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'iuiii-hi Kent
WOIIK OF Till-: lililM ItKAPKIt.lnolliell. K. Denny prolan, and n.
I-TI bought :i friii III tlic ItlK: Valley
n.,.u r tl t? 1 i i sect Inn. ami iiltciwurds tin- util
Death Claims Three harly Day I. .,,,,.. f;,m , c, '
Settlers ol Holt County
The Past Week.
Ficiuau I.II1I11. fr many ycai a
resident of I Ids county, and one who
did as much as any other clti.cn ever
living 11., for raising Hie
stand. ml nf horse breeding, ansiiercil
his II11.1I siniiinuiis, dying suddenly
(rom eeielial aH)iley. at I lit' home
of his danahtcr. Mi. Minnie Co, ai
Miltlaml, on 'I'liurxlay oinniliiu last,
January Kith. lin:i, In t lie x'.uh year
of hisae. He ivasofusnnny natniv,
hi); liearled and true, and one of the
'mist eoiiiiianlimalile of men. Ilu was
a man of ureal enemy and enterprise,
and uon and lost at times, aliiavshii-
levins in the principle, "nothing
ventured, nothlii'.' altied."
ins- siiiok lirecillilL' Hid not prove as
prolltahle a expei'leil, anil he dually
lost out. In 1 !-! 1 he left Hull eoiinty
and ueiil to Oklahoma, then to Si.
lietha, Kansas, making his hoiiieiiith
a daughter: then to Hneinaii, Moil
tana, ivhi'it! he resided with his sous,
lint) and l ied, lor the past two
.wars he lias hecn making his home, hi
(his eoiiniy, with his daughter. Mrs.
Minnie Cov. of Malt land, a. id son-in-law.
Willie (ilenn. or lllckorv tonit'
He was Ikmii in llaiiKor. Maliie..lunu
:'4, IML'I, and died .lanuary Kith, lli;t,
In llui With year of his u;;e. and up to
his death, was apparently In us nood
health and aetive as when he U-ft here
oine IK years ao. lie helped lohulld
the old Mannlbal St..loseph railroad
in lav. us a contractor. He then
went to (iralmm and hotiln horses
and mules for the uoveriiinent during
ho early purl of the war. lie went to
Atchison, Kansas, and laid the llrst
twenty miles of track on what uas
then known as the Atchison Pike's1
Peak railroad. With the late John
Brwlcraml .liida'Sleppy,(ifSt..loscph, i
aided In the track layhiK of the nidi
St. Joseph and We.ston railroad, now I
the l. C. St. Joseph and Council
, lllulfs line. Mr. Kiiihy took .iuacliie
pari when t lie Platte I! her lulilne
was hurneil during the cii II war, and
was one. of the parties who aided in
hrliiKilu; to St. Joseph, the dead and
When he was 1.1 yearsol auehe wenl
to sea. and lor lour years followed I his
callltiK. employed on vessels trading
with the West Indias.
In I KM l la.- uaine nest to Indiana, I
and was occupied in assist in to build'
Hie Ohio and Mississippi railroad
iiiiuiiKii t iiiii Mine, aim in im, ne neni
U Kentucky and aided in hulldlru.' the
I ui'lmrt.iii nml lll.a .....l.. I
KOr a time he owned a livery stable In '
St. Joseph, and also conducted a hotel 1
and livery In Maryville.
jMr. I.lhby llrst came to Holt county
Injtlio sprluir of 1 S(i.", and was In the
II... .Ml. I.... I....K- 1 .....1 I I. ..I .1...
imciiii-.- itL'iL-, Him oilmen nit
ajrlntliiK outllt to Oieaon from Forest
( !ll v. ivlili-lu-mtst It nl nil 'I'lieWi'Vi-iv i-i
.plant, It beliiK shipK'd by (.'has. W.
lnjivmau from St.. Louis and came by
stlamboat. He uas one of the very
IIkm. to hecoiuu a sulisci liter to Tin:
SvriNKi and subscribed ipiitu lib-
crally to help establish this paper. I
He resided In the property noiv known
; ills viirc w: f,.rv Lucv Aidrev.
