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February Tera of the
County Court a Busy
The February term of the county
court Is thr Hrsl of the regular terms
of the year, and as it Is the time set
by the statutes to make settlement
with the overseers, and If they have
made good, the court may reappoint
fn looking over the list of appoint
munts, it. win be seen mat. quite a
number have proven themselves the
right fellows in the right place as
the court reappointed thorn.
In addition to thK the court
makes Its annual assessment of the
railroad. telegraph and telephone
properties, which requires time, anil
trlct attention to the business.
Assessor ltamsay tiled his appoint
merit if William FlUmaurlcuasdepu
tv nM'osor. and the court '. K.'d"
The value or the main line of the
K. C St. Joseph A Council lllulTs
railroad line was llxcd at 415,1km) per
mile and Its sidetracks at l(,ooo per
mile. The Nodaway and Tarl.lo Val
ley toads woie valued M fT.otHt per
mile each.
. (Ott
. 111)11
. l'.(IO
. Mil
Forbes depot
Tin I
Forc.t City depot
Mlgolow depot
Napier depot
Napier tank
Craig depot
Corning depot
Corning tank
Mound City depol
Maltland depot
Mankind tank
Taiklo Valley llranch:
Corning water tank
Coring coal shutes
Coming section house . .
Nodaway Valley liranch:
Napier ectlon houe . . 2oo
Naplct dwelling Wo
Naplet coal shute-. .. 2.ooo
Napier Hiundhoiise 5mi
TIic M . JosoplnV Ncluaska rail mad
was aessed at l5,no(i per mile: sec
tion house, depot and car house at
tLfon: movable property and tolling
stock at. 35,000.
The Atchison ,V Ntlvaska- main
line and sidetracks at I5,iio per mile
including tin: east half of the Itulo
bridge. Fixed and miscellaneous
propeiiy ai I.2im; rolling stock at
The On-guii Inleiuibaniallioad was
assessed at 7i)u per mile and Its mis
cellaneous property at .iim,
The various telephone and tele
graph companies, of which there an1
nine dilTci'cnt companies, were as
sessed at t lie customary valual Ion of
about sl.'i per mile, for poles and $7 per
mile lor wire. The Instruments, of
which Ihere aicsome I,.i0ii, were as
sessed at 15 each. Therearesome 1.700
miles ol wire In the county and 325
miles of poles There are .'Hi miles ol
cables and 5 Millchhoanls,
County Highway F.ughicer I'eiet
approved the eonciele culverts built
by.lohn King, lie was also instruct
ed lo buy the material and cause to
be erected at as early a day as possi
ble I ne following steel bridges:
Hi-fool span near Abe Showalcr's.
near Craig.
30-foot span near .1 . K. Tayloi 's In
Forbes township,
Hi-foot span near the .1. I'. Mead
place In Forbes township.
The court set aside the sum o 2,
W0 for the construction of these
Owing lo the ravages of the Missou
ri river, on the lands of Charles Mc
Afee. Mrs. S. K. Taylor, It. N. Tay
lor, K. McWIlllams and Wm. Ilaker,
tiie court ordered an erroneous assess
ment for the years KHH.W12, on these
Superintendent Carson, in charKc of
the county Infirmary, tiled his last
quarterly settlement, showing the re
ceipts to have been !)7n.37 and the ex
penditures HH8.15.
The court received in applications
tor the. position of superintendent of
the poor farm, and after a do.en or
more ballots, Chris, Fuhrman proved
the lucky fellow, at an annual salary
of $25n, and Ids bond was fixed at 2,-
There were but two applicants for
the position of county physician, and
their bids were $100 each. The court
decided that the applicants, Dr. C. L.
Evans and Dr. W. C. Proud should
decide the tight between themselves
and decide by lot. Two slips of paper
were prepared on one was written,
'You are left;" on the other, "county
physician." Dr. Kvans drew the
former and of course Dr. Proud won
the prize.
The court ordered its warrant in
the sudi of $1,212.07 for the care of Its
fnsane at the St. Joseph
asylum for
thu Hrst six months of the present
Ileitha Slpes, who was recently ad
mitted to tiie insane asylum, was
found to have a sufficient estate, and
It was ordered that she be placed on
the toll as a private patient.
Circuit Clerk Dunham Hied his re
port of jurors' ecrtlHcatcs drawn for
the January term, 302..'M; criminal
cost bills. 08.78: fees collected, ilflo.
I. M. IHboard, recordei, leported
fees collected during the year HU'J,
il, 70(1.
