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Missouri House Passes Joint Resolu
tion Ratifying Proposed Amend
ment. Only One No.
Willi only onii dissenting vote, tliat
of Uepreseutatlve .1. P. Cooper, of
Andrew (,'ouiiiy. the hmit-u passed a
Joint resolution ratifying' the proposed
amendment tu I lie federal constitu
tion for the direct elect Ion of I'nlled
States senators. The vote, wan I .'10
ayes and I no. Tin- other twenty
hjvvii I'epiihlleans voted for the reso
'.Ion. A measure reiiulrlugallcurporatloiis
to publish thu names and addresses of
their stockholder of recoid waslntro
dticed hy Mr. MoColliiin.orHuchanan.
Zn addition thu amount of stock-own-d
hy each must In- set out.
A hill iculrlng the collection and
payment of taxes the sunt1 year has
iiwcti Introduced In lioth hranches of
tin- Cciteral Assemhly. I'ndcr the
pn'M-nt law taxes aru assessed In June
mill ate not paid until moic than
dghtecn months afturwaid.
The Issuance or fiujmn.nmi In bonds
fir the const i net Ion -of permanent
road In Missouri I suggested In a
resolution offered hy W. D. Johnson,
jf Pulaski. It Is proposed to divide
this money among the several counties
.if Missouri upon a basis of surface
area. This would give the smallest
.ml least valuable county In Mlssnuil
about twice as much money as Hie
City of St. Louis, which would be re
quired to pa neaily Sl.0011,000 of Hie
bonded Indebtedness thus created. It
.Nould get luck less than n.ono.
A hill which would have misstate
ments on applications!!)!' fraternal In
surance affect the contracts similar to
-.he law applying luold Hue iiisiiiance,
.as Inliodiuvd by Senator Whit ledge,
lit piccntal Ivc .lolmsoti. of PulasM
( ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . in a joint ami concurrent res-
1 1 1 1 1 1 I im loiluced, proposes a bond
Issue nf -Io.ihki.ihui. which shall be
paid "'ii "f a sinking luml of " cents
m tin-Moo valuation, levied acahisl
all property In Missouri, for Hie put
iost n building roaiN. -
The house adopted a resolution re-
lUcstim.' Missoui (congressmen tnsiip
port 1 1 to federal bill prohibiting the
shipment of Intoxicating Illinois Into
prohiblllon states. The resolution
was Introduced In llradley, of Macon.
A similar resolution Introduced In I he
senate hy Craig, of Nodaway, hasbcen
refened lo the commllteeoucrimiual
Plesldenl Plti-lein. Wilson, or Hie
enale appolnled a commll tee I'1'
xestlgalc penitentiary eondlt Ions and
topnrt suggestions to the senate as to
nine feasliife plan for working the
convicts when the present contracts
t'phe. The penitentiary Is one of
the leal problems facing the legisla
tive and the slate administration.
When the contracts e.xplic in a few
months thu stale will have lo go deep
In t lit- treasury to off-set tills falling
oil. A bill introduced by Uepresctita
live IfeorgeT.CIalbornc.ofSt. Joseph,
may meet t lie situation. Heprovldes
that the Inspectors or the prlo ay
hire the contractors at l ier day per
man and thatiWi percent ofllilsmusi
go Into a fund for the support of de
pendent relatives of convicts.
Petitions asking Hie repeal of the
initiative and referendum were sub
mitted In Hie house hy cill'.cris of
nearly every county In the statu. The
movement grows out of thu Unlit for
Inglu lax last fall. The anti-single-taxeis
declare they are going lo make
a hard Unlit for the repeal of the
ordinarily the Democratic paily In
Missouri lias been chary or creating
additional olllees, hut tills session of
the Legislature has developed a dis
position to establish places to which
Mime of It- workers can be appolnled.
Hut there isairreat difference between
introduction of a bill and Its becom
ing a law. The proposed Increases In
the pay roll o all the way rrom a
slight raise In the pay or Jurorstollie
salaries of the members of tint utili
ties commission. The proposed raise
for Jurors In 1 a day, while thu pro
posed salary or each or three utilities
commissioners Is .Vimi. A senatorial
rcdlst rioting measure, giving St. Louis
seven state senators Instead of six,
.lackson County tlpee Instead of two
and reducing the country districts
from twenty-six to twenty-four, was
Introduced by Senator Charles P.
