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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, March 01, 1918, Image 6

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Home Builders
and Home Owner
Chase Brothers Company's
Rochester Grown
Guaranteed Nursery Stock
nml nm prepared to assist you In se
lecting FRUIT TIIEES nnd small
fruits for n homo orchard or for a
commercial planting, l.ct mc figure
with you on tlio cot of n planting ol
TltKES and SIIRUUS for the decora
tion of your lawn.
"A house without trees nnd shruhi
around It l.i only a roosting plnce.'
Call on mo or phone mc, nnd 1 will
give you price, delivered frco nt the
Farmer' Hiono, 628.
(Successor to W. II. Ilardmsn.)
c. d. zoor.
u I. moohb. ceo. r. seeman.
Vlra-rra.IJ.nt. Ami MM
Zook &Roeckcr Banking Co.
KaUstbktJ, Hit.
Th eldt tnk In isa renal. Traaaarti
a tartara! banking butlnaaa. Intanat
ea Urn S. po.lt. Draft. aoM ea ill Ik.
rrlactpal elllaa of U covtitrr aaS Kara,
lava mada .parlal arrangamanui to votlarl
rnona dua from aatataa la tantgn aMatflaa.
Tha afttnifiU f f farmara. snarThanl. an4 '
Sl.lSual, rwixrtfullr ollrliad. 8mUI Ml
Cl t.q to an, taalnaa. tauvttd lo aa.
T.lra.aaa. Na. It.
The Citizen's Bank
Cashat Suck aa Sarplas. IIMN.N.
TraBMrtJ a (anaral btrVIn baataaaa. la
Untx ci ea dapualia lad far a spatuM
Drafts lasuaJ aa prtntlpcl atUaa. Cofta
Haas aaad. anS prompUr nmluad.
Dlmuni D. Zarkaaaa, rnattaati J. A.
Kraaa. aarraurl SamuS Da.Uaoa. U. r.
Martaa aa4 S. P. OTaJlaa.
Ttasaa, Ma, 4a.
Office flritt loor went
of'tiltlzmiN Hank
North Side ol Square
Both Phones
ft' us
llotli l'honoe
Osteopathic Physician.
Treats Both Acute and
Chronic Diseases.
Ofllc Saulhraal Cnrnrr ol Siuarr,
Home I'hone, 87. Mutual, 104
Osteopathic Physician.
All diseases treated by
Osteopathic methods.
'Olflr FIrat KaaMrnre W..I Ol
Moore . Krcrk'a Slora
VK l.al-.t Abrlaaal.irf
liMllKkH. M-.ltaa.ur'a IMaana I II... jV
fl'UffjWli. j'lll. la 11,4 I Ual ai.liKVy
awuai !.., ana nr, k,u. v
tH 4 Vyl Ta.a i alfc.r lUr af imp
It 29 buMosit iiiiTnu i-il.LK.V-t J
,mfcuan.tUrtt.b.f.u AUlvik.lltbia
Located In Probate Judge's
Office at Court House,
in watf onload or car load lots
George Gelvln
Farmer' Phone 60
W. C. Pread, M. D., Ejrt, Ear,
TkrosA and Now SpwUliat Offie
PnysklaBa and fiargMoa' nSUSng,
7tk and Frmocli strati, St Joseph,
I'he IVdiral SuffraRc (Jursllon in
More Than a WuntanV (uinlliin.
It Is nn Amcriran tucitlun.
It ii ii wnr question.
A vote for the l-Vdoml Suirrni'f
AinemuiKiil Is n vote nga.net (ieniun
(iropagnmhi here, ' lie wur Is taking
a loll of good American Mill's hy llic
thousand. American soltlUm wj.nl
ho Moincn folk to vote. Aimrknn
cillrcii heic nerd thp snien of l.iyil
Aimrican women to combat the otcs
or thoe whom the government tvfti.
o to accept for scn-lcc Ijitiiuh- U
douMs their loyalty.
o,";!"'.', 1,0 ",ll"i,uy khort-slghttd.
hliall the light wo win on the Wt.
em front lie lo-t in Washington? l:.
memlier that the slacker will vote.
