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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, March 08, 1918, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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Oat Meat and Corn Bread or Muffins
2 IpvpI tablespoons sugnr.
1 level teaspoon rait.
1 egg vcll beaten.
1 level tablespoon butter.
1 cup comment.
1 cup oatmeal.
1 cup Hour.
l',4 cup milk.
J tnvnl Inn.nnnni tintftt19 tlPAVilpt
Sift meals, flour, salt and linking powder. Ailil the sugar and milk
nml mix thoroughly. Then ndd tho butter nml beaten egg. Hake In
buttered gem pans.
Saturday Special on Prunes. Buy now
2 pounds for 25c, 5 pounds for 55c, 11 pounds $1.10
3 lb. Golden Day Coffee
3 lb. Chocolate fcrenm Coffee
3 lb. Exccllo Coffee
3 lb. Avon Club Coffee
Garden Sood Chick Food Oystor Shell
Harvey Evans
"nr.UAini.iTY am. Tin: timi:."
The Stale Hoard of Equalization
Wrestling With the Acsmcnt
nnd If you have not yet mndo out n llt of tho FRUIT TREKS,
PLANTS, VINES, ETC that you wnnt to set out thin spring, we
would strongly advise doing so ns loon ns possible. Mnlt us your
Hit In order to secure the varieties you want. Some of the popular
varieties nro going fast and will bo gone early In tho season.
It Is MUCH HBTTER to send your order In enrly nnd have tho
stock reserved for you until planting time.
SPRAY MATERIALS wllllio hard to get tills season untess or
dered welt In ndvancc. flic manufacturers of arsenical poisons being
restricted In their out-put, will not accept orders for arsenates nftcr
their allotments have been sold.
Yours for Good Orchard,
Murray Nurseries
Oregon, Mo. Geo. R. Murray, Prop'r.
U I 1.1111k. VJV llVI-lil (i
Tho State Hoard of Eiiunllzatlon,
composed of the governor, attorney-
general, secretary oi tune, sinie ircus
urer nnd state nudltor, met In Jef
ferson City, Wednesday or Inst wcck,
7. llll K. to review the re
ports of assessor on tho assessed vnl
untlim nf i-enl estate, farm and per
sonal propel ty In the III comities of
the state mime in ui nun on which
the levy will be based In payment fit
laves in wis.
The 1!II7 n.sesred valuation wrre
n-nctlenllv innile under the supervis-
on of a tax commission rrcnltil for
that ptrpnc, nnd which had ns IH
innln nbloct to encourage asenrs
throuirhnut the state to raise nil prop
ertv tu an assessed valuntlon of I ltd
per com. in some ni uiese counues
nrludlnc Unit, the ns essors enrrleil
out the Instructions of the tax com
mission, which lilt rally n created ny
a stnte slatuto nnsreil by the last leg
islature, in other counties the nes
sunt declined to bo slnnil'tihil by tin!
tux commission, nnd mime nur nc-
cording to their judgment ns 10 wniii
wns fair nnd eiiuilnhle. to tno ia.patr,
' he eon.t lu on or tin nie mimes
It the duty of the IhkmiI of iipiulizn-
lion to munliip the MiHiex among me
counties. In eveiy eulinty r.n uproar
has gone up over the uclivlty or the
stnte tnx commission In demnmllng
the enormous raises that appear In
valuation over u war mro. and do
nmiiiU will bo made on tin board of
equalization to revise the valuation nnd
establish a basis of etpinllration that
will nroduco ii the revenue needed.
"I lie duties or the suite hoard ci
oipjnliration shall I"' to adjust and
eipiallto the valuation of real and er
sonnl nronerty iimong the several
countless In the state, nnd It x 111 per
form si:r h other duties as me or may
bo prescrllied by law, says the con
When Iterliert S. Ilndley wan gov
ernor ho undertook to enuallie the vnl
ues nniong tlio counties, wiui nn ei
Iiil'Io to the absolute needs of th
state, but could only gei me support
of the then state treaurer. James
Ctiuirll! Cornelius lioarh and Ills ns
sorbites on the bonid-all Democrat
utterly opposed (iovenior tladley nm
Tirvmm r Ciiul-III. nnd Hip iroerilor'i
iiniiinaltlnn nt the time was defeated
Air. Itoarh Is now at the head lf the
state tax commission, and ho won:
all classes of property assessed on the
lfMl rent bus a. Had llnilltv's plan
been adopted nt tho time he proposed
It, suiricieni revenue lor an nine wumu
bo nriMluci'd. and the state would not
today be lu the attitude of having u
commission dlctnting nbnormnl In
i-rense to count v assessors.
Up to Wednesday or nisi wcck, lirac
ilfnllv the listessnr' returns of tin
114 counties of the state were nil In
nnd we nubllih the returns as mail'!
for the six counties composing this
congressional district, together wiw
assessed vulunllMi for the I'.Ui tuxes,
1117 11' IN
Andrew . . . .$ H.KIrt.l l!) $2u,:i!i,!.lrf
Atchison.. . llMi!HI
lluchiiuiiii. . IT'177,KKO
Nodaway ... 17,7l'J,'.it)'.i
I'latte T,i,HJ,iini
We have a complete line of
Farm Implements and the
prices are considerably below
present market prices.
