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A Weekly Newsraper Devoted to the
Interests of the Best County
in liiu Union.
E jtered at the 1 '..-. coffict-. Oregon, Mo.,'
as rfecor.iJ Class .Matter. j
TERMS: $1 50 Per Year.
Watch the date following your name on
the margin of the paper. It tells the date
t which your subscription is paid.
Friday, November 23. 1905.
Arrival and Departure of Mails at the
Postoffice, Oregon, Mo.
7::iO:t.ui. For Omaha am- intermediate
IH)ints, and :ili points north, east
and west.
13:10 p. in. For all points north, south, east
ami wesf, except Tarklo anil
Villisca branches.
9:0'i a. rn. For St. .lov-ph and intermediate
3 :30 p. in. For New Point, only.
7:30 a. in. Helwi-j: supplied by Kural Car
rier, Koute No. 3.
1:25 p.m. For VUliscx mirt h, mail to ali
points north, cast, south and
west, except intermediate be-twe.-n
F.i.-cM ity ami St. Joseph.
12:45 j. m. For all p-in! north, south, east
and west. Mail made up at 3:00
p. in.
9:00 a. m. Omaha Maiis from all 'joints,
north, east, south and west.
10:30 a.m. Villisca and Tarkio Valley
branches. Mails from north
east, soutli and west.
11 :30 a. m. From New I'oitit only.
3:15 p. in. Main line K. C, St. Joe. it C. H
Mails from all points, north
south, east and west.
6 :00 p. m. From St. Joseph.
7:30 a. m. Rural Route No. 1. leaves. Re
turns at 2 .00 p. m.
7:30a.m. Rural Route, No.-, leaves. Re
turns, 2 00 p. m.
7:30 a. rn. Rural Route, No. 3, leaves. Re
turns at - 00 p. m.
7 -.30 a. rn. Rural Route, No. 4, leave.s. Re
turns at:X) J), rn.
?:30 a. rn. Ruial Route, No. 5, leaves. Re
turns at. 2:00 p. m.
H :30 a. nr. Main line, Iv. C.,St. Joe & .C. Ii.
Mail from all points.
Mails are made up promptly 15 minutes be
fore departing time.
New Point, mail arrives and departs daili
except Sunday.
Mall to Forteseue. Rulo and points on the
B & M. in Nebraska within 100 miles of this
office, should be maib-d before 8:43 a. m. in
order to reach its destination the same day.
Mails for main lir.e of I. C, St- Joe. & C. U.
north and sout h, :.rc made up and depart at
the same time, for day trains. 12:10 p. m.
Circuit Omirt.
Convenes first Monday in January; fourth
Mondays In April and August.
William C. Fir.s4n, circuit judge.
Ivan lilalr. prosecuting attorney.
K. G. Rnlcy, circuit clerk.
James A. Williams, sheriff.
Harry M. Irwin, stenographer.
Probate Court.
Convenes second Mondays in February,
May August and November.
Henry T. Alkire, probate judge.
County Court.
Regular Terms: First Mondays '.n Febru
ry May, August and November.
Jacob Wehrli, presiding judge.
George W. Gotten, judge 1st district.
Henry K. Wright, judg.- if M district,
finocli A. Welty, clerk of county court.
F L. Zellcr, deputy county clerk.
County Hoard of Health.
Jacob Wehrli, president
George W. Cot ten. vice-president.
W. G. Proud, county physician.
Snoch A. Welty, secretary.
County ltmird of Kducation.
A. R. Coburn,. Oregon.
W. W. Gallaher Mound City.
Alberta O Green, Craig.
Collector of Revenue. James I). Thompson.
County Treasurer, George 'V. Cummins.
Recorder of Deeds. Robert Callow.
Commissioner of Schools, A. R. Coburn.
Public Administrator, M.I J . Walker.
Superintendent of Poor, SebournOarson.
Surveyor, Wm. M. Morris.
Asssessor, Will Fitr.maurico.
Given Away to Boys Free For Getting
Clubs of Subscription for
The Weekly Journal.
