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nteredat the rostofllce, Oregon, Mo
as Second Class Matter. .'
A Weekly Newspaper Devoted to the
Interests of the Ilest County
In the Union.
TIRKSi $1:80 Per Tear.
toh the dale fellewlai year aina
Ibe train ef the payer. II telle the fete
It whloh year iieiorletlea la aali.
Friday, February 14. 1813.
A Great Bunch.
Tlie St. Joseph Oa.cttv of Sunday
lost, had a charmingly written "fea
turn" article on the Oregon Fudo
Club," an organization of young la
(Ilea, who attended our HIk'Ii School,
vowing to olitaln a college education,
and how beautifully they kepUthelr
vow. The most reinarkahle feature
In the lives of these young ladles is,
that they have heen Inseparable only
when away to school, atid are still as
chiimmyi and dear to each other as
when they llr-l mel and organized the
"ludge. Club" ten years ago. Not in
a single Instance has one oft hem ten
derod their withdrawal from the club
because, forsooth, she could not be
rnc president, or chief fudge, maker
they have been bound togother hy
that golden chord of love, and as such
liavu gone through their lives loving
each other, a help and stay to one an
other that makes their lives only the
more beautiful, and an example every
way worthy of emulation. While
they are not in any sense man-haters,
they do not feel thai he Is necessarily
essential and we hope their ranks
may neer be broken Just on account
of a man. TiiiiSkntinici. extends Its
congratulation to the Fudge Club,
and to caehofltsinemb.irs personally.
A Narrow Escape.
Last Saturday evening. February
IHI.'I, about "i o'clock p. m., the car
lelonglng to the Mound Clly. Holt
County Independent Telephone Co.,
caught lire fiom a leak Jo. the gaso
line tank and was inlnlly dot roved.
about livi- mill's miilli M .Mound City,
near the Mel 'mincl' llrmiin Mr.
. K. Williams was drltfng iin car,
and had Imvii in the .lolui Ciist ';irm.
about II miles mirth .if town, lie
was ri-luitilui.' home whi n the accl
den) tii'ciiried. and was li.ivt'llug at
tin- uie or I'.' nr I 'i miles per hour,
when he mil Iced ;i hliic of Hie run
uliM mil fimii Ih'IiIiiiI I he car and
f.rrcphiu up mi i-.ich iil . He Immc.
dlati-I) stuipei tl(. ,.;,r, i lilt ik irifj per
haps inkii t-t inuntsii Hie, Iml
seclnu lici'iiiilil mil pn the Hie mil.
he Ii.'imu ri'innvlug hN supply .if ..
pllnlle III. Ilel l.ii I'piiii Hie I i.tt'K nf Hit-
car. lb-knew i Inn the gasoline tank
hail been lillel n' In-fme he .;ultd,
anil thai It would epimle. s., i r;in
llliWtl I he loul IT I lsl; I ,,(ilt
.'til .V.tnls. Ainu the evilosmi t,(
plai'l- 1 1 I HVtt Hie l'lsl,iis f' illl
the se.i' ah. iii I.'. L et lulu Hie air,
and .lis 1 1 iiien u,isii hi tin. iieilye
at the ll'jlit sie o Hit' luail utlll st'
It oil III.-, lie coisief. himself very
fiiliiin l'e hi u'el mil with ml ail) in-
Jill " -V ll.tt.-t I.
A cmiiiiiltti I Hie i'il..is or
Ci.llu his Ihi'M sele-teil to lake ill) 1 1 M-
in H ter and asviialn Mi - sent hiieiil i
ni lis p.. iiiie, as I the po.sv ,,f the legul.it loii without making the
orginlliiu a chaiiiaiiiiia assembly. ( I company liable for damages.' IVnal
h? held s i in) Mine during the c uiiing I "l's I'1 be vvav of lines aie prov ide. I
sunt iie. I 'calg should have a chau-j bir an Inl I act Inn nf the rules with re
tuiii.ih) all means. 'I'licy linvt- the I sl,', In what caif. the dltlerent laces
giouiil- In the vet), lii-ai t nf the clly,
and every facility ami the population
to support une
I now have on hand
the "Royal Society"
and "Artaino"Packaye
Goods, also the Royal
Society Floss in all
colors an cJ qualities.
These tjoods reconi
in i ml themselves both
as to quality and price,
I also carry Crochet
Cottons. Needles. Fan
cy Braids and other
accessories necessary
for art needleworkers.
Stamping and Sten
ciling done at reason
able prices.
