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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, January 31, 1913, Image 1

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48TH YEAR. ORPinnv MTgcniTPT pDTn a t .:
iwuvyjxiX( XUA I . fl ; i I I A K V X I 1U1Q
- A. J A ft m
Bif Salaries Drawn, and Big Ex
pcnditures Made Our
Solons Busy.
Tin- lltM iniirmurlngs of a scandal
in connection wun tin- lailldin of
J lie new if.'l.iKiO.OOO capltol after mem
burs of I lie assembly had dad time to
auaiye i nc report 01 mc Mate capi
:ol coiiitiiKloii board JiM made pub
The report shows that a total of
JJs.(Hl.V'l has been i'nciiileil In i in
board since It was created In lull,
and that of this amount K47..i:i I-
for .salaries and traveling expenses.
The discovery has ieulted In a
I 11 1 It; ecllcr.il demand fur 1 1m .tbnllsli.
neiit of the hoard and for transfer of
Us authority to the hoard of perma
nent seat Of L'OVftllllll'llt. fOllllirltlllir
f he gou-rnm , sceietary of Mate, audi
tor, troaMirer and attorney-general,
w ho serve without additional pay.
That all postmasters In the I'ulted
States should he elected hy the pco
lle and then he letuoved fmin the
patronage class, yet tine forevet I lie
civil service contention oxer the
fouitleclass Johs. Is the contention
if Senator .tame.-. A. Uecd. The Kan.
s.is city senator was In Jcllcrson Clly,
'ast week, and expressed his plan
when asked concerning the prnluhll
Ity of the foitith-class olllccs being
taken from the clll service class.
The unexpected appeaiance of Sen
ator Keen in .icllcr-on city hit many
neinbcis nf the licncial Assmbly to
iipcct that he came Iheiu to throw
.1 lew obstacles in the oath nf l,n.
M.'ljot's public utilities hill, which
threaten to legislate Id old political
allle. John A. Miott and .Mm Iliad
shaw. iiieiuher.s ol the lialhnad Com
mission, out of their Joh.
The prospect of Major becoming a
candidate for Culled States senator
In I'.dii I not lewed hy Cecil and Ids
lrleuds with much coinplaceiicy.
Thl would alloid a siilllcleut excuse
for Ids attempting to clip Major's
wind's on his pet in lilt le measure.
Cued wa invited to address the
House and luin?il loose one of hi
campaign speeche.
j. If the tanners of the coming scs.
lon of the leglslaluie can combine
with the lawyers on any proposition
they can practically entitled both
house. More than one.thlid of the
houe niemher. are farmer, and 1J
percent of that house's membership
I made up (d lawyer. The I rouble
I that the farmer and the lawyer
eldom agiec on any measure of importance.
I lie merchants have clcum mem
ber on Joint ballot, the leal estate
dealer. sixteen, the hankei eight,
the lawyer nineteen and the farmers
forty-llnee. Two di ugglsts, one hu
each house, will I IV a ciianee ol' oc.
cupatloii, and can he idled upon
m iniroitiice any iueaure delied
by the trade, line doctor in each
house will ollscl their clloits, A for
mer shcillV win t r v his hand at mak
ing law alter havhiK had a lllng at
their euforcemeiit.
A hill lepeallng the anil-ennvlcl
labor acl of lull and reinstating the
old law, which fostered the contract
system at the penllcntlaiy, was hi-
I induced lu the house by licpicscn
tallied. S. I Kigali, of Webster coun
ty. It is understood that this hill
ha at least the tacll support of the
The hill authorizes the waideii,
with the upproval of the prison In
spectors, to contract for the employ
ment of able-bodied male convicts at
not. less than 7u cents a day, which Is
the present scale paid hy colli raclorx
A eont taet may he terminated at any
time hy the state In giving ninety
days' notice.
Hills were Introduced In bulb
House, directed toward taking unices
out of the fee system and placing
Ilium on a salary hai.