Any boy who will soeun 10 new sub
scriptions fT The Kansas City Weekly
Journal at 25 cents a year each, making
a total of 62 50. and will send the names
toge;her with she money, to the Kansas
City Journal, will lie given an Air Rifle
as a present. The name of thip Air
3illo is the Kini:, and il i certainly the
Hug of Air Riflles
It is made of polished steel, hand- j
eomely nickeled. Genuine black wa.i.ut
stock peep rear and Rocky Mountain
front sight. Shoots lili shot or darts
accurately with great force. Length
:U inches, weight 2 pounds. All parts
Now is the time for the boy to earn a
splendid Air Ritlo. This offer will hold
good until January 1, 1007. j
'"Send for samples for canvassing.;
J5gT"Do not fail to write your name
and address plainly and give your near-
est express otlice, as the Air Rifle will
liave to be shipped by express.
Send your remittance by poBtoflice
money order or 'draft, and address The
Kansas City Journal, Kansas City, Mo.
TJncle Jake Says:
Th' farmer ain'r no gr. ener whin he's
in ther cilee tha i er en u idler is whin
he's in ther cou try
It doan't. pay ter nr;,u v. ith yer wife.
No womaii ncr nit-u-miuly edmit:d
stie wuz w.ong. Xi-hvrihi no man
lu his wife.
Ther most fun ye v git out of yer
vakashun is teliin' u?he. peepu! erbout
i t.in ;.er izh back hunt.
Next t-r Ci in erii ut dresse-, ther
most fun wimmen kit. hev i- lellin' el
bout tht-r time thay wu. opppratei on
at ther husp.t !e.
Ef we let wimmen vote, elekshun d y
"ud last er week ut.less we put fony
grafe a ih-r po:eing places fer em to
lawk !U.
Willyum J.nniugs O liryun nd Pres
jrdent Rjyfelt air both in in' ter stand
on er pi itform only big euuf fer won of ;
No won up hyar seemz ter no what
ther rebellyun in Cuby is erbout and
neethnr do ther Cubyens.
Th' Rushian anerkis s must hev run
out'n bombs befour thiiy gt.t all ther
grand dooks kiit otr, jedging frum iher
dekree&e in khshuallys reported
Ther way tu er man's hart may be
thsu his stotuiok, but ef er want a gnrl
iu like yer, ung feller, tell bur suez
ther purtjiist yu ever saw an' doan't fer
git to admyer her bat 'n close.
American Women Still "Womanly.
More than 100 .omen tried to climb
over or crawl under railings and break
du.vn doors iu the iobby of the Utiiis-h
House- of Coimnens recently. The
screamed, eiaved and fought the police.
Many of them had to bo carried bodilj
into the street, where arm loads ol
cloatis, hals, and fragments of Onen
which they had torn from one iiuother
were handed back to them.
Thes- women were not frantic mothert
from the depths of London's poverty
Oghting for bread for their children.
They were not drunken creatures fiom
the London slums exhibiting their de
pravity. They were British matrons
and spinsters of decent social position
and deemed entirely respectable un'il
they joined an hysterical mob.
In America the "new" or advanced
"women often irritates her soberer sis
ters who f-hun the hurly burly. She of
ten t-xaperat s men and worries the
public in general. But the Americai
' new" woman has not, thank heaven,
r -ached the depths of hysterical unwo
manliness that her British sisters de
scended to at the House of Commons.
With all the annoying social extrava
gances of the da with all the aseaults
upon public peace and private morals to
which idleness-and folly and the prevail
ing thirst for any sort of notoriety give
birth - wo still have this to be thankful
for. American womn. with some rare
exceptions, whatever their social station
or the "causes" to which they may be
devoted, are still womanly they are still
Lost On streets o Oregon, Satur
day, Novmiiber .' a pair of ladie's shoes.
A suitable rewaid will be paid by re
turning same to this ollice
All comrades of Mover Post are here
by notified to assemble at the court
houfe on Saturday afternoon, Decem
ber 1st, at 2 o'clock, for the purpose of
transacting such business as may prop
erly come before it and for the. election
of officers for the ensuing year.
By order oT the commander.
Eakl Cooper, Ad'j't.
Free Homesteads
In Western Nebraska
More than 3,000 persons have made
land filings on Kinkaid lands in Wes
tern Nebraska during thp last Ove
months. Best lands are going fast.
