during 1904. Our stock
will be more complete
than evar.
At the beginning of the New Year. I take this means to
thank my customers for their patromiir1 1 uriiii-r the past
year, and ask a continuance of the same. You find me in
my new quarters, west of the Mooiv A: Kreek irrocery store,
where you will find my stock of Wagons. Buggies and Har
ness complete and up-to-date in every particular.
Respect fully.
C. J, FUHRMW, Oqori, Mo.
Mutual Phone 27.
For Tfurfy Days,
Beginning January 15th,
10 to 20 per cent Reduction on
Watches, Chains, Lockets,
Cuff Buttons, Brooches. Rings
and other Jewelry, Cut Glass
and Pine China. Any of the
above that I have in stock,
10 to 20 per cent off,
Optician ami Jeweler,
Mrs. Mary Kurt, is ij Lawrence,
Kansas, where .she wi'I remain this win
ter with her daughter Mrs. Irvine Gil
bert --Rev. Sawyers, of St Joseph, was
here a few dajs last week, visiting with
his mauy friends, and they are always
glad to see him toe.
Albert Gerhart, o? Union township,
has bought a farm um not
; far from St. Joseph, and will leave for
his new horn in a few weeks.
It makes a noise resembling that of
a tin pan It weighs a thousand pounds
' and it has been suspended in the bel
fry of the school house. They call it
a bell.
Mrs. Chauing Kunkel, of Anadar
ko, Okla., and Dr. Uever, and wife, of St.
Joseph, were here in attendance at the
funeral of thir father, E. P. Hoste'ter
Sunday last, January 10, 1004.
Buy home productions and thereby
increase the value of your own property
and that of your neighbors. If you
want to do this direct, buy Fillmore and
Forest City flour-there's none better.
Sold by Geo F. Seeman.
i The little 2 1-2 year old son, of Ara
Mclntyre and wife, who has been .-o
yery low, is now much improved and
considered out of danger, we are glad
to learn. Their many friends are indee 1
glad to hear this good news.
Mrs. Mary C. Seeman and sister,
Rebecca Wetzel, are visitiug in limns
wick, this state, the guests of Mi 6. W !s
daughter, Mrs. Ida Connor. The also
visited in St. Joseph, the guests of Mrs.
Seenian'sdaughter. Mrs Minnie Carder
; Mrs Alice Maple had the misfor
tune to slip and fall Wednesday morn
ing, January l.'J, 1?K)4, and dislocated her
right arm at the shoulder. Dr. Aiken
was called and replaced the dislocation,
and she is now resting as easy as could
be expected.
It will pay anybody to go out to
Richvilleaud hear Jno W. Hibbard try
to sing a lnl-1-i by to his new baby boy
Born on the 12th. so Dr. Evans tells us.
If this thing continues Nodaway town
ship is going to pet top heavy with Re
publican voters, it is about U one way
no .v.
Good natured. Jolly Ceorse Bur
nett, with whom everyone is acquaint
pd. was o.er thrs wefk from 15azin-
Kansas, visit ins: relatives and numer
ous friend?. He is row located at the
above place. He reports his family all
well, and ;:,:ding from looks wjuKS
think he was prospering
- Elder J. F. Kick el. pastor of the
Christian church, this city, for the pa-t
two enrs. has accepted a call to the
Christian church at Barnard. Mo. and
left fnrthat place last wet k. ElderBiokei j
is an able man and made many friends J
while her. We ror.rraiulHte the citi
7-ns of Barnard on the acquisition of
Eider Bickei and wife to their eommu
not too heavy, but full of wear, made of
tiood, honest learner en roorry lasts,
we'll pla:e our
Wm. Keeble and wife, of near Mait
land, were the guests of their daughter, '
and hushand, G W. Norris and wife, of i g
Fcrbss towachip, iast weeK. 1 14
The W. M. S. of the Evangelical j
church, will meet next Saturday, Jan. j
10, 1904, at 2 o'clock at the home of fi!f?
Mrs. Carder.
aouid attend the
Black Diamond
sit $1.50
ag linst the world.
