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Fwwt City. ' J
Heary Alkire lost at valuable cow.
last Saturday. - :'
Mrs. Jrio. Milne spent Sunday
with home folks.
J. P. Lacey, of Union, visited
relatives here Sunday.
C. E. Noland was a St. Joseph
visitor one day last week.
Mrs. Hill visited her daughter,
Mrs. John Keeves, of Oregon r Friday.
Elder Augustine's brother, Harry,
of Orient, Iowa, is visiting him here
thl week.
Misses Grace and Gladys Quick
spent last week visiting with f riends
and relatives in Troy,. Kansas.
-F.-R. Elton returned Friday eve
ning from Clarinda, Iowa, where lie
had been working in the depot.
-George.Lamborn .andjwife, .from
thestate of Oregon are here on a vis
it with t.;eit many relatives and
There will -be a supper at the
City Hall, Friday, Dkc. 9, given by
the Ladies Aid Society of the "Chris
tian. church.
The Rebekah degree was very
beautifully and impressively conferred
upon the following candidates Mon
day night, Dec. 5: Misses Julia Mar
tin, Nettie Wylie, Grace andf.Gladys
Quick. After which a most elegant
supper was served to about GO mem
bers of the order. " Onyx.
Napier aid Virility.
Jack Ogden called on C. C. Brown
last Wednesday.
George Noland and wife were in
Napier trading Saturday.
-lit is reported that Thomas Buck
les' stepdaughter is sick of the ty
phoid fever.
--We are glad to say-that George
Swymler is able to be up and "around
ihthe house.
Joe Morgan and Bill Morris, of
Napier, were fox hunting Monday,
but-they only hunted, .
Frank Noland says he finds a hare
in :his plate every morning, but his
wife" says it is just rabbit.
Mrs. Grace Brown and son, Ansil,
of Kansas City, visited Saturday and
Sunday with J. J. Brown and family.
Mrs. John Ramsey returned to
her home Saturday, after about a
fortnight's stay with her daughter,
Mrs. Will Brierly and family.
-lj. J. and C. C. Brown had the
misfortune to lose 35 tons of hay in
the bottom by fire. Wednesday of last
week. Ferman and James Strickler
lost about 300 tons. Nkmo.
-Tom Hughes and wife spent last
Sunday with John Scott and wife.
Miss Gertrude Stadler went to St.
Joe last Saturday to visit relatives.
Our school is progressing nicely
under the supervision .of Miss Cora
Kramer. ..
Adolph Sommers and wife spent
last Sunday with his aged father, God
fried Sommers.
Ask Bi)l Brohan which horse went
the best, the one he -was driving .or
the one they were leading last Sunday.
-liThere was quite an enjoyable
time at Hugh Brohan's liouse, last
Sunday. Those who were there
George Norris, wife and Elmora and
Katherine: John Simmons, wife and
Earl; Henry, Simmons:: Mart Wright
andrfamily; .Misses Sarahs, Bessie and
Mary Scott and Miss Celia Hughes,
Dies From His Burns.
The sympathy of our entire com
munity goes out to James Ferguson
and -wife, in the death of their little
son Oscar, which" occurred on Thurs
day last, December 1. as a. result of
being scalded by falling in a vat of
water being used to scald hogs, on
November 2!). lie survived his burns
only some forty hours, and his .suffer
ing was most intense. lie seemed to
be a most unfortunate child. On
July .'50 he was pawed by a mule and
his leg broken in a frightful manner:
the bones protruding the flesh, and
when found only the flesh held I he
dismembered together. lie was a
brave little fellow and made a hard
tight. He was 8 years old at the
time of his death.
Funeral services were held from the
Christian church, Friday last, and
were conducted bj the pastor. Elder
Ernest Kneale, of Colfax. Wash
ington, is visiting relatives, here.
No Hunting,
Fishing, trapping or trespassing on
my premises. Geo. W. Piioffit.
Miss Esa May Kurtz has returned
liome from the hospital in St. Joseph,
where she was operated upon for ap
pendicitis. Fred E. Markt has also'
returned from the same place, where
he was operated upon for the
same trouble. Both are getting along
nicely. Fred will stay in town with
his- father and mother until he be
comes stronger.
SmU) SAmI Umm far In. U,
LiESSON TEXT Matthew 2T:lS-60. Mem
ory verses, 4. 41-42.
GOLDEN TEXT "He was wounded for
our transgression. He was bruised for
our Iniquities." Iaa. Kit.'
TIMKFriday mornln. April 7, A. D.
, from six o'clock JL M. till three
o'docic -P. M. ' -' '
PLACE (1) Pilate's . Judgmear hall eith
er in Herod's Palace in the western part
of the city: or in Castle Antonla. adjoin
ing; the Temple are on the north.