Honator lltisby Introduced another
Dill whi cu would compel Insurance
companies to set forth in full on
each policy the contract under which
t lie insurance I issued. The pro
posed law is applicable to all forms
oi insurance. . mini inn ny mm
would force Justice of the peace and
constables tp give an account laitr of
their receipts and disbursements.
orr, of Livingston, introduced a
bill making It a felony, punishable by
Imprisonment In the penitentiary
from three to live years, for any per
on to take money upon a claim of
foretelling the fuliiie. The minimum
punishment i a Hue of Jni: maxi
mum, iPHKi, Imprisonment and line
both can he administered If the Jury
desires. A hill to prohibit Sunday baseball
was Introduced by llasMn, of I lent
county. This measure classes Sunday
baseball along with eock lighting,
racing, etc., now barred by statute.
A measure repealing the school ap.
pun lonmeiit law passed bv the last
legislature was Introduced by llooiie
of .Mlslssi) county. The new law
apportions thu state school moneys
upon ttie niimbir of teachers em
ployed and total days' attendance, lu
stead of uiion the number of children
of school age residing in the district
noonc wants lo return lo the eiium
era t ion has s, ruder tin. mu nei
counties and cities having a heavy at
tendance at parochial schools lost In
school moneys.
A hill by Lutes, of Worth, ntittlm;
prosfClltltlL' ilttoillcls lllioli :i siliri
was Introduced. This measure pro
vines this sea c of sa ailes: .".Don noun
lattoii or less. ou a vear: "lUoo to lu.
hhi population. '.HH): Io,ihki to I.'mmhi
population, ?looO: lo.oou to Jii.ooo nun
illation, flliiO: 'jo.uou to 'J,',.ihm nun,-
latum. IJou: J,",ooO to .111,00(1 popula
uon. i.nm; ;!0,ihmi to .Ti.oon nonnla
lion, tl KHt: .(.i.inhi to ,'mi.ikmi nonnla
tluil. fl'llOU: I.IO.IHXI and over. .Vmil.
Ity Mr. McMllleti: lU-ciulrlnir hedees
atoiiv mil) He mads and hoiderlne
paths to lie trimmed.
Hy Mi. Towson: Maklne onen sea
son foriiuall November 'Jit to llecem
her LM.
Ily Mr. Dawson: KlectliiL' load oei
seers by school districts.
I'y Mr. Shannon: KnaliUm; tailroail
men and commercial liaelei to vote
away from home.
Hy Mr. Wollf: I .V u 1 1 1 1 ir double
payment of waes for neecssaiy Sun
day w oil,. This would allecl all lall
roads and ol her corporal Ions.
Hy Mr. Kiel: I'rnUdhiK iiiarterly
inspect ion of county hluhwaxs b ibi-
county engineer.
Hy Mi. Ilimx: A blue sky" im-as-
uie similar to uieasuie hit induced bv
Mr. Iloyd.
Hy Mr. Kennedy. I.'t )ti neci-s-
slty for leson id leelsl ial lou. lie-
hue special elections In Ivans.i ('In
Ity Mr Whltaker: llalslne 1 n It h'ri
at iioimals to ij a year and unltci
slty to annually.
A hill In! induced In the senate mo-
liles that for the iiui'iidm- of electloif
aldermen hi cities of the fourth class
ward Hues shall he wiped out and the
alderuieii chosen fiom the cities at
Senator Hcaxcli. of Callawav. me.
enteil a bill making It a crime to
draw a check or draft on a hank or
trust company lu which the deposl.
lor has hisiniicleut funds to cover tin-
Senator Wilson, (d i'lalle eoiiui.
Introduced a hill ieiiilrlug all rail
road companies In the state to pro
vide drinking water at all stations,
with sanitary drinking cup.
The termination of tin
Assessor's Valuations.
Perry W. Itatnsay, our Jolly, good
natured assessor, llled hi Uioks for
tax valuations for l!H:i with the coiin
ty court last week, anil nfiei-
nation the COIirt UCCi-nlt-dHieretnriK..
and they will be more fully examined
when thu court acts as a hoard of
eitiaHatlou, In April. Mr. itamsav
was ably asslsled hy Miss Moody lit
IIUKltIL' ttie liersolial ImoU-. mid I'miiL-
iirauamani Acio n i n in mil.' im
up (tie latin nook.
