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The Zook & Rocckcr Banking Company Occupy
Their New, Handsome Quarters.
A Spcndid Record.
No better guide to business condi
tions exist than the hanks. In fact,
when ilio financial practitioner itlay
noscs tlio country or tho county's
commercial cave, the banking Institu
tions are the pulse upon which lie
places Ills lingers to feel the throb of
tho 1 1 fo- I vlnn current an It courses
through the arteries of business.
The last olllclat statements published
showed the banks of our county hail a
gross deposit of fLMlUK Twenty
years ago the total deposits In the
ten banki then In existence In the
county totaled only (02I,4W.
In 1873 tho entlro banking business
of Ilolt county wasdone by two banks
Montgomery St Norman at Oregon
and the Fraier St McDonald, at For
est City. I'rlor to that time, the
banking business consisted of but ono
banking Institution, which was estab
lished In Oregon by Levi Zook and
James .Scott. The total assessable,
wealth of the county at that time,
lands and personal, was(l,H07,UI0,and
thu population 7,fH0, Today thu as
sessable wealth Is nearly $10,000,000,
and population 11,133.
Levi Zook and James Scott opened
their bank In a Utile corner of thu
store room In thu original court housu
building that stood on tho corner now
occupied by thu Vanllusklrk-l'roud!
block, and lieru In this little nlcho all
thubanklngbuslriessuf thocounty was
transacted, and while tho Interest
ratu was 10 percent, theru wurudoubl
less many loans madu at higher rates,
Here In this llttlu ohscuru corner, thu
neucluus for many substantial fur-1
tunes wero inado, and out of It has
come today ono of thu most substan
tial and Olbraltlan banking Institu
tions of Northwest, Missouri. This
li'ink f-nlltlnned In lm'MiH nnlv" InnL-'
In thu county for six years, but dur
ing that tlmo several changes wcru
made, but notwithstanding tho pass
Ing of thu founders, their inllueucu
lias over been felt by thoso engaged In
the business today, and tho history of
Holt county banking will over be
linked with tho life of Levi Zook,
James Scott, Albert Itoecker, M. S.
Norman, who aro now numbered with
those sleeping In the silent city, and
Robert Montgomery, who la still with
These two banks continued to do
C. I). ZOOK, President.
the hanking business of the county
until ls73. when the third bank came
Into existence, being established at
Craig by llllhy Hcaton.
In Mil the railroad was built
through Holt county and a great
change was wrought, and an Impetus
given to business that demanded larg
er hanking facilities, and men and
capital wuru found to meet the de
mand, and today In keeping with the
progress and demands of the times,
Holt county has fifteen as solid
hanklnglnsillutlonsasthcre are to be
found In any county of the state of
like wealth and population.
The history of the Zcok St Itocckcr
bank Is but an unfolding of tho his
tory of banking; of the commercial
growth of Holt county from llssmall
and unpretentious beginning It has
grown to be recognized as ono of tho
most substantial Institutions of thu
kind In thu I'lattu Purchase, con
trolled and managed by a class of men
of thu manor horn, known In every
way to measure up to thu vury high
est requirement, that assures Its pa
trons safely and reliability, second to
none, and their wl-o and conservathu
course has won for them a large and
prolltahlu business,
It now comes to us with no llttlu
degree of pleasure as well as prldu, to
chronicle thu Improvements that luvu
come to our town by thu inodernl.lng ,
of thu old Zook ,t Itoecker bank. Aswu
stated In thu beginning of this arti
cle, thu llrst lank established washy
Luvl Zook and James Scott. It was
In October, lo, and their banking
room was In thu old historic court
house corner. They continued tho
partnership for threuand a half years,
when Mr. Zook retired, and Mr. Scott
conducted thu business until June,
IS7I, when hu retired, and thu hank
passed to thu ownership of II. Mont
gomery & Co,, thu company being a
Mr. Phillips who camu with Mr.
GUY L. CUMMINS, Cashier.
