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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, October 24, 1913, Image 7

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Tip Tops Best Forest Cily.
That all kooiI have lull names -in-'
not pl.iji'il In t lit' woi-UPi. 'files was
iluinoiiti.iii:il at I'ori'.t riii. last
Stiud.i). when tin-last TlpTni.of SI.
Iomii. uhltitiislnil Purest I'll). I )
the low M'urc of I'll. 'I'licsetwote.inis
lutllcd to an eleven limine tie. the
Sunday In'tore and decided loila Ihe.
tlu name oil colli ur hud ami cold It
certalnl) ua tliat d.ij. Sherman
pitched fur 1'uii'st City and Ocoritte
lietits foi tlit''riiToi.saiidforailtcli
urn' battle tin')4 vtctil al ll front tliu'
starl. AlthoiiKli liolli pitchers were
pltcliliiu iiiais'iililctiit liall, Its rather,
hartl.tu tell who liad the bust of the ;
battle, tivlir.s allotted seAeli lilts, but i
kepi tln'iii well scalturcd, Sherman
allow In j! thiec, t one came at a
critical tlnn;, Tim uuws the result
if, a luo-hase lilt by .MiihlcnuaclitT;
and Miller' costly hcuuvof Wcldun'i.
ground lilt, Civet- llrst iillowlnn tliu
'rScorv bjrriiunii-1,'., . ll H K
TIp'TvpH .V.lrQ.Oel 4" I
r'orcsUNLiti.k'y'o 0 0 0 0 0...0 7 ii
MMttWii.-i'Vafa tlthrs and
Smith: For-rtt, Cily. "riherman and
Marlu To-bac lilt, Mnlileiibachcr.
Struck out byKehrs, 1.1; .Sherman 15.
llase 011 halls OITOehrs, t; Sherman, 1.
Time of Uainu, 1 hour, l."i minutes.
I'tnplru. ltostock.
'Twas IkiIIi freeze-out and sliut-mit,
hut the fans u ho hraM.il lliccoldncter
x-iltiiussod a hotter article of our na
tional pastime.
M'u'r. Wuldoli iiiadoKOod with hit hit
to I lltei-. tirliiKlni: hi .Miiclilcnb.u'hcr
with llic I'oteltil run. Mtfr. Pied al
ways has tin- niilsu sl.irtrd aloiiK' the
CoachliiK' lines, he has u Kicat futuru
fur nt'VI )ear anil the hoys he now ha
put up a nice article of hall.
Some iclay of the Tip Tops In the
fourth Murphy In left to Yvakluy at
short, catchlnt; (.'oiitail at home, with
a beautiful put; to Smith to tliu plate.
A number of tliu falrsex wereonllu
the name - namely, a few from St.. lu-
Iioth catchcis, Maikl and Smith,
caught a nlee ame: their Pennine; to
hases featured tliu name.
OeorKe (lehrs certainly pitched out
of holes several times, with Forest
City twice as far as third have and
none out: seemed to solve thcinjMcry
and come out In mid-season form.
Conrad, Kuock's haberdashery clerk,
was a Mud and sensation lu tliu (fame.
I'layhiK left Held he accepted scull
dlltlruli chances without an error;
and up four times, getting four hits.
Those lunn fall-away anil hook slides
of liU would put the famous Ty Cobb
to envy.
This uaiuu was something llku
"Classical Music In Itaxtlmc" or "A
League (lame lu tliu Hushes."
"J dim IK."
Hoffman Ihe Winner.
Lewis llolfmau, of Topuka, won a
"ilouble-header" lu the vtrestllnir
match at Mound City last Saturday
ulKht l ilereatliik both Harry Me
Cou rn.or Kansas Cily, and Provost,
an Indian wrestler from He verse,
Kas,, who Is just breaking Into thu
Tliu llrst match of the evenlnn was
between Meliovern and llolTmau,
which llolTinan won by taking' two
falls out of three. MeOoveni won
thu llrst fall after 14 minutes' bard
wrcstllnc; by iislne; thu half-Nelson
and beadliK'k, but llolliiiancamuhack
stroiii; and won thu second fall in Just
two uiluutes, iisIiii; thu arm scissors
and half-Nelson, and the third fall In
onu and one-half minutes with the
Immediately afler this match Pro
Yost, the Indian wrestler from He
serve, Kas., and Hoffman wrestled for
a small purse, which the latter won
on straight falls taklm.' thu llrst In
live minutes with a hcadlock and thu
second In three and onu half minutes
with the arm scissors and half-Nelson.
I'mvn.t Is- Just breaking Into
the Kami) anil with a llltlu tralnlm;
will make a (jood wrestler.
I'rcd llurnult and mot her, of
Mniind City, and hrnther. .1. II. of
(.'cntralla, Missouri, came down 'I'lies.
da lor a vMI with Ara Mclnl)eaiid
family. Ills mnt her Is now 71 )cmh
old, and iiilto feehle In health.
