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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, April 14, 1916, Image 5

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Thos. Hunker has been ill, but ii
Mi l.lllio Cotton Is vhlttng rel
alive in Nnntor.
trhTV.1i iV.:;.?. .r-..!.!?,'n n ,,u"n'"
87u5nVllh Lfe il',i,,..-o,n'yCar,M V0Ur ,1,C'S VaCat,0n
ll.n Hi.,.w,n s. .,,.., "Icndar! See your own
Atchlnoii nml Kmimi City tlip f.m of country HOW!
tr.P WCOK.
frnnJluSt -SELOT ' The AmCr,Ca WCSI ,S "C
tf&H. l.uirlck. who ha be.-, ! WOrl(J'S 9rCatCSt VaCaU"
u1cr!,1!m;nn1,,,"ni,y, " ''t,mc for I ,a'lnorc wonderful In
..,T1Mr,l'l"io1 n'P: a scenic Interest than all the
"""m .". nmi .ir. ii. u. nine. nn
returned to her home in Fnll Citv.
Mr, l.ucy lllnklo retumeil Snlur-
nny i linn n short visit with her son,
Grow V. Illnkle nnd wife, near For
est City.
Mr. nml Mr. T. I). Glare nn.l
daughter. Dorothy, visited from Frl
ilny until Sunday with relative ut
(Julliiinii, .Mo.
.Mr. nnd .Mr. John Kcoves, of
Oregon, nnd Ernest Oilllilh. of Mound
City, wen- guest at the J. W. Hid
home. Sundav.
Dr. nn.l Mr. J. .Mlntnn. .1. V.
Hill. 1). II. Mlnton nnd ('. . Minimi
nttenilnl the fum-ml of Mr. Milne nt
Oregon, TiiomI.iv.
Jlnimii' William nml Sam Tvler
left Sunday for Firth, NVIi., where
they will woik for an i levator cor
slrurtion romi.'iiiv,
- Mr, (iii llnerner, of Fn.ns
(."Ity, who ha boon heie the past t.o
month" erring fol her nun'. Mr. Mm
irnret llonine, ntuiiml to hir hi in
Tie were 7' pres'nt nt Tnrk'o
Chape' .-' i ,'nv m-IiohI Sunda; or;
nr. an I 1 1 1- cot!eet!o- we-'.-Tin
" i'l li service-. lirt :ntunia
in i Mui'ia..
'Vi.ik '"nik. n f ! i ' ri
1 1, elir, whu llB lm-'l ill ".''t.l,
p' hi nnd ether .ii-to-n itelii. t'.-,
nasi I i '..n:'. ha nt.nind mul .
uoi' i'u nt Mi undo of pnpoilmr and
pap"i 'i.t.r'Mif.
- A I' ni-M-'o ill tjist week'- i an
iioiiiioliur slat Mr. and Mr-. V i.
Stownr: hnd mowM mi Mr. M"'
Whipii'i' far.n should l.o rorrecte-l.
Tin nneie ttn nii-iMcd nnd nint
Inferred thr.l it wn Mr. ami Mi. W.
II. Stuait.
lieil Stuart ha purchased one
half nrre of II. I .riie nnd will
commence building a live loom cot
tniri nevt week, Gcoriro Cartel- ln
the contract. Mr. nnd Jin. Stuart nn
livini' in Mr. Ceitcr house tinill
thelrV I completed.
Mr. and .Mr. S. M. Ilm-nrd nro
having their home improved by build'
Ing n norch nnd nantrv on the youth
The porch ha a concrete floor nnd in
rVJI root. I he pantry I 7x. George
Carter ha the contract and I a
.l.tcd by V. I). !!t ait.
The Lndle' Missionary Soeletv,
of Tnrklo Chnpel, held their monthly
hiislne mietlng nt the homo of Mr.
Win. Stuart, Thursday,. April ii. The
next luiMne meetim; will lie held
the Hot Thurcdny In Vnv and nil
members are ieiuetiil to be pe-ent
to idect de'eirnte to tie nununl con
vention nt St. Jorih.
Min l.'1'.n ltlioil-- ni' "
Kniiifey wen married nt Oii'i-on, Sni
oiilay, April s. I'rohnte .Imlce Harrv
Hutufnn ur('o'"iied the c .
Ml l!hiie I- the yo'ini'n-l I'nucM
of Mr. iird Mi-. ,Inire Kluxle'. nnd
the I'looni i the -on of Mr. nnd Mi .
