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Entered at the Postoffice, Oregon, Mo.
as Second- Class Matter.
A Weekly Newspaper Devoted to the
Interests of the Best County
in the Union.
TjlkHS: $1.50 Per Tear.
Watch lite date following your name an
the margin of the paper. It tells the date
tt whlcn your subscriptios is paid.
Friday, January 21, 1910.
Arrival and Departure of Mails at the
Postofflce, Oregon, Xo.
Effective November 22, 1909.
1 S3 a. m For Omaha anu intermediate
points, and all points north, east
and west.
tio a. m. For St. Joseph and intermediate
l:Oim. For all points south, east
and west, except Tarldo and
Villlsca branches,
ittvp. m. For all points north, west and
4:3 p. m. For Vtltlsca, north, mall to all
points aorth, east, south and
west, except Intermediate be
tween Forest City and St. Joe.
1 .. m. For all points north, south, east
and west.
Poaches will be exchanged between Oregon
40 Forest Uity postoffices. as follows:
LeaTe Oregon at 755' a. m. and return at
Leave Oregon at 12:00 m. and return at
-StffS vl. m. Omaha Malls from all points,
north, east, south and west.
Kiiii.m. Vlllisca and Tarklo Valley
branches. Malls from north,
east, south and west.
1 135 p. m. Mail from all points north, west
and east.
Stlfi p. m. Main line K. C, St. Joe. & O. B
Mails from all points, north
south, east and west.
t05 p. m. From St. Joseph.
va a. m. Rural Route No. 1. leaves. Re
turns at 4.30 p. m.
a.m. Rural Route. No. 2, leaves. Re-
' turns. 4:30 p. m.
1H30 a. m. Rural Route. No. 3. leaves. Re
turns at 4:30 p. m.
' ilO a. in. Rural Route, No. 4, leaves. Be-
turns at 4-30 p. m.
iw3v a. m. liurul Route, No. 5, leaves. Re
turns at 4:00 p. m.
- Mails are made up promptly 15 minutes be-
-40rfe'&parting tlme-
Mall to Fortescue, Rulo and points on tht
m. ft M. in Nebraska within 100 miles of thl
OUCe. should be mailed before 8:45 a. xn. it.
ofRer to rendh Its destination the same day.
New Point is supplied by Carrier, Route
Circuit Court. .
Convenes flrst Monday In January; fourth
Jfondays in April and August.
William C. Ellison, circuit judge.
Henry T. Alkire, protecting attorney.
-Fred W. Cook, circu.t clerk.
A. R. Mc.NuIty. sheriff,
flarry M. Irwin, stenographer.
Probate Court.
Cop enes second Mondays lln February,
May, August and November.
D. W. Porter, probate judge.
, . County Court.
Regular Terms: ?lrst Mondays In Febru
mrf. May, August and November.
Henry E. Wright, presiding judge.
Philip Schlutzuauer, judge 1st district.
Jno. H. Hunt, Judge of 2d district.
Frank L. Zeller, clerk of county court.
County It?ard of Health.
Henry E. Wright, president.
Philip Sclilotzhauer, vice-president.
Frank L. Zeller, secretary.
John H. Hunt. 1st district.
C. L. Evans, county physician.
County Hoard of Education.
Geo. W. Reavls, Maltland.
W. P. Gwinn, Mound City.
Mollle Palmer, Oralg.
Collector of Revenue. Geo. F. Soeman.
County Treasurer, Neville Dickson.
Recorder of Deods, John Spoer.
Commissioner of Schools. Geo. W. Reavls.
Public Administrator, M. D. Walker.
Superintendent of Poor, Sebourn Carson,
fiorveyor, John H. Perct.
Assessor, Perry W. Ramsay.
Roy R. Miller, Coroner. Maltland.
Holt County population. 17.08.1.
State tax, I7c on $100 valuation.
County tax. 30c on 1 100 valuation.
County road tax. 10c on $100 valuation.
Average school tax levy. 47c per $100 valua
County created by act of legislature, .Tanu
ary - l4l-
Cjiunty named
Ilatte County.
for Daniel Rice Holt, of
Urcgon, County Seat, created by act of leg
islature, Juno 21, 1811.
Population, 1,031.
Assessable wealth, $0,GIG.G70.