Hawkins, of Dunklin County, chair
man of Hie Senate Committee. on lie
districting 'I'hu bill makes nochange
in thu Third district composed of the
counties of Holt, Andrew, DuKalb,
Clinton, Platte and Clay. Population,
n2,:pMn vote -Itupubllcan ns.'ll, Demo
cratic IM.'im.
Senator Hawkins, of DiinkllnCoun
ty Intrwlucedablll changing thuopen
l nut I season from the month of De-
cemlier to the latter pait or January.
Another bill by Hawkins would allow
htinteistosell or giveaway their ipiola
of Iwenty-tivu ducks each in Hie coun
ty, where the name is killed.
Mlsiepresentlng and misleading ad
vertisements arc hlUinabill Introduc
ed by Senator McClintlc. The hill In
troduced, by a violation of the act
would lie construed as a misdemeanor
punishable by a tine of loon or Im
prisonment for one year or both.
Itill No. V.i, which had1 passtd the
Hou-c.Jw as passed In the Senate It
is the llrst measuie loipass both
houses this session and provides aline
for persons using automobile without
permission or the owueis. Incident
ally, It gives Secretary of StatcCorne
lius lioacli one. additional Jdeik thu
entire year and two others during
three months of tin- year tolookafler
automobile licenses.
Mr. McCarly Prohibiting persons
under IK years of age rrom driving an
automobile except when accompanied
by owner or licensed chaulteur.
Mr. Moore, of Marlon Prohibiting
Hie removal of suits aalii-l foreign
corporations to the federal courts.
Mr. Orr Prohibiting railroads, un
der heav.v penalties rrom carrying
llituor into dry territory.
Mr. Hunt, or Dent Submitting an
amendment to levy a lax of locon thu
lno valuation bit the beiiellt or the
public schools, normals and univeisily.
This measure was defeated last i-fec-Hon.
Senator Hawkins, of Dunklin Conn
tv, introduced his convict road-working
bill. II seeks to have roads con
necting all county seats In the state
built by convict labor.
Senator Crossfey Hit induced a bill to
change the lime ol making assess
meiils for taxes Iroin June In Maich.
He said the pin pose of tin- bill Is tu
make It possible to collect taxes I In
same year the assessment Is made.
Senator I 'rsife Introduced the woman
snlfiage lesollitioti. The iin-asiiii-pmvlili's
tor a vole on a proposal enli
st It in loiial ameniluieut ccnlng to give
the lair ma all Hie ballot lights now
enjoyed by men.
Ily Mr. Shcppcrsou: Turning back
lo Hie counties rrom which they ntlg
luated all fees on automobile licenses
for the beui'tlt of that county's roads.
A hill In give all disabled cx-Cnn-federates
a pension of n a iiiouth
and appropriating Inhi fur the pur
pose was offered by Mr. Sails.
All corporal Ions of Mlssouil will In
ieiiihed lo annually makeauailldavii
Ihat they contilbuled no money to
pellHcal campaigns or caudidales. If a
bill hit induced by Mr. Harris Is en
I acted into law.
A Good Business Year.
DurliiK Hie year, Itil'J-.'ll.uoo were In
vested in new buildings and Impiove
meiils In Oicnnn and vicinily, an av
erac of ':i,ooo a mnnlli. 'I'lie total is
Hilly abreast with the Inures of lull.
The early months of last year weru
not propitious for building', yet in Hie
face of a backward sprioc. Imposing
residences and attractive additions
and Improvements have loomed up
throughout iur little city. Lots and
land that were vacant a yearao are
now studded with new homes and our
builders report that they haveenoiinh
const ruction ahead to keep them busy
thu remaining mouths of thu winter,
and in fact well into sprluu. Thetlu
ores or hulldinc operations for I he
year past areas follows, which includes
labor and material. Hy Andrew
Heorne lielvin, remodelltiK I-''
S. P. Perkins, new residence . . '-V-lm
II. II. Dawson I .id".
T. C. Duncan, improvements.. .IV)
(ieo. Murray, new re-.ldence ... .'l.'.NKi
( 'ul p school I,I7.
