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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, December 29, 1916, Image 6

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Kffttllta Saiar, Aafalt . HI.
ST Unti 7iJS. m. Arrl.a itM) a. m.
A 46 lat I21 a. m. Arrlia ll a. n.
to., La 1JU0 p. m. ArrW. IJUl P. m.
il L. 1 1!0 p.m. Arrlta Iill p, b,
A It Uin 4120 il m. Arrlrt 4it0t. m.
S( 1mm 7 US f. m. Artlvt Tito t. m.
ln mil n. m. Arrltt auo a. m.
taut A lOiOt a. m. Arrh. 10130 a. m.
Imii I2iti p. m. Arrl.t li!0 p. m.
Lhvi Z 174 p. m. Arrlt. SitO p. tq,
Laava 4 tea p. m. Arrli. i20 p. m.
Lmii littp. m. Anita tiSO p. m.
Not A. dflllr atf.r-t um1ar.
No. 4) on Sunday at tiOO p. m If ana pa1
aangtra to go. Ittturn. I.ava Foravt Cllr at
ill p. m.
Notlrtt All local frtlttit will Lata Oraroa
a Iba izl a. m. train. L. I. MOOttK,
(jtntral Manatrf Urvgvn, Mo.
The High Cost
does not worry the
farmer. He is a sellerof
high-priced food pro-ducts-not
a buyer. If
you want to turn pro
ducer and make money
there's no time like
the present in which to
tart. Let me know,
to locate in Nebras
ka, Colorado, Wyoming
or Montanaand wheth
er you want to take up
a homestead, buy a
cheap farm or desire
irrigated land.
It Is my business first, to
acquaint you with the splen
did opportunities that exist at
various points along the Bur
lington Railroad, and second,
to assist you In securing that
(Ity V.. O. Hl.t.M.llH. Act I nK IHrrctnr ot
(lit 8urn1.iv Kchuol Course In the Moody
lllhli ItmtUUte nf Clilciicu.)
(OlTfUM, I9M Wrtttrn Xetrtpaprr Union.)
IllIAtH.Va l.r.!'fl()N-l!ev. S3.C-lli IC.SI.
OOI.IIKK TIIXT-Tlie spirit and tin
l.rl'lr any, com-. And lie that lif.irMh,
1.1 Mm my, tn. Ami lia Hint la ntlilral,
let him ( .line. I If Hint wllla, let lilm tuk
of the walrr ot lit frrely.-ltrv. H:17.
It l hi.kIIiIc In li'xann one In nine
to rcilcw I tic pimt itiiirtcr'a work, In
it I'llint. clirniiiiloKUiil iiiniiiicr, lull
li'nn n'M ii unit nine lire tint III tlirlr
irniiT rliniiiiilnk'lriil ailllliK. Tlww lea
anna extend over live year of l'nul'
life from iilxitit M A. IJ. to K A. 1).
'riii'y tire fle wonderful )ciir. mill Hie
Inat nf tin1 ft u t licti 1 1 c yi-uni we tmvi' of
I ho life of I 111 i wonderful iiiiiil The
ret lew uliniilit nf cnltrne center In l'nul,
hla (iimtiict, cluiriictcr nnd tcnchlnc.
Tlo flrnt twelve i-biiplcr of tin- lliNik
of Acl. In mIiU-Ii we hiive rlilrlly been
Mud) tint, covrr n period nf ntmtit all
teen )iiira, A. It. .KMO, with Jeruanlem
n a t In renter. The rent (if the Hook of
Act cover nnolluT period nf npproxl
mutely lit year a from 4(1 to IK, nnil la
(he record of the foreign tntalonnry
work of l'nul nnil lila coniniilmi, l'nul
helnis of emirae the central cluirncter.
'I'lie aerie for till quarter clmc with
llic llnn of the tliittl triumph of Chrla
tliinlly ii a aeen hy John In tilt- llcvcln
lion. Mnpa alintild lie t'initoyeil If pin
Ilile to alum- the Journey of 1'iiul.
Tin' rlon Chrlat niul the emlileinent
of the Holy Spirit were the tlalmi and
l!ie jMiwer which wrote Hit Ural
Church lllnlory. nnil which hnve heen
wrlllns Churtli lllalory ever Mnee.
The home ehurrh (fha. 'J-7) hecnn wllh
iilmiit I'.H prn)lns men niul women.