Ilnrry I'nouey. lioth are nm-t e.
tlmnhle yiiii mr pop!e nnd their mnnc
friend join In evlendlni; then their
henrtli'ft coiiirrnt"lntion nnd !--
uiidie. Tiny will live on n fnmi i.inr
l'olet riy,
The Merry Mnid' Sundav school
cln wn enlerlnliuil at the homo of
Mrc. I. T. HulTman. Snturdny nfter
noon. A ptenmnt nfteiuoon wn spent
Mwlnlly, nfter which iefrehment
were etveil. The iuet included
yhn'n Stella Ilntrick, IMith Stiinlt.
Hazel Caller. Serilda Vllon, l.enn
lihode, Nellie WlUon, Mesilame
(ieo. Pixmi, l!oy Hlnkle, Lawrence
I'ilkliiKton. Many Stanley, Clnia Wil
fon, Ait (irahnm, licit Stuait nnd
Kmmn Stewait.
Kttn Stone vMted her Inter, .Mr.
Charley lianii-ey, lnt week.
Mr. Oia Dively I helplnif Miv.
Jnck Cntten with houi-e cleanlm; this
Mr. F.d Cnteel nnd daughter
spent Sunday with Mr. ami Mr. S.
(!. Alkire.
; Cooikc l.en nttended the U?
TUibliciui convention nt F.xcclslor
Sprinu tni-t week.
The Idle Wilde Sunday school
wn well nttendid Inst Sunday. Quite
a number of new face were noticed
Mr. V, M, Stone was ureatly
urpiied last week by receiving a
letter from her sister in Cnlifoinln.
whom she had believed dead. It hnd
been more thnn i" yrnr ulnce Mr.
Stone had heaid of her sister, so ho
hnd k I iTaoon for belnir surprised.
Mr. nnd Mrs. II. A. llnwlo ce'o
brateil their fortieth weddlnu anni
versary last Sunday, April !. About
1(1 Biiest brought dinner anil gather
ed at tho Howie home to help make
the day one to be remembered. F.vorv
one report a splendid Rood time nnd
nre ready now to look up another oc
casion for a hie dinner in tho neltjh.
liorhnod, Thne present were: .1. I.,
nnd F. W. Anno nnd fnmllle. .Miller
Illnchly nnd family, Mr. ami Mr.
Vinco Hopper, nnd son, Joe and Fred,
Mr. and Mr. I.ee Hopper, Mr. and
Mrs. Lev. Nolnnd, Mrs. Jane lllnchlv,
.Mrs. Ora Dively, Mr. VanDeveer,
Mr. C. A. Moser, Misses .May Mur
lah, Kffa Stono and Kdna Kad;
.Messrs. Tom nnd Terry Stone, Hoc
Noland, Klmer Sinclair, Will Iluckles,
.Mr. and Mrs. Howies nnd daughter.
Fern. KiO.
O '
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Strawberry B
I It K Healthy I'liiuN non nad
for linn-pliiiillni;. I'hone or
call nt the farm tind linie Ihem
dim fresh for oil.
vi:iiavi:si:vi:uai. vauii:
ni:s. I0 I'l.ANTS-iiO CKNTS.
A. H. & A. A.
rarincrH I'l m mo
MlTlt'i; TO i USTIt thus.
i-ntr -at will l M-tiMtl l ti Ui
t i - nt 'n- it! iKt hi Out tii,
1. im' f. "i t'Uilni. Acrtl
.1 1 .. i i 'uli linn ill t ttl- Hl I "I
i.i uoik ! i. iti.lm-. (iiil.tn-. liut'iitiur
it I U.ll I- ' IIMI ft ' IH I 'llM.f Wllflt
l.n -m,i. Mi4itirl, M.tlu ninl Nolnuy 'trttt-.
in t i'it iti Orvrnti. MUxmrl. iiMtinlinu t
i itii4, lh uitoiia mill i nilllt mi In
Ut uttlii if Illy link uitl In tlit (!
I J. It. I -!;. Knvlhnr, l1 IUnu.ui Amrrl
inn Itiink IWlMlhtr. fi. Jm-u.Ii. MI-m.imI.
Ihf iitnMtiii(1v ii nit unit i.f Aotk ttt f
t.ii it (ttll'ti
tiitt'liim i'' rull nnN fnrt h,
Ciiiiriftn ritiitllfiai li.ii Curd iiitil liulii-r
ll 1 1 tut. I ft ft.