We hive a big line of Women's Work Shoes at 1 ro. Your
is among tem. We can save you money od this clas of goods.
first mee'.injr of the now year.
We n-o truly glad to know that J.
RLinvil'a will remain anoubei jci n-:th
the Oregon Canning Company. He
justly enjoys the reputation of being (
one of the best processors in the west
Make all your arrangements to go
and hear Dr. Green at the M. E. church,
January 25. Those who have heard him
arc the most, anxious to hear him again.
M.E. church, Monday evening, January
Xel6on Bowman, who a number of
years ago resided in this city, and mar
ried Anna Pinkston, died at his home
in Pueblo, Col., Dec. IS, liKtt. His
widow is now here on a visit with her
sister, Mrs. Ora Ware.
L IHIUH 111 IIU UUU UKt I UlCaillJK j nrw M f (")
cilill ant li itci'ictn cn tn laif iifn Tilo t rm I
v.w ... wU F..... Qkla Was solemnized last Wednesday
as Dr. (reen. l ou are fortunate to have . 7 .... 1V., . . , . .
,.., evening, Jauuarv oth, 1904. at six o clock
him on vour course. ' This is what .,. fv u r . p , . . ,
, ... . -v tne Kev- as Mcrarland. at the
Prof. Ott sa.d of Dr. Green who will lec- home of the m
ture at the M. L. church, January &. eagt of Medeissohn's wedding
' i:MfiAY-MAKKT.
Tne marriage of Miss Lydia Markt
Ramsay, of Kingfisher,
January 5, 1904, Harry Jones con
cluded to celebrate a little with some
powder, but not being quick enough to
getaway from the flash, his eye brows
were tinged and face blistered. For
tunately his eyes were not injured in
the least
Born, to Mrs. Bes-ie Peter-Chew, of
Ottumwa, Iowa,
march was p!aed by Miss Louise C.
Ochse, of St. Joseph. The crooin en
tered with his nephew, Roy Gelvin, of
Forest City, followed by the bride on
the arm of her sister, Mary Markt. The
bride wa9 gowned in white Persian lawn
trimmed in real valeneienne- and large
The "Bills" Were There.
We regret exceedingly that the pre.s
representative of the P. E. O's. failed to
send us ;.n item pertaining to the formnl
reception tiven by this society on the
evening of January 1st, tendered to the
"Bills' of the organization. This is the
only woman's secret t-ociety in our city,
and when the "Bills" received their in
vitations, which could only be opened
by t-ome one bloniog to the mystic
organization, it put the recipients iu a
rather eiub .rrassiug predictment -but
eaeh one of course straightway went to
his brloved one. and on handing it to
her remarked that he would like for
her to open and reveal to him the na
ture of the contents. With smiles re
minding him of their courtship days,
and afterft few open sesame calisthenics,
tucks and wore a veil of tulle caught up
i son, Dec 23, 1004. i with a single bridal rose, and carried a
Mrs. Chew formerlv resided here, and is shower boquet of bridal roses. The
the daughter of Frank and Rachel maid of honor wore white Persian lawn
Peter. This makes Grandma Proud, of trimmed with plaiting of chiffon
Mound City, a irre:t-ar at grandmother,
and the child represents the fourth
- Three buildings in Uie business por
tion of Skidm re were destroved bv
tire early Sunday morning. Janury io, . e parlor was decoratetl in green fes-j
ian tm... v.i ? toons, tied with white ribbon and a
i from the P. R O's thev each were given
carried pink carnations. After the cer- . .
lj J teni an open reception at their lodge
emonv an elegant wedding supper was . 1 . B
, . room on .New t ears night. The wicket
served m the. dining room. ,
t-.. i . ... , , - j would be opened unto them at h p. m.
