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March! .
County Court.
The regular March term of the
county court was held last week,
which was the Hh March term held
by this court since lliecreatlon of the
county. We refer to this In a special
article to be found elsewhere In this
Circuit Clerk Dunham llleil his
criminal cost bill. amount hit; to f!i:t.-
The Insane cost hills as tiled hi the
voitnty clurl: amountett toM'.'.'o, there
being three cases.
Albert Markt was named as o ver
sed forillstilcl .71. the While district.
The following
annual reports:
trlet ID: F. L.
KeltTer, :: I. I
overseers tiled their
I!. A. Duncan, ills
William as; lico.
'. itoinlm. .1. K.
Haioscy, 15.
The court went out to the county
farm and made Its annual Inventoiy.
which sliovs a total valuation of V,-
Thomas. I. Howes, of the lllalr dis
trict, was found to Itc an insane pel-
son, and he was ordered committed to
the St. Joseph asylum.
(Seorge Seeman Hied Ids annual et
llement, which was published! u full
In our Issue last week. His total col
lections for the year were H.Vos7.
For tlie four years, iwis-ll inclusive,
The county clerk was ordered to
make up the consolidated tax look
for the years lliitl-7-H-P, and to make
the delinquent tax book for 11)10.
The court drew the following tnuct
as petit jurors at the coming April
term of the circuit court:
llenton S. K. I'roud, .lames llrowu
lug, Hugh Montgomery, Find Kur
Hlgelovv Felix Cambrel.
Clay. Lester llodgln, II. I'. Me
Neal. X. K. Massif.
Forbes-M. II. Wright, II. S. .luhu
Forest-- II. L. Kvcrson, W
Hickory -A. A. Wright.
Lewis .1. T. Noell-ch.
Adolph. (Jco. (itchier.
Liberty A. T. How land, .lames
Lincoln .-Fred Lawrence.
Million-Ceo. M. Swope.
Nodaway A nil lew llershner.
I'niou Van Taylor, W. It. Fltgcr
aid. .1. L. Vai ner.
The court appropriated u for the
purpose of aiding In repairing the
levee in the Shalffer district,, and
(her seer Crimes was chosen to super
intend the work.
The various overseers appointed at
the February term tiled their bonds.
The court tixed the poll tax for lull
at 4..V).
Down at the Depot.
Agent Morgan, of the Interurhaii,
has seen a very busy week at the de
pot the past week. Not only has the
express and miscellaneous freight
business been heavy, but the carload
shipments have also been quite nu
merous. Will lierr had out four cars
of hogs, and Will Cleiin had two,
.lake llucher one, Will Stevenson one
and Karl Stephenson one; all hogs:
Will I'enuel shipped a car of cattle.
Hoy Hardman had an emigrant car to
Kansas City, F. F. Oerly had two cars
to Gentry county, and Pembroke
Hlanc hard a car to Texas.
Lonesome school boasts of one of
the largest nth grades of any of any
country school In the county, If not
the largest . The fourth quarterly ex
amination showed that each pupil of
the entire school Is doing good work
and will lie entitled to promotion.
Kach IMh grade student expects to en
ter some High school next year. They
are as follows: Cora and Mable Kddy,
Helen' llayha, Rsther Lower, Karl
.luekson, Clarence Naiiman and Willie
llooe.-C'ralg Leader.
Some Who Have Left Holt County
During the Year
We give below the names ofsomeof
our citizens who have gone from our
county during the year tltli), who be
lieved they could do letter by doing
so. Our list Is kept from March to
March, and while It Is not absolutely
correct as to cverylxxly that has gone,
It scries the purpose of giving our
readers an Idea of the changes that
have lieen going on the past year:
Abbott, Mr., llenton township, to
Asendorf, Alliert, t'nlon, to Patter-
sou, Okla.
Itaker, Karl, Clay, to Valley Falls,
Iliifty.fr, J. W llenton, to Port
land, Ore.
Ilertram, Henry, llenton. to Mon
tana. Heeler, Clota, llenton, to Salem,
Cat on. .1. W., llenton, to Montana.
Cunningham, T. It., Colon, to Fair
fax, Mo.