Itiiun'truiu! (n,rrri' I'tutnifiit 5''t;
Miumv )nl.
Mhi'ikIumi fjnunrnt ZWi Hiuari )nnN.
Ml inMtaN Hull U un lljuik furni fur
iiUIimI ly tlf l'lt Orl, inut lull U inrt.m.
iwinll ly ii ifrHlfiftl rltttk In tli unt ut
tht ir i flit "if tln n in mm of i ht I'UU, nml
iiiiiM tu thf Trriiurrr uf ill 11 1 y itf thf
tfttn, MI'Miurl,
I ln Itttinl i.f AINriirit rvrri tl.o rlutit
to rv.Vt nny ninl nil l-l.,
iu,n liy tirilfr of tlr lUtnnl nf Alilctnifii nf
it f'lt of Oft-iron, MU-tturl,
!. II, Kl'NKi:!., City CUrk.
Danikl Zachman, C. .1, Hunt,
Prvsldfnt. Ca&lih.
W. I'.Sciiui.TK.AsslstantCasliler
Capital Stock Paid Up, $20,000
Transact a general banking busl
ness. Interest paid on deposits left
for spccllleil time.
Drafts Issued on orlnclnalcltles. Col
lections made ami promptly remitted
nuirxTous: n. Zacliman. uresldent
J. A. Kreek. secretary; Samuel David
son, II. F. Morgan and S. F. O'Fallon
Telephone No. 43.
Olllnu flrnt loor went
(if CltizmiH Hank.
Oregon, Mo.
OBce in tbe Moon R'ldr.
Uoum . n. to lira, iro
p. in Ui t p. m,
Plionei.Old Sl, Mutual is.
Ml Mary Terry returned home
Siitnln) eveninir.
Inn e.r.d Mny ltotkln were St. Jo
seph visitor. Satuidny.
Mis Flsie llanlmiin visited nt 1.
W. Smith's, Mondav.
Mr. nml .Mr. Fred l)avi vlite.l
nt llnlph Meyer', Sunday.
-Jim IIodfin went to St. Joseph
Sunday, retumlni; Monday.
.Ms .Mildred Ailoii n.nde n busi
ness trip to St. Joseph. Mondav.
i - Vice sei-d nml tnli'e potntoe nt
t!. W. Lenta' for M'e per buslu I.
Dr. Kearney nnd wife, nnd Itarrv
llitz, visited at Mr. Oh nn's, Sntunlay
Ilev, Clutter will preach nt the
Chrlstla church Sunday, mornini;
nnd evening.
Oiu hundred and twenty-two
ene of egg were shipped from Now
I'olnt latt Week.
Mes.lniiio Will Tenv nnd Mflle
Kelley and dnughtcr, DeFttn, went trt
St. Joseph, Saturday.
The many friends of Mr. Flos!e
Stevenon will be iflnd to know that
she is improving slowly,
Ml Minnie Kmmer returned to
Skldmore Sunday, after several day'
vll Willi relntive nnd frletid.
Uov. T. I). Ilobeits eonductrd tin
f ineral of ?drs, lu-.i Milne (nee)
llullock In Oit-ifon, Tue.'diy mornltiK.
-'r. (Ieo. I.entJ and mother. JIr.
ltli'--,..-, u-Mit to SI. Josenh. Sundnv.
1 1 vi.lt Mr i. Mary I'ollei n few ilnvr.
Me.- Wi'l Acton nod fnmilv. W-
e.-iit, Ag'ei- nnd Karl Dieher visile,!,
nt the hot ii of Fred Itiehm-, Sunday. '
Mr. nnd Mr, to-o. I.enl?. Mr, i
r 1--; inriii.ni nml (irnee i hnpmn'i
re bu-iv- i-il.n-- In OrigDii, Frl
hiy. - 'i-. lt.-rt S-nlili nnd sister, Mhi-iii-
l'.:imer. vl -li.il t'Hr slsler. Mr.
I .-nn Lent.- nn-l fnm'lv. Frldnv. nnd
nt I'in.i.w t-n !.'. SiiMilnv.
" ni-'l Vi-. l"lm. I'IkI.I- ruler.
' - ' ' r : 1 " . l'i Ch in- -a
-1 ' i-i . .tipe,-, Fnil 'riiit nn I
; ii--- Ti'i. I'i!d i-v.lnr.
