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Weekly Newspaper Devoted to the
Interests of tho Best County
in the Union.
Sntered at the Postollice, Oregon, Mo.,
as Second Class Matter.
TERMS: $1 50 Per Year.
Watch the date following your name on
the margin of the paper. It telts the date
tl which your subscription is paid.
Friday, February 3, 1905.
Stm. 3Ion. Tuea. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat
56 7 8 9 10 IT
12 13 14 TF T6 17 18
19 2() 21 22 23 24 25
2G 27 1 28 1 1 1
C-.N.M. TKF.a SSNF.M. rfTLQ.
V 4th. J 12th. V-A
'19th. Hi26th-
Tite Russian Revolt.
The forebodings of Sunday, January
1905, are the facirf of to day. It would
be dulicult to exaggerate the gravity of
the ne.vs, which cme from St. Peters
burg last week Details may have been
exaggerated. The killed and wounded
may be numbered by hundreds or only
by scores, instead of the thousands of
popular report. Tlint does not matter
so far as the significance of the wh"ln
incident h concerned. The important
fac;. is that a large part of the populace
of the Russian capital has risen in revolt
against the government, if not against
the dynasty, aud that the government is
trying t repress it witn powder and
ball. One life or a thousand it is all
the same in principle. It is war. The
scene of conflict has been shifted from
the Yellow Sea to the N-va. Port Ar
thur has fallen, and Kuropatkin is
hiberuatii'g in presumable safety, but
the Russian capital ia in a state of siege,
and its streets are Wrtwth the blood of
Russian subjects slain by Russian sol.
diers at the command of the Russian
government. Tan tie the situation. It
could not well be more serious in kind
and it may become supremely serious in
Within the pa-fc week more than one
writer has likened the situation at St.
Petersburg to that at Pans and Ver
sailles at the beginning of the French
Revolution. ' The comparison may be
odious in its ominous implications, but
in some details it is obvious. As in 1789,
so in 1905, the people are asking to see
their sovereun, that they may ask of him
direc ly redress for their wrongs. We
are told thnt the mob of January 22,
was led by priests, carrying not only
holy images, but also the portraits of
theCzir, and i.be people were crying
for a sight of the Cz-ir that they might
"prudent homage and grievances " "We
do not wish to do harm," ihy cried aud
"long iive Nicholas II!" That was their
temper at ttie beginning, and it was
probably sincere. Now, however much
we may deplore ami condemn any violent.
upri ing against lawful authority, it is
impossible altogether to avoid sympa
with their desir for relief. The testi
mony of Rutsian Ministers of State is
conclusive t . the effect that the gnev
a cas of the poopl- are heavy and that
there is urgent need of reform. The
answer of die government the tro ps
fired -ipon the iuob wirh ball cartridges
anl with deadly aim. Tho result was
that the cries -if the people were chang
ed o such as ''murderous dogs!" and
"d nvn with the autocracy I" That "whiff
of grape" transformed an anti adminis
tr.itive into something ominously like an
anti dynastic revolt.
It is being repressed. With all that
are bsent in Eastern Asia, there are
still enough troops left to the Czar to
cr ssh this insurrection, unless the disaf
f ction in the army is found to bo exten
sive: though even then it will not take
tinny r -giments to deal with the un-iinu-nl
and undisciplined mob of St. Pet
ersburg. There will h Cossack regi
ments, which will have no compunc
tions in shooting or sabering or riding
di.vri all who stand in their way. But
such s ippression will not be complete
s ipp-esion. The ominous fact is not
only th .t there is a revolt, but also that
there is for tho first time, an extensive
ail popular movement for revolution.
Tiit means far more than a single
t monstration of the mob. The govern
ment cannot, of course, afford to tem
porize 'vith a law defyiog mob. At the
Paine, time it may well bo questioned
w i-ther it, can afford to maintain condi
ti ins which provoke the people to become
su"h a mob. Tho government must as
sort itself and vindicate its authority.
It s i mid also as-sert its justice and vin
di :ire its humanity before the world.
WANTED YOUNG.3HAN from Holt county
to p -on ire for dcsirablo position in Govt.
Mail Service. Salary, 800. Itapld promotion
to$lf0n Splendid opportunity. Address Box
One. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
To Repair uangeious .Dn-ges.
