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Entered at the Postoffice, Oregon, Mo.
as Second Class Matter.
A Weekly Newspaper Devoted to the
Interests of the Best County
in the Union.
TERMS: $1 50 Per Year.
Watch the date following your name on
the Margin of the paper. It tells the date
ts which your subscription is paid.
Friday, December 2, 1910.
Arrival and Departure of Mails at the
Postoffice, Oregon, Mo.
Fffectlvc November 23. 1009.
7:25 a.m. tor Omaha ;mu intermediate
points, and all points north, east
and west.
0:10 a. m. For St. Joseph and intermediate
IS :00 m. For all points south, easi
and west, except Tarkio and
Villisca branches.
1:50 p. in. For all points north, west and
4:80 p. m. For Villisca, north, mail to al
points north, east, south and
west, except intermediate be
tween Forest City and St. Joe.
7 :30p. m. For all points north, south, east
and west.
Pouches will be exchanged between Oregon
and Forest City postofHces. as follows:
Leave Oregon at 7rS. a. m. and return al
8:35 a. m.
Leave Oregon at 4 20 p. ni.. and return at
6:00 p. m.
StSa a. m. Omaha Mails from ail points,
north, east, south and west.
11:35 a. m. Villisca and Tarkio Vallej
branches. Mails from north
east, south and west.
1 !35 p. m. Mail from all points north, west
and east.
3 :15 p. m. Main line K. C, St. Joe. & C. B
Mails from all points, north
south, eikSt and west.
6 :05 p. ra. From St. Joseph.
9:30 a. m. Rural liouto No. 1, leaves. Re
trrusatJ 5) p. m.
9:30 a.m. Rural Route. No. 2, leaves. Re
turns, 4:iU p. m.
0:30 a. m. Rural Route, No. 3, leaves: Re
turns at 4:30 p. m.
9:30 a. m. Rural Route, No. 4, leaves. Re
turns at 4:30 p. m.
:30 a. m. ' Rural Route, No. 5, leaves. Re
turns at 4 nW p. ni.
Halls are made up promptly 15 minutes be
fore departing time.
Mall to Fortescn!. Rulo and points on th
B & M. In Nebraska within 100 miles of thi
office, nhouiil be mailed before 8:45 a. m. 1.
order to reach its destination the same d:i
New Point Is supplied by Carrier, Rout
Number 2.
Circuit Court.
Convenes first Monday in January; fourt)
Mondays in April and August.
William C. Ellison, circuit judge.
Henry T. Alkire, protecting attorney.
Fred.W. Cook, circu:t clerk.
A. R. McNulty. sheriff.
Harry M. Irwin, stenographer.
Probate Court.
Convenes second Mondays lln February
May. August and Nov -mber.
DrW. Porter, probate judge.
County Court.
Regular Terms: ' ?irst Mondays in Febru
ary, May, August and November.
Henry E. Wright, presiding judge.
Philip Schlotzhauer, judge 1st district.
Jno H. Hunt, judge uf 2d district.
Frank L. Zei!er, clerk of county court.
County loariI of Health.
Henry E. Wright, president.
Philip Schlouhauer, vice-president
John H. Hunt. 1st district.
C. L. Evans, county physician.
Frank L. Zeller. secretary.
County Hoard of Education.
Geo. W. Reavis, Maltland.
W. F. Gwinu. .Mound City.
Molllo Palmer, Craig.
Collector of Revenue. Geo. I Seeman.
County Treasurer. Neville Dickson.
Recorder of Deeds, John Speer.
Commissioner of Schools, Geo. W. Reavis.
Public Administrator, M. D. Walker.
Superintendent of Poor, Scliourn Carson.
Surveyor. John li. Perot.
Assessor, Perry V. Ramsay.
Uoy R. Miller, Coroner. Maitlatid.
Holt County population. 17,083.
Suite tux, 17c on 5100 valuation.
County tax, :10c on $100 valuat ion.
County iikuI tax, 10c on $100 valuation.
Average school lax levy. 47c per ilOO valua
tion. County created by act of legislature, Janu
ary 21I.1S41.
County named for Daniel Rice Holt, of
Platte County.
Oregon. County Seat, created by act of leg
islature, June 21. istl.
Population, l,iCl.
