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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, November 08, 1912, Image 7

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Order of Publication.
STATU OK MlSSOl'ltt. )
County ok I low, '
In the circuit court, .lamurv Turin,
Sylvia A. WhHmoie, I'lalntliT.
Charles C Whllinore. Defeiiilatit.
At thl- da come- the I'lalnlltl
Iieielu hy hei jtioriiey, T, ('. Dun
u'uii. heroic tl.i urn crslcjied lurk In , vacation, this loll, day or t h-iobcr. A.
acatlo i. anil ilk- ln-r IVtllli.n and , , m., am( Mv .f ivtltloii anil
A I davit a Iculttir. iiiiiofti; ether AtlldaMI. alli-clnc. uniomr othei
tiling. I,at i.'lwi.laii I-not a ri-..,nII(.s. tlr.it Dcf.-ml.iiit .lolm K.
tie il or tin Male ul .Mls-ourl. Wl;N , resident of the Stale
hficiipoli, It I- ordered, hy lln" of Mtoiirl
U-rK. 1 1 1:1 1 s.ii.i l-iMendant i.enoilllcd.
iiy iiii)ii('.iiioii inai riatniiu na-coin i
liii'ueed a -nit aualti-t liltu In thl
unit, praying the Coitil to uraul
I'lalnlllt a decree oill(itce from said
Defendant, and a-UInc lor temporary
ami iieiiiiaiii'iii .ilhuony from -aid He
1 ! i l.i 1 1 1 . and alsoth.it -lie he r. Alined
her former name, on the mound- of
liaiii u.i iiruiiKtiine-. itiliiiteiv. ciuel t ,,.,, i,.f,.,:,nl ,K),i the iound-of
and lurluious tie.iimenl. and helm; m treatment atidahii-etoutidloiianU
jMilltv of such indliiil le- oaiid to-t ,,,. , ri.MI,,r ,t.r t.miilltlmi In lire
uard her the s.tltl I'lalnt III, as ten , nitolerah! and unbearable and life a
(..rei l.i-r nilMMab.e. aud bur i-oiidl ir,,.. . n,at -aid Hefendant I
t on In life intolerable: and thai mi- .....i .... i,.,i,i.,..i iimnkartl fm
le I he -aid I c Mutant Ik and appear
at t hi- Coin I . id the net term t hen
ol, lo lie heuiill and holilen at ihe
Court House In the City of Oieiioii.
In -aid Count), on the Htb day ol
lanu.iry next, and on the III -I da) of
-aid lenn answer or plead to the pull
tli in III said cause, the .-aim will be
taken as confessed. and judgment will
he lendered aecoidlinl.i
And It I- filllh'-r oideled. that a
Cop) licteiif he published, aiYiit(llu.'l(i
law, In The Holt County Sentinel, a
weekly newspaper, printed and pub
ll-hed In said I'ourity. as designated
liv rialntllT.s alloruey, .-aid publica
tion to bo at least once each week for
four succes-lve week-, the la-t In-er-t
lou to be at lea-t 11 It ecu days belore
the llr-t (In of -aid icrm id -aid
Court. I!. A. IM'MIAM.
Clicuit I'lclli.
A tint ('oiii from the iceonl.
Wltne-s mj hand and the seal of
i i the Circuit Court of Holt
Count), this .'.id day of
l I 'duller, lull!
I;. A . IM'MIAM.
Cliciut Clerk.
Trustee's Sale.
Wherea. Kerry Sl-k. a -huile man.
t) Id-deed ol tru-t dated Ihe .Mb day
oi April. I'."!, and of It-cotd III Ihe
ntllce ol the liccordcr of Dced-nl Hull
County. Ml curl, In Hook '.hi, at ivise
Vit. conveyed to Allien lioicker. In
tiu-t. to -ecnie the payuieiil of the
note In -aid deed of tiu-l dc-crthed.
and of the lutere.-t theieou. the Inl
loiilnj, ile.-cilbed real e-tale, sltnali
in lion Coiiuly. Ml oitil. tii'iiit: Tin
West Half or Hie North We-t I'mnili
ol the North West (Quarter of Section
Twenty thiee l!.'li. Ill Town-hip Sllty
iiliii. ot lianue Thlr()-cM'ii i ,t;i And
Wherea-, Albeit Itoceker. the said
Trustee, Is now dead: And Wbure.is,
It was prm idcil In and by I lie -aid
tlll-l deed that in ca-e ol I tic ili-.it I ol
the Iru-tee In said deed named, the
then act luif Shei 111 ol Holt County.