The following is the text of House
Bill No. i', providing for pair.ng of
bridges known to be in uangeious con
dition: Section 51 9o of Revised Statutes of
the State of Missouri of 1899, is hereby
nue de i by adding the fo lowing words
thereto: Provided "Thi.t whenev r the
pi eliding judg- of any county court is
notified by a y road overseer, or o her
reputable person, that any cjuuty
oridge has been badly damaged by ie
cent floods or is ot herwise in imminent
danger of failing in, and is dangerous to
public travel, said judge, with the c u
sent of one associate judge.may contract
with some br.dge contractor, or other
competent person, and to have said
bridge repaired forthwi h, the court, at
the next meeting thereof to allow a
reasonable computation for sod re
pah;" so that said section when amend
ed, shall read as follows:
The county court shall, whenever it is
necessiry, without delay, mane an ap
propriation to repair any public bridge
in the county: and whenever any bridge
shll be repair d, the like preliminary
I steps shall be had hs in case of build tig
bridge, and the commissioners shall
have the same powers and proceed iu
like manner, as the commiss oners for
buildiug a bridge; Provided, that when
ever the presiding judge of any county
county court is notified by any road
overseer or other reputable person, that
any county bridge has been badly dam
aged by recent fiords or is otherwise in
imminent danger of falling in, and is
dangerous to public travel, said judge,
with the consent of one associate judge,
may contract with some bridge con
tractor or other reputable person, to
have said bridge repaired forthwith, the
county court, at the next meet ng there
of, to alio a a reasonable compensation
for said repair.
The winter and spring rains likely to
fall creates an emergency within the
meaning of the constitution, therefore
this act shall take effect and be in force
from and after its passage.
County Supervision.
This biennial bill is again up before
our legislature, and we here give the im
portant features of the bill:
The superintendent is to be a county
officer, paid from county revenues, hav
ing an office fitted and furnished by the
county and located at the county seat.
He is to be elected on the first Tuesday
in April, 1905, for a term of four years.
He must be 24 years old and hold a Nor
mal diploma, or & first grade county or
state certificate There-is nothing in
the bill barring women; so any one of
the fair sex, meeting these conditions,
can hold the office. The salary in Holt
county will be $800, out of which travel
ing expenses must be paid. The said
superintendent is to visit each school
once during the term, arrange a uni
form system of classification, examine
into records, methods, condition of
equipment and building, and make a re
port with suggestions to district board.
He (or she) must hold six public
meetings during the term at places
other than the county seat. In gene.a1,
the superintendent takes the place of
c lunty board of education, holding ex
aminations of teachers, presiding over
associations, and granting certificates
The Youth's Companion in 1905.
It is impossible even to summarize in
a single paragraph the many and varied
attractions which The Youth's Com
panion will contain durirg 1905.
A series of articles plnnned to interest
espec ally the forty-five millions of
Americans who look directly to the soil
for their subsistence treats of "New
Fields for Young Farmers," "The San
itation of the Farm," "Tho Future of
American Cotton," "How Women Make
Money on the Farm," etc.
Seven serial stories and 250 short
stories by the mo t talented and popu
lar American writers of fiction are to be
published in The Companion this year.
Full Illustrated Announcement de
scribing these features of The Compan
ion will be sent with sample copies of
tho paper to any address free.
The new subscriber who sends SI 75
now for a year's subscription to The
Companion receives free The Co panion
Carnations" Calendar for 1905, litho
graphed in twelve colors and gold.
144 Berkeley Street, Boston, Mass
For Sale
my farm of sixty five acres, lying east of
and adjoining the town of Oregon. This
farm is divided into young orchards,
meadows and a little wood land has
never failing springs of water. Has
eight room residence, two-room tenant
house, good barn and outbuildings; all
buildings in fine repair. Residence with
in 5 minutes' walk of one of the best
graded ad High schools in Northwest
Missouri. One of the choicest locations
fora good home in Holt county. For
particulars call on or address,
Oregon, Mo.
Can make terms to suit the purchaser.
If You Are a Stockman
is independent of Commission
House money we want to hear from you.
We are Strictly a Commission Firm, and
deal with the Free and Independent
Stockmen Exclusively. Write to us for
P. & I S. Badge.
Stock Yards, Kansas City, Mo.
Jesse Summers Badly Wounded by
the Accidental Discharge of
a Shot Gun.
