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o!1 (Tmmiij
Before Us.
The year tbat lies before us Is ever
the year of opportunity. The year
toil on whose threshold wo now
'stand, contains greater possibilities
of Individual growth and national
prosperity than any previous year
ever promised. Individual eltorl Is
encouraged by conditions Inspiring
confidence In results, and the nation
rinds Incentive In Its own achieve
ments and natural blessing to misuse
which would constitute a national
crime. If the Individual and the na
tion are guided by the experience of
the past as they should be. the new
year will be marked by progress and
At the very outset It should be
borne In mind that the Individual Is
the fountain source of national prog
ress and prosperity. The spring feeds
the stream, streams unllo to form
rivers, and mighty rivers replenish
the evaporating oceans. I.cl the
spring fall, the stream dries up, the
river falls, and the ocean sinks hclow
its natural level. So the Individual,
even the humblest, must continue
Ms contribution to the rising tide of
prosperity, if he would draw from
that prosperity for his personal needs,
Just as the spring draws from the
ocean through the condensation of Us
evaporated waters the rain that wa
ters the land. The element of perso
rial responsibility cannot I hi discount
ed without endangering the welfare
uf ail-neither by the Individual him
self, nor by society A proper sense
of responsibility compels sel.ure upon
every opportunity within reach.
If there has been one idea more
mischievous than another, as regards
individual activity. It has been the
one embodied In the oft-repeated
phrase, "the world owes me a living,"
it docs if one earns It, hut the world
has nothing to give to the la.y, the
Indolent, thu sluggard. In Its com
pensation the world Is reciprocal-It
pays back, on the average, Just about
what the individual contributes,
sometimes rewarding meritorious ef
fort generously. Success comes to
those only who make good. There Is
natural law in the business world,
and obedience to that law Is as essen
tial as observance of civil law if there
Is to be Individual prosperity. Cer
tain II Is that for violation of all law
there Is penalty which Is sometimes
Nor Is there any excuse for failure
to do one's part because of the appar
ent orosnerlt v of others at his ex
pense. Human experience has shown
that a part of society cannot long
prosper at the expense of the whole,
and that a part cannot long prosper
at the expense of unotlier part. This
umerleucu has also accorded with
natural law which rules on the prlucl
nle of general averages. In spite of
many apparent exceptions. The sec
ond great mistake, lies In arguing
from exceptions, a mistake which I
alway productive of ertoiieous con
clusions, exception but made good
the rule whlchonly call he the basl
of reason which In turn. If good, ex
cludes except Inns. Sound reasoning
demand legitimate excuse which
cannot he found in individual failure.
Therefore, the new-year with all Its
opportunities appeal to you. It
places responsibility on you. Its
message Is, "If. up to you." If lll
shall prove a year of prosperity to
you, It I because you will have merit
ed success If. on the other hand, lull
shall have proved a year of failure,
lou will have, in some measure, at
least, been responsible. As with the
Individual, so with the nation.
The best wish The Old Skntiski.
can extend to Its readers Is that they
have courage to sele every opportun
ity for progress and betterment, and
fully discharge their responsibility to
themselves andsocljty, that each and
all have prosperity and happiness
throughout the year mil.
"Missouri has within its boundaries
approximately one-eight hundredth
of the land area and one-fourth hun
dredth part of the fertile acres of the
earth's surface," says State Secretary
Itoach, "M'ssouri ha more than
the live-hundredth part of the earth's
population, the one hundredth and
sixtieth part of the earth's white
population, about onc-twenty-clghtti
part of the total population of j the
tfnlted States, and one-lwentletli of
the wealth of the nation. The aver
age per capita wealth of the people of
the United States Is 1,UU, while the
average In Missouri Is tl,m, nearly 'in
per cent more than the national av
Their Charters Revoked,
The Missouri Supreme Court on
Thursday of last week, December '.'I,
in an opinion tiled by .lodge Karls,
found that a lumber trust existed In
thlsstate. Hues aggregating fl.'UI,-
ooo were assessed against twenty-lite
large companies, the most of them
having their oillce fn Kansas City.