This is an opportunity that will not last
long and is worth investigating.
on reports of the Special Agents of the
Government are generally desirable
homesteads. 1 keep track of all of the
cancelled lands for the benefit of the
patrons of this Bureau.
NEXT EXCURSIONS 1 will personally
conduct excursions as follow-:
To Llyannis, Neb . Nov. 20, 1900.
41 Bridgeport, Neb., Dec. 1, 100G.
" Mullen, Neb.. Dec. 18. 1900,
at which times I will have with me
t wnship plats showing the available
land in those localities.
RATES Very low round-trip home
seekers' excursion rates to all points in
Western Nebraska
NEW FOLDER FREE Write to-day for
our new folder with map of Nebraska,
telling all about the 640-acre free home
steads, what the lands are valuable for,
and how to acquire title. Address,
D. CLEM DAYK, Agent. Ilttrl'n Iloute.
Homeseckers' Information Bureau,
1004 Farimm St., OMAHANEBKASKA,
Order of Putl cr.tion.
John Cry thin. Plaintiff.
i iv-; Flat en. defendant.
In the Circuit Court of 'Holt County, Mis
souri, January Term, li'or.
On this -JTlh day f October. 11 , comes t he
plaintiff bv hi.-attorney . before the nnder--iirne
t K. O. Rulcy, Clerk of the Circuit
(u in vacation, and tiles his iiefition and
Miidaiit, .-.'tiing 2':Mli that defendant, live
Fiateii, i-, a uoii-re-:dent f tnis -tate and
eauuiit be .-iiHiinoned in ih" aciimi.
it K therefore osd'T'-d by me as Clerk
afuresaid. n vacation that publi at on lie
made notifying -aid (ifemiaiit that an ac
tion has ! -e:i ini'iici-d .-iirainst him by
net ition aid attaihmeit in t he ('ire
tit Court
ot Moll I ounty. in tlie -talc 01 Alt sun
which act ion is founded on a judgment ren
dered In the District Coiiil ot the State of
Minni -oia. for the r.'tli .Indicia! Circuit, iu
the County of Chippewa, in favor of John
Grythiu, "the above named plaint If, and
again-t Ove Flateu. t he above named defen
dant, the amount prayed for in sai I pe ition
being the sum of Two thousand Fight iluii
tl.ie , Twenty-nine and SlMOt) Doilai-s. with
inter st thereon at six percent from July t,
1'.'V. ami that his property ha- been atta lied,
and unle-s he be and appear at the next term
of tlii-. court to lie hidden at the Court llou-e
in Oregon, in the County of Holt, on the 7th
day of January. i:t'7. and on the
tirst day thereof answer -aid petition, the
same will be taken as confessed and judg
ment will be rendered agains' him and his
attached property sold to satisfy the same.
It is furt lier ordered that a cojy hereof he
published once a week in the Ilmr Col'ntv
Skntinki., a newspaper published in the
County of Holt ami designated by plaintiff's
a'lorney, for four weeks successively, tlie
last insertion to be at least tifleen days be
fore the commencement of the next term of
t his Court.
(Signed) R. G. IM'LKV.
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
A true copy from tlie record.
' ) Witness my band ami llie.-eal of the
- skai. '-said circuit Court this Joth day of
October, i'.'lMI.
R. G. iriT.KV. Circuit Clerk.
( rder of Pahlicatioa
Count v of Holt. t
In the Circuit Court. at the August TunnJ'.KH".
Mabel Thomas, I'laiutill,
John William Thomas. Defendant.
Now at this lime, it being the 7fh day of
September. A. D. l!0ii. and the sixth day of
t he regular August term. A D. H'Oi'., of said
Holt Circuit Court, the Court being sali-tied
from the evidence adduced that, the said de
femiant hits absented himself from his usual
place of abode in t his state, and lias become,
:iud now is a non-resident of the State of .Mis
souri, so thai I lie ordinary process of law can
not be served upon him.