County Clerk Xeller Hied his leporl
of fees earned during quarter ending
Dec. 31. WI2, al l,lliU!S; clerk and
deputy hire, ?,05.3t; excess of lees
paid Into the office, 55l.37.
A Good Showing.
In tin proceedings of the county
court It will busecn that Mr. Sebourn
Catsoti Hied his teport for the fourth
quarter of thu Hscal year ending Feb
rurry 1st, as superintendent of the
county Inllrmary. It will bu his last
leport as such oillcei, having been
elected as county treasurer.
Mr. Larson succeeded bis falliei io
the position In February, Wnl, having
served the county in tills position for
the past nine years. In all those
years he the superintendent and his
wife as the matron proicd themselves
mil only thoroughly competent, bul
theie was that kindly, considerate
nature In thein that made t hem dear
and highly esteemed by those who
were so unfurl uualeas lo become their
They have applied business meth
ods to their management of the insti
tution and brought Itseiery detail to
a science, anil so successiul have they
been that It Is practically self-sus
taining, when the peisonal propel tie-
are taken Into account. They have
brought thu cost ol maintenance
down to the eiy minimum, and yet
at the same lime make tin inmates
comfortable In every way with plenty
ol good computable apparel and an
abundance of wholesome food, and
faultlessly clean apartments Mr.
Carson's last year's management
shows the following:
Itccclpts. F.pcndcd.
:ail no 1st qr .Ws ini
107 K7 '.'d qr 5t 7.1
"181 7 :id tr 114 72
!i7H :i7 lib qr mis i."
2,27l (ill
alaty , ."00 oo
. salary 2imi oo
s2.77l tut
Cost of uialiitenauce 181 51
Theie are now nine Inmates, all
males. Thomas Sweeney, now si)
year.s of age. has been an Inmate for
2.1 years: Sanford Nolaud, age 71. has
been at the Inllrmary for 17 years.
The following Is the rosier:
. .112
, . . (13
.. HI
. .SO
.. II
Joseph l 'ox . .
Sanford Noland .
. Ocr
Sam'l Cllburi
('has. Taylor.. .
.las. Harvey ....
Chas. McCoy....
Thos. Sweeney . .
K. Saner
Willis Craig ...
The new superintendent, Mr. Fuhr
man, and his wife, we believe will
prove a most excellent selection, and
all the people can reasonably ask will
be to continue the excellent standard
as set by Ids predecessors, Mr. and
Mrs. Carson.
Wins High Honor.
Miss Dorothy KfMichcr, whu was
iu valedictorian otithe St. Joseph
Central High schooVelasi of 1010, and
who is now a sophomore In the State
University at Columbia, is maintain
ing the high standard of scholarship
which she established In iter High
school work In SI. Joseph. Statistics
recently completed at the university
show that she was one of the "high
honors" students of the freshman
class on 1011-12. There were only a
few of these students In the large
body of freshmen To attain "high
honors" students had to do more
than 22 per cent excess credit work
during the term.
Miss Dorothy is thu daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kaucher,who
Is the chief clerk of the St. Joseph
division of the railway mail service.
He was liorn in Oregon, and his wife
is a daughter of the late Jacob
Miunm, of Mound City. Miss Dor
othy's many friends and relatives In
Holt county are truly proud of the
honors that arc coming to her.
The burden of thu testimony of
the financiers before the Senate In
vestigating committee has been a de-
I feme of the divine right of money.
Review of the Realty Transactions
of Holt County for the
Year 1912.
The value of the real estate In Holt
county which exchanged hands dur
ing the year lul2 Is 51.220 greater
than that during the year 1011. and
was 22,7Wi larger for the last year of
the month than for the same period
In Hill. They was some i200,ooo
more In March, lull, than In Match,
1012, but this loss was made up and
passed during Apill. May and June,
1012. and by the gains made In these
months, the total sales passed the
Kill maik.
The month of Match Is always thu
month In which the heaviest deals
are consummated, ami In HH2, they
aggiegaled ilill.ti.YI. During July the
sales amounted to l3.5::n:ind was the
lightest of the yeai
The iclcases also showed a healthy
tone, and exceeded those of Hill, by a
handsome llgure: those of 1012 amount
ed to 4lW2i:i. while those of !il were
Theie weie warranty tiansic
lions during the year, with an aver
ago value of i.'I.OI I for each deal the
nvciage iieing .!iHiiess man Hie year
There weie 12s 1 1 list deeds Hied
with a total value of 0lti,12. lir an
sneiagc value of 52,1 lo.