The suit Involves property to the
value of M.'iO.ooo.nnii,
Orders of ouster from the state
were Issued against twenty of the
companies that were Incorporated In
Missouri and the license of live for
eign companies doing business In Mis
souri are revoked.
lodgments of forfeiture are ordered
as to each of the twenty companies,
dissolving and ousting them from all
their corporate rights, privileges and
franchise. In addition the compa
nies are ordered lo pay the line as.
sced against them within thirty-
We are further of the opinion, say
the court, "that the end of justice
will be subserved by granting a stay
of execution pending the further or
der of this court of the decree of for
feiture and ouster as to some of these
respondents upon thu payment by
them of the tines severally assessed
against them within thirty days, and
upon such conditions of continuing
good behavior as may hereafter be
annexed thereto by this court by Its
decretal order.
The Blue Book.
Secretary of State Cornelius Itoach
is now sending out his llluu lluok ror
11)13-11, and we acknowledge the coin
ing of a copy to this olltce. It Is a
valuable publication, and Mr. Itoach
Is to be congratulated on thu collation
of so much valuable, matterboth
'historical, biographical and statisti
cal, as to bu found In this one; volume.
One of the Interesting historical
features of the new publication Is a
description and picture of all the
buildings which have been used as
capltolor temporary capltols since
the state was admitted to the I'nlon.
The book also contains pictures of
tlie new-State Capitol as It will ap
pear when completed.
The number of dairy cows, value of
dairy products, amount and value of
orchard products and statistics on
the various cereal crops are Included
In the section devoted to tile farm
Dandy Christmas Gift.
I'rei-ldent Wilson had hlsChristmas
wish fulfilled Tuesday of last week,
December '.'.1, IDI.'I, whenhe signed the
vVllson-ntass-t iwen currency bill as a
Christmas present for the nation.
The conference report in the hill
had been appraved by the Senate ear.
lier in the day by a vote of W to 'J.,,
following which actions both houses
adjourned tn.lauuary 11'.
Tow lines President Wilson give
the nation the llrst law In llfty years
which completely reorgauled the
banking business members nf the
Cabinet, the Speaker of the House of
liepteent.liu's, members of the
lloiisu and Senate, suhordlnateolllcers
of several "f the executive depart
mentsand the"llisi lady of the land"
assembled In the President's work
room in the executive oltlce.
At precisely nciocK, the iioiir ar
ranged for earlier hi the day, when It
became known that the hill would he
.sent from thu Capitol to the While
House about "' o'clock, the President,
standing before Ids desk, said to thu
assembled guests;
"I will do the work;beforo I .iy any
thing. He then sal down ami with a pen
sent him by Senator Chilton, of West
Virginia, wrote below the last lino of
the engrossed bill:
"Approved December 'JJ, IIUX'
He then picked up a gold pen from
Ids desk and wrote "Wood ," the
llrst syllable of his name. He then
picked uii a second gold pen and com
pleted his given name. 1'lcklng up a
third pen he wrote "Wilson" and
placed a period at thu end of the full
As the President laid down thu last
pen and rose, the more than UKlguests
applauded loudly. The President
turned around and shook hands tlrsl
with Itepresenlativefilassof Virginia
who piloted thu bill through the
House, then with Senator Owen, who
performed a like duty In thu Senate,
and then with Secretary of the Treas.
ury McAdou, who aided in the "conv
mou counsel" which worked out the
original outlines of thu bill. To each
of these three, he presented a gold pen
the ones ho used In signing thu bill.
Death of John Fry.
The ileus reaches us of the death of
John t-'ry, the llrst pony express rider,
which occurred at Ids home In Santa
Anna, Cab, ,Monday, December ?-,
ini:i. He was the llrst relay out of St.