At the Hiatt House in this citv, a
yo ; rig German, .J e?se Summers by name,
lies suffering from a gu s ot
received in his r yht reast last
1 T
nps-(l:iv nftMi nnnii .l.miiarv iV ll)f5 i
o -Ti quite a i.ing list of agricultural papers,
Summer is a teamst-r in the emplov of . ,...,. .
ii i" i but to me T e New lurk Tribune Farm
ContractiT J. . lingers and has been- . . , . , .
,. ... . . , . , er bring, more real, practical, helpful
working v ith the fonv of hands e.(- . '
.. ... , i , I assi-tance than any 1 have ever read.
gaged in gel ti g tne big dredge bo.it i m. . . ,
. . . ... . . ! There may be o hers as good, or better,
ready for operation Wrdnesdav morn , , . .. .
. r . , .."- j papers for i he farmer, but I have fai ed
ing because of the t xtreme c Id it was . ,. lL
. . . . to di-cover th- m as yet. L.urs yer
a tnoB. in.po.s ble to a, com, u.h h, - truJ). CHARLES S HODMAN.
bUIUU IUJU tll UdtJUn Vi n Millie Mil IVM I
town. In the -ifternoon Summers c n
eluded to go rabbit hunti g and hsked
Mr Rogers to gi with him l r Rogers
accepted the invitation and the two
started ut on foot When about one
fourth mile from the boat house young
Summers saw a rabbit run into a brush
heap and in order to scare the bunny
out rammed into the brush heap the
butt end of his shot gun which he li-lii
with both hands. As he did s the gun
was discharged, the contents .slriidng
him in the right br ast, tearing away a
eoi.siderrb!e portion of the br ast Had
he used but oiw hand, his position
would doubtless have been such that
the discharge would not have truck
him at the angle which it did, and death
wou'd have been instantaneous. As it
is Dr. E.M. Miller thinks his chance for
recovery are good.
After receiving the wound the gritty
youn' German walked to the house, and
was brought to town in a spring wagon,
enduring his suffering with remarkable
As we go to press the wounded man
is resting very comfortab'y, is qui e
cheerful and bears his misfortune with
great composure.
Mr. Summers is about 22 years of age,
is a young man of exemplary habits, is
industrious, attentive to his duties and
is well liked by all who have lormed his
acquaintance. Mound City News.
The Twice a-Week Republic of St.
Louis, the best semi-weekly newspaper
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ports of the particular locality in which
it circulates. Its spec.al departments
are edited by experts, and its artists
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the country. It is published every
Tuesday and Thursday eight pages
each isue sixteen pages a week.
FARM PROGRESS, issued on the
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sixteen or more full, standard size news
paper pages, filled with up to date farm
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tion, etc., etc. It is published by The
Republic -a guarantee of its excellence
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The Republic, St. Louis, Mo.:
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The Twice a-Week Republic and
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The price of Farm Progress alone is 10c
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Delivered to Tea re Pros , Forest City
Wednesday, February 8, 1905,
Hens )ie
YouDg Roosters 8 "c
Hen Turkeys 12 c
Ducks S c
Geese 7 c
Gobblers 11 c
Old Roosters 83 GO
Hold your Poultry for our dates.
Remember the date and place of de
Swift and Company.
Per W. M. McKEE.
A Practical, Helpful Farm Paper.
To the Editor of the Tribune Farmer.
Sir: Again I greatly appreciate the
fact that I can come to ou for . dvice.
I would wish tint ail the farmers fully
estimated the value of The New-York
Trioune Farmer. It appears to me a
' CM ice neriniiif . 1 rif it-i Umrf nrh in nil
1 -t . '
I I hat tinrt.-iinc: rn vntoi-iivirv
cu-III .
and reader
w . .
Oouverneur, N. , Nov. 23, 19Ji
A Year Book and Guide.
You fiequentlv hear mention of dead
languages Well, some fac.s are even
deader, but these are not ihe kind that
The Tribune Almanac deals in By way
of verifying that, jus:, tke a cursory,
glance over tiie issue for 1903, which is
now on sale. It is not an Almanac in
the dictionary sense of the word, but is
r. a.ly a ready reference aud guid- book,
containing ever thing that such a com
pilatiou oiijih to have. And the m. iter
iilhasbe-n garnered and sifted and
tested with the utmost care, so as to se
cure absolute accuracy, or at least get
as near to it as honest, painstaking en
deavor will bring one.
