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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, September 24, 1915, Image 2

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Cabbsg fcr salt. Jake Kcrtt,
Oregon, Mo.
Cabbwe for Cm. Van Cot
dji Ortffoc, Ms.
-Cecil Perkins U la Oxtha, Net.,
where UU gsj tosltlto.
P. S. RomoU Ud tntlDtts la St.
Joseph. Thurvlir of ImI week.
Mr. Axial Dcaris It vltitln.
with friends in Hooklr. this int..
-C. B. Kiyt.lll and lfe visited In
St. Joseph, .'if a fe dirt. In: eek,
-V03 i.l Sol the QUALITY
STOKE it C. W. KING'S. Get hi
prlt-ei. i
Mist .''i.t Gnhix of St. Joseph.
wit In Ofegtn over Sunday with her
IT'S A HOlMEK. Wfca'.t Why
that 'Hed Top- ttwr tut C W.I
Kin; t.;t
Jihf) Sccw. who hit bn vltltln?
lth Mi brcu.tr. Otli. la Ioi. I.u
n'.ornri hosts
Arthar Iv.rt. of St Joseph, wit
her Sunday, tltl'.ln hit brother,
1'rank and fsxlly.
-Mm. Itvw Mt'.ht-Lt:&b tf
CoythI. Kantit It f.r on vltlt
with h.r stn Ho
MIm I.'.renc. Kt.b wit an ottr.
Sunday jfuest of Mn. Jaxet II. Kur
ray, of Napier, Mo.
Cabbage for tilt it h cou per
pound. Gei:oE Tawsjii, It miles
northeast of Forbes.
Mm Ianll Hoyan. of I'arly,
Iowa, It tl.t guett of her v.n. In.
J. I. Hoan and wife, i
-Attorner Jtxtt Sw. of Cfl;,
km ttfdln to lvl -;lfiv In
Oregon, on diy lit, week
-Mm. IiOm lllnde nd diul.ter.
Mm, C. i: liunlttr. re St Jottph
vltlt.rt, TuevU of 'Ms wteV
-lltt)Ou trlH th "Kni Top"
Hour U f.. W. K'lntf Vou t
"Glle Edc" brvl htn jou uwt ttilt
Mrt. Q.irta 0. MirWer nd
(JiiJiftiUf, of lritr. Oiofvlo, tre
n)olnK tltlt lttilirftlier, li. K
An let erexrn ocU1 will t (riven
t the forbtt Khool houw, Siturdiy i
eunlnjf. .StpUmUr 'Si. Kttt)ij
lnltd. 1
Mrt. Curie Atklnvin. of St. Jo
sipU, kx1i x brief tltlt mIOi her
brother, Clarlet Coitin nd lfe of
thlt city.
Krink Htckintris' wnt ciptured
i red fit, one Iiy lut week, near the
.Str.e Hrlle wrovt the Svlty,
ttl of Oregon.
-Gvlfre; Mrtl. of Mound City.
Clurlet McCati'llMi. of Cr.il, are
In .St. Joteph, ertlrii; it j jrort In
the federal Court
I.ltllclon Itarnetl.of Mound City,
hav our thanks for a basket of as tine
yellow free ittone peaches, at uere
ever grown anywhere
- Mrs I. S Mark and daughter, of
.St. .fot.l. were the Kesls "f her
parents, last wtek. W. i;. Sltnrnons
and wf, ol this city.
Alfred and I rank .vcnmer, of the
Ma)l!oer school district, left list
week for Colorado, where t will
look over the country.
Miss Ullrich Mirkland, of the
Kails City, Nebraska, hlxli schools
wit In Oregon, Saturday and .Sunday,
the ituetl of her parent.
Vou ire losing money, et Act
ually mo.M'.v, when tou fall to
tit rour bote and ulrU with li-own".
fl School Shoes at C. W. King'.