Yours for quality,
Mrs, Minnie H. Moore
Union Labor Leaders Oppose
Scheme to Chanfe tfae
Referendum. '
Meastires seeking to make
in the Initiative and referendum were
fiercely attacked by repicsentatlvesof
union labor, be fore a Joint session of
the euate and hoiise.cominlttees on
constitutional amendments. The
principal bills on this subject were
Introduced by Senators llusby and
Crossley and liepresenlallvc Orr. The
chief change sought Is that requiring
petitions from three-fourths of the
counties Instead of two-thirds.
Senator Phillips, of St. Louis, in
troduceda series of nine bills which
will revise thu entire court procedure
in Missouri, the chief aim being to
eliminate delay in litigation. The
bills were prepared by a committee of
the State liar Association.
Senator Ford in a hill Introduced
wants the adoption of the Torrens
system of recording deeds to realty.
Senator White wants all Incorporated
cities created special road districts
and his hill would make them such.
The change In the tiled Ion law
which would allow voters away from
home to vote any where in the state
and ban- their ballots forwarded
home was leported favorably.
A bill appropriating t.V,ouo to pay
tlie expenses and dlrcctlngthe College
of Agriculture at Columbia to manu
facture and furnish at cost to farmers
hog cholera serum was Introduced bv
Mr. 1 1 ret..
The (iatilluei telephone rate hill
Introduced In tlie senate would pre
scribe the following scheduloof rates
tor all telephone companies operating
in Missouri; On the basis of a three
minute talk, the scale fm the llrsl ten
miles Is m cei'ls: one-half a cent per
mile for the next ninety miles, ami
one-third of a cent per mile, for each
mile In escess of nn. For cich addl
(ional minute over lluee minutes
charges to be made on the basis nf
(ini-fourth of a cent per mile. A
charge of ." cents Is allowed for ti.ins.
ferrlng nicssaue- anil a double char
foi icpcatlug messages.
Senator IVasiei'.s bill apiuopiialing
?i;ii.iKi0 for Ihi- puieh:is. of .Vnn acres
of lamia! llahalonkaSprlngs, Camden
county, foi I he establishment of a
stale park, was fawirably icpniicd by
the senate committee, favorable it
purls also were made mi a series of
road bills, one of which consolidates
iall mad funds ami makes the nioncv
available to counties up in -I'.ooueaeh
on a like appropriation by theeonuly.
Senator Wilsons hill plnldhll lug
the killing id ipiall In this state for
live years was also favorably repotted
In the senate.
No person obtaining a divnrcecould
marry foi a .tear. If a measure intro
duced in the House, by Mr. Wright
of Greene County, Is enacted. This
bill provides that circuit judges must
Issue Hrsi a pmUslonal decree which
holds for one year. At the epliatlon
nf mm year, If Hit- part) obtaining
the piovisloiial deciee makes applica
tion to the coin I, an absolute dcenc
will be issued. no tiled he applicant 's
beli .lor has been good If not. the
ptnv smial deciee will he icvokcil
Cn. of Montgomery, and Mills, ot
New Madild, both Inl induced ".Mm
Cum" bills, the Hrst or the season
They aie piactlcally the same in a
general way, and apply only in the
sleam lallmails, I'nder both the eon
iluctni of a train has the t lull l
iiesignaie in which car
IOV pel soil
- ha't ride, ami has power tu eiifoice
i shall n.'cup,v.
Hellevlng it not feasible In work
the coid'lcts upon the public mails,
I the Legislature and the Hoard of
t Prison Inspectors have under consld
leratlon a plan to purchase the ma
felilneiy and eiiiipiuent nf slme, bnom
aijjj clolhliig faciorlejoie.ral Ing In the
pjenliary and riii,)in.in by thu
A bill which would disfranchise
Illiterate voteis was Inl induced by
Mr Shannon. o Audrain. This bill
makes li a felony for any Judge of
election lo assist a voter to vote ex
cept when pb.vslcally unable In mark
his ballot.'
The county unit bill was set down
for hearing in the House for Thins
day of last week. It was reported ad
versely by tlie House Committee on
mi Criminal Jurisprudence, hut went
upon the calendar anyway.
Gamblers can Ihi compelled lo testi
fy In the' Investigation of gambling
under a bill offered by Mr. Overall, of
Pemiscot. This bill provides they
must testify, but must be exempted
from prosecution, If their testimony
Incriminates them.