The books show mine si r:nm. fi.'i
lures. In live Mock, comparing the
returns of llil.'t with those of I'.HJ, we
lindtherelsa loss or ."iU'i head of
horses: l.'JIiJ head of cattle -ind .". Ilo
head or hogs. A gain of .'Hi'.i head of
. . .
norsea i snown. in valuations theie
a gain of M.IIMoil burses! ii.i::n In
nitiles. and a los of ,IM) on cattle
and l,o"o mi hog.
These losses, howevei-. mi nd. in.
by again of lli.o(iou land valua-
I Kills. 1S,III0 on mM-e aiu-ous ner.
sonal pioperty. and a lossol ).".i::oln
moneys, notes, etc.. as returned.
i . .
i ue aii-it raci as siiowii nv tin n.
sesstn" hook show the following
..':, .'Ihoise JI.UJil
"l :u-ses ''(in
J.. mule I.'is.oln
1 1. 77Uc.it tie joj.ojo
beep I .sun
ll.ssiihogs 7"..s'n
Record of the More Imporlant Lo
cal Events of Holt County
for Year 1912.
I.le stock valuation 7u.-,,i;oti
i aluatlon. ltd" 7IU,7iki
Moneys, notes, etc I.JJ.I.!i7il
aluatlon, ItipJ. l.j.iu.iuu.
All other personal .!n7.s;;ii
Valuation. I'd J. l!i.
reisonal alues. Ini.'t J.J.I7.Iini
aluatlon. ltd J. J,JII.'.i!m,
Loss. 7,.V.n
JsJ.ojil acies alue .Vihij ..'L'o
alue, IUIJ, l.sosio
I..1U0 town lots value s.-,u,o7o
alue. i'.dj. .s.m.::uo.
Value. I'.HJ. s.l.ilVi.iilo.
Tolal personal, lUI.'l...
Total lands, inn ....
Total town lots, mi:: .
. .",iH)j,:rjo
. s.Ml,U70
Mine 1 apnoi 1 ominission Apiii 1
pm Hied for In a hill Introduced
I'm Tern.
I dial value. lUI.'l MKCi,7tNi
Total value, IUIJ, 7,!ki.i1!mi.
Cain oer IUIJ, IUI,oo.
I he valuations nlaced 011 tl ie leal
estate of the various towns of nor
county for ltd:! lae.are us follow
I III. St.. It'll.. In- lr..kl.t..itl
1 1 ram-Is M. Wilson.
i Mori- than the Usual number of
hills tending to ii-strlcl or n-uulale
lhelliiioi Iralllc have been Intro
duced thus far. The incisures stilke
In almost every conceUable direction.
Here are samples fiom the budget :
I'rohlbllhiL' the 1111hlic.it ion of II-
liior adverllseiuenls In newspaper.
nouiiing that In no private home;
In a "diy" county may I In, nor be
stored In iuanlltle- greater than twnj
gallon at one l hue. 1
Making It a uilsileuieaiior to deal I
one's friends in a bar 100 in. In t In
past many fill He at tempts ,;lvc been
made to put tins till! over.
A nieasiin- by Senator lluby, of
CaiTollton, would Increase the
.iiiiounl of dainuL'es which mav hi
c.iaimeii 011 account or death In a
railroad or similar accident from lo..
oou to M.",umi. He said ll Is ridicu
lous that a mail Who loses a band In
such an accident may recover In some
cases as high a Wi.ikhi dainaiii-s.
while ir he Is killed his widow cannot
hope to gel more than tli'inm.
1 lit 11 sis years ago the limit or
damages 011 account of death was
only to.nuo,
A hill contemplating a constitu
tional convention was Introduced.