Grand Detour Gang Plows,
Good Enough Sulky Plows,
Moline Breaking Plows,
Little Joker Walking Culti
vators, New Century Riding Culti
vators, Moline Adraince Mowers,
Great Snake Sled Cultivators,
Flying Dutchman Corn
Campbell Corn Drills,
Moline Economy Discs,
Avery two-row Cultivators,
Deering Grain Binders.
Teare & Ruley
Duroc-Jersey Bred Sow Sale
50 Magnificent Tried Sows and Gilts
to be sold in Thompson's Sale Barn at Mound City, Mo., on
Saturday, March 9, 1018
Rain or Shine.
NO. G.
Sired by our Great Breeding and Show Boar, "UNEEDA MODEL AGAIN," ihc boar
llmt won .econd honors at the Missouri State Fair in 1917 in ihc greatest Duroc Show the
state has ever known. I Ic is a Modern Big Type Sire. I Ic sired the highest priced
spring hoar sold in Missouri last year. Other sows in the offering sired by Pathfinder, Kings
Col., Great Wonder and Pathfinder Chief.
Competent ficldmcn say that a better offering will not be sold this year. Spring Gills
weighing -400 xuinds, and not too fat cither. Seeing is believing. Come and be convinced
that they arc good.
These sows are bred to Pathfinder King, Kings Col.
Chief and Unepda Model Again.
All but one have been vaccinated with the double treatment.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid will serve Chiclcn Dinner on sale day. Come and be our guest
Send (or illustrated catalog.
Auctioneers: Col. W. M. Putman, Tecmisch, Ncbr.; Col. I. E. Stickelman, Clarinda,
Iowa; Col. H. C. Fries, Mound City, Mo.
Fieldmen: F. F. DeVore, Duroc Bulletin; H. E. Browning, Swine World; E. I. Crock-
ett, Missouri Farmer; C. H. Hay, Missouri Ruralist.
Mound City, Mo.
Drought ("I 1'rlcr.
Tlio Omcr WltllaiiiH nubile sa!f
held nn Tuesday, nf llmt week. IVbi'ii
in-e 'Jii. wns n i7iiiit success, ami i oi
iiiH'I linnii, mo nuciinnecr, enniiun
Oilier t swell IiIh hank nccount $.'.!(",
A J.yiar.nlil lioiltT hnniKhl ?l(w
iluvt! vminir cow h hM hmuulit nn nv
lni'P nf ?!-: a fl'an nf small inillii
Mild for :!-:; nlfalfa hrmiuht $i: n
ton; uatx MVi enrn 51.nn. nml iiiiiiu'
niKiilj unit n'kvuiuil. The I'liiot City
Itcil ("i-omi n'lvril tlm lunch. A h"0
wan put up anil mill fur V, mul It an
put I'P nml wun til inur. wnii-n
iriiiiirht n tulal nf $iri.7Ii. A lilinili' In-
laiul riKintor wan iIIpommI nf tin- wuuo
wny, anil i'0 wun ri-allznl: a whlti"
hun anil ihoj.It hold tlm fame way,
hruuitht anil u llttli- ml plit "rut
for iflri. The nH'h'ty mumiii sivu.
At the Julm llnnim nlo, hold Tlim.
day, IMiruary -S, i-vcrythlnK put mi
hmuitni i;ooii pricr., nnn nrn mu
total mile wont un t S-'liTS, John iravo
a hiiiIIo nf natUfactinn. Ilroml
wont at from $7ii to n hoail, (lilts
nveracoil $!!); htock hlioatx at per
M. K. Church NiiIoh.
Tho I.nillos' A hi will moit with Mrn.
fJuy Conrad, Wpdnosdav uftcnioon, nt
!!:!(!! Choir nnictlco Tliumhiv inoni-
inpr. Ilinhop Qunic will iipoak .it tho
Whlto Tcmplo church, St. Joseph, nexi
Kridny, at l!!:2!i u. m.. in tho Intcirsts
nnn ni,r"iii
W 1 or tlio .iiirsnuri wpsirynn,
7 A In tho ovonltiK in tlio interests or tho
IP hospital. Dr. Cameron Ilnnnon, pres.
) Ident of the Missouri Wet-lejnn Col
r A lfBfi will i''110 sppnk In tho rveninir.
Mr A hnnuuet will ho tcrvril In tho
Whlto Temple, nt 0:110 ti. m M cents
per plate. Anyone wlshlni; to ntteml
tho liamiuct will kindly let mo know
so n nlnto mav ho reserved.
itoiru ar scrv co next ouminy nuirn.
Inc nnd evening. Tho Indies' Quartet
of tho M. K. cliuuii will slnp; neM huie
lav evenine.