1 ,
Attorney A. anlliisklrl,. of ihls
city, was lu SI. Joseph, last week, ai d i
while there sold 'Jul acres of lat .1,'
ni.,,,,. io ,i.... I , .i ....
thu Interurliau railway, belonging to
tliu IM I'lnkston estate, of which he Is
executor, for tl.'l'i per acru.
- Itev. Thuiiipson will leave Sunday
night, for Indianapolis, Indiana,
where ho will attend thu National
Men's convention, of tliu M. K. church,
wlilcli convenes Ttieiday. It will b
a gathering uf thu greatest church
men In the history of thu church.
. Thu following from Oregon anil
vicinity and Forest City and vicinity
have returned from llroken How, Niv
braska. wheruthev registered In I'nclu
Sam's land diawlng: James Perkins, ness. Interest paid on deposits left
John Miller, Fred Cook Alfred Son.. SrafffiuedTn,prlnclpalcltles. Col
mer, Oeorgo Norrls, Hugh Ilrohan, lections made and promptly remitted
Lin Carroll, Oregon; John llamsay: Diukctous: I). Zacliman, president'
Joseph, Samuel, Itlchard and Klward A . Kreek. secretary; . las llucbei
HlKtaoei Honnle and Lou Sinclair, , ' Morgan, and S. F. O'Kallon.
Kotttt Cltys . . . ..
Follow Style's Compass
A WORD alxHit your new
Fall clotlics.
Ot'trourse you know that tlu
styles are pretty Eimlish. First
time you try on one of our
Kirsehhauni English-tailored
models, you'll he Iad it's so.
And Kirselilmiim ('lollies arc the
only ones, nt their prices wliielt tire
Kuanititeed till wool, l,ontlnitslii'tnik,
hntiil-tnilored tind sewn with sills
Kirschbaum Clothes
15 20and25
I will noil :tt Mules and '2ii (illtn at the FiiinnsiH ImmmI YiikI.
Falls City, Nob., Saturday, Oct. 25. 1913.
Th nlFurini: is a lam; out)
Krowthy follows, of good hI.h
tlm Iior that will protliitit! tiiorc
than any other typo or Iticcd.
Collin to the wile if inteli'Htcil in a Kood I'lilaiiil-Cliilin
and you will not ho disappointed.
Ilalili l'ry lull Wednesilay of Hits
week fur ItiK'liesler, Minnesota, where
liu will liaf an upvratlnn iivrrurined
by tlie Ma)ollrotliers.roi llie ri'iuuval
ot a Kiillre friuu Ids neck. We liune
t lie (iperatlnu will Im suivessful, and
Dial llalili will ti'turn lioine, umiimI
and well.
We were Indeed nirrj that Mrs.
Lena llotkllis, nf New I'lilul. the sec
rutar. fur the Hull i niint) Sutida
School AhMR'l.illon, for the past nine
jears. sent In her resignation, on ac
coliul of III heallli. Mrs. Ilotkln has
been an earnest and faithful worker
for this cause Mrs Will Mark!, of
(lieuon. wifceeils her lu this iiiilee.
Win. linstock, onu mllu east of
Oregon, has Hoars and flilts for sale.
Tliey ant Ioiik and Uc bodied, and 1
art) thirty Inches tall and over: the)' t
hae I'lulit Inch none, they are cut
out for foo-nomid lions, Ills sprint;
boats w III wduh .'') I iHiundsaud hut ter,
just lu hreedlii); condition; they are
not fat, Just IiIk anil smooth, lie, has
them in excellent condition, which i
tliu main part to produce. Kood.MrmiK
vigorous pigs, lie feeds them er
llltlu corn, heucu they aru mil hurnt
out with corn, which would make
tlii'in until for hrcedliiL'. If von want
something that kcIn hlg at half Ihe
age that the hogs w u used tuha(u and
I,v,!."m, V,V,"'W, "l",H ',.'!,r"vt'"
lllg lyiHi rolatid'Clduas, Ills sows
aMI ri 0arN ilru a recorded
They were carefully selected by lilui,
regaidiessorprlce.lii low a.and shipped
rlKlit to Oregon. ..Jllun.or address,
Oregon, Mo.
Daniki. .aciiman, C. J. Hunt,
President. Cashier.
W. P. Scituiri!, Assistant Cashier.
Capital Stock Paid Up, $20,000
Transacts a ireneral banklmr bust.
t iTlhon To'
'.?!.. i,r
f' . ri I
and roiinints of Itii;. lenutliy.
and Ihiiio. We Itt'liuvo we luivo
pork troin a ItiiHln-l o main
West Side Cafe
I am hack ut the old sliuid,
nml want your trade, (iuiir
untee lo give you Hiillsfnc
tlon In every service iin I
idwiiys did. Come and sec
me for
Hot and Cold Lunches.
