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Silt Cuttnto
A Monthly Review of tbe Weather
Conditions for the Yeir 1912
25 Below.
1 hi- year l!U. has given us some
thing In t lie weather record that
tiouw be put away In your upper
tory of memory. Jor pasted In your
scrap hookthe second lightest rain
rail since ism: snow in April, and a
droughty .Inly. The thermometer
.vent to '. decrees helow y.oroln.tanu
ary, and we had the second heaviest
annual snowfall ever known here
loet, snow, thituder and llghtnlngall
In ouu day, which was the l.'Uli day
3f .lanuary. and for II days out of the
iiionth It ua lielow the .ero Hue
'hose were: on the 1st. .'I: '.M. ti: :id, N;
Uli. .V .tli,-: itlli. IT: 17th. l.'iJj xth.i!:
'tli. loth, i: lltli. II: l.th. .':.: i:itli.
l.i: l.'ith, II: tilth. I. This record was
exceeded hut once here, which was In
l-7". when we had Hi days ol the :si.
that thuteinperatuie went helow zero.
The high teinpoiature was I" and the
jw ,s below, mean was;i;i. jiim un
dogices helow ;tho normal for the
month: lalufall. inch: snowfall. I
Inch: pieclpltatliin. .As of an Inch.
l-'ehtuary was a month of vagaries.
Kxtiemo cold. heaynows. prielplta
r Ion above normal. The tcitipuraluic
went as high as .Vi ilogiocs, and as low
as ' below on the .'id and u liclow on
the Ith. The pnolpltat lou was l.iil
Inches and the total sm.wfail.was s
Inches. The monthly mean was .V
degrees helow ihe normal and waslhe
coldet lebruaiy since inn.",. There
were only clear days during Ihe en
tire Lit days.
Match was one nl the worst Match's
out lecotded lieu'. Heavy snow, ami
heavy drift-. .1. Inches of snow fell
during the month. making drifts
above I In- fence pos, and tin' toads
hnp.is.ilile for sevoial days. The
sudden thaw ot the 17-lu caused local
streams lo ovetllow and the holtom
-eel Ion was under water from Coining
to lllgelow: ihe Nodaway wasalsooul
of lis hanks. The coldest day was
zero on the iMh. The river closed
lec. ;:o, lull, and did not open until
lfaieh inili, I'.il'.'. The rainfall was
.1'.' oi an Inch: precipitin Ion. ..n..
A pill was cold and little. farm work
was done no sfallisvveroeiil uplothe
I. Hi: and no oats weie sown, the
ground being so vvet and cold. In
teniperalilie il was '.' devices below
normal, with only I, is Incites of rain:
we should have had .1 Inches. We
had U Inches of snow on the 17th,
which rapidly meltedauddlsappeaied.
It is not uncommon for us to have
Mime snow in April either a tiace or
measuiahle. The heaviest April miow
was ( Indies which fell on ihe l.'ith In
lsVi. The highest temperaluie was
so on the. "ilh and Ihe lowest ;ion the
7th, Kasier Sunday. A sovcie hall
storm passed down the lino from Craig
to lllgelow on the 'jut h; ihe river got
out ol Its hanks slightly at the lluir
oak school. Much com had lo he io
May was waim and dry. only J. .11
inches of lain tell, hill licit as thy as
some previous Mays. In lum wu only
had inches: IU07. I..T.1: Hum, ..:i;
In IH7H, only .0.1; In I'.Uii we had 7.11
Inches: In wos, s.ini. in May limi, wu
had Ihe extraordinary rainfall of 1..7.
Inches. In Muy, IlilLMIietoniperatiiie
was 00 degrees on the .nth and the low
was 4. on the I., III, I7lh. On the l.th
the drop was sudden, leaves on the
north hide of liox alders and cherry
trees Iroe at the Will Mahan place.
This sudden change destroyed the
cherry prospects: beans and other sen
sitive vegetables were slight ly nipped.
