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For Every Day:
Made ? Good. Start
Record for Three
: -if..
Grocery Department
Peacock Flour, best (1 Aik
grade, per sack . . 1W
Granulated Sugar, 1 aa
19 pounds . . . lvv
Salt Side Pork,
per pound
Fine Large Oranges,
per dozen . . .
Nice Early June
Peas. 3 cans for .
Nice Rice,
4 pounds for . .
Our Men's Department
Extra Heavy Union
Suits, a Bargain,
per Suit . . .
Caps, $1.00
Good Shirts
for . .
Mittens, leather
fleeced, per pair .
Ties, nice ones
for . . .
Ladies' Scarfs,
$1.00 values for : Jvfc
Mufflers, some
fine ones for
Union Suits,
extra values ....
Hose, extra heavy, 1 Cr
25c, others at . . wt
. a -BUM;
In separate pieces- or
matched sets,with large
Pillow or Rug Muffs to
match the 5carfs . .
Muffs, 2.501515.00
Made in Black or Brown
Coney, Oppossum,Mink,
Russian Squirrel and
other Popular FURS.
Children's Sets $1.00 Up
tee fcttsoter
: Blacksmithing,
New tools made from .
Iron or Steel. Careful
and prompt attention
given to all orders.
(by e. m. brooks, superintendent.)
So many boys and girls drop out of
the jrrades before finishing that it is
a real gratification to find a large
eighth-grade class. Our class this
year is composed of twelve-'girls and
'eight "boys, a total 'of twenty. The
average age of the girl is 125-12 years,
of the boys, 14 years. Of the girls,
one is 11, one 12, four 13, live 14, one
16.' Boys, one 12, one 13, three 14,
three 15. Their record shows the ma
jority doing. good work. The figures
are for the first, three months of this
term. Per cent of attendance girls
97. hoys 96t- Tardiness girls 2, boys
Scholarship '
Subject. Girls
Spelling 98
Writing 87
Arithmetic.,. 86
dram mar 89
History 87
Civics 85
Literature .-. 87
Deportment 93
All subjects 93
Tiiree-boys and five girls were pres
ent every day: This is more than
one-third of the diss. Five girls and
two. boys rank'90 per cent or above in
all subjects. Boys and girls, you have
maile-a good start. I can only wish
for each of vou success in the work of
the entire semester. 1 trust you will
each see to it that this record is not
lowered in the semester examinations.
Is your lesson always prepared when
class is called? Is the work you are
doing your best work? Yours is a
great;.opportunity. .You can make
good. What shall the final record be?
Q'ur.substttute teacher. Miss Kathe-
lene Moore, has charge of the science
classes-this week. Miss Cary being
confined to her room with a severe'
The superintendent, will go to Rock"
Port this.evening( Friday) as one of
the judges in ' the Rock Port High
School declamatory contest. . ,
The several rooms are preparing
4ti6rl;iMStuias programs. These ex-.
excises are1 an'Mmportant feature of-4
school-work, not only as training in
'rngjanipaMng",ut forth. beau-
t-rjnj. moral' lessons ine cmiuien re-g
Jceive. knowledge is. power n rigntiy
TS5ed,,bujt a hea'djuiljpf book learning
is .either- a dangerous or a. useless pos3
session iitupuiuigreise is, .acijuireu ny
tliilnld's school careei)
We found it necessary at the laSKl
moment to postpone the literary pro-'j
gram last Friday afternoon ana it win
UMnvenr tins Friday afternoon m-;
stead. All. are welcome to attend
Nice Jewelry in a neat Case makes an appropriate j)
gift for most any occasion. )M
My Jewelry combines quality and appearance as.
wen auu an articles soia as ooim troia
Are Solid Gold All the Way
Through and are Absolutely
Guaranteed to Be.
You should see what ! have to offer you before
you buy
Watches and Clocks Jewelry and Silverware.
No Extra
Charge for
Engraving .
Jeweler and Optician,
Spectacles arid Nose Glasses
Accurately Fitted.
He Came Back.