Montgomery from Illinois. In 1872
Mr. Levi Zoolc took Mr. Phillip's In
terest and thu firm became known as
Zook & Montgomery. During this
partnership the bank quarters were re
moved to the little lGx'JO room In the
rear of the Ira Peter storo. now occu
pied by Kreelc St Hasness. The room
fronted on Nodaway street below the
corner, ana was reacnea oy a narrow
stairway from the sidewalk.
January 1, 1875, Mr. Zook disposed
of his Interest to M. S. Norman, and
tho llrm became known as Montgom
ery ft Norman; this was continued
until January, 1 577, when Albert
Itocckcr took over the Norman Inter
est, and continued In this location
until the fall of 177 when they built
the building which lias just been re
modeled and made modern In Its ev
ery detail, and here the Montgomery
,V Itocckcr bankdlil business. At the
time of Its erection It was regarded as
an Ideal bank building anil one of tho
very best In the county. In January,
s', Levi Zook and Ids son, ('. 1).
Zook, purchased an interest, and tho
bank for the llrst. time In Its history
was Incorporate!, and known as thu
Montgomery .V llu'Cker Hanking com-
piny. In IW, at the death of Levi
Zook, his son, C. D. Zook, succeeded
to bis Interest. In IWW, Mr. Mont
gomery retired, disposing of his In
terest to C. li. Zook, son uf thd
founder of Ilolt county banking, and
to Guy L, Cummins, and since that
time to the present It has been known
as thu Zook ft Itoecker Hanking com
Owing to thu III health of Mr.
L. I. MOOItK, Vice-President.
Itoecker, In January, lull, Mr. I.. I
Mooro purchased an Interest In thu
company, and slnco that time, thu
ltoeckur's still holding a largo amount
of thu stock, Its management has been
In tho hand of C. D. Zook, president
L. I.Mooru, vlcu-presldent, and (iuy
L, Cummins as cashier. Mr. Cum
mills entered the bank July 1, ism.
In keeping with tho spirit of thu
times aiidprogrusslvuncssof our llttlu
city, thosu Interested In the bank do
elded to maku such Improvements as
would he of credit to themselves am!
an ornament to tho city, secured thu
services of an architect, who was
given Instructions to prepare plan
, This done, thu contract was let lo
Andrew Tochturman, of this ell
For a number of years tho bank eo
ptuhatubecn owners of thu vacant
..lot adjoining their building on ihu
north, and on tills thu plans provided
for tho erection of a two-story brick
which was leased by Tin; Skntinki,
for a term of years, liy this arrange'
mcnt thu bank was enabled to secure
space for vault, toilet and heat ac
The excavation for .this building
was begun In August, and in Decern
ber the building had progressed so asto
enable Tub Sbntinkl to occupy it In
r.V h, Z," ZZ
to the front floor room of the new
part, and the bank moved its effects
uuuuing, ana uie worn oi remou
cling the old bank building was com
menced, and they are now at homo to
friends and customers In their new,
commodious and up-to-date banking
It has a floor space of 23x10 feet.
The front Is of Plumlx limestone,
prism and plato glass, set In
copper bars. The Interior and fix
tures arc In iiiarter-oak tlnlshed and
IKitlshed In forest green. Tho lobby Is
laid In Mosaic tile, and marble base
extending around thu entire room.
The counters arc tlnlshed In the high-
st style, with heavy copper screen
ing. Adjoining this on the west are
two prlvatu consultation rooms; a
small passage way leading tu thu cus
tomers vault Is between thu main
banking room and thu consultation
room-,. The walls aru frescoed, the
hasu being In Nllogreeli,and paneled
In bull with a maroon Inirder: thu
ceiling Is in steel. Upon the south
wall aro suspended largo and llfu-llku
portraits of tho deceased founders of
this Institution, Levi Zook and Albert
Itoecker, presented to thu bank by
Mr. O. D. Zook and Mrs. Albert
The bank vault Isxl2 fect, equipped
with thu standard stock vault doors,
with outer and Inside doors anil day
gate. Within thu vault Is a victor
spherical niangeiiesu steel scruw door
bank safe. Immediately to thu west
of thu bank vault proper Is :i second
vault iix fur thu accommodation of
customers, equipped w lib Individual
safety boxes, Thu vaults, as well as
every feature In Its equipment, and
thu material and workmanship are of
of Ihu very liest.