Assessable wealth, ?C,fiU!.070.
Assessable wealth, I.iihU. town lots
and personal 60.6Ht70
Lands 3,813,320
Town lots 70S.360
Livestock 007.S40
Other personal ; 1.307,150
Oregon, county seat.
Electric lighted.
Waterworks system.
City tax. 75c on $ 100.
School tax. 7."c on $100.
WANTED YOUNG MAN from Holt county
to prepare for desirable position in Govt.
Mail Service. Salary, 1800. Rapid promotion
to 11500. Splendid opDortunity. Address Bo
One. Cedar Rapids. Iowa.
Carefully Review Work of Whole
Semester Before Ex
Q.C. - S' 3 . CO
: ggs H: 5 5
: : ri: K
1 42 40 94 23 2111
2 42 "35 "36 '6 "i
'3 so " "33 " i " 2oi" "6 ii
4 37 "35 "'95 "19 i 6
5 42 "39 93 "27 "2 2
ilijjlV Scii'ooT. 84:" 80 ' 96 " 52 'ii i'2
Col'ored.V.V.'. ii ii 83 " 5 5 4
Total 297! 273 90 170 24 53
The report for the third month is
not up to the standard of either the
first or second months in any item
There is a marked decrease in the
daily attendance, the per cent of at
tendance, and in the number present
every day, while there is an increase
in the number tardy. But two rooms
earned the quarter holiday. An in
vestigation shows that most of this
poor record is due to sickness and is
hence unavoidable. We find, how
ever, that a few pupils and parents
have been careless. Continued vigi
lance is the price of a good record
for. attendance. Those who have
been sick have our sympath We
how know much thev have wanted
to be present. Do not worry
Your teachers will stand by you
There is nothing to regret. Youcau
not neip oeing sick, we nope you
can be with us again soon. We will
oegiaatoneip you make up your
Have you studied your record for
me tinra mourn as shown by your
'rade card given out this week? Do
my grades need improving? Can
you ao oeuer this month? Will you
10 better? Who is losing if vou do
lot do your best?
We are indebted to County Clerk F
Li. Zeller for a library copy of the
Torty-second annual report of the M is
:ouri State Board of Agriculture, 1910.
It is a neat and comprehensive record
f the year s work in thisdepartment
vith "valuable information on breed
ng ana ieeaing livestock', improving
the soil, growing crops, dairying, road
naking, home economics, and the im
irovement of the farm and home.'
.vith instructive agricultural stalls
ics. There are such articles as ,4Ag
iculture in the Schools," "The lie la-
ion of the Rural School to the
Ifome," "Concrete on the Farm.'
The Growing of Alfalfa," "Pas
lure for Hogs.'' "Profitable Dairv-
ing." "Installinga Farm House Water
System,' ''Recreation in the Rural
Community." and twentv-five other?
qually as valuable. We shall be glad
iO loan this volume to auv one who
desires to read any or all of these
most helpful articles. Have your bo
or girl bring this volume home from
.our school and return when vou have
finished it. . ?
Regular High School literary pro
gram this afternoon.
But live weeks till . the Semester
Jxaminations. at which time all pu
pils will write on questions covering
the work of the whole Semester. Pu
pils, especially those in the upper
grammar grades and in the High
School, should begin review. Three
essentials of master' are hard study,
understanding of what yon study,
arid review. This last is of much im
portance: going over a subject once
does not fix it Hrmly for the average
pupil. With the pupil's added know
ledge of tlje ;s.ubject,. familiarity with
methods and terms, and ability to
distinguish important topics as a re
sult of first study, ailiprough review
is indispensable for gaining a definit e.
connected, ana aoiaiug Knowledge 01
a subject. Do not neglect the review.
Review often, review, review, review.
Is Naking Good.
From the Kansas City Tost, we are
glad fo learn of the success as a physi
cian that is coming to our young
friend, Dr. I. E. Ruhl. a former New
Point boy. Dr. Ruhl lias several cases
of infant paralysis, a disease now
causing the medical world much trou
ble, lie is qmted in the Post as say
ing: ''Most of the afflictions seem to
be confined to the legs. .Tust why
this part of the anatomy is the most
susceptible is not known. Another
thing I have noticed is that most of
the cases start with sore throat,
mouth and tonsils. If the germs do
figst attach themselves to the body by
this ingress, and then work into the
nervous system, 1 think it advisable
as soon as an infant develops a sore
mouth and tonsils the parents should
call a physician." We are always
pleased to learn of the success of any
and all of Holt county's boys.