Clarence Foster, of Kearney,
I Lost An open face, Silver Watch,
I between the John Ihghram residence
I -J "' . TT O" r 3
braska, was in Oregon for a few days, ruu"uru "uu&e Udrc- x',,,uer '
this week, visiting his brothers, Bert j warded b turning to John Boyd,
and Charley. This is his first visit Perry Hardman, of Stanford, Mon
liere since he left, some seven years j tana, camek in this week to remain
ago.' He has grown into a tine iooking i for awhile with, his family at'Kew
young man, six feet in heighth and j Point, his "wife being in poor health,
"straight as an Indian." He is in the We are sorry to learn that A. L.
employ of the Kearney Telephone Co. Shafer, carrier on Rural Route, No. 2,
'Uncle Davy" and his son, Robert is confined to .his home by sickness,
and family, and daughter, Lilly, are and his route is. being carried by Sub
at Kearney, and Jim and. family are 'stitute Carrier, Will Stewart. We
in Laramie, Wyoming, his son, Karl, ( hope that Link will soon be able to
has been in the railway mail service return to work again,
for a number of years, running be-j nev. Kiplinger will occupy the
tween Cheyenne and Ogden. Their puipit of the German M. E. church,
daughter, Edith, is married and living! neXt Sunday, morning, at the usual
in California. Kate, who .jnarried j ii0ur There wiir be no services at
Jesse Perry, died in Denver two or. j the Nodaway church. Rev. Bruns
,three.years ago. and Jesse is now liv- W5ii i1H Wichita irftn.. !ittondincr-
ing in;St. Joseph.
Dies of Pneumonia.
Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy, who al
ways insisted upon being called the
"discoverer and founder" of Christian
Science, died at her palatial mansion
in Boston, Mass., Sunday night, De
cember 4, at the age of 89 years.
Death was due to pneumonia, from
which .?he suffered about ten days.
Alfred Farlow, chief of the press
agent stall for the church, is quoted
as saying that her death was simply a
case of old age, but the death certifi
cate read: "Natural causes: the con
tributory cause being probably pneumonia.'
FOR SALE A good second-hand
Farm Wagon, by A. A. Kin.ie on the
Geo. Murray place. Martin phone, 77
Mrs. John Speer has returned
home from a few days' visit with her
parents. George Shultz. and wife, of
Liberty township.
What would make a nicer Christ
mas present than ;0 or 100 calling
cards? We print them. Call in and
see samples and get prices.
We have 13 tons of Furnace Coal
we will sell for 4.95 per ton if taken
soon. L. P. Watsox & Co-
Forest City, Mo.
Dr. Proud reports that on Sun
day last, December 4, 1910, bright
baby daughters came to gladden the
homes of Uly Weigel and wife, and
Robert Frakes and wife.
Asks for a. Receiver.
. .Messrs. Blagg & Ellison and bhina
barger. of the Maryville bar, and R,
B. Bridgeman, of this city, on Mon
day of this week, tiled with Judge W.
C. Ellison, in the Gentry County Cir
cuit court, at Albany, their petition
asking for the appointment of a re
caiver of the estate of James B
Payne, of this city. The receivership
is asked for in view of Mr. Payne,
who is now 75 years old, being sued
for divorce and onethird of his estate
by his wife, who is only 45 years old.
Payne was married November 29,
1909. to Mrs. Mettle B. Traschel, of
St. Joseph, in St. Joseph. A pre-nup-tial
contract was entered into by the
two parties in which Payne was to
give his wife-to-be one-third of his
property, following their marriage.
The case has attracted widespread at
tention in Holt and Atchison coun
ties because of the prominence of the
aged husband, who, in additiion to
his farm, owns several business houses
in Oregon.
The receivership was allowed and
John Speer was appointed receiver,
taking charge of the stock Tnesday
Notice For Rural Patrons.
Some time ago we published a sec
tion of the postal laws governing the
use of loose coin on rural routes in
payment for postal supplies. This re
quires that all mailable matter imist
be stamped and that there shall be
no loose coin placed in boxes. Dur
ing the summer months, the carriers
have been exceedingly lenient with
their patrons and have gathered up
the pennies, but now as winter has
come, the carriers, one and all. have
decided that on and after Dec. 1st,
they will abide strictly by the rules
and regulations of the department re
garding loose coins. We hope the pa
trons will provide themselves with
stamps and other supplies that there
may be no delay. Your carrier wili
try to alwaj's have on hand plenty of
supplies to meet your demands. We
would advise using the stamped route
envelopes as much as possible.
As a result of the prolonged dry
weather, St. Joseph has suffered from
an epidemic of typhid fever, and so
serious has the situation become that
the local board of health is having
the city chemist make tests of water
taken from wells in many parts of
the city.
--Mrs. Cora Burgess was a St. Jo
seph visitor, Wednesday of this week-
Rohert Frakes and wife, of Tren
ton.- Neb., are here visiting relatives
and friends.