The Roman trial, before Pilate,
wai in the palace of Pilate, opening
into a large court. See place; In the
Jewish court the charge brought
against Jesus was blasphemy; that is
treason against God and the Jewish
commonwealth. The penalty was
When the leaders brought Jesus be
fore Pilate they hoped that the gor
ernor would accept their verdict, and
simply countersign their sentence
without inquiring further, taking- for
granted that they would not haVe, con
demned a man to death unless he de
served it. But Pilate asked: "What
accusation bring ye against this
The verdict of Pilate was, "I find ao
fault In this man."
From the mockeries ia Pilate's
court Jesus was led away to be cruci
fied. Jesus was so weak from all long
and intense sufferings that an African
from Cyrene was compelled to help
him bear the cross.
The distance was from half a mile
to a mile, according to the place of
starting (the tower of Antonla, or
Herod's palace) and the location of
Calvary. In advance 'we a- a- soldier
carrying a white r'woode'n board on
which was written the nature of the
crime. Next came four soldiers, un
der a centurion, withHhe hammer and
the nails, guarding Jesus, who bore,
as always in such cases, the cross on
which he was to suffer (John 19:17,
r. v.). Then came two robbers, each
bearing his cross and guarded by four
soldiers. As they went forth into the
street they were followed by a great
multitude many with eager curiosi
ty; priests exulting oyer their en
emy; Mary, with other women, weep
ing (Luke 23:27).
This scene is yividly described in
"Ben Hur:" "He was nearly dead.
Every few steps he staggered as if he
would fall. A stained gown,4 badly
torn, hung from his shoulders over a
seamless under-tunic. . An inscription
on a board was tied to his neck. A
crown of thorns had been crushed
hard down upon his head. The mob
sometimes broke through the guard
and struck him. with sticks, and spit
upon him. Yet no sound escaped him."
The seven words from the cross:
1. Father, forgive ' them; for they
know not what they do, was probably
spoken in the height of the agony,
when the cross with the victim upon
it was dropped with a sudden wrench
into its place in the ground.
2. Today shalt thou be with .me in
paradise. To the penitent robber, to
ward noon.
3. Woman, behold thy SOS; Behold
thy mother! Toward noon)wfien.;com
mitting his mother to thejjpving' cafe
of John.. ;'-r. V u.'
4. Elo I, Elo i, la ma-.sabachi than!.
Aramaic . for - My God, my. ; (God; , why
hast thou forsaken me? i Spoken in
the darkness and depresaiomok spirit
near his death,. about three o'clock in
the afternoon..; The sole expression of
spiritual suffering.
5. I thirBt, in the intense thirst of
.his dying hour. The sole expression
of bodily .suffering.
6. It iSj finished., "The Workers',.
CryJot Achieygmn.t, the Sufferer's .,
Cry of. Relief' ... -r, . , ; , ..k
7..Fatherti into-, thy bands I. com
mend my spirit., His dying cry, "the
triumphant note .of- a- conquerer."i
"Redemption through- his- blood," so
frequently referred to in the New.
Testament, gives the highest possible
expression of love. .Blood is life, the
life he gave to save us. But this in
cludes the whole life of Christ, his
coming, his life work, his death on
the cross, and his resurrection it was
this Cjhrist who expressed -his su
preme love and his Father's love by
giving his life that we might live. The
sacrifice on the cross was the highest
proof and the strongest expression of
the love of God to man. Christ proved
the greatness of his love by what he
was willing to suffer for those lie
loved. Ruskin says that "the fountain
in which sins are indeed washed away
is that of love, not of agony." But the
agony was the measure and the proof
of love. It declares God's love to
man "in letters that can be read from
the stars." The fact Is that, there is
no other way to express in language
that all can understand the highest
degrees of heroism, courage, self-sacrifice,
and love. It is these qualities
we see rather than the agony, as we
do not see the particles of matter in
the air by which the sunlight is dif
fused, but we see the light.
Every power and every motive that
can touch the heart of man to lift
him out of sin into the kingdom of
neaven radiates from the cross, as the
completion of the sacrifice of Christ.
It shows to us the evil of sin, since
redemption from sin demanded such a
cost. It reveals to us the loving heart
of God. It shows that-we cannot en-,
ter heaven unless we are cleansed
from sin. It teaches us. the value of
salvation, great beyond our concep
tion. It shows the value of our souls,
of character, of a right life. It seta
us an example of doing right at any
jOiwr of tMs)artiom.
OTATRrVlalODBI,l " ' "' " :Vr "
r - Cbmrty of Holt. S
George W Courier; PfelrititT.. ,
,agal:.Bt . ..