Cunningham, Prior. Lewis, to Val
lego. Cal.
Carr. W. M Lincoln, to Atchison
Cole, Lloyd, llenton, to Cummlngs,
Chesiie.i. Pralher, Forest, to Texas.
Cowan, Hubert. Hickory, to Port
laud. Ore.
Oaken. Civile. Unit to Nihlll,
Downey, Ci-urgc. llenton, to Mon
tana. lMinlr.tr. .lames, llenton, to Mon
tana. Fries, licorgc. llenton. to Montana.
Fil", Khuer, llenton, to Montana.
Fleencr, .Ino., llenton, to Montana.
Fuller, W. It., llenton. to Moiitena.
Field. S. K.. Finest, to Kllespel,
Field-, .lames. Fore-t, to Kllespel,
Fuller. C. C, llenton, to Halle-.
(inld-le try. Corby n, llenton, to
Shelby, la.
tirlrlllli. Cha-., Clay, to llarve.
(Srlrtlth. Wtu,, Clay, to llane. Mont.
Class, . I. , inflow , to Chicago,
'Ciiiniu. Wm.. Iligelow, to Montana.
Clllmore, .lames, Lincoln, to Seat
tle, Wash.
(Sclviu.O. I. (!.. Lewi-, to Texas.
(lla.e, (i. i:., I'niou, to St. Joseph.
Hogiefc, 4 ten. I'niou, to Medfoitl,
llarduiau, Shan, Hickory, to Colo
rado. Hughe-. Marlon, llenton, lo Lewis
Ion, Mont.
Hayward, .1. A.. Mlntou, to Supe
rior, Neb.
Illxoii, Itert, Lewi- to Highland,
Ile-ter, .Ino., llenton, lo Valley
Falls. Kan.
Haul-on, II. llenton, to O-age
City. Kan.
Ideker. Henry, Lincoln, to Hereford,
Irvine, . I. C, llenton, to Denier,
Imhodcn, Cliris,, Lewi-, to Mon
tana. lohu-on, Klmer, Clay, to Montana.
King, S. (!., llenton. to Skldmore,
King, .1. W llenton, to Montana.
Kelley, Web., llenton, lo Willow
Springs, Mo.
Kellogg, Kdgar, I'niou, to Hurling
ton Junction, Mo.
Lawsou, (ieorge, llenton, to llutfalo,
Learn, W. F., llenton; to HulTalo,
Lehman, Carl, Lincoln, to Heat rice,
Maun, Arthur, llenton, to Mary
ville, Mo.
Mlkesell, AIL, llenton, to Osage
City, Kan.
May, Kd., Union, to Mcdfoid, Okla.
Mullen, .las., Lincoln, to May wood,
Miller, II. II., llenton, to Montana.
Moser, Win., Iteiiton, to Montana,
Mlkesell, Milt., llenton, to Pawnee
City, Neb.
Morton, Win., Million, to Hipley,
Murray, W. W., llenton, to Shelby,
McDonald, Will, Liberty, to South
Mllford, I ud.
Mull, Ceo, W., llenton, to Montana.
Neeley, K. M., llenton, to Stanford,
Parker, J. S., llenton, to Montana.
Porlls, Andy, Minion, to Weeping
Water, Neb,
Pierce, N. L,, Lewis, to Scot tsblutT,
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St. Patrick's Day.
Cood morning!
St. Pat rick's Day.
A few short-sighted scholars fall
Into melancholy moods oxer the way
the world has of remembering cer
tain personages of note and forget
ting others of even greater merits
and virtue. Plutarch and Hurton
mention the names of scores of men
who made themselves felt upon their
time. And you can search the books
of reference and tind nothing more
concerning them than Plutarch and
Hurton iccordetl by way of Must rut
ing their theme.-.
Tlieiulsthe case or St. Patrick,
whose memory remains green
throughout the centuries, and yet
In his day missionaries as daring and
untiring penetrated the fastness.
Other saints performed miracles as
amazing. The advantage with St.
Patrick was he was not too good,
lie had strong human qualities.