Mi . I' I M'-i .-,l;ll. tl til'
' ' ii villi her d.T.'rHe." I1'
' ! ill-i'.. i-rr niit' " nnd 'nrdy
i l!V mi. ii-nl oihei- relative In Otn
n'.n. N tiinskn.
- m , i i We'K' t. nn nt I
fl ' -' . li lT Spi-oii'i-r n'l-l v 'fe. Che
1 r :! - t-i-i- nml w'fo. .1. Jdu'iih. wife
.-1-.I !!-. -ii. Suiiiliiy nt the I'omi-
of F. i r 1! I.
- F. I . l-'"nl:i-l will leave for Idaho
in n l-orl i U'w lo ni'id the nimmei
v 'lli I i u:fe nnd ehlldieii. Ill son.
Ilnrrlni-i. hn moved Into he home
l'nee. .Iet- -IH n"nin II few weeks
villi Mr. We Maikl. nnd will I lion
go lo visit her sister, Mr. Koy 1 1 mil
man. In Coimndo.
C. I', met Siindny ocnlng lth n
very large utteiiilanri. One smvlnl
iiumbi-i- wn n song bv Mis (iince
I hnnmnn, with Mis l innce lerry
nt the iiiano. MIk Kdllh llaiilman
-lll be lender neit Sunday. Sob!i-ct!
"The Frayer Meeting, and How to
Have (loud One. '
fter dliving n 'J-evllnder .Inrk
i for IT yenr. Fred Dieher deeidul
that II I too swift trave'ing for c
man of hi nee. so he booeht n Fonl
car. lie feet Ihnt he nnd hi fnml'i
can tinvel In pel feet afetv now. The
i-l-nnge fiom rnidd traveling to the
s'ow I'olng of (he Ford was so gleni
ihnt Mr. Dreher wn mnde unite sick.
Sundav, lie i better now, nnd hoe
lo soon become accustomed to th-
- Fred N'olnnd' hoiii-o I nenring
vim .e"i Wililnei wn u visitor
In the MoiiHcetln ilMrlel. I'lldny.
-Mis Cii-II FUroiniirlci I iend-
Ine the wee'i with her ni'nt, Mr. Krit
Mr. nnd Ml. Klmer V punn. "I
Mound City, visited ivlntlve In tin-
vicinl'y the lli-st of the week.
Mr. nnd Mr. Frank (ientry speei
s'undnv with Mr. (JenlryV sblei.
Mr. Walter Hoyd, of the Lincoln dis
Mr. and Mr. Oin Mullen and
chihlten, of Finest Citv, spent Flidnv
evenlrg with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M.
Charley llarner relumed hno-e
Saturday, nfter snendlng the pn-l
week sawing wood with hi engine,
near Oregon.
Mr, i-.imer Marsl.all nnd.iiniii"'-
ter. Mildred, spent the last of t'-e
week with her dnui'hter, Mr. Clin-.
Ilallenger, of I'ulo, Neb.
Mrs. Snm N'owels nnd dniiLdil'-.
Miss Vera, left Friday for n visit "f
several davs with her mother. Mi -Wing,
of Horton, Knnsn.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Oeorge Minn ninl
daughter. Dorothy, of the Lincoln di-
trict. and Ii. L. Casnn nnd fnml'v
snent Sunday with Mr. and Mr. Fail
At the school nieelinc lno.div
nfternoon of Inst week Klmer Shunk-
wiler wn elected a one of the board
to (111 the exnired term of Albert
(!ould, In Illair distiiet, and Chnrle
ram in Kenton t strict, (ieiniil
Andler retiring.
O. K.
Tlie lurnching sen-ice for in t
Sunday will be ns follows: Nickeli'i
(.row, at ll Mill a. m nnd Oregon nt
8:00 p, m. The prayer meeting nt tho
drove will he Wednesday at H-im n,
in, and the prayer meeting nnd teni-ii-ers'
trnlnlmr r ira In Oiei'on will bo
Thiirsilnv. nt 8:00 p. m.
The onieials of the Oieunn chun!r
nrc nsKeii to meet at t in iiarsoniiire nn
Thursday, at 7:30, for a business se
ston, I'lcase, brethren, be nronint. -o
the prnyer meeting will not be de
layed. V. C. JOHNSON, Pastor.
Forest City Methodist Church Noli.