The Best Coffee in Town.
The Finest Chili
and Hamburgers.
Lunches of All Kinds, at
All Hours.
Fresh Oysters In Season.
Fine Lino of Cigars.
The Choicest Candies.
Silas P. Allen,
Oregon, Missouri.
Wilson Bros.,
Automobile and Gas En
gine Repairing. Lathe
and Machine Work.
Farmers' Phone, 101,
For Sale.
A nice homo in one of tlie hesl loca
lions and nell,horl.o0ds In town-,.,
rooms, electric IlK'lits.clly water, fruit,
etc. Call, or address,
II. 0. Haiisiia,
OreBon. JIo,
Trustee's Sale.
UlMII. (1. . t.tltlilKtT Mill rililllMll
t Jiki.i r wlfi . i. ti.i-lr ( Unlit I 1 ti
'ni-' tiitnl tin- ii ti.it r ut
immI t t nrtiMllh tin Kci'MMlt r lllr i- nf tlnit
1 nltip'v c Im-iitf hi I .ni' Ivt
i,-t ,(, ,,,11 ,i hiiim - ii Uvr r Iki I
.t lilt'itl . M )t -It . -t'ttt itt i i I It III
tlici inw inn ii i-r ttt .! itiilt, .liiiMnl
in i.t -i nnnt tf Hi i. .'i ni ir ..iw.wrl.
lo I
T. ' lurlH'lf if ii! 'In NoHli wit i fr nf
U.f .t ii i ' r r t r.-i- i. .t tit:it
ill't.t OiMiMlOt! til li'rtl.OllpSVH 'M' if
1Ul Mill) -l.tl.i :fn tl.i M' Wi-.i lUii
lilihi M ll iili I It t -t , I .'111 ll lull lit
Mill t fl IM nf i liM-l HI tV li-t. ..li
ti'i- In k.iIiI Inn olilli mm ninit'. I f ti-
iililli fnlt ilalit iiMiliH"liiilf t'l-rfn-f tl-Sl
lt liUlil)M ImU lllld llflli'
fl tAl
lliit tlitiii'i'S tillisrti ! I' ill tilt tiltMi
iim Mciti v rotir tiiltintc tri fiitiit nit i
fniM f'lic Iiumlriilltit i lt' rfiii llM'tK-i
MMIIIl llhM'll llllll (111 ll'liril.'fll'UM-l" lit
IWI'tllV Htfllt Mill llt ' IMHtnilHlnlllllt
r i linliin llu'lii'v ,nrili !i M Ht.VM iit
IiiHIi itll'l.nlill lilt"' I'M Inllllllr K:il
li'rll Ahil MV-itlV tilti'lilliiilritllli Iltt .11
I'linlh to I Im mi'IIiii iirti'f li'tiii fi
tt lM'U liU'Vli (11 hm IVi htt r.1) nil I tn
nrtslnnl li.uik itf Im IUMutl (liter h i'Iu(h
IIMimI hy Ihifvthtiicfil fllPvjr Whli'h nMH
la f.ill Ir ti III I 11 f I V l III III) Mil rill Mi I 111 dH
rhiilni Writ uf liii'Nitilli T-tiM iurm f i( ?'
tlnn i-tfnttHMi 1111 lln ntv KtiM tiv in)
nf t v unvliundri-iltli it. I'tmlno in l In
Ninth Krmivthfrof On l.tlf nf Ha
NhiHi ti iiHtl fir uiiiti 'If.il
Hm'HT North firl v Hiihi In llii turn
inHii-tMiUMrluTi all til Tnwn. ..ii?ll. ') nf
lint sr I liuly iiimi' (ni, iitninnirf ;i niti
limit nr li Hhlrli fim niiurymHV wit
urn In lniu lit4uii1lii hut hunt nf tn
rrN tin in)inlnwry tint In ull il iti i.
rrll nl t unit wlii'ti'iio i ll im-Ii t:i l iitiin
inn iiml rf inrtln utiimiiit ihmt( tinn miiv in
tiA.hl mcu wttb tin' nn IjiIiiii nf hi Ihul
i itiui, tt in i in iin' rM'in-M nr iim- n
liiililt r ilil hrt 1 1- I. will n r i hi i-tl In 11 l tit
iilNm'HiH'liUil Ki.tl l..lnU ut I Ik (.'out I
tmiiM iiMr In titi Tim ii nf tlrrirmi, In tin
Otuiiljr nf Unit, flttlii HfiiMinlil. in tin lilttti
rt i.iihlvr furi'itili Iti IuiimI, nt nililk tnn'
tlim, nn
uiriwuw. mt.mih:u iu mx
Ih1ii 110 iMMir nf III lit hH'U III Itii'
iiti ihii iiml Ihe ii rliM'h In I In iirli nun hi ni
tint it iy, In ntlof)' ;ilil null', Inift tlii-r Willi
til tnt ml f4wiMnf tt iiihi I liU I nit,
II. .1. Ill 111 I Kf.
.ImI llili Kill il l) nf O. Ii.Ih r IPIX
Sheriff'H Sale.