Without these only those to be num
liercd with the greatest of sages and
saints hae succeeded In keeping
themselves written hi the tomes of
history. Humanity lines human na
line. It respects (Sodllke goodm-ss
and mighty thinking machines, but It
turns to the teacheis with under--tandlngand
sympathy when it seeks
true consolation.
Thegreal human quality In the
story of St. Patrick was the temper
the Christ lanler or Ireland betrayed
when sorely pioiuked. Jocclln, a
Cistercian monk of Fume, who
wrote the history of this .saint, tells
lion Patrick once a-ked for some of
the (Mi drawn with full nets fiom
the Irish river, lie was refused and
St Patrick, angered at the sclllsh-ne--or
the seiners, placed his curse
immediately upon the stream. Then
after no ll-h cci inhabited Iho-e
waters. At another time a tyrant
-toed rigid against conversion. It
wa-pure obstinacy and St. Patilck
knew It. He raised his stair and the
tyianl became a fox which ran to
shelter stinting the trees. Another
man who loused him was condemned
to wear a In-ard like a goat s the re
inalnderof his IHe. SI. Patrick wa-
sociable and had a fondness for pal
aver. The hermit's cave did not at
tract him nor could he see much us'
in mollifying t lie llesh. Wherever lie
went he saw that the members or hl-
congregatlou were fed, their spiritu
ality entrenched with good beef anil
bread ami honey.
The chroniclers of St. Patrick were
doubt less much given to accepting
words for deeds. They weie fortu
nate enough to Hie in a credulous
aire, lonir heroic parents dl-cu-scd
with themselves whether It was light ,
lo tell children id Santa Clans or Ki
let them read fairy hooks. Hut still
St. Patrick's biographers knew a man
when they saw him. They strained
things a hit hi the matter id mira
cles, vet did not let the wonders done i
hide a line, lovable character, human
to the heart of him.
SI. Ilalrh'k wiish teliiieriinee hid,
Who lulled (nun Ihilillli tnwui
I It cliiislnu nmkcs fiiini 1 1 In ml
This kikhI siilm did win leiiomi.
Ilul tullh 'UsilllTeii'iit Hiinndays
llere'neiith theSlrlies mid .-tiu,
The mil ii enuKhl ehiislni: niikes hewoi
Will lnlHllH-hllllltlll'll'IM.
The St. Joseph Nevvs-Piess snys
that "Louis Strcckelieln. one of Ihei
oldest residents of St. Jo-cph. is a'
full-Hedged Hooster. One uiuht last
week W. II. Cordon, president of the
fan club dumped into Turner Hall,
ami before he had said "good night
Louie was made an honorary mcmls'i'
id the Hoosl ers' Club. Mr. Stieckt-
belli is referred to as the "granddad-
dy" or tlie Turners." "t'ncle Louie"
Is the father of Mrs. el tie Phllhrick
of this city.
The mouth of January, lull,
shows the second largest death roll In
the history or our county. The lar
gest being in January. HHi7, with a
total of '.'I. but the average age or
those dying In 110" was not so large
as those dying In In lull. For I Ml
there were'JI deaths whose average
age was ik'l years, while the average
or those In IWfi was WJ years. Five
deaths occurred in January Just
passed, their average age being w.
Oregon has almost every Induce
ment that can be offered to the peo
ple who are looking for a good town
ill which to locate. There Isn't an
other tow n In the state that has more
to oiler in the way of educational ad
vantages, attractive resident districts
and good neighbors and railroad fa
cilities. A noted lecturer says to"glve the
hoy all the pie he wants;" and the St.
Joseph (iaette says .theliniculty lies
in tlie fact that they "don't, make
that much pie."
- Tlie latest record shows l.'i.'JO.'t
registered motor cars in Missouri.
Two years ago there were, only about
4,000 curs lu the state.
Holt County'a Road Overseers
Hold Their Annual Con
vention. t'nder our present road law , the
county highway engineer is required
to call the road overseers together at
least once a year tor the purpose or
discussing the road problem, and also
for the purpose of ascertaining the
general condition of the roads In the
county-the needs of the overseers,
and a little of everything pertaining
to the road question.