Mrs. Henry Thomas and Mrs.
Emmet t Thomas and children. Bruce
and Elizabeth, of Mound City, are
visiting here, the guests of C. D.Zook
and wife. Thursday, Mrs. Zook en
tertained at luncheon in their honor.
Farms for-
No. 1 160 acres, 4 miles east of town; fairly good House of 6 roomfc: new con
crete Cave; 2 Barns; 5 acres orchard: running water on ?ev;ery forty;
fenced and cross-fenced: 70 acres corn this year: 40 acres pasture, 30
acres of which is in timber; 20 acres tame grass; U miles to School.
This is an excellent Stock and Grain Farm; $5,000 cash, balance long
time 5 per cent annual interest.. If you want a good farm on easy
terms, call real soon.
No. 2 150 acres, 5 miles east of town. 140 acres in cultivation, 80 acres tame
grass pasture: 1.0 acres timber: 4-room house: arch cave: New Barn
for 0 horses: fenced and cross-fenced, most' all Hog tight and almost
new: most all kinds of fruit; a good cistern, well and windmill: a
good Spring, windmill and reservoir. Land is pretty rolling, but soil
is good and is worth the money. Price $9,500, one-half cash, balance
reasonable terms.
No. 3 320 acres. 4 miles from two shipping points; 8 miles southeast of town:
7-room house: smoke house; chicken house; arch cave: good Barn for
8 horses: 3 wells and 2 Cisterns: 1 windmill: fenced and cross-fenced,
most all Hog tight: 280 in cultivation: 40 acres timber: most all kinds
of fruit: 45 acres fall wheat up and looking line. Thisisagood farm,
and cheap at $75 per acre; 40 per cent cash, balance easy terms.
No. 4 84 acres, 5 miles northwest of town, and 31 miles north of Forest-City:
4-room house: Barn for 4 horses: fenced into three fields and is Hog
tight: good well and running water. This is a good farm and must
be seen to be appreciated. . Price $85 per acre: $2,000 cash balance to
suit purchaser, G per cent.'-
No. 5 100 acres. 8 miles northeast of town, about 4 miles from Fillmore;
two sets improvements; house No. 1, 4 rooms; house No. 2, 3 rooms:
smokehouse: chickenhouse: hog sheds, etc.; barn No. 1. 1(5x24: 10-foot
shed full length of barn; barn No. 2, 20x40 room for 400 bu. oats, 200
bu. wheat and 300 bu. of corn; hay room in both barns: outside crib
for 300 bu. of corn: watered by Well, Cistern and 2 good Springs: 70
acres in cultivation; 30 acres scattering timber; blue grass pasture:
most all kinds of fruit; nearly all Hog-tight fence: some good Creek
Bottom land. Price $05 per acre, terms on part.
No. 0 40 acres, 3J miles northwest of town; House 1 story, 0 rooms, 2 Halls:
2 closets: pantry and 2 porches: Cistern, new pump: new smokehouse:
new chickenhouse: small Barn for 4 horses: room for 10 tons Baled
Hay; 8 foot shed full lengtli of
x28 ft. will offer for a short
farm ana is worth more money.
No. 7 58 acres. Bottom land; 7 miles
City; 3-room house: Bam 24x40:
to School: encumbrance, $2,500.
$65 per acre.
What have you to
Farms, Ranches. City Property
and General btocks for bale or Trade.
Call at Office, 'Phone or Write,
Citizens' Bank Building, Oregon, Mo.
Laundering Machine!
The First Laundering Machine ever invented having a Stationary
Tub-Rest", Rotary Washboard with Automatic Adjustments. High
Pressure, Wiiite Rubber Ball Bearing Wringer, and Folding Clothes
Rack Combined.
We Warrant the Machine, and Make Good Any Defective Part
Call at "The Variety Store" and see the machine in operation.
Sole Agent for Northwest Missouri.