The house was ben ntuuHv decorated. r
i r . v- i v. sharp :ml at that uuie the goat of the
the color affects being green and white; ! 1 .
i uriiiT "iiinu ue iu iiuiueM uii nuum
be tra ne.t especialty for the
It started i the two story building oc
the bridal party st-'od. The dini jg room
cupisd bv (iatewood t Brice s a dry ,
goods store and n the Masons, Odd was a!so drcorated in fes'oons of green
Fel;ows and Knights uf Pvthias and i and hilt' lhe rlbbaus extendmg from
severa other .odgts as a hall. Th- loss ; tht c"nler cf tl,t --"? to co,r'3r
i estimated n '5lM i tnt -r.ble ;th a lar-je bow. tr.e cen cz
piece being lerns ami smuax
- On Friday ..f iast week. J ike Kurtz
while hunting in h-s timber came across
a snake aiwiut two feet in length and
shot it. Ti ere is nothing specially re
markable in hi-- ability to hit his mark,
but it is remarkttble that h or anyone
else should Hud a snake ..ut of it den
in the motif of January, and it is -i-det:ce
of the mild, pleasant, weather a'
his season of the ear.
brid.e's coiiig ava gown w;is a brown
tailor made suit and hat to m.t-n
Those present wer-: (Tn'.lit'h Meer
and wfe: John Markt ami wife and
Margarette. of Mound City: Jake Mark
and family: J. W. R ,msa and wife:
Mrs. t'astle and famih : J. T Vleivin and
amilv. of Forest Citv: Wii! Mahar. and
Ten to 20 per rent off on
Watches. Jewelry,
Cat Glass and Fine China
C. K. BUXKER-S. Ongon. Mo
IVpatv Grarsi Mjisier AitA Smi5i.
rof the tV.d FpUcxts, Wsi iy
nxrst nsuUtvi 'b fJotvi:
Kc Scs.-; G-is.v
Oregon, .Mo.
Oftifr in ihc M.re li'i.ls.
Hinr!'s4 nj. to 1C in. 1
p. n. m jv m.
Fine Gold and Bridge Work
'Phones. Old 91, Mutual 43.
Oh. bat they will vme hck. and
ill of Otx lais' foraier school churls
d host of friends will e jflid to ern
he hAniecids5 ro return to Oiv5i
w.y, rrs- Atsc Chtv: M- K Mxria, v..Viv vv.,.. v-.
S "
family: John Kunwa. andfaiuil: Wd
: Markt a d f itniiy: K 1. Markt ami fam
il: F. K. NIark' a;.d famil : Seth Cor
lis and wife: Misses Ed ia. O.ive and
Blanche Mo gan: Miss Berths Kneahs
Rev. McFarlar.d and ife: Mrs. F. Tan
ner: Mrs K. i Gerber anvi Miss Tmise
C. Ochse. of S Joseph. Mo.
The Hon Janirs Ramsay and wife,
father and mother of the groom, gav
the aove nametl parties a wedding din
ner on ti e follow ng day at the-ir home
in Ore -on. The T;ext eve-nine Hon. J
Gelvin and wif of Forest Ctj. gave
the p&rtie-; a wedding sapper
three da-s -ex-e xl . xf y and
Tire hpx iijV, ieft Mov.a,s w
vTvry Uih, tt thir ie- hwwe u
within the sacred rnrtals of the lodge
Promptly at the hour nam-d "Bill"
Hogtefe anived at He ante nnrni ;.nd
with three toud and vigorous raps the
wicket w:r opened and he gwe what he
thought wi thtv word "Pass Kach
Oilier." and to his su prise it went and
he pasd within "Bi:i Dung a gave
Protect Fach Other and he fo.ud lhe
door to sw ing w sdo open Bill Hume
came nex .and by this time Mr. Coat
was- tir. wing resiles;-, it mi the confusion
within sr. rattled him, that he simply
opened the door and wa.ked in: every
hodx was-trying to o't Mr. I imi! quieted
- even the sentinel ef: the door "Bsd
Zook approached, hut he tsso rattled
that he forgot his word, hut ws ad
mit'ed oi. ac-.-om t of the commotion
1: was divided 10 abamin the door,
and it was a wisetWiswui for many of
ihe Bills" had forgotten the w-ord, and
i due time the eo?.By titled quarters
were tilled with a "dty nwniber of th
P. OV. and their bnsdar.ds. were then
avih enterCiiiH) vy the meaibers of
thesviey In aititon to n fhf:ant
Th ; lniden ixMwg evvwV. .XHiderahV en-
Rjtbs. HUs Wacvi; -w CWIvtyJj txu
A t;wve; v4xxxvvic twarevvi a sVS
i jvrsvs! ;fc svts RVs lv5v
oitK'tAtuv vvj, WrviurtiY sxv.ifs vs
U w.w 1l itt ai1sve
wr tre ?frintfi ynit o? Ihe
ipssxvis vevx wr- ttMhe-JVjiW
vel h'vse ferii vv) Xfvt.1 Iktf
if -cve i l)V
k"C?:wt Wai. L A V 1 1 hW ' Both wt ui fWMy kuovmaod rf tbv CStuW Ife.