In answer to the summons of Kngl
neer Morris, some forty of the over
seers met In this city Monday of this
week, anil much Interest was shown
by those present. In fact, it was a
lliely hunch, all anxious to do their
liest, but the crying need was "more
money with which to do."
Knglneer Morris called them to or
der and gave a brief review of the
work done by the county under his
shpervlslon. Some IH bridges had
been put up, and some nine concrete
culverts, this system of culvert-making
was only In Its Infancy and he
believed It was the proper mode of
eulMTt-maklng, and while a little
more expensive at the beginning, he
believed In the end it would prole
economical to (lie county. Seven of
the bridges had been built by the
county under his stipei vision anil the
remainder had been built under con
tract with a bridge It nil . lie believed
that the overseers could build the
smaller culverts or concrete, anil they
should tlo mi when piactical. He hid
found the coirugated lulling to be
practical, ami recommended Its use.
lb-was sensitive or the fact that lack
orsuillclent funds prevented many
overseers fiom doing more anil bet lei
wink, and felt that the special load
and Inltlge leiy should be not less
than '.'o cents.
The county court and hlmseH
would. In tlie near tut lit, make
tour or the county, looking to the
needs id the various distilcl-. lie
then called or the vailou- ovciseers.
Mr. Wehrli was of the opinion that
the special mail anil bridge levy
should he increased lo '.ii cents on
ihetliNi: It wa- sfir-evldeiit that with
the low assessment as made by the
assessor, they did not have means
with which to do the wink, to keep
up the roads as they should he kepi
up. They needed tools and machin
ery to work with, and It was simply
an hunosslhllity to do so on the in-
I cent levy.
IV 'IV VVIUmi uii-nf tlie s:imr until.
,,. t.,tirtM all that Mr. Wehrli
P. M. Murray thought the same,
ami felt that Inasmuch as the court
had Increased the poll tax to tl.'xi.
they should Increase the pay of the
overseeistn W.'iu per day. It cost
the overseer as much to live as it did
the man who had a poll tax to pay.
Conrad Ideker wa- of the same
opinion. He believed the narrow
road bed. HI to I feet, was the proper
thing ror the bottom roads; believed
there weie too many culverts he did
not have a single culvert lu his di
ll let.
K. K. Davl- believed there were loo
many "Isms" In road-inaklug: roads
should be liiilll accoidiug lo -oil eon
till Ions and topot-raphy: lu all cases
the lower side should be biought up,
and a llrm road bed made with the
sole Idea of permanency, and when
once biought to this condition, with
the drag it could be kept In perma
nent, solid condition at the least cost,
lie was liberal In his praise for the
county court ami highway engineer
for what they hail done and were do
ing for the betterment ol the county
highways, He believed in couciete
work wherever practical - We were
entering a concrete age tor our high
ways. Jim llaiusay gave an Interesting
talk on how to make a till to stay.
W. J. Class, or 47, believed In hav
ing regular hand and regular teams
to do tlie wink better work and
more or it could tc accomplished at
the least cost: the corrugated tubing
had proved satisfactory.
Mr. Hughes, or , complained that
he had been named to be the over
seer, but had no means to ilo with,
and lie presumed his case was no ex
ceptional one, He did not object to
the road taxes II the roads were
worked properly, hut he was at a loss
to know how roads could be bullion
.wind. Cinod roads and good schools
were the great Incentive to home
seekers, and these can only be secured
bv tlie use of money. One great
trouble' was the farce made in our as.
sessmcuts, and cited cases or lands
being assessed at V and llu per acre,
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Wedded Filly Years.
Handsome cards in gold have
readied many or our cltbens, Invit
ing them to Join lu celebrating the
llftleth wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. C. Iloblltxell, at the home
or their daughter. Mr. and Mrs. II.
W. Montgomery, in Skldmore. on to
morrow, Saturday, March is, lull.
Tlie Sentinel and the legion of
friends or this dear couple down lu
Southern Holt send their sincere con
gratulations, and doubtless as the
morrow comes, they with friends will
recount the experiences, the trials
and trilmlat ions, the Joy and happi
ness those llfly years have brought
them. White as the driven snow
though their hair may be, yet there
will he a bouyaucy or the youth of
llfly years ago evident In the family
home on tomorrow. Age will le for
gotten; youth will hold sway once
more, and in the presence or chil
dren, grandchildren anil friends, their
minds will happily go back to March
111, when at Pern, Neb.. Cor
nelius lloblltxell led Miss Amanda
Combs to the marriage altar.
