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Mrs. R. B. Bridgeman was in
3Iound City visiting relatives this
week. ,
Ed Watson leaves this week for
Kansas City, where he will make his
GusWaegel has returned from
Corning, Kas., where he was visiting
his children.
Dr. J. T. Thatcher and wife have
returned from Chillicothe, where
they visited A. R. Coburn and wife.
C. W. Xing is entertaining his
mother, Mrs. Wills, his Uncle Jo
seph Glenn and cousin, Miss Julia
Cotton, all of Center, Colo.
Wonder how many farmers re
member Bowmans corn talk? Pretty
good time to test your seed corn while
you havn't much else to do.
Mrs. Rebecca Castle has returned
from Forbes where she has been
,'settin' " up with young Morgan, her
grand-son, who arrived January 22d.
She says Don needed more attention
than the baby.
The ferry boat made its first trip
over the river Sunday, Jan. 24, since
early fall. Its trips are very irregular
and uncertain, however, so the hack
does not venture to the Kansas side.
White Cloud Globe.
Clel Molter, of the Burlington
detective force, was here Monday to
attend the preliminary hearing of the
Boiler brothers and Ray Fogelman,
on the charge of robbing cars at .Na
pier; they were bound over to the cir
cuit court.
Mrs. James T. Howell died at her
home in this city Thursday of this
week, February 4th, after an illness
of several weeks. We hope for an
obituary next week. The funeral
services, will be conducted from the
residence, Sunday afternoon, Febru
ary 7, 1909, at 3:00 o'clock, p. m.
Rev. T. C. Taylor has about re
covered from 'his late illness. He
filled his pulpit last Sunday morning
and evening. In the morning he
preached on the "going out and com
ing back" of Taomi returning with
Ruth. We have heard several say
it was one of the grandest sermons
they ever heard.
Forest City, Friday, Forenoon Only,
February 1.
Oregon, Friday, Afternoon Only,
February IS.
Mound City, Saturday, All Day,
February 13.
will sell you Rock Salt, Meat
Meal or Tankaqe. Meat Meal
is the great fat and milk pro
ducer. Sold in any quantity.
But His Like You Will Seldom See in
Real Life.
Mr. Blank had advertised for a
chauffeur, and he passed over a dozen
applicants until he came to one whose
general appearance seemed to fill the
bill, and then said to him:
"Sir, I want a man different from
the ordinary chauffeur."
"Yes, sir. I thought from the read
ing of your advertisement that you
did. I am different."
"In what respects?"
"If you have a wife, I shall not flirt
with her.
"If you have a daughter, I shall not
cajole her into eloping with me.
"If your wife tries to find out
through me where you go certain
nights I shall be mum.
"If any dudes ask me how much
money you are going to give your
daughter when she marries I shall tell
him to go to.
I shall not come to your house to
court the parlor maid.
"Should I be out In the auto alone,
and a son of a gun should want to
race me, I shall decline.
"I am a first-class liar regarding
speed when arrested by the police.
"I never give things away to the
"If divorce proceedings are institut
ed I go on the stand for you."
He was told to remove his coat and
vest and undergo inspection, and" when
it was found that his angel wings
were fully developed he was hired on
the spot for $100 per month Reho-
both Democrat and Chronicle.
Lands For Sale.
Frank Adams, the St. Louis horse
"buyer, will be in Forest City the fore
noon of Friday, February 12th, and
in Oregon the afternoon of the same
day. Saturday, the L'Jth. he will be
in Mound City all day. Farmers hav
ing horses to sell should bring them
in and receive a suuare deal. At
John Ramsay's barn.
We extend sympathy to Mr. and
Mrs. Adolph Hughes, of St. Joseph
on the death of their little 18 months
old son .lames Ravmond, which oc
curred at their home on Friday last
January 2i, 1S)0!). The remains were
brought to this county, services being
held at Highland on Sunday, and the
interment in the Huiatt graveyard.
A Burlington mortgage for 85.000.
000, covering part of the Hopkins
branch, was released of record at
Maryville. last week. This mortgage
was dated .January 1. 1877, and was
filed about the time the extension
was commenced from Amazonia to
Hopkins. This branch is now one of
the most posperous lines of the whole
C. B. & Q. system, running through
one of the richest sections of North
west Missouri.
W. B. Springer writes most
pleasantly from Santa Cruz, Cali.,
I where he is Record Keeper for Santa
Cruz Tent Xo. GO, Knights of Macca
bees. He speaks kindly of our publi
cation, and commends the get up and
the monthly weather summary and
I the yearly necrology. Mr. Springer
sent kind regards to all his old friends.
"We hope he will make arrangements
to be with us ''home coming" day
Chautauqua time, .July 24th to Au
gust 1st, inclusive.