IU tlrliiiMihtl iiiillHirlf nf ii tiMflai l'i in r
ii I .i 111 1 li iii l iiil frutii tin' nilii-t if tlie
ri.rki.f iliM'ii.-nlM'.Hiri nr Hull Cmihiv(
iii4iiii. ii iiitiiiiitii m iin mMiiur i nn.
IM i ! Jli iI.Iim Im Iim- iIUii'ImI llifi
vtr r i nn - k -n.-i k v -mhu .iihi
nifilii! .n 'I ntiiln I' li-t 'in . .1 IIimi
Inn J.W -n.lt h. II. I. Iliiiiflir. Knlm.A.
.1. miVli kli 1'rtil I'ulilrr. ih i llnhir
Rh-li'tlll t. I I II. I- l Villi III"! I NIHl MlMl till
liu rlilil.lllli Hitifit iiiiii'liilinirilii--tM
. ifi nt . i'n-iiii Im- nml li M oiniiii.
f .ii anil lii llii fiillimhij liiM rllMI i;-ni !'
mti . in iti
a . i viuiit . iiimi in iii i riiii.i-
nl. .1 M iii'N- inilli lih' IjiI i. NU Sillim
I, I'-HllOi l'. Illllltfl' .1 I At II, "U ' li'lliltl
4 I Mtlilill lltlltlfl .R lit I't lU t. 'S'lllli
M.I. M i, i-i lull i IhiIiIiIii. Klinif ti
Hi -mm il lt T U t t'uv
l.l .till III! Nlllltll.flkt IJlllllll ! llMll.l
i.Mht lUhltl 4,.lltlil,lllikl'i,liil I
1IiiIimiII III II . I vt III 11 nv ft slMllllH
In m-rr l.tit I .Mt NmHIi lliilf Nnilli if
I'diiiiii i;iAii. ii'iinii iinttiii iii i.i i rmi If I'
.T ami C-fcHi.'M p. i i -I.I i Wim Nnttli
il Oit.iMi'riviiii , TiihiiIiH.I ll.iiiii
fti ixtmil hv ll U. -Ii.llli AIIIvIiil I In-
I hi III lM.iliiriitlhl,litll Mlili'iif MtMHill,
llliil I Mill. I Ml
llClt. A. IM'.M.I,
In Inn II llil titlll itf llliil' ii'i'lm'L ll
tin fuii-muii. imkI I1i ii'i'lia'lt lu
Hit' riiMiimli nf llmt lint, til till 4 t 1 1
iiim tuntt In llii rity iif Hii-iruM, 'imniv if
tlnii urniiiii, ii tin jitMi, ni imii'ii
llirliiif ii nm tv iitiilni.iil riililli rn-
iim. lHll.l llltflll-1 htililri- fill 'll III IMII'I
liilijiii itill print Inn nml iii'ljiiii iii tin
rmi4iy iiiiirii'imnM nniii4i.
-iii iin ur ii. nt r.nitnv.
Notice of Finnl Settlement.
Nnlli U lii'ii'lt uitfik 'I'd il I In1 mull I
I if i ut I Ailitiliilalialnrnf lln il ii 1 1 iif Aiinii
K.iiitrUr.iii-i'ivi, wltl niiiki thrnl m-mIi
Lit 111 llf 111 lllllilllilk Willi ft I III lMlltl' tl4 ftlli'll
lAilDihilMrtiliir nt Hi1 nrt linn ur tin I'm
imii mill ni Hull i miiiiy iiimim(. in ti
hiMifrtt iii I if i vihi. iii iii iMinty.iiii lite Mih
miy HI .IHTIIimT- I' . I'M..
Notice of Final Settlement.
V.. I.... I. I..... I... 1 1... I... I I .1
uilhUliiilrlx nf! lu IMiiLii itf John U" lu.
iliVi'UMil. will iiiuki' I 'Iihi I f-1 1 la tnt-iii nf In r
iiriiiutiik wiiii :iin i,iuiimi ftiii'ii viuuim
irutllv nl lln lift I Ti'tiii nf tin- I'mliftli'
I 'oil 1 1 nf Hull 1 imihIV. M lw mt 1. In U IhiIiIi l
ni UMkini iii mimi nmuiy. on iin' liiii niv
r MitrniiNt a n i'ii I,
Notice of Final SeUlcment.
