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Albert O. Markt, of Maitland, is
here visiting his uncle Fred.
Dr. B.G. Pierce and Wes Markt will
spend Thnnkt-giving in Kansas City.
Miss Helen Groves, of Mound City,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. K B. Bridge
man. Paul Phiibrick went to Maitland
Tuesday of this week, to remain over
Mrs. J. B. McIIugh, of Maitland,
was entertained by H. A. Evans and
wife whiie here at the "Mum" thow hist
Eppa Cropp, cf R chville, a postal
clerk on ihe Villi-ca St. Joseph run on
the Burlington, made a percentage of
100 in his examination Saturday of last
week, when ho threw 1,4G9 cards in 57
minutes, without an error. We con
gratulate our joung friend on such a
splendid record.
W. P. Davis, who owns a fine farm
on The Oregon Interurban railroad near
the Forest City terminal, is building a
spur, 300 feet in length, on his farm to
connect with the railroad just this side
of the bridge where the Interurban
tracks cross the creek on his place. Mr.
Davis is suprintending his own grading,
and it is about half completed.
Just received, the most beautiful card
mounts and folders, the latest. A nice,
clear, up-to date photo on these will be
just the thing to give your friends for
the holidays. Come in.
Little Chastine Cronell is very sick
with the whooping cough.
Miss Myrtle Peunel spent her
Thanksgiving at Parkville, visiting with
Corbon Markland will spend his
Thanksgiving at Parkville, with his
eister Blanche.
Andrew Kreek and wife have have
returned from a few days' visit with
relatives in Kansas City.
Mrs. M. E. Fletcher has been visit
ing her daughters, Mrs Crowell and Mrs.
Headley, for the past four weeks.
Mrs. Mary Curry has been ill with
a cold which settled in the back of her
neck, but she seems to be improving.
J. C. Heck last Saturday unloaded
and drove out to his farm 40 head of na
tive stock cattle coming three years old,
which he will put on full feed December
1, or so soon as a large consignment of
cottonseed meal arrives. He paid 81.40
per cwt. for the cattle, which are for the
most part Shorthorns, with a sprinkling
of Herefords. They are a prime lot and
will make fitstcla69 heavies. Craig
Our entire community was shocked
Monday last, on learning of the death of
J. A. Oren, which occurred at his home,
during the afternoon of that day, as a
result of a stroke of apoplexy, which
came to him on the Saturday previous,
November 21st. Funeral services were
held Wednesday of this week, the in
terment being in the Cowan cemetery.
We hope for an extended obituary no
tice next week
Mrs Aut Curry, livingon the Curtis
place, west of town, met with an unfor
tunate accident, Tue.-day of this week.
While in the yard, she stepped on a
rusty spike and it penetrated the bull of
her left foot fully three-quarters cfau
inch. Mrs. Curry was unable to got her
foot loose without tearing away the shoo
Dr. Proud dressed the wound, and it is
not thought that, outside of the incon
venience and pain while the foot is heal
ing, any serious results will follow.
J. B Johnstun, for years editor and
proprietor of the Craig Leader, is again
in the newspaper business, having
purchased the Rocky Ford, (Colorado)
Gazette. The Gazette of November 12
comes to us a well-printed, newsy, five
column quarto with nearly 10 columns
of local advertiting. Evidently it is a
thrifty sheet. Until his purchase of the
Gazette, Mr.Johubtuu had been farming
near Rocky Ford since leaving her- in
the spring of 11)07. May fortune smile
upon him and his estimable wife. Craig
Charles E. Meyer was seriously
bruised and cut up Thursday of last
week, whi e hauling corn on the Marve
Meyer piac- in Hickory township, lie
had just brought i load up to the ba'n
nnd the team was standir g there wait
ing to by unloaded, when they suddenly
took fright and t-tarted to rut;, terning
do'.wi a gate in their efforts to tet away.