Savannah. In whom In- a mat i led
Thanksgiving Day. S7.!. auilwhudlcd
December II. I!i:i. (Hie of Ihcsoicsl
alllli't Ions dial iMiiic in Mr. Llbbywas
tlic death of hi- thicc .tiiiiiit"-t chll
1 1 ivn which neemcd v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tim e days
Sammy. age I. died June IMb; Mabel,
age. !, mi June .'iitli, and Kuc. age 7,
on June .Mill ss-. The funncr died
from llu and the two taller from
im-aslcs. and wcic all I1111I11I In out'
grave In 1 la; I Irciion i-cmul crv . M:i vndi
(lied December II, ls'.i.i.
Ilu Is survived I11 llveehilthen: Mrs.
J.W. Johnson, of Miis,'(iL'ci.( Iklahuina:
Mrs. Minnie Cox, nC .Maill.ind: Mis.
Augusta (ilcn f Tiiinii, Missouri:
Hubert, of Sterling. Coloiado: and
Fred, nf FlagMalT. A i i.rm.t: the luo
limner being I In- only chtldicuahlf to
hchcteal Hit liiiiiii.il. A hinthci-lu
law. Sain Anlicy. in Savannah, uas
also hero 1.1 alH'iid the funeral. Mi
ls also sinvlu'il li tin-lie grand
clilldieiiaiidlhrccgreal grandchildren
mid also 1 mi si-iris who ifslilc ui
Marshllcld. Mass. '
tin-tinil.i uas hiought to n tvroii .
Saluiday uiinnlug, and in lid' sendees
weie held ,tl Hick raw. I I.V I.. I.
I'll" I'll, ui 1 tu M. i: fliuii'ii. Him had
known ihe ,lcv.is.il iiu ,nn yens,
the body h -i.ig laid he-Id,- Ids wife
and I'lil.ilii'ii
I M'. Michael elimi-r. an ea-li nhisi.
clan nl this county, and ,t u-Nlileul of
OreHou foi main years, dlul at the
l-.usuorih lloshlial In Si .1 is,.i.
iiitii'Mlay last. Januaii HUh. Iid.l.
from the lullrinai les of old aue, at
the aue of IHi e.ii
Hr. la'liiui-i' uas Inn u In Sinneiset
county. IVuiisylvanla. IVhruari' I, 'I,
isj.'l. At the a-.'i-ot II hit went with
I'll. M. LKII.MF.I!
Taken ii hen a youiiu man
'"Is parents to Tuscarawas county,
ol''"' Mn,, li"l'i't his boy hood days
on the rami, and look a common school
ednc Hon. He stiiilh-dat the Widen
,"w "'""-c! ami with Dr.
Wlnford, or Siiinlleld, Ohio, and
took his final course, at the liar
Varrl Medical collcec of Hoston. He
iH-L-ai. Ids uracil,-,. ,7. 1,1. ,11.1,.
! I" lK He then took a courc at tlu
I nlveislty Medical collciM
()rk, and Hie lictinold Practical
School of Medlclneand (railiiatcd from
these In lMn.
He lias also one or theoldesl j,'r.ulu
ates of Hatvard fnlierslty Medical
School and or the Jeirerson Medical
(.'olleKc, or Pldladelphla. He was
ptcM-nt at the tlrst surgical operation.
In which chlorolorm was iisetl for an
ain-stheile. to he perlontied In the
rnlted Stales. Tor main wai In-
I u.lsanas,tsi:,i, or Hi. Wendell llnlmes.
I a pioiuliieiit snreeon.nrllosinn.Mass .
Whn arierwanl bei-ame AlueiiiM'-i
Kle.lt poet.