Much corn was leplanted.
tune was a cold month: the temper
ature being helow t he normal, with. '1
inches of rain and 110 .Itiue rise of the
river. The hottest days were 111 on
the 'J; Hi aiul.Nlh. Wheat harvesting
bcnanlhe tlrst weekol'1 he month, and
vva-s one ot the bust we have had here
for many years.
.Inly was a very dry month, only .71
of an Inch of rain fell, and the drouglh
was hard on the maturing corn, The
monthly temperature was 7 dcgiecs
above the normal, hence an extremely
hot .Inly. The extremes were. I on de
grees on Ihe 14th and -'id: and I lie low
was .Vi on the Hith.
August was '.' degrees Mow the
normal, audi inches short in rainfall;
pastures suil'ered from the dry condi
tions, and some corn was Injured, but.
the li Inches of rain which fell on the
.nth, relieved the situation and helped
the corn and pastures materially. The
total rainfall for the month was .hu
Inches. The highest temperature was;
On on the '-"itli and the lowest ."VI 011
the. 'Id. The total rainfall for the
three summur months was7.t7 Inches:
wo should have had lil.u. inches
hence a very dry summer.
SeplemlHT was alxiut the sanest
month or lid. so far as weather was
concerned. There wereiioanroras.no
solat halos, no 'unar lialos. no hall, no
sleet, no snow, but frost ilrst cameon
thelhth. The teinperattne for the
month averaged I degrees helow the
normal, although there wete live out
of the Ilrst nine days of the month
that It stayed In the Do's, the hottest
day lielng !7 degrees on the 1st. and
the coolest day was.'t:! degree on the
last day of the month. Dining the
mouth there was a total of t.iwi Inches
or rain, as compared with 7.ui Inches
In IIMI. The heavy rainfall of J..'iS
Inches on the night of the .'id, Hooded
the railroad tracks at forest Clty.aud
water came up lo the mill at that
place. Incidentally It may be remark
ed that the l.'ith or September fell on
l-'ilday. the Ilrst time this "hoodoo"
combination of "l-'rlilay. Hie l.'ith" oe
lined last year, hut occur led lor the
secondlhneon Friday. December l.'Uli.
Vtoher was cooler by I degrees than
the normal. Snow came on Ihe .'lll,
1 Inches, but It soon dlsappeau-d.
The lnteral between the last snow
of spring. Apill 17th. and the Ilrst In
the rail. October .list, was 1H7 days
lour days greater than the mutual.
We had l.o. Inches or rain dining the
mouth. The stinwlall was the I 1 1
that has fallen bete since IWi.
No ember was wry warm. I he mean
was II while the normal N ludegiees.
Il was also u'ry dry. only .71 of an
Inch fell the month however. Is gen
erally a dry mouth. Whiter leally be
gan on the .lib. the lemperatuie go
ing down to Is degiees. bin we had
lieelng wealhi r on the I'd.
Deooinboi was dty and exoccillnglv
pleasant only .1.1 id an Inch or rain
loll, and niily an Inch id miiiu . The
highest leiupeiatuie was no on I be Nt
and lowe..i Hon the l:'ih. The mean
was .11 degiees, while Ihe monthly
normal ls.i. The Mlsviutl river was
blocked with Ice on Ihe nth at SI
loseph- it was ihe Ills! Hunting loo of
Ihe wluler: Ihe block only stated ful
some '.'l hours. Ihe month was pin
pit inns, inr all kinds of outdoor work
aud permitted activities In building
and const rucl Ion to be cMcndcd. al
most wlthoiitlliiteirupllon to a later
period than usual.
With Ihecloslngrof December, and
February having '.i days. wehac had
.iMMiays in 1 lie caieiiuar tor the vcar
The lowest rher mark al St. .loseph
was,.',."i feet above low water line, on
December hith,
I he lain and snow fall fur I In
has been:
Haiti Snow.