By Woodward -To change the date
of thu state primary from the Hrst
Tuesday In August to the Hrst Tues-
day in June.
,ly (;arrnton-le(ulrltig all notes
and mortgages to bo returned for taxi
atfon; failure toZobey voids in per
'Ji'nt.Qf the value of such, notes
LL'.'.Suliatar WllsonV sW-nllxri ' mini.'
M.all be killed In Missouri for three
years, passed the senate by a vote of
jo to 1'.', follow lng a debate of two
hours. The line-up was generally the
"farmers against the hunters." as t lie
author of the measure said, and it
was unite evident that south Missouri
i ... ....
PP0en i in; aci wniie norm .Missouri
lavurm ii. ims;is i.iiv ami ni..iosepn
favored It, while St Louis was (livid;
ed. It was the same old issue fought
but every session of the legislature;
Members fronl districts where tlie
market hunters are strong made a
strenuous ilghl against the bill. "
The senate passed a bill allowing
traveling men to vote wherever thjfcy
may be on election day. The senate
also passed a bill Increasing the pay
of giaud and petit Jurors ftom t2 to
1.1 a day.
A bill by Ucmmers, of St. Louis,
abolishing the common law marriages
in Missouri was passed by the Housq.
This measure does not apply to the
marriages now- In force.
Free lunch will be abolished from
the saloons of Missouri if the measure
by Kennedy passed by the Houserups
the gantlet of the Senate and meets
the governor's approval. The House
passed thu bill by u vote of 10!) to
'!, the majority of the St. Louis
members voting "no."
With only three dissenting votes
tlie house passed the P.emmers bill to
put the "snitch" lawyer out of busi
ness. The bill provides a line or
a six months' Jail sentence for any
person, lawyer or otherwise, who so
licits a law case.
Willi only a lew dissenting votes
the house passed thu Harris bill pro
viding for the slmpllllcatlon !ol Judi
cial procedure. The bill provides that
the supreme court or appellate courts
may not reverse cases upon technical
ities. Grand and petit Jtuois will tecelvu
f.l a day if a hill passed almost unani
mously by the Senate becomes a law.
Senator Hawkins, of HunklluCnuuty,
Uthe author.
M'liatur Craig olleted a bill that
would make counties liable lor a dam
ages arising from accidents caused bv
defective bridges.
licprcscntatlvc Murph.v.ofSt. Louis,
wants In prevent elopements. As,
st siiter In elopement relorui, he pro'
poses that all couples contemplating
malilmnnv shall notify the marriage
license giantlng authority live days in
advaut f their Intention. The pro
posed marilage shall he ad v el Used
and al (he end of the live las thu
license shall lie giauleil.
Last RolUCall.
Anion Itlchard I'liidum was born
at Geoigetowii, (hlo. (K'tober Ifi
KM When a young man he moved
In Illinois, locating near New I lost on
He was i hcif married to Louisa
Woodward in is'.s. or this union
there weic born six (laughters and
live sous, I wo of the girls dying In
He enlisted In the loj Ills, luft.,
and served throughout the war and
was with Sherman on his march
tin (High Georgia. A I the close of
the wai he moved In Adams county.
Iowa, and located on a farm near
lie spent the last iv veais with
his chlldieu. Huilng the past live
months he has made his home at
Craig with his daughter. Mis. ,. M.
I 'iin is, wheie he died -lauuarv .11,
ills bodv was taken tu Coining,
Iowa, when- It was laid lo lesl Sun
day, I'ehruan al the side of that
,,r Ills uir... In I'rilH.. Il,,v
nea i the fai m on which he liH'ated
With Ids lamlly after the close of thu
ins wne (licit in hs.,, Three sons
anil thiee daiighteis survive hiin,
Craig Leader.
I'.dua Ma, the daughter of John
and LI..le Claik, was horn In I tit-
chanan county, Missouri, .lanuay
lii, INiti, and died February .1, lld:i,
with coiiKiiuiptlon, aged 17 year and
IHduys. She has gone to meet her
sister. Ktliel, who had gone on before
her, and lo meet her dear Savior.
She was always kind and cheerful
and loved by all who knuw her. Shu
leaves father, mother, one sister, two
brothers and a little niece and a host
of oilier relatives .and friends to
mourn their loss. Funeral services
were conducted at the Nodaway
church by llev. .1 W. Garrett, of St.
Joseph; Lis text was taken from St.
John, llth chapter, LNth verse.