Assessable wealth, lands, town lots
ud personal ?5,C1G,C70
tinds 3.813.320
Tftwnlotrt "P8.3G0
livestock GJff.fUO
Other personal 1.307,150
Total jG.G10.070
Otegon, county seat.
lectrlc lighted.
-Jterworks sytaom.
City tax, 75c on $100.
fcflliool tax, 75c on $100.
CKKVEL for well. established house in
a few
ies, calling on retail mere mm u anu
u.no" expenses advanced. Position permanent
-fcusreess successful and rushing, btandaro
Come, Sft Dearborn St. Chicago.
The Silent Reaper Has Garnered xa
Goodly Number During
the Year 1909.
Federal statistics show the greatest
number of deaths occur in the states
of California and. Colorado. One-
fourth of all the deaths during 1907
end 1908 were of foreiern birth. Dur
ing 1908, 54.3 per cent were males and
45.7 per cent were females. One-fifth
of the deaths were infants, one year
and under. Denver has the highest
death rate 23.6 per thousand, and St.
Joseph, has the lowest, 8.3 per 1.000
noDulation. Of all diseases in the
states and cities having records, tu
berculosis claimed the largest num
ber in 1908, 78,289.
During 1908, there were 8,332 deaths
caused by suicide the largest num
ber being among bankers, brokers and
officials of companies.
The greatest vitality in human life
is shown to be between the ages of 25
and 54. From 65 to 74 the death rate
is 6 per cent; between 25 and 54 it is 4
per cent.
Durintr the year 1909, there were
103 deaths in our county, an even
100 less than the total number of
births. The largest number of deaths
occurred in 1899 with a total of 165
and the smallest occurred in 1907,
with only 85, at no time since 1897 has
.the death rate exceeded the births.
There were three deaths, all of
whom females, who had passed their
four-and-a-half score; these were Mrs.
Fannie Price, age 95; Mrs. Sythia
McCoy, 92, and Mrs. David Pollock,
Since 1877, 31 havedied who reached
or passed 90 and under 100 years of
affe: and five have died who reached
100 years or over since our county was
The most fatal months during the
year were July, 16; February, 11.
The first deaths were those of Mrs.
Claude Sanners and P. V. Worley,
both on January 3d. The last was
that of Wm. Mullens", December 31st.
The roll shows that 54 males and 49
females passed over the dark river;
the average age of the males was 53J
years and of the females, 57fr years.
But four times since 1895 has the fe
male deaths exceeded the males.
As a general rule the first three
months of the year are the most fatal.
During 1909 there was a total of 26
deaths during these first three
months, whereas there were just that
many during July and August alone.
During the year a child was'3)orn
ever 43 hours, one died every 84 hours
and a marriage was solemnized every
78 hours.
During the year three of our people
took their own lives. These were:
Charles Carter, of Corning, Feb
ruary 26th: age 26; by carbolic acid.
Mrs. James Patterson, of the Cro-
sen district, August 19, age 48; by
Frank Miller, of Craig, October 31,
by carbolic acid; age 30.
This is the largest number of sui
cides ever recorded in one year in this
county, and brings the total up to 48
since 1847. Of the means used, poisons
of various kinds, seems to have been
the favorite 19 ending their lives by
this means; 12 hanged themselves, 10
shot themselves, six cut their own
throats and one by drowning.
Four met untimely deaths out of
the ordinary course of disease:
Ray Rock, of Mound City, was
drowned in the Big Lake, August
13th: age 20.
Roy Rostock, age 12, was drowned
in the Kunkel mill reservoir nearOre-
gon, June 9th.
Wm. Evans, living north of iorest
City, died November 27th, from over
indulgence of whiskey.
J. W. Hendricks died from concus
sion, by being thrown from his wagon,
in Oregon on December 21, dying on
the 27th.
The death roll shows the passing
away of 10 veterans of the union
army and one who served in the con
federate army, at the average age of
71 years.
Inghram, John, 33d Mo. Inf., Feb.
7, age 79.
Ward, IT. L., 49 Ky. Inf., Feb. 20,
age 08.
Groves, Joseph, C. S
gram's Battalion, Feb
Stover. Jeff B., N. Y
A. Art Pe
28, age 67.
. Inf., March
11, age 72.
Sloniker, Jonas, 46th Ind. Inf., July
0, age 68.