Tho Third Ounrterlv Conferenre
will be held next Saturday nnd Sun
day, April 15 and 10, with services m
i oi lows: ino quarterly Conference
Saturday, nt 3:00 n. m.. at the phnr.h
In rorcst City; preaching service Sat
urday night nnd Sunday morning nt
Mmsey. Rev. Duncan, presiding
elder, of St. Josenh. wlll.lio vulih im
nnd conduct the services. Let us gWe
nim' good hearinir anil a welcome
rnoitit us. R. WETZEL, Pastor.
T. A. Long. Vetetlnnry. " "
See the new lire of llerrirk I!c-
nigerators nt Teare a.- Ituley'.
Smlth.onlnn Trnr.e for cn'e bv
F. 0. I'hllliii. Sntlsfnrtlnn Btinran-
t'r tVII'ard I'-nnd. (Vi'Ut nml
Anrl.l Tootle .1- f.emoii lUnk lltilld
li'ir. S' .Ion-nil Mo
Wheat In the Inlto-i land
'"klnu fine, espe.-inllv that which
ia sown on the corn lands.
Ml Fny'n Quick hn tn'srn
- '-.ii'i-e of tho book nt tlm Kccvc.v
tra-fg Auto Co., of lid city.
Wn n-v f'lm- to 'rnrii of .lie or
i slcVre of Mrs. C'nre Stevrnrnn,
f tl- l.ircoln school dltrlrt.
We ' nve In stock one Srniildiog
Dirp T'HiniT Flew il-ti we wl" .r'l nt
a .peclal price. TF.AI'F. & Itl'I.KY.
-"Fgg ! Kggs"- Seven hundred
nml fw-nty dollnr wmth having been
-'iplHil from Oregon, Mondav, Match
Satonlny night. April Mh, the
Hie lempernture here dropped to 2:t
lei'iees, and Ice forn ed to hnlf an
Hugh Fennel, who ha been suf
'ring so long with pilnmintnry
I'leiimntlsm, I now some better sit
ing up in IhiI,
For Sn'e - Two Shoil Horn 'P-oi
i- iimi ri-ir'i'eroil liu". ( on
ei!diiv I!. C. Mover. Mound Cilv.
Mo I'nr- -i-r' I'hone.
I For Si'e A top buggy, n'mo.i
i' . I'd M n givil o'ie the price .
I't. See Don 1. Mm tin. nt the
-:.i''.-e. Vnr'.iii Phone.
'Pie m.-irery Sumlny. 'oh mi..
-i-t -n-il Hit. nnd mi Ti'nMln. Iltt,
i"il tereil SII--'iol i-oti h el-.n-Ki
,. r,...,u n e -IH-tr.te me.
-Chnrlev Chillier, of i'in-eii. n
i-e, M.imhiy, Interviewing 'nbnie
'in li'ii'iitm. He i- j i-t . -ii- -f.-!lov
thnt it i - n p'. n
Frniik I! iei'1'er. wi'e r.'-d i
'' C.einell I Hill', Im.a, ni
1, . nipt of Ml-. I!."
'. II llni'oy nnd v.iiV, nnd -'li. i
Til" lllMI-ellold'. IMIl-l-l i- v'ri
get n I'ii i-big, wh .'' r' i'
f blind. Iinkul fio.n lied Top I'lonr.
''ii nnd nb-olutely gi nimituil b t'.
W. King.
For Sill- A Foul Touring t'n
. I n new. u.Ml woith of ii,as on
ni. A l-aigain ir lalii n nt oui-e. Call
hi or ii'lilie--. (!, W. (Inrner, Oregon.
Mo. Farmer' I'ho-ie, ,VIT.
Kx-ludge Jacob Wehili. of 1.11,
itlv towiishi" had burines ijJlre
L'oii. Monday of thi week, ami nl-o
i-iinl with hi fnlher-ln-lnw, Ksqutie
II. S. Mi Donald, of Ihl cll.
- Dawson ,v Mooie, iimleitnker if
ti'i" elt,. Iinvo iiveixed n handsome
auto henise and nmbulnnce, combin
il. the llrst of the kind in the county.
Si e their ad in nnotlier column.
A most successful C. K. mi i ting
n held la-t Sunday evening, wrh
Mis Knthrt.il Field us. tender; -!!
atisweinl pieseni nt loll en!'. We me
always pleased in hnve litor.
