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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, November 08, 1912, Image 4

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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' - .
New Point and Vicinity.
I!alili Meyer made a Imi-1iic-s trip
to trcgoti, Tuesday ,
-Misses Kthel D.ivlo and Alma
Sprliitft-r spent iiiiiI.i) at the Central
Mr. anil Mr. Sp.irli. of Skldmorc.
came Saturday ;v.rilnn tu vMt with
Mother "rett.
- Mrs. len. Lciit..aecouiianlciU.Mr
Lent, on his weekly trip to St. Jo
seph, last week
-Mrs. Kinina Mtinti. of Kansas
Clty. I- visiting her patent. Mr. ami
Mrs. Win. Kiinkel.
- Harrison Kunkcl vMied In Kan
sas City for a few days. He visited
Aunt F.intna, of course.
Hoy llardmuit ami wife started
home, Tuesday morning. They will
stop In Kansas City for a short visit,
-don't foru'el the band concert ami
box supper, Sal unlay. November n.
Kvery Only come and have a goiHl
-Charles and Mls Mattle liletin,
I'r. and Mrs. Kearney drove through
to St. .loseph, .Saturday, in Charles'
car. icturnliii! Sunday.
-Mr. Ilainp-on and Misses Mary
ami Mattle Christian came Satiinlai
to vMi . Clirlt l.uiiind family. and
Miss KllaliWh llampsriii.
Miaimn Itanliiian and family
drove in .st. .Ini'ili. I'rld.iy eieiiin.
rt't,miln. s;,i(n .. nluj. Tin s.
Ited Mrs. H i up- ii and s in.
Tlie !. i. iiu'e- :itnl filelids.if
Lota Mulr ave Iht a hlrthd.iv .ir
prle a' 'In li iiiie'if lierraiidp.ueiii
Willi Aft i.ti and wife, last urdav
Mr. and Mrs c I; Mmm ami Mis
I'ra.'K. "f reyiiii: Mr. l!einva
Voiiitu and I'ldldien Mniind City,
came to iMt lun ln lier and family.
t!. W. litetiu and Mii. Charles. and
Mlses Miller and Spirk.of skldnmic.
went tlinni.'li to St. .In-eph in the
Oleiiinur. and lniilit caUlo f..r the
f ireii'iileuii larin.
I.'alph Me.er klllul a .l.I.U.n
hawk. Sunday mninlni. that was
Minn1 hawk sine. i measured I"
illi'hes It nil tii In 1 1 1 fiul lifted
yoil see I h Iaier. It Is In be
Imped Malpfi and his neluhb"i will
nut liise .11 man) chickens now. j
The Oil 1st la II; IvIldcaVuleis .in
Imvliia a eiiiiti si in i heii iiiit' iii.
The) dlvldi'd illlii tu. even ll i-1 (,.
ami each an-! net all then i-
the eau. Minnie Kiaemer l.il 'sun
lliy lilkdit. Hie l ipie Mlvj. l'i
Christian 'ln lies." I'liunl In T' :
bll. Kdith llaidmiu and M y 1 1
I'endei miiu a very pretty duel. ;.
ery one Is nird in atieml ihe Lie
Miss llampsiiu !:m llaltiovc'cit
party fur her ilium, at l lie home nf
(leo. Christian, Thursday tiiutil . - Wei
certainly had a Hue time." was ihe
report oi each one present. Tim dec
orations .were tin-. Hallowe'en em
blems, The u'tii'st s wen- met at the
door by a ghost, while tin: house was
Hirblid ltb Khostly 'IIhIiIs. Mr. and
Mrv Christ Ian and MUs llampsnn are
paM'-imfsters of theatt or entertain
!' ,
4 Yearlings, good, well ma
tured fellows. 25 Spring Boars,
mostly February farrow. Also
an we cannot umc him In liny iidvnntiiue liny lontfer. TIiuhc llns
nrc all in fine condition, nut ful, but lliu Grow thy I YIIow h, the
kind that will do you Mood. We cun supply nil our old i-UNlorm-rH,
oh wc have been uddintf new Hlood to our herd each year. Come
und Bee theMe IIui)h and we are ure you will be pleased with them.