. IVtor'n llrt aernion hroiiu'ht Into "the
I ny" Il.tau more. I'mm lime to time
,i.lher were nihleil. rereenllon nml
iellenince. the Ural n(nrfr. Stephen,
iilel Hi.' i!l,illfuellon whleh l.-il to
, the ehlee of the Unmn. nre Ihe out-
home mlloti perlixl. wllh .lertiaiileni
ii I lie eeliler niul I'lllenlliie na the tlehl
I (I'liuplera M'.') Oliver It perlml of
location Which IS best SUlted ll,l"ul '"n er. IVreetllloii aentleriil
die iiiM'ipie inrouKiiout ine cnuiury,
to your needs. There's roth
Ing to be gained by waitli g
so write now today. S. B.
HOWARD. ImmfgratfonAgent,
C , B. & Q. It. R Room 20, Q
Building, Omaha, Neb.
a mim 4.ii.
iiiia mmtrm .
IbaHan DMatra
taai bal kataiUaa la
wail Ulaai KaaavaMr
am. pa aaaf aaaaaa
Z AaDaai'l.V,
Ilrnnlncer Dnif Cck, Orrfron, &lo.
(5. V. Lfnti, New Point, Mn.
I ii tl 1 wna conterteil on the mini to
liiimnx'iia, I'hlllp to Hiimnrlii, Mini
I'eler eiirrlea on the work throtitihout
l.ihlu, Jopit nml C'lieanren, In (till
heel Ion e hnve lie atory of I'hlllp
nml the i:i!iloplun. of I'eler rurliiK Hie
puUleil iiiitn ut I.yililu. the rnl'liiK of
Poreii nml riiul nml lluriiiilm return
I in; to JerilMiletn wllh help 13 Oman
nt ll.nt elly who were aurferlni; from
fiimlne. Then IickIii Die erlml of for
1 luii i:;l"hi;i, roverlnu nlmnt alxleen
yeiira, from iilmiit A. I. -17 to IU. Tin)
'pilnelpiil ehiiriicter I eln of roiirio'
with l'nul nnil lliirmiluia, IIioiikIi l'nul
hi:i tiil.i-H l.ta phiee of lesnlerahlp.
I'uul'a llr-t iiilli.miry Journey hiatcil
for nl out two yeura, trim any A. I).
47 In III. 1 t:i niul :i i h. lr.i; !ila prlticlpiil
ro r.pniiloii, lleturiilni: In A.-.l hull from
JerilMilcm, l'nul teunn l.la aeeiMtl
Jiuiriiey, ihla lime tukl-.u wllh l.liu
SltiK. Atfnlli tin re l n perlml of lltlu'Jt
, two yeiir, frn!:i A. I. .VI to ,,'.'. l'nul
l.ml hla Mm. il ..Inn Mnri ilurlllK till
lime, nml the ru'.. tlrxt citcro'l llur-
1u. lel.'il.HC With the romcrallrt of
tin- I'Mllii lu:i Jiiltor. I'iiiiI' preiiehliiK
lit Athena m.il hi aervlee n Corinth
lire perhnpa the limit imMiunllni: feu-
lure of ti.la Journey, rnul Ihlnl Jour
izHICHESTER S PILLS ' m,,,r' "ir'i' vnr-A- M
?K ia,a",.VWli'i".,,iVli A I '" Wi T r'7' rt-vUltn tltt Axln Mlitur
jSm. l-,'.!5l''a'"'-"'f''aJV!iv chiirehe to alreliKlhen li.ein, pe;nl
g5ff lXVS'J uX nenrly l!.ree yeur ut K.ihenua. urnj Inn
T)vl"ii&M&'"Afifchrm M-'" ('UIMiiaiilni: nilventure n. for
I MT .V.VXVJi?.i'?,l!.Va.,-'.r lliixtiiiic-. t!.e riot nt Ih.i.eM. ubout
Located in Probate Judge's
Office at Court House,
Ofllco flrHt door woHt
of CltlzoiiR Hank
President. C.slil ti
Capital Stook and Surplus x
TranMcU & general banklnir btul
, mm. Intereet paid on depoafU left
tor apeeiflwl time.
DrafU iMued on principal cltlee. Ool
laetlewe made and promptljr remitted
Dnanrout J, saehmaa, preatdeat)
jr. A. KrtjMeret4UTi Samuel Darld
ami rVMo!ia aad S. r. O'Falloa
VelevluMMVe. 4M.
t!ie n!irlncM of Dlnnn, lleturiilni: to
JcrjKtilcm to take purt In the fcut, l.c
I tell of the ultimate rernec'Ullci.H
whleli he wuat er.ilure. Kir n Iciir
time lie lint dthlrej In preach l!.e gnu-
pel in Home, livcrynnu of t:,e trlala,
hlmlriilire, oppjiltlonit nr.i uttnckH
prove.) to lie the nicani hy which ho
ealneil that i!circil eml.
l.i Ihla purtlcular quarter, In leaanii
one, wo nee l'nul k ciiliniiemi In persecit'
tlun, hi prmle.ici) tiuiler dmiKer. In
lesion two, IiIh ilellcnto courteny nml
alirewilnos in elilmr every orinortu
nit y that ho niluht wltnesa fur his Lord.