Illanche Markland, of the Falls
City High Khool stall, spent Satur
day and Sunday here, with her par.
enn, ur. and Mm. Kred Markland
The Nodaway river waa out of Ita
binkh again, on September l.ltli and
lHtli, making seven times that It got
out oi n bank! time far this year,
A. h. I'rlce, of the lleniori dis
trict, hat laid on our table a pear
mat u ture tome pear. IU measure
inent Is r.' inchei and weight 1)
Mm. A. l. I'lper, of Kansas City,
iter a weex-e visit wan ner daugli
Ur, Mn, C. W. Hart ram and family,
returned to her home, Thursday of
latt week.
lamea Carder and wife, of St. Jo
aepli, vltlted In Oregon for a few daya
latt week and over Sunday, the guest
of Mr, u'i mother, Mrs. Kate See'
man and other relative. "
Freddie Vogel, of the Squaw
Creek achool dlttrlct, who liaa been
vliltlng hi parent, Henry Vogel
and wife, of the Jtlchvllle dlttrlct,
liu relumed to lilt work.
Uncle Henry It. Stuart and his
later, Mr. J. B. Slater, of near For
tescue, left Friday of lut week for
St. Louli, where they go attend a re
union of the Stuart family,
Led l'etree, who vltlted In Ore
gon, for a few day, lut week, with
hla parent, Frank l'etree and wife,
has returned to Lincoln, Nebraika,
where he will resume studies In the
MOTHERS) Wlijsewyonr ting,
en oft making school dresses, when
you can buy them at O. W. King's
for 60o each. Mads of good quality
gingham, and In taaBy 41 ffs rest sty Its,
In slits from 2 yean to 14 years. f ,
-A f ralj-b'.o Po'.aadOiloa
Xl! CLtt fCrf U:.
Tnosus I, tCncta.
Dr. Horin tells use dscgbter
born to Cbuiet wlexsn and wlla
the HlgoliAd district, Monday
; P-f
1 -CId WIIIIni and faintly.
M""! City, here 88riiy. rltlt-
. ln ttUaa- M" WBlUaa per
Ing friends, and Mn. WHIIixi'
'eatt, Mr. tod Mm. Chris Leotz.
Orlxw Golden apples fsr tilt
UM per bathe!, delivered, while they
Int. Pbtoe your orders
Gr.1, R MtBttAV.
The lntff tin? obttciry ct Wit.
ilx Rile Rtiwlr. the m'. child bcrn
In Holt county i: be fs-jad eV
here In thlt lvtot cf Trie Soi:.ve
Mm. Jaxtt U 1'itne ird I.
disghttr. Mm Mar; Gray, cf Kanau
City. Mo., were r.re a few dayitl,
vtV-, looiilry alter butlaesi iSilrt.
H O. Tayijr cf Kintu City,
heft Mtera, d;t latt week In the In
urttt of tt.tSKletr of the I'rlend.'w
id dt Ittrtd a-llretvet In the tiflsut
churches of ojr city
-Horur.se linan. oxpinled
by I red I'hllbrlck wife and children
drste wSi Jitph Tuetday of th
week, til the autoxobhe route, re
firnlng tU taxe etenlng.
-John y I'rlet ind MUt Vls.tt M
Naxet. of Chlilozton.Coicrida, we
xarrled In thlt dt. Monday. Se
texber Vr.U. it the Gcrrcia M. t,
pirv.nie. by the pittor, Iter. W
Get you i pair of the sod "O:
lie.lab.e Hrsnt,V .chool Sht
fir fiiyt and Glr.t. rn't cife where
you go. you ein't belt ex for QL'AL
1TVANO I'KICE So:d only by C,
W. King
-Mitt Jiina n right hit ;ust ciov
ed the control with J. W. Ulnnlddl
for the erectlin of i four-roox bun
gi.ow and bath. In the Highland ad
dltlon I.terythlng wlu be modern
ind up-lo-datr.