Nutlii U In ii hv irlti-ii. Ili.il tin mull I
intuit i:iviilnriif liii-iiii-nf imlnlii W
I'i'iii'lii't- ilii'iiiki-il. will iniiLi tiiitil Mllli'
im ill nf III imvihiiiU w Itii mi lit I'tluti ii Ui'li
I rciitirn lln in 'I if in nf tin1 'rnli:ilr
imiii itf Hull Courtly- MlkMiurl. in U Imlili-u
ci OriVM In mi hi 1'iiiiiiI.iiii tin li'ih iln nf
Mni nni r. a if -i.
.Mri:i. imi'min.
l lii Hihilii) nf HMiiU-r. Hirt.
Administrator Notice.
N'lilki' Ulii ifliyiiUrn, I hut l lti r uf Ail
nitiiMiiitliHi, i ii m iti llii rlulia nf Milllil.
II llliil. Ill1'l.lllf, Wi ll' Utllllllll In I III" mi
I. itlifiiiil. mi i ! i.uli il.iv nf ividIm r. I'in.
I. Vihi- I'niUih1 1'iiiirl nf Hull I'luuit), .MU
All nfrnni lt.it Ini I.tltit iiuiilh! kulil
I llltl. till' l1IH't!ll III l'llltlll llli'tll
fi-r ttllnwmii'i in i im iiiiiiiiuiMt-iiinr. within
l innntli-mfli r llii'il.iti- nf villi lillri. vt
Ilii'Vliiiiy in pii riiiiini iiimi miy in-iirin i
i it'll ii.tii((t nml If ttii'li i'in I m U in it i-ililli
tint wlllilti mil' ti'iir fmm tlii'il-ilr nf I In
il liiM'illniinr Hit' mtiUt'HU"ii n Mil ii
l in, ilii'y kliiill Im Inrrwr h.it nil.
i. V nr.M.MiN'
TliU it.iliil'iy .f ivioli. r. l'.'l.i.
Olfice In Van Buskirk Build
Inu, Northwest Corner
Court House Square,
lill(!tt lil'Hl lllllll V(!St
Of 'It l.IMIH Itllllk
(iti:;oN, MihHouui.
('. I). Zook. (J. I.. Cummins.
President. Cashier
I.. I. Moouic, V leu-I'resliit'iit.
Zook & Roecker
KutnlillHlicil 1871.
'rim olilesl liank in the county
Transacts a ueneral banklnir liuslness.
Interest palil on time deposits. Drafts
sold on all Hie principal cities of the
country and Europe. Hare made spe
cial arrangements to collect .monej
.1.... .m fTltAlAM I tswtilim innn I vine
ft- 'JSSJSS of rarmer's"' mehanU
and Individuals respectfully solicited,
.Special can given to any, business In-
UrwUd Ifl JJ.
Irtephon Ko. 18, .
llii: (llll.l.DN iMliltntllAN
IllleelUe ShiiiI.i), .lannar) I. lull.
t Ireitol.
. :.t.i a in
O.-.ln a in
ll'Mll i in
p in
l;'J.'i p in
7 :'.'. . in
I I'i'M City
.ii a in
":.'i"i a in
r.':.r. i in
JiSi i in
4:.v p m
Ttl.'i p m
o. It. & o. Time
llclurti F. City Oregon
l.v. SiM a m Ar. hM.la m
" A 10:10 a in lu&l a in
1:0 p m " l:'i' p m
' 2:4o p in ;i;ii,-, p m
' ":ul p in " ."isn p ni
' Hiai p in !i:.'ii p m
Notu- A Dally except Sunday.
No. Vi on SutiiU) at 'iM 11, in., If
any asseiigers to go. - llrturti, leave
i nrest t;ti at ..:; p. in.
A sneelal train for stock' mid cnr.
load shipment!) will leave Oregon at
3:io ii. in.
whenever desired b)
Notice. All local freMit will leavr
Oregon on lheU:"0 a. in. train.
Arrival and Dopnrturo of Mnili nt the
Po.tofflro, Oroca. Mo.
I.itit'llte .luniut) I. li'i.i
. h. iii. I nr Omtilni Mnu lulernintlati
iMiliitt, un.l nit pnl.itn i.Mrtt..rn,l
unU went.
tt.tA . tn. IVrM. .Imfpl. rttiil InU'rinnlljitr
l.i m. I'nr nil id.Ii.1 w.ull.. rN.I
itti.l wt'l. rnvpl i'lirkli. itti.l
Vltll.'ii hrrtfu'li..
I Cm! I I'nr llll lMil.it. ..I.. fill. ..( unit
Ifl . p. .... 1'i.r Viniv'.i, mirlli, i.i.ill In itll
..l..l imill., .-i.t. Mti.tli nr.il
tteftt, i'.'i't.t l.tterimilliile Ih.
Iwii'.t I'ure.l I'lly i.h.tM.JiN'.
..ti. in. I'nr nil iii.u n.irtli. miiiIIi. c.itt
ami wel.
IVi.l.'li... will l .M'li,ilitfi-l In Iwi'i'ii I l.rirnti
mi.: 1'iiril I "ll v pliii!lii. n f'tlLiw.
