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This SI2AS0N--Eliminate
the old, old clothes troubles ill-fitting
clothes shapeless clothes
fabrics that go "seedy' buttons
that come off.
"Service Clothes"
This is the year
for wise buying
for true economy
You need clothes-every man that is "on
his job" needs them, but you need to put
more thought into the selection of your
Don't choose by appearance alone learn
something about the clothes you buy. Let
us show you clothes that will meet every
test of good looks, good sense and good
MICHAELS-STERN Service Clothes
A 7. VaaTsV
I V 1 "
for the fast time.
naps, sne may rcium to us tor Rn.jv' if
other visit before finis In written to morning.
Ami vet. aimln ner-lult.,
to us ror an- ' ,
hnnlly ww the sun while
Btrnhirt's Art Sways as In Days Past' From Dr. Wood.
Bernhardt, the indomitable; Bern-1 Boston, Mass., Nov. 9, 1917. Dear
hanlt. the marvetoui! Bernhardt, the Deacon and Tom: As I nromlscd to
truly "divinei" uernnanit tne one write you 0i my experienced, win cn
and only Uernnanit again has passed ticavor to no so.
this way and gone. Perhaps It was. I left Oregon, Wednesday, the 31st
via mi, joscpn, wnicn i icrt about
p. m; arrived In Chicago next
inff. The flint tlilnir I nMlrit.1
the life chapter of this wonderful wo-jwns an ugly cold, half rain and half
man. Who knows? Ifnow, which was very disagreeable. I
Sarah Ucmlmrut was at EnsMlnhs
yesterday. In the afternoon she
played "Du Theatre au Champ d'Hon
neur" (from the Theater to the Field
of Honor) and the death scene from
unmlle." At Went she anm-arcil in
the trial scene from "The Merchant
of Venice" and In "The Death Scene
of Cleopatra."
What remains to be said of the art
of the woman who knows no limita
tion and recognizes no age 7 Of the
art of the woman who plays in only
one tongue yet has been extolled In
all tongues? Of the art of the woman
who after fifty-five years of contin
uous appearance before the public
still triumphs and that over-physical
disability that would send a nerron
less courageous scurrying from the
realms of Therpls? Of the art of the
woman wno sways ami grins anil en
thralls her hearers ux does the art
nf no nllier n aver?
tt has been suggested that Mine.
Bernhardt' death scenes have gained
In mnlestlv as the sunset of life
creens over her. It may be so. But
that is absolutely tne oniy trace time
has left In Its passing. The years
have touched Madame lightly. l,az
lnir unon her and hearing her marvel
ous voice, it is dilTlcult to credit the
accuracy of the statement that she
has passed the allotted tnrec score
and ten. Anil the fact that she docs
not move nbout on the stage as TOP
mcr v s forgotten In the beauty of
her ncllnif.
To my m nil licmnnnit, as tne mor
tally wounded soldier boy in "l)u
Theatre nu Champ d llonncur," was
the most acceptable. Written by a
l i-rnrli nil rer nt the front and added
to llio famous French woman's reper
Intro nnlv lnt vrar. It litis nn Interest
thnt Is nil compelling. ,n P'n''n
Iteriilinnlt reflect the Inilfscrlliulile
sulferlng, yet uncnniiuernlilp spirit of
her country, wiuie ner rrmarKniiin
elocutionary power are given run
ninv in tne rinir nif inn rimcni ni
ruthless enemy in."A Prayer for Our
Knem es." written by units rnyen,
nml which ioes something llk! thli
6 thou who nrt said to reward every
Who Vnnwrst how to weigh and Judge
every ideal
which n people makes Itself the
sen-not unu llcire.
Thou who allow ct not that the Inno
cent suffer, ,,
Thou before whom the pride of evil
enn not stand.
When, for us us well as for our ene
Tttn limtr nf liulirment shall strike.
Thou uhn seeat ileen Into their Souls,
Ho not font ve mem, tor tney Know
what they are doing.
They smeared with blood the pages
of history's Imok,
Betrnylr.T their oaths and tearing up
They have pushed mankind back at
As fur as the forgotten threshold of
the darkest times.
And when, facing them In u sublime
A tiMinle nreferred death to dishonor.
nrhej- cniellled It In Its glory, without
ti iinng if remorse.
O Uinl. who scest deep Into thel
Do nut forgive them fur they know
what they are doing.
in., ini -i-i-,-.-ir,-.miriririririnrinrxn.nAJU
We have them on hand now; the best protection
against rabbits, mice, etc. Easily applied an in-expensive.