W kVvmsr K a V nrr!il "AtK- havt ai Uxs cirvlt o trindu tv eud Mo,sheJxs;tt th the t5tttx
L. S. S
D. Zcok and wife, are in Omaha.
this wek.
Mm. Ruse Vandoveer is confined to
her bed from a sfvnr at tack of rh?u
matiau. How old :s Anu? Stop dgurins: and
buy your Groceries at lowwt fiun-s of
Geo. F. Seeman.
The Kackat purchased a 1.000 p,ir
of shoes this week, at ."JO cents on the
dollar you know the rest.
Grandfather Overman is visiting
his so83, near Buriingaaie, Kansas, one
f bis. sons being jutte sick.
Sauer Kraut and Potatoes
at S-e
Lttletou Darnell, of Mouud Ci'y,
w the sruest of fiiends in th- city over
Wm Zook. of L'uiou Cry, Okla.. is
hert on a visit with his unu'e and aunt.
. Jonas Watson and wife.
East Side Square.
Powell Building,
- Mis Hzel Crawford, of Kosemlaie.
is r he new hello jrirl t ihe central of fice
of the Farmers' Mutual in this city.
Mrs Carrie Aikinson, of Sweet-
water. Texas, is hsre visiting her father
-Mrs. Luella MajKt toft Tuesdav of043 mother. Mr. J. G. Cowan and wifs.
Ottice Hours:
to 5:00 p. m.
Phone 72.
3:U0 to 11:30 a. iu. 1:00
Mrs. A- W. Uonx quite evereK
! injured iu a ruuawn whil visit-
iiutf her another at Fort City, duriu?
Christm-ts week. While driviog from
s Forest City, iu company wiih hr moth
er to th hom of her sister, Mrs. Li. lie
Kramer, the tt-am tecaoie- frishleued
und threw both ladies froiu the buij-
jgy. Her mother 'Jfiis unhurt, but Mrs.
j Lobg veceived s-vere injuries. She was
; taken to the home of her sister whers
j sh- remained until Saturday, when she
i was brought to her ho me in the Loue-
some neighborhood, and she is no do
' ing nicel Craig Leader.
heartSe-t woitrutulatiou Cfitoub. thi Ruk in, Ocoits. iS!K Saktucyv
medium, and their bet wr ithe toe a lonif February tss l4s $ vctavkk ft u-s fvr
nd happy life to- o out to them. Ttxey
will sooa to bous-k-epiug oc a farju
south of town, whe.i they will be at
home to their legion of friends.
-The sad news comw to us of the
1 Letter List.
The following letters remain uncalled
for in the postoftice at Oregon. Mo., for
this week for St. Joeeph. whern she 1 Mr- -wan w qu feeble.