Tuesday of this week, A. L. Sha
fer, Rural Carrier on route 2 out of
this city, celebrated his seventh year
in this service, and while he has had
many accidents and varied hardships,
lie has been a loyal, faithful carrier,
and enjoys the esteem and confidence
of all his patrons. He has traveled
his28-miles daily, barring Sundays
"aria" legal holidays, served 111 families
and his route covers 22 square miles.
In these seven years he has traveled
approximately 70,000 miles.
George W. Fredericks and his de
lightful family are now residents of
Oregon, having moved here and occu
P3ing the Fred Hilsenbeck property.
Mr. Fredericks will be the agent afc
Tithis place for The Oregon Interurban
.railway, and is a man of large rail-
3 jroad experience, both in the operating
and accounting orancnes. Tiie com-
nanv has shown much good sense and
iratcnntid iiiffo-inent. in sec.nrino- flip, spr-
tll . -tL V-nAlr.-c XVn. -o w U.
VICcS Ul -U 1 - -I A'Ul JCtllO lie
-Bwas connected with the Burlington at
iForbeSj" Maitland and Forest City.
len(We welcome Mr. Fredericks and his
splendid family.
Having decided to locate in Ore
gon, I solicit the patronage of those
desiring to sell or purchase city prop-
erty or farm land. I have some real
bargains to offer, both in Home and
Western land. I also am in position
to show you land in Oklahoma and
Texas, and prices are right.
Yours for Business,
A. W. COTTEN, Real Estate.
Office upstairs over Watson building.
Bo tli Phones, No. 124.
Capacity is nn important ronsid
eratum in tliu purclia.st-of :t cream
separator. Ii taiturs largely into
the cost ami value of the machine
ami there is no way of properly
jianiiifj either without reference
to it.
A lanre capacity machine sepa
rates the same amount of milk in
just so much less time. This sav
ing of time means something in
dollars-anl-cents every time the
machine is used. It means a great
ileal in the course of a month or a
year. Moreover the wear of the
machine is just so much less and
it lasts that much logger. -
Iiut. capacity must alwavs he de
termined with CLIO AN SKIM MING
under the I'KAOTICAl, KVKIt V
ordinary separator speed, cows
old as well as fresh in lactation,
milk cool as well as warm, and
thick as well as thin cream. Ca
pacity means nothi"g if any of
these conditions have to be sacri
ficed to obtain it.
Hence capacity marks one of the
other cream separators. The I)E
"-Xg LAVAL machines fully meetthese
-conditions. All other machines
v5' either lack the capacity 'claimed"
' for them or can only reach a
through sacrifice of one or other of-the imporf mant practical use consiu
erations named. . -J
A DE LAVAL catalogue makes plain the reason Sfor this difference
and is to he had for the asking.
W. jrZACHMANrAgentr
Read The Sentinel
For All the News
We Do All Kinds of Job Work.
Senator's Recollection of Novelist on
the Lecture Platform.
How Charles Dickens appeared
while on the lecture platfrom in
Washington, D. C, In 1865 is de
scribed in the "Memoirs" of ex-Sena
tor Cole of California: "The lecture
room was crowded, but I was favored
with a seat near the front, where I
had a fair opportunity to see and to
observe some of the peculiarities of
that great author. Mr. Dickens was
dressed in a highly-fashionable eve
ning attire, not all in dark colors, and
In appearance rather foppish. His
vest was of a hue to exhibit to the
best advantage a heavy gold chain
which extended from the middle both
wavs across his chest. His neckwear
was of a cut and color to be called
flashy. His hair was rather long and
wavy, and was arranged to stand out
at the sides above the ears. His fea
tures are well represented in the
numerous pictures seen of him, and it
will be observed they have quite a
uniform appearance. He read single
chapters, without comment or intro
ductory remarks, further than to an
nounce the work, as from 'Copper
field,' 'Nicholas Nickleby,' 'The Pick
wick Papers' or 'Little Dorrit.' The
book in each case lay open before him,
but he paid little or no attention to the
Defense of the Surgeon.
Tn a recent lecture at the Harvard
Medical school Dr. Maurice H. Rich
ardson set forth the absolute need of
resorting to the knife in certain cases.
The idea that the surgeon lacks sensi
bility and is more or less indifferent
to human suffering and may even per
form an operation when not absolute
ly necessary he declared to be all
wrong. He said that the contrary
was shown by the fact that the sur
geon is constantly laboring to make
his profession unnecessary by prevent
ing the recurrence of the diseases for
which he operates, as well as by en
deavoring to cure without resorting to
operation. "A popular delusion that
the surgeon is simply looking for an
opportunity to keep busy all the time,"
Dr. Richardson added, "results in thou
sands of deaths of sufferers who are
persuaded by friends not to submit to
operation, until it is too late to save
the patient"
Grocery Prices Cut in-2
Saturday, Feb. 6, 1909.