January o 1 .00
February I.tn is.nn
March :i.o. .i,.:,
April I. is l ,7"i
May -.'..i I 0.00
.1 11 in- ;i.;,n ii.ihi
.luly si turn
August L'.SH 0.011
September I. mi 0.00
October UH' l ..Mi
November 71 11.110
lieceiuber I.'l ,.,n
17 oil
Less hielledsuow I. lit
Total rainfall . . M.li".
The hottest and coldest days or the
year weie:
Coldest Jan. nth. -17: 7th, l."d:
1-th, .:,: l.lih, .1:1: ith, . ii.
Hottest days July 14th and ..'Id Iihi
in'the shade.
Monthly laugeor teuiperatiiie:
Ma. Min. Mean
.lanuary 4,. 1.1,1
February .TU l.i.l .'.i.:i."i
March .'10.77 'Jo.iil ;iit,.
April io.oo 4:i.p
May 7s-,:i ;m.: 117.H
.lune so. in'. 71.
.Illly INI. liH. 711,
August Mil. 74.
September 71. .Vi. m.
October ihi. ;m. :,.
November .Mi, 44.
December.1 II. .1, III.
A certain average tempuiature Is
maintained throughout the years,
that is to say one summer may be hot.
and followed by a mild winter: the
next Milliliter inaybeabove I he average
again, but thencompensatlou probably
will come with a cold winter beyond
the average. The average annual
lemperatuie at this station is ."tl.ii'i
degrees. The season'h temperature
average is; sprlng,5'.'.iH: summer, "."i.l.'i;
autumn, .VM-; winter, .'ki. in degree.
Notwithstanding the extreme winter
of HUM'.', the low range of the tem
perature ol' the spring IIU'J, it was
evened up by a warm autumn, so that
the temperature for the year 101. was
.7). 1 7 degrees only U degrees below
the normal of ."il.ici.
The mean for the seasons of ltd.
was: spring, Iti.rd; summer, 74..;
autumn, .VI: winter, ... .V
Iloyt Knoex was a St. .loseph vis
itor Saturday evening of last week.
The Crowley-Shull Case Is Finally
Settled Crowley Wins, So
Does Shull.
.satiiuel Shull. an attorney or St.
aosepii, lost tils case in which he was
sued for an alleged excessive fee by
.s.amuei crow ley. nut at the same
time the fee allowed him by the Jury,
was stitllclenl to keep the wolf from
his door for a year at least, as the
Jmy allowed him a fee of !i.ooo, (In
jury cutting the original fee f'l.ooii.
I he case has huen In the courts
some iwoyeais. and has caused much
Interest among the bar orthls section
or the slate.
The case occupied the attention of
our chcuit court for live of the s
lays It was In session last week, and
was the only case tiled dining Ihe
t ft 111. It was tlrst tiled hi lluchauati
county, then went lo Andrew couutv.
and rrom there It camelo lllt couutv
I he case was tiled at an adjourned
let in In September last, as an 1 1 1 1 1 1
case, and .luilge l-.llson IhoI. the case
under adsemeiil. and when court
uiei on .Monil.i.v last he held It not to
be such a case as In wanatil hhn to
rcgani It as eiiiiliy. and held II was
fin a Jury in decide the merits of the
11 was a smiiiikiiu legal n.iiile Hutu
Its eiy siaii ! Hie llnUli 011 Imih
sides, fiow ley was ieireenled by
( nl. .1 . . I.o.wl. of St. .losenb. and
llooher Williams, ami t.loyd lloohet,
or Niannah. and hull b .lud.e C
I . Mump, and Ic-ulsC. (iabbeii.ur
M.. Joseph. I he case was gen to
the J 1 1 1 befoie ihe noun hour. Satur
day last, and Ihey leturned a eidict
ibuiit .' o'clock thai cNetilnu. gllug
Ctowley a Jiidgineni for J.t.!i.ii-.' with
Interest at per cent from .lanuan
:'.o. mil. or a total, with intetesl. ot a
111 lie mole in. ill s i.iHKi. I liejurv was
composed ol Chi Is. Sliobel. of lleie
ton. I.. A. Meadows, Khuer Itattram,
.1. II. Mcllugh. Clay: (.'. .1. Iliiint
ineyii..l. M. Shiiuiate. Foh-sI: W. C.