Heai7&IiKg.' the mnkkoirr. 1 heirs: and un
known widow luxd. uoksj4 devisee of;
Henry S.lwt riff, deceased: Martha E. Vas
sal, Arda Elliott, Eddto Burke, Jennie An
derson, Jesse H. Summers, &ad the unknown
heirs, unknown devisees of Almira Brown,
deceased, and the unknown heirs and un
known devisees of Jesse 11. Isgrig, deceased,
if any otiier than as above named, Defendants.
In the Circuit Court, Regular January Term,
Now on this SHi of November, 1910. comes
the above named Plaintiff by W. H. Richards,
his Attorney in vacation of said court, and
files his petition in the above entitled cause,
alleging, among other, things, that 1 Henry S.
Isgrig and Martha E. Vassar are non-residents
of the State of Missouri ; tht there are
persons whose mimes are to Plaintiff un
known, having a claim adverse to that of
Plaintiff, who are sued as the unknown wid
ow, unknown heirs and unknown devisees of
Henry S. Isgrig. (leceas d; the unkown heirs,
and unknown devisees of Alinlra Brown deceased,-
and the unknown heirs and unknown
devisees of Jesse H. Isgrig. deceased.
Whereupon It Is ordered by the under
signed Clerk of said Court in vacation that
the said non-resident and unknown defend
ants be notified by publication that Plaintiff
has commenced an action in this Court
against them in two coun s. the object and
general nature of which is to quiet and per
fect his Utie to rlie following described re,l
estate described in said petition and in each
count thereof, to-wlt: Lots One (1). and Two
(2). of Section Twenty (20) In Township Sixty
one (61) of Range Thirty-nine (39) ; that he
claims title thereto Us alleged in the. first
count of said I'etltltlon by limitation and
open, continuous, exclusive, adverse, and no
torious possession, and by virtue of such pos
session and the payment of taxes on said
real estate for more than Thirty consecutive,
years next, prior to tbo bringing of this suit.
That the interests, claims or titles that the
said several defendants claim or might claim
adverse to the plaintiff as stated and al
leged in the first count of said petition are
such interests, claims or titled as they might
derive as consorts, heirs, devisees, donees, or
alienees. Immediate, mense, or remote or as
the voluntary or involuntary grantee or
grantees of said Jesse H. Isgrig. deceased.
That he asks the Court to declare the fee
simple title to said land vested in said Plain
tiff, and that said defendants and each and
every of them bo decreed divested of any
right, title, interest or estate in or to said
land or any part thereof.
Plaintiff In his second count alleges that
Jesse H. Isgrig is the Patentee of all of said
lands; that Plaintiff claims title by mense
conveyance from said Jesse n. Isgrig. That
no conveyance appears of record from said
Jesse H. Isgrig conveying any part of said
land above described: that said Jesse H. Is
grig on or about the day of July, 1835.
together with his wife, Jane Isgrig, made, ex
ecuted and delivered for a valuable con
sideration to them therefor pal a deed in
due form of Law with covenants of General
Warranty, duly acknowledged wltn relin
quishment of dower to John M. Perkins, con
veying all of said lands above described.
That the interests, claims, or titles that the
said several defendants claim or might claim,
adverse to plaintiff as stated and alleged in
the second count of said petition are such in
terests, claims or titles as they might, de
rive, claim or assert by reason of such unre
corded deed a the consorts, heirs, devisees,
donees or alienees, immediate, mense or re
mote or as the voluntary or involuntary
grantee or grantees of said Jesse H. Isgrig,
That the Plaintiff cannot state the names
of said unknown defendants for the reason
that they are unkown to this plaintiff and.
that unless said unknown and non-resident
defendants bo. and appear at this Court at
the next regular .term thereof, to be begun
and holden at the court house in the City of
Oregon, in said Holt County. Missouri, on the
2d day of January, 1011, and on or before the
first day of said term answer or plead to the
petition in said cause, the same will be taken
:is coufessed nud judgment rendered accord
ingly. ft is further ordered that a copy hereof be
published according to law in Tub Hoi.t
County Sintinei., a weekly newspaper pi Itu
ed and published In said state and county for
four weeks successively, published at least
onso a week FRED W. COO K,
Circuit Clerk.
A true copy from the records of said Court
Witness my hand as Clerk and the seal of
said Court. Done at office in the City of Ore
gon, this 8th day of November. 1910.
h i i FRED W. COOK,
Seal. !- Circuit Clerk.
Order of Publication.
anuity of Holt, f '
In the Circuit Court. January Term. U11.
John Henry SIckman; Plaintiff.
The unknown heirs, devisees, donees, alien
ees, and Immediate, mesne or remote, vol
untary or involuntary grantees of David G.
Gooch. deceased, and the uuknown con
sorts, heirs, devisees, donees, alienees, and
inim diate. mesne or remote, voluntary or
involuntary grantee'sof the devisees named
in the will of David G. Gooch, deceased.