Also have Kitfht Hl White Holland Tom Turkeyw that we are
Holntf lo Hell noon. If you need a Tom, better il in hooii or they
will he Hold on Ihe market.
O, W. Schultz, nf near Cral, was
transacting' biiMnesN in OrcKiin, this
(SeorKe teller, who is a student at
the Nebraska State University, came
lionie Friday evening, and Fpent a
few days with the old folks at home.
We are glad to know that he Is mak
ing good progress In his work.
Monarch Malleable. Hound
Oak. Bridge & Beach. All
the very best, guaranteed
to bake satisfactory, or
money back.
Heating Stoves.
Round Oak and Garland
Hard Coal Heating Stoves,
$2.50 to $60.00.
Washing Machines
One Minute, Family and
Power Washers, made of
Cypress and Malleable
Iron material. They are
light and strong and guar
anteed to run lighter than
any other machine. We
have sold 75 and none re
turned. Sewing Machines.
Drophead and Cabinet
.Machines, frcm $16.50
to $60 00. Can sell you
o .Machine at $12.00
(hat will sew.
Iron Pumps. CImIii Pumps,
a I.i roe stock to select from
and prices arc low.
Corrugated Iron Roofing,
most any length you want
Wire Fencing.
Better buy what Fencing
you need this fall as prices
will he higher on next car
we gut. All Hinds of Hard,
ware is advanciiiij in price
-now is I lie lime to buy.
Tin Work & Pump Work
Attended to promptly. Wc
solicit your Initio and will
sell you good Hardware as
low as you can buy any.
. Kd. Nocllsch was ijnito severely,
hut not seriously Injured Wednef-day
of this week, Nov. 4, by koUIiik Ills
rlbl hand caught In the belt nf 'an
engine while sawing wood. Tlie In
Jury extended from thu right hand
almvo thu wrist, lasceratlug and
brulslne the flesh. Dr. W. 8. Wood
dreKsed the wound and he Is now get
ting along all right.
Rnnkin-Gelvin Wedding.
in Tuesday evening. October
was solcmuled the marriage of Mi
Mary Ivatheriiie (ii.'lvln, if Maltlaml.
and Mr. Waiter Arms Kanklii. of T.ir
kio. The event one if unusual In
tere.sl hicane iif the prominence of
the ynuun people, ami thy families
The bride U a daughter of I). A
(lelvln, onu of the mot extensive
farmers and wldelv known cattlemen
of Northwest Missouri, and president
of the People's Hank, of Multland.
Mls i,elvln Is a juunir woman of lov
able temperament and many high at
tainments. Tim groom Is a grandson if the late
David Kankln. founder and benefactor
of Tarklo College, and son of John A.
Itatikln, prominent stockman and
landowner of Tarklo. Mr. Ilankiu is
himself a youtn.' man of executive
ability, supervising and directing
Urne farming Interests, Ills genial
and frletid-makiin; ipialitliH hae
made lilm popular In the wide elide
of his acipialntaiiceshlp,
The OeMn home wllli lt ran wall
Untitles and welhapHiluted fiiinlsh
Inns inn Itself, artistically In the dee
'ii.it Ions The beamy of the oaken
stairway was aiventmttedhy thedeep
er tints of the o.ik fnllai.'e. In tin
parlor 'here was an aich of Snuihern
sinllax wlih a profusion nf chr.we
'l.eiiiuiiis in the li.n'k'.'roiiiiil. Siullav
was ti'ttoiitied about the suit 1 1 1 1 1 I
Mm eliande ler and Kir,wiiey rosi
in nl u'raeei'ully Irmn a larije i'ti
lie table. Tlie Ilbraiy wltli colm
fi te nf red j:ae tone tn ae .if a
"iKiv'ns i t i I 'rilling i
Slmrlly alter s .I'elm'k tlie weddlli,'
i'.ttty entered totli sliallisnt l.nheli
k'rln's wiildlnK' march, rendered by
Mls I'rancis tieliln. s.i..r to the
bride. Tlie brldeaud th aMemllni!
her desoellded the Ion.' stairway .Hid
.ulialii'eil to the altar, wheie they
i re met by the ur. d,u and the best
man. Mr. Aitbui l.'.inklu. Ills brothel.