It Is planned to hold a special elec
tion August 1, next, tu determine
whether I hero shall be such a con
vention, and If thu vote Is favorable,
then a second election shall he held
in March, IHU, to elect delegates to
the convention. An aimronriatlon nf
.")0.000 to liaV till! l-XilellsKs, nf ll...
convention Is provided for.
I-allure of a defendant In a illvmei.
casu to appear lu court on the day of
trial Is to Im considered prima facie
evidence of collusion. If a bill loir,,.
duced hy Senator Hawkins, of Spring-
tiem, necomcs a law. Another hill by
the same author entitles courts in
appoint a prod or to represent the In-
mresis 01 uie sian mvorcu cases.
A bl bv Senator Carii-r. nf 1.-,..
hoka, provides lor thy dragging of
roads, one-thlid of the cost to hu de
frayed by the county, oiie-thlrd by
the state, and one-third bv thu citi
zens of thu road dlstrldt.
Mound 'ity
begun ....
Maltlami. .
I'orest City
1'oitescue .,
. J7,ti."iO
. luu.Jlu
. tni,7::n
. 7U.JIU
. :ts,!i.i
I."., loo
. tl,tJ.-lll
I !i.., 01 ,11
!in,:;n t
Kequisition Turned Down.
SherllV tielvln, armed with a reipil
sit Ion from the Itoveiuor of Missouii,
annealed before (iovernor .Mnn-l
at Lincoln, Nebrala, on Wedneday!
or last week. 'l'hereiulslion wasro'r
Mrs. Addle Smith, charged with thei
kidnapping, in this county, of her'
iiauguier. i.eoiia ueeuey. aged 11
years, from the home of her grand
mother, Mrs. Anna Keeney, in Ore
gon, on June J.ld, IUIJ.
On Sunday. .1 tine J.ld. l.eoua left the
home or her grandmother, and at
tended Sundav school, ami Weill li,
the home of Mr. Trodglcn, with their
utile daughter, where she was im-t
hy her mother, and they left on the
noon Inlet urban train for I r..vi
City, where they took thesouthlxiuuil
train ror St. Joseph. The noon hour
uasshii;. and l.t 011a not nil iiriilmr in. r
grandmother hec illllU lllli'ILHl. llllll nil 1
liKinliy she found that the little bird
nan iiown away. 11 was too an-.!
l.eoua had gone.
A warrant wa obtained. eieiriin.
Mrs. Siiillb wllli I.-1 . 1 1 1 ..... I ... r -ei...
.... . ".'M..,lfc, 1 in;
Ulliuui iiaiirniii
, ...1 ....
Harry M. Irwin.
Ills ItMslllrit,
uii amuurnmeni of il- . annari- turn,
01 circuit court.
The snow which fell Dec. .".Hutu.
appeared 011 .Ian. "01 1,- i,.,.,.i
, .iiui
dining the Period.
I ( . Hunean and c. W tiinr . Ill III
collision ot trains -.'il and Jl. hi si
Joseph yards, on the litt ! 111.1111., i
I'rank Vest. Indicted tu 1 lilt ItlVlllil
jury on tne .id for the murder id (iuv
Stanley on Dec, .Id. tun. .m n,
April, IUIJ, term he was fn I . , 1 1 1
Of L'd-degree murder and sentenced ti)
m years lu penitent Ian: no lull,, t
111: appeal.
IheOiegon Women's I uion. nisi
wninen'. club lu Missouri, nliteried
it - HHhannhersarv on the mi,
I ill) IHl- Tarkln llraln ie.. e nnl
levee, soilllieast ami Olll hof Ilie.lael.-
S'i'otl iilace. was tlllMlcl! mi . HI,.
Ce :'1,7.I7
The lliermoiiieier was belnu tin
em line for the ilisi i;: Hu. .,r 1 1 . ..
iiii.nth: coldest. J.'i heluw mi tbe i-jii.