1'ih'tnr l.i'hiiu-i wine a i hi).' t hilt hiid
liteii.seiii him after the Civil W.u by
a yuiini! N'lij,'lnlan, who had In en Se
idell uiiiiudi-d and iihiise llle lie n.i
lnlruiiieiital In miIiih, at the li.iltle
r lieltyslnuj... i(M-ior l.ehmer w;is
in cliaine nl the tlettl hoplt,ii lor
Pii-kelf.s men at lieltyslmiu. an he
illncled Hie medical wnik for l-lb
Maiiiiaul's and Pl.-keifs mWI at
i ' met cry l!lile.
In s.M he came wesi, .mil located
In Hrej-on. whele he piactlceil his no.
lessleu. and when thechll war cunt
t-u he went easl. and then teliiriietl
I" iri'jroii. sometime in Hit, ami o.u
tinned In aclln- piaclice until l;
lllsheallh hecoiulli)' hup.iiieil In-ills-Ciintlnileil
all escepl hlsolllce practice.
ii is sain mat lie never asked a pa
tient for hl pay for his services, .mil
did a vast amount or woik. with the
itsiill thiil he illnl a coinpaiiil liely
poor man.
In I sM he opened a driiK stole In a
little rrame biilldiuu on the lot occu
pied by Hie Farmers' telephone oillce.
In the lire tr August n, Is;;, which
ilfstnyei! tin north side business
block, dr. I.ebmerlost hlssioiehuild
iUK and stock, hut he Immediately u
built, and continued in business for
many years. He dually let I red from
business, and continued an oillceprac
lice, and some PJ years ao. he and
wire it-limied In St. Joseph, viheie lie
lias since llie.l In lellrcincnt.
Ills wife was foimeily Susan C.
Imrnm, and she died Fcbiiiary ."VI h.
ItHiT lie Issiiivlved ly a Innlher.
Julias Leluner. or I.oiil' lleai-h. Call-
lornla. and live nieces, Mis. Ii. W.
Porter, or .Mound City: Mr. Miull
Wcln-r, or Forest Cliy. Mrs. Ane.s
FrcKt.sliam. or Savannah: Mrs. Mabel
I ..MtiN and Miss l.llllau l.eluner. or
Limn lleacb, California; and Inn
nepheiis. CienrHe l.elimer and Kilwln
A. Welly, and a slsterdn-law. Mrs.
Sol i.chiui-r, of iihtuii. lie Is a No
survived by live Kianil nieces. Mis.
Cliarles (ielner. or St. JiiM-ph: and a
daughter or Mrs. I.ynds, anil three
daiiKhteis ol Mrs. FrodshamV. and
three irratid nephews: l,aivience. son
nrtieoie l.vliiiifr:uM)iiofMrKl..viiiN':
ami a son or Mrs. Frodsliaui s and a
Ureal Kiand nephew, a son or Hie
Ills brother.. I acoli. died in ourcltv.
I'eceinber 7. IIW, at the ae or Mislilx
sister, Kate, died Mutch K, Itill.auetMii
his sister, Mis. KIIalM-Mi Zook, died
September 'js. Hhw.ukuMii: his hint her.
Soloman, died .lanuury in, Mii:,. airn
li": a brother, (iconic, died at Veu
Philadelphia, Ohio, June II', lims.antl
liad reached ids ;;tli milestone.
HevviiKa life lout: memlter or the
Lutheran chinch, and llev. Ceo.
Murphy, of this cluircli. of St. Josenb.
conducted the funeral services from
Hie Healnn.HeKole's chapel, I'rlday
last, 17th Inst., the Interment liclnL'
Inside his wife in Mount Mora ceme
tery. Ills life and death were .sljinlilcaut,
in that they brliiK to the public mind
once more tlii! conviction that L'ood.
iiessanil IntcKilty are not a tine ail,
hill an equipment which comes with
a rrauk and sincere outlook upon the
average tlilnes which make no the
common day. Ills one fault ir it can
he called such was i-Ki-essiu- illtn.
deuce, vihlch oliscured his merit, and
placed him in Hie position of a fol-
lower, when lie should have been a
leader. Hut lie cared not ror the
plaudits of Hut multitude, and was
content wllh the approval of his own
conscience and Hut appiohatlou of the
Hod whom he loved and surved. lie
was master of his own mind and
passions, and as such was enabled to
stand serene and unafraid in I lie fact
or any condition or cliciunstance.