Now on this 4th day ' of- November. 1910,
comes the plaintiff herelu, by Frank Petree,
his attorney aud agent, and files his petition,
verified by the affidavit of said attorney aud
agent, allegiug, among other things, that he
is the owner and In possession of the follow
lngdescrllied real estate situate In Holt coun
ty. Missouri, to-wit: .
The North Half of the North East Quarter
aud the North Half of the .-outh Half of the
North East Quarter of S-ctlon Eighteen (IS).
In Township Fifty-nine w'J). of Range Thirty
seven (37):
And that the ('efendants claim to have
some estate, title and Interest, in said real es
tate adverse to plaintiff ;
That he. verily believes that there are per
sons interested in, or who claim to be inter
ested ini tht said real estate, whose names he
uannot-insert therein, because they are un
known to him: that the claims of such un
known persons'are derived as-follows:' That
one Alexander Gooch. late of Holt county,
now deceased, was in his lifetime seized of
the said real estate by and under a warranty
deed from John C. Bear and wife, dated Feb
ruary 2S, 1834, and recorded in Hook D at Page
213 of the real etate records of Holt county,
Missouri: that the said Alexander Gooch
died, intestate, seized of the said real estate,
leaving surviving him as his sole anrt only
heir, his sou. David G. Gooch : tint the said
David G. Gooch died seized of the said real
otate. leaving a will, which was dulv proven
ami admitted to probate in the Probate Court
of Doniphan Countv, Kansas; that by the
terms of s:ril will th'e said real estate was
given aud devised to persons named in the
said will as follows:
'.M v father's Brothers and Sisters, (namely)
Edward. Gideon. Rowland, Joseph. Daniel.
Nathan, Elizabeth. Mildred, Cynthia, and
Marv Ann, and their heirs." and "The Broth
ers and Siscers of my Mother (viz) .Inines,
Thomas, Cordelia. Oney. Balsora.. and their
Thar plaint ill' lias no knowledge of the
names of said devisee except, a given in the
said will: and ttiat the unknown claimants to
the said real estate derive, or claim to de
rive, their tit e and claim to uch real otate
a the coiHorts. heirs. devNees, donees. alien
ee, and immediate, mesne or remote, vol mi.
tarv or involuntary srraritees of aid David G.
Gooch. deceased, and of the said levi-e's
named in the will ofviid David G. Gooch. de
ceased. WHEIM-'.rPoN, it is ordered by the under
signed clerk of -aid Court, in vacation, t liar
said defendants be notified that an action has
been commenced against them by plaintiff, in
the .-aid Court, theoliject and general nature
of which into ascertain and determine the
estate, title and intere.-t of the partie-. plain
till' aud defendant in -aid suit, severally.
In said real e.-tate anil to define and adjudge
liv the decree of the Court, the. ei ate. title
:iiirt interest of the narties. plaintiff and de
fendant iii -aid suit, severally therein: and
1 that, unless t he said defendant- he and ap
pear in tir.- Court, at lua next term thereof,
to be begun andiioldeu atthe Court House in
the City of Oregon in said County. on the 2d
day of January next, aud on the first day. of
said term answer or plead to. the petition in
said caus'?. the same will betaken as con
fessetFand judgment will be rendered accordingly-
it. is further ordered that a copy hereof be
published in The Hoi.t County Skntinei.. a
newspaper printed and published in the
County ol Holt. State of Missouri, and desig
nated by plaintiff's attorney, for four weeks
sncccs-i vely, at least once u week, the last in
sert ion to be at least fifteen days before the
first day of the sa'u Term of said Court.
"Circuit Clerk.
A true tropy from the record.
Wittiest, my hand and the seal of said Court
this 7th dav of November. 1910.
r Iir.ll V. i;UUl,
Seal. - Circuit Clerk.
i -Iseal.
Order of Fs)lieaties. .,
8TATgoratpgi, r
County of Holt. f
In thel)irclt:Cotirt.January:Tern;M9rti5.'
JU.Tkurnau.PlaJntl . ... ir. 'r ?.,:
John tWilliams. the- unknown widow 'Wrrfrij.
devisees, donees, alienees, and Immediate,
mesne or remote, vo untary or in voluntary
trrantees of John F. Williams; deceased, and
the unknown widow, heirs. devlseesdoanett
auenees ana lmmemate, mesne or remote,
.vuiuiuary or luvuiuutary grantees oi mom-
as B. Freeman, deceased, Defendants. i
Now t this day comes the plaintiff herein,
bv Frank Petree. his attorner and .-uren t.'and
files his petition, verified by the affJdavit.of
saia attorney and agent, alleging among
other things-, that he is the owner and
in DOS session of the following described. ra I
estate situate in Holt coanty, Missouri, to-
The East Half of the South East Fourth of
the South West Quarter of Section Sixteen
(16) and the North Half of the North; East
uuarierui seen n A weuiy-oae fill, au in
Township Sixty-two (62) of Range Forty (40) ;
That, the defendants claim to. have some es-.