C. D. .ook, hnproveinents J, -Jim
Albeit Markt, Improvemenls. . Ikki
A. .1. .laml-ou T.'iO
C. K. Hunker, store front i'i'-'i
Kd. Dunham, ImprovumeutK,,. son
.lohnatliau Culp, residence ti"."i
Itutey Kunkel, residence. . . . I.inki
Hotel, Improvement I'.'-'i
Miscellaneous, repairs t-Vl
Ily Henderson Kennedy:
Mrs. Amanda DiuiKan, resi
dence I J,:kn
(iuy Cummins, improvements . ii,.VK)
W. II. Hardmau, residence .... 1,'JH)
SchiKilhoiise 7oo
M. It. Martin .'v'""
(', W. Ilartram, Improvements, l.-.'oo
It. 0. Ituley, Improvemenls. . , . :m
T. i. Price, Improvements .... 123
Miscellaneous, repairs 1,000
t.naries Anseimeni, improve
ments, sou
Sam Davidson, for II. I.. Kreek,
new residence ,4on
Total improvemunts.
Dill A (i(M)ll IIIISINKSS.
The Orefon Interurban Railroad
Does Immense Traffic
During 1912.
(Mil little local railway, although
only live miles In length, but just as
wide as any other railroad In thu
I'nited Stales, did a splendid busi
ness dnrlni; Hie year Just passed -a
business that Is a splendid barometer.
Indicating the business done hy our
merchants, one can hardly believe
the IlKitres when we tell cur icallcrs
that the tonuaue handled by lids road
durhn: thu year i'.il'.' readied Hie sur
prlsii)j llnures of 27.7:i'.i,s!i pounds:
P.I7.2U7 pounds was express and 27 .'.TJ,-'.'s-.'
was frelnlil. 2.l.ltis'lr,l'J pounds
were hatidleil In car load lots. To hau
die this rrefelit. hastii on the mini
mum car load. It resulted 7'i freight
cars. During Hie year it rorwarded
171 car loads or lions. Co of cattle, and
li'-o or apples, and sl-iiI out a total or
121 cai load lots. It tecelved .u car
loads ot coal, II or lumber. '.". of sand
and 2-i or empty barrels receiving a
total ot 2o7 car luail lots. It received
and rorwaided li2 car loads or mis
cellaneous rrelnlil in less than car
load lots. It handled 2.l..il I passengers
din Inn I ho year.
I mr people are lo he cniinratulatcd
on this tine siiuw inn. and to Mr. I.. I.
Moore, the uiananer. and Don Moi
nan. Iheaneut,and Hie excellent aids
alloided tlium aie we indebted for the
IiIkIiI.' successful and sallslaclory
mauaneineiil of the road.
Some two weeks ayo Hie boaid of
dliectots onlered Hie paymeul or the
vim ily luteiest on Its bonds
The road was opened tor business,
A pi II . 'M. by the sfurtlon of
tieorne V. 1'iedeilcks, as aneni.aud
on A 1 1 1 i I 2H. I'.io'.i, benall In do both a
fielyhi and pass,-nncr hiisliii'ss. In
di lall It
itia iav : :
I. iimbi-r II Sail I
Sand '-".! Itock -i
Cement In III Id I
l lonr 21 Silos I
Coal -V, Hay 7
t 'at He in (iranlt I
Hands .. . 2-i Sunar 2
l i-i d 2 Cans
Lime .1 llauanuas . . .. I
Poles 2 furniture I
Implements... 2 Stoneware 1
Wire fenclnn- .'I Cooperaue. . .. I
Potatoes 2 Sewer Pipe ... I
II. II. Hoods .. 2 Corn s
Autos 2 llridne m't'rlal I
Miscellaneous. i;7 Miscellaneous. ii7
Tolal Ill"
I liltVV VltllKII.
Hons 171 .luuk I
Cattle.... . Crates I
II. II. Woods.. o Sawdust I
Apples pin oats I
Com 2 Slonewau- ... I
Wheat I Pears I
Implements... 2 l,umlier I
Miscellaneous. It Miscellaneous . It
Tolal forwarded
Total deceived
Tolal car loads
Gallons of cream shipped
PasseiiKurs carried
I'xpress in nounils
, S.V.I
.... l.'i.uin
... 2.V.4I
The Coming Chautauqua.