It is therefore ordered, by the Court, that
the said Defendant . John William Thomas,
be notified by publication that th.; I'laiutill",
Mabel Thomas, lias commenced a suit against
him, the said Defendant in this Court, for a
divorce from the bond of matrimony, on the
grounds of habitual drunkeness for a space of
more than one year before the commence
ment of said Plaintiff's action, and on the
grounds of cruel and barborous treatment of
l'laintlffbv Defendant, endangering the life
of Plaintiff and offering of such indignities
to Plaintiff as to rentier her condition in
tolerable, ami praying alimony ami the cus
tody of her minor children, and that unless
tlie saitl John William Thomas, Defendant,
be and appear at this Court, at the next term
thereof, to be begun and holden at the Court
House in tlie City of Oregon, in saitl County
on tlie 7th day of January, V.Q7. next and on
the iirst day of said term answer or plead to
tlie amended petition in saitl cause, the same
will be taken as eonfesscd.and judgment will
be rendered accordingly: ami it, is further or
dered, that a cony hereof in' published, ac
cording to law. in The Holt. County Sentinel,
a newsnaner nublishetl iu Holt County. Mis
souri, for four successive weeks.! he last inser
tion to be at least Itrteen Hays belore tliesaiu
7th tlay of January. l!-07.
A true conv of the record.
I ' i itness inv hand and the seal of
J skai.. V the Circuit Court of Holt County
I ) t Ids st h day of November. RHUS.
R. :. Kl'LKY.
Circuit Clerk.
Sheriffs Trust Sale.
Whereas, Isaac A. hidings anil Emma Id
dings, his wife, by their Deetl of Trust, dated
March 1st, 1iH)l, ami recorded iu tlie Record
er's ollice, in and for Holt County, Missouri,
in Rook!;, tt. pitgc."iiK, conveyed to John P.
Stevenson a Trustee, t lie following described
real estate, situate, lying ami being in lloll
County, Missouri, tov.it: The northwest
ipiarter of t lit; north west quarter of section
twenty-eight C. ami the northeast quarter
of the northeast of section twenty-nine (:.".'),
ali in township sixty-three ill'!), of range,
thirty-seven i:i7). containing eighty acres,
more or less. In trust, to secure the pay
ment of l he one promissory note in saitl 'I rust
Deed described and due in five years from
date, ami five interest coupons . tttached,
due in I. .". 1 ami .1 years.
And Whereas, it is provided in ami by the
terms of sail Trust Deetl that iu case of Ids
absence, death, refusal to act or disability in
any wise, the then acting Sheriff of Ilolt
County. Missouri, at t he request, of the legal
holder of saitl note, should execute said
Trust, and whereas, John I". Stevenson has
t c fused to execute the saitl Trust, ami the
first two of saitl coupons are past due and un
paid. Now thercfo e, at the request of tiie legal
holder o' said notes, ami in accordance with
t he provisions of saitl Deetl of Trust. 1, the
duly elected and qualified Sheriff of Ilolt
Count v. .Missouri, will on
Monday, dfckmhfr i7Hi, ii;.
bttt ween the hours of nine o'clock a. tu. and
five o'clock p. m. of thai day. sell the above
described real estate at the north door of the
court house in tlie town of Oregon. Holt Coun
ty, .Missouri, for cash, at public vendue to
the highest bidder, lo satisfy saitl debt and
interest ami costs of executing this trust.
Sheriff of Ilolt County, Missouri.
November Hi. l!KHi.
bheriff's Trust Sale.
Where.-e- Isaac A. Ithliiigs ami Fmma II
tlings, his by their Deetl of Trust, tinted
.March 1st. 11h4. a'ntl recorded in tlie Record
er's ollice. in and for Holt County, Missouri,
iu Hook Itl, at page 4W, conveyed to John I.
Stevenson, as Trustee, the following de
scribed real estate, situate, lying ami be tig
iu Ilolt. County, Missouri, to-wit: The south
half of the northeast quarter of section thirty
p)). all in township si.ty-thrce ((2!), of range
thirty-seven, :t7). containing eighty acres,
more'or less, lu trust to secure the payment
of tlie one promissory note in saitl Trust
Deed described and due in live years from
tlate. ami live interest coupons attached,
tlue in J. '2. .'. 4 ami .1 years.
And Whereas, it is provided in ami by the
terms of saitl Deetl of Trust that in case of his
absence, death, refusal to act or disability in
any wise, tlie then acting sheriff of Ilolt
Count v, Missouri, at. the request of the legal
holder of saitl note, should execute said
Trust; anil whereas. John P. Stevenson, the
Trustee, has refused to execute the said
Trust, ami whereas the tirst two of saitl
coupons are past fine ami unpaid.