Mi null, should act In the place and
.-lead (if the-ald lru-lee:and Wheiea-.
ilelaull ha- been made in t he pa) meiit
of said note and of Ihe Interest then
on, aeconllii; to the true tenor, date
mid eib.ci ol said note: and Whereas.
tliu owner of said note has rci'iic-tcd
inc. t u utii crsiuncii Micriu ot lion
County, Mls-oiiri,toeeciit(!lhupoiier
vested in said iiniMce ny .-am hum
deed to -ell said leal est .ill! and oul ot
thu pioccids of said sale pa) the In
,liiiiidiu si-t-iired llu'i'i'lii:
Now, theiel'oie, In compliance with
-aid ropiest, anil under the power
vested in me by said deed of trust. I
will sell said real estate at public
vendue, to Ihe hli'liest bidder, lor
cash In hand, on
at Hit-Court House door, in the City
ol Ou-K'iii, Holt County, Missouri.
A. It. McNCl.TY
Shcilir of Holt County, Missouri.
l li'sl ptiDiicaiion Mivemner l-i, I'.u.
lint Your llmiii'sti'ail Vt'l?
l.-f,,tt IimiIi i.nl It li.il tti!i linlioistiiiiil
wauls 'one. bf course, hut until thu!
iccent law was passed, a homesteadei
was rii ii I red In live continuously on
the laud for live years befniu the ov
ernmenl would turn it over to him to
be hi- very own. Now it I- altOKctlier
dllluieiil, and lirlKated rarms In the
Hit; Horn lla-ln, of Wyoming and
Yellowstone Valley of Montana, Mou
dell ILM-acru free liomesl cads In Wy
oinlntr und illii-aciii uiilrtiuaied frcu
Klnkald homesteads in Ncbra-I;a,can
be taken up on u new and liberal
plan. You can prove up and nel
title In three years' time, and he per
mitted to leave your home-tead live
months each year, so thai you can x"
home and earn money with which to
huv stock and u'cl your homestead
farm koIiij,'. Tills Is very important
ami opens up a splendid opporliiult v
to men, youiiK and old, to w well
Write me what kind of land you
are Intetested In, and I will wiileyou
all about the new law and the laud
that the (iiiveriinieiil will KiatU you,
You can buy a railroad ticket Iioiu
Omaha to Therinopoll- and icliirn for
inopoiiioiiaie rail's nom oilier
iudnts. on the llrsl and I lilt f I Tile. -
(lavs of each month. ood hir L'" tla.is
jill dill Cl'll 1 lilt iiio.-i iinin.-sin.-iiU
In Nebraska, the Mondell lands In
Witnniit... inn Yellowstone Vallev
lands al Huntley and llllllnn-. Mont.,
Ihe irii'jalcd land-in the Hi); Hoin
llasln and spend a few day al Thei
niopolls, where the beiiellt-lo he de
rived from Ihe waleis of the Hot
Springs are woiuU'rrul. Think whai
a xraml Hip this would lie!
I'erhaps you could urranue to ko
wllli me on one of the above excur
sions, or know someone who would
like totso. , . , ...
I have no laud for sale- Ihe Htir
llnirton merely employs me to le
Iniorinallon and assist any one Inter
ested In this wonderful count ry, with
out c'larKC Lut me know from what
point you will start and on what date
vou wish to no. I will svnd you Intor
inatlon about thu lands and tell you
inat imw and where to meet me In
Omaha. I). Clem Heaver, ImmlKra
: 'i.;oV i7, ; ntnn itflot. :m o
uiidlnK, Omalia, Nebraska.
Order of Publication.
t'or.vrv ok llitl.T, f "
In tin Circuit Court, .lunuary 'lViin.
Cora i:. Wood-, I'J.ilutlir,
I vs.
.loliti C. Wood. iVfendaiit.
At t lil dav (.(ime-1 In I'lalnl HT lici e-
I !.'( i (I 1 ill.irli.K III
Vhcieii.iii. It I- cuiler.d Ity the
M ucut litu
that -aid Defi'iid'
ant he untitled bv publication thai
I'lalntlit has commenced a Milt
aiMln-t him In thl- Court, the object
and general naline of which I- to oh
tain a divorce from (hi -aid Defend
ant from the bonds of matrimony ex
ist ni between the I'lalnl III and the
mole than the full space of one yeai
la-t pa-l neloie tnc iinnvt ol ner pen
Hon herein: and on the uroiuul or
abandonment or the I'lainilll by the
hcleiMlant and the ali-ciiilm,' or him
seir Irom I'lalutlll wltlioiil a reasona
ble cause Ini the siace ot moictlian
cue whole year continuously last past
hefoiu the i-ouiinciiccmf ut of I'laln
(ill's -ult and timber asking for Ihe
care ami ciistod) of the inliior child
botn or said marriage, l!ov dakley
Wood-, and for temporary andpenua
ueiil alimony and the ic-ti.ilm: to
her. her former maiden nameol Coin
K Slpes; and that utile the said
loliu C. Woods he and appear at thl
Court. at the next term thereof, lobe
Ih'l-iiii anil lioldeii at Ihe ( null
Hoii-e In the CIO of iii-l'oii. in -aid
I ounlv. on the sixth dav of .latiuari
m xl. and on the llr-t day ol said term
au-weror plead lo the petition In
i d c.iu-e. l ie .-amc Mil be taken as
confi ed. and Judgment will he ren
deled accoidliinii.