I'lecedltii: the liildi! were her little
nieces, Virginia Myers and Martha
i '.irf'nan. heailni.' bisl,el nf llnwer
Ni'M c.iuie tlie maid uf imnor. Ml
ha liehlll. sister to the bride, bean-
illuliy atllied in pink cbainieuse
iv 'idtai'i'd in pink chllfuit and
1 1 1 1 1 1 I w !i It In aili d ;iii.ii.' ami
r -i's. She .mi i lid an mm bi)intii'l of
I... IVaiiiv r - -. I miiiulux came ihe
I i Ide ill 1 1 , in .if I'lT lilt Iter, III
tlli'd ill III fViltblle Kl.WII nf I'llllI'lll
i"i,iiii.di H d in i! ild ier white cliar
in iisi.. TI.e 1 1 1, innings iifin i,f pearls
u I ,r, iii.I Inn i tin' siinulier I'liCis
.did tii'i'l., ami if. .if I roses w liehcant(ht
i in' s ,ii lunl-.ii In lt ami ilrapliii! nf
si. in
l in' sipeis were brH'adi'd
with H"ld. m het arm
sli.iviei limiiiiet ii hlldi
lilies nf the val'eV.
was a lai'ije
s i ises and
l her iiecl.
she Mute a IimiicIi ol illaiiinllils srt In
cliisieis of pearls, the uift ot the
y i omu . The Kiouin was handsome in
eieiilnu' diess.
Tim ceremony was performed by
llev. I.eouaul I'. I'aiker, pastor of
the I'lt'shytc rlau chinch, who used a
slmpie t'liiu ceremony.
After receiving congr.it tilal Ions
delight ful Ice-cream course was
served, consisting of while and pink
cream In the nuliiie form of candle
and holder, angel food, and mints In
tiny pink anil white baskets. Tlie
favors weie dajnty gold-broldered slip
pers containing silken sacks of rice.
The bride's cake was then cut.
Dinner was send at noon In honor
of the wedding party and near rela
tives or both families.
The bridal party left at K In an
automobile for St. .loseph, where I hey
took the train for a ten days' trip
Kast, visiting Washington, D.C.: New
York and other points, returning by
way of Niagara Falls, '
The out-of-toivn guests weie Mr.
ami Mis. .lohn A. Itaukln, and Mr.
and Mrs. (Sen. Stevenson, of Tarklo,
Mn.: Mrs. Clayton MuMlllln, of Cedar
vllle, ()., and Mrs. Dr. Curfinau, of
Presbyterian Church Notes.
A special temperance service will
be held next Sunday night in obser
vance of the "World's Temperance
Sunday." There will lie special mu
sic, a leading, a children's dialogue
and ii lecture on Sclent illu Temper
ance. A cordial Invitation is exten
ded to the public and especially those
Interested in thisgteal ipiestlon.
Last Sunday was onu of lliu best
sessions of Sunday school we have
had this fall.
Some three or four of our Sunday
school workers ate expecUng tu iil
teud the great Statu convention In
Kansas City week after next, where
tliuru will bu several of the world's
greatest Sunday school leaders.
The Ladles' Aid election day dinner
and supper was well palronl.ed and
the ladles well sustained their repu
tation for serving most excellent
A week from next Saturday after
noon, Mis. Lindsay, of St. Louis, will
address tlie ladles of thu church In
thu interests of Home and Foreign
Missions. Mrs. Lindsay is making a
tour of the state, and speaks to ten
societies In St. Joseph on Friday.
The meeting will be In the church In
the afternoon. The societies from
New 1'olnt and Woodvllle. and all
others interested In Missions are in
vited. Further announcement next
week. Tiik I'astoh.
United for Life. .
A very pretty chinch weddliiu'. In
which two of our most prominent
yoiitiir peoiie wire I lie emit ract lin:
parties.' t 'ink place In I lie M. P.. church
In this city, Wedncsdiy evcnlnc of
this week. Noietnbt'r II.
Tlie bride. MUs Clurleno, Is the
yi)Uiii;es! daughter of Mrs. Sus.ui Itiis
set. Miss Kussel tvw loiouiitfwo
luiuilioiwl In'te anil Is one of our most
acconrpfwfS'd and popular youiitf la
lle,s. L
WallacH ill.iwson. the room. Is the
sou of Mrs. W. W. luwsou.and i one
of ( Heron's most prominent youm.'
business men. Mr. Ii.iwsott has but
lately moved hete from M.iw.son
Splines. Ky.