tate, title and interest in said real estate ad
verse to plaintiff; that the defendant, John
F. Williams, is not a resident of -the State of
Missouri; that the plaintiff verily believes
that there are persons interested in. or who
claim to be interested in, the said real estate,
whose names lie cannot insert therein be
cause they are unknown to him;' that the
claims of such unknown persons are as fol
lows: That John F. Williams was vested
with the fee simple title to the1 East Half of
the South East Fourth of the -South West
Quarter of said lection Sixteen (16). in Town
ship Sixty-two (62), of Range Forty (40), by a
warranty deed from William- B. Campbell'
and wife, dated August 6. lS64.and of record in
Book J at Page 422 of the real estate records of
said county: that the said warranty deeJ is
the last tra. sfer of said claim or title to said
reai.estate; that said John F. Williams died
with said title vested in him: andtbat cer
tain unknown persons derive, or claim to de
rive, 'a title and claim to said real estate last
above described as the widow; heirs, devi
sees, donees, alienees, and immediate, mesne
or remote, voluntary or involuntary grantees
of said John F. Williams, deceased; and that
one Thomas B. Freeman was vested with the
fee simple title to the North Hair of the North
East Quarter of said Section Twenty-one (21).
Township Sixty-two (62), of Range Forty (40),
by a patent from the United States Govern
ment, dated March 10, 1851, and of.record in
Book 31 at Page 448 of the real estate records
of said County: that said patent is the last
transfer of said claim or title to said real es-:
tate; that said Thomas B. Freeman died with
said title vested in him; and that certain-unknown
persons derive or claim to derive a ti
tle and claim to said last described real estate
as the widow, heirs, devisees, donees, alien
ees and immediate, mesne or remote, volun
tary or involuntary grantees of said Thomas
B. Freeman, deceased.
WHEREUPON, it is ordered by the under
signed clerk of said Courts in vacation, that
said defendants be notified that an action
has been commenced against them by plain
tiff, in i;he said Court, the object and general
nature of which Is.td ascertain and determine
the estate, title and interest of- the parties;
Jilaintiff and defendant In said suit, several
y, in said real estate, and to define and ad
judge by the decree of the Court, the estate,,
title and Interest of the parties, plaintiff and
defendant in said suit severally therein : and
that unless the said defendants be .and ap
pear in this Court, at the next term thereof,
to be begun and holden at the Court House in
the City of Oregon in said County, on the 2d
day or January next, and on the first day of
said term answer or plead to the petition in
said cause, the same will be taken as con
fessed and judgment rendered accordingly..
It is further ordered that a copy hereof be
published in The Holt County Sentinel, a
newspaper printed and Published lit the
County of Holt. State of Missouri. 'and desig
nated by plaintiff's attorney, for four weeks
successively, at least once a week, the last
insertion to be at least fifteen days before
the first day of the said Term of said Court.
A true copy rrom the record,
t i Witness my hand and the seal or
seal the said Court this 9th day 'or
I . ) November. 1910. .
Circuit Clerk;
" Order of Publication.
County or Holt, f ss'
In the Circuit Court, Jauuary Term, 1911.
Bernice L. Mace. Plaintiff,
rt vs.
Emory E. Mace, Defendant.
At this day conies the Plaintiff herein by
her attorney, H. B. Williams, and files her
Petition and Affidavit, alleging, among other
thlncs. that Defendant. Emory E. Mace, 'fs
not a resident of the State or Missouri: aud
that the ordinary pioccssof law cannot be
served upon him.
Clerk In Vacation, that said Defendant he
notified by publication that Plaintiff has
commenced a suit against him in tills Court,
the object and general nature of which Is
that the Plaintiff seeks to be divorced from
the bonds of matrimony heretofore contract
ed, and now existing between the said Plain
tiff and Defendant on tho grounds of aban
donment; of Plaintiff by Defendant for more
than one whole year last past before the tiling
of Plaintiff's suit herein, and that said De
fendant has railed to provide any support
whatever for said Plaintiff, and that unless
the said Emory E. Mace be and apoear at this
Court, ac the next term thereor.to bebogun
and holden at the Court Hensa in the City or
Oregon. In said County, on the second day or
Jauuary, 1911, next, and on the first day or
said term answer or plead to the petition In
said cause, the same will be taken as con
fessed, and judgment will be rendered ac
cordingly. Audit is further ordered, that a copy hei'e
or be published, according to law. in The
Hou County Seniinei;, a weekly newspaper,
printed and published In Holt County, Mis
souri, and designated by Plaintiff's Attorney.
Circuit Clerk.
A trueconv rrom the record. '
Witness mv hand and the seal or the Clr-.
cult Court, or Holt County, this Btli day or No
i --1 vcmher. 1911.