--(ieotce Cnriior. of the Monntvli
.eliool ilNlllct, left till week, for
Knn-a City, when he will Hike an
eight weeks' course in an n .lomobii.
eioo! of iustmrtlo'i in ihnt i u.
Found !
I'ti-ln ihte I irt Cleai'lng Micl Ine
Lallss' .mil L'i Ills' L-iirii i iils elenneil
and iin-kved Lie, ciirtnliivaseei-h tj.
e n-r n.ilr. I s'-n ui.ike all klmu nf
aller.ilui's S.ill-f.ietti n gnt.riiie,i
Call ii e at Daw-ni .('an i be ici.-'t l
S'oie. Mi l ON.M.U.
I!. ('. Meyer nnd fnmilv nnd Mr.
Joe Kennedy and family, of Mound
City, wne heie Tuesday of thi week.
in ntli niluiire nt the fuueial of Mr-.
II. I.. Milne. Mrs. Keminlv i n sis
ter of . K. Milne.
- John Fry. who ha been nl !nr-
neli, Minnie, ror seieial nmntlis, a it
his mother, who I, a been veiy slik,
returned to Oreirou TucsikiN of thi
week. He iciiort hi motlier sonn
better, but still iUite feeble.
I'd Me.Munn. of Fenlval, Iowa,
accompanleil Ity hi son-in-law, Ii, l
lirown. or llamlHirg. Iowa, were hole
Monday, on business matter. I'd
used to be n re.ident of Forest CIU.
but I now nn lown farmer.
Ml Kiln tireene. who tins been
teaching in the public . i-linol nt llulil,
Idaho. now nt home, having resign
ed her position there on ncroiint of
the condition of her mother, Mr. .
II. Oreene. of I h city, who i threat
ened with a neivou bleak-down.
Faster Union, all pcnsonnble Cut
Flower nnd blooming Plant for
Kaster. Have frost-proof early Cnh
hage Plant. .V ner dozen. Also early
Tomato Plant, huge one in pots.
While Leghorn (slnglo comb)
egg for sale .'Hie per setting nf I A
eirirs. Incubator lot nt mine rate, nt
rnrni, one and one-hnlr mile south or
Craig. .Mn. I'hone ll, in, or wiite Mr.
(Ieo. W. (ireen, Craig, Mo Itotito 1,
K0 sows anil cllts, bred to Dig
.Inmbn and Illg Mngul, will be sold ut
W mm I ostock'g this nnd next week
at reduced prices. Gilts from $25 to
$30; sows, from ?35 to S40. This Is
less than common hogs nrc selling nt
public sales.
The Kooves-llrnirg Auto Co., of
this citv. sold Ford car to the follow
Inir iHu.ie Inst week: Kd McFnrland
and Chnrle Wuelner. of Forest City;
and Mr. Sarah Kelley, of Oregon,
touring car. I'ev. T. A. Clagett, of
Oregon, a run-about,
For Sale (!ood llvo room house,
with pantry, two closets, two porches
and good cistern, electric lights, brick
cellar, good barn; In lots 22 and 11,
block 41, Forest City. Mo.
E. M. FITZMAUItlCE, Admr.,
Forest City, Missouri.
Charley Petree entertained lart
Saturday and Sunday his cousin, Miss
Crystal Petree, of St. Joseph, and her
friend, Miss Gladys Chase. Tho form
er Is a daughter of the llev. Chas.
Petree, and the latter a daughter of
District Superintendent Chase, of the
M. E. church. Charley showed them
good time, you mny rest assured.
Saturday Only
6 Rub No-Moro Soap (or 26c
6 Fels Naptha Soap for 25c
7 Swifts' While Soap for 26c
7 Rub-No- Moro Powder for 25c
3 Macaroni all the time 26c
Pocket Book
W'iri'Clntli iiscoin
I hi n-il with tin1
llailll'r. is Ml Mlllllll
it part nl' M'li'i'ii
rust that tin prit'it
I'i'iitl and pi'iintfil
or sfiilviiiii.cd isn t
worth I'oiii-iili'ia
timi Hut tin wi-nr
tliU'i'ivin it is what
niuiilH. I!ust ruins
sti ns. lVarl
tliii'sii't rust, nml
that's tin vvholi)
i-liu.v iua iiutshi'll.
Nil I'llilltillsT. no
in friu ir. im pull
iiisffranii'sto pifi'
i t-i liiplari' li t)
W ill' if .Mill MMVi'll
with I'l.'irl.
