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i L .-5 hi NT I N Li..
Entered al the Postolliee, Oregon. Mo
is Second Class Matter.
A Weekly Newspaper Itevoted to tlitt
Interests of the Itet County
In the l.'rilon.
TERM: $1 50 Per Year.
waiek the date nlltwlag yr utmt
the arila af the piptr. It ttlla tkt datt
la leH year itkicrlptlaa la paid.
Friday, January 24, 1913.
Concerning Diseaned Ani
Holt county s distinctly a !:i rail ri'
and stoek-irowini: comin nltv and
int ilia' reason, tier topi are altta;
Interested In anything and everything
hat leh;Mts pi-op.e ' iiuav'td In vti-
oerupail'itis tfkr:iUliiL' Is
course, a ifiori- or less hazardous bul
Hps. hf.i.e .,fthe various di-ase
Mia- r.ii'u .uiiMiL's! iw- -took, 'fur
ecislatnre has froiti time t . t Irrf
-n i"? ff ':iw 'o asNt farm-rs In
sTamplfi,! 'ut disease, ni.otit's' their
t'r'K ui'l If ti..si. m-re ,!,.. rn-d
-'rid benefit u iid ftitire l
"-kfaij ft I'M ul ere. trie of the
. 'ha we have heard -aid i not
! f li t i t uhn f ml lit .,ir ol- I
Mia' riiiiiiflnv tl.c owner-of diseased
t , notify all arsons Mtnlri;.' or
!!, iln,: swine on any adjoining prcu,
is;s of tli' existence of siirli disease as
jfi a- tin- fad s known. Tlu- pen
any for ii''' bavin;: nle-yed this iatt (s
tlllf of ll't i;ss ilian n nor IllOfi
i dan I it R'h and very otluiH-
Unit mail iT .iir reader- '-an just
now fffjl Lit in.- ln-fti ni'Mtli-d Ii
mum- xiif as ii"iri'd 0 tlil" iatt . if
din af .I'u'itik'st hi- .nother
o.len-- l tin' of ni'jjlfctlin; 'oi'l'l.cr
iiurii i li'ir.t t tti (n't deep, upon the
premises v i itTf tli" sauii' died, ttltliln
;M lii'Mf. after tin- die, ai l.k's dylnii
if ill'.isf. I ii all our fiinnersoii-erve
thl-law trli"ls We hope si,. ,nt
haw heard It hluti'd Dial some do
not. Failure ti do so. siilijects otic to
lu-at llli- Aii'itluT tliilalioii nf law
l tli'- knowlm-i m'MIul' d an dl--easi.-l
hot' alli.-i'led with tthat s coin-
moult kiiuim as l."u' ehiucra. wlrhuut
dlwlifliiu' lo the piiri-hU'er tin- fart
that sui'li h,' l sji diseased. 'J'hU
also is iillllh lllle 1 1 1 1 1 seterel.V. if
proven. Aniithei unlaw In net. In
t !ls I'otllle.'t loll. . Mini .it le. fillip the
c.uiM-s ill i .i.- tint hits i..i ,,( ills
ease. In or luiuieillatel t adjacent to
any water ruurM-. ravine or slouch
leading through or onto nthei preiu
ie. 'I'hU alsti s puui-hahle ttith :
h'lity line. ,Neti,ei s,:,ii the nttiicr
of any ui'h dlsea'd hni:. ot ho.. tII
the s.iiiim. or 'Ite the 1 1 1 - attat. for
leilnite tlie suite nt! hUnitii pietiii
It H t I all aivoillit i'i e('ie h:ieter.
Nell h'T cm nit one dilte oi litlu-
ail lllsfitseil i-.illle. liie,'..ol le t'S.nf
uiiiieo Into or I liKnipli .ui.t pan nl
t hl -tatc. or Milh'i I le' auie to inn
at lirni;. If aiie.ul.t in tin tale.oi 111
or tl! the sauii- oil his mtn prciiili -
or sell, or t rade. or oiler for sale or
trade, any icli animal. !ii'nt luy the
same to he diseased. A strung latt,
similar lothl-. applies also to sheep,
III this state, uml the M-ualtles ure s,..
tere as tu the caie that shall he taken
tt llh diseased animals, "f sii. i 'lese va
rletles nf Ute sIik'I,.