IMte nri-uoii ii K i. tn. ii.t'l ri'l.itt. ill
i.k in.
Iii'ilt.' I ...'iii ill ..I I'li i. In. .lli'l I'tl.t). ut
.i.itl i. In.
... ii. i, itm .Ii... -MnlU friin. .ill N.lnu
).lltll. I'lt.l. l..lh ll.lll WlM. II. Ill
7TTT ''.' I'.'it! I'tiy.
Iii:ti h. in. villi-. unit 'I.i r lih i V.illrjr
tirin.i'lM-i.. Mitll. fri'tt. t.nrll.i
en. I, nnilli nml wil.
I -I. p. .... M.ill fm.o till iil.il. nnilli. Mini
mnt .'it. I.
.nn il I... MM.itl.ii'ti (!., M..Iik'..V O. II.
Mull, fntti. nil t'li. I'urlti
Villi It, I'A.I ii'til ti.l.
.'til', p. I... I'm.nr1!. .Iii.riti
llllll.M. lliltlTI -.
"T'i:.' ti. m. Ilunil Itimle Nn. I. Ir.ivi-. Iti.
turn, ut l..v p. in
!':.' n in, lli.nit Itniile, Nn. i, Ii'iivc. Il
ium., i. m.
t' .'. in. Iliiriil llii.iti', Nn J, iHin Hi"
lurii. til ItJii .. in.
I.'.lt a. i... Ituri.l Itiittle. No. I, l.'Hve.. ttv
l.irti. l I u' p. in.
t'l'H ii. Hi. Ilunil llmilr, Nil f, Ii-ih-.. It
I urn. ill l:(i. in.
MtlUHre mini'' Ui im..ii.lr I) inlniitr. In-.
fnriiil'prltnir ll.m'.
Ni'w I'nliil I. .iii.ii.i iiy ('.irrl. r. Itnulo
I'lr nil rnii.l
i-iin v. in-, fourlli M I.iy. I IViiru ir
t..l,.U r iiiul ililnl 'I "ml ty In M.
Aluiiii ll. Ilnrni-. I'lti'iill JiiiIki'.
A. M. TII'Ih I., iitii-iH'tilluu iillnriii y
IMiiln A. I li.iiliti.ii. e mill rluU.
tii-i. : llelilit. .In rill
Arllinr A llrrm r, li'iuriiiln'r.
I'mLal. I'.inrl
Cum. .it'iiiiil Miiii'l.iv. In
Vl..y.,tn(...l ami Nuii.iiIh r.
ll W. 1'ii.ier. irnli.ile Ju.t.'.
r..nni r..... i
llrmiliirTeii.nl VIM .Minnl.iy. In IVI.ru-
nry. MiiVi Aimii.t ii.ul .SnirtiiU'r.
Hi nry ll U'rlnlii, pr.'.l.llui Juilje.
I', n r II. Kill" r. Juilue I.t .IMrli't.
M. I.. Niirmmi. Jiulil" '.M ill-lrl. l
I'rniiU l '.ll' r, eli rU nf iininlv inurl
rm.i.ly llttiiril .l II.-hIiIi.
Ili iiry C. Wrlulii. iri.lili'iil.
l'i n r ttnl.i r. vlei-priMeM
I.. Niiiniiiii, '.M .ll.trli'l.
V. C. I'luuit, .initily pliy.tiiiiti.
I'riiiiU Ii. . Il.-r. Mi'i. iary.
I'iilllll lln.llil.if l.illll rttlnll
I'.iill A. IIiH'l. TfC ti.
1. 1' i'iim n, Minimi cily.
Ciilliiiiirnf 1,'i'ti inii'. II.ihhuI S, T. i.ri'.
r.iuiily Ttrii.itri'i. i Imiirti l'iii.i'ii.
Ilii'iirilir nf I'i.'iN. IiiIiii M. Illlilianl.
('11111I11I..I11111 rnf N'Iiik.I. Knrl A. Ilia'U.
I'nlilli' A.ln.lnl.lr.il.ir, II. I'llttiiiiln..
"iilH'rlnli nili'iil nf 1'iiir, (' .1. I'lilinium
'iirieyitr. .Inliu II. Pen I .
A..i'.'r. ferry W. Kt.ui.iiy.
I'nriini r. I, II. Imit. Ciiriiliik'.
Mull I'liiiuly kiiiiIiiIIiiii. I I.VBt.
.Iltll' lll, IIH'IIII tlLI llllll.llfiill.
Ciiuiily lit . Wini In, viiluiiili".
OMttily iniiil I m , I"' mi IIini tnlii iiimi.
fpii'llll r lllllll lillilllf. '.'''I Jim Vlllll.l-
Avi'riiiii'i.i'liiil lux t.'iy. In' l'r llw) vuliin
llmt Ct.only i-r.-.n.'l by m t of li uUlnlui.', .fiuiu-iry-.".