Mr. Meyer tried to stop them, but was
thro.vu down, kicked in the right, side
aud his right sh'imder and leg uerw run
over. Fi rtunately. no bones weio bro
ken, but the flesh was torn aud bruised.
Mr. Meyer was brought home aud is now
getting alung nicvlj .
The event of the theatrical season
at Forest City will.be the presenting of
tbe great play of Dora Thorn. iakn
from Bertha M. Clay's celebrated novel
of that name, which has been read by
thousands of people ail over tb- world,
and this is the first time it has bi-en
placed m ibis pari of the country. It :s
a comedy drama o the strongest typ. j
wi'h a beautiful love stor, iulerpn t.: ,
in four strong acts, with Jame Monroe J
in the title role of Dora, and pres-tecii
by Monroe's picked company of plsjers.
lit the Forest; Cry opera housr. one
night. Drc. i. There wi.l be no a ivaure
in prices for this stellar attraction. Tole
phone or tn,.Il orders will Lavs careful
Benton News.
Everybody in the neighborhood in busy
gathering corn.
Mrs. Hoover, of New Point, L visiting her
iler S.ulie Nowles.
Smith Derr anil wife attended tlie " inti m"
show in Oregon. la-.t. Saturday.
Clara Fields and Lulu Intermill spent
Satuiday and Sunday v.iili their friend, Avis
1-M. Uer-.Ii tier i huildini: a new hnue. on
the farm, he reeenlly purcha.jd of ( has.
Owe i in.
fi rover Intermill who i-. attendim: the St
.(oepli HusineN College, visited his sister.
Mr. Klla Mutton and family, lat Saturday.
-The I.'cv. Koerin-xer preached a very in-tere-timc
sermon at the church Sunday, after
which two members were taken into the
church, and four applicant were baptized.
The young ladies of the neighborlu oil met
last Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs.
Edith Kerr, and organized the dub known as
the "Henti! Club.' They intend meeting
every two weeks for the purpose of doing
fancy work and taking a 'hort course in his
tory. Sai.iim.
Oak Grove.
Frank Stout and wife are both rrjoichig
over their tine boy baby, which was born to
them, Sunday nii;ht. November, litis.
Emmet C'ordrey and wife are both rejoic
ing over their sweet girl baby, which was
burn to them. Monday, November Pi, litis.
W :ire giad that little Dewey Cooksey
was placed in his school Monday and we hope
his lualth and nerves will continue to im
prove. Nk.mii.
Program Chapter Z , P. E. O.
December 4.
Hostess, Mrs. Montgomery.
R"U Call, Mrs. Browning on Italy.
Lesson Review, chapters 10 11 12.
Song, Italian National Hymn.
Magazine Review, Mrs. Montgomery.
Paper, The Progress of the Italian
People. Mrs. Dungan.
Dr W H Minhnn sinrl familw. nf St. I
Joseph, came up to eat Thunksgiving
dinner with the home folk at Fortescue.
Charley Kajhill has been quite sick
the past two weeks, but we are glad to
tell his friends that he is now some bet
ter. Amos Wright and wife, of Virginia,
Neb, are here visiting Mrs. W's. sisterj
Mrs. James Kneale, and brother, Eb
Wick ham
Frank Rodolf, of Muscoda, Wise.,'
was the gueBt of his old friend, F. S. j
Morgan and family for a fow daps this j
and last week. He was enroute to Tex
as to visit a 6on.
Miss Emma Price entertained at
cards Tuesday evening, high 6ve being
played at three tables The gueBt prize,
an embroidered shirt wai?-t envelope,
was presented to Miss Norma Roth, of
Unionville; the first priz- a handsome
tie pic, went to Will Moore. A delicious
luncheon was served.