Guini; to lie Married.
An cirlt sprinj; eteni that s pioin
in ttliicli mailt ul I lie friends
and rclathus of Charles Wllluir
Thomas a former Hicon Hid, ttlll lie
Interested, Is (lie announcement of
his hat tnj found "the apple of his
fe." and that he and Mls -,sa
4 ran. ol S.icraineiito, California, ttlll
liemi.ni! husliaiid and wife, vtlili the
coming nl the rohliis.
Thu urouiii'Ldi'Cl Is the -jiii n( Mr.
and Mrs. Chailes W Thomas, funn
el ly of this idty.aiKl ttlieie ilicu'ioom
elei'l tta luiu in the houe mm
owned hy I-red Itruiil uieyei. lie is a
tfradiiate ol Stailfoid and II. maid
I'lil.eisliles, liana lirij.'h( pioKUt In
his prnifsioii, i lie iatt, ami is assn.
dale I with his father in Hie maim
ten. nice of law iilliC'iS In Woodland
and viciaitlelito. lie N u mvinlwi' of
the cut Imaid of education of Voiii
land, and considered tteii Inioruied In
educational mallei-. He is also a
major in tlie national uuard, lakes an
afllte iiitvrvst in uillit.'iry alfaifs, Is
authoilly on such uiatteis, and Is
one ol t lie most popular oillcers In
lliu servicu. Iluls the only .yn of
Mr. and Mm. C V. Thuuias. of that
Tuc hrlilcto-ln! Is the diuhU'l of
.Mr. and Mis, Herman II. (Iran, of
Sacramento. The (irau fiitnil Is ouu
of tin oldest and most hlj-ltly ru
hpected In thu I'itpltul elly. Mr. (Iran
lias tilt: repiilat ion of Is'lnn onu of
tlie Icadlnu and mast successful lms.
imss tnuii ami Mrs. (iruu and, her
cliurinlnn daughter are leailersln mi
rial, musical and'' Intellrcl ual .ulreles.
Here s to you, Charley: uiiiii Niere
Lw "no slip (H'tttlxtM-uii aml'4Mvv'Uid
may yuii lwUiJlt-.!.oii45:..aiiU;W'liWr1.
T I .... Vj1fs'i I' ftt." .
til i;ii-i
'Continued (fom at one.
"When aTother'i Oone.
Ml!. Jllll.S ii. cuwan.
ur ptn Is called upon to chronicle
the pissing away of one of the most
hls'hly tstdemed old settlers, ttho
helped to form society, the church
and the school of dais lone aeo, Mrs
John G. Coit an
Mary Kllultli Grirtham ua-s Ixjm
In Lincoln count. Kentucky, on the
Hth day of July, and at an earlr
ajfe came to Missouri.
On the -lull da of Not ember. 145,
Mr. John Cowan led her to the
marriage altar and she I tea me his
wife and the .sharer of his burdens
and uccesse, until sl ears ao. Iat
Oetolier when the union was broken
by the death of her husband.
The Hwd near Fillmore In ,ti
drew rouiit. Missouri, where thev
were married, until IV.'. tthen they
remoteil to Nilaway rnutity and tt
tied tiear (irahati. In just after
the dosf of the Civil War. they came
'o their new home. n-ar New Point,
In this Holt rounty Then they
Ihed. n-ared their larye famll and
h din i.f el!"rt the built up tie of
t lii wry I'! faru.s in H"it county-
Here thev cMitltmed t. lite atid pros.
per tin iiltaiicinir ae .kIiiim l-hed
then, to easi- the tritioou life
the fatu. and seek 'l.e lelsureand rest
of a residence In town Hut with the
exception of the past imi f)t twelve
year- spent In utevon Mi-sourl.