Put them on NOW, before the rabbits "gel"
your young orchard trees.
We are prepared to take care of all your wants
In horticultural lines-such as fruit trees, plants,
etc., in large or small quantities, ornamental trees,
vines, etc., for the "home" grounds, and the best
line of spraying materials on the market. Let us
supply your requirements.
Murray Nurseries
Oregon, Mo. Geo. R. Murray, Prop'r.
Switch Case In Courts.
Although the State Utility Boavd
decided in favor of tho Mound City
Mill and Elevator Co., relative to this
establishment being provided with
witching conveniences, the Burling
ton Co. has carried the case Into the
court, and It will bo tried In the Bu
chanan county circuit court, Novem
ber 80. -Judge John Kennlsh, of Kan
Ma City and W. B. BIssett. of this
city, are attorneys for the MM com
pany. The disputing parties are ne
gotiating with view to having
Witch put In at once, so that our
tl. institution will not be handi
capped any longer, with the agree
thit if the Mill company loses
tho suit they will pay for the work
already done. .
It seems to us thcro ought to bo
Bomo means. of compelling the railway
company to provide this very much
needed convenience, especially as the
inmportanco'of a maximum output by
the mills is so evident at this time.
News-JerTersonlan, November 15.
Good Sorghum MoUssei for sale.
Call on L 8. Btull, Forbes. Mo.
English Walnuts, 26c per pound;
Cold Dollar Flour, 3.10. Be rare to
come and see us before you buy your
Christmas Candles and Mixed Nuts.
We will Save You Money. Cash for
Eggs. v WAiauri.
Thou whom they still dure to call to
lead them,
Thou whom they still dare to Invoke
without fear, ...
Lord. In thy day which Is soon to
Unleash against them every storm
wind. . ,
If they repent, worn their repentance.
May thy low refuse to unfold llseir
rut- iIhmii.
(live to their defeat an endless after-
""" . . ....
Do not forgive them for they know
what Ihey arc doing-
Thou who seen deep Into their souls.
May they sutler hunger, may iwj
.emluro . . . . . .
In their soul and their fleMi the full
wit itllnt tun.
Mnv they, with their hearts full of
hatred and revolt,
Ri nKiiei exiled from their land.
May a host of warriors, night's new
Iwirn Limit.
Wreak vengeance upon them for what
they did to us, destroying -our
Mutiltatlng'our children and violating
our women, ..... .
Thou who secst deep Into their souls,
Do not rorglvo lliem lor wiey miu.v
what they are doing.
(live them more than their share of
May nothing ever wipe oil
The horror of the crime that makes
thn worm snunder:
Mav they suffer doubly tho woes
u'lilrh vvn hnvo suffered.
Smite them, O Lord, w ith u hand tliut
never wearies,
Till tho day, when, to lift mankind'
burden.. , ,
Thy Just vengcanco in Its Infallible
equity, ,
From tho enrth forever ehall cxllo
IIiaIv men.
Thou who seost ileep Into their souls,
Do not forgive them for they know
what Ihnv nva (In nf.
Wm. It. Curry In Indianapolis (Ind.)
uany limes.
Kidney Disease
Is Fatal
i remained
n Chieneo. which was two dnvs. Mv
sister-in-law, Mrs. Halite Drowning-
nsiter. rhancroncd mo over the eltv.
We visited Jnckson nark, the sent of
the Columbiun Exposition, and l.nko
.Michigan, during the afternoon. The
nkc seemed to lie nulte as unsettleil
as myself, only It st-emed to cxpresii
itself more than 1 did. After dinner,
went to see and hear Klsle Janls.
fter which I felt better, for she Is
certainly a sure cure for the blues.
The next day we visited some of the
mnm stores and streets. Marshall
Field was among the stores visited.
It is almost a complete city within
itself, and very line. It contains a
number of cafeterias, parlors, lounr.
ing rooms, rending rooms, smoking
rooms, etc. It covers on enure DIocK,
suite. Itandoliili. Washington nml
Wabash avenue. Wc Inter visited lin
tel .Moll son. one of the finest In the
It v. and there had dinner nml visited
the cabaret show nt the Terrucc (!nr-
Ion (which Is In the hotel), and thcie
witnessed besides n very good show,
some most wonderful skating on the
re. After lenvinir here wc vis led
Madison avenue, the "burlcst corner
in the world," and it certainly seemed
so to me, for I nearly got run down
by a combination of people, nutos,
trucks and trolleys. I am now aliout
to leuve. and if you wunt my opinion
or Chicago, It is "i ww do t nvn
there on a bet." Evt t''ng and
over) body arc In such a hurry, and
it never cenes. i iiont m. wiiu.,
keeps their nerve from m..mii...h.