) Circuit Clerk.
Order of Publication in Tax Suit.'
County or Holt. s'
In the Circuit Court of Holt County, in said
State, to che January Term, 1911.
The State of Missouri, at the relation and
to the use of George F. Seeinan, Collector of
the Revenue within and for the County of
Holt aud State of Missouri. Plaintiff,
Daniel Dunn, Defendant Tax suit.
At this ISth day of October, 1910. conies the
Plaintiff herein, by H. T. Alkire, Ins Attor
ney. Whereupon it isordeied by the said under
signed Clerk that said Defendant he notified
by publication that Plaintiff has commenced
a suit against him In this Court, the object
and general nature of w hicli is that Plaintiff
seeks to enforce the lien of the State of Mis
.ouri against, ihe following described Keal
Estate, situate, lyinirand belnsr in Holt coun
ty. Missouri, and belonging to the Defendant,
to this suit, for certain fiHiwiueiit and back
taxes due thereon, and unpaid for t lie years
l!K.i, I'.Vi;. with interest thereon aud costs,
levied upon .-aid real estate, as in the Peti
tion and Tax Bill herein set forth, to-wit:
All the Northwest Quarter Section 27, in
Township til. IJaniree
And that unless lie- said Daniel Dunn be
and appear at this Conn at the next Term
Thereof, to be begun and holden at the Court
House in t he Cltv of r-on, in said County,
on ihe 2nd day of' January next. 1911. and on
or before thcfiiM day of -aid Term if the
Term shall so lowr continue, and if iiot.ihen
on or before ihe last day of said I erin an
swer or plead to rhe I'-it it ion in said cause,
the same will, as to him be ta!.-n as con
fessed. and judgment will be it.ndeie.1 ac
cordingly. Ami it is rurl her ordered, that a copy here
of be published according to law in Tin: Hol.T
Cor.vrvSK.NTi.NKi. for four Miece-oivc weeks,
the last insertion to life at lease four weeks be
fore the said 2nd dav of January. !!!!.
KURD W. COOK. Clerk.
Countv Holt. '
I, Fred W. Cook, Clerk of the CP cult Court
or Holt County, aforesaid, hereby .certify
that the above is a true copy of J-ho original
Order of Publicatlen. In the cause therein
named, as the same appears In my office.
Wlthess my hand as Clerk, and the seal of
said Court. Done at, office in Orf-Ro'i. this 1Mb
dav of October. 1910. . ,
(SEAL.) FRED W. COOK, Clerk.
Farms for Sale.
I have a farm or two for sale. Call
on. or address, S. P. Perkins,
Oregon, Mo.
"Whereas. A. J.' Sand and Minnie Rand, his
wire, oy tneir aeea. or .trust, dated tbe.JOUi
dajnnf 8TKBr; Vnd tleVf for " rc66rS
In ihe. office of theRecotdbref pesdsof Soft
190tand recorded in r Boek'tio. ' at Pare 570.
conveyed to the undersigned, in trust toser
cure the payment of the note and Internet
in salddeed of trust described, due one year
alter aate. tne ioi lowing aescrinea real i es
tate, situate In Holt County, Missouri, and
in said trust deed described as' follows, to
wit: The North East.Qurter of, the South
East Quarter and the South One-Hair or the
South East Quarr.ir or Section Twenty-seven
(27), Township Fifty-nine (59). or Range Thir
ty -seve (37). and also the following: Com
mencing at the North East corner of the
South East Fourth of Section Twenty-seven-
ty-seven (37); thence East 27.28 chains to the
left bank or the Missouri River;, thence up
said stream along said bank with Its mean
derings. South 25 degrees, west 4.97 chains:
thence South Forty-two degrees West 2.67
chains: South 40 deerees West 3.86 chains:
thence South 56tf degrees 'West 1.70 chains;
tnence south degrees west 4 12 chains;
thence South degrees West 2.83 chains;,
thence South 44 degrees West 4.74 chains;
thence South 463 degrees West 2 38 chains;
thence South 27 degrees West 5.90 chains;
thence SOuth 4 west 2.83 chains; thence
South 21 degrees. West 1.34 chains; thence
South 24 degree West 6.23 chains; thence
South 11H degrees West 6 82 chains to ' the
mouth of the ditch on the South line or Sec
tion 27;' thence- West on said Section line 60
links to.the South East corner of said Section
27: thence North 39.90 chains to commencing
corner'contalnlng 42.965 acres, containing in
all 162.965 acres ne the same more or less, all
accreted land to belong to purchaser.'
Aud whereas, default has been made in the,
payment of the said note'and interest there
on according to the terms and tenor thereof,
and. whereas, the owner of said note has re
quested me to execute' the power vested in
me by said deed of trust tc sell said real es
tate and out or the proceeds of said sale pay
the indebtedness secured thereby.
