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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, February 12, 1904, Image 5

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A Welt Shoe
Is the modern adaption of the old hand sevi
shoe and is the best method for wear yet devised.
Every pair of our
has a genuine cork filled sole that
makes it waterproof and at the
same time provides a cushion that
makes walking eaiser.
Our Men's $3.50
welts are made in the same manner.
The Fitts, Bunker Her. Co.,
Pure Buckwheat flour and Maple
Syrup at Seetnan's.
How old is Ann? Stop figuring and
buy your Groceries at lowest figures of
Geo. P. Seeman.
The King-Perkins company, which
was announced to appear at. the Forest
City opera house. February 1G. 1901. has
been cancelled.
We see from our exchanges that the
comb trust has gone to the wall. We
are giad to say that we were never made
to pay tribute to this relentless octupus
The checks and vouchers for the
money for those capturing prizes at
the county corn show, are in the hands
of County Clerk Welty, and can be ob
tained by calling on him.
John Philbrick, of St. Joseph, was
poisoned one day last week from eating
pickled pigs' feet, and has been a very
sick man; at this If me he is some befer.
Tom. Kneale is clerking for him during
his illness.
The Bluff City school closed its
fourth month with six pupils neither ab
sent or tardy during the month. Thy
were as follows: Dan Hahn, Pearl
Hahn. Vester and Meesee Butrim. Nora
TButrick and Sidney Vandever.
Jessica Payne Teacher.
Esquire Jacob King performed his
first marriage ceremony on Sunday last,
Feb. 7, 1904, on which occasion he
united George F. Cocksey, of Forbes,
and Miss Stella F. Grimes, of Oregon.
. The ceremony was performed at the
home of the bride's parents, Joseph
! Grimes and wife, near the Kiinsey school
in the presence of a goodly number of
! friends and relatives
We have got Hard and Soft
Coal. Do not suffer with cold.
We will deliver the goods.
i r
J, V TI 111 I i!
East Side Square,
Powell Building.
j Office Hours: 8:00 to 11:30 a. m. 1:00
; to 5:00 p. m.
' Phone 72.
At the beginning of the New Year, I take this means to
Itiaiik mv customers tor their patronage during the juist
rear, and ask a continuance of the same. You find me in
hy new quarters, west of the Moore tfc Kreek grocery store,
rhereyou will find my stock of Wagons, Buggies and Har-
tess complete and up-to-date in every particular.
!. J. FUHRMW. Own, Ho.
Mutual Phone '27.
j The many friends of Dr. Daniel
! Morton, of St. Joseph, up in this section
J send heartiest congratulations upon his
j promotion to chief surgeon of the Mis
; sonri brigade N. G. M. This is an im
portant appointment, as it meaus that
j Dr. Morton will.have charge of the med-
ical depariment of the entire National
: Guard of Missouri, and is a deserved
! recognition of a painstaking and effi
j cient officer.
; - The peach crop will be a partial if
j not an almost com plete failure in this
9 ! section of the state. This was the gen
i eral opinion of most of the two hundred
fruit growers who attended the meet
t ing of the Platte Purchase Horticultu
i ral Socitty at St. Joseph Saturday of
last week. Nearly every man present
exhibited twigs and buds gathered
i siue the last severe freeze, and after a
: careful examination it was the prevail
ing opinion that the peach crop was
"gone up. Hon. N. b. Murray, of tins
! city was prest-tit and delivered an ad-
drt ss
j The supreme court has just given
an opinion of vast im portative to the
banking interests of the sir.te. This
o .iniou was given in the Carter ville
. bank-case from Jasper county and holds
that the assessments of banks is not le
! gal. but that bank stock must be assess -
ed against the idividual shareholders,
j The banks have been paying these as
J assessments heretofore without protest,
: but in this case they were contested
and taken to the supreme court, with
the result that the assessments were de
clared illegal. The assessors through
out the state, as a rule, levy the assess
ment for taxes against the banks in
stead of the stockholders. But under
thi6 decision of the supreme court these
assessments must be made against the
stockholders. Gallatin Democrat.
Clothing Given Away
in one sense of the word this is almost true as we are giving any Overcoat in the house
away for only $10. Overcoats that sold for $12.50, $15, $16.50 and $18.
SUITS, the best Suits at just what tiiey cost us. Bargains, Bargains in every
thing; you have just two months.. 60 days, in which to take advantage of the great offers
we make you. We have dozens of suits of clothes that are medium fn weight, light enough
to wear in the summer and heavy enough in winter: these go at the same low prices as
the heavier ones.
Come in and look at these Bargains. These are cash offers; you can buy lots of stuff
with cash, but that, and to move everything in the winter line before our spring and sum
mer goods arrive is what we are doing it for.
All wool garments worth
$1.50. sale price - 79c
Fine fleeced lined gar
ments in Brown, Gray
and Mottled Brown,
sold everywhere at
50c. sale price - 38c
Medium weight garments
worth 25c. sale price 20c
Shirts, Just Got Em.