I nuttmcd tne .uicitiguu v-niu.u nn. i
It'-il, an exclusive Cullman ti-l.i. ...
the new aid street station, nt b:U: ;i.
m. for Niagara Kails. Tor some ira
sun, we were delayed, though I know
not how or why, having slept all the
night through, thus arriving ut the
rails niiout 'J:uu n. in. .Saturday mom-
ing. There was a vast ililferencc
from my entrance into Chicago. The
sun was tirigiitiy sninning ami ine
weather suvri. Under these condi
tions 1 beheld those wonderful falls,
llrst from my window in the Pullman,
irom the unmidluti side. I met a
ft lend in the car who told me that
the entrance to the park was only
two bhieks from the .Michigan (Jen-
tial depot, ami that the only way to
see the falls was by walking, which
I i d. I fell Hi with a man wno nn i
visited there many times, and who,
with his wife, was chaperoning his
brother and wife, und thus saw every
foot of it without dilliculty. It was
lucky I had my rain coat, for 1 cer-
talaly needed it. Ihe rainbow wns
very beautiful, and the end of it was
imlta close, though I did not care to
step down where It was und thus get
tluit pot of gold. I would tell you all
about the fulls, only its beauty and
trrnnileur lire indescribable. 10U
simply stand in awe and admiration.
ni next visneti ine runius. wmrii
lire further down the river, where Its
vast volume of water rushes Uiroun.li
the gorge at a tumbling mighty pace
of forty in es nn hour. I Ills migiiiy
volume of wuter then rushea out Into
n large basin, where it forms the fa
mous whirlpool wheie the nver makes
a hairpin curve and then on to On
tario, i huh enneii inu nny, ami
liiwii.liil the tniln for llulfnlo. There
I iHtardeil the N. V. Central fur Al
lintiv. iihlrh ui retu'hi'tl niiout a. III.
I'rimi theio 1 gut a train which in duo
ilmo ili'iiimlliil ine at South stntion
llnMon, wheio I guess 1 will leave
you. as this letter has alieady been
ton lolil? lllul uri'Mime. ii yuu in
vive, I may conie again. My greetings
and very best legnnls to all. our
friend, W. H. ttuuii.
The Great Western
Live Stock Com. Co
5outh tr-Joseph, Mo.
Wc desire to thnnk our many friends in Holt
County for their liberal patronage, during the
Cast ten months. Wc assure you no effort has
ecn spared on our purl in your behalf. As we
cannot sec you personally, wet nkc this mennsof
communicating with you and ask you to con
tinue with us. Every man connected with this
firm, has had many years experience in the
live stock business and is well qualified to take
care of your interest. Wc nrespccialistsin each
department. We have good pen location and
look carefully after the filling of your stock,
which is n very important matter. Again thank
ing you.
We cordially invite our friends,
From country, town and state,
To visit the Great Western
Yes, come and investigate.
Tours respectfully,
Great Western Livestock
Com. Co.
KMs,t Is s Wsnltrfsl Pnttttlm.
Winn dlwsM Into th kldntys It
It Juit ss cirtstn to tali a ptnon off as
Itproiy, unlets It Is ehtckxl Ufora It com
too fsr. II popU Jurt kntw ths damn
that lurksd In dlMuu of thM dtllcat
organs, thty would bo as cartful of thorn
as thor an of that ora. Posplo who hair
aoand Udsora should know how to protect
and taka car of thorn. Xldaaea Is son
raoudr for tnatlBf Udmer dlimas baeaaat
It nooTos tho pouon that collect la Ux
hltutA Uaaawh tka laaatlea kldnara.
Jack n to any draa atora ana mt (boat a rn rv ttA to hava th
Jff4SiS7'!S ."iSr-SSAl'and hope they may come jyralrt
MaUti Bf UM KIIH IM aostot, SUBS. I
I mm lined Duroc Jersey Hogs
H. B.'a Cherry Chief - Big: Boned, Smooth,
the 1,000 pound kind, with lots of quality.
Taxpayer, 14th, a son of World Fair
Champion at San Francisco in 1914.
These are early pigs, and extra good In slie and qual
ity. Best tot we have ever ottered. We also have a
fine lot not related to anythlnn sold in this part of
the counUy Sired by Col.'Gano 1,000 pound Dost.
