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THE SENTINEL. : our surplus products.
A Weekly Newspaper Devoted to the
Interests of the Best Couniy
in the Union.
The Shipments of Surplus Products
lof Holt County for 1902 Valued
at $1,987,168.
Jtatered at the Postoffico, Oregon, Mo.,
as Second Class Matter.
TERMS: $1 50 Per Year.
Watch the date following your name on
tkfl Margin of the paper. It tells the date
to which your subscription is paid.
Friday, January 29, 1904-
Circuit Court.
Convenes first Monday in January; fourth
Mondays in April and August.
Gallatin Crai?, circuit judge.
Frank Petrec, prosecuting attorney.
George W. Hogrefe, circuit clerk.
James A. Williams, sheriff.
i Harry M. Irwin, stenographer,
i Probate Court.
Convenes second Mondays in February,
May, August and November.
Henry T. Alkire, probate judge.
County Court.
Regular Terms: 3 First Mondays in Febru
ary May, August and November.
Jacob Wehrll, presiding judge.
G. W. Pullen, judge 1st district.
Win. H. Allen, judge of 2d district.
Enoch A. Welty, clerk of county clerk.
F L. Zeller, deputy county clerk.
County Board of Health.
Jacob Wehrli, president.
Q. W. Pullen, vice-president.
W. 0. Proud, county physician.
Enoch A. Welty, secretary.
County Board of Education.
A. R. Coburn,, Oregon.
W. W. Gallaher, Mound City.
Alberta C. Green, Craig.
Collector of Revenue, Nicholas Stock.
-County Treasurer, Lewis I. Moore.
.Recorder of Deeds, Robert. Callow.
Commissioner of Schools, A. K. Coburn.
Public Administrator, M. I). Walker.
Superintendent of Poor, Abner Carson.
Surveyor, C. G. Landon.
Our Clubbing Bates.
The Sentinel has made satisfactory business
arrangements whereby we are enabled to
famish anyone ofthe following publications
la connections with this paper for the follow
lag prices:
The Sentinel and Globc-Democrt $2 00
The Sentinel and St. Louis Republic 2 00
The Sentinel and Toledo Blade 1 50
The Sentinel and Chicago Inter Ocean.. . 1 75
The Sentinel and Kansas City Journal.. - 1 50
The Sentinel aud Tribune Farmer... . 150
The Sentinel and Prairie Farmer- 1 50
The Sentinel and Kansas City Star 1 50
The Sentinel and World Almanac 1 50
Wie Sentinel and Tribune Almanac 1 50
The Sentinel and St. Joseph Press 3 90
The Sentinel and St. Paul Dispatch 1 50
Lecture Course for 1903-4.
1904, January 25 Lecture, Dr. Green.
February 15 Katharine Ridgeway
Concert company.
The ice urp promises to be good
aad ready 10 harvest soon.
This is the coldest weather we have
had in 1004, and it ifi hard on our mail
carrier, but he ijets around ju.sl the same.
- Rev. McFarling. of Rock Fort, left
for hie home, afer assisting in a meet
ing being in progress at Monarch. He
got news from his home that some of
his children were sick. Me loft many
friends in this community. Dr Hull
concluded the meeting, which was
pronounced a very interesting and sua
easeful one. Ohioan.
Labor Commissioner Anderson has is
sued his annual report for 1903, and
from it we give a list of the surplus pro
ducts shipped from our county during
the year 1902 Holt county ranks sec
ond in the value of her shipments, of
the six counties comprising this congres
sional district, and is first in the ship
ment of apples and canned goods.