The Oregon Chautauqua association
has closed its contracts lor thu lldll
talent, and the dale has been set for
thu opetiiun d thu clnht days program
on Sunday, August In.
The I Ii I.I Chaulaiiiiia promises lo
lie one id the mosi enlerlalnlnn ever
held by thu association. Thu program
will be a varied one and will lie enter
tainluuly blended so that each day will
present a program so varied thai all
will be pleased. The latent Is made
up ot such stars as Thomas Hrooks
Fletcher; Hie Jeffries-Hutchison hand
of 2i pieces, who will slay the eiillie
season; Herman, Hie world's wonder
In manic: llich llohson, McHulre.
Hurnett: .loliu Mitchell, the ureal
labor leader: llrlnhaui, -lames Watson,
Hurliurt I.. Willetts, Lybarner.
Kvcry evenlnn a concert, and vailed
program, so that, all the time durlnn
thu day ami until a reasonable lied
time In thu evenlnn soiiietlilnn w ill he
dolii),' at the ChautaiHiiiii urounds,
Thu talent secured in superii In
every feature.
Still Staying.
I'ucle .loliu (icsMlhart, In his hree.y
Items from Hie Triumph district to
the Mound ('ily .letfersonlan, has thu
follow Inn Interestlnn item in the latu
issue nf that paper, about- the older
residents of the Triumph district:
"One hy one the old settlers of this
community aru called to their lonn
home. Very few are left thai settled
up this neighborhood; In a few years
none will be left. When we come lo
count them over we llnd eighteen
that are left between Whig Valley
and New Point, namely: I.. Ml Kerns
and wife, now In California: Itachel
Park, in the state or Washington;.!.
A. (ioodhart and wife. Dclxirali Davis,
William Cphouse and wife, Mrs.
Michael DcIkiU. now In California;
.Mm and Noble llodgln, John Wat
son. (Jcorgc Watson. Aunt Hetty
Shields and daughter. II. C. Williams
and wife, and l.um Patterson. These
ate the old settlleis thai vveie here in
1S7I that aruallveal the present time,
hut when we come to couni those
thai have died, they far outnumber
those that aie left; and then think of
the change In the country that has
taken place since then. Land was
Worth rrom t!2 to 2u per acre, and
now It Is worth Iroin loo to .Vi per
acre. Corn was In lo 12c per bushel,
and a great many hushciswcichautcil
fiom here to lligelow for 12 lo tic per
liii-hel. while now Hie staiidaid price
Is about 'mo per bushel in the crib.
.iii think of limes when ll look hm
bushels id corn to pay the iuleiesl on
Moo Wo got our mail once :i week
and ot course could not Is- veiy well
posted on the Issues ot I In- day. Had
anyone told lis Hility-llve years av;o
thai the lime was not rar distant
when our mail would be brought lo
our doors eveiy day ami thai we
would be able lo stand in our
loom ami talk lo all our neighbors,
and in fact all over the county and
adjoining counties, and even joining
states, we would have pinnouucrd
him insane. Who can surmise what
the advancement will he in the next
Ihlrly-llve yeaisY II anyone can give
us an Idea, please leporl."
To Fifth District.
s. nalor Craig, ol Nodaway county,
ii Monday, ol this week. Inimdncid
.i lull in Hie Senate t i,iiisi-i i lug Holt
-unity, rrom ihe f nut th In the Tilth
uidlclat illstiid. lhal -r .ludi:i- A. I.
I in. lis' illstricl.
As tin- I'ouilh ilisl rid Is imw emu
po.cd. It has live counties, and It Is a
cniistaui and Incessant giiud Iheyear
irmuid, and It Is said handles mote
iiiislness than any olherdistrlct In the
state and Is ovci burdened with cases,
Thru-arc II (tccn tci ins of court every
ycai.aud Hull and Nodauay consume
.11 of the '.' weeks In I hey ear, leaving
but 21 weeks hir Hie counties of At
chison. Woiih and Ceutry. Willi t lie
addilionof Holt In Judge Hums' (IK
I rlct, composed of Clinton. DuKalb.