Joseph, on the llrst trip of the pony
express, and lie was the llrst to deliv
er tlie California mall by pony ex
press to tlie St. Joseph postoWce.
ln.J8.Vi the western terminus of
the railway system of the country-
was at St. Joseph, the station being
at Klghth and Olive, not far from the
present location of the.t'nlon station.
The establishment of the Pony Kx-
press between St. Joseph and San
Iraticlscq was thu otitfrowth yf a
ulcer of V'OO.oi!. miilobc Wllllim It.
liussel, and his partner, A. II. Miller,
that the distance, ItiVi miles, could be
covered In fen days, The tlrm was
backed by the then secretary of war,
lolm II, Floyd.
'All the detail wc rearranged. The
tlrm secured :' of the lleclest horses
to he procured, and I'.'.', men; ..these
men were chosen for their light
weight as some partsofthe route had
to be covered at '.'- miles an hour.
Horse were stationed from ten to
twenty miles apart, and each rider
had. to make sixty mile, two minutes
being allowed to change horses and
billing the mall, eighty of the Z
men weru chosen as the riders, if
the relay station were not at proH-r
Intervals, a tent was put, up sulllclent
to accommodate one .man and two
On the morning uf April J. !. all
was In readlnessi and a young lad
named ".rohniij" I'ry mounted a Iteet
looking mare and rode to the ltusul
.V Major and Wells-I'argoolllce. In St.
Joseph, then located on tluv west side
of Third street, four doors south of
I'ellx. Thu postoltlce, wi-lielleve.was
then on the, east side of Second street,
between I'ellx and Jule, and Win.
Fowler was thu postmaster. Fry re
ceived his load of mall, put Into sad
dle hags, rode rapidly to the ferry
boat, which -was' called thu "Keener-
er," and In charge of Captain, K
Illackstone, lying at the foot of Sec
ond st reel, cheered by throngs of peo-
nle. many following to the tioat, and
acres tj-.o- rlvr. Thus departrdP
"Johnny" Fry, the llrst pony express
rider from the eastern terminus of the
long mall route.
The llrst rider to reach St. Joseph
from the West was aln "Johnny-
Fry, lie was at Seneca, sixty mile
away, walling for the courier to ar
rive with his mall, and when he did
come he wa an hour late, which Fry-
had to make up on hi ride to St. Jo
seph. He had sixty thoroughbred
horse lo do It with
Fry had Just three hours and thirty
minutes In which to w In the t.'iUM
wager. This was the llnlsh for the
longest race, fur the largest slakes
ever run on I he continent.
I line foi hi
their children and In doing so tram
pled others under foot. A struggling,
screaming mas of humanity surged
toward every available exit. Some
fell out of windows: others were
pushed out. The small landing out
side of the main entrance leading to
the stairway to the tlrst Moor was
Jammed with bodies from celling to
Moor and from side to' side. Those
underneath soon ceased to struggle
and their bodies formed a barrier of
deatli against the escape of thosestlll
within the hall and against the lire
men and policemen who rushed to
their aid from the outside.
Whole families weru wiped out In
the rush which followed the cry of
Kv cry doorway blocked with dead
bodies and It was some time licfrc
the rescuers could clear a path to lib
erate those held Imprisoned In (he
place. They had given up attempts
at escape after the llrst mad rush for
Hie doors when they became aware
that there wa no tire.
A drunken miscreant I blamed for
the horrible disaster, and I being
hunted for by the authorities.
Had Good Judgment,
i'rof. Nelson Kerr, Slate High
school lnpector, was here Saturday
and met with the school hoard and
I'rof. .el I IT and went over the school
record and approved our high school.
This I Hie llrst time our high school
ha been approved by thuStatu In
spector and we feel Just u III lie proud of
Hie fact and feel that our school IkunI
are to be congratulated on the good
work. Wu Mlcvewc have one of tint
Engagement Announced.
Our little city Is noted for Its many
social affairs that are called every
season as regularly as the reason
comes, and these help to a large de
gree to drive "dull care" away, but
there Is no one of these that bring to
the participants more real genuine
pleasure and happiness, than the an
nual "meet" of the Oregon Fudge
club, composed of ten of our young
ladles, who attended our school, and
passed through the various grades of
our public school, pledging each other
to take the High school course, and a
collegiate course and they each and
every one made good their promise.