Therefore. in compliance with said request,
and in pursuance of the power vested in . me
by said deed of trust. I will sell said real es
tate at public vendue to the highest bidder
for cash, on'
Monday. January 2, 1911.
at the north Court House door in the City
of Oregon, Holt County. Missouri.
W. H. RICHARDS, Trustee.
December 2, 1910.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale in Partition.
Auberry Noland and Rett Noland
Nathaniel NoUnd. Dora Comer. Ida B. Cupp.
Ellsworth Noland, and Anna Hunt
In the Circuit Court of Holt County, Missouri.
By virtue and authority of a decree and or
der of sale made by the said Court, in the
above entitled cause, and of a certified copy
thereof, dated August 27.1910. 1 will, on
between the hours of 9 o'clock in the forenoon
and 5 o'clock in the afternoon of that day, at
the front door of the Court House, in the City
of Oregon In Holt County. Missouri, sell, at
Jiubllc vendue, to the highest bidder, the bl
owing described Real Estate, viz:
All that part of the southwest quarter of
the southeast quarter of section number
eighteen (18). -.n township n mber sixty (60),
of range number thirty-eight (38). lying on
the southeast side of Kimsey creek, and also
all the east half (H) of the southeast quarter
or said section eighteen (18), In township six
ty (60). or range thirty-eight (3?), excepting
the following described tract, to-wlt Com
mencing fifteen (15) rods and fourteen (14!
links west or the northeast corner or the
southeast' quarter or said section number
eighteen (18) thence south forty-eight (48)
rods, and seven (7) links, ti-ence west to the
center or channel or Kimsey creek, thence
down said channel with the' meandering
thereof, to where the west line of the east
half of the southeast quarter aforesaid cross
es the same, thence north to the nort" line of
said quarter section thence east to tho place
Terms or Sale as follows, viz: Cash in
hand. A. R McNULTV. Sheriff.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale in Partition.
Auberry Noland. Sarah F. Noland and Rltta
Dora Comer, Anna Hunt and Ellsworth No
land. In the Circuit Court or Holt County, Missouri.
By virtue and authority or a decree and or
der or sale made by the said Court, in tb
above entitled cause, and or a certified copy
thereor, dated August 27, 1910. 1 will, on
between the hours of 9 o'clock In the fore
noon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of that
day. at the fhiut door or the Court House in
the City or Oregon In Holt County, Missouri,
sell at public. vendue, to the highest bidder,
the following described Real Estate, viz:
AU the west hair or the west hair or the
southwest quarter or section number even
teen (17). In township number sixty (iW). of
range number tlilrty-elght(38), in Holt Coun
ty. Missouri, excepting five acres in the form
of a square in the southeast con er thereor
Terms or Sale as follows, viz: Cash In
hand. A. R. McNIJLTY,' Sheriff.
Notice of Meeting - of Stock
holders of The Oregori In
terurban Railway Company.
!Notlee Is hereby given to all Stockholders
of The Oregon Interurban Railway Company
that the regular annual meeting of theStock
holders or said Company will be held In the
office or the Company In the Moore Block, in
the City or Oregon. Holt County, Missouri, on
that said- meeting- Will 'lie 'convened at 9
o'clock n.tm. . or; that day-nd continued
during sit least three hours, unless the,ohject
for which the meeting is"5C lled be accom
plished sooner: that the-object- for .which
said meeting is called is to. elect nine Direc
tors for a term or one year."
By order of the Board of Directors, this
Decembers. IS10.
Attcstr-LEWIS I. MOORE, Secretary. -B.
F.MORUAN, President.
Woman's Union Programs.
Quotat ions-Subject 1 'The West."
Story of California Mrs. Cummins
Birds-Kve View of History
..." 31 rs. Uayhill
Men Who Made the State
Mrs. Walton
Song Select ed Mrs. Lelnner
Leland Stanford University
. Mrs. Hra;
Days of '49 Mrs. Evans.
Music - Mrs. Allen
Quotations Walt Whitman
Story of Louisiana Mrs. Lelnner
History Mrs. Dreher
Prominent Louisianians.Ms. Hunker
Music Miss Spoerle
Heading Selected Miss Krye
Sony '- Mrs. Hinde
Celebration of :JSth Anniversary.
-.vriSKAcriox ucahaxtekh imionk. -M".
Graduate Mo. Auction School
i;KNr.i:.iij-FAitM sai.ks.
WANTED YOUNG MAN from Holt countj
to prepare for desirable position in Govt.
Mail Service. Salary, 8800. Rapid promotion
tofl500. Splendid opportunity. Address Bot
One, Cedar Rapids. Iowa.
From Corning Mirror.