To buy your Mares from 3 to 12 years old, 800
o ltfuu pounds, xnis
rid of your light stuff,
week on an order, and
OI It.
All Stock Must be Fat
Lead them in. They
Barn: 2 cribs, 1 8x20, another new, 10
time for $4,000. Tins is a good, little
from Oregon, 4J miles from Forest
crib and hay room in barn; 1$ miles
Will sell or trade. Equitv. Price
and Western Lands. Hardware, Drugs
100 HEAD
December 10
is your cnance no get
as I am buying this
will give you the bene-
do not get too good.
Items of Interest to School People
of Holt County.
Miss Jackson and her pupils at Shi
loh are very proud of the new heat
ing and ventilating plant which the
board installed "recently. They are
also proud of the large Certificate of
Approval granted by the State De
partment, which makes Shiloh as a
school of the first rank and will con
tinue so as long as the present condi
tions prevail. Miss Jackson is one of
Holt's best teachers.
The box supper at Crosen last
Wednesday night was a great success
the proceeds were about $35.
Mr. Rock is an earnest, hard-work
ing teacher, who devotes his best en
ergies to the work and is meeting
with deserved success.
Miss Nona Snell is teaching a good
school at Eureka. They are doing
some excellent work in relief map
making. The board has put. the
house and grounds in excellent condi
tion and the work is moving along
king Grove school loses an efficient
clerk in the removal of Mr. O. H
Jonnson, out is fortunate in securing
the services of Mr. E. E. Britell, who
spent several years in teaching and is
familiar with school work.
All the teachers and patrons who
can should attend the big Education
al Meeting in Mound City, December
17. There will be an excellent pro
gram including music by the High
School: Mr. R. H. Emberson, of the
University, will be with us and deliv
er an address. Several" Rural schools
will take part in the program. Plan
to be with us and enjoy the day.
A handsome Certificate will be given
for five months' perfect attendance
and a beautiful Diploma will be given
for perfect attendance during the en
tire year. I hope the teachers will
urge pupils to attend.
Miss Bertha Rozelle Is teaching a
good school at South Center. A large
number of drawings of different kinds
made by the pupils have been placed
on the walls, which adds much to the
appearance of the room.
Of the District Meeting of teachers
pupils and patrons tob held in Mound
City, Saturday, December 17.
Id o'clock a. m Song. "America,5
Address of welcome Supt. J. U
Response Elvis Meadows.
Primary Work Demonstrated by
Miss Dora Whobrey.
Arithmetic Work in Seventh Grade
Demonstrated bv Miss Maud Fike.
Report from each teacher present
as to success and difficulties.
10 o'clock p. in Music, Mound City
High School.
Grammar work Demonstrated b
Arthur Clark.
Dialogue Mineral Springs school
Address R. H. Emberson.
Recitation Shiloh school.
Recitation New Liberty school.
Exercise Blair school.
Address President H. K. Taylor.
Awarding Prize to Rural school hav
ing best notebook in Agriculture at
this meeting.
Notice For Rural Patrons.
Some time ago we published a see
tion of the postal laws governing the
use of loose coin on rural routes in
payment for postal supplies. This re
mures that all mailable matter mast
be stamped and that there shall be
no loose coin placed in boxes. Dur
ing the summer months, the carriers
have been exceedingly lenient with
their patrons and have gathered up
the pennies, but now as" winter lias
come, t lie carriers, one and an, nave
decided that on and after Dec. 1st,
they will abide strictly by Ihe rule:
and regulations of thedepartment re
garding loose coins. We hope the pa
trons will provide themselves with
stamps and other supplies that there
may be no delay. Your carrier will
trv to alwavs have on hand plenty of
uipplies to meet your demands. We
would advise using the stamped route
envelopes as much as possible.
P. E. 0. Program.
December 2, 1!)10.
Mrs. Montgomery.
About music in China.
Roll Call
Lesson Review Mrs. Hunker.
Paper-The Chinese Theatre Miss
Reading Nothing New Under the
Sun Mrs. Martin.
December 9, 1910.
Hostess Mrs. Proud.
Roll Call Chinese.
Lesson Review Mrs. Dungan.
Magazine Review Mrs. Allen.
Music Mrs. Kunkel.
Let eacn memler be present.