The finest line of Neglegee Shirts,
Monarch Brand,
we have ever shown, all the
new colors in plain or pleated,
the finest colors in
Tans, Blues,
Grays, &c.
The nobby tints in plain bosoms.
iou young leuuws uau ueuerg
get all you want of these now
they are moving.
i iwaijiiMBi mil m m
The best line of Men's Shoes,
mean this from the ground up. It
too. If you don't believe it, look
WalkOver cShoes. and then
come you will know it's SO.
ever brought to Oregon. We
seems as though others believe it,
at the people who are wearing
in and look at our fine line and
All the nobby and swell shapes. We have just
received the latest things in Hats and Caps. Our
Caps are of all the swell auto, automo and auto
mobile shapes. The first order was almost sold
in two days, but we have others coming. We
.have a nice line for girls in five different colors.
1JOVS' SUITS Tin's' will all have to be sold within the nest month or so, and in order to do so, will give
one-third otl' of -v-r sun, nlso a Baseball and Bat thrown in.
We have an e egmit line of fine Drss Suit Cases, all leather and leather-linnd. Prices ranging from $10 down
to.")0c: aipo n line of Satchel-. Valises. Trunks, etc.
Com' in and get your money's vorth.
The Only Clothing House in Oregon.
'Oregon, Mo. ,
- Homemade ni'iiee ma at Mrs ' Mrs. I. K. Burnett has two room? ' For Salts. Four Kegistered Perch
Sayles. and an excellent garden spot for rent. j eron Stallions. Enquire of L. II. Luck-
Mrs. C. Leverich. who has been Read Block's ad in this issue, j hard Tarkro, Mo.
quite sick for several weeks with the i Many people will go from here to take - It is rumored that John Adolph has
trie grippe is now improving. . advantage or tneir wonderful otters. , goid his 80 acre farm southwest of this
Cal Williams, one of the old color, d j Mr. Lamuerson aroused great en
residents of Oregon, died at home on j thusmem by his brilliant playing of thei
Tuesday, February 9. 1904. at the age of j Schubert Tausig "Marche Militaire."
62 years. Musical Courier. At. M. E. church.
Tickets to Catherine Ridgewar Con I Oregon. Feb. 15th.
city to Dick Taylor, at $50 per acre.
Grace Alkire while playing at the
school house Monday of this week.burnt
her hand quite severely on oue of the
J radiators.
in the kurv Kidsr.
p. m. i: p. in.
Mrs. K. M. Norris is very sick. i The Gid Kunkel delightful home
Mrs. Louise Burnett is visiting rel- j place now tor sate.
Natives in Amitv, Mo. Mrs. Estella Narancs. of Oklahoma,
Harry Carter, of St. Joseph, was in
wn for a couple of dajs last week.
Read Block's big 4,ad.' They offer
le great clothing bargains that you
Gold and Bridge Work a
'Phones, Old 91, Mutual 4.H.
cert Company. 75 cents each, except to
the friends who bought tickets fo- the
last two numbers.
Charley York and wife, of St. .Jo
seph, and Mirs Anna York, of Mound
City, spent a few days here the past
week, visiting with "Billy York and
wife and Robert.
I have a few more copies of Will
j Maupin's book, "Whether Common or
Not," which I will send postpaid to any
address on receipt of tl. Address,
T. W. Mai-pin. Oregon, Mo.
- The Katharine Ridgeway Coucert
Company furnished without exeption
the most pleasing entertainment of the
season's course Every number receiv
ed an encore and some of them three
On Friday, Jan. 29. 1904, while at
work on a telephone line about eight
miles from town. Oscar Vandeventer,
-The past few days have been trying j
The road have ben so very, very
rough, that they took their mail out
afoot on Tuesday. The New Point mail
carrier did the same.
Splendid Home for Sale
At a Bargain.
Having removed to Anadarko, O. T . I
now offer my home place (just east of
the city limits of Oregon. Mo..) for sale.
This property consists of 20 acres of fine
land on which are the following im
provements: One two story frame house
of nine rooms in good repair with large
rock cellar, 1 smoke bouse, ice house. '2
and four. Eimira X. Y Daily Advr-1 barns, 3 law .-'sterns, poultry houses
At the
M. E. Church, Oregon,
-We must congratulate the good
familiarly known as "Chuck. and who People of Harrison county, on the seeur
oetnanv tu
has been visiting Mrs. George Thomas
and Mrs. Permelia Tucker, of the Lin
coln district. i is ono of the linemen in rhf Pmnlnv ..f ing by tne owners ut m-.b
There were ns disappointed people j the Holt County Independent Tele
at Taylor Hall iast week when the Kath- j phone Company, narrowly escaped
arine Ridgeway Concert Company ap- j death. He was on a pole directing the
! peared. Newark Ohio. At the M. E. stretching a wire.which wasbeing drawn
turch. Feb. loth. J taut by a team, when the wire slipped
7.." x ci " 1 le msuater striking him under
NOtlCe Of Election. j the chi0. with such force did it strike
v- : : u . i. .t i : 1 1 1.. - ii i - i j , . . ,
.luutc ia ucifim ni tMj kuai mere wm mm tnai nia noia was oroKen ana ne
aud Noiamt, oneof our teach
ers, is now able to resume her duties
after being confined o her home for a
week with the grippe.