The church was elaboarately deco
rated with Southern sinllax. potted
plants ami .the bridal colors were car
ried out with pink and white ribbons.
Tlie archway above the. pulpit was
outlined with t railing vines of sinllax.
A lar,e white screen In the alcove was
covered with the smilax. The altar
was draped In white with festoon of
pink camrlil up with sprays nf reeii
and banked with potted plants.
Tlie elect rollers were decorated with
.sinllaaml suspended from the center
of each was a liU'.'u bow ol pink lib
bun. I'reccdliiir the ceremony Mrs. .laiues
ll. Hlnde s.ilu-. "Ilelu e Me ll All
'I'li'ise lllnliMllllv; Vmiiu Clialuis. I
l.nve V(H Truly." I'mmpiiy ai n
n'ciin-k the wi'dditii; party eiileie.1 the
ciiuicb to lb.-strains nt l.oheiis'ilu's
weddhik' maicb. ri'iiden d by Mi. I!".v
KuiiKei. 'I'l.r vriMiiii and tlie best
man. i. Wit! lniiie. ciiteli'd lliu
cl.nii'li by t.e north dimr and
.malted i In- biide at th.' altar. The
ushers. Mr. Muiiili'e I lii ami Dr.
I -1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 IllbUlid. nf Kilis.is City,
ami Mr. Will furiy. of St. .loseph.
passi'ddnwu the wet aisle. The in. ltd
ol honor. Miss II. nti use Imuran, wllli
tlie thll'l! Illllll'slll.lllls, ,s. i;is,i
lleitsls. of Kan.is City: Miss Mail. in
Meriine, nl Chli'aco) ami MK- Mary
'.iniI, p.is.ed down the east ase. The
biide eiiteled with In' I' brother. Ml.. I.
I.. Cilts. or Kansas City, wIioimvi'Imt
In niaril.ii'. Ile. ll. II. Ii.u'.sou,
tiii'Un'1' nl the uroom. peiioriued the
iVH'iimiiy .the i in setili-e beiui.' iisi'il.
'I'I.e bi Pie's diess made cut rain was
if while cb.irmeu-e sal In I ilmim d In
,.i I irhnmiuy .vini diapiil with ran
Ue'r. sl.e Unre .1 U'll Willi a Clin.li
it .lltes-oi-il e-viihey. and cu i lid a
siic'.ll r lmlH n'l of lollies' l.i-es uinl
illlrs.'ii-the-l.idi y. Mn- Wore a lil'.lll-
i 1 1 ui ilianinii'l pendant .
The maid of iiotior wore white aipl
arried a -lioui'i- biimiuet ol pink
chrisauihemums. 'I'ho three brides.
inaliN iM'ie ain (In s.. il in white ami
;c.iirlel aim boiiiiii'is
ol pink cloys.
Mis. Knukel played Men lelssolui's
wedding maicb as the hiidal parly
passed out .
Immediately alter the ceieumny a
reception was given at tlie home uf
the bride. The hoiisy was dicorated
w ith Soul hern sinllax and terns. The
bride's cake was on thu dining tible,
which was deem at ed in the In idal col
ors pink and white. Mrs. Kussui was
assisted by Mr. and Mrs. .1. C. l ilts
and Mr. and Mrs. I'. I.. Crampton, of
Kansas City.
Out-of-town guests to the wedding
Mr. and Mrs. . I. C. i'ltls and sons,
Maurice, I might and Itussel: Mr. and
Mrs. I'. L. Crampton, Dr. Sherman
lllbbard, Miss Klice Itcnsls, and Mrs.
.1. ;. Connor, all of Kansas City; Mrs.
Dallas Groves and smi, of Maltlaml;
Miss Marlon Mervlne, of Chicago; Mr.
and Mrs. Will Mclloberls, and daugh
ter, and Mr. and Mrs. Kinmutl Thom
as, Dr. Quigley and wife, of Mound
City: Mr. and Mrs. High Montgomery,
of Skldmore; Mrs. Jesse Itaukln, of
The bridal party left on the liven
ing 11. .V M. train for a short Western
A very pretty wedding occurred
Sunday, October 7, Ilil'J, al ll p. in.,
at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. .1.