Shields. Hickory: .lo.epli Kite. I.lher
ty:S. M. Iliissell. . s. HHTonl. .1.
Hiicher, Lewis; .lolm Oppenlander.
Noilaway .
The tacts, as they seemed to devel
op by I he evidence, a we understood
them, were ahoul as follows: In
Uhis or IiHKi. Samuel Crowley and his
brother, Thomas M. Crowley, both
past their three score and leu.
and wealthy lesldetits or Audiew
county. bought about lwele
sections or laud In Texas, for
per acie. and paid Into a
Texas hank the miiii of .l,.ou, as
earnest money or pail of Ihe pur
chase price. A deed and an abstract
id Ihe title weie later to have been
made out and deposited by Ihe ven
dors, The Texas Land company, but
when the time came lor consummat
ing the Irade, matters were not In a
shape to close Ihe deal, and theCrow
leys concluded that they wauled lo
call the Hade oil, and get their money
back I roui the hank. IT possible. They
consulted the defendant. Shull, and
bad him go to Texas and see what
could be done hi the matter. Shull
made several t rips, and dually brought
suit to obtain the it-turn of the mon
ey, ami w.ui it in the Inderal court,
at Amarlllo. Texas; an appeal was
taken to the I'nlted States Court of
Appeals at Fort Worth, where il was
again decided in favor of the ('row
leys. Finally, Mr. Shull, as assignee, col
lected the whole amount, plus inter
est, amount log to something over
$.Lino. He paid hair the amount
over to Samuel Crowley, Thomashav
Ing assigned his Interest to Samuel,
prior to the bringing of (he. suit, and
the suit here was for the balance of
the money, some l-,oon or mote.
There were 1111110 a good many wit
nesses examined In the case; mostly,
lawyers from St.. loseph: and ilsccmcd
to he the pretty general opinion of
lawyers that, if case was taken by the
said Shull on a contingent, basis one
half of the amount was but a reason
able fee. I'pon cross-examination,
however, Ihey nearly all seemed to
think, as we understood them, that,
as a straight fee for tbe work, (with
out any contingent element in It.) one
half the Judgment was entirely too
much. There was (including both
witnesses and spectators) perhaps thu
very greatest array of legal talent.
present at this trial, that our court
house ever contained at one lime.
The plaint ItT, Sam Crowley, and his
brother, Thomas, are related to many
Holt county people, being second cou
sins of (ico. II. Allen, William liisk,
Mrs. Hen. F. Morgan and the late
Mrs. .1. II. Teacher, of this city. The
late, lodge I!. II. llussel married a
Crow ley. Samuel Crow ley Is a bache
lor, now ml' years of age, and his
brother. Thomas. Is now So.
Samuel Stanton, who was a witness
in the case, Is a son id .lohu L. Stan
ton, who Is now dead, at one time
owner or the old Arthur Williams
place. Mrs. .lohu L. Stanton was a
sister of the plaintiff In this suit.
lames Crowley, an uncle of the
pialntltr. served on the Holt couutv
bench In 1NH-I.,
In addition to the Crowley-Shull
cast., the court disposed of Ihe follow
ing cases:
The L. II, Long vs. Fred K. Smith
damage suit: change of venue was
taken to Andrew county.
I. A. tlelvht vs. C, il. As i). rail
road: damages. On motion of defend
ant. the cause was leinoved lo the
I'nlted States coin t at St. .loseph.
I'.inest Cclvlu vs. t' II. ,v (J, iu.
loads damage. Stipulations tiled for
change lo lluchanaii county.