And It is further mdered. that a
coin hereof he iiubll-hcd. accordluu ti
law, in Tlic noil l iiuni.v eiiiiuei.
ilesiL-uated hv the I'lalutlll a- tin
new-piper mo-t likely to uliv Pc
Ii'liilani ini i.v neieol.
'lii-nil Clerk.
A Irueconv ft oiii tin iceonl.
Hue m) ban. I and the Seal ol
i i ot the Ciicull Court ol
Si: v i.. Hull County, thl- b'.tl
' ) da of October. 1 1 1 1.
Clrcull Clerk.
Trustee's Sale.
Wherea-. Charles U. Parson, a -In
L'le mail, hi his Hied of Trust, daleii
the Tweiily-louith or iivciiilicl
Nlueleeii Hutiilreil and Three, and re
couli-d in Ihe llci-ordcr's oillce of Hull
Count v. Missouri. In Cook -". :it I'aui
:lh i, conveyed I o ,1 ames A. Yauuban
the billow lie' ile-ciihed leal e-lli
situate In the County id Holt ami
Slate of Ml oiirl. to-wlt: Coiumeiic
it ilt at .1 point uluely-three rods snull
and seveiity-tliiee (7.'! rods east of
the northwest coiner or the north
we-i quarter of Seel lou t tii rl y-II vt i.'tA
In Towshlp sixty (tin) of llanue tlih ty
eiuhl (.1-). I hence iiiiiiiIiil' north .'I! :
ea-t thliteen (l.'ll riHl-: thence south
'.'.'IIs east about two hundred and
thirty-six feet ('.'.nil and In a poini
due east wr l ie no in ol iici'Iiiiiiiil'
thence west about one bundled and
twelve (ll'.'i teel, or lo the place ol
Which said conveyance was made In
trust lo secure the payment
or a certain promissory nun
in said Peed of Trust dc-crlhcd
ami whereas, default has been mailt
in the pa.unetit id the principal sum
or said no e am tint inleie-l tiien-ou
aiidwhereas.lt is provided hi the
terms of said Heed ol Trust that in
ca-e of Ihe absence, dealb, refusal to
act or disability In anywise or said
trustee, the then aclliic Sheillf o
Holt Coiiuly. Missouri, at the reiiiesl
or the leiral holder ol' said note mai
proceed to sell Hie property herelnbe
fine described at public vendue, lo
the ii u best b i der al the rioni door
al which Shei Ill's sales are u-uall)
made, (d Hie State Clrcull Conn
Hoii-e In the Count v of Holt, at Ore
l'oii. Mi oiirl: that the said Tru-tee
lias refused to act as such Iruslei
and execule the powers to him dele-
irated by the leiins of said Tiu-l
Now. therefoie. al Ihe ieiiiesi of
the icuai itoiiter ol -am note, aim in
pursuance of Ihe provisions of said
Trust Heed and Ihe powers therein
i-uiiferrrd, I, the iiiuler-litued Sherill
of Hull Coiiuly, Ml uuri, acllnir in
lieu of said Trustee, will on
between I lie hour.- of U o'clock in t lit'
forenoon and ."i o'clock in the after
noon (d said (late at Ihe North Front
door of the Court Hou-e In the City
of OrcL'im. Holt Count v. Ml mil
pioceed losell the properly herelnbe
toru (li-M-rllted for the payment of said
noieauii tile iniere.-l uiereuii ami
co-ts ol Ibis sale, said sale to he for
cash to Ihe hlifbesi bidder at publii
vendue. A. II. McM'll'V,
SherllTof lloll County, Ti ii-lce
Administrator's Notice.
' Notice I-heteby lieli. Ihal Lei
lei- oi Aihnlnistiailou on tin- esiaic
ol Anna U. Snurrlei. decea-ed. were
mauled to llui uudcrslyneil. on the
' day ol .September, HU'.', by lliu
I'robate Court nl'Mloli County, Mis
sour I.
All pmi'-oii- hivhii! claim- aL'alust
-aid u-tale. are reiiue-ted to exhibit
(hum for allowance to the Adinluls
trator within six months after t lie
tate of -a hi lellurs, or thuv luav he
precluded from any btmellt ol said
estate: and If such claim- be not ex
hihlted within one year from the
date of this publication, they shall
be foiever liar red. it. C. Hknton,
Thi-lth day of Oclobur, llil'J.
' Office first door west
xjmwua niitiH
Order of Publication.
Copntv ok How, f '
Charles A. Stadler. I'lalntlit.
Meeicl I,. Kvaiis. alias Mertel I..
Kian-, .lacob Itlchatil-. Ah-alom
l.md! tin, nullum n enlisorl . Indrs.
det bee-, donees, alienees ami Im
mediate, mesne or remote, voluii
tail or involuntary grantees of
Meietel I,. K.van. alias Merrcl L.