-Married at the bride's home on
Nov. 24. 1910, Jeremiah W. Kelly and
Miss Martha B. Glass, by Elder W.H.
Hardmam Only relatives and near
friends were present. This excellent
young couple have the best wishes of
the entire community. Their home
will be in Forest City.
The Shotgua With Which Hobbels
' Were Killed Is Found:: '
The last link in the chain of evf
dence connecting Hez. Rasco with
the killing of Oda Ilubbell, his wife
and two small children and firing
their home near Barnard on Sunday.
November 20, was forged Saturday of
last week, when the shotgun which
Hez. Rasco borrowed of Joe Cayton
was found in the haymow in the
barn of Henry Rasco, the young
man's father. '
Sheriff Tilson and his deputy, Ev
ans, called at the Rasco home early
Saturday morning. They found the
family up. Henry Rasco, the father
of Hez. Rasco, was called aside by the
officers and told of their mission! His
daughter, 16 years old. is said to be in
a pitiable nervous condition, and the
approach of any stranger on the pre
mises sends her into hysterics.
"If you should find anything on the
premises," said the father, "do not
tell any of the famiiy about it nor
make any display that will lead theni
to any conclusion."
The barns were searched. In the
last one in the loft was part of a load
of hay. Alongside the "plate" that
ran through the loft and concealed in
the hay the gun, a double-barreled
affair, was found, the hammers first
coming into view. Heeding the re-'
quest of Henry Rasco, the two officers
at once left the farm without giving
out any information.
Rasco borrowed five shotgun shells
from Cayton when he got the gun.
He accounts for all of them by saying;
that he shot five times atTabbits Sun
day morning, killing three. The gun,
when -found in the hay loft, was emp
ty. The gun contains two empty shells
and the stock is covered with blood.
It is a double-barrelled breech-loading
shotgun of modern makel Sheriff,
deputies, constable and volunteers
have spent a tireless week in a vain
effort to locate this one missing piece
of evidence. Every foot of the
ground from the Hubbelliiome to the
Rasco home has been gone over time
again, and the Platte River has been
dragged. Wells have been pumped
dry and every other possible place has
been visited time after time, and all
without result.
All Are Elected.
The official count of votes cast at
the election November 8, gives John
0. Brown, Republican, a plurality of
3,1()5 over James B. Gantt, Democrat
ic candidate for supremecourt justice.
Following is the official vote of the
state for state officers:
Supreme judge long term:
Brown, Republican 323,074
Gantt, Democrat 319.909
Brown's plurality 3,ltw
Judge supreme court short term:
Kennish. Republican 323,860
Timmonds, Democrat .318,503
Kennisli's plnrality ' 5.357
Superintendent of schools:
Evans, Republican 324,466
Gass. Democrat. 1 322,226
Evans' plurality 2,240
Railroad commissioner:
Wight man, Republican :326;162
Bradbury, Democrat. . 320,733
Wightman's plurality ' 5,429
Congress, Fourth district:
Booher. Democrat ;.20,231
Amick, Republican ...15:S25'
Booher's plurality 4.406
The Democrats captured the lower
branch of the General Assembly by a-
majority of 22, electing 82 and the Re
publicans but 60 members of that
body. The Senate, will stand 12 Re
publicans and 22 Democrats. The
Democrats will have a majority of 32
on joint ballot and will elect Jim
Reed for United States senator.
The Socialists show a gain in Mis
souri of several thousand votes. The
Prohibitionist vote fell off a few hun
dred. The total Socialist was about
Prohibition Amendment No.. 425,406
Prohibition Amendment Yes.207.281
Majority against. . .-. 218,123
The proposition carried 37 of the
114 counties.
Free Concert.
There will be a grand free band
concert in Oregon next Saturday, De
cember 3rd, at noon and 7 p. m giv
en by Stowe's Band of 15 solo musi-
sicians. This is one ot the great fea
tures of tiiis attraction and lovers of
up-to-date music should avail them
selves of this opportunity. .
No Hunting,
Fishing, trapping or trespassing on
my premises. ueo. w. Proffit.
-Miss Nell Graham spent Thanks
giving visiting relatives in. Kansas
Charles Kirk and wife, of,St. Jo
seph, were guests oyer Sunday. at the
George Gelvin home. . .... .

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