Mother owan - ija.t.s were lived on
the farm ami In close 'ouch with na
ture Mrs t owan was t,e tnotliei of ejev.
en children, seven wins foo;
i Mie d.iut'lii' r .hkI -hiee -utis are
niimlx-fid win, the dead: while four
ns and three iiauihters -urvlve to
'iioorn ,.iot,er s linlnir
Tin- hvltif sun- are
'Iiatlfs. of
of rhiiuk'o;
I 't.ih. and
ifeyoii: HryalH O . lati
lohti I . Sail Lake "lit
l'olnrt (i.. of MalH.md
I lie daughters are
Mts I lota
( is of C.i. in iav . Wl'oi.ti; Mr
( arrle Atkins, n. of K.ia.naMi. Mlehl
fan. and Mr- lialst Itiet Ins, nf Idaho
Palls, Idaho
Her mil, ll n and famll.
on their ttat to u-ldc in Call.
fot Ida. stopped over for a few da.vs'
visit with "Miitliur.' onl.t two days
ldoM' she suifereil a paralytic stroke.
It would seem that a klu'l I'mvidc rice
timet) those two events to permit
mother and son in meet aiMin before
much greater distance mlcM make
such a mectllitf luipusslhle. .lust as
they halted for a little on their Jour
ney ton milder climate on the I'acllie
'oast , she inadi- ready and took iiii
her tour to tin- "llettei Country."
It was on Morula. January !, I'd;i,
that the mes-enyei U.liumlx'd the
once vital forces nf her Ik1i and she
gradually yrew weaker, day by day,
till I In' end came In peaceful sleep.
nl on the moruinu' of Wednesday.
lauuar.t 1,1. Iid.'i, and the years of her
ult pilurimau'e numhi-red si .tears, .'
uoruhs and I day .
The deceased was a charter member
f the New I'olut I'reshyterlan
liurch. SeptemU'r . 172, anil con
tinued her iiieiuberslilpthi're till Sep-
embi'i II. l'.HCj. when she tout, her
letti'i to tin- oretrmi I'l.-ln terian
A little oter thirty years au'o. the
writer of these lines came for the
llr.-l time iiiuler the hospliahle riMif of
iheCnttaii home, ami in all these
year- he has had no ncca-lnn to iiiimII-
ft his lilu'h estimate of the kindly na
ture ami ii Must tut -it ions cordiality of
this -Mother In Israel." Thuuuli
blessed with an abuiidaiice of this
world's yooils, eter.t nnu. rich or poor,
received a urii'-lous welcome to her
The fnneial services were held at
her late home in ircL'im. Thursday.
laiiii iry in. at ln.iu a. m., and wen: In
haiueuf liei pastoi, Itev. T. A.CIui.
It . ably n.sst ei hy the choir of the
fsli.tU'iian cliiircli. At Hie clo-e of
the seivlce at the house Hie Irmly was
brought back, no, nut tu the old home
tud house, hut In sicht of It and on a
arl nf the old home place, the New
olni cemetery, when: kindly hands
had made ready a vl-ltlnc. place for
Hie tenement of clay whete, after a
number of Script tire ipiot at Ions touch.
In death and the urate, hy her form
er pa-tor. Itev. T. H. Huberts, her re
mains weie led to await the trumpet
ill of llieHrsi Hesurrectlun.lTliessa.
lonlans, I : Ki, I7,w it 1 1 beautiful Mutters.
tlie expressions of love and esteem
fi'um many friends, decorating the
"rate. All the children, except John,
were present during her Illness and at
the funeral.
Since mother Is the centre nf the
liniiie, the family, tlie cniiimuuity, no
wonder thu Scottish poet put into
"When Mlther'h (Jane."
It mak's chatiKu in a' thlm; ruon.
When mil tier's Kane.
Tim cat has less contented croon,
1 he kettle has a doale tune.
There'snacthliijf liassaeblythoasopn',
Much mlther s uane. ;
Oh. lonely lioo.se! Oli.einntv chair! '
'"i'lfie WllherVkane. "'.
oK' s..)i hi ( ; s', "ii, , , ' t
Vet fancy often i her there
Wl' a" the smiles she u-ed to wear.