In lesson tUreo U Mnnlfesteil l.la mi
ahnken Lcllef In overylhlng found lit
tho Scripture, nnil Id wlxo line there
of In lending men to Christ. In lesson
live, Ids fenrlcKHr.eag ntnldxt dungor
nnd d uhiolulu cor.ndcr.co In (.od. In
lesson six, Ida humility. In lessen sev
cn, Id well balanced ccramon senso
nnd Ids lovo ot penco nrr.onit his Lrcth
rcn. In lesson clglit, wo sco tint lone-
ing tor human companionship aim
sympathy, and havo an evidence of Ids
lovo for Ids own countrymen, and yet
bis faithfulness declaring the word ot
God to them as well as to the Gentiles.
Last Sunday we stood with Isnlah,
looking down through tho centuries to
the man of Galilee 700 years hence.
Today, as we review this quarter and
the lessons of the past year, we are
looking back nearly two thousand year
to tne one who wrought out oar saWa-
Uoa on Cslrary, but we may also
ton our faces the other way, and look
(or blm whose, returning, will bring
peaee to the earth, and at whose com-
lag the brtfUtness or bis glory .bill
aorer tbe earth ma as the waters
We bare aeea the breaking dows at
armed peace.'
Trustee's Sale.
Whereas, Owen D, Batman and
Itnrthn Hfltmnn. his wife, by their
.ertaln Deed of Trust, tinted the 11th
lay or November, luuy, and recorded
n the ofilcc of the Ilecordcr of Deeds
'or Holt County.'Mlssouri. on the 20th
lay of Noveml)cr, 1909, (n Uook 110,
it twite G'ZO, of the land records in
inld office, conveyed to the under
lined Trustee the following dcacrib
r i . . . . t..!.- i
MI real csmie, fiiuiiw, iiiik mm uviiitf
,n the County of Holt, State of Mis-
ouri, to-wit:
Tho Knst Half of the Northwest
mnrtcr of Section Nineteen (10),
rownsh'n Pixtv-onc (CI) North.
Knniro Thlrty-eiRht (38), West of tho
Fifth rrincipal Mcritilnn, containing
:lchty acres, more or less, according
to Government Survey.
In Trust, however, for the purpose
it socurini; the payment of the note
jf Twenty-five hundred ($2600) Do!
'nrs In said Deed of Trust described
wllh Interest thereon nl tho rate of
ncr cent per annum, five years from
the date thereof , and
Whereas, th interest nn sold oan
Iscviilenccd hy five Interest coupons
attached to the principal bond, No. 1
mil No. 2 nf which nru in default and
unpaid, and
vtiiercus, tne icgai noiuer or said
bond ho requested me to execute said
r UM and sell said property for the
purpose of paying both the interest
and principal of said loan. The Mid
principal bcinft due and pnyablo by
reason of default in payment of the
interest thereon as aforesaid, and
Whereas, it is provided in raid Trust
Deed that !I0 days public notice of the
time, term and place of rale, and of
the nronerty to be sold shall be srivtn
by advertisement In some newspaper
Brlnted and published in the town of
regon, Missouri.
Now, therefore, notice Is hereby giv
en that I will sell the above described
real estate to the highest bidder at
the Court House door, in the Citv of
Oregon, Holt County, Missouri, on
Monday, January 8, 1017, for the pur
pose or nnyinir raid tleht and Interest.
cost and expense nf this sale.
Trustee Sale.
Whereas. Charles R Anderson and
Pent I Anderson, his wife, bv IhTTr
certain Deed of Trust, dated the 27th
dny of July, 1911, and recorded In the
ueconter omrc ot noil county, In
Deed Hook 123. at l'ntrc G10. conveyed
to the tindcrslirncil. Nathaniel Hlsson.