Cattle, head 21,fJ03
Hogs, head 78,275
Horses and Mules, head 3G0
Sheeep, head 1,953
Wheat, bushels 111.408
Corn, bushels 136,236
Oats, bushels 12,194
Rye, bushels 1 1,983
Hay, pounds 5,120,000
Flour, pounds 3,144,000
Corn meal, pounds 56,000
Ship stuff, pounds 1,110,000
Apples, barrels 56.480
Hardwood lumber, feet 27,000
Pine lumber, feet 55,000
Piling, feet 6,300
Fence and mine pots 7(.0
Cordwood, cords 1,284
Common brick 100,000
Sand, cars 38
Junk, cars 20
Poultry, dressed, pounds 22,720
Poultry, live, pounds 1,087,638
Eggs, dozen 314,400
Butler, pounds 66827
Cheese, pounds 20
Milk, gallons 90
Peaches, baskets : 650
Grapes, baskets 165
Strawberries, crates 101
Blackberries, crates 803
Raspberries, crates 60
Fresh fruit, pounds 140,175
Dried fruit, pounds 705
Dressed meat, pounds 2,150
Game, pounds , 0,800
i Fi3h, pounds 267
Furs, pounds ". 963
Feathers, pounds 1,920
Hides and pelts, pounds 139,504
TaJlow, pounds 30,371
Wine, gallons 200
Cider, gallons 4,813
Vinegar, gallons 1,125
Honey, pounds - 53
Potatoes, bushels 5,667
Ooions, bushels 309
Vegetables, pounds 4,630
Canned goods, pounds 1,280,900
iS ursery stock, pounds 123,593
Tobacco, pounds 56,9(50
Wool, pounds 13;541
The aggregate value of the foregoing
commodities, computad at the prevailing
average current prices, amounted to$l,
987,168. This county excelled all others
in the shipments of apples and c.inned
goods in 1902.
The values of the shipments from the
counties in this district were:
Atchison $1,913,194
Andrew .1,127,971
Buchanan 412,316
Holt 1,987,163
Nodaway 3.020,435
Platte 1,314,500
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V Bl sif
Out Sale
is still
running at
A Marvel of Meekness.
'Have you ever done anything about
that anonymous letter you received?"
"No," answered the patient man. "If
the man had signed his name I would
lure been obliged to quarrel with him,
aad I'm much obliged, to him for spar
ig me that necessity." Washington
Chinese Almanac.
The Chinese almanac' claims the
largest circulation of any publication in
tfca world. Its chief mission is to indi
cate lucky days and places for all acts
im Chinese life, and the sale reaches
wereral million copies yearly.
Usrfal A ppM rata.
Every fire station in Berlin has now
aM equipped with an oxygen appa
ratus to revive persons overcome by
aaaoke or heal. Ordinary citizens may
also have the loan of the apparatus in
cases of urgent need.
Hnnd-Nnde I.ner.
Notwithstanding the progress of ma
chine-made lace there are in France to- I
ay about 200,000 women who niaue it
by hand. Many of them get only .10 rents
for 12 or 14 hours' work.
Mnde II Im Anxloux.
Cholly I see they've organized a new
tailors' trust.
Reggie I excitedly) -Where? Where?
My own tailor has quit trusting. San
Francisco Bulletin.
Kvrn Winner Are Loner.
"Once in awhile," said Uncle ISben.
oa'll And a man dat's ahead of de
races. But even he never kin tell you
vfcat he done wif de money." Washing
ton Star.
Domesticated Yaka.
Farmers in northern Sweden are im
porting domesticated yaks from the
Himalayas, these animals standing the
aevere Scandinavian, climate -admirably.
We'rt Thaaltfal It Im'l.
It lsid Urat lf the'flralce'1 ofctheele-.
Holt County Educational Exhibit.
Preparations are being made by quite
a good many of the schools of the
county to lake part in the Educational
Exhibit, which is being arranged by
County School Commissioner A. R.
Coburn. The school which wins first
pr ze in this contest will have its whole
exhibit sent to St. Louis for the. World's
Fair. In the case of the other schools,
only the choice material of the county
exhibit will be sent. Every rural teach
er in the county should aim to send an
exhibit for the county contest even if
the exhibit is a small one, let the qual
ity of the exhibit be good. There is no
school in Holt county but what some
material can be sent by the school for
the county exhibit. If the teachers are
alive to their work as they should be,
and are interested in their pupils thev
will sen that i heir school is represented
in r-ome way by material in the County
Educational Exhibit. Parents and
school boards should see to ii that the
teacher of the school district in which
they livo is getting material ready for
the contest.
A perfect exhibit will cover t verv
ph-.se of work that is done in the rural
schools. A less comnlete exhibit c.n
be made to cover any Imu of work that
the rural school does.