To thu west of thoso vaultsamlcou-
vlently located aru thu toilet ami la
vatory, and access to the basement, In
which Is located thu heating plant.
They can pass over the line If they
choosu and enter thu pressroom of
Tub Skntinki,, or Into Its counting
Thu personal of tills old historical
financial Institution Is of the very
highest order. F.ach and every ono
connected with Its management to
day are men whoso life has been In
the active business alfalrs of our
county since early manhood each has
received that training to say "yes"
or "no" as occasion requires. Ever
courteous, and agreeable, to alt' who
enter their placo, whether tocall or to
do business. They aro men In the
very prime of life, and they are
permeated with that rich, red blood,
that means activity, energy and pub
lic spirit. Kach anil every ono uf tho
four connected with thu bank wero
born In the old town of Oregon, nt
tending thu old school, and have
taken their days oil on "Hookey"
account and "madu clean" In thu old
swimming holu down at Mill Creek.
What a beautiful and envious record,
Mr. Zook, tho president, Is thu son
of thu lato Luvl Zook, and after at
tending thu Statu university, engaged
In commercial business, and then In
1NSI and 'M hu was Identified with thu
Mound City bank, then owned by
Zook St Thomas, In Is-il ho and Mr.
Thomas disposed of their Interest In
thu Mound City bank to John S
Smith, and removed to Kansas City,
engaging In thu wholesale boot and
shou business. In Is'.io, ho returned
lo Holt county and with Ids father,
became lilcnllllcd with this bank,
slncu which time hu has been actively
engaged In this Institution.
Mr. L. I. Mooru, thu vice-president,
was also born here, went to thu old
school, and has been actively engaged
In mercantile affairs slncu his young
OKOUGK F. KKKMAN, Accountant
manhood. Hu entered actively into
thu alfalrs of thu bank In January
lull. Hu Is also tho benlor of thu
Mooru & Kreuk grocery llrm; a largo
stockholder of tho Oregon Canning
company, and managerof The Oregon
Intarurban railway, and we verily be
lleve he can do as much business, and
do It right, as any other man In this
part of the state. In 100V05 he was
the county treasurer.
Guy L. Cummins, tho cashier, also
went to the old school; ho Is the son
of G. V. Cummins, our public admin
istrator. Leaving school ho entered
the service of tho mercantile llrm of
Cummins St Ilcrshbcrger, of this
city. July, 1891, he entered the
Montgomery: Itocckcr bank as ac
countant, and by steadfastness to
duty and his every obligation, ho Is
now tho cashier of tin, present bank.
lie also rendered service In thu Holt
County bank, at Mound City, during
George Sccmau, the accountant,
wasalso horn here, and on his leaving
school engaged In thu grocery busi
ness, in which lie was engaged up to
his election ascountycollector. which
position he held during t ho J ears :h)7-
II. In 1!U3 Ids services were secured
by the bank, and hclsiiow acthely en
gaged there, and with his wide ac-
liialntanco and clerical ability Is of
great service to tho Institution.
Its reputation for safu. careful, con
servative management has ever been
of thu very highest, and wu trust It
may ever be such, and doubtless It
will miller thu guidance of Its present
Of the old and early guides of this
Institution, Levi Zook, .lames Scott.
M. S. Norman, and Alls-rt lloeckor
an now dead. Thu former died April
2, MM; Mr. Scott, March I, l!il; Mr.
Norman. July '.'7, Usui; Mr. Itocckcr,
May II, lull. Mr. Montgomery lives
a retired life here, hut Is Interested hi
a bank at Skldmore, of which hu Is
Thu llrst tlmocerllllcato of deposit
ever Issued In our county was Issued
by thu .ook-Scoll bank, to Hender
son l'lukston, for (I.Hi, bearing date
November 1.1, 1 sun, about .'10 dajsaftcr
thu hank opened.