Andrew and Platte, It is thought
would not swamp his eliciiii. as Hie
business in these comities are not
overly latge. and by relieving the
I'ourlh of the business of Holt, Ihe
dist i let, wllh Judge Klllson. would
still have as much business, as any
average district In Ihe stale..
Judge Klllson does mil ask to be re
lieved I ruin Ihe cum I business of Holt
county , because he does not like its
people, lint because Hie business has
become so large, Ihat it Is almost Im
possible lo handle it. with sat Wad Ion
to himself. Ihe bar and litigants.
After .'li yeais of existence as a pri
vate bank. Ihe lleaton bank has In
come an ineopiirateil lust Hut ion, by Its
nwncis, Messrs. Win, II. and Kd. llea
ton. It Is one of the oldest and most
substantial banking Inst Hut Ions in
this section of our slate. The owner
ship, management and policy will in no
way he changed by the Incorporation.
Tin- hank was established and
oieued for business, July 7. S77. by
John S. Hilby and Wm. II. Ilealon,
and iii lo April, tssj, t was known
as the llllhy .V lleaton bank. Al
that (hue Mr. lleaton purchased the
Itllhy interest, and It became known
as the lleaton bank, and Kd, lleaton
was admitted lo the II rm ami became
its cashier, and has been managing
the Institution since sh;. Kdward
lleaton on becoming cashier was Hie
youngest bank cashier at that llmeln
the state.
When the haul. waslliM established
Kd. lleaton was a schoolboy attend
ing thu Craig school, and he Is another
specimen of the Holt county hoy that
has made good. He has practically
managed the bank since 1SH7, when
his father puichased an interest In
the Citizens' hank, of Husliuull, Illi
nois, and became Its manager, leaving
his sou to conduct the Craig bank.
Under the sou's management ii has
In-come one of the solid banking In
stitutions of Northwest Missouri. Its
last lluancial statements, made In De
cember last, showed its deposits to
have been f-'7.'l,in'i thu largest of any
individual hank In Ihe county, at Ihat
Hrucu HurgusH was an over Sun
day visitor In Si, Joseph, guest of
relatives and friends.
The Sentinel's Record of Accidents,
Robberies, Etc., for the
Year of 1912.
Atisiln, Mrs. Mont.. Oregon, fell
downstairs at the Itoec.ker home and
broke her leg, I Vb, I lib.
Argo. the 12-year-old son of J. II.
Argo. fell from a hay mow, and dislo
cated his shoulder. Aug. 2S.
linker. Harry, or Korest city, fell
over a log and fiacluicd two ribs,
Jan. I
llruninieyer. Maitha.'of l otesi City ,
while play ing, fell and broke herarm.
Jan. n.
Hanks, l.uuN, near I 'oust city, had
an eye badly injured hy a spike strik
ing it, Nov. nth.
Holiait. Jacob, fool badly mashed,
Nov. 2U. by a wagon passing over It.
Hledsoe, Charles, of i'orest City,
had ankle badly mashed by a loaded
wagon passing over II, July .11.
Citrl.Joc, .Mound City, broke his
wrist hy falling lioin a hay mow. Julv
I ii.
Collen, Mlna. I'oiesl City, leg bad
ly Injured by a folding lied, I'eb. 21.
Campbell, Hen. W.. Corning, lost
two lingers In a corn shelter. I'eb, u.
I'rlc. Ilael, age 7. Mound CHy. fell
rrom a hay mow and broke her aim.
Hid., (ieo.. Mound City. IiH a llu
gei In a drive chain on Ids binder.
July II.
Houiel, Lewis, Craig, fell al a skat
lug rink and broke an arm. I'eb. 22.
droves, Don, Mall land, split his
tool open, while chopping wond.ocl.
(iiiilirle. Mrs. Jiishua, id the Lin
coln distil, -i. fell ii inn a tree and
liinke Iter aim. Sept. 2-V
liorman. I!. P.. Craig, dislocated
Ids slimililei by a l.vll. Nov. 2Mb. Had
a leg binkell III -Inly.
liitide. Ilaiiild. near l' I City.
fell Imin a hay mow. and lnoki- Ids
coital bone. July 17.
bicker. A. C. I-'., nf Corning, aim
caught in a gas engine, and both
biines binkeii. May 1st.