, Zxow therefore, at the request, oi tne legal
j holder of said note, and in accordance with
I the provision of said Deed of Trust, I, the
duly elected ami qualified Sheriff of Holt
County, Missouri, will, on
. MONDAY. DKCIi.MUKR 17th. l'.HV,,
j between the hours of nine o'clock a. m. ami
j five o'clock p. m of that day, sell the above
. described real estate at the north door of the.
i court house iu the town of Oregon, Ilolt
I County. Missouri, for cash, at public vendue.
to thehigliest bidder, to satisfy said debt
I and interest anil costs of executing this trust.
j Sheriff of Holt County, Missouri.
: November Hi. HHXi.
! Administrator's
Notice is hereby given, that Letters of Atl
: ministration on the estate of William Rutler.
j deceased, were granted to the undersigned,
l on the 1-th tlay of November. IWXi.by tlie Pro
bate Court of Ilolt County. Missouri.
All persons having claims against saitl Ks-
tate. are requires! to exhibit them for allow
ance to the Administrator within one year
after the tlate of saitl tetters, or they may be
precluded fronuany benefit of saitl estate;
ami if such claims be not exhibited within
two years from thedateof this publication,
they shall be forever barred.
This 1-Jth day of November. l'AKi.
Executor's Notice.
Notice Is hereby iriveu, tliat letters testa
mentary on tin- estate of .loliu (. Cowan,
deceased, were srrautetl totlieuntlersltfuetlou
the 13th day of November, 1WM, by tlie Probate
;.'..J. AViiii .,....f miIiiM ah i,..t.vr,n
li.-ivini? claims airainM saitl estate are re
quested to evhibit them to nie for allowance
within one year after tlie date of said
letters, or they may be precluded from any
benefit of such estate; and if such claims be
riot exhibited within two years from tlie date
of this publication, they shall be forever
This 13th day of November, 1900.
Order of Publication. J
Coi vrv ok llotr.
Iu tlie Circuit . ourt of Holt County. Mis-'
souri. January term. I'T.
Charles Williams. Plaintiff.
Rcnjamiu . Rratmen. the unknown widow,
and the unknown heirs and devisees of
ih'-sii l Iteiij Mui" F. Rranm n, Defend
auts. Suit to ouiet Title.
On this Ii da o.' October. A. i. li'iil
comes th-- pWimill' iu the ah .o cniiic-;
cau-e. mum lile- hi - petition heivin. verllied
by aHi.iu;t, alb-gii g among other h ng.
that ! fetidani. .viijamiu F. Hr . i:en. i-
i a non-resitleiit ot i he Male of Mi nri. and
that there are person-, interested in I te sub
ject matti r of this petition, who-'- names
plaintiii cannot nw-M im-rcin. beca. e i!n-y
are 'tnknov.-n t n'.ai.n in : tJia'. tie- iaierests
of said unknown parties uefendanl-, is by
devi-eor iiiiiet ilance. v.iierefote it .s ordeieit
by t he ( !er of l his court m v.ic;:ti-ci. that
t h" al.o e n:im-'d defendants be fi-it.licd by
publi. -at ! n t h.it plaitititl iias comme-iceo a
suit azaiiis- tiiem in thi- court by pel tioit.