Fields, six miles soul ieast of town,
when their third daughter.Liicy Mar
garet, and Mr. Charles M. I'ubley, of
Craig, Mo,, were united in marriage.
I'leccdiiig the ceremony. Samuel
(iieenhaigli, of St. Joseph, sang "Oh!
I'romisu Me," accompanied on the
piano by Miss Clara Fields. Mrs.
Ilurle V. I.lltell played Mendelsshon's
Wedding Match on the violin, accom
panied by Mls lluiilab Mickey, on the
piano, as the bridal parly entered tlie
room, and continued playing softly
during the ceremony, which was per
formed by Minister C W. Comstock.
of this city. Tlie bride and groom
were accompanied by Miss Lillian
I'endelton. of St. Joseph, and Mr.
Ilarley Seymour, of Fairfax. After
thu ceremony, Mr. Orceiihargh sang
"Oh! Fair, Oh! Sweet and Holy,"
and Mrs. Lit toll played several pieces.
The bride wore a dress of white satin
messallne and Iter attendant, woru a
dress of chiffon over pink satin. A
delicious four-course supper was
served to thu guests, thu table being
beautifully decorated in the bridal
colors of pink abd white. Many
pretty and useful gifts were presen
ted to the bride and groom as a token
of the esteem In which both are held. I
The bride I a yoiuitf lady of many
accomplishments and has been at-'
tending 1 1 U'h chool In Cmli? the past '
two year.
Mr. and Mrs. IVbley left Monday
for a two week isll In Chlc.ik'o.
after which they will be at home in
("rale. Mo., where the urooin l a
prosperous youiitf farmer, .lelferson
Ian. Society.
on the afternoon of October .11.
lr. C. K. Itunkerentertalntd fortbe
comlnif bride. MUs Charleiie l!usel.
was played at four tables, Af
ter play was ilnlshed the cuestj. ad
journed to the dining room, where
elegant refreshments were served.
Following the refreshments a bead of
cabbage was passed and each truest
drew out from Its holloiU'd center u
wlh for tlie bride. The wishes were
read aloud and handed to the bride
for her sotapbook. Then more ma
teilal tokens were handed her in the
form of odd-shaped bundles, each if
which contained sometlilni: useful for
the toilet. The house was beautiful
ly decorated for the occasion with au
tumn leaves and iualut things sii-.
festive nf Ilallnwc'etl.
Ilailnwo'eti W,s a festlle tluie fnf
the .luillors of I he lll.'ll sChuol. n.itl
afiei sitpji-r they met at Mis. Ilor
ess" lei ue. frnm Where t hey all left
for tie' be.mt Ifut comit ty limitc of Ce
ll I'l-rktiis via the li.iyi.ick t.uite.
Ai riled at Cecil's, ghosts met them
and l. iwe. Iheili where in in. The
eie'illli! was snelit ill playllll! nld
fashl 'iii'd ifaail s and liliilu' mn.'
Tlieie was ti i end to the supply 'if ap
ples and cider. Hecmatlolis and ii
f.eshiui'nts were typical of llallnwe'ill.
The quests i.ft nt a talc limit' and If
y.m ei.uid have heaid the cheers fur
tin- lvrw.lns family as the hayrack
stattul on lis return Journey there
wmild be no dmiht In your uiliid as )
the '.t.iiiiI i"il lime all had,
hi Wednesday evi'iiliii; of lat wet.i
the meinber of the Women's Cnl'in
iili-t at the Thatcher leiilie lo Indol'.'i'
ina Hallowe'en pirty. The Innis"
was appiopriutely decmati'd with
I u'iMi-iaiiteins. black cats and tdm-l-l.v
li.ims. All came dressed ill sheets
and phlow e.i-es and a they e.rne
Into tlie parens a number i.i plnue I
mi I hem. They wen uiv-n .ictrd and
petich and .'I chltiee lo iles. h,. tin'
other g bus's wern. other entft.tiii
mi'iits i.i' tlie cieilllic wei'i' in aec nl
with Ihi'luwe'i n. lletii'sl iiieiits Mete
M'lvcd at a late hour ami on lea in.'
for their own h urn's each declared II
I lie best patty exer.