Mrs J S Cunnlnghix. of Al
bany. Mo., It'rltltlng it the home of
her titter. Mm. Albert Kunkel. and
fixlly. ind It buty getting ifjuilnt
ed with her ne nelce. little Mltvt AI
lerti Jotephln
1 John Noehtch brought to our of-
nee. one diy laot week, i twig loaded
down with raspberries of the Cumber
land varieties. The lateness In the
, bearing of this fruit mikes It a rath
er rexirkiuie Instance.
Public Auction!
A public sale will he held it tl
I.hery llarri In rirtgon, Mo , in
Saturday. October 2, 1915,
beginning al '.' : o ciock This oiler
lug will consist of good Milch Cow
and Caltes, Hogs. Iluggles and liar
ness, Wagons Anyone hating any
unrig to nispose or. no not fall to
bring It In Don't forget the date,
- l oster CroAtill Is In Rochester
Minn . for an operation by the Majo
mothers, for his leg. which haUrou
bled him for seteri years, lilt wife
left for there the II rM of tin- week
arid will remain for a few clays.
James Slpes, of Kurbei, and Mist
Glayds Mchols, of Oregon, were mar
rled In this city, Sunday, September
lth, by Itev. Ulttlnger The Sen
tin kl Join their many frlendt In
wishing thern a long and happy life
Little Dorothy Hunker, daughter
of C. K. Hunker and wife, of thltclty,
wime playing at the achool houtu
Tuesday of thlt week, had her right
shoulder sprained, but not seriously
enough to prevent her attending
Whenever a boy or girl put their
root into one or iirown'a 3 School
Shoes, their face brightens up with
a big smile. Arid why V Ilecause they
are so easy and neat, and above all
they give good service, Try a nalr.
Sold only by C. W. King.
Monday of this week, September
Uoth, was the S2d anniversary of the
uattie or uiicamauga, and the fa
mouschargeonSnodgrassIIIIh Q. W.
Cummins and A. H. Oreene, of this
city, are the only resident survivors
or thlt great battle and charge
On Monday of this week, Albert
Kunkel loaded a refrigerator car with
one hundred and seventy barrels of
choice applet, the most of them being
me unmet uoiden I'lppint. Hunt
mothers, of St. Joseph, were the our
chasers, and they, expect to put them
in cold storage,
II. Runyan, one of our clothlne
men, ana lion. a. l . O'Kallon made
an exchange last wesk, whereby Mr.
Itunyan became the owner of 320
acre In Carbon county. Wvo,. and
Mr. O'Fallon the owner of 140 acres.
near Lonoke, Ark. Oreene tc Greene
made the deal.
Lost, Strayed or Stolen-A black
heifer about one year old, little whits
on oreast ana Deny and a whiu spot
on leu nan, ana some wiilt on hind
feel. 'Lut seen In my outure. near
Oregon 10 or 12 days ago. Information
leading to recovery will be rewarded.
r. a. Borrow,
Oregon, If o.
Hold the Mirror Up.
Mr. Corrsesjarden;. yja who bars
recently been lafet'.lnc the eoloaM
of Tan Ss5Ti.nu, ltb ysor "Pt.
tog." "City Bcautlfs!," tltterln:
Permit aos to ccxpltxent yen
on your article of las: week, In which
you xentlcn those "Stlltb, Uopr
gretslvs, Recooat'.rattog, Property
Owners." whom ycu so generously sod
magnanlxsutiy spare Ignominy if
Alls xe to rtxlnd you, that s:xe
of those so-called, "Seiiib. t"r.pr
grestlve, Bx oris; rati Proprty
0dm have glitn thsutandi to fjb
!lc enterprltta
I'ard:n the Ixpertloeoce, Ii:
hare yeu given!
iou aaxit tiiit ti.is patmg pr.p-L
ositlon wlh work a hirdthlpcn a ft.