(( out Inued on pane Hum
Newspapers which published a
Utile Hem a week au;n about there
Ituliif; rai.'t'i fur uver.i man, woman
and child tucked away In the Treas
ur.i Hepartiueut vaults, that amount
heint! thu per capita division of the
reservn now held hv I lie Treasurv
ii ere responsible for a del iikc or lei
ters received by t ho Director or Hie
Mint. Thu wi Iters ull asked the Di
rector to send them their ML?.!. One
man spec Hied that this amount should
be sent In ! hills and in-nnles,
IJL'TTI v-i linii'v i int.,.
'". ' IH'?llriS.
- l -
.The 47th General Assembly Now
in -Workini Ordcr--Com-
mlttees Named.
Wednesday last. Speaker Hull, or
tin House, atiiioiim-eil the various
committee, and Kcprcciitatlw
Sw ipe, of tbl county, was placed on
the llallroad and Internal linproie
lilC'itsenimiilttee: on ('iiiiviiiiiilnn.il
Aiiiinilineuts. Cleilcal Foice. and
liistiees or the Pe.u-t ; ih,. llut'e ror
mti beiliK Impoitaiit cimiiilt lee.
'Ine ileiuands ror reii-nue for tills
hlmnlal period for Hie state di-paii-mi
ids and the ediUMlliiiial. elieinnsy
nan and penal Institutions ,.,.,.,'-i
mi esiim.iieii a i a i lii i lie leieuue m.ire
Hun '.'.lmMun. The demands ,K
:ri .' tie lL'.llt.no.l. i. relenue lllll
tut St-eeil lo.iim.imn
l.i.llll-nlle bill wt-le bit lucel
W ilnesd.ii and Thursday in the
Ih ic. iiniiiUK the iimn tmHiriant
in i-
ii liciucsciil.iHw Pliclp: Adiulu
isn.it Inn hill cte.itlin: a Matt Publli
Si i v Ice ( 'oiuiiiIssIhu.
lii llepreseiitatlii Mveailiik'eii:
l.'iiirnad and Waii-hiuc t 'iiiuiils.in
I' If utilities bill. piovldiliK that
ai or the ilutfe ciiuleiiiplali-d In Hie
an iiluistratlntl shiill be tloiic by tin
( ainiissluu. and theteby diminish
It chances bir the alMilliinn nf the
Hy licpresenlative Wolf: lllll prn
In'iltiUK Hie ale of llipini lu clubs
Without ihaiiishop Meeiises In less
ti .iu tliii e-uallon Miiautltlf. 111. I
pi ivldillK ror elithl-bour inn kbiK law
in plati'Klass uoiks.
Ily Itepresentallve Tylei Hill pro
viiIIuk' for lull ciew nn all passenger
and frclKhl tialiis.
Ily lepreentatlie Snoilyiii.,'
nliollslilnu posit Inn of ate -.Mint
lisb comiulsslouer.
Hi llepieseiilallie Turlev
pmildlllK fnr Ihe legist ration
samples nl all seeds to be sold hi
stale, with a view ol abating
iuiioiis need nuisance.
Hy lleprcsenlatlve Thlce- lllll pro
ililln Tor Ilu- flection or road over-n-ers.
Hi lieinesculatiic llasl.lns- Kill
piovidliiK' that mluisieis miM rej.-is.
lei ciedenllals or licenses he hue pel
forming muri Iuk' ccioiuonle.