!. below on the lit h: .Vi below mi the
thai le Lowe, awed JV of ll(L-el.,u
1 w list it n. w a at 1 i-st ed on ibe ".mi,
charged with fnruinu tin-11:1 of Jim
l lllllk e. In Ihlee ebiel.s 1.1..I. r.,r
li n dollar
W. II. (llanie.i Williams, of I nu-si
uty.retlied I10111 business. s,.:iii,
hlssliK-k of haiduaieto l.oiis.vci
ten. He began luishies in I hilsI
( Ity In s.vi
AlthlirlllfWfl was named b .liiil,.,.
i;illiin asemnt slenogiapher" to till
vaiMiicy caused hi leslenatlon of liar.
ry M. 1 1 u In
Mes.is. Hrownlleld ,V Teale becauii!
the owners id Ibe fialg Klectrl
Light plant
I he James AllstiiiMnck nf eliitl.liiir
mid furnishings, of Mound i'h. wen
soiu miner an attachment.
The hummed court bun e was iu
cupled and the lirst term ofltilJcli
cult coiirl wa held In the Improied
I he grimnilllOL' saw Ills Miadnu nil
Ibe Jd. and 011 the follow lie- ihu 1 1 .
temperature wasj.."i helnw em ulil,
a small iiii:nd from the northwest
with snow
The hilllilllli.' id an elevator was In
gun at Hlgelow
Match Ignited gasoline In the Colli
son stme at Mall land on the nib:
prompt action prevented a tlisastiou
On I he Juth, Mound City voted to
bond Hie city for U.."iihi for sewerage
ami ."i,."iiHi for extending water mains,
t'tt for: .71 against .
I.d I'lilirmau - Sons held their an
nual I nunc sale, and piices aieraged
James Williams near Craig lost s
out of Jl horse caused hi feeding lu
the stalk Ileitis.
A. Tribe of Hen Hur was organled
at Mound City.
Oregon ell l.ens gave their annual
banquet on the JJd.
i. Teare. id Cralu. was chosen
delegate to the National Democratic
convention, which met at llallln.ore,
ami nominated Woodrow Wilson for
president. The slate convention
which selected delegates was held at
Joplln on the Jot h.
Ice Jam lu Little Tarklo. near Asa
Sharp's damaged county steel bridge,
and caused water lorun over Hie hot
loin southeast of Craig,
I iele Inches or sniiiv fell 011 thu
J.i-ii; badly drifted .1 10 11 leet: 1 raiiie
suspended all of Monday. No mall
lieie .Momay. The Vlllisca train wa
abandoned Monday and Tuesday.
I.eo .00k arrested on the
river having b,.cn closed since Dec. Jl
-ocing closed 77 days: an uiittsuallv
long period.
He. ItiKco was hanged at Mary vlllu
01 mi! .'liin ror tin- murder of the
Hubbel family.
Trains on the Tarklo branch were
am out. irom Tuesday till Friday, IJ-
IStll, account nf mnpli uii,.. r. ...'.. i...
I. "vl 11,1111 ILl.
ami snow.
The bottoms from Cnmim, 1.. in
1 , .. .. .
"".nun u,(. .onaw ay south of Malt
land weie under water, week of 17th.
J4th. caused by thaw of snow and Ice
Mrs. Will Could, of the Lincoln dis
trict, attempted suicide on the J.ld In
lawing iioiigii on Hats.
A I'll 1 1..
The I'rank Vest murder trial for
murder was called on tin; mi,: taking
of e Ideuce began on loth. Verdict,
i" years in pen, letiirned on the l.llh:
mot Ion for new dial overruled on Ihu
-inn: appeal taken to supreme court.
County spelling contest held Inore
gon Saturday. A pi II nth. Hi,,,,,., t:ll.
ley won Urst honors, ultl, a giadeor
Contest on ennsiillil 11 1,.., ,.r ,1...
Mlmiesoia Valley. Dale Center, llos
Urine and Llberlyschooldlstrictswas
iiem :u .Aiounii city on the I.Mh. The
Vole Incolisolld lie was lal.en 'I'm.u.
d-ty. Apiil Jd: i,te in rm: j against.