Ves, It means xsrtgaget and perhaps
lo of their hoxts hl,t It costs y:u
You, tike the Priest and the Ul:.
are piMlng by cn the other,' tide
Thtt wso!d not leek m bad If t;i
cu;d rexaln tl.tnt
Hi.d The Mlrr:r ' p and tee If y.a
are rtilly In the "CWIivli Prcv-'es
site Column." See If It would nc bv
i'.ting and pr:per to held i t.b-
scrlptlon with ll'O 13 ease tlie bvr
den cn the ft. Yes, one thoutir.d
dollars, you can't be 1 prc-grewlve and
ecnSae your philanthropy to el.aj
tiu'iui guarantees
) cu say the Increase In tiiues l.i
repay all costs.
Very well, buy some widow's pfo;-
erty at wr.at 11 worth and tike the
Increase. " ou can have three years'
tlxe In which to pay' and we win
mane ir.e interest less tl.an eight cer
in the language of the strttt.
Its up to you. 1'ut up or shutup.
Tell W 110 w a he and I War.
Tell Who I Ax
More About Paving.
Kbinjits Douv.st A: Criiiir
.tote your article in last wee t
Sentinel, "Oregcn to I'ave." In
which you refer to the remonstiators
as showing their unprogresstventtt
etc., saying you would publish their
naxes, but believe deep down In their
hearts they art athamed of their ac
tions, I, of course, shall only speak for my
self, but I can say over my own signa
ture, that I am not ashamed of what
I clone, and I betleie will be borne
out by every good cltlien In Oregtn
who hasn't "a knife up hit sleeve."
When I Hrst read this tirade ef
abuse, L thought I would do as the
man etbl wjio mm kicked by a ,. i -rntlle.'eonslder
the scource and let 'it
go, but when It comes to be taken to
task quite so severely, possibly by
some pln head, who has never even to
much as built a side walk for the pub
He, and I have bulu nearly .Vj Oet
for hit, mine and the public use. and
wilt hate contributed letter than
M.ty.w to public enterprises
thought It a lltte too much to let pass
without an answer. I am In favor of
paving, but I arn also In favor of "a
square deal,"
Our council hasn't made the paving
district big enough. It seems to me
they should have gonu the full block
on Nodaway street east and the full
block west of thu square, ami not
topped In the middle of the street,
iOOks llkesome favoritism wushown.
And, where now can you make a pav
Ing district that will get them InY
looks u though the paving wu
done when thlt wu done.
Where cin you get another paving
dlttrlct In the clty V Looks like the
property owners control the paving
from now on, I may be wrong, hope I
am. What I want to do Is to pave,
pave, pave.
Our council, too, could have lighten
ed the buiden on some, by bringing
the street to grade, and I believe the
public would have been glad to have
helped, If the way had been shown
them, I understand the city can bond
Itself to do thlt.
As to my progretslvenett, I have
been with you nearly all my life, You
know whether I have been progressive
or not. What hw been sild to the
contrary, notwithstanding. Speaking
about blowing one's bazoo, that long
earea rattier 01 me Missouri mills
blows his bazoo the loudest, but It
takes the sturdy old Missouri mule to
lift the load. And too often the case
In our public enterprises, the man who
blows his bazoo the loudestlsn't there
when the subscription paper comes
Yes, yes, quit blowing your bazoo.
ana let's f a v k.
I). M. Mautin,
Resolutions oi Respect.
Hall of New Point Lodge,
I, O. O. F.i Sept. IT, 1915.
Whereat, the Death Angel his en
tered the home of our Brother. Sol
Dreher, and taken from them their
little daughter, aged three month;'
therefore be It
Resolved, that this Lodge extend to
Brother I)reber and his family their
sympathy In their sad bereavement.
En K. Davis,
,JBSkBOi.IN, , 1
Brawosm Bosw ll,
, a , Commltte.i
Forbes, Hitsotri. Mondsy. Sep
tember 27. 1915.
in Ortton. Missouri. Wednesday,
September 29. 1915.