Thu bank occupied Its new and ele
gant quarters on Thursday, February
n, lull. John S. Moore, of Mound
City, cashed the llrst check over Its
counter, and John J. Lukens, rural
mall carrier, made tho llrst deposit.
That our readers may grasp an Idea
of the development of thu banking
business of our county, we know of
no better picture for them to look
upon than that of an early statement
of the then Zook J: Montgomery bank,
which was made November 20, 1873.
Only a few months prior to thu llllng
of this statement, thu Frazer & Mc
Donald bankcamu Into existence, but
had madu no oillclal statement, and
their deposit could not have been of
any great amount, and could not
have alfected this early day statement
materially, and heucu It may hu re
gardedasthu banking condition of
thu county, In November, 117.1.
Ily Zook ft Montgomery, November
.".i, IS7.I:
Discount notes M.1,107 I'.'l
Duo from banks 2,U n",
Cash U,.V7 Kl
Ileal estate I, Ills
urnltiiru and fixtures Ii'.m Oil
111 ,V,'.i I.I
Capital if I. ,000 00
Surplus I.oiM ini
Undivided prollts r.,t;t:i te
Individual deposits L'l.lU. 21
(l',l,V.'.l 1:1
Ily this samu bank, now known as
thu Zook Ac llii'ckur Hanking com
pany, October 'Jl, ltil.'l, their state
ment madu thu following exhibit
Loans and discounts, un
doubtedly good on per
sonal or collateral securi
ty till, 1.17 in
Loans, real estuto ;l7,ti7,'l 17
Overdrafts 1,H.',7 n.1
llonds and stocks 00 00
Ileal cstatu (banking house) .V-oii M
Other real cstatu MM
Furniture and llxtures .... nio on
Duo from other banks ami
bankers, subject to cheek Xifii'.t 1.1
Cash Items :i,'JSI 11
Currency .1,110 00
Speciu oil
Other resources as follows. oo on
Total l232,;uT
Capital stock paid In 21,oon oo
Surplus fund 11, oik) on
Undivided protlts, net 1,110 70
Duu to banks ami bankers,
subject to check
00 DO
Individual deposits, subject
to check
101,101 IH
Tlmo curtlllcatus of deposit
Demand certlllcatcs of de
posit Cashier's checks
Hills payable and re-discounts
Other liabilities as follows.
31,72:1 11
00 00
00 00
00 00
00 00
Total (232,331 S3
There are now five banks In this
portion ot tho county, whose state
ments filed In October, 1013, shows
the following totals:
Znnlf.ltnrv-bnr till. KS1
(13 AH
Citizens' Oreiron. IOI.oij
Forest City 12S.1R.,
Home.ForestClty Xi&ti
orucs wfi,t
Kill ,110 !OV,,197
TodlV we son Mm I'rnutli nf fliU
business, from onn bank, with total
resources of (!.r.Vi.anldeiosll. ('.-
01.1, to that of ilftecnsolld banking In-
siuuuons wnosu aggregate deposits.
In October last were tl.sllUll, and
their total resources, J,:i.t.S7(.
The various banks of our conniv
wero established In thu following or-
I fm. Zook ,V Scolt, Oregon.
s;7:i-Fraer .V McDonilil. Unrott.
H77- llllhy St lleaton, Craig.
ssi).ult Count v bank. .Mound
11 .Farmers & Merchants'. Malt-
Issl Mound City bank, Mound
Iss.7 Consolidation of Mound City
bank and Holt County Hank of
Mound City.
is'.i naiiK ot .Mouini uuy, Mound
ls'si('tl;cns' of Oreiron.
I'.i.'l Farmers .V Merchants', Craig.
I sir,
People's, Malllaiul.
reopie s, uoruitig.
F.xchaiigo bank, Mound City.