Th coinmssoneis set aside Ibe ie
suit of I he election. 011 the glenoid of
The dlstilcl assembly id the llebec
ca blanch id Hie I. o. 1. r. b,., s
iiu1111.il session ai I'oiest I'lti, on the
Claud Klli,ilii-, and Jesse John
son, tbel.lllel ,,. .....l ....1
1 e-M vii 1111 '
the li.th ror lobbing cats at Napier:1
the former given J ycais; latter, s
yeais; imili plead guilty. I
sllk-bl trust the imuiilug ol the!
1 iiciiii ciiiirt began on ibe M and
cloeil on Ibe JUlii fnoi week long
est tor ,-r held.
Woikmeii began to make double
track between Cnion and l-'oihe.
Kayhlll ,V Moore sold llieir stis-k of
rm tilt tin- to Tim.. Killaiii.of tientrv
enmity. Thus. KHI.1111 sold his stock
of geneial iiieichandlse al New I'olui
lo (ieoige Lent., id I he Triumph d,.
Mound City atilolsls met 011 the 7lh
ami 100K iiiitiaiory steps, looking lo
the building id a Kansas ( -t . i,j,ia
Clilig Lodee. 1. Il.ll. I'.. e,...,r ,1, ,1
Ihe'.iJd anuheisary of odd-r.-llow.
ship, on I he -Jiiih.
The l-'ariuer.' Kleialoi Coinnaiiv. ,.r
Craig, oiganied by electing .l.s. .,.
man. preldeni: II. II. I.awience.ilce
piesldeut: I. D. IMInlei. secielan:
Andy llaer. Iieasun-r.
Dickson .V Speer. of 'oes Cy,i
stun ineir mih'K id iiieichandlse to
.las. II. Nicholas, of St. Joseph.
.11 NC.
The I'lal id Highland Addition to
the city ofoiegon was Hied hu-record
on the Jd, by Sam. Sehulie. u, 1 -. 1 ,
oil all id block .il io.'!!i Inclusive, into
town lots.
Clias. S. Illell, Sluail wa :irresl, ,l
on the Jd, 011 tin- ch.ngeof attempt,
lug to nib the c. W. Craig store at
Hist coticiele n-sldence luiill lu
Oiegon was completed.
Thu Leo Vinegar Company, ol l ulls
City, Neli.. purchased the Toiest CHv
Nannie Williams obtained n-nllci
for V.,uoo ilainai-cs In Saianoat. i,-.
I'lill enurt against James Collins.
r V: '. ,'l"ls",l'.'l g'Desanenilow uielit
of,liMMothe I'oresl City Chllstlan
chinch. He united with that chinch
in is,t.
(Continued on page s.
Overseers' Settlements.
Annual settlements which arc now
being llled with the county clerk by
the overseers of the various road dis
tricts In our county, for the year end-
Itlg ttltll HlO Closllllf nf tlllu mnnll,
show conclusively that none of them
are making a.s much out of their Jobs
as the .1. I. Morgan a!oelated
hanks are making out of their busi
ness. Notwithstanding there are al
ways some who seem real autlmis in
get the overseer's Job.
The law provides that t be iivi,l-si,.r
shall have his report In the hands of
1 ne county clerk, to be presented to
the Court, at Its leenlar I'ntirimri-
term, .mil unto I'rlct.ii iasi miu-!ii..,iii
one-hair or these had been llled. The
law also says that in case Hie overseei
lillls to eel the Doll lav. In. si, ill I, a
. , ' ....... S.V.
charged up with the delinquency, and
tills seem to he Hie disposition ol
Hie court.
The settlements tbus far llled :in
as follows. The star preceding (he
lal column of llguies Indicates that
the overseer had overdrawn tin.
amount to the credit of the dlstilcl,
the amount follow lug- the star.