Cade Bunker is taking care of his
left eye that came into contact with
tne handle of a pump.
Bont Vanderveer has been con
fined to his home for several days
with his old trouble, asthma.
Kierie Bruner, of St. Joseph, Sun
dayed here, the guest of his uncle and
aunt, Francis Sutton and wife.
Silas P. Allen, who has been con
fined to his home, for several days,
threatened with pneumonia, is now
able to be out again, we are glad to
Mrs. Ralph Greene, from Musko
gee, Oklahoma, is here on a visit with
her sister, Mrs.'Lee Cotton-, of Forest
City, and mbther-ih-law'Mrs. A. "H.
Greene, of Oregon.
Seib Carson and Sid Russell' have
returned from their hunting and bus-
ness trip in Southern Missouri, Taney
Douglass and other counties. They
report a good time.
Dr. T. A. Long and wife desire to
return their sincere thanks to their
many friends who so kindly came to
their aid during the sickness and
death of their little son.
Collector George F. Seeman, who
has been confined to his home for sev
eral daj's with a severe attack of neu
ralgia, is now improving, we are glad
to inform his numerous friend!.
Rev. J. M. Walton, pastor of the
Presbyterian church, this city, is con
ducting a series of meetings in Oska-
loosa, Kas., and will not be here next
Sunday, his pulpit here being tilled by
Mr. J. C.O'Hair, of the First Church,
St. Joseph. 1
The ladies of the M. E. church
will hold their annual Bazaar and
Bake sale in the Court House on
Thursday and Friday, December 8, 9.
On Saturday afternoon, December 10,
they will give a Coffee at the same
place in connection with their Bazaar.
-George Biggs and family, former
ly of this place, but more recently of
Basin, Wyoming, have removed from
Basin, and are now located at 111 Yo-
semite Ave., Fresno, California. He
says that is a wonderful country to
live in, blooming flowers, fresh fruit
and vegetables every day in the year.
He says it is very dry there.
We were indeed glad to receive a
call from our old friend, Judge George
Meyer, Jr., of Liberty township, Wed
nesday of this week. He and his wife
were here visiting their numerous rel
atives. There are no better people in
the country, and we hope their lines
will always be cast in pleasant places.
the. dedication of a church.
-j-The Davis 'lateral to the Mill
Creek drainage canal was .completed
last week by the contractor, Dan
Stalcup. It is 1 miles long, and 12x
3x4 in measurement. It begins near
the Peter Sipes place and empties in
to the main'canal'belovv Curzon.
Remember that the Bake Sale and
Bazaar to be given by the ladies of
the M. E. Church, Thursday and Fri
day, Dec. 8 and 9, of this week, and
on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 10, their
Coffee, has Jjeen changed from Ster
rett's store room to the Court House.
Mrs. John F. Iden, of Big Lake,
received a light stroke of paralysis,
one day, last week, which slightly af
fected the left .side of her face, but
at this writing, we are glad to state
that she is rapidly improving, and no
further serious results are anticipated.
J. M. Hornecker and wife, of Lan
der, Wyoming, are here, the guests of
George, Hornecker,,. of this city, and.,
numerous ot,her.relatives.,.-JHe reports .
.that his father, "Uncle Martin," who
formerly resided. here, but now mak
ing his home with him in Lander ,and
who will be well remembered here, as
well and hearty, and satisfied in his
new home. It lias been pretty dry
there, this season, but as they irri
gate, they are not affected. Mr. Hor
necker has our thanks for a nice hunk
of elk meat.
Albert W. Cotten, one of our
hustling real estate men, who is do
ing something all the time, and a
thoroughgoing young business man,
is down in Texas this week. .He is
the representative here for the Inter
national Land and Investment Co.,
of that state, and accompanied J. W.
Glenn, of New Point, O. D. G. Gelvin
and P. H. Chesney, of Forest City,
and Ernest Kneale, of Colfax, Wash.,
to Corpus Christi, with the view of
showing them some of the fine land
bargains he has down in that part of
Uncle Sam's domain.
3 The I
Ideal I
Greenhouse l
We kindly ask a liberal share
of your Nmas shopping. We
have to otfer vou the. choicest
Holly, Magnolia and Ilox-Wood
Wreaths. Fancy Carnations.
Roses, Sweet Peas, Hyacinths
and Narcissus. Carnations and
Holly will be scarce, so better
be early.
oe e;

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