The total warranty deed- tiled were
trust deeds, ehattel mort
gages. ''C'n: I he xalue ii the chattel
mortgages totalled. 20s..Vn!i. an aier
ago value of iM.
Thu heavies laud deal during Hie
yea i was that of Itohert Smith to
Wm. I', llragg and Lucy A. Miiiin:
:i7 acies In ill. .'io. near lllgelnw. for
Mrs. ( hiesllng Metcalf l Wm. and
Unity Metcalf. Interest In lauds in o.
i.2. :i7. for :ii.rtir.
W. S. Thomson and J. I'. Ilrldgmau
lo 1'ied Lawience. lands In 22. U2, :i!i,
.'17 .'ll HI,
Among some of the other big deals
were those of Ceo. Celvln. i'.o acres, 1
miles easiol I Megon, sold lo Mart
Craliam at il7ii per acre
Jennie Simmons and lliidle Wagner
sold to Chas. Clillders !2o acres of
land adjoining the present farm of
Mi. Clillders for iliiil.r.il per acie.
This farm Is without any Improve
ments to speak of. hence the consid
eration paid is for the raw land.
T. C. Dungan sold 111; acres lo Kr
nest oppcnlander and I'red llolTmaiin
for il.Mi per acre. This land lays
about two miles east of Oregon.
Marlon Wilson sold his so-acre farm
adjoining Mound City to Jennie Sim
mons and lliidle Wagner forilsiiper
II. K. litis nut t sold bis iKi.aeie farm
near Mound Cily In Hoy Meer at
iM.Vi per acie.
i ly llurrler sold lo acres, two and
one-half miles north of Oregon, to
Jas. Jackson at I2 per acie: Geo.
Kurt, sold ll.'l acies, seven miles
northeast of Oregon, to I toy Hinder.
for MH.OOo,
Flrleh llutger sold his Hio-acre farm,
M miles not I beast of Oregon, to Itoh
ert Kueale for ilii,u)0,
W. S. Taylor closed a deal for the
sale of his IS.Vacro farm, .'II miles
north of Oregon, to W. S. Thomson :
for ?lnn pur acre.
Holt county laud has reached the
point where iliK) to il'J'i per acre Is
considered a very low consideration.
No better lands soli conditions and
productiveness considered, are to bu!
found anywhere on the continent, and
they should be worth, acru for acre,
as much as any farm lands In Iowa or
Illinois, and such farms as we have
mentioned aboe, are doubtless the
equal of any Inouruelghboriugstates,
that are commanding 2hi to Moo pur
Itealty or all kinds has been in big
demand and local agents have pros
pered. Not only farm, suburban and
Inside residence property havechanged
hands, but a number of substantial
mercantile changes have taken place.
In every month of the year farm or
town property was conveyed. It will
be noticed from the list of monthly
totals that nearly half a million rep
resented the value of the sales in thu
month of March. There Is another
item of Interest to which attention
may be called. That while thu mort
gage indebtedness increased but 22,
827, as compaied with Kill, the re
leases Increased iJO.'l.OJH, as compared
with mil. In this connection it
might bu well for us to publish the
data pertaining to thu warranty, trust
and release transactions for the past
ten years, beginning with 100,'i.
Warranty. Trust. Releases.
100.1. 1,537,208 711,570 408,342
1904.. 1,373,700 B54.167 472,414
IftOTi.. l,Mft,(YH' 802,412 .'180,605
ll"'. 1,110,74s 741.727 195,527
1!"7 I.WI.I.4I2 7311,1311 II32,S5
IPOs'. . ,34fl,52il .5,M!l 107,1100
1000 2,(V52,Oil3 1.(123,155 574,72
IDIO 2,lol,U!i2 014,203 .".0tl,(Vi9
Hill . 1,771,702 s!i3,355 570.NO7
1012 . 1,825,012 111(1,182 (182.KI.1
T,lals.(l,7ai,t)22 i8,271,W t,730.0.l
I he total value, of the chattelmort-
gages Hied for this ten-year period
was i2,(!55.484.
The largest amount of bank depos
its during the year. 1012, was on the
close of business In March, when the
total deposits amounted to l18.l."((,
The year 1012 shows by monthly
record the warranty and qull claim
1 1. insidious to have been:
mi. us
Maieh ..
April . ..
May ....
Ji,. ....
August . .
S( pt ember
N wmbcr.
Tolal ..