Mrs. E J. Shultx. aid daughter, of
Wathana, Kansas, spent the past week
here visiting with her sister, Mrs. J J.
Uullock, of the Hotel Woodland. They
returned to their horn Tuesday.
Mr. Kerr, the bass of the, company,
sang the "Toreador's Love Song by
C uchois, and showed to good advant
age his splendid bass voice. Telegraph.
Macon, Ga. At M. R church. Oregon.
Feb. 15th.
-Real etate transactions were quite
active during the month of January.but
not quite as active as a year ago. The
warranty transactions amounted to
$75,747: trust deeds tiled. S33.501 and
tould take advantage of immediately.
Born, to Curt Kennedy and wife, of
Joseph, on January 31. a son. and all ,'
Curt's friend up in these parts sny
Your name and uumber of extra
. i i t r r i . t '
nS pruiuismi lur ur.uiwu 3 .eure . an 3nnual meeting of the stockhold
natnenne wageway vncert uom-, ars the citizens Bank of Oregon.
ly can oe lonna at uunser s. t ht,ltI at the of the Citivsasi
lease call for tickets as soon as posi .nir ;n on c, i
. February 13, 1904, at 9 o'dock, a. m., lor
Exekiel Kyle, whose death we men-1 the purpose of electing fire directors for
last week at the age of 89 years, ) the ensuing year and transacting srir
tone of eigst children, each of whoa sad all business that siar ostue bsfsss
for mors tha fsvr-scsrs -yssrs. i esis sseetroff.
rssehW ths- 9l9S -ad tts h-MT., Ks, Damsk ickfcilr." "fdnm&
IW UWS L . -.-?s 0 v-SsS'SsCUsscrd." Miif
and hogsheol l ho residence is sur
rounded with la-autiful tree?. shrubs
fcnd vines nd :i vririntv of ehoioest fruits
for amilv use About half of land in ! releases amounted to
timbered pasture, having two nice
ponds. Entire place is well fened.
Ornimn Via thrt rirn trvtinn f m:n
J publican the se.-vices of Chiles S Har- ne hOU5es. good society and i-hurche's
wood, as editor of that paper. He is a and one of the best high schools in the
t.nnt7 and viiTnr.m writer. n. d will State. GIDEON KUNKEL.
doubtless keep The Republican up to
fell backward a distance of twenty feet
alighting on the back of his head. He
luckily escaped sustaining any serious
injury. Pearl Vandeventer who was
working with him, had climbed a pole,
and when some twenty feet from the
ground bis climbers failed to stick, on
account of the pole being coated with
ce, he dropped down the pole"' to' tbsr
He sisb 'escaped "injury.
Moasd City 9.
J. K. Tedrow, the speeial agent of
the pesion department, was in our city
for few days last week looking up a Try
interesting case. William Chamber-
that high standard attained by its for
mer editor. Wm. Wightman.
The Meyer A Fuller business firm
at Mound Citj has been incorporated
and will hereafter be known as the
Meyer fc Fuller Mercantile CompMny.
having admitted M. S. Walker, of Lo-
For further nartimilar call on or ad lB,oran,rue m ,n in company
dress at once. ; wtn Henry Culp. The wife of Cham-
Oregon, Mo.
Frank Freytar, of St. Joseph, now
that the Republican newappr men of
the district and state, have taken
a recess frsm visiting St. Joseph until
gnn, Iowa, and B. F Mumm, of Mound i next May, will devote hit time to bis
City, into partnership. The firm be
gan business in 1S77, when Andrew
Meysr and son. G. W., purchased tht C.
K. Corsaut business. In 1892 Andrew
Merer sold his interest to a C. Puller,
annual distribution of seeds nmong ths
farmers of this congressional district,
as Congressman Cochran's campaign
manager. Mr. Coconut has notified his riags.
berlain had gone hack to Kentucky
their old home in 1S53. la 185$ while
j still in Kentucky she remarried, never
having heard from Clmtr)ain since
18T4. Her second husband bad served
in the Unioo army and a few years ago.
died. She made application for a pen
sion as the widow of No. 2,aad is fac
ing a hard prapoeltisa, resarrying with
out a divorce or psocf ftf Use; death of
Chamberlain prior 1 hr seeond mar-
Mr. TeaVowwss) trying to get
Biaaagsr that there will bs vs differ- what inforsMtioo ho eooM'iUbowt Cbaaa
tasd tto xlnh bscsxBs inown as Mevsr w. ! snt taristiss asd sm( le"ska Wkia. Tsut was vui4ta to pes 'a&Ytalng
rtis. ' gesiasU. ' Sssftire

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