Kach Christmas Kvc, for all these
years, these young ladles have their
annual Christmas tree, and each and
everyone receives a Christmas token
from each other. This year there
was an absent one Miss Alberta
Ilragg, who Is abroad taking voice
training, hut she was remembered
Just thu same. Kach and every one
of these years, only unavoidable ab
sence anil sickness preventing, have
these young ladles assembled at the
home of some member and enjoyed
their Christmas reunion.
This year, IHIX there was tin- usual
routine, but there weru somu Inova
Hons and surprises In store, some of
which were known to memtiers, but
there was one, that was a real sur
prise. They knew there wasa"vvarm
feeling" existing on thu part of one of
their members for a gallant young
man. who had attended thu old High
school and ever persisted In catrylng
lids young lady's books, and in every
way was so gallant toher
Their program this year wa In the
i..,kt ti-lifuit tliU it-mi In t lilt hlslorv
nf the school. Another nice tiling t '"" of a progressive hiiicheon
i. wi,u ii. u i ..rm wihnt all tiiu usual iirtsimas nee
'of the natrons aru Iwostlng and there! The Misses Trot King and lllanche
are no complaints heard, and wu have
quite a numherofiion-resldent pupils.
too, who are helping out. Prot. Kerr
made a thorough Inspection of thu
schoolrooms and complimented Jani
tor Heckathorneon his work In having
everything clean. lllgelow corre
spondent In the JelTcrsonlan, Decem
ber 'J.'.. A Christmas gift to be proud
Markland opened Hie festivities at
thu home ot thu hitter's parents, Dr.
and Mrs, F I'.. Markland, on Christ
inas Kvu, by serving a soup course.
Tlie placucard were aChrlstmas tree
card, and in thu center of thu table
was a Christmas tree from which
these young ladles distributed their
tokens to thu members,
Thu course finished they then Jour
neyed to thu home of Mr. and Mrs.
'Tom Curry, where Mis Anna, Joined
by Misses Ina and Mae llotkln, served
a most rcllshahle dinner course, anil
the surprise that came lo the club
during thu service, did not In the
streamer extended to each place, and
at the close of the dinner course, each
guest pulled the ribbon and brought
to their plate the card that made the
formal announcement of the engage
ment of these two young people the
surprise was so complete, that the
Curry rooms for a brier time was
about as noisy as a ward In No. '.', St.
Joseph asylum. In thu parlor ot the
home was a large Christmas tree, and
thu Jollity that prevailed In thu dis
tribution of the presents, would have
made "Old Santa" liad he been there
In person, appear small Indeed, and
sent FaltstatT to thu closet.
After thu excitement died down,
and the girls had gained their mental
equilibrium, they proceeded to the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis I, Moore,
where their daughter, Miss Mary, and
Miss Dalu X.ellcr,scrvedasaladcourse.
Santa had a place on a neat card at
each place, ami In the parlor was the
third Chrlstmastrce, from which these
young ladles handed their "package"
to eacli ot thu club.
The "wind-up" and closing of this
most delightful social altalr was had
at thu home of Mr. and Mrs. C. D.
Zook, where their daughter, MIssMary,
and Mlss'lnna Ilragg, served the de
sert course. Thu table center was
ornamented with a Christmas tree,
and small trees weru thu place card,
and as each "chum" left thu table,
they took with them as favors, a
tittle Christmas tree. A large Christ
mas tree was In thu parlor, and from
this these young ladle handed their
tokens to eacli one of the club.
I f no member of the club concludes
to "gel In ahead," thu coming wed
ding will hu the llrst In the ranks of
till lovable and dear hunch of girls,
and while It may he In every way a
most happy occasion there can't help
hut hu a tinge of sadness go with it
for there will hu a breaking of the
ranks, thai will be keenly fell by each
one hut pshaw, girls will marry.