Kv.in.-. ilccea-ed: the uiiknown con
sot I, belts. deU-ee, donee-, alien
ees and liumcdialc. mesne or re
mote, Miluiitary or litvoluiitary
Krantec- of .lac.ib lilchard-, ilccea-ed:
the unknown widow, heirs,
ilevlec-and a Iwnees or Ali-alom
l.oid. deceased. I efcud.tui.
Ill the Circuit Court, .lauuaiy Term,
And now. thl- l-t da id Noiemher.
llM'.', in acatloii id said Court. comei
the plaltilllf heielu. h) liauk I Vine,
hi-alloincy and audit, and Hie- hi-
pel II Ion, verilled hy the allldaMl or
-am auornct ami aueui, aucK'iui;.
imoii).' other tllllii!-. that he I- the
owner, and in pos einn, or the tnl
lowlin: tle-i'rlb.-il leal eslale. -Ituate
In Holt county. Ml mill, to-wlt
Commeiiciut! al a point slxl) oiii
rods North ol Ihe Mint h t est corner
if the Soi th lvt-1 Quarter of .section
I'lilitv-four .'lb, in Town-hip Sixty
tftoi. (d lla-ive llilrty-seieii (ill):
thence Ninth -Ixiy-nliie and one-half
leuree-(li'n - l-.a-l eleven ill rod-:
thence North thiee ileuiee" (.'I - We-t
Ixlv (imi tods: thence North I lib IV
llveandlhree-rourlhs decree- rll-'il -
,a-t twenlv (".'ill rod-: thence Notth
ilneteeii and one hair deiiiee-IH1
Ka-l twenty C.'ii) rod-and eleven and
me-na I in1' i n;- in ne nuarier -ec-
lion Hue: I hence We-I on saldipiailer
ct ton line to Ihe center oi -am .sec
lion Thirty four i.'lti: thence South to
the coiumi'iiclii); coiuei. and couialn
Ini: eli;lil ami sevetili elcht hitu
lledlh- f.l-i acres inori or le . varla
ion or le-edle nine decree- u- lorti
live iiiiiiuie- M i i,.i-i:
That ilcft'ndanl-cl.ilin to liavi-ome
stale. I ii le and luicic-i in said n-al
estate adver-e lo pl.ilntllt: thai Ihe
le Mutant-. Mevcic I.. Kvan-. alia-
Meirel I.. Hvans, .lacob lllchanl- ami
Misaloin 1. 1 inl aie all not -residents of
Hie Mate id Mi-oiiti: llial iilallltlll
vellly lielleie- that Iheie ale pet-oti-
lutcrc-tcd. or wim claim lo lie inter
(-led, ill-aid real c-late. who-e liaiues
hc cannot lu-eit theieiu h.-cau-e Ihey
rc unknown to him', and thai the
lalin-of -uch iiuk'uoivu peiMiusaic
i- loiiow-: i nai one Mcicici l,. i;v
in- was veled with Hie fee
luiple title In Ihe -aid real
state b.v a patent ftiiin Ihe
state of Missouri, dated February
II, I .'.'. id lecoid In Hook .Vt at naei
l.'ll of tin- teal eslale reconl- of Holt
'ounlv. Missouii: I al in the reconl
if said iiatelit. the name oflliepal
i-nlee was eiioneoiisly willteii. Mer
.. l-.vans. hut that Ihe nalenlec
if I he said leal estate was In I ruth
mil In fact, Meveiel I.. Ki an-: I hat
Hie said p.iliiit was the last lian-fer
d -aid claim or Idle to said teal e-
ate. and thai celtalu unkunwu net
-on-deilve, or claim In derive a titli
mil claim lo-lld real estate a-1 he con
or I. he is. ( ev -ee-. ( oiiee-. al enecs
mil iiiiiuedlate. uie-lie ur temole, vol
uutary or itivnliintarv crantcc- id-ilil
.vieveiei I. livati-. anas .nerrei I.. i;v
in-, who is noiv dei'ea-i'd: that on,
lacob lilchaid- wa- ve-leil with llu
feeslmplet It le I o I he said real e-t ate hv
wartaiit) deed ft mil .loliu Otehuaii
mil vvllii, dalcil .laiiuarv 'Jn, IHiin, ol
lecoid In Hook "K a iiace tin, ol
Ihe real est at ( record- or -aid Conn
ty; that the -aid warranty deed wa
t In last traii-M of -aid claim or title
to -aid reale-late.and Dial rcttaln mi
known nei-oii- dctive, or claim lode
rive, a title ami claim losalil n-al e
lateasthe con-ort. belts, devisee-
louees.alieiiees, and immediate, inesiu
or temole, voiimiary or Itivoiuti
tary urantees ut -aid Jacob Hicham-
who I- now decea-ed: that one Ab-a