Hank of lllgelow.
Hank of Forbes.
lis)-Hank nf Corning.
lOlii-lloiuo bank, Forest City.
From I his ns-onl It will ! seen
Holt county had hut three banks
from smi to lsi) fourteen years, and
from sil to I'lKl theru were but two
.inks in ihu entlro southern nor t Ion
of Ihu county now theru aru live.
Mr. Tochtermau.on behiL'L'lven tlie
contract, which provided for thucom-
pieiiou oi i no iwo iiuiinings ami
reauy lor occupancy in i.iooays. it
was completed In 110 days, and Mr.
locuternian is io lie cungraiuiaieii
on his lino work, and prompt "de
livery of thu goods."
Our New Home.
Twenty-two years ago, Tub Sknti
nki. vacated an old frame building
that stood on the lot adjoining the
Zook St Itoecker bank,and went to the
old brick on the opposite side of the
street. It was built prior to the war
In Ivi7, and had Iwen used for almost
every purpose. The building was
originally built by Captain Walters
ana was a uiacKsmiin snopanu wagon
shop. Tho upper lloor at times was
used for school purposes, church and
dances As time catnu and passed
It finally wax occupied by Tiik Skn
When Tiik skntinki. occupied the
building, the paper was Issued from
an old Washington hand press, and
Its principal manipulator was a negro
named Marshall Crowley. To move
tho plant It required a brief time
scarcely three (lavs: to movu thu ores-
enl plant It required two weeks.
lot II occupied 22 years ago. but In
stead of thu old framu building, It Is
now occupied by a modern two story
brick, ll was built by thu Zook tt
Itoecker uukitu! Company, a lease
having been taken for a series of
years by Its publishers.
Thu contract was given to Andrew
Tuchturman, who pushed thu work
In such a manner as to permit Its oc
cupancy by thu middle of December,
and on tho ltli of that month ll was
decided to movu thu machinery.
which was done, and thu first issuuof
thu paper camu from tho new quar
ters under date uf December 20, inix
Thus with all thu embarrassments
attending such an herculean task,
thu force, under the direction of tho
Junior, did not miss un isstiu of thu
Tiik Skntinki. Is now tho most
comfortably situated slncu It began
lis existence, tiiu illuming is .ixmi
foot with 12 foot ceilings. Thu front
Is of hard red brick with stonu cap
plugs. Thu llrst lloor front room Is
used as a business otllcu, where thu
Junior will bu found to wall on all
who may uavu iiusiness wuu uie
paper. Immediately In thu tear of
this room Is tho nress room, in which
aru located our news and Job presses,
folding machine, engine ami mailing
equipment. A largu lire proof vault
is a pari, oi mo iiusiness umce, in
which aru stored thu bound volumes
of Tiik Skntinci. from Its very llrst
Issue, Juno .lo, IMLi. in anumou to
this aru also stored thu tiles of thu
various niihllcations of the county.
among which aru to bu found copies
of thu llrst papers published at Mound
l.lty, aiaiiianii, uraig, i orosi uuy
and Corning.
Tiiu front room of tho second story
Is occupied by the senior and library.
in tiiu rear oi mis is uiu composing
room and Its necessary equipments.
Hero thu typu is sut both for news
paper and job work, and madu ready,
it Is lowered to thu press room by
means of a small clututor.
Light is a predominating feature
In ihu construction of thu building,
ami wu believe ll is faultless in this
particular. Tho finish Is in yellow
pine and tho walls painted in huir.
In thu basement is located tho
heating plant ami fuel bins and stor
age rooms thu plant supplying tho
beat for the bank and printing otllcu.
Lavatory, watur and lights are also
In thu equipment. Thu second story
may bu reached from the street and
also from the Interior.
Tiik Skntinki, Is now at home to
all who may come, whether for busi
ness or friendly calls, and we believe
we now have one of the most up-to-date
country printing establishments
In this part of the state.
Come and see us In our new home;
the latch string Is a long one, and it
hangs on the outside.

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