Whllk lirlnjr-ocr heart tnl-t todes
Plr To think she's (fane." II.
Resolution of Respect
adopted by the MUMonaty Suclety
of the Presbyterian church
Wherea. our heavenly father has
called from our midst, to that rest
that remalrieth for-the eop!e of God,
our beloved sl&ter. Mrs. Mary Cowan:
therefore be it
Ilesolved. that theMUsionary society
ha lost a faithful member, whov
plea.sant companionship and helpful
nes w he a pleasant memory to us.
Ilesolved. that to the bereau-d
family and relatives, vte extend deep
sympathy. May they look tolllm, who
comforteth us in all our tribulations.
HtKled. that a copy of these resolu
tions he spread upon the recutds of
this society, a copy sent to the family
and one to the Mni.Tf'urvn Sk.stixki.
for publication.
Mit T A t t.Ai.Eri.
Mus n. m. M.vitrtv
Mli. A Wilt -MIJK.
Coll.tr.lt tee.
He Came Back.
After an alj-ence of o fr. iii
the f id :ne town he can e '..i'-s Fri
day etenlnu'of as; tm-k aid -'a)eil
utitl T'lesilay tio'jii and a- 'eluc-
tan ti 1:0 then, but l,sni -aikd
him. who.' Why I.ui Huriie.'er. of
course, known a one tliiu t ever
man. ttr -r.an. child, cat and .1 in
ftreviti And to -at that 'ie was
WflCi'Ilie dies not btulll to ei.r. - t
HI- parents. Iiae Hiilllriv r and
wife came here from Kok nu In
(liana, atxiut l,-l. and ilteii i up
until the time of theii death, in
1-T.i. both d.vlru' within two mouth
of each other. Then their uncle-
tin Me.ter brother-, came fruiii'hlo
arm too tin- children lu-'k home
with then. There were he chll
ilreii. four lis and one ylr. ", 'ir of
whom were burn l.tre. I.f ii sub
Je't i.f this sketch, havln- Iju-ii born
In ihlu. oinlii here with hi par,
ent-when alint three teai- of aae,
hell I.on ,eft here he Wa- taken to
ea'iitowti. Ohio, about tit" tulles
fro-i, North Hampton, and about
tin lies in in s,priu;'iieiii. ti I- sec
tion - f ti.e -tate iielriu yreat fm man
nfac' nrltif. and e-peclallt woiklnu' In
wood Utitwood. fellies, plowhandles,
etc. where I.on learned the trade.
with Ids uncles, who had the largest
plant in that section of the state.
He sta.ved with Ihcm until he was '.I
years old. lie then went to Sprlne
Held, and when about 'J.1 commenced
traveling out of there fur the White
1 Maniilai'turlni! Co.. manuf.iet titers
of moit e is. agricultural and garden
Implement- of all kinds, and well
known over the entire frilled States,
Ills territory was from tin- Atlantic
to I'acltlc. and he stayed with this
llrm oter Jo yeais, but changed firm:
lecently and Is nntt traveling for the
i tiiuiuDia nattier Co.. of the same
place, his territory emluacliig as
arge a M-upe as with the llrst com
pany. He I-a stockholder In the llrm
In- Is unit t lauding for.
Tlie way I.on happeiud to conn:
here this time, was that he was in
Kansas Cit. Friday, the tail end of
the week, and business Mug ipilet,
be ciiuiiueticid thinking of the old
ton n, and the mine he thought ab-jul
It. the mure he wanted to come, so
in- left his luggage and hiked for the
llr-l train, headed to Oiegiiu. lie
was here in begun. .'." .tears aifo. on
his lnld.il 1 1 lii. coming un from m.
Joseph, where he was visiting a
brother, Charley, who Is now dead,
but he remained only one day, time
being limited. His sister. Ida. lives
In Chicago, anil is awlduw. He has
two brothers living In Ohio. His
half brother. Anthony, Is dead.