loin I. ovd 1-thcL'iantccatid iM'iicllclari
In a certain deed of uioili;ai!e, dated
lanuary II, Isnn. ot reconl In Hook
(. al naire lil'1. of the real estate
recon N hi' Holt Count v. M ssimr . sc
citrlinr a debt of Two llundied and
or vsix I "Hilars in sa il inuriuai'i
dccilbed: thai certain unknown per
sun-derive or claim to derive a lltli
and claim lo said real e-tale a-tin
widow, heir-, devl-ee- ami a lirnei
ol the said Ah-aljin l.ov'd.who I- now
x lii-imi i in II Is onlered lit the lit
dcrslcucd Clei'h of said Court, in va
cation, Dial the said (lefeiulatits hi
not li ed that an action has bi'cn com
meiiced aualust I hem by plaint 111, In
am i on ri ineoiijei'i aim ueuerai na
line or which Is lo ascertain and de
termini', Ihe estate, 1 1 1 It- and interest
ot ihe parlies plaint 111 ami defendant
in sain sun, severally ill sain real es
tate, and to dullne and adJitilL'c
hv the decree of the Court
thccilatc. title and liilere-t of llu
turtles plaint 111' and del'euilant iiisa.d
suit, severally i herein; ami that mi
less -aid (leieiiuanis in anil appear in
tin-iiiurt ai ine iiuxi term inereoi
to be hcL'tin and holdeti at the Court
House In tin- CI i v of Oiei'im, In said
Coimi v. on the ,s vr I . Y o
,1AM Al Y. I'-il.l, next, and on llu
llr-t day of said term, an-weror plead
to tin- pel It Inn in said cause, l be same
will he lakeii as eonfes-ed, and Judg
ment will be lendered accordingly
It is rurtber ordered Dial a copy
hereor be nun -hed in Tm: lim
CoiNTvSKN"riMti.,a newspaper print
ed and puuil-hed in the l oiiniy
lion n iki .siaie oi .MisMiun, aim (it
li'iiated by plalntlll's at lot lie)', lor
four weeks succu Ively, at least one
a week, the last Insertion to be at
least II I teen days before the lirst day
ui the said tei m ot I lie -aid i.ouri,
Circuit. Clerk
A true copy from the Itecord.
Witness mv hand and the seal
I i said Court this 1st day of
Si:ai Noveinher, llu.'.
Circuit Clerk.
Eye and Ear Specialist,
nth unit Kram-U. HT. JOHKI'll. MO.
Corrvipuudencu Solicited,
i KaHv ror x k.iihh-k i iimi i ' mr.MiniMm
SUN. ;MON. frUE .iWED.pi;HU.
4 ia 6 jr. 8 9
11 12 13tl4"l5 16
17 18 19 2021
24 25(26 271
Church Directories
Christian Church,
III, In II. II I i.i son, I'a-inr.
llllili-lii,.iHt-r) lii-,ls-l i '.iiiAu. in. li.f
id Minn, iii,-rluli-iiili-lit.
I'fBjrr ini-rlliiit ii-r lliiit-il.il cvriilnx ti
I'ri-iii'hliiii i-ii-ry vi'i ui mill fnurtli Lord!
I ly, ni'irnlicK inul evenlm . II in . ?::w p, n
ill OU'IImII) llivlli-cl t'i ntlfiiil :ill inri-IIUiiio
n-iliiiri'li, A'l 'ii 1 1 iv i,- i'ii" liv llu i eitr
Mothodiat Episcopal Church.
St-ri Il-i i iu'li -Mini ly n- fiilln;
-imiliif M-hiitil in 11'. .i. in.
I'riMI'llllIU M'M let- l II II III.
.Ilililur l.rni!iii ill an. In.
KlMiirlli Ij-niini'iil ?-uii hi.
Prrat-lillitf -i-rilt'' .it vim i. in.
I'myi'i- tiii-i-llnit .ifli TIiiii-iI iv .it a) i li
Vim in inlhiliy linliiil in miii'ihI u'
l,.s,. ril. i',. 1. l. I'dUIM.I..
Jurron Christian Church, Bluff City
W. II, Hanliiiiiii, l'inr.
lr4('liiiiK mi tin--fi'iiiiil unit liiiirlli iMiit
v hi ii a. in. inul ; Tin 1 1. in.
HHilf ii lioul i-iii-ii l.nplvliiv Hi 10 h, in
Christian Church, New Point.
Cllll-I I'll il II, llilllllll- I'l-lnr.
rluiitlHy ocliiwl, iuh, in,
l'r4i-lilliK mi tin-- ml lilnl finlllli Hillldujl
II I'-Cll IIIOII I ll . II II. II... Mint l-Vl-llllll!.
V. I', H, C, K. ,-vi-ry Siiinl.ii i-h'iiIuk.h in p.u .
All ho- rnrill-lllv lnvlli-il In iiIIhiiiI.
K. E. Church, Forest City.
It,-v. Vinlii but-, I'.i-inr.