Herein will be found a perfect go'd
mine of information on topics of inter
est, not only to every American, but
likewise to all who care to know about
us, our laws, population, officials, and
so forth. (And, by the way. if you have
any friends in Europe, just s-nd them a
copy and see if they don't appreciate it.)
There isn't anything mi?sing in the
way of records which the average man
will want to know about. It doesn't
matter what th-i subject pension, leg
islat ion, sporting statistics, facts about
uuiversitsen, colleges, patri tic societies
population, public officials, to say noth
ing of a condensed guide of New York
City, a map of the underground railroad
system, showing the location of stations,
and a table telling railroad distances,
fares, etc.
In fact, it ir- really not an exaggera
tion to 6ay of a hundred and one tnings
a sane person wants to know, at least 99
will be found in The Tribune Almanac.
The Sentinel for on year and Tribune
Almanac for only $1.50
Public Sale!
I will sell at Public Sale at my prem
ises near the Baker school house, and 3
miles sou'hweot of Forbes, on
Tuesday, February 14, 1905,
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m the follow
ing described property, to-wit :
1 span Work Mares, 9 and 10 years
old and in foal by Jack.will weigh about
2600 lbs; 1 span coming 8-year-old Mules
will weigh about 1300 lbs; 1 span of
Mules, will weigh about 2000 lbs; 1 black
Horse. 11 yenra old, weight, 1400 lbs. will
work h ingle or double; 1 3 year-old horse
Colt; 1 2-year old horse Colt; I 2 year
old mare Colt; 1 last spring mare Colt;
1 last spring mule Colt.
4 sets Work Harness; 10 head Brood
Sows, bred to farrow in April; 25 head
of Shoats, weigh about 100 lbs; 2 Cows
giving milk, 1 fresh: 000 bushels of corn
! in crib; quite a .lot of Shock Fodder,
some with corn and some without; 50
.ons baled Hay, more or less.
3 Stirring Plows; 1 John Deere Com
bined Lister; 3 New Departure spring
trip Cultivators; 1 endgate wagon Seed
or; 2 McCormick Binders, Oft cut and
j good as new: 2 Farm Wagons; 1 Corn
Drill; 1 Smoothing Harrow; 2 Disc Harrow.'-;
1 family Carriage, as good as new;
1 hand Corn Sheller and a 4-hole Power
Sheller; a quantity of Household Goods.
If not. sold before day of sale, will offer
my Threshing Outfit, consistin of Ad
vance Separator. Automatic Stacker and
1 12 horse power Springfield Engine. Al
so m farm of 80 acres, which was im
proved for a life time home. Come f.nd
see it.
All sums of 810 and under, cash in
hand; over that amount a credit of 10
mouths will be given, purchaser giving
note with approved security, bpa:inc 8
npr c.p.iU. interest mm rl:ip. "criim nt
sale to bo complied with before any
property will be sjllowed to be romoeJ.
R 0. Bknton, J. A. Lkase,
Auctioneer. Clerk.
Geo. P. See man's lunch wagon on the
crunr ds.
We will sell at Public Auction, at the
residence of N. L. Pierce, in New Point,
Mo., on
Saturday, February 4, 1905,
beginning at 1 o'clock p. m , sharp, the
following described property, to wit:
Pour good Mares and one Colt;
fine fall Shoats; 1 set of good Work
Harness; 1 Ideal Farm Wagon; 1 triple
geared Eagle Peed Mill; I Hack; 1
Buggy, and a lot of Farming Iraple-
raents. Three uood Heating Stoves: 1
Grind Stone; 1 good Wheelbarrow, and I
a few Household Goods. j
TERMS: All sums, under 810, cash 1
in hand. On all suras over $10, a credit I
of 10 months will be given, purchaser
giving note with approved security,
bearing 8 per cent interest from date.
Terms of sale to be complied with before
any property will be allowed to be re .
mo veu.
.1. P. RUHL,
James Donovan, Auctioneer.
Wa are the Largest Makers of Stove, Range and Furnace
Repairs in the World and can Ship Immediately
and Save You Money.
We Have the Repairs fer Year Stove. Price given en Reqaest.
Instructions Carefully and We Guarantee a Fit.
Give name of stove drive all that appears)
Give number of stove (as it appears on stove), usually found on pipe collar or
front part of stove
Give name of maker
Give latest date of patent
State if linir.r now in stove Is brick or iron
State if stove has a flat bottom jrrate or in two pieces
State if fuel can be put in through frontdoor or put in through covers
What kind of fuel does stove use
Parts wanted
Reference: First National Bank, Chicago.
l beautifies the hilt.