Lansdown, Steve, 21 Ills, Inf., July
26, age 70.
Poynter, Wm. H., 9th Mo. Cav.,
Aug. 13, age 85.
Parrish, J. M., 78th Ills. Inf., Aug.
15, age 69.
Hurst, Jno., 13th Mo. Inf., Oct. 7,
age 77.
Silvers, Cornelius, 17th Iowa Inf.,
Oct. 9, age 67.
Mullens, Wm. J., 2d Iowa Inf., Dec.
31, age 66.
It will be seen that the average age
of these was 71 plus years.
The death roll shows 39 died during
the year that had reached their three
score and ten, the average age of
these being 794 years.' These were:
-.Case, S. C, Sept. 20, age 71.
Cooper, Mrs. George, Aug; 13, age 83.
. Cross, John', May'8fage; 79;; . " -
te Cole, 'Mrs. Caroline, Apl. 34, age 74.
- Cromer, Mrs. Mary, Apl. 17, age 87.
Cprby, Paf, Apl. 19, age 73. .
Clark, Albert, Dec. 6, age 79. '""
Dawson, Jacoty July 13, age 76.
Everett, Mrs. Thos., Aug. 19, age 88.
Garrett, Mrs. J as., Mch. 26, age 79.
" Golden, Mrs. Esther, Mch. 13, age 70.
Hurst, John, Oct. 7, age 77.
Howard, Mjs. Geo., Oct. 6, age 79.
Hudson, Mrs. Eli, Sept. 18, age 77.
Hutton, Wash, Nov. 25, age 82.
Hinde, Mrs. Edith, Dec. 7, age 87.
Inghram, Jno. J. Feb. 7, age 79.
Kaltenbach, John, Feb. 10, age 83.
Kessinger, Mrs. Cath., Jan. 15, age 83
Lansdown, Stephen, July 26, age 70
Lentz, Mrs. Wm., Mch. 26, age 73.
Mann, Grain ville, Aug. 23, age 71.
Morris, Geo. M., July 17, age 72.
May, Mike, July 21, age 71.
Morti, John, Nov. 26, age 87.
McCoy, Mrs. Sythia, Dec. 3, age 92.
Notley, Mrs. Jacob, Sept. 5, age 85.
Nowland, Mrs. Jasper, Nov. 8, age 75.
Pollock, Mrs. David, May 1, age 91.
Price, Mrs. Fannie, May 24, age 95.
Poynter, Wm. H., Aug. 13, age 83.
Parrish, J. M., Aug. 15, age 78.
Pierce, Mrs. Charles, Dec.29,age75.
Ramsay, Mrs. Elizabeth, Apl. 22,
age 87.
Sterrett, Wm. H., Sept. 30, age 75.
Stover, Jeff. B.. Mch. 11, age 72.
Schaeffer, Jno., Dec. 28, age 86.
Thurman, Mrs. Caroline, Jan. 22,
age 73.
Willi, Mrs. Dora, June 8, age 80.
The following is the death roll of
Allen, Anna Bell, Sept. 26, age 4.
Amos, Caroline, Aug. 8, age 39, at
St. Joseph.
Acton, Mrs. H. L., May 17, age 65.
Blair, Mrs. Elizabeth, Nov. 25, age64.
Bailey, Marlon, Nov, 21, age 25, at
Phelps, Mo.
Billman, Martha, age 83, Nov. 8, at
St. Joseph.
Burgess, Louis, July 25, age 45, at
St. Joseph.
Brunk, Jno., July 6, age 7, at Lar
nard, Kas., by drowning.
Bertram, Wm., July 10 age 67.
Brown, Mrs. A. R., June 23, age 52.
Brown, Roy, Mch. 16, age 2.
Brown, Elbert, Feb.6, age 1.
Brittain, Mrs. Jno. S., Feb. 8, at
St. Joseph.
Clark, Albert, Dec. 6, age 79.
Colwell, Mrs.. P. F., Nov. 4, age 33.
Correl, Arthur, Oct. 28, age 20, at
Grand Junction, Colo.
Cabel, Flossie, Sept. 25, age 24, at
Kansas City.
Calbert, Jno., Sept. 27, at St. Jo
seph. ; - ?
Case, S. C, Sept. 20, age 71.