I'li'iii'liliii; -i-ri li'i's, -i'i'iiihI iiihI finiilliSiin-
luy-, II a, in. uml - 1 1. in.
-iiiiil.iy st-lN,l . In ii in. II. VV I'unUs, -ii-
liiiilni- l.-iii-, iCt i. in Ml lirni'i- l.i-
niT. -1 1 1 ir Ii il 1 1 I ' nl
.-(-lilnl l.ramii-i , i. in. VII. .li-ssli- liain-
.'. Illl-sllll'llt,
Cliiill pi iii-llr,-. M I.iy uml I Iiiiisi:iv I'ti-n-
m.-s.sii'i-I'M-l,, Mrs Itnsli, A,j:ii, i ,l.i 1 1 l-t .
A Hi-li-iiini- In nil.
Onrman M. B. Church.
Iti-r. VV. I.. Mi'vi-i'. I'.i-itnr,
Humliiy HfliiMil ui i:w a, in,
rn-urliei-: rvt r Hnn l iy ui IOi.IO h. ni,
frcti-liliiK i-vi-rv SuiiiI.iv Ht tin Nnitsws) '
hnri-li Hi '.' p. in. 1
I'rtyi r Mi-i-tliik- Wrilin-siliiy iitiernouu l
Kvcrylni'ly r.inll.illy luvlti-il In iitti-ml sbuv
Evangelical Church.
ii. VV. Wi-lili'inliT, I'iislnr.
(Irt-k-ini -iiinliiy -I'lm il nl in h. m It, C,
lllllllil'l. -Hl'llllll'lll'lll.
l'rH-r iin'i-lliiK Tliiirnlay lit x i, in,
I'rt-.n-liln j. tltsi uml ililnl snnliiy-, ui lis,
in, - nl uml rmirlli siimhiyMit - i in.
Nli-kelUllnili SlllnlllV si-lnml III Id ll. Ill,
Lis, llu lust, V. iiiii'liilrnili ii.
V P. A. nl T-.:np-
I'myi-r iim-i-i lnur VVi-ilin-sihiv nl i. in.
I'ri-iii'lilii.-, llit uml 1 1 1 1 I Siinil.iys nl p. in.
mil uml tniirlli Sundays nl II a. in.
Siihil.iy si'liiNil nl lli-iiiim nl '.'::in p. in. uml
lit 1 I I if ul :i p. in I'lriy -iniiluy.
Any inn-1 i-iinliiillv ni li'inni'il In uny nf
llii-sn si-rvli-i-s.
Presbyterian Church,
SbIiIuiIIi Si-linnl nl lul'i i-v,-ry Mililinlli.
y, p. h. c. i:. ut ; :i i. m.
Pmyi-r fi-rvli-i- Tlinriliiy i-vmilim t 'W
i in.
I'reiieliliiK every Hiililmtli nt II n. m mill
p. In,
Kverylmily enrillHlly luvltcil to Httvnd tlie
alHiie NPrvli'ii-,.
I f llui pii-lur i ail In-Ill ynu, ilensu i-nll for
Ills serVll.TH.
T. A. ('I.AiiiriT, P.isliir.
Presbyterian Church, New Point,
Dev. 'I'. It. ItiilieiK I'liotnr.
l'ri'U''liliik- the Hist innl llilld Suiuliiys ut
ein'li liiniilli, ,-iililinlli ki'limil eiu'li siliuliiy ut
10 . in,
Presbyterian Church, Woodville
ttev, T. I. Ilnliirls. Pii-lor.
I'lrin-lilni; tin- ti-niiil miO four Hi Suiiiluyi
nf i-ui'Ii inniitli. siihlmlli sl-IkhiI enuli siliuliiy
nl 10 ii. in.
Christian Church, Forest City.
Kliler 1'riil II. AUKUstlnc, I'mlnr,
Hunduy hcIiooI ut, 10 ii. m.
I'riaelilngon the Unit nd thlrit Sunduyiol
eueo raoDin, mnrnuix nun evi-uiiii.
AM cordlully Invlli-d lo sttvnd tlien'imrv-lei'.
Notice of Filial Scttkmeiit.
' I I -i -i i m a
i tlti. i liiirnlit dliixi lli-it 1 list iin
di'Mnt'tl ndtuliiist ratiu of tin- estate
nl Sat all A rhH'tor, ilnTUM-d. will
iiiuki lltial m'H teineiils of liK ;w
inltiM rator al tin nul Teiiiioltln
iti.ii.i.i.. i'.iiiii ..r ii. .ii i .it ti.
i'miiii i inn i in iiimi i mil 1 1 (i ,i i
mmiiIi tti In 1 it h I-imi lii Onvi'ii, lii said
i I... ml. ,1.. . . r ....
IMIIII t , IMI I IM I I I 11 11,11 l .MM I'll!
her. A. H.. 11111!.
li W. CI '.MM I VS.