She was laid to rest In the On en
cemetery, near St, Joseph, by the side
of her sister, Klhel, who died Janu
ary Our sympathy Indeed goes to
this bereaved family.
Kdna we miss thee from thy place,
A shadow o'er our life is cast,
We miss thy sunshine face.
We miss thy willing hand,
Thy fond and earnest care.
(Jur home Is sad without thee,
Wo miss thee everywhere.
Vote for the fncrease In Ixinds
to be used for Improvements and
another engine at the light and
water plant, giving us 'an' extra
engine in case of a brijak ido'vvn, tilec
tl6Jto,.be( beld ill the court housV,
.lainos, Noble llodglu was born near,
Salem, Indiana, July Mb, im Tlie!
son of Joseph and Mary Gordon Hod-'
gin. It was here he grew to man
hood. In the fall of IS.VI, when a I )eais
of age, he camu to Missouri, accom
panied by his brothers, Joseph and,
John, and K.rit laN. by covered
wagon. In thUear (IM!) iie enteied
SO acres, part of the farm owned by
him at Ids death. The following sea
son be returned to his native, state
and was married to Sarah Ann Pal oil.
They came to Missouri the same fall
and lived near where .New Point Is
now situated. In the spring they
moved on the farm he bad entered,
which was but a waving Held of prai
rie grass, where to see a roving baud
of Indians or a herd of deer, was a
common sight, He hauled thu logs
rrom tlie Missouri river twttom to
erect his little cabin. He raised the
Urst crop of corn on upper Hickory
creek: helped to build thu first school
house In the district and helped
largely to build the Hrst chinch. He
lived to see this country reach Its
present state of prosperity, rrom the
conditions already mentioned.
Ily the Hrst marriage were born
seven children. In lf7H Ids home ties
were broken by the death of his com
panion. In m. he was again mar
ried to Sally Ann Munson. To this
union were Imrn three chlldieu, one
dying In Infancy, James and Cert mile
still giving.
On April 18, Ipos. his home lies
were again broken by the loss of this
He has been a member of the Chris
tian church for a number of years
and befoie his death expressed his be
lief In God,
He Is survived by one sister. Kll.a,
who resides in Indiana, and one
brother, Joseph, who lives In this
vicinity, three sons, Lewis, Sherman
and James, one daughter, Gertrude,
nine grandchildren and three gieat
He died February n, IPl.l. aged
years, n mouths and 'Js days,
Ivi. unit S. I. IIaiu.an
The Death Roll.
W A. Iliuwu, a prominent lllgelow,
Mo. lumberman, died early Saturdav
mornlngat St . Joseph's hospital fiom
a complication of diseases. He was
M years old and was a native of New
ark. N. J,; but was raised hi Nebras
ka, having represented Hitchcock,
luindy, and Page counties In the Ne.
braska legislature. Later lie was env
ployed In the otllces of thu city asses
sor of Chicago. III. After removing
to lllgelow he was elected mayoi. He
Is survived by three brothers. K. A.
Ilrown ofOskaloosa, Iowa; Lot lliowu
of lllgelow, Mo., and Oscar Ilrown of
Salt Laku Clly, 1'tah. Tlie funeral
services weru held at Nebraska City.
Neb., Sunday last, tub lust,, with
burial at the same place. He was
well known in Northwest Missouri
and hi Nebraska and in Chicago.
Attempted Anion.
About dark, l-rlday evening last,
Icln nary. Ill, an unsuccessful at tempt
was made to burn the J. L. Maker
store at Forbes.
An unknown parly was seen lo ap
proach the store and inserted scraps
of paper undersomeofthesldlngth.it
was itilte loose and while in the act
of applying a lighted match, was pie
vented from starting the lire by the
approach of: some young boys who
weru near by. The man on seeing
the boys made a lively gut-a-way, and
succeeded In eluding thu lads. He was
a stranger to the boys, and Mr. Ilaker
and friends are doing their best to
locate the man.
Public Address, Corn
Cake Contest.
There will be an address on "Agri
culture," by John K. Cameron, of the
Agricultural .Uopartiuent of the
Northwest Normal School, Maryvlllo,
Mo., at Forties schoolhoiiwi, on Satur
day, March 15, al 1! p.m., followed by
a Corn and Cake Contest, at which
prizes will be offered to pupils of
Forbes, Oak Grove, Wilson, Ilaker,
Pierce and Highland schools, for the
best lo ears of corn and thu best cake.
First prle, in each, live-dollar gold
piece:! second, twojilollars and a half,
mil third, one dollar and a half.