t he fiiject and general nat ure of whi.-h i-. to
qUlei tlie title to tile ttlllO.MIig Ocsc: i.ieO
tract of lam:, sita.tte. Iyn.g ami being in II It
Comity. Mi-soiiri. in this plaintiff. t.-v.;t:
l b. Kasi half or the Souih.e.-t ipi.trtei' of
S ction tlnrly-live l."j in 'i ownship siiy-onc
lit 1 1 of Range thirty-nine i:t'.'i tinder tne j r -visions
of Sect ions ami 4.i of t he K.-i-t-d
i:iiitte-of Missouri, for t he year s-'.i. pray
ing thai the court by its order of record de
dare I he t it le of plaint ill' iu ami to -aid t eas
.-s'aie. to be in fee simple absolute y limi
tation, iiii'lerthe provisions of the Sections
oj t he St.it ttte afoi-esaiii. and thai s;i,J ib
femlants and each ami every of t em. bt
forever bai ted from ev. r claiming anv inter
est in said land, and that all the rights title
am! interest of the saitl defendants and each
ami eer of them be vest d in plaintiff, ami
for ali such other and fun her order-, judg
ment an-' decrees as the pi-cmi-ivs shall jus
tify. That plaintiff cannot stale the names of
said unknown defemlaiMs becau-e their
names are unknown to plaintiff, and unless
said noti -resilient defendant, and said un
known defendants be and appear at this
court at the next regular term t hereof, to be
begun and holdi n at the court house iu the
eit v of Oregon, in said ilolt Count j. Missouri,
on the 7th day of January, A. I). I'.H7. and on
or before the tirst tlay ol" saitl term, answer or
plead to the petition'm said can e tlie same
will be taken as confessed, ami judgment will
he rendered accordingly; ami it is further
ordered that a copy hereof be published ac
cording to law in t lie !Ioir CorxTV Sknti
nki.. a weekly newspaper published in said
County of ifolt, published for four weeks
successively, at least once a week, the last
insertion to be at least thiity days heft re
the iirst tlay of the next January term, 1W7.
of this court. If. l'- Rl'LKV,
Circuit clerk.
A true copy from the record of saitl court,
i i Witness my hand ami the seal of
skai.. - the Circuit Court of ilolt County,
f - Missouri. ihis!'th tlav of Octo
ber, llMhl. R. O. Rl'I.FV.
Circuit, Clerk.
Sheriff's Sale.
Whereas. Lemon Stulf. ami Rertlia Stultz.
his wife, by their curtain Deetl of Trust.dated
Se .t ember iflth. l'.H . ami recorded in the
ollice of Recorder of Deeds in ami for Holt
Count v. Missouri, in D etl of Trust Rtxdc M.
at. Pjtge:til, conveyed to D. F. Nicholson,
trustee, to secure to O. II. Schulte. the note
therein described, tlie following described
real estate, situate in saitl State and County,
Commencing al the corner of fractional sec
Hons seventeen (17) and twenty (20), in town
ship sixty (t'i). of raicre thirty-ii'ne (!). in
saitl county and state, thence south seventy
seven and iMK)(77.0i')degrci s.westone hundred
nineteen anil '.H-lOo (IHV.U) chains, tlient e
south t wo (') degrees, west nine and ni-100
C.).sO) chains, thence soutli tun (H) tlegrees.
east ten ami 1S-100 (10.1s) chains, thence
south thirty-one and i4 (.'5l..) degrees, east
thirty-nine. chains, thence south thirty-two
ami C!."i) tlegrees, east sixteen (H') chains,
t hence south sixty-one and 34 (iil.7o) tlegrees,
east seven (7) chains, thence south seventy
eight (7S) degrees, east ten anil 41-llHi (10.44)
chains, thence soutli eighty-two (:.' tlegrees
east twenty (-'0) chains, thence soutli si.xty
eight ((V") degrees, east eleven (10 chains,
thence north thirty-three and S-IOO (XJ.tiS)
chains to the southwest corner of said sec
lion twenty (20). thence north forty (40)
chains to t he northwest corner of the south
west quarter of saitl section twenty (20).
thence east forty (40) chains to t lie centre of
said section twenty (20). thence north fifty
three and S (.:') foils, thence east eighty (HO
rolls, thence north one hundred six ami "
tlO-i,) roils, thence west forty and '4 (40..")
chains to the pbtcc of beginning, containing
in t he aggregate six hundred thirty-five ami
7-100 ff!.".07 acres of high land ami the pres
ent accretion t licit-to estimated at three hun
dred and seventy-five 1:S7.Y1 acres, making a
total of out; thousand ami ten S0101 acres
more or less, according to the certificate of
survey of C. I ;. Lautiou. County Surveyor of
said County ami Stale. June l!".h, 11 Km.