He has a wonderfully retentive
nicinort, ii cngnllng all the old land
marks, In fad, could tell yoiii -anrl
correct ly tun. where uverylmdy Uteri
when be was here In years ago. 'lie
also remembered the names. George
Wolfe. George Wllliard. Joe Jackson,
Ira Vess, Fraer, Frank and F.d. Al
leu: Hock Cook, havis and Will llnul-la-ek,
Hamp and Tom Price, Louis
l.uckbardl, ItuU- Jackson, lnd,
I lck, Kd., and Hob Murklaml: Jink
Hetan, Frank llattklns, John and
Hill Hall, John II. Collins, sig Hall,
Charley and Will Xook. Jack and
"Pony" Heed. Chris. Albert and
"Sandy" G. W. Kuiikch, l.o Watson,
and many, inani otheis We can
truthlnlly say that he could recall
the names nf every one 1 hat lived in
Oregon tt lieu he did. Many of these
are dead, and a large nuinliui have
removed, but I.on never failed to ask
aUuit one and all. He Is married,
but has no children living.
He extends a cordial invitation to
every resident of Oregon, should they
ever he in Sprlnglietd, to call and see
him. He sajn Just ask any one and
they will direct you to his Uiine
bays liu Is as well known there as he
used to he known in Oregon. Ills
address Is .Vld South Center Street,
Sprlngllcld, Ohio, Come again, and
come often, I.on, we all enjoyed vour
Mrs. Sarah llauisaAandMrs, J.ucv
rtamsay weie St. Ju-epli vMtnrs, Sat'
urdut last.
Dies From Burns.
Mrs Kmnu Strlckler. widow of the
late Oliver Mrlckler. Ihltiir -ome
sete mile- southeast f Orcson.dled
In extreme aifoii on Thursday of last
week, January 1Mb. Iid.'i. as the le--ult
of burn-
. Mr. Strlckler earl Thurxlat iik rri
liu? aroH- and went to her kitchen to
make the morning tire, and used coal
oh. which she poured on some coals
that were still alive In the stove. uii..,lw,, da; Xtar Tlll. rt,K)M
i , , a" . a" "P"10" '""ishows a decrease in the enuti.eratloii,
mediately follow,), r li- rtamt rai.J. .. . . ... ..
In up and Igniting her clothing, and
In a momi-nt her entire bcnlt was
. ..-...-w
Hyrd Hulatt. a brother. was suou at
her side and fought bravel to save
his ster, but to no avail, and lie had
two of the finger cf hl right hand,
and hi- right arm wet" -evereh
Mrs. strlckler'.- entire bod and !.er
face were frightfully burned and kind
neighbor and with the aid oi; a phy
sician everything vslble wasdoneto
s.ve her life She lingered In great
agony until ,i o'c! -k tlie sm, ,iat.
when -he died.
F.mma llulati. the daughter of
J W. and l.uclnda llttlatt. was burn
in Holt county. Mlwutl. K-tolx r 1".
1".. and grew to womanhood and
spent the year.-, .i months and u
day of htr life In the countv of her
I'lrth ' "he age of he was mar
ried to iiilwr I! Mrlckler. if Hole-ksiw.-Ml--,
irl. on Oeceinber Jt. !..
This union -out Int. ed but a little mere
than three years, when sn- was left a
'lo.v h the sudden death f her
husband ti.e father of her nily child.
now Mr. Alma H ,iwa.v . of Gar
den lt. Mls-iuiti. whom s,,. leaves
with urn grand-child and three broth
ers to iMiniii her sad fate. Her fath-
r and inuther. t wo brother- and one
sister preceded Into the world beyond.
Her mother, who had been an Inva
lid for yiar.-. needing the care and at
t' titloti of her daughter, was buried
just two month-, the day hefure Mr-.
Strlckler wa- burled.
o .-aturda. January I, the fun
eral wa- he d III the Higlilaudchtireh
ami wa-attended by a. arge concourse
of people, friends and iieigliliors. to
pay their tribute ol resptct to her
memory, and to attest their sorrow
at the tragic ending of a life that
seeiiieil full nf promise fur many ear
to come.