State vs. Hid Lai kin. charged with
violating Ihe local option law. the
cae was set lor Thuisd.iy . February
1.'!. Judge liurnes being called to beat
tl- ease, lie will also hear the cases
nl Ihe I'aiineis' Klevalor Co.. of
Culg. vs. I . s. Iltowulleld and Louis
I.. Tea re: also the case ol I . S.
Iliowulleld and L. L. Te.iie s. I It
oM'ialg. Iletliy llel.ong. A. I'. Stokes
el a I
There weie lhleeliupti.il knots un
tied by I he coin I . by which Jennie
llancher was gianted a divorce lioni
her hitsb.ind. F.ugcnc.
sylv-la A. Whltmoie was illvotced
fh'iii her hubby. Chaile. and Cora F.
Moods from her hii.sb.iud. John. Kate
Iveeves vs. K. s. Keeves: plalnlill ills-
missed suit.
The damage suits of lleiny Nabor
aiid Frllz Vollmei vs. John liogeis
and Charles lihck were s..,i t.,
lluchauati county.
The dlvoice stills nt 1. Si.nccr
Vs Llvlna Spencer. and lllanche Nan-
man vs. Amos Nauiii.in were coin In
in d
State vs. .loo. -. Kmhry: assault
ami batleiy. Call IKed al !.
Stale vs. Slla . Siulihj eainal knowl-
elite of female. Hall ti al M.ooo.
Hit I'UncI Sules.
I he ai t lllou sales or I be .1. II. ati-
man and Tbo. II. Fish lauds, under
an older of Iheciicitll court, diew a
good ciowd of piospectlve buyeis.last
A. I!. McNulty was I ho special com
missioner in partition in make the
sale, and all legal mattois hi connec
tion with the division In the former
were In the hands ol Attornev Fiank
The Naum.iu tract wascomposed of
I...70 acres ami was divided lulu
eight separate tracts, and the etitlio
sale amounted to .'!;,..',, 01 ahoul
Wi..iO per acie.
Tbe tract of L'l'i aeics known as the
Skeols place was sold lo John M'.
Naumaii for 1 ,." k i.
Mis. .le Natuiiau bought two
lu's and an ll-acie piece for n,'.Mht.
Miss Mailt, Naiiinanlook a loatl,
K. 11. Melton tool, a o lor tl.l.'i.
M. I'. Italian! a lo-acio piece of
limber for 07;..
Thomas II. Fish, an ecceiililc old
bachelor, who came here from Vir
ginia many years ago, died sitddeiilv
froin a stroke id apoplexy al lllgelow,
July mid, at which place ho owned
some properly: he also owned lli'ii
acres of land some live miles west of
Malt land. He had no relatives In
Holt county, but bad a number of
mothers and sisters In Maishallcoun
ty. Virginia, from which place he
came 10 11011 county, lie was 711
years old at the time of his death,
ami having no relatives the estate
was taken charge of by the public ad
miulstrator, and in order to close up
the a Halts or the estate, an order for
partition sale was made hy the circuit
M. II. lite hards puicliased I he .120
acres for l'H,."hii, and the lllgelow
-property consisting of several lotsand
a house was sold to. I. A. dinning for
New Train Service.
In a decision promulgated last week
by Ihe railroad and warehouse com
mission, the Ihirliuglou is directed lo
put In a double passenger train serv
ice between Vllllsca, Iowa, and St,
.loseph, on what Is known as the Tar
uio valley branch.
The new train will leave Vlllsca
about I o'clock p. 111., and will arrive
in St. Joseph about "1 o'clock p. in.
Ketnriilng. il will leave St. Joseph at
7:."i o'clock a. m., for Napier and
lllgelow, wheie it will transfer pas
sengers for Corning. Milton. Fairfax,
Tarklo, Wostboro, Northboro, (Join,
Page Center. Clarlnda and Vllllsca.
The present passenger train on the
Tarklo Valley branch arrives at
St, Joseph from Vllllsca and Inter
mediate points al 1 1 :--" a. m., and re
turning departs al 4:o."i o'clock p. 111,
17, 1913.