Arrer yeart, they hive rtrftettd
their treitment for this condition to
the point that they believe that they
can give those suSerlng with It, the
relief by one cf their treatments that
they have never been able to get be
tore oy years of treaxentbyanyoth
They will dexonstrate thete treat
xents on this visit-
The following abstracts are from
letter from Mli Wheaton, BIO I'ros
pect Avenue, St Joseph, Missouri
which indicate that they have a real
core for this condition.
August U, mj.-Wlsh thank to vou
for the great good that you have done
me. .Suffered with rhuema.
tltm going on three rears,
Confined to my brd a good portion of
me time-Confined to tl
hotpltal for Ave weekt. l'ed
a chair when walking. Took
treitments from a half doien of what
arecontldered the bestphyslelans In St
Joseph, and besides 1 took a half doien
remedies for rhuematlsm, none
much were u,e io give me any ap
preciable relief. When I cave
to you I wu having high feversj
nees, wmis, and ankles were pain
iui, suit and swollen. Th
morning following my first treatment
wu the first period of freedom from
any of these symptoms I had enjoyed
since taking sick. 1 have n
pain, sweellng nor stillness.
My temperature Is normal.
am now working every day. and hav
walked the distance from my home to
worn, rrom work to your oillce and
thence home, fourteen and thlrtv two
uiocks, repcctiveiy. without any In
convenience. I am galnlmr
These speclalltts Invite you to brlnir
your lamny pnysiciins with you
consult with them, and to witness the
demonstration of treatment
Married ladles mutt lie accompanied
iiy u.eir husband arid minors by tliel
Hemember the date,
A box suppei will be given al the
Oak Orove school house, Saturday
evening, October 2d. Kverybody
most coruiany invited.
Vallr Dkhmivv, Teacher
The hallway of the court house
has been laid In tiling of beautiful
design, the vestibule containing the
Missouri coal of arms In colors, and
Itt motto: "Salus l'opullus Suprema
t,ex Ksto, Let the Safety of the
I'eople be the Supreme Law.
Miss Kdna Lukens, left Monday,
of this week, for Warrensburg, Mis
souri, where she will complete her
course In the Statu Normal Khool
and on completion, will receive her
state certificate. She I one of our
bright young teachers, and Is push
ing Heroically forward to her goal.
ur. Sherman II. Hlbbard and
wife, of Kansas City, came up last
Sunday morning for a short visit and
to pack up their goods, preparatory
to removing litem to Kami Cltv
where they will go to housekeenlnir,
The Doctor returned Sundayevenlng,
ana sirs. Jiiouara returned Frl
day of this week.
oorgnumi Borgnumi iu cents ner
gallon, If you bring your can. First
come, Hrst served.
M. II. Whioiit.
-II. T. Ellis and wife, of Mllo.
Iowa, are here enjoying a visit with
hit brotherln-Iaws, John J, -Lukens
and Jamu C. Meyer. Mr. Ellis many
ysars ago resided In this county, and
wu the original owner of the Bob
Ollllsfarm, which he broke up, and
farmed the place. He wu also an
early day teacher of our county.
Misses Pauline and Bee Jones en
tertained a party of their young girl
friends at a O o'clock dlnnsr on Tues
day evening, In honor of their young
rriena, Mits Marker, of Denver, Colo,
cavers were laid for slz, the center
piece consisted of bowl of nuturtlums
The guests consisted of the Misses
Emma Marker, of Denver; Lucy Ellen
Brown, Blgelow: Virginia Netherland.
Mildred Kooek and the Sisters Jones.
Followlwr the dinner, they wers th
guest of Miss 'Brown, at the ftoyaj
! OCTOBER 8th and 9th !;
! For list of premiums, etc., see !
J The Sentinel next week.
They Should Be Prosecuted.