Ily Itupiesentatlw McCarly: Hill
appropriating' fliKi.ono for Missoiul
elilblt, at Panaina-Paclllc Inteinat
ional Kxpositloti and pinviiliut; bir a
eninuilttee nl three to anaie-e fnr
Ily l!epieeiilative Sullivan: Hill
provniinj; a line nf tiiKi nn pcisonsj
-in- nnin pmeilie llO.IIII Ol
Hy Hcpresentatlve llotwrs; Hill en
abliuu abaudoneil ehlldieii in be sup
ported from pioH!iiy or rather.
Ily licprcscntativc Fields: Hill urn-
lidlnu that mad dlstiU-ts, too poor,
hir own support, may he all ached nn
other districts.
Hy liciri-M-utatlicThlcc: Kill pro
ildhiK that Inteiest or husli.uid In
Income or deceased wife's real estate
shall he only oui-lhhd for lire.
Ily liuprcseiiiatlvc Itrydon: lllll
lalshiK poll tax loaxhuuiu to 441.
Hy liepiesentatlvi! lieiiiiners: Hill
Invalidating cninmon law marriages.
Also a bill piohlhlthiL' the iinscruim-
Ions solicilatlon or leal business,
coinnionly lererred tons "amhiilance
Hy lleprescntallie lloux:
hlhltln false advertising.
Ily Itcpresentatlve Wiley:
ildhiL' for better telephone
Hill pro-
Hill pro-
and iele -
e'iaph facilities.
Hy Itcpresentatlve Hauls: lllll pn.
idliiL' for Joint lileli sehool for two
or more iouishlis or a coiinly.
Muklmr II a relony for a nonvoter
to sIkii an Inllalive oi rel'eieuduni
pet I! Ion.
IteiK-alliiK Ihe enllacral Inherilance
Senator Wilson relul roduced his
quail measure, defeated at the last
session, It provides thai no quail
shall lie killed or captuied I'm Hut
years. Wilson said he had received
reports from all over the state which
Indicate quail am liecoiiilut; mm ice.
Senator (.asey Introduced a K-une
hill which would permit the kllllm
nf ducks from Aiikiisi instead of
September I'i, until May I or the fol
loiiliiKjear. No chaiiKc Is made in
the close ol' the season,
A proposed constitutional :iueud
menfc to simplify criminal lejral pro
cciliire as outlined In the liiiiuuMiral
address of (iov. Klllott W, Major is
provided for lu a joint and concurrent
resolution Introduced hy Senator
Hawkins, of Hreene county.
Hy Senator While: Hill prohibiting
the sale or hous passwnr tickets
and requlihit; railroads to Issue cur
tlllcates of authorlly in all persons
24, 1913.
! .
I L.uT1"' "H "if:
IN " nir MI'MilllilLIUIl HI
I alarm KotiK on all sleeping tloois of
I hotels.
1 Hy Senator (ireetie: lllll provldliiK
I for iisslL-iinient ofelrc-oli linli,.w rrnm
one circuit to another.
Hy Senator Dunwody: Hulk sales
bill pioiidlin: that due notice shall bo
Klwn creditors by retail merchants
who plan sale or their stocks.
Hy Senator Hawkins, Dunklin. Hill
pioildlnn that petit and uraiid Jurors
shall receive .la day Instead or
Also a hill providing rir an eainlna
Hon or books of all state Institutions
under direction of state .tudli.ir ami
Ihe Installation or a millnriu system
i of bookkeeping
j Hy Senator Cate. Hill proiidinu
! that corporations shall pay discharged
employes liumedlatel.i aflerillsinssai.
Hi Sen.itot Diinwihly Hill pimld
ini! rnr Hie pinteetion or bankers
from the issuance id fi.iudiilt lit bills
in lading.
Hi Senator Carter: Hill pim tiling
tor die election id rnlted Stale
alms hy popular vnte.