I lie peace at any price advocate will
V"!!. ,ll,.,,i,cl ' lll Vote.
"ith all these together we have In
this country n ronsnlldntiil vote con
Miliihitiil ngalnst the United State
ci n1'.""; 1,0 n ''"I'llnl'iK factor,
hhall the ilomiKTiicy fur which we nfo
sacilllcing evirytlilng . ,t ,uu,t.
wp arc politically liortightd.
I'ut woman' ole to work. Get the
nill strength of Americnn womunhiHid
at the poll, Imrk up American man.
,," i '"'."'V ,n tnnche.
Html tho chains of political inciual
ity that hind women.
Iler loyulty hn neer len que.
tinned. It is being pruved anew eery
lay. hhe Is doing her part in over
whelming mtusure. The government
know it. The country knows it. The
country nnd tho government need her
vole to make other congresses ns truly
American ns our present congress.
I iiiiii the trenches comes unml.
taknblr evidence of how the soldiers
stand on this national, this Interna,
tlonnl question. Ily a vote of two to
win .New ork soldier In French
(mm- vimii m invor or woman suf
frage. What General IVislilm.
war I Mug fought l,y women. It is
women who suirerand lend courage tu
us. Women are the one who will tie
serve honor for their aid in establish.
Ing democracy."
o.nnnix iisk ior ine passage or th"
I-ederal Slllfmire iiiiiendinrnt n ..r. i.
ty compliment to wonmnhotHl. It It
uiged a a vital, sound, tremendous
step in iutting every ounce of power
that can ho marshaled Milml our
country In it .time of need.
II. I.. Schonnover wns n business
visitor In St. Joseph, one day Inst
Mr. J. II. ltcnnett Is In Knnsni
City this week, visiting with her
Dr. F. K. llopan reports n fine
boy, born tn Mr. and .Mrs. lloyd Locke,
Fi bniary HO.
Pao Yount shipped n ear lead of
mixed cattle and hog to St. Joseph,
lnt Monday evening.
Mi. Frank Dicks Is here this
week, from Anthcn, Inwn, visiting
with n-lntlve and friend.
("barley Catron nnd fnnlly were
up from St. Joeph lnt Sunday, visit
Ing with Mr. nnd Mrs. W. 1,. Catron.
- Mrs. II. M. Davis hn ictimtrd
home from nn extended viit with l er
daughter, Mr. Lawrence, near Craig.
Mrs. C. S. Mcllee Is reported lo
lie considerably Improved tills week,
nnd nble lo lie up and around the
IVty-lhreo scholar ntlendeil th"
Methodist Sunday school, last Sunday
ninmn, and the collecllon nmnunlid
to $1.10.
--All II. II. Mellon, who bn, been
visiting with her son. Clinrley nnd
family, In Adams, Nebr., for several
wwks, rellinied home Inst week.
Charley Million and wife are
moving down near Oregon, on the,
Knlin Ilros. farm, this week, where
Charley hns secured employment with
Giibe Knhn.
Charley Wnrley recelveil word
last Monday afternoon from ForlH-s
that Ills mother, Mrs. 1. Worley, had
taken suddenly sick, and ho left for
that plnce Immediately.
Air. nnd Mrs. Frank Kern were
here over Sunday from llnmlin, Knns,
assisting with the revival meetings nt
the Christina church, and while hew
were the guests of Mr. nnd Mr. 0. W.
Supt. of our schools, S. W. Skel
ton, spent hut Saturday and Sunday
visiting with his brother. J. K. Skel
ton, at Camp Funston, where he is In
the service of Uncle Sam, nnd Is ex
pecting to go urross nt nn early dale.
Mr. Oscar l.enc left Inst Mon
day noon for I'nrsons, Knns.. where
she will Join her husband, nnd wheie
they expect to make their home, ()
car having secnritl a poltlnn a brake
"nn on the M. K. T. rnllrond, run'
ning out of that town. Oscar says
he liollcvp he Is going to like rail
roading better than farming.