I iuj !Kr;M. nuiu
13 " A
Give Us Your Ilusinc ami we'll Rive you fcoml jouds, rlfi It
prices and (air trcatmcit,
For This Wook
10 (tmrt Ciiilvnnii'd Pails, Kach
lli (tiar( (inlvniiiL'd I'ails, Iviich
I I quart Galvanized l'atls, Kach
F.irly llalihing llesl.
There i practically everything to
be gained nnd nothing lo be lost by
setting lieu in soon ns possible now.
The chicks will thrive much better
during tin- cooler winther nnd the lun
.Imul.l be -pairil from setting during
the wnrmer weather. The llrst young
ililckeh mnikeled always bring tho
best prices nnd the enily hatrhed pul
let will n-nture eaily enough to lay
nM fall which I not true of the later
one. Winter egg depend partly on
early hatching.
Select n healthy hen nnd try her for
n dny or two before ilsklug valuable
egg under her. An odd number of
egg usually eleven, thiiteen, or lif
ted! should be used pnrtlculaily in
cool weather, a they He in n morn
nearly perfect circle, I
A soon as the hen becomes broody
make n nest for her In a separate ,
hatching room or place where tho
o ner nens will i mil novo ti c nance io
teen or eighteen Inches suunre and
ii'i. ii"' iivrj rii....i., i.v i-i
at least eight inches deep, depending
somewhat upon tho size of the hen,
but it must be roomy. In nnturo it
would bo placed on tho ground, nnd
If thi Is not possible in the poultry
house, ii large sod should he placed
in tho bottom of the nest nnd then
covered with straw, to help keep tho
eggs from drying out too rapidly.
Either allow the lien to leave tho
nest for food when she wishes or re
move her onco n dny for that pur
pose. Lice should bo controlled by dust
ing tho hen with insect powder at tho
beginning and again ten days later.
It is a good plan to rub a bit of bluo
ointment about tho size of a pen into
tho skin beneath the vent and to rub
a little more into the feathers on the
under side of the wine at hatching
time. This is partly rubbed off on
the chicks and helps keep the lice
wJ?y .. - i ... .
Remove, the clicks as, rapidly as
l." cents
18 cents
22 cents
hntclieil mid later leturn them nil to
gether lo the lieu for brooding, but
be cnii'fnl that they ill c not chilled
while nwny fiom I ho mothir. II. L.
Keinp-ier, MisMiuii College of Agrl
cultuie. ,,
May Sin-ce Altend Him,
A slip of paper come to our olllco
thi week which Inform lis that an
other young lean lin stnited out in
life for himself. This I Mr. Hnro'd
Wagner, of Mailhind, Mo. On ac
count of poor health, ho wa com
pelled to give up Ids work In the print
shop in Mnltlatnl he also worked In
the Sentinel Olllco nt On gun, about
three year ago but went back lo
Mnltland niraln. He left for Jnnll'i
lust Monday, Ainil II, a elnrlnett.it
iilnyer In a carnival troupe, In which
he closed a contract for the season of
11(5. He I the only son of Mr. und
Mr. A. M, Wagner, nnd was bmn and
( ,.,.,.,,,, i(1 jialtland, and Is n mcrnb-r
r , , i ii'n.hvlci'lnii eilneli nl Hint
Parsnip and 0sler Plant,
Among tho slow-growing, long-season
crop that should bo planted In
very rich soil a soon ni tho garden
can be gotten Into shape aro parsnips
nnd snlslfy, or oyster plant. Tho rich
soil to which well rotted harnynrd ma
nure has been added, will hold tho
moisture better to keep them growing
through the long, hot, dry summer
months, and the early planting will
give .n better chance for tho roots to
attnln good size. Sticks In tho soil
are likely to bend the roots and frcah
manure to produce side branches.
Parsnip seeds should bo dropped
about four per inch In rows from 18
to 24 inches apart, then thinned to
stand about 3 inches apart, but salsify
may be sown more thinly as the seed
Is surer to come up, and pulling tho
plants In thinning disturbs those that
are left, so that the roots' are moro
likely to be branches and undesirable.
C. jliu (jioiPfts I' I
Km R,"rn'"ir'M,,d I I
i ... , -
Y-'AjAijf. . iifrsisMtfstfs1mirra'rt ntr 'h'i' i rri . 'altlmhmj'hixiM&i
iu '...tat.

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