Kd. Williams, one of our concrete
contractors Is out, shy, short about
1100. Lut May he took 3 sacks of
cement,a new tent, and all of tools to
the trl county bridge across the Nod
away, preparatory to doing some
work. But the river wu up and out
of iu banks, u It hu been for seven
or eight times, this year, so he man
aged to get to the bridge, by driving
mrough several feet of water, and
unloaded his stuff on the bridge, cov
ering it witu me tent. He went
back this week to finish up the work,
but only only found rour shovels, one
wheelbarrow and the 37 sacks of ce
ment, the tent and everything wu
gone-stolen. The cement wu hard
u stone, having been uncovered, so
he had dump this In the river. This
Is Indeed a severe lose, and the guilty
ones slould be hunted down and
Aged Woman Dies.
J. E. Brelt, of Nodaway tawnthlo.
returned Saturday of lut week, from
urown mil church in Andrew county,
Missouri, wnere lie naa been for sev
era! days, at the bedside of his moth
er, Mrs. Tina Brelt, who died there,
luiweeir, me runerai taking place,
saturaay, September 18. She wu 81
years old at the time of her death.
and came to Andrew county, when 11
yeare old, and settled In Deaklns
school district or that county, where
she contlnously resided up to the time
or ner death, she was a member or
the Christian church, and had been a
consistent member for over a half
century. She left six children to
mourn her departure to the other
snore, nve sons and one daughter.
We are Indeed glsd to learn that
Fred Markt, Sr., of this city, who wu
Uken to St. Joseph, lut week, and on
Saturday, September 18, at the Sis
tor's hospital In that city, wu oper
ated upon for prostatic trouble, un.
derwentthe operation In fine shape,
and Is now reported to be getting
along splendidly.
Holt County Field Notes.
Rally to the csll of the fifteenth
annual convention of the Holt Coun
ty Sunday School Association to be
held al Forest City. Saturday and
Sunday, September a 2tf, 1M0.
lorestClty rejoices that you wilt
come Into her midst most cordially
and sincerely does she tend greeting.
Entertainment Is prepared for all
the homes of our citizens are opened
wide that all may enter and be wet-comi-;
There are ,VJ Sunday schools In our
county and we hope for fifty or a
hundred rrom each school. We are
prepared to entertain any number
which may come! We are counting
on you-come!
We welcome you because of the
mighty appeal that the future makes
10 u D,f.li?nt' . 11,6 challenge that It
makes. What Is that challenge? It
come up from this, our Forest City,
Wifi 'llg.n." "'I' 1,19 L,"t " u'e
World that tils rays msy reach yon
der and meet the need of the sleeping
giants of the Orient.
Forest township held a splendid
convention it S.i.h.n, 11,. .U:
dret wu delivered by a talented,
spirited young minister from Clear-mont-a
better sermon wu never glv
en to the young folks ot our schools.
.."e2i tralghtforward talk on
"Teacher Training" by J. p. Lacey
and the forceful Junior Demonstra
tion by Bettle Beeler resulted In the
organization ot a Teacher Training
class-a Cradle ItolI-3 Home Depart
ments and an organized class.
"Every dy I. a powlbllltynl doing things for
fcvery hour Is in opportunity wIiom value L
unpriced 1
Epery moment a ralbtjr potncy which un
derlies our will)
Every second a sift of deatlny God', slorv to
Don't fall tn tAni 11,. .
5?w9nnloni,.n u"tClty. September
ZO-Jo. Register at the Bant l.t Thi,r,.,
where you will hn
entertainment. r
Field Secuktahy.
Miss FlnrnncA T.nl.n. 1.
substitute carrier on lloute one, from
while he I tikim? hi. L. J
ir?? Vi?. ,u Wednesday morS-
ing Of this weak, whan ha
Ing her to Frank Foster's wagon and
buiET emnorlum. rh 1.. X1S ...
"? Plclcand span new, Shsrry
uuggy ana n is certainly a be auty.
.ur, z 1 ' . 1

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