Mrs. Julia Jones wns ery nlen-
nntly surprised one ilny Inst week,
when she received n birthday nreser.t
from her grandson, Dnrrell Schoon-,
over, who Is now a resident of l
Angeles, Cnllfornln. The nresent wn
an extra line decorated box with a,
nice assortment of dried fruit nnd nuts
foi which that country Is famous.
- Urn. O. W. Adam has bought him
self n Ford enr, nnd ns soon ns he
gets the car home nnd gets the hnng
of the thing, the mall nn the route,
while the roads will Hermit, will Is?
delivered with the Ford. We don't,
know of anyone In this vicinity wl.oi
needs a car more than Urn. Adams,
or anyone ho will enjoy the conven
ience of n "Tin Willie" more thun
lliii. Adam and family.
We acknowledge receipt of a copy
of the Illgelow High School licview,
edited and published by the Juniors of
our high school, nnd we want to com
pliment the young folks on their work.
imnK Jackson is eiiitor, anil Mlf
Wilda (Sieshnm cartoonist. The eil-l
Having; Bold my farm. I will soil at public auction on the farm, form
erly kuowii an the L P. Sentuoy farm. 2 miles south of Forest
City and 4 miles southwest of Oregon, ou
Monday, flarch 4
Eegiuning at 10 o'clock promptly, tho following doscribed property.
8 head of good heavy work mules,
weighing 1300 pounds and up. 1
bay horse, 8 years old, broke, sound
and gentle, weight 1200 pounds.
1 4.
TI '
i U..mVJr
Seed Corn Shortage,
That the seed corn slioitm-i. In Mi..
sourl is the greatest In recent years
i shown by the survey made by the
University of Missouri College of Ag-
lirulture. I he seriousness of the
Miortnge, according to investigator,
oivomcs mure upimrrni iinny a re
port of germination test are recelv
eil. Acconling to present Indications,
ut lenst half of the seed corn will not
test above AO per rent. The greatest
danger to the coming crop Is the fact
inni most oi me coin louku l-ikhI.
which has led many farmer to believe
mat it is normal. However, when the
real test of nunlitv Is untitled, a sur
prisingly large percentage of this corn
has fulled to germinate. Farmer
who depend on the outward appearance
of the sen I a a test of quality th,s
year will be deceived, soy the special
ist there.
A niMiit of testing done In Aliirlon
county under the dllectlon of tho rouii-titorial and cartoon would do credit'
ty agent, II. T. Nlelren. show the to an up-to-date dally, and we notire'
seriousiie or the situation and indl-M'nna'iilaily their patriotism In ml
rates how misleading the outward np-l vertlslng liberally of thrift stamp,
pearanee of the corn ran be. Of '.i:t'. Keep on with the good wink,
ear, which were nppaiently of good, -The Holiness meeting under the
qunniy, oniy in., gave strong gcrmm uiiriion oi him. unyiiou ami .vnam,
atlou. If these TXW eai of coin hud '"" still going on at the Christian
been planted, without testing, the church, and piospects are they will
stand would have liecn less than Il.'i per continue throughout the week. Much
cent or only a little mole than u third, good I being done ami a great deal
I Igure rroin the government sivd or interest I lieing taken in the miel
testing Inborutory show that only ij lug and the prospects of n good ol I
per cent of the samples of seed corn' fashioned revival In our town arc
goou. i,ei mo meetings continue un
til lesult me obtained, should lie the
slogan of every inemlur of our
Theie was a huge riowd uttind
ed the Joint meeting of the W. (), W.
Grove nnd Illgelow Camp at their hall
nisi Miiuriiav evening, anil one new
tested hnvu germlnatid !0 or over: 11
per lent have tested '.HI to !Ci; 'J0.."i
per cent. SO to Ml: 'JII.'J ner rent. Til
to "!. Almost om-thml, or !l-.:t per
rent, tested fi'J to li'.l per rent, and 7
pr cent was neiow ftu per cent. Mom
these uud other tests It ported, J. C.