Chesney, Mrs. P. A., Sept. 1, age 59.
Cooper, Mrs. Geo., Aug. 13, age 83.
Criswell, Jas., July 27, age 63.
Coffman. Mrs. J. B., June 13, age 59.
Carter, Thos., May 7, at Liberty,
Mo., age 66.
Cross, John, May 8, age 79.
Crews, A. A., April 26, at Jefferson
City, Mo., age 38.
Cole, Mrs. Caroline, April 23, age 74.
Cromer, Mrs. Mary, April 17, age 87.
Cooper, Mrs. Amos, April 10, age 65.
Corby, Pat, April 19, age 73.
Carter, Chas., Feb. 26, age 26; sui
cide at Corning; carbolic acid.
Campbell, father of Homer, Jan. 10,
burned to death in residence at Cher
rydale' Kas. Mother died Feb. 10,
from burns.
Craig, Mrs. Sarah, Feb. 15, at Hom
iny, Okla.
Dearmont, Peter L., Sept. 3, age 40,
at Hot Springs, S. Dak.
Dunn, P. R., Sept. 1, at Clarksdale,
Dawson, Jacob, July 13, age 76.
Dodge, Mrs. Hatch, July 8, age 45.
DeMuth, J. A., May 10, at St. Jo
seph, age 72.
Dorrell. Wm. C, April 16, age 62:
found dead in bed.
Davenport, Mrs. M. E., April 16, at
Wray, Colo.
Drury, Geo., Feb. 20. at Moro,Cali.,
by oil derrick falling on him.
Dean, Mrs. J. W., Feb. 16, age 65.
Davis, Mrs. Otto, Jan. 20, at Gra
ham, Mo.
Evans, William, Nov. 27, age 45,
found dead in Turney bain: death
from intoxication.
Eberlin, Mrs. Hester, Feb. 12, at
McNear, Cali.
Enochs. Ada, Aug. 4, age 11.
Everett, Mrs. Thos., Aug. 19.ageS8.
Etheridge, Cora Agler, Sept. 20,
age 30, at St. Joseph.
Forney, Joseph, Oct. 24, age 85. Falls
City, Neb.
Fields, Charles, Oct. 9, age 31.
Fries, Mrs. Geo. F., Aug. 15, age 65,
at St. Joseph.
Fitzmaurice, Mrs. Jno., July 13,
age 38.
Fryman, Cora,. March 1, age 15.
Forney, A. P., Feb. 24, at Lawrence,
Franck, Julius, Feb. 10, age 59.
Fisher, Miss Lillie, Feb. 2, age 18.
Groves, Floyd, Dec. 7, age 7, at
Guilliams, Ernest, Dec. 9, age 17.
Garner. Sarah, Nov. 12, age 9, at
Plainview, Tex.
Glllis, Thelma, Sept. 27, age 3.
Gillis, George W., June 30, age 58,
at White River, Colo.
Gillet, Rich Geo. R., May 28. age 3.
Grifiln, Mrs. Lucinda, May 17, in
Will In
Fillmore, Friday, Jan. 21,
At Livery Barn.
Oregon,Saturday , Jan. 22
At Simerly's Barn.
Your HOUSES and MARES from 4 to 12 years old, from 1000
to 1800 pounds. They must be fat and broke. Will buy a few
slightly blemished, but prefer them sound. They do not get
too good for me this shipment, the more they weigh the bet
ter. Lead them in and get the money.
I hive no market for the thin, small, rough, or leggy stuff,
but will buy the good kind as high as any one. I will sure be
with you on the dates named, Rain or Shine.
Will Buy Some Good Mules, With Quality, Fat and
Broke, 4 to 8 Years Old.
The Old Reliable,
Polk county, Mo.
Graves, Mrs. John, April 19.
Gaffney, Marie, April 19, age 14.
Garrett, Mrs. Jas., March 26, age 79.
Golden, Mrs. Ester, March 13, age 70.
Groves, Joseph, Feb. 28, age 67.
Gould, A. E., Jan. 22, age 1.
Hines, Patrick, Dec. 30, age 61, at
Brunswick, Neb.
Hendricks, J. W., Dec. 27, age 42,
from injuries by being thrown from
his wagon, Oregon, Mo.