Times were out of Joint then; the
war cloud had gathered, ami our
country disrupted; today llnds our
country reunited and our people at
peace with the world, and prosper
ous. They have seen much develop
ment in all the great avenues of life,
and today thev enjoy the blessings of
those developments.
The groom was born in Platte
county, January in. Ml, and hence
has reached hi- thiee-scoie and ten.
and with hi- wife aie enjoying mo-t
excellent health. He came with his
parents to this county In lsll and lo
atetl hi Oregon. Ills rather. Adilan
llohlilell, was one of the loundcrsof
Itrowusville. Neli.,.md the family re
sided theie hir a short time, hut
came hack to begun. He allc rward
engagetl in the lumber hii-lncs- at
vai Ions points lu our county, and at
one time owned the yaids at Craig.
Mound City, Maltland. Foiest City,
and Oregon, lleseivedas Worship
ful Master of the old, original Mason
ic lodge at Craig. He left lieie lu
IWnl, going to Mound City, and has
icslded lu Itnckport ami now at Skld
more Mr. and Mrs. Hoblltell aie mem
bers of the M. K. church, and when
here he was for years siipcilntcndcut
of the M. K. Sunday school, a work
which he seemed especially adapted
to, for hi-enthusiasm and ceaseless
etfoits in this Held did much lu shap
ing and moulding the ehaiacter of
the young hoys and gills of those
days, ami the euteitaluments given
by that school under his leadership
have never since been equalled In our
Tlie couple have been blessed with
tlnee children Mis. II. W. Mont
guiuery. of Skldmore. Harry, of Skid
uioie, and Mi-. I'raer Allen, ol St.
Joseph, and these have biought him
eight grandchildren childieu.too, to
In proud of, all of whom were present
with Pa and Ma on their golden wed
ding day.
May He who ilocth all thing- well
ever be with them: guide theiuand
ive them many nioie yeai-. Is the
sincere wish of their many friend
own tills way.
Some Unique Pieces.
Kd linstock has recently llul-hcd
some unique nieces or fui nit ure ror
t he new hoineof our fellou-tou usman,
It. II. Ill Idgcuian, They consist of a
table and chair, lu mission style,
which were made from walnut lum
ber taken fiom the old Kunkel mill
near tills city, which wasbulll in
IKM, and the lumber used lu the ta
ble was from the main girders lu this
historic building which llually passed
to the ownership of Harvey Kvans
and was levelled lo the ground In
IIKW. The legs for the table were li
ken from walnut used In the con
struction of the Dr. Peter place, built
before the war, and then passed to
.las. II. Payne, who sold to Mr.
Ilrldgeman, on which place the latter
has recently put up his new home.
Mr. linstock has Just llnlshed a mu
sic case that also has a history. The
top Is lu checker Imard design, made
from walnut taken from the old
Kunkel mill, the F, S. llostoek, Sr.,
house, built long liefore the war, and
the old school house and desks used
prior to 187.1.
We wonder ir (leorge Could
thinks he played even when lie ob
tallied an Kngilsh loidfor a son-lie
la, v and lost control or the Missouri
Pacific railway.
.When will women learn that the
only thing Intended to he put Into a
stocking is a calf? Last week a Mexi
co woman put :ki lu one of her litis-
bands, In building a fire In the cook
stove, burned up stocking and money,
The Holt County Court Created ii
1841-Been Grinding
Ever Siace.
With the March term of our county
court, which was held Monday list.lt
had lieen In existence for seventy
years. Tills being the cave, we have
concluded to give a III tie of this
branch of the early history of our
county, and which, In fact 1 Is one or
the most Important creatdd by our
statutes, because It lias thellsburso-
incut id the revenues collect ml as well
as the levying of the taxes. I
Thellrst session of the llrstt county
court, after the creation of tike coun
ty, January as, Iffll, was heldlMarch
Jl, l!Ui. The session was heUnat the
home id William Thorpe, located on
section la, township oil, range :t.l, now
known as the old Stephenson land.
located In Lewis township, adjoining
Forties township on the west.