A general outline of the work ex
pected is composition work, covering
such woik art language, nature work,
physiology, history, geography, etc., map
drawing and drawings covering such
work as physiology, nature work, hi
tory, etc., neat, work in aiithraeii:.g'rain
mar, etc., outline work in history, geog
raphy; grammar, civil government and
the other lines of school work. Make
the exhibit along any one line, cover
any one subject or all of the subjects
whhh are takrn up in rural schools.
The teacher of each school will un
doubtedly be .able to make suggestions
for the work of the pupils of thrt dis
trict, which will be helpful.
The County. Educational Exhibit will
be held at the. court. house in. Oregon,
Saturday,-JFebcuary 27th.. .L?t the
teachers nd patrons of the schools tee
to it that HplJ; -county makt the. best
Cost of
R. S. Kccvcs,
Oregon, Mo.
Review of the Mill ExDlosion at
Mound City, in 1878,
Kecenily J. M. Ford and thehMrof
Harvey Naudiey, through Administratt r
T. W Burke, sold the machinery in the
old Wales mill, on West Seventh street.
to Fred McCann & Brother, of St. Jo
seph. For several days past the Mc
Cnnns have been taking the machinery
out of the building and shipping it to
St. Joseph, where it will be painted and
rebuilt and be again put on the market.
This machinery will all be removed
before March 1, when there will be noth
ing left of the old mill but the empty
building. Seeing the men at work calls
to mind the disastrous explo-ion of a
boiler which occurred in this mill, and
which wns attended with terrible fatal
results. It was the most appalling dis
aster that has ever occurred in Mound
City, live men fallirg victims to the ca
tastrophe. On the 28th of February,
187S, about o'clock in the afternoon, an
awful noise was heard, and the buildings
for blocks around the mill were made
to tremble. Glancing in tho direction
from whence the report came, bystand
ers on State street saw bricks and other
debris flying in the air. Then there was
hurrying to the scene, and the work of
reraoviug the dead and dying was begun'
Caldwell, the miller; a wood hauler by
the name of Riley Williams, James An
derson, a farmer; James Dawson, assist
ant miller, and the engineer, Jack Ack-
ley, were the victims. No just blame
was considered to attach to the engineer
or any one connected with the mill, the
explosion being purely accidental. The
pump had gotten out. of order, it seems
and the engineer evidentl ruhed from
the engine room into the mill and culled
for assistance. All the men in the mill
including Anderson, the farmer, who
had a grist, went either to assist or see
what was was wrong, for all five were
found in close proximity to the boiler
Young Dawson was blown through the
brick wall and scalding water was still
flowing on him when ho was removed
alive by Amer Cranneil and Rev. Dun
can Brown, who were first to arrive. Fie
died in great agony about midnight. A
part of the boiler was hurled across Da
vis creek, and there was not a brick left
in place in the brick smokestack, and
the wreckage wi s great. The Mound
City Steam Flouring mill, this being the
name first given the mill, was built in
I 1870 by W.J. Hall, at a cost of about
$8,000. As an inducement to locate here
! and erect the mil!, Hall received a bonus
of $2,500 from the citizens of Mound
City. The building was a two-and a
half story frame structure, oOx.'lO feet
area. It was equipped with three run
of burrs, affording a grinding capacity
of .'100 bushels of wheat and corn per
The structure of the mill, which was
badly wrecked by the explosion, was re
built in the summer of 1878 by R H.
Dawson and Mrs. W. J Hall, the widow
of the original proprietor, who died in
July, 1877.
Later the mill wa owned by Isaac W.
Zigler and others. Some improvements
I were made, but the mill did not prosper.
! Capt. W. H. Wales and sons were the
lust owners. They took out the burrs
and substituted a full set of rollers
The company became involved, and as
competition ftom the new mill was too
great i hey failed and turned over the
property to creditors, and th Wales
family went to Kentucky. The mill has
been standing idle since 181)9. Mound
Cjty News.
At 50c, 75c, $1, $2, $2.50, $3. $3.50
We are showing a line of ALL-WOOL Pants lor the
Men and Boys
that can't be matched in town at ONE-HALF more than we ask
for them. Don't take our word for it. COME IN. We have
Selz Shoes for Eeverybody.
Just what you want at just the right price you want to pay.
Selz sells us the best shoes it is possible to make. We sell you
the Best Shoes for Style, FitXomfort, Wear
Yours for Business.
Kreek Brothers,
Probate Court of Holt County, Missouri.