I'liunty i.iiniiil fur H.vlil III''.' Mull, of
IMittli' Ciiiiuty,
Ori'K (ininlyMal.i-ri-iiliKlliyni-liif im.
1uiure,.in.,i.si. urn.
ArJ,.';;!i., ,ir.- kv
Utuil. unit town lulu
liiillrnml, Itieuriipl. mul ti'li'pliiine.
. ... '?.!! Jllll
Ori'Ki'ii, county si'iti,
Rleclrlc lliibtwl.
Watcmntlia aystuni.
City tiU.au on 1100.
gcbooltl. fl WonllOO.
Church Directories.
OhrUttan Church.
lUilcr II, II. liHwimn, 1'iulur.
Il.l 1 .cIiikiI rurry 1ir.t.iUy ,n . m. II. C.
Iti iilnii, ,iiH.nntnitriil
l'rn)rr nmtniK i'rry riitiM.lu) r, rutin tt
I'roiiolil.iK ctrrj r)3il nnrt fourlh linrdi
'Uy. inntiiliiK uiiij rycnlt'i 11 u. tit., JtM p, a
All cnMlAll) liillrit lit nllMi.l Mil tn.f tlnn of
In .11 irrli. i m i I.i ir.'l.' i im Iiy the u nto
- -r -
Methodtit Eplicopnl Church,
fi-rrlcc I'Hi'h fuu'liy . fnllimn.
f umlny M'tiiml tit 9:1. i, in.
I'rriicliluxiicrtlcr uUllii. rn.
l'rritrhln( r rylm nt?!S0'. m,
Mlil.wi'i ktiiii lliiKt.-icliTliurxluy nl:00pm
You lire eor.ll illy Intltnl lo Htlrnil til
thrvurrrlrn. .1. ll, TIIOMI'.',J,
PreibyterUn.Church. t
1ljbiitb Mh'i hi Iili evi ry HHblmlb.
V. I'. M. C. P. nt TiWp.tu.
rrIff.frlcc Tliarvi.iy r,rnln at :0fl
p. id.
I'mwhlnti-yrrr Hulihilli nt' II . m. nnd
f:0i. p. m, '
Kteryliily rutilUlly Invluvl lit Httrnd ti
ntrnvrftrrrlom. '. ,
If Hie puMiirctii help ynu, plrane call tot
M.MTrlei'.. . ,
T ,V.t'I.AtH:TT. I'u.tor.
tl. W. VHi(i1il''y.r.
ori'itiin tiitnl tjr M-biXl M o. in tl. C.
KuiiLiI, iim rlnuiukiV.,'.
rrayrr nirHina TlnimiJf at a r. n.
1'rrm'lilun.llr.l it nil UiLrJ. Miiinl.iy. at II a.
In. Snunil nml fniiiU.'riiiiiayj al ' p. in.
Mct.i'll.tliiiii'r,iiiMli.ybiil,nl 10 n. rn,
,1 1.. Itnm.ny. i.H'rl.ir'm1 ni,
V I'. A. nt T!M. m."' '
1'iayrr mrrttnii WeilnwOay i.l p. lu.
I'rriii'lilnn, llr.t iiml tlilr.t fuiuliiy, nt p. m.
Ni-nml nml f.nitlli Miiiilayutt II n. tn.
Any .me l ninll-illy Vflrumnl In nny uf
lli.'.i'M'rtli'i s.
0rman M. K. Church.
Ilvy. U. I. Mr. r. Pii.tnr.
UlnUy .".'lii.il nl VM H. III.
I'li'.if hl'U rrir) Xiiii l.i) j IO.Wii. it..
IVarlii.'it rlrt) Hnniltii al tin Nmlawat
t mirli nl i i. in.
I'rayrr Mrillin: Vnliicliy iifinniua al
K,rt)lHli r.n.ll.liy lutili-ii inHttriiil abo.r
Ilnptlat Church. (Colorod) Ore Ron.
Win. Mlli'litll. I'a.ti.r.
irili-i. nl llii' I'lt.l llapll.1 rlninli Ilia
lit. I .".inihiy In enrb iiii'iitb n It a. in. nml p.
Mimliiy vmil nl .1 p tn l. ..t.il..y.
II. V. I'. I', ut I', in.
All lire li.ilt.il.
Chrlatlnn Church, Forcat City.
Hili'rT. ('. lb iiir. I'.i.ti.r.
Min.l.iy m IiiiI nt Inn. 1.1..111 ry umlay.
I'ti ai'lilint.'.. tb.' lir.1 mnl tblnl MimUyaof
iii'li n.iiiitli, t.inri.luif nml vriiliic.
' IM' I!, iiii.'l..'11-ry .-uiiibiy nl :l..p. in.