.. 5s
... l!5 ....
I'he moiituly tilings of trust deeds
and releases for I'il2 weie:
No. Value. Keleases.
January .. .117 j,Xl ?7!i.s;i
Fibruaiy ... Ct . ilhifi', 72.07S
Maieh till. . 2II.I0O si,.yj,l
April 27. . 01,012 70,107
May ;ts !l,OI7 o"p.:iii.'
Ji'lie. . .. 15.... f.2.5s iis'.
July 20 2s, 157 I0.7ix
August 2.1... . .'is(U7ii 2M"ii
Scplember ..'!5 .. o7.Ss .'o.'.hH
(lober . 2.1 . .11. 7 It' .il.ii5
November . .32 ihi.s'.im 11,535
iVeeinbci ...'Hi lis.ojs s(.7l7
llelow will be found a list of the
laigest deals during the yeai 1012. he
volvlng 5,(Kiu in oxer:
John Abele lo Geo I'Seeiiiau,
e 75 a w 120 a nw . ex 20 II
12. 50, .'is s i,,-,o
John I! Adkiiis to WIIU-H ('
I'eatson, se ne I. e '. se, nw
se 21. t3, In I3,.Vni
Andy llurrler to James Jack
son, se se lo, on. 3" 5 .mm
Hannah ( Applemau lo
Frank Applemau, e ' nw 2
acres oil e side w 1 nw 2u.
(13, 3s 0.5)0
I. T llaldwln toW F Vance,
lots 2. S. block 7. e
w Iimi ft of n 32 ft lot 2. e
w loo ft s 20 ft, lot 3. Mound
City 27.000
James L lliowulug to Sarah
J Thomas, nw.nw ne'JO.ii'.'.
3!l Il.soo
W T lliown lo Floyd Itrown.
w lie, se nw s 3, 03, . s.uno
N llrowiilug to l.ewls.l I'M,.
or, w hf nw.se nw I0,ii2..'s. I.i.ooo
Aiuheu llurrler lo Daniel I.
Iluiiler, tract In nw qr o,
HO, 3s ;, ..Von
l lrich lllllger to Koberl
Kueale, u I lie; sw ne: uw
su "Jo; w i e ' se sw 15, no.
37 17.000
It L llucy lo James , Moon,
Kill a accretion in 17, iio, ,T.i. 5.ooo
llarash Selma et al loSadlu i:
Chuulng. lands In .', til,. 'in. o.'-oo
Grant Conway to Maggie J
Chlleoat, sw sw 2, u ' nw
11,50,37 5.HNI
Guy Cummins, Kxr, toGeorge
nreiuer, u 1 su II, 50, 3 . . . 5,iiini
Jiih W Cat on lo Wm I'Catoit.
s i nw .15: nw so se 22, H2,.'lo ii.ikhi
Mary K Craig to Stella Tay
lor, lots 2. 3, sw nw, in ft
It of W, nw nw 13, 50, 07 . . 7.75u
LM tfcuchto W It Tobln.
120 acres 18. iil,3ii lo.ooo
J M Crabill to Jos II Murray,
s J se, w 30 acres ne so x,,
til, 30 x..Vml
I'rathur II Chusney to llei
inan Diibach. William Moss
man, 148.70 se (1, 50, 3H ,75u
W I Cherry to.lno Gallagher,
ne 2(1, 03, 3S lii.oon
W P Cherry to JnoGallagher,
nu 2(1, 113, 3H Iil.ooo
J no Donan to Wm II Weight-
man, s s u 4 su 17, H2,:: il.ioo
Mary K Dunham et al to it V
Judy, w hf nw 35, sw sw 2ii,
(13,30 I2.HNI
TC Dungan to Krnest Op-
penlander: 145 acres In 30,
(50, 37 21. 750
Walter Dudeck lo.lohu Ash
worth; lands In 0, lo, 50,37, l.i.ooo
Kd L Fads to.lno II Vandi
ver, w 100 acres sw 28, no,
37 I o,oi k
A L Faith to H C Hler, w
154.70 a e s lllg Tark, 30.
H2,3n I3,iinn
(Jlara Foster to W M Kraier.
swsw 0,01,38; lot 8, K G
subdivision, 30, 02, 38 .... ii,ihhi
(Continued on page 8.)
Inventor of the Gatlin Gun Once
a Resident of Oregou and
White Cloud.
Tin: Skm-inki. has noticed with
quite a little surprise, the teeming
contrmersy as to whether Itlchard J.