The -ertlces were conducted bv
Hot. T. i Huberts, nf New Point
who. fur the fourth time ttu called
to oiilciatc at funerals In the Hulatt
family, and three of those occasions
living sudden deaths. The te.t chos
en for this calamity wa-. 1-t Kings,
l'.'.TJ. "Hut the Lord was not in the
tire: and after tin- tire a still m:i)l
Tlie bed was laid bi'slile others of
the family In the Hulatt cemetert.
to await the call of the Master to
arise. The deceased had nut attached
herself to an church nigaiiialiun,
hut she bad confessed her faith in
Christ s-oiiie s .tears ago.
A strange fatality seems to have
followed this family. Her hushatiil,
Oliver Strlckler. was suddenly strick
en, ami men instantly some -ju years
ago. Her brother. John Hulatt. was
killed by the cars near Nodaway
station. August II. IV.!. Her sister-
in-law. Mrs. Allien Hulatt was binned
to death November IT.. I'.iT. while
making apple bullet
FreHbyterian Church Notes.
I he laigest audience, at a regular
service for a year, was present last
Sunday morning. May the attend
ance of our people on the worship of
Cod Increase and our hearts be tilled
with Ills love.
The usual services will lie held next
Sunday, except at night, when there
will lie a union service at Hie Chris,
tlan church. Let us all uttend ami
make it a service nf worship and
Christ ian fellowship.
A tiling Men s lllble class a new
clasvhas lieeii organl.cd In the .Sun
day school with Prof. Powell as teach
er. Young men. but h single and mar
ried, are cordially Invited to lulu this
class for a study of old Testament
History under a well-iiialllleil and In
spiring teacher. Come and learn and
enjoy yourself.
It Is hoped that some nf our people
can go to St. Joseph Saturday tu hear
lr. Hubert K. Spcer, the world-fa
mous mi lonary leader, who speaks at
a luncheon at the V. M. C. A. at I
o'clock and to a mass meeting at thu
Westminster Piesby terlan church.
Twenty-llrst and Jule, at 7;.'lu p. m.
Ministers' Alliunce.
At a meeting of tlie Ministers' Al-
llauce, lust week, tlie annual election
of uftlcers was held and llev. G. W.
Weldeinler was elected president and
llev. T. A. Clagett, secretary for the
coming year. It was decided to hold
a union meet lug on the fourth Sunday
night in each month. Tlie llrst of
the meetings will he in the Christian
church next Sunday night. Tlie sing,
ersof the various churches aio asked
to take their places In the choir and
assist In the singing. These meetings
are for the promotion of Christian
fellowship and a cordial invitation Is
extended In every body In town.
T. A . Ci.Arrr, Sec.
Educational News.
'ri esor tien M Meleher. Chief
t'lerk of tl- leparliueiit uf Kluca.
tlcn. ieKft. through the Missouri
Scliooi Ji'iirnai that the a'tetidauce
thruUKhout the state for the .tear
lull-U l. l.-Vrv.Vi da.vs greater than
an of the precedlnj.' .tears. This
means that l"i.rtt children were In
schKi !ii da.ts. or lu.mi were In
iinr imu u nc H4.MIWI.
of tl.t'i'i chll
dreii The Increase Is doubtless due
to the etteCts of the new apportion
ment law . The State school money Is
apportioned one-half on the littrnler
of teacher-employed and one-half on
the total attendance Holt County
did not have a very large Increase In
attendance, but he lecelted oter
three thou-aud dollars more money
than she did the preceding year.
Teachers and district clerks -i, n t I
make their non-attendance report to
the proper authorities anil If Hi.lh!e
hate a., pupil- In :h J
eterai nf our rnra. school- hate
lost their approval a- a result the
communities and the lardsnot com
plying with the new reinlrementsfor
approval. Ti.e following hate list
their appr ta!- Hjghy.ltlalr.HlcMahd.
Triu, nph. and New Liberty. Hetiton.
i fnl ii. S-uaw Cre-k. and SI. I oh are
approved schools.