Hickman, R. P., Dec. 16, age 74, at
Skidmore, Mo.
Hall, Oscar, Dec. 13, age 26.
Hinde, Mrs. Edith, Dec. 7, age 87.
Hutton, Wash, Nov. 25, age 82.
Hurst, John, veteran, Oct. 7, age 77.
Howard, Mrs. L.. Oct. 6, age 79.
Hibbard, Mrs. Geo. W., Oct, 2, age
61, at Fillmore, Mo.
Hughes, Henry, Sept. 25, age 31, at
Stanford, Cali.
Hudson, Mrs. Eli, Sent. 18, age 77.
Harman, Geo., July 28, age 72, at
Wichita, Kas.
Honnon, Mrs. F. C, duly 8, age 76,
at Great Bend, Kas.
Hoblitzell. Joseph, April 8, age 64,
at Grant City, Mo.
Howell, Mrs. Jas. T., Feb. 4, age 65.
Hainson, Mrs. Ed., Feb. 19, age 55.
Hughes, Jas. R., Jan. 29, at St. Jo
seph, Mo.
Hardman, Albert, Jan. 31, at Cour
D'Aleen, Ida., age 54.
Ingram, Jno. J., Feb. 7, age 79.
Iden, Mrs. G. W., Aug. 24, age 69.
Inteijmill, Jno., Dec. 21, age 63, at
Haxtum, Colo.
Johnstun, Mrs. J. L., Dec. 26, age
74, at Fairfax, Mo.
Kaltenbach, Mrs. Jno., Sept. 9, at
Savannah, Mo., age 80.
Keck, Mrs. Robert, July 23. age 19,
from injuries sustained in a runaway
team at Beattie, Kas.
King, Jno. W., July 22, age 51.
Kennish, Robt., July 28, age 53.
Knoble, W., March 19, age 62, at St.
Joseph, Mo.
Kaltenbach, Jno., Feb. 10, age 83.
Kes'inger, Mrs. Cath., Jan. 15. age 83.
Long, Mrs. Adam, Dec. 19: age 72,
Kansas City, Mo.
Lamb, Mrs. Chas., Nov. 10, at Kel
seyville, Cali.
Lester, Mrs. Harvey, Oct. 13, at
Gregory, S. D.
Lewis, Dan. P., Sept. 6, age 62, at
St. Louis, Mo.
Lansdown, Stephen, July 26. age 70.
Laughlin, Ed., June 6, at Wrights,
Leeper, Mrs. Geo., April 0, at St.
Joseph, Mo.
Lytle, Mrs. Jno., March 26, age 45,
at Gilmore, Ark.
Horses & Mares
Drafters and Chunks
They do not grow too good or too fancy for me
Put them in the Bank
The Time to Sell is When You Have the Buyer
Lentz, Mrs. Wm., March 26, age 73.
Mullen, Wm. J., Dec. 31, age 66.
McArthur, Mrs. Alex., Dec. 23, age
McCoy, Mrs. Sythia, Dec. 3, age
Marti, John, Nov. 26, age 84.
Miller. Frank, suicide by carbolic
acid, Oct. 31, age 30.
Murphy, Geo. W., Nov. 2. age 50'.
Markt, Edward, Sept. 29, age 36;
kicked to death by horse.
Martin, Joseph, Aug. 23, age 68, Os
born, Kas.
Mann, Granville, Aug. 23, age 71.
Morris, Geo. M., July 7, age 72.
May, Mike, July 21, age 71.
Mavity, J. S., at Lawton, Ok., July
4, age 67.
McBee, Mrs. Martin, June 3, age62.
McGuiness, Clara, Jan. 18, at Omaha,
Mauck, J. F., at White Cloud, Kas.,
April 15, age 75.
Martin, Jacob L., Jan. 8, at Kelso,
Nowland, Mrs. Jasper, Nov. 8, age
Notley, Mrs. Robert, Sept. 5, age 85.
Noffsinger, Jas. L., June 3, age 66.
Orwick, Chas. T., Sept, 8, age 42.
Polly, Mrs. John, April 5, at St. Jo
seph, Mo., age 41.
PollockMrs. David, May 1, age 91.
Price, Mrs. Fannie, May 24, age 95.
Pierce, Mrs. Wm., July 23, age 29,
at Tucumcare, N. Mex.