The tlrst county Judges weirnm
missioned by Thomas Heynnlds, iov
ernor. and their commissions wprc
dated February HI. 1811. and vvere',1
sited to Harmon (!. Nolaud, .lame
Crow Icy and Joshua Adkhis. My-.
Noland was chosen president of tile
court, and hence wa- the Hist presid
ing Judge. Adkhis served hut a few
mouths when he resigned, and .lames'
Klmsey was named to till the vacan
cy. He was the second blacksmith to1
locate lu the county, and his lauds,--'
lervvaid passed to Samuel (SI lei, am.
his shop was located on t he beast,
id ai, ill, .Ts. He also hadlashopat
hu-kson's Point, now Mound City.
Klmsey Creek derlvttl Its mime riom
Ids son .lolui. lu sin .liulgA Klmsey
went and located In the statAof Ore--nn,
where he died. Nolaud dlcd lit
'his county hi 1ST.: Ciowley and Ad
khis have liecn dead ror maiiyycars.
The second older id the count was
the naming of llayless II. (Srigvby a
'utility clerk.
The third older was the enrollment
of John W. Kelley as attorney. VUo
was the Hist attorney to practice '.be
fore the county court. In IH.VI im
represented Holt county In the lowVr
house of the legislature, and In IH-Vi
was the llenton candidate for Licit
t. maul (Sovernor,
Under the act or Februaiy l.l. IH.M,
Joshua Horn and Joshua Shelton'
were granted a grocer's license (dram-
shop), to be kept at their residence,
ami was the second dramshop license
ever issued lu the county, the tlrst
having been Issued to (Seo. Drain and
lllank Stephenson at the same time.
The state lax then was tin. At the
time or the granting ol this license
the court made the fnllo.vlug order:
"Ordeied, that the act concerning
grocers, etc.. passed by the leglslx
lure hi Ki'.i, shall not extend to, nor
be lu In ice in Unit county." Not.
having a copy id the session acts id
is.i'.i at hand, we do not know wheth
er thccouil by Its older was going
Into the uulllllcatlou business, or If
the statutes refened to gave tlie
county courts the power to accept or
reject the law. In any event. Messrs.
Nolaud. Ciow ley and Adkhis thought
they could do all the regulating nec
essary for dramshops.
On Maichai, IHll.lt. M. Huikhurst.
was granted a license lo keep a ferry
on the Nodaway river at the rapids,
t tn I was charged no license fee: he
was authorized to charge the follow
ing fees; For crossing single person,
ill cents: a-huie wagon ami team,
empty, cents; loaded, ".V: il-horse
team, empty, Mk; loaded, tl; loose
horses and cattle, . 'I cents each; hogs
and sheep, 1) cents each. Ilarkhurst
was the Hist to have lieen elected
sheriff in our county, this was In Aug
ust, IKII, but the records nowhere
show that he was reeognl.ed In that
capacity prior to that time. They do
show that William Thorpe, Kll.er,
with other oillcerswere present at the
second session of the court. And us
Ids duties were about the same as
those of sheriff, we must regard
rhorp as the tlrst one In that Hue of
olllcers. In IHta Ilarkhurst was elect
ed as the tlrst representative to the
legislature Horn iioii county. At
thai time the county was divided
Into four townships-Lewis, Noda
way, (.'lark, Nlshnaboina, the terri
tory included all of Missouri west or
the Nodaway river and as far north
as where Sidney, Fremont county, la.,
is now located.
In IBM the legislature cut oil all
that part or Holt county lying north
or a line running from a point on the
Missouri river opposite the place now
known as the (Sen. Schulu place, to
the main crossing of tlie Hlg Tarklo,
about a mile north of Craig, thence
northerly to the state line, and
named It Allen county, but leaving il
under the Jurisdiction or the Holt,
county court until 1H4.1, when the
present counties or Atchison and
Nodaway were established, and Allen
was thus abolished and Holt county
was thus reduced to its present llmiltu

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