Eighty acres, about four miles north
of Forest City. Dwelling of three rooms,
porch, cave, fine peach and young apple
orchard: good nw barn, corn crib, all
kinds of small fruit, alfalfa meadow,
farm very productive, only 50U per
acre. K. C.Benton,
Oregon, Mo
How a Plucky Engineer Overtook His
Locomotive on an English Railway.
One of the finest stories in the his
tory of the English railways centers
round a runaway engine on the Stock
ton & Darlington line.
The engine was observed by the
driver of another and more powerful
one. Seeing the fugitive speeding in
the direction of Darlington, he un
coupled his own engine, crossed the
points and set out in pursuit on the
name line. It was a long chase, but
the pursuer, driven at top speed, grad
ually overhauled the runaway.
At last it came near enough for the
driver to crawl to the front of his en
gine and drop a stout chain over the
tender hook of the other. He returned
to his footplate, shut off steam, and
screwed down his brake.
This steadied the one In front and
so retarded Its pace that the driver
was able now to creep from his own
engine on to the runaway, put on the
brake and bring it to a standstill, al
most in the crowded Darlington sta
tion. Underground Rivers in Australia.
There are comparatively few rivers
j of any size or importance in Australia,
i and a local learned professor of sci
t ence has ben explaining the reason.
In consequence of the geological for
j mat ion of the commonwealth most of
j its rivers are at present imprisoned
i subterranean streams.
He declares that one of these under
j ground rivers is the largest in the
j world, being no less than 200 miles
j wide and running right through the
center of the continent. If these vast
supplies of subterranean waters were
brought to the surface and properly
utilized Australia would become the
richest country in the world.
Eating and Drinking.
It is estimated that a caharv bird
eats annually 2'UV- times its weight in
i Feeds, etc. L'on't you believe it? Cer
j air.ly. IU -itne .anything,, commands
j the New York Press. Take it on
trust. What do-s man ao? i he Kng
Hsh and Freueh army aud navv test.-;
j j-how that the fond, water and air
which a man n reives amount in Hie
. acgrci.atc n;on than .1,000 pounds
a year: that is. to about a ton and a
half, or more than 20 times his weight,
j The tests for mn are actual; those
j for birds are all guess. A canary bird
I wastes a great deal more than it eats.
Soldiers and sailors are not allowed to
indulge in this diversion.
man it
Commencing at 9 o'clock
Saturday, every eleventh
purchaser gets the HAT
FREE until closing time.
ad that
- Buy the "Buster Brown Blue Rib
bon Shoe,' for Boys and Girls, bold by j
C. W. King.
Call on Charles Bartmm for pair of
nose glasses which he found. Owner to s
pay for this notice. I
Born, to Jim Walls and wire, a girl,
Friday of last week, November 20, 1908.
Dr. Klopp in attendance.
Jim Kelley and family have left the
farm and moved into town, having pur
chased the Dr. B. B Simmons place.
Mrs. Mattie Blair and son Al, of
Mound City, were visiting with her bis
ter, Mrs. Al McNulty, the past week.
Lost Sunday last, a tortoise shell
back comb, carrying a small gold coat
of arras. Return to Miss Ilortense Dun
gan. Reward. j
Corn is soaring up in price, one sale
of 1,000 bushelB brounbt 55 cents in the
field. It is also reported that one feeder
oiFered 70 cents per bushel, but this is
doubtful. Forest City News.
LOST- Saturday evening, Nov. 21,
between Forest City and White Cloud
landing, a cravenetto rain coat, brown
in color. Leave at Forest City barn and
get reward. John F..Ra.msay.
Emiuett Thomas canto dwn last
Saturday from Mound City, to spend
Sunday with his mother, wife and son
Bruce, who were visiting C. D. Zcok
and wife. They returned home Mon
diy. Charles Z chman and wife enter
tained the Dungans and their guests,
Misses Murtinu and Eudora Manio aud
Dr. O. C. Gfbhart, of St. Joseph, and
Miss Norma Roth, of Unionville, atdin-nt-r,
Misses Edith and Hortense Dungan
entertained at cards Saturday evening
last, high five being played at three
tables. Mrs. J. C. Fitts and Miss Mar
tina Martin cut for the lady's prize, a
hand painted playing card case, Mrs.