A Booster.
Will M. Mauplu, editor mid owner
of the "Mid-west," a monthly maga
zine devoted to the Interests of the
V-..I. ....... .... I. ..v.. ,..'.. Cut.
,;. fn, , SKNTIS.KI. .' their appetites. Polnsettlaplacucards
W.. .mill 1 l'u 11 IT1 1 IVl,',,ni ,-- ,,, -
III .Mr. ill 1111111 itatiini, in -.! ue,
publication In the state
like to see some fellow do thu same
for Missouri, and then the statu take
a hand In Its publication, by aiding It
lluanclally from the public treasury.
Nebraska should do till for the
MI,lu..vl Will MminlnV Miilwi".!
When Hie! u boostlm: Nebraska as she has never
arrival was nearly up. at tH.furo .,. noosted.
least .'i.ooo people, It Is said, stood
upon the river hank, ultlieyesturned
toward thu woods from which horsu'
and rider should emergcluto t be open
country In the rear where Klvvuod,
Kan., I mm located one mile from j
the llnlsh. The tlmu wa nearly up;
hut seven minute remained. Thuj
last mile was made in one mlnuti-aud j
tlfty seconds, landing on thu ferry I
boat with live minutes and a few
second to spare, thu winning the
large stake, and In a few minute
muiu Johnny Fry delivered the llrst
California mall at thu WelN-Fargo
otllce, which was by them delivered
to thu St. Joseph postmaster.
At thu other end ot the line, thu
same arrangements had been made to
start a course from Sacramento. So
at noon on April .'I, I win, "Hilly" lla-
ker mounted with hi load of mall,
and dashed away toward the Sierras,
covering his llrst twenty miles In for
ty-nine minute,
Washington; on the lower right, was
that of Miss Anna Curry -on the card
wa written:
"A' i lor announcement
The modern pagan way
Of pllhlMillig thu wedding hall
Anent thu happy day "
I'rum the Mower stem a rich tlblion
A Christmas Runaway.
It-ay llurrler and wife went to the
homeof her parents.l'eterSlpes, south
west ot Oregon, to spend their Christ
mas. They started to return home,
about mldafternoon, and when near
the Henry 1'eret place, the buggy
shaft gave way, which so frightened
his horse that lie ran away, and Hay
In holding lo the lines, endeavoring
to get control of the animal, was
pulled out or the buggy to the hard
ground, and thu fall caused a concus
sion ot the head, which caused him
to lay In an unconscious condition
until Saturday morning, when hu ral
lied, and Is now getting along nicely.
He was taken to the home of his par
ents, Mr. and Mis. Andy llurrler,
of thl city, where lie wa cared for
for a couple of diys, when he wa
able in be removed to hi own home-
Mrs. Jessie .lone wa a St.
eph visitor. Sa unlay lal.
While Oakluy Morris was nicely-
remembered by Santa, hu was also re
membered by Ids appendix, which
called on him the day before Christ
mas, and stayed with him overChrist
mas, permitting him to set up during
tlie day; but lie has been suffering
greatly most all the week, We hope
he may get relief and that quickly
Die in Panic.
Suveuty-tlvo lives weru crushed out
In u panic at a Christmas celebration
In a public hall at Calumet, Mich
Christmas Kvu, when a practical Joker
stuck Ids head In at the main door
and shouted "Fire!" Seven hundred
persons weie packed in thu hall at the
tlmu and three-fourths of them weru
children, who wuiu crowding up thu
aisles to receive presents from a man
dressed as Santa Clans on thu plat
Thu fatal word was taken up by
tliosu In the hall and repeated In sev
eral foreign languages and in less
than two minutes scores hail been
trampled to death and suit oca ted.
A woman standing near the door
reall.ed thu danger of thu act, seized
the man by the shoulders, and vainly
endeavored to counteract the false
alarm. The man broke from her
grasp, however, and fled.
Frantic parents struggled to reach
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