Regular February Term, A. D. 1904.
Nairn of Estate.
Name of Administrator,
Guardian, Curator or
t'urator, Executor
or Guardian.
First Day, Monday, February 8th, 1904.
Wright, James A.. J. A. Wright Guardian
Melton, May, Ii. It. Rridgeman Guardian
Rurger, Fred Godfrey Marti Guardian
Wynian, K. . Joseph HaLticId Administrator
Williams. ott M. I). Walker Guardian
Una I
1st annual
Second Day, Tuesday, February 9th, A. D. 1904.
Brown, U. I.
Roberts, Fanny, et a I.
Freelaud, John
Cain, Anna
Harris, Anna It.
L. I. Sentney
Ellis Huberts
Joanna Freelaud
M. 1). Walker
M. D. Walker
A drni n is! rator 1st annual
Guardian 1st annual
Administratrix 1st annual
Public Administrator Jst annual
I'ublic Administrator 1st annual
Third Day, Wednesday, February lOth, A. D. 1901.
Shutts, John
Whitmarsh, Elm
Shutts, Henry
Burgess, William
Butric, Vira, et- at
(5. W. Cummins
Elonzo Whitmarsh
Cassius Shutts
M. I). Walker
Henry Hiucs
I'ublic Administrator
1st annual
1st annual
1st annual
4th annual
1st annual
Fourth Day, Thursday, February llth, A. D. J 904.
Uamsay, Brothers .M.D.Walker I'ublic Administrator 2d & final
Ramsay. Elmer 1). M. I). Walker Public Administrator 2d & final
Brodbeck, John M. I). Walker Public Guardian 4th annual
Reel, Mary E. M. D. Walker I'ublic Guardian 4th annual
Gillis, Martha M. 1). Walker Public Guardian 3d animal
Fifth Day, Friday, February 12th, A, D. 1994.
Ward, Thomas M.D.Walker Public Guardian 4th annual
Haaswirth heii-N M.D.Walker Public Guardian 3d annual
Blevins heirs M.D.Walker Public Guardian 2d annual
King heirs William Sander Guardian 2d annual
Holly, James Henry Smith Guardian I3thanuual
Sixth Day, Saturday, February 13th, A. D. 1904.
Hoover heirs Win. C. Andes Guardian 1 0th annual
Porter, Harold. D. W. Poncr Guardian 4th annual
Bueher, Samuel, Jacob Bucher Guardian 4th annual
Miller, Franklin, Maggie Miller Administratrix 21& final
Hamm, Thomas, t'ha. E. Meyer Administrator 2d & final
Seventh Day, Monday, February 15th, A. D. 1904.
Shorlitig, John,
Kinney, John II.,
(huning, John L..
Peters. Dora and Don
Hassinger, Roy,
Casper Michael
Win. A. Kinney
A. W. & J. 1. Chimin;
John Peters
ii. II. Melntyre
2d & final
2d & filial
2d & final
2d annual
2d annual
Kiglith Day, Tuesday, February LOth, A. D. 1904.
Havlnir HI Own Way.
"Do you ever have your own way?"
asked the cynical near relative.
"Yes," answered Mr. Meekton. "Some
times I have my own way; but not with
out consulting Henrietta very carefully
before I make up my mind." London
No Other Coarse.
TeirB I don't see why she should go
and marry that old man for his money.
Jess Why. how else could she get it?
Philadelphia Pnss.
Bragg. Thos. S.,
Bragg, Albert a.
Bragg, Zimiic.
Bragg, Nellie.
Bain. J. W.,
A. Roee.ker & A.
i Van Busk irk
Wm. F. Bragg
Emma Bragg
Wm. F. Bragg
W. A. Browning
2d & final
2d annual
2d annual
Ninth Day, Wednesday, February 17th, A. D. 1904.
Tochterman, William, DanielZachman Curator reth annual
Degginger, Chas. et al Coleman David Guardian 3d annual
Bean, Jennie. E. A. Brow n Guardian 4th annual
Frazer, B. B. & Co.. J. R. Kruzor Administrator final
Tenth Day, Thursday, Februay 18th, A. D. 1904.