Fitts won the cu'. The gentleman's
priz, a book, went to Dr. Gebhatt.
A dainty luncheon was served.
Cards announci.-.g the marriage of
Edwin A. Dunhamand Mary Ellen Judy,
both of Mound City, were received last
week. The couple slipped away to St
Jos'ph and were married there Wednes
day, November l'th. The bride is the
daughter of A. J. Judy, of Mound City,
and is a charming and accomplished
youni: woman. Mr. Dunham has been
assistant postmaster of Mound City and
is a yourg man of sterling worth and ex
ptiieiarv habit-, and wo. join with their
friends in wishing them a life of happi-!
! ness and urosn-ritv. Mr. and Mrs Dun I
htn will be at home in Mound City
ter Decfintvr 1.
Kraiwer Morris has let. the cor.tract j
for cban-'ii'' hn bend in the Nodaway'
I river just abovv the bridge at Maitland.
The bend has been forcing the water to
! .o , ir.r nF til,. U-',A in -i tl o-n I !
j v.as much drgr of uas'Jng out the
pii'f, and loairg tht bridge. The v.or!:
will necessitate the removins; of HJM
yards of earth, the court thinking this
to be batter than to be compelled to
build a new bridge. Bv reniovintr this
tho bridoe. The citizens of Maitland
secured the right of way.
place a Crown upon your
's be
ana u you are tne
costs you
We show you in this cut
the new Thoroughbred Hat
the newest creation in head
gear: all shades; Oream,
Brown, Tan, $2.50 -to $3.00.
11 A. Nafh, MR K'h! Voting,
. !;? finenrt r nun ;:i?s i.:sjpiow, m o-.
Joseph, attended tlm Mum"' show last
I Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Price, of the
j Woodland hotel, h.-d Mrs. J. C. Fitte,
jof Kansas City, Mrs. Susan Russell,
i Boat Vandever and wife, Albert Sri?-
man, wife and Carrie, and Will L.
Curry as their guests at dinner Sunday.
coming, that's
This is the New Hat
Stunt ale o --The Troop
er; all Shades,
$2.50 to $3.00.
still another one, The
Longley, all Shades, $2.50 to $3.00.
Just received another
shipment of Ladies'
Cloaks to retail at
$12.50 to $17.50
these are the late win
ter styles in Broadcloth,
full satin lined through
out, satin trimmings,
semi fitted effects and
52 inches long.
We have too many La
dies' Coats to retail at
$5.00 to $9.00
and in order to stirnu
late trade on these lines
for the next 10 days, we
offer you 10 PER CENT
DISCOUNT on Ladies'
Coats from
5.00 to $9.00.
I)r Proud
rp' t; a 1 ny i
om to(
(rus K .r.kle a'-d wife, Fridaj,
b-r '20, wild a boy horn to Albert
nnd wife, Sundav, X:vir.!icr 22
- E S. Judv has traded interest i- :
the firm of RjrJudy to T.J. Rns
berry, of Mound City, receiving therefor
a clear title to 70 acres of bottom land,
lyin:; four miles southeast of Craig, and
valued at 5 2"0. Craig Leader.
We do not draw the
line in our purchases
on one new thing,but
we show all that's
I'm 8
? J i n 8
r 8
- ft is. VUiVa
i jap pjee.
Circuit Clerk Cook, hnn Uvpv. enter
tainir - g h mother, Mrs I. mia Ctiok. of
m;ar t-'raig, the past week. S;r h.u rr
turned home.
Miss Bell Streckbein, of St. Joseph,
has bi en here the past weuk visiting her
sister, Mrs. Zetta PnilbrieU. She also
took in the "Mum'' show.

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