2 Cans Pineapple,
3 Packages Raisins,
3 Packages Currants,
2 Packages Washing Powder,
8 lbs. Cracked Hominy,
8 lbs. 15c Coffee,
Quart Can Maple Syrup,
50c Size Liquid Veneer,
15c Oil,
.25 8
.25 fl
.05 J)
.25 U
$1.00 8
New Fire Detector.
A new fire detector of unusual kind
is a fine copper wire encased in fusible
metal, which, in turn, is covered with
insulating material and inclosed in a
copper tube of one-tenth of an inch.
The tube is strung like a bell or
mounted in short sections on porce
lain blocks. When the temperature
increases the sensitive temperature
160, 200 or 370 degrees Fahrenheit
the fusible alloy is softened and forced
through the porous insulation against
the copper tube, ringing the alarm
continuously until stopped.
Country Cousin (at telephone)
Good-by, Cousin Bob; I've had a lovely
time in New York; sorry not to have
seen you, though.
Cousin Bob I am, too, Mabel; but
never mind; the next time you come
I'll show you a good time. I'll buy
you some cocktails.
Country Cousin Cocktails? What
are they? Do they wear them on
Cousin Bob No; they're head ornaments.
Insomnia is the not uncommon fate
of the brainworker who, after years of
continuous mental strain, retires from
active life. The reason is that mental
activity demands a large supply of
blood for the brain, and the blood ves
sels gradually accommodate them
selves to this large supply. But, when
the hard work is over, the brain does
not always realize that it needs less
nourishment, and hence the condition
of excessive mental activity which i
what insomnia is. .
AuthorEntertainer, assisted
at the
These entertainers create Characters,
Songs, Dialogues, Funny Stories, -Darkey
Jubilees, Humor, Pathos, Dialect
Specialties. Their Eloquence, Mimicry,
Life-Like Personations and Wonderful
Voices Will Delight You.
Admission, 25 cents; children un-
der 12 years, 15 cents.
From Forest City, Mo.
Pacific Coast March 1 to April 30
$'.15.00 to San Fr:uielfen. Los AnjrHes
and :in I)!io. $2..0 to Seattle. Port
land, Tai'otna and Vanrouvur. Similar
rates to oUut points in California. Ore
gon. Washington, Hritish Columbia, Mon
tana, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona and
New Me.it:o.
Homescekers' Rates ist and :tri Tues-
aday of February and March.
JFlll.OO round trip to Denver. Colorado
Springs and Pueblo.
q&$:t4.oo round trip to Salt Lake City and
$:$7.r0 round trip to Helena and Butte. I
gt:?4.00 round trip to Killings. Montana,
iiiIm. r'ndv and Worland. voming.
The above rates are for the February
date only. The March rates will in some
cases be lower.
Similar low rates on same dates to prac
tically all point in Colorado. Utah, Wy
oming and Montana.
Personally Conducted Excursions
almost every day to California via Col-(
These" personally conducted excursions
are the most comfortable as well as the
most economical way 01 iiiukuik
trans-Continental trio. The route via
Colorado is the most' interesting and at
tractive. Plan Your Summer Trip to include
Alaska-Ynkoii-raclfic Kxpositlon at
Seattle. Improved through train service
and very low rates May 25 to September
30 inclusive.
No matter where you are going
1 can give you rates, printed
matter and useful Information.
C. B. & Q. R. R.,
If Your Eyes
Go Wrong
Investigate My
System of fit
ting Glasses.
The Latest Nose Glass
or Spectacles Ac
curately Fitted.
Daniel Zachman, C. J. Hunt,
President. Cashier.
W. F. Sciiulte, Assistant Cashier.
m mm mil
Capital Stock Paid Up. $20,000.
Transacts a general banking busi
ness. Interest paid on deposits left
for specified time.
Drafts issued on principal cities. Col
lections made and promptly remitted.
Directors: D. Zachman, president;
C. L. Evans, secretary: J. A. Kreek,
B. F. Morgan, and R. S. Keeves.
Telephone No. 43.
Office up stairs in VanBuskirk
Oregon, Mo.
C. D. Zook, Albert Roecker,
President. Cashier.
G. L. Cummins, Assistant Cashier.
Zook & Roecker
Established 1871.
The oldest bank in the count'.
Transacts a general banking business.
Interest paid on time deposits. Drafts
sold on all the principal cities of the
country and Europe. Have made spe
cial arrangements to collect money
due from estates in foreign countries.
The accounts of farmers, merchants
and individuals respectfully solicited.
Special care given to any business in
trusted to us.
Telephone Ho. 19.

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