I'libtic Ailuiini-traliir.
I'ir-I iuhlliMtliiu, iii-tnhei I. lull!.
President C;i-hlei
V. I' SciiiJl.TK.A-slstant Cashier.
Capital Stock Paid Up, $20,000
Transacls a irencral hanklni: husl
ni-ss, luli-ie.-l iaid nil dcio-its letl
tur siecnieii I line.
Hraftslssuednn nrlncliialcllles. Col
lecllniis inaile and iroinilly reuiiltcd
DinKiriintH: H. achiiuin. nre-ldent
.1. A. Kreek secretary: .las lluchcr
It. I". Murnan, ami S. I', ( I'i'allnii.
Telephone No, 43.
C. H. .ikik, (i. I,. Cr.M.MlNs,
I'reslilent. Cashier
I,. I. Mniilii:, V ice President
Zook & Roecker
KsliiblUheil IN7I.
'I'he uldi'st haul,' lit the county
Trail-ad- a ceueral haiililui; business
liiteresi iiaiiiini I line denn-lts. Hratl'
Mild on all the irlticlial cllles nf the
iuiiiii ry ami l-.urnpe. nave inane spe
cial atrauceiuenls to i-(illect uuiiicy
due from estates In furelL'ii countries
The accnunts of tariuers. iiierchantK
and Individuals respectfully snlli'lled
Special care ulven lo any iiu-iuess in
t rusted lo ns.
Telephone No, 19.
Wo enjoyed udelliihl fulcall, Tuex.
day, from that old veteran, A. .1,
.Hudson, lie never foritets to brinii
some little token of appreciation this
time we are on joying his cigars, and
at the lire-side of an evening we enjoy
the nuts he brouKht tis.
3 a 2 s- h &
-i ST-.: -a
x b p 2 j
n - 2. -
r- X O
: o S".o-. -
s??o &
si3 s.
Ktlcctivc Sunday, .lanuary I, 1911.
OrcKoti. l-ore-l City.
2" Lv. 7 ::! a. nt. Ar. :noa. ra.
Pi " !i:.'Hi a. in. " (i:.Vi a. m.
i!0 " l.iio p. ut. " rj:: p. tn.
Jl " 2:iki p. in. " J.-i'i p. m.
i."i " v::r, p. ni. " 4:.V) p. ra.
Hot urn I-'. City.
8:l."i a. m.
n:.'. a. ni.
I:'.'."i p. m.
:i:ii"i p. m.
r-:: p. m.
II. St tj.Tttuu
ii-. !.'( a. in.
A u:ln a. in.
I:imi p. ni.
'.': in p. in.
r:ot p. in.
Note-A-I Lilly Kxci'pt Sunday.
A sneclal train for Mock and car
load shlpiuetits will leave Oregon at
iJiiu p. ui., wncnevcr nesircti ur
nlilpticrs. ,
Notice: All local frelcbt will leave
Oregon on the!i:'.'n a. in. train.
( lit nil Contt
l-iinvi iies tir-l .Miiml:iv In .linuiry. f.'-i rt Ii
itiMhlny- In April uml Ainriisl.
VVIIIImn ('. i:ils,iii.elri-nll Jmliti-.
Henry T. Alkln-. mi-ivtliiit i-tturtn-y,
Kilwln A t tn ti I, : in. e n'lill i-lerk.
A. II Mi-Niilty.-lii-illl.
Ilmry M. IiwIii. ii'ii'Ui;iil,i-r.
l-iolitle ('mill.
('iMiti-in-s -,-i-iinil vinii'l.iv-i In I't-hru iry,
itny. Aiun.l .unl Nnivinlii't.
II. VV. I'liili i. pniluli- Jinl.-e,
rniiitl,, I'tMirt
lleitilliir Tt-llns: l-'lr-l M,ili ll- III I'l-'lfU-,ry,
M il. Aiimi.t nnl .N,neinli,-r.
Ueiil) 11. VVM.-lil, iii-iIii-Jinli-.
I'lilllis,'lil,itliiiiii-r. Jii'lji' l.t ilMrli-l.
I iiini-l. .1 iinsklll. Imli:i- 'J' I tll-trli-l
I'iiiiiU I. .i'llcr. eleik nf i-iiuiilv iinirt.
I'tHllll. Iltlillllll 11,-lltlll.
Henry II. VV rl-l.l . pieslilt-nt.
I'liliiis,-lil,,il r. vl pre-Iil-Mit.
I'iiiii.-Is .1. n.iskili, -M ,ll.iil.-i.
(.'. I lit mis. iimiily p 1 1 v -l.-l ii.
I'r.inl, I., .i-ller. sei-ieury.
( lllllllt III, II, I nt IMlllKllllll.
Ilnrl A. Ili-'U iiri-L-mi,
,1. I'. I'tn-eii, Mininil ('III.
II. M llli-tils, llie-inii.
Ciilletiiir nf llelelllle. Ilitwmil .sl'tMri-.