Galling, the Inventor or the famous
"Galling Gun," wasecr a resident of
"these woods." The I ruth of the
matter is, that he was a resident of
these parts for s(.eial years. This
was away back in the latter 5n's and
early tin's He was here at Iregoti for
awhile, hut his stay In this pai l of
the country was mostly made at thu
town of White Cloud. Just across the
river In Kansas. He owned laud In
this county, however: bul. later on,
became Indebted, and one of his credi
tor, to-wll: the late II. II. I'raer. of
St. Joseph. obtained judgment against
him. In one of the courts here, lei led
upon his land In Hull county, and
had the same sold, under execution.
This land lies In Sees. Jo. and 21. Tp
no. lie. 3o. ami :uloins the on-cut
hoihe fat in of Mr (' Mocr. south
of Forleseuc Idvause In an evecu-
I Ion sale the wife's dower light In
lands Is not affected In Mlssouil. Ibis
title had to b" straightened no In re
cent lea is. h getting :i quitclaim
deed Iioiii Galling and wife, which
was done by one of our present at
torneys here In Oregon. The Cat
lings, notwithstanding their lepllleil
wca'lb, charged 5u for slulm.- mu'Ii
qntt-clalm deed.
This land was deeded to In i;.it.
ling. Henry W. I'eleranil ll. ll. Fra
ol. the deed being evei'liled by Judge
John H I'ci kins anil Sarah A. M.l'ei
kins, his wife, on Mav Jo. 157. and
was ai'know leilceil before K Vanllus
khk. thi n elreiili clerk. Cat line's
oue-lhlrd Inti'iesl was sold lo Olas
llillev.' bv llialeii Ciow. then slid III.
on A pi II Is, siui uiiiu a liiilcitieul
obtained In I'raer. In our elu'iill
court . on ( VI 10. I s.V. for Hie sum of
730 ill debt anil ls damages Thesale
was advertised In Hie Finest ( In'
Courier, then publ.shetl hi Alilti It.
Coiikliu. and Galling s luleiest was
boiiL'bl bvd.las llallei. Hie old imrk
packer, of White Cloud, though resld
log there conducted his business on
the Mlssouil side of the rivet, foriloo.
Tin1 qiilt-clahn deed spoken of Is
dated Mav II. tson. and U slmied by
It. J. Galling and Jemima Galling,
his wife: ll wasaeknowledcediu Hart
ford. Connecticut. Mai 27. 1 Mm, and Is
nf recoid In lloll cotiuli The quit
claim was made In Dr. John 11 Min
ion, whnnwucd the land al thai lime,
but who since died In a hospital in Si
In Is.Vi a eumii'iiiv was oiganled at
(ireL'oii. to found a town on Hie banks
of Hie Missouri river. In Kansas Tor-
i linn, foi which thev selected the
name of While Cloud, for a Iheu te-
cent chief of the Iowa Indians, on
whose lauds the town was lo be built.
The coiiuiani was composed of John
II. I'll. James Foster and Dr II. W.
I'eler. of ( Iregon. and Cornelius nor
land and F.uoch Spaiildiug, who weie
located nu I he lowuslle. Hut as Hie
land still belonged lo Hie Indians, a
title could not In- secured. Hut In
I he spring of lM57. when the lauds
were brought Into Hie market, the
company was rcnrganlcil and en-
urged Among the new stockhold
er weie Olas and David bailey, nr.
Illchanl.l Galling, who came from
Indianapolis. Indiana, and his broth
er William, of lies Moines, Iowa. Al
(he sale of the Iowa Trust lands,
which occurred al Iowa Point . in
June. 1857. a title was secured.
Gat I lug remained In White Cloud fit
many months, and was In every souse
of the word a lesldent of WhlleCloud,
leiualnitig there to not only look after
Ills own hitcicst, bul those nf hlo
Dr. Galling was a iialiieof North
Carolina, and uaslminln MS, and
was 85 years of age at the t hoe of Ids
death. The family went to Indiana.
where he grew to manhood, and
studied medicine, but was more In
clined I o mechanics, and patented a
rice sowing machine, adapting It also
to sowing grain In drills; also a hemp-
break and a steam plow. Hut ho was
best known as the Inventor of Hie
"revolving battery," which bears his
name. "The Gutllng gun," which was
patented In 1801. He left iero early
in thu year 1H(10, and i etui tied lo In
dianapolis, where he perfected his
Itlchard J. Galling was a doctor.
and, it has been said was a good one,
too, though he seems not to have
practiced his profession very extensive-1
iy while here. He died in February. I
1903. at his home In Hartford. Conn..
surrounded by its many luxurious
furnishings, evidencing the wealth
that came to blot from the sale of the
patents obtained by him on his fa
mous guns. These patents were, It Is
said, sold to the V. S. Government,
exclusively: this government refusing
to allow the guns to be Introduced
Into any other civilized nation, for
the reason, that, if It did, they might
sonic time, be used against our own
people: and, up to a few years ago,
the patents were still so held
by our government - and proba
bly are so held yet. It has been said
that the.M! guns (originated by Dr.