A'l .i.i.ll.illi Imlli. I In nlli ml Ibe..' .rr
tIi'i.. M. B. Church, Foreat City.
Ili y. II, r.l.'iiiiiiilK'll, I'.i.lnr.
I'ii- ii'bluit .iart li'i., m.miiiI mi'l fin. rib Hun
I t)., II a, in. ami I', in.
Miml ty 'Ih.iI. I" in. It. XV I'i.mL., tn
m rlntrnili til.
.I.inlur 1 ainii-, 1i I', m. Ml., ilr ti-c Kf-rt.-r,
Srnli.r l-ail.U'. 7 p. in. Ml.. .Ir..f tt.iiu.
ai'y, I'ti .lib'iil.
In il r it;u'lli'i'. Mi'iuliy iiiiilTlnit.'liv rt.-ii.
lnu...nVli'l.. Mr. limii Apar, pl iiil.t.
A HI lil'.lll' Ii. nil.
Ilnptlat Church, Forcat City
m tib-e. en ry ttt.i iiml Iblril Mimlay nf
eai'li iiiiiiilb.
Mil iltiy n'ImmI el. ry Mi.iil.iy iini...l.m ut It)
linii'e ami Truili I tll.l. -. I.t-.1 ili.i nml Ililnl
.iluriluy nUlil nf I'ln-li iniinlli.
II S . I. r. .mi I. hi ry Mimliiy en nlinr at
I.ii'tllauly I. Ililltl'il In annul tln.i
milling.. Chrlatlnn Church, New Point.
Clilt r I'l'il I). Auiiu.ltiif I'.i.lnr.
Humtay h'Iiih.I, 10 it '.
I'rrArlil.iiz nn III'- II.. 1 umt tblnl Minday.
In I'Mti iniiull.,11 H. ii,,. nml t'li-iilua.
V. I', rl. 0 K. i-vt) Huh. I .) fi'itliiir, i.lu p.n ,
All ari-i'MflUlly Imll.-.l In hIIhiuI.
I'reabyturinn Church, Now Point.
IIi l I'. II liiillt, I'.i.lnr.
rii'in-liliiii Ibe .iinnil mnl fiiurll. M.iiiliiya
i-in-li iiiiiiilb Mil'b'illi .I'lnul emii Motility nt
l a in.
Preabyterian Church, Woodvllle.
Ilei. T. Ii. IlinVrl.. I'.i.lnr.
I'm urliliiv Iin' llr.l nml Ililnl Mimliy. uf
iifi.i.i-li i lb ..il.lnlli m'IiihiI i-in-li Mtnil.iy
nl lint in.
Curron Obrlatlfin Church, Bluff City.
V. II. M ir. Itiiiii 1'ii.ti.r
l'rui. nn "ii tin" mm-ni'l .ni l (uiirlli jtil.
Uy ut II it. in. nml 7 M.
Ulttli' wli.t . I '-m-li l'iil.n nt ton. in
Tho Genuine DOMESTIC
-hlM" Pltl
OlrtfiriAmF.lUttf '
Of Approval!
t t iim-iI. iHir mijmi ilipji
m. m m nf, i mt tii.i i'ii tin 4 r
Ili.mta-.lt.illll.M'kltllfll All 1 1
i lulu mifii. I.mvti uiinli'l ,
ull iuwiti imurutviiifnU
15 Day' Tre Trlml
jit ii'iui ttftmn B-.-m-nmii n
unlil r"n !. Irw.1 (-Mir mm Iih O tlr V""
.t'iw., timh ur'f trim tirrnfikuiett i
,1 ...i.i.n ,..i.,4,iu4i, ,l, mill .', ii.mI.iii. Th.
i.hi I lr.l mi I.141I.111. ..itr.i.iMi ...r i.if.rt.
WRITC NOW I... ...mih- lb. k .n 1 f. II ...rlirutii ft
ll.i.tn ..itr. A iu.ik.miII I ri... it M. I I'V rnttn 1.1..I.
Dowisnc itmiio MACot co. tisi.mco cmcied
See me for Coal anil I'eetl. Seliill
te llrotliers' Warehouse.
A. W. Skkman,
-On I'rldav. October 17. IIH.'I. a
daughter as Inirii to Mr. and Mrs.
! N (;orltV( ()f rVaiit, Net). Mrs. Corey
frmerly Miss ItcKlna Mcfllll, of
this cliyt and lier many friends In
A .lu. Mn....l..lnllnne
wri-KOIlnt-l.il nilliutu lUHK.atiiluittuin..
f you hunt Im sure to have a license,
iwwi.h t,-tin
k j
...flViKKW anil II a licunsu Dosure iuki-hiichjuio
that Is In season and not get on land
without permission. Siiro thenlmrod
Z. lias rather a narrow road and one be
" " set wltli tlltllcultles. ()
'i ' '
ft I .... '
lui.t' f.(i . .ti.lv't-!",-

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