The debit coluinnshows tlioaiinimit
chaiged lo the overseer, and to the
ciedil of the district, while tbeeiedli
column tells you how much Ibe over
seer expended lu Ills disci let
Tin-llgnres below show ihey ex
peiided 4,ii!d.o:, 011 the .'!J road ills,
trlcls ilurlug the yeai eiidiiiL' Januaiv
lU-l I III . , ,1 III . 1 1 It.. 1
e'i .Amu. s, I,,,-, I, r -n:. -l-i.,'. Iiiii.l-
'-I .1. W . diil, I, 11: 1:. 111 rut . s
I I'liinl. lillisnii 1 1. .V,; J'.iis
.1. I.. W 1 111I11 11 11; mm' 1:1s.
I'1 . W. oil nh,i Hum lit t. Hi
I" I . I . llliW, III 1,1 nw n.
1 1 ..ll. W. sii.lil, in; 1; lMs i,'
I.' Miah- Mills,- .if, ; .-tat.,. s
i-l" M II. ltel :i; I - si 1: ,;;,)
' V. r. Km tics en ?i, i'.i 1.1 ?i -L,
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l M. II. W iluhl m id 11,1:1,1 a;
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.'I has. s.iiiil.iil lit; ','i iiic, iir; n:
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' li. Ui, ll ','H s i ;;, ,, ti.
Harly Suffrettes.
Tin- eaillest piolet by woiiieu
against taxation will 1 representa
tion was. according lo the lilnruale
d'llalla. ui len d nearly J.ihhi vean
ago I ndei'theliluiniliateol Angus
His. Anlnni and Lepldus. ll was
pioposed in lax the properly id l.lim
wealthy I! 111 malum hi order to
meet ait of I he expenses of t he civil
win i inn racing, 'Ihey refused lo
submit to Imposition, and sent nr.
leiisia. one of their number, In plead
against It liel'nie the senate, lu the
coin e of her speech she asked: ' Why
should we be asked to pay lor a war
into which we had no wish to cm
bail., or fur the siippnn (,f a govern
ment who.e policy we have no means
of cunt rolling-" Ti,s argument
proved so fiuelblii thai the proposed
tax was reduced lo nne-t hint nf lh
amount tuiulnallv iiropo.ed. Loudon
Harvey A. Kvans was vMiing hi
mother lu While City, Kansas, fur a
few days, ibis week.
ii'iltiiil itiii tl....it.l
liu:ilifl Mrs Snill Ii .... I.H.... i.'.
South Omaha. The requisition mis
sirured, and luivemor Morehead
heard the case 011 Wednesday last,
mid decided that no kidnapping had
been committed. The uvliience
showed that henna was happy and
contented to he with her mother:
that she was nicely treated and was
attending school regularly, and both
hur mother and stepfather were good
Leona Is the daughter id Mr. and
Mrs. Nathan heenuy, who were Hi-
vori-ei-In Maieli. Hm. 11... 1....1 1
.,, , imniMiiii
being 'given thu care and ctistodi or
ii... 1, i.iiii ...1.1 1.. ,.... '
, .""i iti-uni-j iei 1 anil went
to Colorado, leaving the child with
tils mot tier. Mrs I,,,,.. I.-... ,
t he meant line, Mrs. Keeney became
Mrs. Waller Sinlih, her hiishaud Imj
ng einplny ed in a South Omaha pack
ing house, where they have been re
charged with stealing tinu hill from I
Lmmetl llltlkle. near l-'ortest!iie: In I
default of hall was senl In jail. Carl
Ailaius alni arrested as an accessory,
J. L. (ioiiiel and wife, of I'uloii
township, celebrated their golden
wedding on the 71 h
Snowfall for Hie month, jji Indies:
heaviest since IH7U when we had J7
Inches ilurhiir tin- nuinlli. II,....-.
driris on the Jd blocked the highways,
ror a wiioiu week.
Farmers' Klevator Company organ
l.ed at Oalu: capital stock. 111.11011.
Davis - Mitchell, of Mound City,
dissolved, raid Davis a-tlrlng from
the llrm.
lieo. Seeinan entered the employ of
the .ook-ltoecker Hanking Company
on inn 11111.
Icu lu the river at St. Joseph and
White, Cloud broke and Hows began
running on me night of the intli, the
Until Fridav. Januarv ft l loin ma mm
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