Wehrll. Jesse,
Watson Samuel,
Redmon, Rose A.,
Worley, Jesse F.,
Freeman, .Samuel,
Ed. Wehrli
Jonas Watson
i W. E. Redmon A
i G. W. Hogrefe
Peter V. Worley
W. S. Thompson
14th annual
'Ul annual
1st annual
Bnl Measures.
Heroic measures are often uiisflis.
Chicago Daily Newe.
Porto HIco's Coflec Crop.
Hie coffee crop is the most valuable
one in Porto Rico, the exports exceeding
all other products In value.
A Difference.
Many a man thinks he is reasoning
with you when he is merely arguing.
Chicago Journal.
fcfri rouai tW world.
Meat (or Berlin.
JUerlin now gets some of its. meat in
cold storage cars from Copenhasen.
Thai co: ion is in universal use depends
jpon its cheapness.
Cities In Auatrla-tlansarr.
Vienna and Pragle are the natural
commercial and wholesale centers for
Austria and Bohemia. The other nu
merous cities are comparative!! small
and their shops designed only for local
lataertaat Point.
She You say you love me a little bit?
He Yes. I do.
"And you think your love will grow?"
"I'm sure of it."
"Which way?" Yonker statesuaa.
Fish tm
Eleventh Day, Friday, February 19th, A. D. 1904.
5li Gibson, Lnethel, Nancy J. Gibson Guardian final
51 Bender, Ellas A va J. Bender Executor final
52 Smock heirs Frank Blazer Guardian 1st annual
511 RIhmIi s, John Charles Rhodes Administrator final
M Giel, Adam, Fred Kramer Guardian 8nal
Twelfth Day, Saturday. Februavy 20th, A. D. 1904.
55 Htvphenson John, M. D. Walker Guardian final
County of Holt. I I, Henry T. Alkire. Judge of the Probate Court within and
for Holt. County. Missouri, do hereby certify that the aliove. and foregoing Is a full, true and
complete copy of the Probate Settlement Docket for February term. A. D. 1?04. of said court,
as the same appears of record in my ofliee.
Witness my hand as Judge, and the seal of said court. Done at office in Oregon
this4t.li dav of January. I!D)4.
Judge of Probate Court.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice Is hereby given, that letter of ad
ministration on the estnteof Commodore Per
ry Brown, deceased, were granted to the un
dersigned on the 1st day of January, liWJ, by
the Probate Court of Holt County, Missouri. J
All persons having claims against said estate
are riMjuested to exhibit them for allowance,'
to the administrator within one year after .
the date of said letters, or they may be pre- ',
eluded from any benefit of such estate; and
if such claims be not exhibited within two
years from the date, of this publication, they i
will Im; forever barred. !
I., p. sen rrsKi ,
Christmas Presents Free.
Send for Our Catalog:
AdmiuNt rntor.
IHth dav of December. 1IKXI.
Notice of Final Settlement
Notice Is hurebv given, that the under
signed administrator of the partnership es
tate oM'erry v. anil r.mier w. uamsay win
maUe Hnal settlement of his account with
said estate as such administrator at the next
term of the Probate Court or Holt- taiunty.
Missouri, to bu holdcn In Origon, In said
county, on the: th day of rebruary. A. D.,
11104. " l'. lYAItKMi,
This Itith day of December, 1903.
Free Premiums
Oprra Gluae. Printing Vr Cmrr,
Hamilton RlnV,ilI Laid Wnfrhr (lady's
or gent's size). fcrl Clock. Frmrh Df)n,
KgeriA Diamond Rfnjr and Pin. Tb!
TfntilMt, 25-riec Te Mrt. and other,
useful articles.
SEND for sample copies and promium lls
Above premiums are some of the presents are
we are now giving aVay with yearly subscrip
I and
Nttiee tf Fi'mI Settlewe-t
A Snap ShotCamert M' Free
D. R&nJMtT. deceftMed..wIll make tJuuI settle
ment of htm account with said estate us such
administrator at ttw next term of the Probate
Court of. Holt County. Missouri, to be bolden
in Ottebn.'ln Mid count: on toe Mb day of
J&bruajar. A. D., llQi . , JtL D. WALKER, . ;
subscription to THE NSW. YORK FAMILY
STORY PAPER aad the wm tmt Casss:
with complete o4fltlrMtM Add
X. L. MUlf RO, pujmiAeiV
M TurfmM itr, iMr M CHf

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