.1 . v. v d iO.'.i i r - 1 t
, ueatu 01 . .rwu,. wau tor a thp weefe endinjf January 15, ttHM
! number of year wm a resident of the Vo T. Rllt,:1.b ,.-rfj
1 Mm rH. .f Xlfiri TO ml lar naf lirriA imiiith. i I imnn rliarrinf in Fiio rAMnft rs4 t
v iter, aid Mrs. Cap SpringVwera in the! renwved to Pueblo, Colorado, where his
Ther will be preaching at tfieChFw- :dreidful fire in the Iroauots theatre, j death occurred January 7,1904. He
tian church next Lrd' Day, fanoary j Chicago, but escaped wifhout injury. bad a large oircto of relatives and
17, owning aad eeniag. All ar cor-1 fh todies arrtoed at the theatre Jate friemto io this eection of our county,
tolly iarited to attend theses services. hayiag to Uke standing ro. Tkey who will be paioed at this announce-
4tt a meeting hel'ii Friday tost, the stood near th sJoor asdwesi the crowd ment. He bad been a great snff-rer for
Big Tarkio Drainage commissioners in- j started out it Jitsrally poshed them out 1 years from asthma, and we presume this
-ltruoted Commissioner Vance to re-'in front fit:' Jf they has1 seeu red j was the cause of his death. He was a
etitm bids for the construction of two i seats they might have been trampled to j warm beartrd. oompaaionable gentto-
tnitos of temporary ditch ef sufficient i death, as were hu.ndradjot .afhsrs
dewth U tot out-the : water frost W 7 to Their, friends here are thsskfsl for
La-ke.- :i - th sip escape. Maitlitnd fleraW. '
man, aad was highly esteemed by his
kinspeopto and fieods. We presusse an
obitjDSffy.w4l.-reach uaindue tiasa.
J. H're, two cards.
Wi!I Kuck.
Mrs. L. Murray,
Jcimes Rhodes,
Ixttie E. Stevenson,
' I. O. Stov all.
When calling for the
say "advertised.
Ton Cckky. Postmaster.
At the resid'nce of Mrs. Ltniel
Crimes, on Tuesday evening. January
12, iyi)4. Mr. Frank Golden, of Craig,
and Miss Nora Grimes, of Forbes, were
united in marriage, Fdder W. H. Hard
man, saing the words that united these
two young people as husband and wife.
FolloAing the cereatouy a sumptuous
wedding feast was s-rved, at .which
some forty guesis wert prent. The
couple were recipients uf a number
of useful as well as ornament
al tokens of love and esteem. They are
excellent young people od start out '
up u life's joorney together with th
best of prosp-c's.
the puri.'oe' of efeetiog Hve- dirfvtors lor
the wjsuic yeir uixi r-auacting any
and all business- to-tj iiy come befor.
said lu-eiiug
J A Kxk&k. Dan ib k. Zai'H.m vn.
Sec'y of Boartl. President.
Foiled Dorham :til ShtKt Horn
Bulls for Sale
All good, straight. Ut u) Cattto. IMcea
to suit the Cattle Cr4fe. A 1st? want to
hire a good, trusty aiaa with family.
Will pay good wage to (he ight man.
Nickell's Grave, aear Xe Point.
Mse Kate Barbour bee returned
. from Fairfax, where aba was io attend
'ance-at tbe-uOth weddjpg anniveresry
iof Mr. and Mrs. William ;MacHoiloay.
Notice of Public Sale.
Xhursday, January 7, 1904, beginnimr (
Mslfct ef FiaaJ SttHtasiwt
Noc UreTa : hereby " ftv es. that the Una-
abirve please !
; at 10 o'clock a. bj., Mrs. Elizabeth' Her-: sigaed adBiaistrats of tke estate of Elaver
i win ,11 T'tiua iymm mnr 7S i 1- KJ. easea, wftt saalie iaal settle-
I ttimiiuM " : " r rrv. . ( watax aiaarixjeeam wjsasaM estaxeas each
Any siswtreSDassihe on my farm will I Tools, and alof at. other aarsooal proa- laOisaasviasaiw ssuatijewaaa ta-4ar.f
'itv fViHafTiartlnaaffa. . ebrea. A, .,! WM,
Wlt-.l.tAM BKOOKRCg.
7--W ,
iilHft'fpsxlewlsww. ; i
' - fc: e.MBBKTimf'AwAewir:
Tkta ttti ' j C fiePeavaev,

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