, uiyaeroud,' the l4-yer.-piti spa
of Mr. anfl' Mrs. Dick Strojid, ; toojr
down with the appendicitis, Sunday,
and on Monday evening, November 28r
he was taken to the hospitai at St.
Joseph by Dr. L. H. Long. His father
and mother accompanied them. On
Tuesday an operation was performed.
Wednesday he was report odas getting
along as well as could be expected.
It will be remembered by many that
Clyde's brother died many years ago
from tan operation "for appendicitis ip
a St.' Joseph hospital arid Clyde's
many young friends are -.Hoping for
his speedy recovery.
G. B. Kirkedall has sold the City
Hotel and Butcher Shop to a Mr.
George Weber, of Sioux count'. Neb.
Mr. Weber is a German, with a wfc
two sons and two daughters. The
family will arrive within two weeks,
when possession will be given. A
casii price of $2,650 was given , Mj
Kirkendall : for the pdpert:y:MTJ!r.'
Weber is a thrifty citizen'arid will no
doubt handle both businesses in a
satisfactory way. Onr citizens will
certainly welcome this excellent fami
ly to our community. Mr. and Mrs.
Kirkendall will probably go .toOmaba
to reside permanently." ; v'
Sunday morning, November 27,
about 9:30 fire was discovered in the
second story of A. T.'Neal's large de-,
partment store at Nisnabotha. The
fire burned rapidty, fanned by a high
wind and very little was saved. Th
building was a two-story, about 80
feet long and had a frontage of 30
feet. The lower floor was used by the
store and warerooms and the upper
floor was used as a residence by Mr.
Neal. We learn some flour, the piano
and a few household goods were saved!"
The building burned down in Mess'
than an hour. The loss will foot up
probably $10,000 on stock and buildV
'ing. There, is an insurance of $2.500,,
on the stock.
The large, two-story residence of '
the Allan heirs occupied by Dr. Long
caught Srenear the chimney; Wednes
day morning, and a general cpnflagr-
tion was only averted .by the speedy
aid given by a few genuine fire fights .
ers. The Wind at the time - was stir- -j
ring quite lively but the boys on the
roof succeeded in tearing away the
shingles and reaching the tire with "a '
supply of water. Mrs. Madison, who
runs the hotel on the north, and Mrs.,
Massock, who lives to the south, were
both badly scared. I f the lire had got
started beyond control the whole
southeast corner of the town would
have been consumed. '
Abstracter aHi Heiotlatorsf Liau,
Transfers for week ending "Novem
ber 2G, 1910: - "'
J A Springer to W O v'Yous, s . . w .
44i feet lot 4, block 8,' Mound
Citv. .1 .v . . . .$10,000.
:W O Vous to J A Springer, 94
; acres 17 and 8, 62, m .. 10,080
W B Hopper to Francis - J
ruaKeiv, nit ui-iio acres l ?
and 22joo, 39.. .?:..y?Tg-
Alex M Hunter to' Delia Huh- v v?.
' ter, will. , -j..
CathJI Hahn to, Xeltfe&Haii!i!'-t.s'
Will v -i-i,r - '
T R Mueller by trustee to N'H "
Roberts, lots 10 and 11. block
11, Add Maitland .Y.v 2000
H Kaiser by trustee to Wm' ','
Hoblitzell, w' 100 acres .siy
and 28. 00. : . v . 827. '
xransiers lor weeK ending necem
ber 3, 1010: r
W R Irwin to TS Martin, e 5
ne 24. ;:. 41 f...$ ",.500.
A Prussman to P I) Miller, lots
H and 7, block 1. Maitland ... 1,250
C M Bope toW R. White,
22 acres n and 7. ia.4o M.ooO
II R Miller to Elzy.I Patterson,
lot 1 and s .")) feet lots 2 .and
s. Armstrong's SulKli vision,
nv ."Jl. iJ. -S j
A A Day to G K and Gl jSin-
clair. i ne sv 27. 00. .''.)
.Ino Donovan to Hy Gilbert, lots
'20. block 10. Maitland .
V II White to Emma Knudsen,
272 acres 0 and 7. 02. 40 .... ., .15,000
V Vance. Jr. to A E Fitcht.liy
.1 P Davis t;t al to W II Patter-'
son. lot 2, block 4. Motnd
City :..
(; cap. man's DKI5IJ.
.Ino I i rod beck toGottlielf I-'ink.
tract in 20. oo. HI
M A Maple to Gotthlir Fink,
tract in 20, 0O..T7 r..
S C Nash to Gotthlil" Fink,
tract in 20, no, .T7
.losiah -Hershner to Gotthlif
Fink, tract in "20. 00, .T7
I 00
1 00
1 00
Positively no hunting allowed ori:
mv farm .with either gun.trap or dog:
Gko. R. Murray. -
cast, evea of our lives.

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