Ladles and gentlemen, girls and
boys, of Forbes and surrounding dis
tricts, this Is to be given for your
lieuutlt Nuw. lel each one take hold
and help to make It a success. You
say, "How can I helpV" He present
at Forbes schoolhouse, Saturday,
March l".
We want to thank each one who
has already helped, and thanking you
In advance for any service that you
may render toward this, our little
on test, we are,
Yours Truly,
C. C. Hopkins, Ilonnle Greene, C.
. Walker, Kdna Waggoner, Fay la
Itogers, Sylvia Fries, auri Ida Itolston.
-We have line line of Heavy Har
tleys ready for your Inspection, See
tiiVm nd.gi.uiy prices. ,C.J Fuir-
Avery Stalk Cutters-Singfe
and Double Row.
If you expect to buy an Avery Stalk Cutter this sprint
better give us your order now or you will not get any.
Bridge and Beach and Monarch Ranges, the very best
on the market.
Tin Work and Pump Work attended to promptly.
Clover. Timothy. Alfalfa and Bluegrass Seed. We will sell
you good goods as low as anybody.
Grow Fancy Apples
and other fi ults. Cm out Ibe vulls and get Hie price You can
do It by keeping your orchard clean, pruning a little even year In
June and spraying regularly with I'y rov
Our ten year old Gauu orchaid, sprayed twice with pyrox last
season, brought a little over one hundred dollats per acre, and the
total cost of material and labor was only live per cent of this amount.
Money spent for good spraying material and properly applied N the
best Investment a fruit grower can make.
Systematic spiavlug will make us dollars when- we have hcic-tu-fore
made dimes, lilg up a spray pump and lay In a few kegs of Py
ro: give your orchard a "siiuarc deal" iind yon will be surprised al
Its showing llnaucl illv
Pyiov tills the baiiei with the Mini that used lo go no top. Lei
uiu have your order fm Pyrnx the one best spiny. I have the agen
cy foi Holt county .
I have a prniinsition anil LlU'int lire you should lead con
finitiK iniKatctl land in the P;:os Valley. Texas. Tlio wa
ter lined on this rich bottom is tlie same l'eeos UMvun whhih
is being used by tint l'. S. (ioveniinentand Private Projects
with Hieh wonderful results at Carlsbad mid Hoswell. N.
Tills is the laud that produces the famous Pen (iieen al
falfa that tops the markets of the world.
This is the laud that holds intact nature's riches, novel
having wasted by erosion. This is the irrigated laud that in
selling at an extremely reasonable price for a short time.
Call at in ollice for Descriptive Literature and Terms.
R. C. BENTON, Oregon, Mo.
No. 1. I have for sale the farm known as
W. S. Taylor place, three miles north of Ore-
gon. containing 186 acres. Can divide this in
two tracts if desired. 40 acres in one and 14R
acres in the other; 2
See me for particulars.
No. 2. 80 acres, 7
City. 66 acres in cultivation, balance in tim
ber." Well fenced and crcwfencerL Good a.
room Jiouse. Other outbuildings fair. Price
is right for any one wanting a good small
No. 3. 160 acres of
Geo. Gelvin farm, 4 miles east of Oregon Thu
is one of the most desirable farms in Holt
county and can be bought at a bargain.
No. 4. 82 acres of
of Oregon, most all in cultivation. 2 sets of
improvements. This is one of the best land
bargains open for sale. For particulars on
the above lands, see or write
We oil your Harness with Dure
Neats-foot Oil. l,00 oer set. C. .1.
Kubrman llld. Fuank I'ostku.
Kverybody Is Invited tu attend
the play to be given at illuir City,
February lftii,'l'13. The pupils' are
also. w;h8er.iiu.ap. ,"ler creaniWHtf fll'i
sets of improvements.
miles north of Fnro
land known as tii
land, 6 miles southn f
J. H. Sloan hat.
wood for sale. Call
a lol of
on New
-Corwln ellert thu auctioiiee'r,
will sell a lot of Household Ooodsron
the nortlrsWe public square, (tdmbr-
niHeTcbllLroVidinK'ifiat no
row, Satnrrtayi Feb. Ut, .n:wi
'v.l.'- TU 11. t, ;'t ,t,
... ,A
nun i
Monday, Warcirarliil.'i. cr
mandilrtgh - ft umankiFdhtkii.
A5.V" 's ! lA't ; x-s
lii tlie iear"fnttrrtf.,

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