Ct nun 'I'lensim I. Neville lift k-m,
II rili-r nt I ib, .Itilin M. IIIIiIimI.
(?,iinnilss,,ner i,f .-t'liiHils, Rurl A. IIih'U.
I'iiIiIIi- Ailiiiliil-.lr.iliii.li. VV. Ciiminlii..
Slll,'rllllelnli-lll nf I'lHir, Selmillli l':ir"H.
Sin eynt, .ti-lill II. I . 1 1 -1 .
Aek-ur. Perry VV. Ilmnsiiy.
l-oniiii-r. ('In- VV. U in. in. .M .ill I mil,
Moll Ciuiiily ioiiiI.iIiiii. ll.Vfi.
-lull-1 ii, lo' on -Iki vnln illmi
Coiiuly In . in-mi IHii viililiill.ni.
t'oiinly lo.nl In v toe nn tli"' vnliiiilloii,
Aier.iu'es,'lio,,l I .il levy, ITi- nT tlml valll.i
Inii ('ollllty erenleil hy ;n- of le-llslutliie, .Inllll
iry '.".I. I -1 1 .
Ctnillly in, i I tor ll.inlel lllee Holt,
i'liilii- I'oiiiily.
lireioii. (-ounlv sin, ere.ileil Iiy n'l of lea
sl.iliui', .linn '.'I. I -1 1 .
I'opiil.ill I.Hll.
A-s,ssiil,l,, ueiiltli, f'illM-i)
Vssess.ilite -Aenllli, llillils, lowll lol-
llllll personill
I, .Hills. . . ..
I'll'l II li'ls
I.lveslot'k ...
Illii-r peisoiiiil
(lii-Ki-n. eoiinly it
WnlerworUs ssti-ui.
(,-lly tii.T.Mon -Him.
teliiMil lax. .V on -i".
. f .-.1.Si
.. i,:ii.oio
.. StM-U
. ii.-
Irrivaland Departure of Mails at the
PostolUco, Orugra, Mo.
I'lTet'lllf .Novell, I '.'.', ISM.
MAIU-i lid AltTi
I CIA n. ill, Tor IMinilin urn. Iiilernit-illiita
polnli,, uml .ul polnu nurth, eiist
uml west,
Villi ft. in. I'nr.-I. .losepli uml Interineillitt
( a itlll in. I'nr till Ixilnts Miutli, eust
uml west, em-i'iit Tnrklo mill
Vllllsi-H hrmn'lies.
I i.ia p. in, I'nr nil iHilnts norili, west miU
Iiiop. in, I'ur Vllllsi-ii, nnrlli, miill to all
point mirth, ,-iu.i, buutli unit
west, exeepl llili'mieilliite Im
I ween I'nrisl City uiiilSt.Jui-.
Iiaup, in, I'nr nil poliiis norili, Miutli, eiint
ami west,
i'uut-lies will lie i-M'li.ilik-i'il lietweeu llrt'Kim
tinl Purest (Illy pnslollU'es, lis f.itltiwm
l'.ivn (Ireijiiii nl !'.'.' ii in, uml return nt
(i.V, ii, in,
l.i-uvi-l)ii-k'"ii .il I '.'0 p. in., .mil ,-eliini nl
(ml ii. in.
i 1.1.1 H, in, lliniiliii MiilU from nil polnlH
north, mint, miiiIIi uml wet,
Iti3.1 h. in, VUIIm-ii mill Tnrklu Vulley
lirmii:liek, MiilU frniu niirtli,
ens, miiiiIi unit wel,
I IU.1 p in. Mull (nun nil iioIiiU Hurt li. went
mill eiist,
lilfl p. in, Mnlii line li. (,',,, -t.. die. i O. II.
Mulls from nil imlntk, mirth
sniilli, eii-l inul west.
UiO.1 p, in, I'liilii St. .losepli.
KlIltAI. ItdtlTKH,
UiSOh. iii. Iliirnl Knulo No. I, li'iives. I!e-
U'rninl t.llOp. in,
i;lO. ni. Iliirnl ltiiute, No. leuven. Ko-
turiik, 4 "l' p.'iu.
WiSOit. m. Iturul ltiiute, No. 3, leiivm. Ho-
turns nl IUH) p, in.
HiSOs, in. Ilurnl Uouti-i No. 4, leiivi'k, lie
turns it 4 :', p- m.
mao ii.in, Ilurnl llinile, Nn. &, Iruvrk. He-
I urns ut 4:00 p. in,
Mailt urn mmte up prinup Jy li niluulet be
iiredepartlnii time,
Mall Ui KorU'seue, Ituln and pnlutt on the
M, lo Nebraska within 100 mllen nf this
laee.sbonlil b walled uofure 8:41 a. m. la
irdsr to reach ItadeatloatloD ttie satne day.
New Point U aupplled by Currier, ItuuMt

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