Iaxuiiant growth.
i to Bestore Grav
K.iir to its Youthful Color.
Cures scalp dirasc3 & hair falling.
gte.andgl.00at Druggists
If you suffer from Knileptic Kjts or Falling
Sickness or have children, relativesor friends
that do so, my New Discovery will CUKF
themand all voa are asked to do is to send
for my FREE REMEDIES and try them.They
have cured thousands where everything else
failed. Sent absolutely free with complete
directions, express prepaid. Please give AGE
and full address.
94 Pine Street, New York City.
Making" Friends Every Day.
This can truthfully be said of JELL-O ICE
CREAM POWDER, the new oroduct for mak
ing the most del'cious ice cream you ever
ate; everything in the package. Nothing
tastes so good In hot weather. All grocers
are placing it in stock. If your grocer can't
supply you senu .c, ror 'Z packages oy man.
Four kinds: Vanilla, Chocolate. Strawberry
and Unflavored. Address, The Genesee Pure
food Co.. Box S9a, LeKoy. N. i.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given.that-lctters of admin
istration. with will annexed, on the estate of
Charles esley Pierce, deceased, were grant
ed to the undersigned, on the -1st day of Oc
tober, 1904. by the Probate Court of Holt
County, Missouri. All persons having claims
against said estate, are required to exhibit
them for allowance to the administrator
within one year after the date of said letters,
or they may be precluded from any benefit of
said estate; ana If such claims be not exhibi
ted within two years from the date of this
publication, they shall be forever barred.
This 17th day of December. 1904.
Administrator With Will Annexed.
Office Hours Ofllc Telephone 438
10-4. in. to 4 p. in. Residence Telephone 9u
Eye and Ear Specialist.
Kliit: Hill Builditm"
Junction Francis, Ninth and
Frederick Avenue
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
X-Ray Therapeutics and Finsen
Light, Clinical Laboratory,
V. L KENNEY. 31. D.
N. W. Cor. lith & Felix St., S. Joscph,Mo.
Executor's Sale.
Ry virtue of aA order of the Probate Court
of Holt County. .Missouri, made at. the regu
lar November term, HHVl. of the said court, I
will, in obedience to said order, on
190i, and during the session of County Court
of the County of Holt, expose at public auc
tion for cash in hand all t he interest of Sarah
Porter, deceased, in and to tne following real
estate, situate in the said County of Holt:
Commencing nine hundred aud ninety-two
and one fourth feet ft) east of the south
west corner of the north half (n'i) of the
northeast quarter (ne;0 of section thirty-one
C1). township sixty-two (IU), of range thirtv
eight(3). thence north six hundred ami sixty
feet(i')i0 ft), thence east one hundred and
thirty-two feet (132 ft), thence south six hun
dred and sixty feet (MO ft), thence west
one hundred and thirty-two feet (132 ft),
to the plae of beginning, containing
two C2) acres excentinir that portion
excepting ttiat
occupied as a public road, conveyed
v i-.i.-tu. iy nw. . .m.w.
nd Laura I. MeCoy by warranty deed dated
February H3, IMtt.
Executor of t lie estate of Sarah i'ortcr, de
ceased. WANTED SE VERA L industrious PER-
sons in each state o travel for house estab-
lished eleven years and with a large capital'
to call upon merchants ana agents ror suc
cessful and profitable line. Permanent en
gagement. Weekly cash salary of -518 and all
traveling expenses aud hotel bills advanced
in cash each week. Experience not essential
Mention reference and enclose self-addressed
envelope. TU E NATIONA L, 324 Deaborn St.
Chicago, III.
TRAVEL for well established house in a few
counties, calling on retail merchants and
agents. Local territory. Salary 11024 a year
and expenses advanced. Position permanent
business successful and rushing. Standard
House, 334 Dearborn St. Chicago.
Notice of Election.
Notice is hereby given that there will
be an annual meeting of the stockhold
ers of the Citizens' Bank of Oregon
Mo., held at the office of the Citizens
bank in Oregon, Missouri, on Saturday,
February 11, 1905, at 9 o'clock, a. m., for
the purpose of electing five directors for
the ensuing year and transacting any
and all business that may come before
said meeting.
Geo. II. Alle.v, Daniel Zaciimax,
Sec'v of Board. President.