.-c.ilrna'l a district I- Imlltlereiit
a- to the approval, and think that tin
e-s lintiadlate return-come In dollar-
and cents, the -choo! I- J-i-t a- ef-
ttlrletit wlthou' an approval. I ri-
iiiehf the Uiston. -What doe-tlie
approval mean"? I- asked. I' means
that lietteredticatlim.il opportunitle
an- given pupils attending an tip,
proud school, a high standard of
teaching maintained, necessary equip
ment provided, ailcip.ate. well-lighted
and healed buildings, furniture well
preserved and suited to the needs ami
-le of childteli. suitable, well-eared-for
ground-, and te-uit- obtained a
s s,ottn in the iletelopiiietit nf pupils
ate of a high standard.
Ti e ieiiieiiietits for apprntal may
Ik- found in the back o the State
( our-i' of study. Peisi'ti- Inteiested
shouid borintt the course from tlie
teacher or write the County Superin
tendent for one.
Tic National Municipal League an
iiuutices that it will oiler twoptl.es
to High school students, for the llrst
and second l.e-t essay, on, "The Milk
Supply in My city." Mist prize,
llilitt dollar-, second twenty dollar.-,
lor Inhumation write the County Su
perintendent. Short Cour-e in Agriculture and
the Hurat Community Life Confer
ence will lie held at the Northwest
Normal, Feb. u to hi inclusive. Free
tickets w HI he given to persons ap.
P'ylng for them licfore Feb, I.
iir next teachers- meeting will !'
held al Craig. Saturday. Feb. L'V
This Is one of tlie reitilrednieeting.
Teacher- are exiected to attend.
Parents and pupils ate Invited.
Miss Hlanclie Crl-well and pupils at
Hale ( enter are enthusiastic In their
work. Miss Crlsttell has a ninth
grade class nf three buys and oneglrl.
Mrs. J. It. Mintou and pupils are
doing good work , Much luteiest Is
being taken in the study of litera
ture. Several new dictionaries haw
been purchased by the pupils.
Electricity Will Do It.
Powerful electric locomotives will
haul the shipping through th? lock
of the Panama Canal. The locnmii
lives ttlll run on a raised track he
side the canal and will receive their
electric energy f rum a hydro-electric
plant being built In cuiinccUon with
thcGatuu dam. The gates of the
mighty locks, weighing many tuns,
will he opened and closed by power
ful electric motor- In the remarkable
t line of one minute and forty-eight
seconds. The canal will he lighted
by electricity and electric power will
he used fur many other piiriu-e- in
connection with the work.
To supply the power to operate the
gates and sluice valves in the locks,
and to furnish current for the mon
ster electric locomotives- which are to
low the steamships through tin-lucks,
a great hydro-electric station Is lie-
lug erected adjacent to the spillway
In Gat un dam, equipped w ith three
large water turbines and three L'ono
kilowatt generators, with suitable
exciters and other auxiliaries. There
will In-enough water from thu stur.
age in Lake Gal un to warrant the
Installation of ouon kilowatts, though
in the dry season it will be necessary
lodraw upon the storage. Altogether
it is llgtired that for this electric
work, seven per cent of the mini
mum water nystcm of the canal will
be required. A part of the electric
ity Is to lie' used fur lighting the line
of the canal. There will be concrete
lamp-posts Iini feet apart throughout
the entire length of each lock wall.
Altogether, T'KtO lamps will he In
stalled at I In: lock.
-Tlie county court was In session
this week for a few ilaysr, to receive
the as-essor's hooks, and make the
customary examination' nf the work
done'by the assessor. '
(). 11. S. Notes.