Catling) are among thu must destruc
tive Implements of warfare ever In
vented. II Is a machine gun of the
mitrailleuse order. It has generally
5 or 10 barrels, and eacli barrel has a
corresponding lock. Although the
barrels and locks revolve together,
the lucks have a forward and back
ward action. Ily means of a forward
motion the cartridges are placed In
the chambers or the barrels and the
breech Is closed when the discharge
occurs: while through the agency ol
the backward motion the empty cart
ridge cases are cUiactcd. continuous
tiring can be carried on at the rate of
I ,ot m shots a minute, asonecasu is re
placed by another as fasf as it Is emp
tied, and their range Is from I.ihn) to
2,ooo yank These guns have never
been used much In real waifare. so
far as we know, hut haie been In
street riots, mobs. etc. They were
taken out West, to some of the gov
ernment forts Just aftei thenar, ami
were used out theie for awhile, din
ing the latter i,o's and early 7o's It
was s.iid against the Indians to
make them be good. This, vie sup
pose, was upon the Ineoiy that Col.
Chlilugtou. one of the early-day com
mandants of Deniei and vicinity, was
said In haie ptomiilgated. al the
thin1, that "Theonlv good ludlansare
the dead Indians.' The slaughtei
there, was. as we lemember having
I lean I and leadof It at the time, so
gleat thai mcasuics were taken to
prohibit Galling gnus evei being used
again in civil waifare. However this
may have been, we have no
positive knowledge, but as an
evidence of what looks to
like ll might have been
Is the fact that we do not
member having ever heard of one of
I lies- guns being used during the
whole of the late Spanish-American
war: though II does seem lo us that
lo have had about 12 or 15 of them
playing upon those block-houses on
San Juan Hill, at about the time that
Col. Itooseiell with Ids intrepid
Itoiigh Itiders was dctc riulucilly as
cending the hill. In the face of that
withering shower of Moiiscraud Krag
Joigisou bullets, thai was was rained
upon them bv Hie Spaniards, uoiild
haie hei'it a pietty etfectlve way to
have stopped the coming of some ol
those deadly Spanish bullets.
Win Bin Victory.
Sullragel leaders of Missouri won
a signal victory Wednesday lasl.whun
the senate and house committees by
an almost unanimous vote decided to
repoil faiorahly both the senate and
house equal suilrage amendments.
The vole of the senate committee
was unanimous, and only one mem
ber of the house committee voted in
the uygatlie. Ills name was not an
nounced. The women weie elated at tin1 re
sult, bul were surprised that they
won so easily. Not one-llfth of their
oratots had spoken, and eieiy one
had seiiled down for a long session of
oratory when President Fro Turn
Wilson of the senate asked permis
sion lo make a motion. He said
tlieru was no sense in wasting any
more lime In asking the senate com
mittee lo do what was right and he
moved that the Craig sulTiaget
ainc udiuciil be reported tavorably.
Senator Gr.idner, of Si. Louis, sec
onded Hie mot Ion, which carried
v 1 1 1 to ii I a dissenting voice. The
house commit lee (hen uited to re
pot i the amendment tavorably and
before half of the big audience real
ized what had happened Hie hearing
was adjoin ned.
For a minute t'heiu was silence and
then the building shook with ap-'
plause, the men Joining in It. The
women did -nut leaiu the hall immed
iately, bul gathered in little knots
saying pleasant things about the
Missouri legislature and predicting
victory in the end. They realized
that J he real battle was still ahead
of (hem, hut they weie pleased with
thu outlook,!
Thu women more than met expec
tations in defending their measure
and several iqeu appeared before thu
committee urging-tlhn the plea of
the women be heeded.
There was a huge crowd present,
which caused much delay in starting
the proceedings The intention of
meeting in the senate chamber was
abandoned on account of the ciowd
and Urn meeting adjourned to the
lull ul the house.

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