- . "-T-r-r--ri-( -
Oregon, 3Io.
:7?wA--'lr Promotes a
Church Directories.
Presbyterian Church.
J:imes JIcFarland.
Bible School at 9:30 every Lord's Day.
Y. P. S. C. E. at 7 p. m.
Prayer Service Thursday evening at 8 p. m
Preaching every Lord's Day at 11 a. m. and
3 p. m.
Woodville every Sabbath at 3 p. m.
Everybody cordially invited to attend thu
above services.
Christian Church.
Bible school every Lordsday 9:30 a. m.
F. Li.
Zeller, superintendent.
Y. P. S. C. E. every Lordsday 7:00 p. m.
Prayer meeting every Thursday eveuig at 8
p. in.
Preaching every Lordsday, morning and
evening, at 11 a. in. aud 8:00 p. m.
Meeting of official board every flrst Lordsday
All cordially invited to attend all meetings of
the church.
X. E. Church.
A. J. Brock, Pastor.
Preaching every Sabbath morning and even
ing at 11 a. m., and 7 :30p. m.
Sunday school every SabDatb at 9 :30 a. n. F.
S. Morgan. Supt.
Prayer meeting every Thursday evening at
7:30 p. m.
Epworth League Junior every Sabbath 3 p.
hi., and senior one hour before preaeklag
every Sabbath evening.
Business meeting of the official board tbe
tirst Monday of each month, at 4 :3ft p. n. J.
A. Kreek, secretary of the board.
W. F. M. Society meets the flrst Friday of
each month, 2:30 p. ra.
Evangelical Church.
H E Bower, Pastor
Sunday school at 10 a, m.
Prayer meeting Thursday at 8 p. ra.
Services every Sunday.morning and evening.
Regular preaching services the flrst and
third Sundays at 11 a. m., and tbe second mod
fourth Sundays at 8 p. m.
Preaching at NickelPs (Jrove on tbe flrst and
third Sundays at 8 p. m., and the second and
rourth Sundays at 11 a. in.
All are cordially invited to attend.
German M. E. Church.
Kev. Wm. Tonat, Pastor.
Preaching every Sunday at 10 :30 a. m.
Preaching every Sunday at the Nodaway
church at 2 :30 p. m.
Everybody cordially invited to attend above
M. E. Church, Forest City.
Rev. Thorpe, Pastor.
Preacnuigon yieseconrt and fourth Sunday
:n each nmitli, 11 a. in., and evening.
Preaching on the first and third Sunday even
ing. Sunday school every Sunday at 9 :38 a. m.
Junior League at 2:30 p. m., and Senior
League at 7 p. in. J. A. Lease, Pres.
Pr.iyer meeting every Tuesday evening 8 p.m.
LaIie?' Aid society every Friday at 2 :30 p.m.
Mrs. E. A. Scott, Pres.
Preaching at Kimsej school house on tbe
first anl third Sunday mornings.
Sunday school at o a. in. James Lease
All are cordially invited to attend.
Christian Church,New Point.
Sunday sclioul, 9:30 a. m.
Preaching on the first aud third Sundays n
eachjinonth, 11 a. u.,aud evening.
Y. P. S. C. E. every Sunday4'evetiing,6 :30 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend.
j Curzon Christian Church, Bluff City.
I " uaniman, rastor.
Preaching on the second and tourth Lords-
day at II a. m. and 7 :30 p. in.
Bible school each Lordsday at 10 a. m.
Methodist Protestant.
.1. L. Wallace. Pastor.
Preaching at Highland on the first and
third Sundays of each month. Morning, at 11
o'clock. Evening, at So'clock. Sunday school
at 10 o'clock every Sunday morning. Preach
ing services at Oak Grove school house every
first and third Sunday afternoon, following
Sunday school. Sunday school at 3 o'clock
every Sunday afternoon.
Oregon Protective Association.
Meets the flrst Saturday afternoon In each
iniMith at I ;30 p. m.tat the otllce of K. C.Kenton.
S- M. Stout Secy.
Thix Will Interest Mother.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for Children.
Cure Feverishness, Bad Stomach, Summer
Rowel Troubles. Teething Disorders, cleanse
and regulate the Bowels and destroys Worms.
They never fail. Over 30.000 testimonials.
At all Druggists. 25c. Sample Fit EE. Ad
dress, Allen S. Olmsted, LeKoy, N. Y.
Office over Citizens' bank,

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