Kiinkd. Voryl, age u, I'm est City,
fell lioin a mangel and luol.i- Ihe
right arm, Nov. I.
Kuiikel, Kllahelh, age .1. oiegou.
fell and bloke her wi 1st, July 2.
MeCatidllsh, Mis James, id Craig,
dislocated hip. I'eb. I, by railing dow u
Meyer. Hen.. Jr.. I.lbcriy township,
icsiilcucc damaged hy acetylene gas
explosion, Oct. IMh,
Marshall. Klllot. south of 1'on-st
City, fell lioin a wagon. Sept. 2ii, ami
I wo ribs broken.
Markt . Neat, age 2, begun, fell out
of bed, July ;:o, and 1'iadiiicd collai-bom-.
oilphant, .loliu, near Oienon. frac
lined a leg, May 17, by a mad drag.
Patterson, Mis. W. II., of Mound
City, fell and fractuted an arm, Aug.
liocckc r, Mis. (ins, or Mound City,
fell rrom walk, April s, and broke her
Iloell, Mrs. Kb.. Mallland, fell and
Injured self badly, Nov. Is.
Hose, Mrs. W.I,., or Mallland. broke
an arm, Nov. 21. by a rail over a
Smallwood, Harry, oiegon, baud
badly lacerated, July s, by an elect He
Stuart, Henry, of lligelow, fell rrom
a load id hay, I'eb. 22, and broke a
Thiemau. Mrs. I.. ('., id Corning,
Cell and broke her arm, I'eb. 2.
I nknown man had his baud ev
eicd, near l-'orlies, by iiiacldiicry used
In unloading dump cars,
Williams, Nathan, age 7, of Man
kind, fell and broke his arm while
.achary, Mrs. Nancy, Mound City,
tell ami broke bur arm, Dec. lib.
Tin: nniisr;. p,i2.
Alkire, Mrs. Henry, or I'oiesl City,
Jumped from vehicle In runaway,
April '.'s, ami crushed her ankle.
Ilaker, Harry, of I'orest CHy, shoul
der dislocated and aim crushed In a
runaway, Nov. 2J: his hint her John
had three ribs broken in the sama ac
cident. Clark, MaJ., or l-'orest City, had leg
broken, Nov. s;ih, In stopping a runa
way team hclongingtuAlhcil Marl In.
DeHord, (i. I' Mallland, lace lad
ly injured by kick from his horse, Jan.
Decker l.uta, id Mound City, was
badly bruised in a runaway, Dec. 2u.
liorman, It. p., of Atchison county,
had leg broke In a runaway near
Mound City, Aug. 2.1.
(oodspced, II. W., id Mound CHy,
had leg broken by upsetting ol' hack,
Sept. 27.
Hunter, lllchard, near Mallland,
had knee fractured In a runaway , Jan.
Harris, Charles, of Mound City, was
badly Injured. April 14, by attack
from stallion.
Kurt.. Wesley, Oregon', severely
kicked on leg. Dec. Is, by Ids horse.
Lacey, John, near Oregon, thrown
from vehicle In a runaway, Sept. 4;
bonus of hand broken.
Not ley. Lemon, and wife. Hlgulow;
injured: thrown from buggy In a run
away. May 2ii.
Markt. Loyd. New Point, fell from
his horse, and broke his arm, June lo.
Morris, Oakley. Oregon, tiadly kicked
in breast by horse, July b.
Nicholson. Mrs. Homer, of Malt
land, had collarbone broken. Jan. .'It,
In a runaway.
Noellsch. Kd.. of near Oregon,
kicked by a mule. May 'Js. on Nov.
Hi, he had his hand badly lacerated
by being caught In hell lug.
Huberts. N. II.. Mallland. severely
injured In a runaway. Oct. It.
Simmons. Oliver. Mound City, had
fool badly crushed In aiunawav. Dec.
Stiotigh, Homer, of Craig, Injured
Internally by kick rrom mule, Aug. :i.