' Tuesday evening nl last week a
number of fi lends suiprled Miss
l!ise at her home with a luisi-elM-neons
shower. She ifelied many
' useful and beautiful tilings, Avery
pleasant evening was spent and as
the guests departed they wished the
bride-to-be all the good things of life.
Mr. and Mrs.C. D. .ookeuteitaiiied
at dinner, Tuesday evening, the Itiis-sell-1
law son bridal party. The dining
table was centered Willi a cut glass
i bowl of Killarney roies. Covers were
i laid for fourteen, and behind each
platu was a tiny-' pink candle In a glass
holder; A six cour.se dinner was
served. Those present were thu Mlses
Charlctie ltiissell, llortensu Diiugan,
Kllsu Itensls, Mat ion Mervlne, Messrs.
W. W. Dawson. Maurice Fltts, Will
I Moore, .1. (. Fltts, Ib v. II. II. Dawson,
Mrs. Hoy Kunkcl, Mis. James It.
II hide, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. .ouk and
MUs Mary Zook.
Miss lllanche llodgiu entertained
with a Hallowe'en party Thursday
night. Twenty of her girl friends re
sponded to her Invitations, coming
dressed as ghosts and witches.
The house decorations carried out a
color scheme of yellow and black
j pumpkins, a black cat being used, and
an old witch was stationed in one
corner of tlie parlor.
Thu evening was very enjoyahly
spent lit playing games, music, ami
other Hallowe'en "stunts." After
which a two-course luncheon was
As each guest took their depart me,
they weru presented with a treat
from the old witch as a kindly ie
membrance of the evening.
Woman's Union Program.
Novi'.MiiHit 11, lni'.':
Hull Call Name or a noted irish
man. "Little Journey to tlie Home of
MeCauley," Miss Margaret lloyd.
"Manners and Customs of Ireland,"
Mrs. Mlna Curry.
Song -"Wearing of thu Oreen," by
1 1 hi Union.
"Lite of St. Patrick," Mrs. F.iuma
Current Kvents.
810 1.2 Frederick Ave.
The place where you get a HEAL
IlkeneBM and Ihe latest STYLES
In Photographs.
H R. O. Fnt.t.l'.llH. nirw'tiir of Kvnlnc
In liiirlmint, TI.e Moody tllhli- Institute.
(IDl.liKN Ti:T-"V,or unto thrm tlisl
rlt- lip curl)' In the niorntnir. Hint they
tuny fnlli.w kImiik ilrliitt: that lurry late
iiln tin- tilKlit, till wine InDmne ttiem."
IiuIhIi f.-ll.
Wc turn nildc today from ntudylng
the life of Child to consider one of
(lie tliltigH that muKed (lie downfall
of Kplindm. thut If the nortltrn king
dom, Mini nlfo of lurnel, I. ., those
who cmnpored the southern kingdom.
The chief ouuterfi.lt of the Holy
Spirit employed by Sntnn Is the In
ri'lrnthm nml the intoxication pro
ilucd In the mm of liquors, and wn
do well to I'liuse tind coiislder Mm
crk of I'ltn wl.om Joius imiie to
destroy. (Ilih. 2: 111.
The lesson t.ti'utnlly dlvltles Itcelf
Into two illvuii!!'. vv, 1-7 and vv.
lf.. This lit serlloti t.'iilly hr
Kins In cliii'M'r nix vn'i lour mid
i-UtitlililS the livj ornm lit J inivnli '0
ll'e rry i f l!ie ri 'llmint of lni.el lit J
of Ki'liml.n In the hut days. In " .
tbst linif vw He the Inhi'tlty ct
'.li'Mini i' ml Ikiii'1 "dieovi'ii!," I.
leu nli d. timl In the cctucd ni'.nti
tliire I (llfieii.'n! or rev.-ahil :.- nl
CndV vvitiili ui-. ui. t them tur (;.. ir
h pocrlry.