Ilackhmnn, of tho Agriciilturnl Fx-
tension t-eivue, estimate that half (application for tho Glove was voted
the seed com ill Missouri will geriiii- upon favorably. Mr. and Mrs, Luther
nale not imiie tlian Ml iiercent. Adam, who ure moving over n.nr
I he (ollego of Agrlcultute ha le-'Savanuah, the latter part of this week,
ci-ntly Issued Kxtenshm Clu-ulnr -IK-.trach Imld the oltlce of hanker In tho
- '1" ""'en give rospmivo louges, unil the muting lavt
full direct on for test ng. together, Snimilni- ..v.nl,,,. na t
...i.i. hi. ....... i ' r." "-
iiiuMiMiioim ui simple U'siers nyc - meeting. When, tile inenili
bat may bo mado at home. Mils pub- gathered to say good-bye to Mr. i
.wmi,ii n j .'I'.iii ii u ii ii,iri iik
especlully to meet the present situa
tion, topics win lie malleil fice or
2 7-ft. cut Acme binders 7-ft McCormick binder, 6 ft. cut
Acme mower, 5-ft. cut Osborne mower, 4-wheel Acme
sweep rake, 1 2-f t. Osborne self dump hay and stalk rake;
Dempster 12-hole, single disc press wheat dr.il; Dempster
8-hole double disc press wheat drill, Howell 3-sec-tion
riding harrow, 70-tooth, 11 -ft. 2-section harrow; 5
row combination listed corn harrow, crust breaker and
mulcher, 16-inch, 14-disc Canton disc harrow; 3-section
corrugated steel wheat roller, 1 6-inch'Canton sulky break
ing plows, 3 24-inch Hancock gang disc plows, 2 St. Joe
lister and drill combined, John Deere lister and drill
combined, Canton lister and drill combined, Canton rid
ing lister and drill combined, Canton corn drill, Canton
2-row stalk cutter. Canton sled disc cultivator, 2 Demp
ster 2-row adjustable combined disc and shovel listed
corn cultivators, 3 New Departure walking cultivators,
Fast Mail riding cultivator, Busy Bee hammock swung
New Departure cultivator. Canton tongue walking culti
vator, two 3 1 -4 Charter Oak wagons, with springseat and
top boards, one 3 l-45tudebakerwagon, 4 sets 1 3-4 work
harness, tank heater, harrow cart and several small
tools. Most of these tools are practically new with
paint on them.
350 bushels of good, bright alfalfa hay; 100 bales good timo
thy hay, 60 bales of oat straw, about 250 bushels No. 2 white
Tafmc A-l sums of $10 and under, cash in hand; over that a
JLvTIIllo. credit of 10 months will be given, purchaser giving a
bankable note, bearing 8 per cent intorest from date. No property to
be removed till terms of sale are complied with.
clmrge, by wilting to the college lit
ivOiumlila, .Mo. Hankers, merchants,
teacher, farmer, commercial clubs
and other who aic Inteiested in corn
testing may obtain suggeatlon on or
guniilng a community "testing center"
by application to the college.
Tho returns that may bo expected
from testing seed corn, even when the
quality Is normal, Is illustrated 1
contest conducted by tho Missouri
Ftato Corn Growers' Association last
year, said Mr. llacklcman. "Cnie
fill Held notes wero taken on tho five
ucre. plot of each contestant. The av
erago stand of corn on the plots whero
tho seed had been tested was 92.0 per
cent, and tho average yield wns 71.33
bushels. Fields planted to untested
seed gnvo nn nverago stand of 72.1
per cent amljin uvvrugo yield of o2.2l
bushels per acre. In other words,
those men who tested their teed, mado
u gain of ID bushels over thoso who
trusted their own Judgment and did
not test. If such results uro possible
when seed corn is normal, then even
greater rclatlvo results will bo possl
bio this year when seed corn quality Is
far below normal,"
See those beautiful Mon
arch Ranges at
Lay an embargo on non-essentials
ana speed up war work.
Mr. and Mrs. G. K. W111IU, from
Cedar Rapids, were visitta her sister,
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Hoffman, the latter
pan oi last wees.