And, whereas it is provided, in ami by I he
terms of said Trust Deed that in case of the
absence, death, refusal to act or disability in
anywise of saitl trustee, the then acting
Sheriff of Holt County. Missouri, at the re
quest of the Lgal Holdcrofsaid note, should
execute tlie trust ami. whereas, the saitl note,
bv the terms, is now past tlue ami in tit-fault,
ah 1 the I riistee named in saitl Trust Deetl is a
non-resident of t he State of Missouri ami tin-
holder of said note has requested me to sell
saul real estate for I he payment ot his saitl
Now. Therefore, notice is hereby given
I hat, in compliance wit Ii saitl request and in
ceordaiiee with the provisions of saitl Trust
Deed. I will, on
between the hours of nine o'clock in the fore
noon ami five o'clock in the afternoon of t hat
tlay. sell the above described real estate, at
tin; north doorol the court house, in the City
tf Oregon, in tin- Stale of Missouri, to the
highest bidder fort-ash. to pay saitl note ami
costs of executing t his trust.
Sheriff of Holt County. .Missouri, and Acting
Trust e.
Sheriff's Sale-
Whereas. M. A. Rundie and L. N. R-uulle.
his wife, bv their certain deed of trust, dated
the 1.1th dav of March. HH2, and recorded in
t he office of t he Recorder of De-ds of Holt
County. Missouri, in Trust Deetl Record Rook
'Xi. page :i:- conveyed to D. F. Nicholson,
trustee, to secure loA. T VanScoy. the note
there'll described, the following described
i-e.-il estate, siiitnle in saitl state anil county.
to-wit: Commencing at a point on tin- north
line of section fourteen (14), township sixty- i
one. (till range for:y (4u).:;t a point forty-eight I
(4S) chaii.s west of the northeast corner of j
saitl section II. thence south forty (10) chains: j
thence west two ami titi-100 (2i'i;-l00) chains: j
thence south seventy -two '72) tlegrees west,
thirty ami 40-hH) :( 4-t(M chains; thence
north one ami il3i degrees, east six ami I
ii7-HHWiiti7 100 chains, thence mirth thirty
ami pi1-) degrees, west seventeen (17) .
chains": thence north f u-ty-nine ami 't (tl'M)
degrees, west fourteen ami -.'-100 (14 M-1W i
chains: thence north sixty-seven (07 degrees, i
east forty-six and 0s-Hhi chains; thence east j
eight and :,.i;-li!0(s:5''-H,D chains to the point
of beginning, ami containing ?."tiJtl! acres. ',
Variation of needle 10 degrees and ." ' east.
Ami Whereas, the interest on sai l note due
on the 1st tl.tv of April. llO. lias not been
paid, ami t he same is now in default.
And Whereas, it is provided iu ami by the
terms of saitl trust tlet-ti. that incase of the
absence, death, refusal to act or disability in
anv wise of saitl trustee, tlie then acting'
Sheriffof Holt county. Missouri, at the re
quest of the legal holder of said note, should .
execute the trust, aiiti whereas the trustee'
named in saitl Trust deetl is a non-resident of ,
t he state of Missouri, anil the legal holder of
saitl note has requested me to sell said real
estate for the payment of his saitl debt. .
Now, Therefore, notice is hereby given
that, in compliance with said request ami in !
accordance with the provisions of saitl trust
deed, I will on !
between the hours of nine o'clock iu tlie fore
noon and five o'clock in the afternoon of'
that, dav, sell the above described r-al estate, ;
at the North door of tlie Court House, in the'
Cityof iregon. in the State of Missouri, to
the hi-'hest bidder for c-ish. to pay saitl note :
I ami costs, of executinc this trust. 1
Sheriff of Holt County, Missouri, ami Acting
IVustee. f
Public Administrator's Notice. !
In tlie Mailer of the Km ate or Abraham !
KleU-lier, Deceased: .
Notice Is hereby jriveu. that I have taken
charge of the estate of the said Abraham
Fletcher, deceased, and that I did so on the t
-"Jtli day of Octoiwr. . iw, ior it.e ourpe ,
I at rn blister icr on the ame. All persons ,
i,.,T-i,.r ,.i.,i,c ritr.-iiiiM .said estate, are
required to exhibit the same to the under-,
signed for allowance within one year after
tlie date on which I took charge of the said
estate, or t hev may be precluded from any J
benefit of said estate; and if such claims are
not exhibited within two years from the date .
of this publication, they will be forever
barred M. D. ALKKI', I
Public Administrator of Ilolt County.
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