I. (!od ileil.tr? that H was tils de
sire to heat tlietti lioili. It 11. it is
id! (iiidV will ll 't ait) i luniltl pi'ih
Hut while Jiluivali would h'iV'
liiuh'd them they would not be luatt d,
itf. .Mint. .:i::t7 nml l-nke tS:3li, nti.l
heme It e tlmt lilt love nerve to re
vini tliilr vvirkdlnejig. Ur. Tot rev
points out elitlit clintKCii lirnni'lit
iigalust the eoii'.inon ieOle "KJitulm"
und th' court r.ml city "Sumaria," for
tlilB kvll iitturkK both alike.
Nftver Hlilden From Cod.
(1) "I'lilnhood" (v. 1). Notlilm. i.4
more Kiuimon tnnnn the evils of In
temperance tlnm tahtcliond; ,ik a
itv nis;esl''il It it the Devll'n ful.;
Imitation of true Inspiration, i'.'i V
tlilf lom.'s In." Intt:nprrnii. -icdg
not only a iniin'r men")- but Iim repu.
tnilon, love fi.r his liniilly, in hut any
mid cv I'MhltiK a soiier'tmiii will tM.lt!
dear. (3l "'I'li coitKliler mil lit .lie:r
lieurtK." I..l:e bin Vnn Wltiklo. tn.-n
Miy "tlita lai divcm't rotmt, ' fnrut1'
tltii; i lint. It does count mid that Cod
letin mlier nil of tliclr wlcki'iliieKi.
vldlntluii of Din law will nolle itm
bliliKliI In (hiu t;ioii. Amei lea Is
payhn. Die prim of a manifold lit
criaro In liuatluu. In murder, In Im
becility, in divorce and sulchlc, the
ovcrwliclmlni: portion ot which eau Iih
traced to liildiipcraiiie. Cml in re
lin mlierhiK nil our wickedness imd
vtrll a troop of robbcru are etilis
pliiK us (v. 1)
Wo ofttlinen hide our evil deeds
from man but never from God, and a
man's situ will find hltn out ll'salm
H: 16). These people made the klnn
KM (v. 3,) I, v., the king delimited In
this wlckvdneis. It us not foiet
that rlKliteousneis xultelh a nation
and sin Is a reproach to uny people.
(4) "Tiny are all adulterer," (v. ).
Of course In this connection we know
there was a remnant of true follow
rs, but the prevailing vlleoeia ss
such as to call forth this terrific In
dictment. We need to remember tbst
the connection between the liquor
truffle and white slavery Is so i.loss as
to defy separation.
"The Grtat Diitreytr."
A liquor drinker Is almost Invaria
bly a scorner. He scorns the power
of liquor over himself, Its effect upon
the nation. "Sum up the economic
loss of efficiency the cost of crime,
puitpcrleiii. and Insanity, and we have
tin economic burden of more than halt
of tho -wealth produced by this na
tion." fSee Congressman H. R. Hob
son's, "The Great Destroyer"). (6
"They havo made ready their heart
like an oven while they He In wait."
(vv. 6, 7, referring undoubtedly to Ihe
lie at of anaer and passion as well us
of lust. (7) "They havo devoured
their ludccs" (v. 7). One has but to
lev-lew the pnges of history to appre
ciate tho overthrow of priest, peasant
mid potentate alike. (8) "There Is
none thut cnlleth upon me" (v. 7).
Th turnliiK aside from Clod was noted
ut the outset, here nculn we see that
I lie iienlert and forpetfulneBs of tlod
Is tho true source of all of man's sin
nlns. II. God Intended Israel, and IntendB
us, to be separate people. The prophet
sets before ui the result of this re
fusal upon Kphralm. A cuke not turn
ed Is a cako half baked, one half burn
ed. This metanhor has many applica
tions. Our social life, our political life,
our spiritual life is too often one that
Is half turned, one-half burnsd to a
crisp and the other half raw.
Lay emphasis upon the Golden Text
and the senerul facts of the temper
nnco question. Alcohol Is Injurious to
all kinds of life; there is little, ir any,
necessity for Its use In medicine. Us
ually It Is a positive hindrance. Tho
story of "Old Born Drunk" In Ueg
be's "Twice Born Men," can be told
with profit, a man who returned to
Jehovah and found In the power of
the blood of .his son healing for hla
sickness. Lay strong emphasis upon
pledge signing, for prevention Is
stronger than cure. Also, unlike the
old Romans, our belly should not be
eur Qod.

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