Smith. William. Mai Ion district:
thrown riom buggy, skull fractured,
Sliatfei. David. Hellion township,
klckid by hiii'M-al Hid o.tk, Iowa,
Nov. .'!: I wo ribs luoketi.
Sirlckler. I'. II.. id Craig, had rib
fractured by kick of a mule, Nov. 2.1.
Wise, Dun. or Craig, b.ully kicked
in race by hot.se, July ti.
lines p.i2
Allen. lieorge II.. smoke house. Ore
gon. July I: slight damage.
Haiker. Charles, near Craig: laige
slravvstacks: August I.
Hrock. K.. Mound City: lesldrnce;
Nov. I, total loss.
Hallew luuilier slu-ils at Mallland,
Nov. 2"i: slight damage.
Cook. Pied, leslilence piopeity hi
Oregon, occupied by Tiessi Stephen
son, damaged :ou. Dt-c. ,;.
Culp schiiolhniisi., ,lau. 1 1: total loss;
Insurance, -immi.
Cook. I'.ini-si . iesii.nce. Moiindi 'Ily,
I 'dp. .': innf il.iuianeil.
I avis, Kniciy . teslilenceiiear Mound
City. April l.l: slight damage.
1 1. m. in. W. II.. iioilheasi id Mound
City: b.un. main. hay. Hue saddle
lioise: loss, H.-i"ii: hisiiiance. fiUm,
-I line 'Jo.
lielvin. D. A.. Mallland: bin acres
liluegiass pastine. Aug. 22. rrom loco
inoilve sp.uks, , number of cat He
burned aboui the feet and legs.
liieene Hros.' pressing .shop. Ore
gon. April II: badly damaged.
lielvin. Krnesl, farm residence near
Mallland. Dec. 2!i, total loss; occupied
by K. Lockharl. who saved hN furni
ture. Hamlley, Lulher. tesidctice. Cialg,
March l.l; total.
Ilardiiiau, Sliau.. ii-slilem-e near
New Point, March ii; tolal.
Ilogrefe. Henry. I'orest township;
smiikelioiise and wash house, June 27;
Knock, Clias., cloihlug stote. Ore
gon, stock water damaged, April II.
King. C. W., store. Oregon, April HI,
slight damage.
Markt, Will, leslilence. Oregon,
Nov, I: slight damage.
Mills. Charles, ii-sideuce, l-'orest.
('ily: damage, tlon.
llnlon. Dr. Late, hay barn, fortes
cue, lo ions hay destroyed.
Mickey. I'. S., Mound CHy; lesl
ilence slightly damaged, Nov. 2H.
Noll. Dan,, iiearMoundCHy: shm-ks
id wheal, July l-V
itosiu'k creamery house, Oregon,
August I: slight damage.
Smith, Luck, lligelow. residence
and cout cuts and out houses, July 4;
loss, tI,2iki: Insurance, oo. Stanley,
Harry, lost all his clothing.
Williams, Claud, farmers' Central,
Oregon, Sept. 17: kitchen damaged.
Warren. Mrs. Mary, Craig: residence
damaged, Jan. U.
Waul, . I. K., Liberty township: resi
dence anil coutenls: total: insurance,
IIIIINIlll 11112.
Acton, Doyle, l-'orest City, was bad
ly burned l-Vby. 21, while playing
wiih matches.
Hunker, Catharine, aged U, near
l-'orlescue, died from burns, Jan. 2-i.
I lings, oie. Craln. badly burned
throwing gasoline burning tank out
of building, April 2U.
Cole, Ollie, badly burned, by gaso
line, throwing out stove al lire, April
(.'at on, little son of Jno.Catoti, For
est CHy, badly scalded, April s.
Grant, Dr. C. S., or Mound City,
had hand badly burned, Oct. 2, hy a
dentist's torch.
(ireenu, Ashy, badly burned In lire,
April II.
('olden, :i-y ear-old son or Frank
liolden, Forest City, fell in tub of
Imlllng water, April u: badly scalded.
Ilanna, Mrs. Tom, colored; burned
lo death; clothing Ignited from cook
stove, Jan. 12: she died the following
(Coin limed on page H.)

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