The Missouri Legislature
Organized and Doing
When the 171 h General Assembly
came into life, M'ednesdav of last
week, January .Mb, there was but one
absentee. The opening ceremonies
were short. Secretary of Stale lloach
started the House, and Lieutenant
tiovernortiniellchthe Seriate. After
the election or the temporary olllccrs.
Chief Justice Lamm, of the Supreme
Court, admlnlsteied the oath to the
leprosentatlves and Justice . W.
(1 raves to the senators.
Theioate 1 1'.' seats In the House of
llepiesenlatlves. The I I.'l Democrats
occupy the north section or the hall
and the llepnbllcaiis and I Hull
Mooser a corner In the southern sec
tion The permanent otgaiilalluu was
ellected Thursday . by .selecting James
II Hull, or Platte county, as speaker
r the House, and Francis M. M'lNon.
id Platte county, was made piesldent
puetein id the Senate, with power to
name the committees, thus lellevhig
the Lieutenant lioveiuor orthlsilulv.
The leglsl.iiuie oiganlijd. Ihe liov
etiioi was not tiled, who at mice suh-
mil ted his r.iiewoll message
"V. Iladley pielacos bis ine.age
with praise fur Hie lu.iuu-r ill which
Ids appointees have handled public
allalis and assets that no luniU have
been mismanaged In any ol Ihe state
Inst it in inns. Kev lew lug 1 he limine lal
side id hlsadliiinlstiallou.thegnveiu
or points tint bow. witha dellclt stai
ing 11 in in lace, the stale Measure
wa enabled t akeends meet In iKiapbanii telephone companies.
new tevemie lawsaiid the payment ol 1 "r ""' "tM ""'asuies In the in
uuexpecled latgo loos tor loliicnipora-l l,'",1 "' "'Vision will he Intro
tlnti by a number id Inleiests and the ,IKVI' s,,nalur Crossley of .lohiison
paymeiii id ihe i.Vi.tnMi tin,. Imposed I ro,l,,,- This will inovlde foi the as.
upon the Maiidaid oil eomp.in.v. k,""smcnl and eollecl Ion of the revo
Mirpliisnf .'ioo.oiio U now to he found ' ""'' 'ar. I'nder the pros
hi Ihe slate lieasiirv. hesavs. j''"1 -sleiu properly isass,.sMM , luring
Among the othei ' Ihlngs'whlch the hl,u' ,lu' ,:u,, :l"' "," ollected
message advivates ale taxation n- ' ,"" 11 '''"'''eeii mouths later,
tonus, the building of nenuaiieui , A measine to eiiale a Stale Tax
good loads, and the Issuance id bunds','
lot thai puipose: the extelislnu ol
agilculiural education among sclen-
1 1 1 It lines; home
nile ror Si. Joseph, j
vaiisas (Hy: elect lou!
SI. Louis, and K:i
lelonns; a new senatorial
primary ,
law: mine stdct tegulat Ion id Hie In
suiance coiicenis: a simplification of
coin 1 ptociduie. and a lecommeuda
lion thai (lie inlllalivr and teferen
1I11111 law b- lelt unchanged.
liov. Iladley also urt ueiids a
slate iiiciiine lax. which would make
possible a leducl Ion in Ihe geneial
inopeity tax.
Iloiue nile is an anient subject of
dlsciisslun among the leglslaims, The
"drys" aio said to lie largely hi the
luajoiity, and home 1 nl.-. taken hy
many to mean iiothiie. mine 01 less
than a chance of lining ihe 'Sunday
lid." is said to be aliuo-t ceilalnly
bailed so far as St. Joseph ami Kan
sas City are concerned. Delegations
finiu both these places seem lo lie In
illtletent 011 Ihe subject . and as a re
sult the ilghi wlll probably center
about SI. Louis.