White l!eiiiliiug ralliuad , ip.i-
nles to lelurii money paid ror tickets
II claim I pn-sciiicd within no days,
Itiishy Joint and cnncuireiii u-s.,.
hitloii plnhlblthu; the appli-al Ion of
tin- lllll lal lie to questions of taxa
tion. Joint and CollClliiellt lev-lulloli
I'lnllillllK for the slllimisslcu id
wht'lhei nr uui the Slate shall have
a new Constitution.
Lysagbt scih-s uv,. bill put
vlillng that deed may be phutn
graphed U'fnie Ihey uie iccorded.
itodgers Hcquliingallcorpoiat Ions
doing business In Missouri In Incoi
pni.ltc in the State.
Kcnulrh.i. all ItK'al oollon I...
loiiniiesitiiK'siibmltieilasa unit.
. , . .. . ' "
i,uen iMieisiei. oi i iirrolllon,
elector from theN-cond Congiesslou
..i t.i . . i
ai iMsiiii-i, was cnosi-n as- iiiessenL-ei
In cany .Missouri's elcbtei-n el,
total votes to Washington. Since
lids post Is one oi considerable honor,
a eonirorlablc iter tllein and mil.- ace.
several uf the electors 1 1 led to laud
the plum, The electors met nn the
l.llh, and afler selecting the inessen
ger. adopted a resolution condemning
President Tafi for nnttlmr 1 1 r,,,n..
class postmasters under civil service.
Idle this was golliL' on at Jellersiiit
City, the lower House of Congiess hv
a vole id I PI to il Indorsed Prcsl.
neni tans oilier .111 llt-iiHH'iats vo
ting with tin- Kepubllcaus in sustain
i ne rit-siiifut s order.
. I lie 1,1'pulilic.ius of i he senate stolt
I a march on Ihe Democrats hy hit in
Idiiclng a nelilential prefere'iice prl
mail lull somethbiL' 1 1 . it ,u t.
I had been plai niug tu tin. hut they
weie too simi. It was hit induced bv
Senator . lame. K. Ford, of Trenton.
I liepuniican, and ha the approval or
.the He publican caucus.
Tin: Si:vriNi:i. extends lis hearti
est congratulations to KoIhui L. Min
ion and bis bride. The lucky ladv
was Miss Kleauor lienevieiu Hrler, o'r
I'erguson, Missouri, K- cereiuonv be
ing pel formed at the hntni- of the
lirlde's parents, in Ferguson. Wedues
day, or lasi week, January I.V It Is a
culmination or school days at Ihe
Klrksville Normal. She is a graduatu
also or Hie Cldcgan I nlverslti . and
taught In the public schools "or St.
Louis, The l'I'ooiii wo all l.n.iu
ol Ihe bright young allorneis of
Northwest Missouri, and a sou of Dr.
and Mrs. I. M. .Mint on. nf I.iii
l'"K' - v il'c enjoying llu-lr wedding trip
in the Soul bland,
Until Friday. January 31, 1913, we will
accept subscriptions to
THE SENTINEL and St. Joseph fco ff
Daily Gazette, (without Sunday) JpO.UU
THE SENTINEL and St. Joseph feO pa
Daily and Sunday Gazette - - Jpo.DU
Get your order in at once, as we will
positively not accept subscriptions at these
rates after this date. Send all orders to
Fine Country Charge Maintained
by German Settlement.
Southwest of Cralf.
We doubt If there Is in any part of
thu statu a church or an institution
whose, purpose Is the uplifting and
the bettering or mankind, whose
membership is any moru closely unit
ed or who have won the eiiMllili.ii.-,,
and respect or the people or Hie en
tire community than that ottliuSl.
Peter's KvaUL'ellc.ll Lutheran (inirel,
situated three miles west and one-
hair inllc south or Craig, i he ottL-lal
title Is Hie Herman Kvancellcit
Chinch. Synod or Missouri. ( ihlo ami
other states.