.Mr. Adam, who hnvn been faithful
members of the order. Their places
In lodge woik will be missed by tlinso
who attend regulur, and wo loin their
many friends uud neighbors in saying
they linvo been the best of neighbors
during their residence In this vlcinitv
for the nnst three or four veain. nml
wo hope to see them return again snimi
time. An old-fashioned lunch was
served, consisting of cake, pie, sand
wiches nnd rolTee, nnd tho meeting was
one of the l-st of tho senfon.
Clarenco William Cnrntichnel una
born at Marlon Center, Kansas, Aug,
2fi, IPO'), and died nt the family honi.,
near uigeiow, nuniiny morning, i-eii-ruary
2n. 1018, at 10 a. m.. having
reached the ago of 17 years, ft month
nnd 20 day. Clarenco wns a voting
man with bright prospects nnd onlv
about three weeks ago took down with
that dreaded disease, pneumonia, and
everything known to tho medlcnl fra
ternity was done for him that could
bo dono to save his young life by both
his relatives anil friends. Most of his
life wns spent In Kansus, tho familv
moving to this vicinity Inst fall, and
for somo tlmo tho family has lived on
tho M. Hart fnrm, southeast of Illgo
low. Funeral services wero conduct
ed at tho home, at 2:00 n. m., Monday
afternoon, by Uro. 0. W. Adams, who
took his text from Job 14-14, "If n
man dio shall he live ngnln?" and
whero a large number of friends gath
ered with the relatives tn sav n Inut
good-bye. Besides a largo clrclo of
inenns ne leaves M mourn his un
timely talcing away, father, mother.
five sisters, Myrtle, Eva, Clara, Dora
ana aaaie: iwo. orouiers, Frank and
Clifford. Interment was at the Bald
win cemetery, there to await the res
urrectton. The family have the sym
COL. P. M. BABB, Auctioneer J. H. WILSON, Clerk
pnthy of tho entlro neighborhood.
A few of our progressive farmers
have began cutting their stalks nnd
beginning to get things In shapo fori
farming. Them will bo quite a lot of
renters Vlmnglng places tho latter!
part of this week. LAY. Duncan has
sold his farm to a man from Auburn,
Nebr., who will movo hero with his,
family tho latter port of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan will movo to
Mound City, whero they have bought
n nico homo with nine lots, and whero
they expect to tako life, a little easier,!
having lived on tho old home placo fori
a number of years. Thoy certainly!
descrvo a rest, and we wish them well
in their new home, Jim Couts will,
movo to tno J. r. unogmon lower
farm, nnd Charley Worley sjid fam
ily will occupy tho old Urldgmon
homestead, which Mr. Couts vacates.
Mr. Argo, who now lives on tho Urldg
mon lower farm, will movo to 5kld
more. Luther Adams and family will
move to a farm near Savannah, and
Mr. ond Mrs. S. P. Adams, of Council
Bluffs, Iowa, will move on tho placo
vacated by Luther and family, Bart
Couts will move to the old Vest farm,
which ho recently purchased, and John
locke, now living on tho Charley
Chiming farm i will move to the Mrs.
Fleming farm. It seems there will be
more changing around tola spring
than is usual in this vicinity, caused
more or less by renters purchasing
Watch for Millinery
Opening Dates
E. A. Netherland
farms of their own, and several are
making this move permanent. Wheat
Is thought to be in pretty good shape
considering the light snowfall during
tho post winter. Of course, it will be
some time before a definite decision
can be made. In some places it is
cropping out and showing up green.
Easter Sunday coming earlier than
usual this, year we should have an
early spring, and what we need to
start with is a rood aoaklnar ralni the
ground is very dry and it will take a
big rain to bring out the wheat and
put the ground in shape for the spring
Ross, the ten-year-old son of Mrs.
Lottie Markt, who has been so very
low with heart trouble, is reported
some better.
For Sale A few Duroe tried sows
and gilts i immune; bred to farrow la
March and AprIL
Both Fhonsa Forest City, Ma,

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