It ieiiilies only 71" voles to pas, a
bill, and 'ft to pass an emergency
clause. With a large majority the
Democrats wlll be able to pas. any
thing they waul.
The wins, ami also the dry, aio
tremendously Interested always upon
(he personnel id (he Colillllii Ice oil
Criminal Jurisprudence To this
eoiiimllee Is assigned all hills alloc!
Ing the sale of Intoxicant,
Charles M. Hay or Callaway anil
Senator Cmlg or Nodawav wlll'hilro.
Until Friday. January 31, 1913, we will
accept subscriptions to
THE SENTINEL and St. Joseph feo rkTk
Daily Gazette, (without Sunday) iOAU
THE SENTINEL and St. Joseph r-f
Daily and Sunday Gazette - - 473.0U
Get your order in at once, as we will
positively not accept subscriptions at these
rates after this date. Send all orders to
luce the county unit bill ror the Mis
souri Antlsaloon League. This mean
tire was advocated two years ago, but
failed to pass. This, If adopted,
would make all counties vote as a
unit. The present local option laws
provide that cities of over S.T0O Inhab
itants shall vote separately. An at
tempt may also be made to get pre
cinct option for cities.
The Senate Friday created 171 posi
tions on the Senate force, two more
than the House provided In the cau
cus, or the 171 employes l'.',i are
classltlud as clerks and 4fi as stenogra
phers and other employes, The Sen
ate pay roll totals WM.S0 a day, or a
total for the 7o days ot the session of
lo,s.V The House clerical pay roll
will amount to something less than
,!:i,ihhi, but probably will be Increased
as the sessions pi ogress.
The measure creating a Stale Pub
lic l lllltles Commission which will
have the hacking or KIHoM W. Major,
governor-elect, provides for a com
mission of three members to he ap
pointed by the governor at an annual
salary of .Vhm each. This s j.vhi a
year mole than thu salary paid to the
governor ami on nunc than the sal
ary of other slate otllceis and exceeiU
by sikui the salary ol 11 nidge of the
Supiciuc Coint.
Six years Is the term of oillce desig
nated in Hie measiiie. The llist com.
mission would he appointed to tonus
of two. four and six years. An attor
ney at an annual salary of HVuiaud a
clerk al Mum an- pinvldcd for.
1 1 Is pioposed to give this commis
sion power to legulate iheiatesaml
sei vice of talhoads. street lallwavs.
ill common cai rler. ele.'tllc light
companies, gas companies and tele-
'""mission. ( take the place ot the
l State lloaid
of lvii;illatlon. co.ti
govenior. secretary o!
, ioed ot the
""'ale. audlloi. I le.tsurer and attorney
Ki M,,;ll wlll be Introduced. Ohio
ami soiue 01 uer siait-s nave such a
commission, and its workings have
been satlstaclory, it Is said.
An amendment for the separation
ol state ami local taxes and piob.iblya
'Com hilled oil page
House Warming.
Thry had a wanu time up at our
sister oily of Mound City lecently.
Friday, .laiiuaiy .i. Mis. M'hobrey
hail her residence damaged by lire.
The same evening Ihe lesldonce of
Charles W'ond.iiil was totally de
stroyed, the the being discovered
about U:.!o o'clock. The lire original
id hi a shed ailloinhig the house.
Much of the fuinlluie was saved,
1 Hi Sunday motulug. January ", the
lesldencu id M'eli P.ttlou was slightly
damaged by lite.
Tuesday morning. January 7, al
l'.':.'io the house of J. M. liregory was
totally destroyed by lire, and hiit lit
He tuinltiiie was saved. The .letter
simian says of Ihe lire, that Mrs.
Hregory was awakened by the crack
ling id the Hie. which had gained so
much headway that Mr. liregory had
to break out the bedroom window
and they escaped through It, Tbe
rool was falling hi by the time the
the company arrived and they were
unable lo do anything because their
hose had not been drained and It was
frn.i'ti solid.

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