Also several fall gills. Bred for September farrow.
Call, Write or Come and Sec Our Herd.
Both Phones Forest City, Mo.
Hot) County Meitlrul Society.
Dr. J. 1". Cluiniller. prci'Iileiit Holt
County Meillenl Society, liy reiiii'st
of Seeretnry State llonnl of Health,
enlleil n specinl meeting ut Oregon,
Noventlier 10, !!!". Tim seeretnry lie
Inir absent, Ir. (5. I Kvnns was elect
el serretno- Pr" " Tlmi pifsent
were: Mrs. Niiumnn, Ottiiuin nml Da
vis. CiiiIk; WllllaniH nml llonnl,
Maltlnncl: llwuii. lllKelowj Ilullock,
Korcst City; Thutrlier, Cluiniller, Ho
Kim, Kearney nml Kvnns, Orecon. Tlio
nlilert nf tin- ineetini; liclnir thn elec
tion of an "advisory iionnl, conslstlni;
of three physicians, to assist tho roun-1
ty exemption Ixmnl, its duties having
heen Muted liy tho secretary, the so
ciety proceeded to nominate and elect
Dr. J. M. DaWs, of CralK! Dr.. It. T.
Quisley, of Mound City, and Dr. 1 . 1..
linlliu-k. if I'nrest Citv. and the secie-
tnry was Instructed to m notify tho
secretary of State Hoard of Health.
(Delnyed Letter, Nov. 10.)
Kvcryone is Invlteil to our meet-
'"iiftlnle Kmerson and family are set
tled In their new home .
Maurice Harrison Is the Imuy's
naniP, horn to Wm. Murray and wife,
Nov. G.
Cornlil Amller visited his brother.
Kd, at Wctmore, Kantas, tho lirst of
tho week.
Mrs. Thomas Curry, of Oregon,
and sister, Miss I clKcnbaum, or ht.
Joseph, and Mrs. India Price, of Ore
gon, spent tho day at the Itobt. hmcr.
on home, last i'riday,
Tho younK people enjoyed n tacky
party at tho Walter Staley home, on
Hallowe'en night. Appropriate re
freshments were served, games play
ed, sonic music enjoyed, and an alto
ether good tlmo was had.
Tho revival meetings, conducted
by Rev. Werner, beginning with pre
paratory services last I'riday evening,
jia communion services nunuuy mum
ing, have been well attended. Itev,
Piatz, of Kansas Ciy. prcacnea uirco
good sermons, and then was obliged
to go to help with n meeting at an
ther place. Mrs. Feiti, of Newton,
Kansas, leads the singing, and Is very
helpful in other wys. A number of
the people of the Ebcnexcr church,
east of Mound City, attended service-,
unday morning ana evening, we
im to nave mem wiui us,
Stylish Now Fall and Wiutor
of all Kinds Viz:
Hats, Ribbons, Feathers, Flowers, Etc.,
We most cordially invite your inspection.
Mrs. E. A. Netherland
A 25c BOX OF
Cocotone Face Powder
We cnuhl not alTonl to make this remarkable nITer If wo did not
have an exceptionally pure and smooth powder nltliadellglilfulodor
that Is sure to please even tlioso who have alwajs used morevxpenilvo
Coroton Co., Nr YorV, K. V. '
Dear blri
Your Curotono I'aco Towiltr U
Juit woniltrful. I havo um!
inanr Frcnrh rowdcrs for
which I paid (Oo anil 11,01) tor
rowiltra that were not as aood.
Kindly Mnd ma two boxva of
He.h hr rtturn mall for UtCOe
Youn truly.
MlM Badto London..
t hava nir vud Cocotont Faca Pawoar.
but If you will und m a He boa ma.
"Ill U clail to try It. I tneloaa II t.nU
In lnin to covtr rcrt of (villas, oacs.
Inu, io.
Nam ,
Adr.M ,
Af.nU Wauled.
T. A. Long, Veterinary. 7
After an absence of s6me six
years up in Exeland, Wisconsin, H. E.
Dewny, wifo and son, John, have re
turned to dwell among us. John,
while there, brought down 16 deer,
and thinks he is something of o shot.
He went on to St. Josesh to enlist. In
some branch of the Federal service
he wants to go to France,
There will be a program, box
supper and pie social at the Wilson
school house. Friday, November 10.
1017. Everybody invited.
Still gadding around; Uncle Hilt
Herron, ye fisherman of renown, now;
88 years old, has hiked out for St.
Petersburg, Florida, where he will
spend the whole darn winter fishing.

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