Tlic church was llrst nrganled In
l7u and ror a uutuhei i r leaf lite
iiieiubeishlp worshlppeil ai Coining,
Illicit' Ihe Church W.ls i, i able ore.
hlcd over In l.'ei ( I ' IV s,.i,,',t, ..
tSecoi, III.
i In i in. .ui n.i it i . i .
i iiieinneisi
Hiving west n Craig, d elded to with-
draw t rum the Coining congregation
anil foi in a church of their own. Ac
cordingly en the date named a meet
ing wa held at the school house neat
where Hie church now stands, and the
billowing enrolled their names as
iiailer iiiembeis of the new church
Albert Asendorl.iiiomas Kalis el
er, Henry Dunekeck. Win bicker,
( onrail Ideker.llenry Harms. Harmon
Olilensehlcn. II. Voiliners. M. Tam
ilian. (I Wleinel. Henri Doebbcl-
Ing, Henry Stueukel. F' Tamilian,
Anton Miller. Fill. F.rnstlng, Henry
I liurn.iu. Frederick nelncFrlt. Nord
loli, , t ieii. Ilaer. K Miililhausen. Carl
v clhuan.
or the above membership, many
have moved to Nchiaska, Oklahonu
and other states, hut all :ue IIvIiil' sit
rar as known, with the exception of
.... nl, in,- i'.ri'!l inn Ol
! ? U" I''loUto
iiiiiuuiei int.- several years ai:o
Allien Asendorf lllleil the position
i '" ''eietitrv in a very anic inauuc
i from Issn i'ii Hml
At tbecxnlralinii nf ilu, tl
Kcv. Schol. In isso. Kev. C. .
Lent.sch was engaged, Hecaine here
from Nebraska, and lemaliied with
Ha titll hisdeath lu June, IPot)
lie wasa man that via hlghlv re
spected by those who vveie not mem
bers of his church, us well as ,v the
members, and under Ids ministry die
church giew rapltlli
From the time the chinch was or
ganlxnl In ls7i. to Imki. the regular
services weie held in t lie school house,
near the present site or the church,
but In Ihe latter year the members,
decided that a new church building
was needed, and from that decision
came their pteseut large ami com
modious structure. i'.itf.'1-i rni uui,
all the necessary furnlshines to com
plete. It us a house of worship.
lu November lulu, Kev. P. T.
Schmidt, of Aikansas, was t-ugageilxs
paslnr, unit he still holds dial posi
tion, having the coiilldeucn and re
sped of the entire membership, as
well as those who are not. members.
We uie under many obligations to
Win. St ueiikel, their vcrvctllc.lent and
accoiniuodat Ing i ecrelary. fur much of
t lie Intoriiiat Ion ft inn wlileli this -irti.
cli! Is written.
The flinri-li l In ,i tu.-iltlii' .n-.tit 1,.,-
eniidll Ion, ami each member acts as it
i lie success or ne work depended on
their individual ell'orts. which Is the
lirniti-i' snlrli tvli.nl till1 lllll lui &il .
gagetl in chinch work, or In worldly
Services !Lrc Intlil in,-li stniul'ii- In
lieriuau unit Kngllsh, all of which'are
welt attended.
The billowing uie the active or
business members or the church:
win. nieh'cr. Henry Stueukel, K. N
DoeblH-lllltr. .'riili,l-l,-l.- lili.L'i.r I-mii.
rati lil,,;i,iv Win. Iiiun l.Mi l.'r,. .
sting, Heine VoHmers, William
Stueukel, J. II. Thtirnau. Win. Well-
man. I'rcili-rl.-l. Ili.ln,. Ilni-m.,.,
Ohleuseblen, Wm. Kathjiiiis, August
Heine. Henry Theas, (Jen. Kramur,
Henry N'oidloh, Km met t Ilaer. Henry
l.'elw.l lli.nrl- ll.ilii.. Hi.,,....,. Mi,l..I.
Jtto lllerinan, Kdward Ideker.llenry
v nn uier, lien, vninupr, Henry Heif
ers. Lillian I't mi i Mil n . Andrew ilaer.
Fred Heine. F D. Iileker. Cialg

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