Paynter, Judge Wm. II., Aug. 13,
age 83.
Parrish, J. M., Aug. 15, age 78.
Patterson, Mrs. Jas. Aug. 19,age48:
suicide by hanging.
Praisewater, Mrs. Timothy, Nov. 2,
age 52, at St. Joseph, Mo.
Pierce, Mrs. Chas., Dec. 29, age 75.
Quick, Billy, Aug. 22, age 10, in St.
Joseph, Mo.
Rush, Mrs. Philip, Dec. 8, age 60.
Ryan. Mrs. Jerry, Nov. 3. age 74. at
Falls City, Neb. '
Reynolds, J. B., Oct. 16. age 60.
Rock Ray, Aug. 13, age 20; downed
at the Big Lake.
Ryan, Chas., Aug. 8, age 65, at
HninmHn Snrincrs. Colo.
Randall, Mrs. S. M., July 18, age 29.
Rostock, Roy, June 9, age 12: drown
ed in Kunkel mill reservoir.
Ramsey, Mrs. Elizabeth, April 22,
age 87.
Rowlett, Geo., March 11. age 21.
Rasnic, Emma, March 6, age 15.
Reed, Fred. Feb. 11, at Weston. Mo.
Schaeffer, John, Dec. 28, age 86.
Sloniker, Will, Nov. 22, age .72, at
Alamosa, Cali.
Silvers, Cornelius, Oct. 9, veteran,
age 67.
Sterrett, Wm. II., Sept. 30, age 75.
Summers, L. H., Sept. 18, age 34.
Shields, Mrs. Elmer, July 19, age 22,
at St. Joseph, Mo.
Sloniker, Jonas, July 6, age 68.
Smith, Mrs. E. H., July 2, at Jef
ferson Cit3r, Mo.: age 65.
Snell, Willie, June 23, atSt. Joseph,
Mo.; age 15: from injuries by falling
from tree at his home in Mound City,
Shroeder, Mrs. Frederick, June 5,
Fairfax, Mo., age 54.
Smirl, Geo., May 6, at Mound Val
ley, Kas.
Schunum, Mrs. Luella, Feb. 18, age
48, at Auburn, Neb.
Stroud, Hiram, March 26, age 54.
Schatz, Geo., March 21. age 51, at
Spokane, Wash.
Stover, Jeff. B.
veteran; March 11;
age 72.
Slawson, Mrs. Chustie, Feb. 25, at
Lamar, Mo.
Springer, J. S., March 2, at Eureka
Springs, Ark., age 70.
Shaiffer, Floyd, Feb. 14, age 11.
omuiei, iurs. vju.uue, da.ii. o, age ou.
Thrailkill, Jas., Dec. 31, at Odessa,
Totten, Mrs. D. A., Aug. 15, age 21,
at Sheridan, Wyo.
Tahl, Wm., July 19, age 45.
Thompson, Georgia, July 14, age 18.
Triplett, Wm., June 21, age 70, at
Stillwater, Okla.
Taylor, Rollins, May 2, at St. Jo
seph, Mo., age 71.
Thompson, Canada, April 23, at
Spalding, Neb., age 39.
Talbot, W. A. E., April 22, at
! Brooktield, Mo., age 24.
Thurman, Mrs. Caroline, Jan. 22,
age 73.
Ungles, Guy M., July 27, age 1.
Yarnes, Jacob, March 27, age 76, at
Vandeventer, Mrs. Chas., March 22,
ae 26 at Gracemount, Okla.
Jhn n- 31
,Ue Mrs- Dora, June 8, age 80.
Williams, Mrs. Claude, May 27, at
Kansas Ci, Mo;
W llson, Jas., May 7, at Maryville,
' t-: -ir-
Mo., age 53.
Ward, II. L., Feb. 20, at Jefferson
City, Mo.
Worley, P. V., Jan. 3, age 42.
Young, Chas., March 21, age 38, at
St. Louis, Mo.
Zook, Wm. J., Oct. 28, age 67, at
Oakland. Cali.
Zook, Mrs. P. M., Sept. 7, age 54, at
Clear Lake, la.
Zook, Geo. W., Feb. 19, age 75, at
W'akefield, Neb.
Zimmerley, Mrs, Fred, April 26,
age 57.

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