School Is progressing rapidly under
the pic-etit et rp- of teacheis. I'upUs
are licgitihihg to icalUe that .school
is drawing to a clo-e. Mot nf them
have huckled down to -olid study
We had compatatlwl.i few failures
the llrst semester It seems to take
some Freshmen the first sen, ester tit
realize thai High school 1- not a
Juke. We did not have the usual
sein-ster examinations, hut Instead
we have had monthly tests In most of
the subjects. Although some of tin
teachers could not get away from the
Id i-ustnm and gave mid-year exam
inations. If thirteen is an unlucky number
as most people think, the present
senior cla.ss Is certalul in for hard
luck, as there are thirteen In the
class and He graduate In nineteen
thirteen. Jay Peine, of tlie Freslitneti ela.
entertained the Ancient and Med
iaeval and Modern Hl-tory classed
with Ids postcard rellectoi. Tuesday
of thl week
The Adeiphlan Literary Soclclr
met and elected their otllcers for the
last semester They elected their
old oftlcers- llati-tti Murray. pr(s
dent: Nelle Prussman. secretary.
The .'.ti-ophlati Lltetart Soviet,
tin-t nionday and elected tin follow
lug tllcets William Me.ter. pret
deir. Hotuth Kurtz, -tvrutar
Kathleen Proud, pianist The twn
societies realize that there has no;
been enough heav.t work done in the
pai. liut they ttlll try to Improw
the programs In the future. Th
Xetosophlati- will glte tl.elt progr.ipi
Tliurday night. January
Friday. January 17. tlie -indents
thoroughly enjoyed a lectiite given by
Hr. Otto Krlege. President of tint
Wiirrenton. tVntial Wesleyan Col!
lege. He gave the pupils a very In
teretlng talk on the Importance o!
being thorough In their llngllsh, tell
ing them how much could be t-x-pressed
in nne F.nglMi word. For in
stance he s-atd that American soldier
understand that "mount" means tr
gel on their horses, while If a Her
man Ma saying this he would use
two wolds and a llollatidei would u
three words.
on Tuesday ol this week tu- hi-
Jo.ted Mr. J. II. Murray's talk at
chapel on "Farm Improvements and
My Trip to the Farmers' Convention
at Columbia."
Mr. Powell has secured the follow
ing speakers for chapel: Thursda.
January '.'.'I. I r. Thatcher will lec
ture on "Contagious- Diseases," Tues
day. January Mr. Geo. Murray till'
lecture un "Horticulture." Thurs
day, January Ir. Whltmer will
lecture on "The Care of the Teetli."
Visitors are always welcome and are
especially welcome on chapel days,
which arc Tuesday and Thursday ot
each week al lu:.'H a, in.
At sutue time In the fiiluie there
will In- a spelling match given Instead
of the literary, which will lie hctweer.
the older eople of the town who
used tin-old "Hlue Hack Speller" and
the present day pupils who use the
modern imiIU-i .
Mr. Powell lias a commeiclal arith
metic das- who would be glad tosohc
any practical problems sent to them.
riicMlssesAniic Klnzle.Nelie Prnss-
man and l.idl.i cton, and Messrs
John Klnzle ami Will Prussman have
leiited the house Mrs. Marsh recently
vacated, ami will he "at hnme" to
their friends on the northwest sldeol
tlie -choolhuuse square. X.
Loses $5,000 By Fire.
W. C. SmalltUKMl. a former Oregon
Imy. had bad luck, from a tire at Kx-cel-lur
Springs, this state. Monday of
tills week. January L'u, where he U
conducting a transfer line. He had
I'i head of horses burn to death, when
thu building in which they were kept,
caught tire. Several vehicles and an
automobile were also destroyed. The
loss was M ween four and live t housand
dollars. We understand he carried
ttnon Insurance. He has the sytniiathy
of many in Oregon and vicinity.
-Clint Leverlch had
die. one day, last week.
a line horse,
West Side Cafe
Ih the Place to Get a
Fine Lunch at
All Hours.
The Choicest Candies on
the Market-Always
Try Us for the Best
Cigars on the
Cold Drinks of all Kinds.
We Crry the St. Louis
Dailies and The News
Press Daily.
' fS,ll ItV,. ilfV I
-ji i
.... SM.MI.,'... .-. " V
t!.l Wi m4- :f'.t I
-i f
el .-.tfiJ
Will f.t'l
Mrs-, i
r My:
1 JiluJitt tzmaie:

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