nil their ripht, title, interest and
estate. In nml to the following describ
ed real estnte, situated In the County
of Holt, State of Missouri, vli:
Tho South half of tho Southwest
Quarter nnd the Southwest Fourth of
the Southeast Quarter of Section
Thirty-four (.11). Townshln Sixtv-two
(0:), North of Itnnge Thirty-nine
(:i'.i), West of the 5th I'rinclnal Meri
dian, containing one hundred and
twenty acres (120) acres, according
to government survey, which said
conveyance was made in trust to se
cure tho payment of certain promis
sory notes In said deed described, and
whereas, certain of said notes has be
come due and remains unpaid; now,
inercioic, in. accordance with the pro
visions of said Deed of Trust, and at
the rcnucst of the leiral holder of said
notes, 1 will proceed to sell the above
(lescrmeii item r-.stnte at tne court
llouso door, in tho City cf Oregon, In
the County of Holt, Stato aforesaid,
to tho hlliliest bidder, for cash, nt
public auction, on Saturday, the
sixiii nay ot January, 1D17, be
tween tho hours of nine In the fore
noon nnd Ave in tho afternoon uf
thai day, to satisfy said notes, togeth
er with the cost and cxncnsei of cx
cutlng tills trust.
Dated this 11th day of December.
to lie delivered at car, near depot,
and Saturday, January nth and (ilh,
1017, for which wo will pay In cnh
as follow';
Hens, per pound .,, Kc
Young lloosterspcr pound ICc
Old Itoostcrs, per pound.....,.,, lie
Ducks, full feathered, per pound,. He
(leesc, full feathered, per pound,, He
Wo will bo on hand, rain or shine,
and take caro of ull poultry ollcrcd
tor saie,
W. E. Keeney
Notice of Stockholders' Meeting,
Dank of Forbes.
Notice Is hereby given, that a meet
ing of the stockholders of Tho Dank
of Forbes, will be held In the di
rectors' room, at said bank, on tho
8th day of January, A. D., 1017, It
being Monday of the week, and com
mencing at 9 a. rru, the purpose and
object of which meeting is the elec
tion of five directors for said bank
for the ensuing year,
By order of the Board. s
. Secretary,
As I am going to leave the farm, will sell at public auction, on
the Dungan farm, 1 1-4 miles soutl west of Forost City, and 4 1-4
miles south of Oregon, on
Saturday, hmkr 30, 1916
beginning at 10 o'clock, a. m..the following described property, towit:
4 "
Head of Horses - 4
I team of Work Horse;, Bay and Roan,
8 and 9 years old.
1 Bay Horse. 9 years old.
1 Sorrel Horse, 10 years old.
3 - Cows - 3
2 Jersey Cows, both good milkers, giving milk now; 1
Black Cow, will be fresh in April.
23 - Head of Hogs -
18 head of Shoals, weighing about 75
pounds, each; 2 good Poland-China
Sows, will farrow in a few days; 2 good
Sows will farrow middle of February;
1 ityale Hog.
Farm Implements. Etc.
I John Deere Gang Breaking Plow, 1 McCormack Mower,
1 Mcormick Binder, good one; 1 Wheat Drill, 12-hole;
2 Cultivators, good; 1 Harrow, good as new; 1 Disc-Harrow,
good; 1 Breaking Plow, 1 Corn Drill, good as new;
1 Lister, 1 Stalk Rake, 1 Double Shovel Plow, 1 Stalk
Cutter, 2 Grind Stones, 1 good wagon, 1 Hay Frame,
and some baled hay.
nr.o turtle Allsumsof $10and under, cash; over that
1 Crilld. amount, a credit of eight months will be
given, purchaser giving bankable note, bearing 8 per
cent interest from date. Terms of sale to be complied
with, before any property will be allowed to be removed.
Lunch on Ground.
.COL. P. M. BABB, Auctioneer,
O. D. Zook, Oily L. Cummins,
President. c!h"
L. I. Mooiik, Gko F. Skkman
Vice-President. Aks'i Cashier
Established 1871.
The oldest bank in the count,
Transacts a general banking buslneaa
Interest paid on time deposits. Drafts
uM nn all tlin orlnclrjal cities of the
country and Kurope. Have mads spe
cial arrangement 10 coiiect money
due from estates In foreign countries.
The accounta of farmera, merchants
Special care given to any business la
irusisa vo iw.
Telephone Vo. It.
KeMcatber ws will send net the
omtfaMdi The MlasMri Karallai. twiea-
..alk. tmm at tha hawt fans taar.
ale as MM)
Id sfssasaaa. sew rear, fee tks Mies
af the Seertbeel aleao, f IM,
with an aero of ground, is Glaa
Echo addition to Oregon. Good six
room cottage. Can giro possssstoti
by December 1. Call on or address,
Elliott avurta, Oregon, Mo., Bents t,
Forty sera farm f it sals, sear
roa Bridge. D. C. Spieer, Fillmers, Me.
JOHN H. DURHAM, Florist,
Fancy Cat Flowers fer sB
eccatleaa at aH times. Ws H7
tha postage.

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