1 Tlio committee, or comimtlees jroni
lllin Christian, l'reshvterlnn nnd this
church met last week to formulato
I plans for a union revival. They nro
now tryinp to n-curo an cvanceusi.
I.ct us not rorget to pray lor mo com'
Inff meeting.
I'lans nro being mado for tlio Last
cr service, March at. C. V. HAND.
Hark Home.
C. D. Zook and wife- have relumed
from their recent trip to many points
I of interest in the Southland: returning
they, with their daughter, Mrs. hher
Iman.Hihbard. who nccomnanled them
stopped at Camp McPherson, where
they visited with her husband, Limit.
Dr. Sherman Hlbbard. of the Medical
department While there the party
visited with Fred Cook nd wife, and
they report them aa In good health
and having fine time, and that Fred
was proving out in excellent shape in
I every test that bad come up to nun.
IVnlli nf lln. Ilrimn.
liev. Diinrnn Ilrimn, for oer fmty.
yinrs n I'nlijtrrlan inlnMer in tins
Mi'tlim nf our stutr, illi-d at the home
of ills ilaUKlder, Mis. It. I". Asplund.
in Santa IV, New Mcwldi, whole llev. i
llrowii and wife had lrn fur the uln-,
tor months, nn Tuesday of Inst wrrk.
I'rhniaiy I'.HS, nt the age of 7."
years. '
Itev. Itinwn wus pui-tnr of sevi'inl
chuivlies In nnd near St. Joseph for
inniiv vents ninl li.nl llvetl in Mlssouil
most of his life. He wax n veternn of
the Civil War nnd was chaplain nf
Cusler l'o-t No. T, (i. A. It., nt tho
time of his di'alli.
The Mound CHy lYoihylorlnn elmi'ili ,
wns oiranlrnl lu Mny, I ST-', by l.'ev.
K. II. SheruiMNl, mid In June, 1 877,
I'ev. Iliown riiine to that cliarKo as n
stnte supply, nnd soon nfler wni It ,
stalled ns the regular pnstor, theie lie.1
Ini; iiiiiv lit names on the inemlielsti n i
roll at tluit time. Of the oriKlii.iP
lueniherslilp to iirganlro the rhuirh,
Mrs. Jnne (ilenn, now nrailntr her
llllst birthday, still survives,
lie wns an earnest, milium winker
In his Master's vluoyiiiil, and he sunn
hud the clinch nivanli'.ation ns a
strong, ivliirious liody, nnd the church
oi loiiay at Hint place is one or the
sii'oiiKOM in our county, nun nui inui
,i. ..r i .i ....... i... i
Cralir nt this tlmo had nn rrcsliy-
terinu oiKiini"ation, and llcv. Iliown,
in Senteinber. 1R77. went over to
CrnlK, from Mound City, nnd found a
row ol 1 tu rn llilul noionif whom 1.4
Ceo. V. Unsklll. still llviiur nt the ni
of 8(1 years, Iln oikii nizrd this clasw,
consisting of six persons, nnd from It
linn grown n splendid church organ.
Iintlon. Ihmugh his oirorU they,
built their splendid brick church edl
llco in 1878. Itev. Ilrown reninlned In
charge of theie two bodies until 1880,
when lie went to other Ileitis.
Itev. Ilrown wns born in hhelhyvllle,
Mo., and when n young mnn ho enlist
ed In the Union Army nnd fought
throughout tlio Civil War. When ho
u'mm linnnrnlili' illirlinrirril lm com.
menrcd to study for the ministry. Af
ter liclng iiilmltteil to tho ministry bis
first charge was at Palmyra, Mo. More
than 35 years ago ho was sent to St.
Jnsenh to tako clinrgo of tho pastorate
of Uio Third Street Presbyterian
church. After tcrvlng thcro for homo
tlmo lin went to HrookfNd, Mucon,
Tavklo and several churches In Mis
souri, For the past ten years ho has
had chargo of several St. Joseph
churches, nnd for several years was
president of Highland, Kansas, Univer
sity. Hov. Ilrown was well known
throughout this section of our stnte,
and had many warm friends In Holt
county, who will bo deeply grieved by
his death. He at various times held
meetings In Oregon, and in 1V09 de
livered the Memorial sermon for Meyer
Post. G. A. K., and was prominent In
Q. A. R. circles, being chaplain of
Custer Post, at at. Josepn, n toe time
nf his death.
Beside hit wife and the daughter,
Have n Ihnlieil supply of pure biod lleid'ii Yellow I lent
Heed I ''iln. Individual curs tested. Will guniiiuUo a 'M per
rent germination, h'tcd from livid tint averagul 70 bu. per
The Mlsfiuul Stale Corn (.lower-' Assnrlut'on which met
Jan, IS lit Cotuinbla during l-'iuinrlV Week, in(il a resolu
tion, WIipitik. the numbers of the usclntlon would adopt n
minimum price for seed corn, so us lu pievrnt prolllccrlng.
The maximum price ngiccd upon wa $.' per bu. for puio lircil
seed that was tei-tul lor germination, t'uiu either In ear or
shell, d.
Wheat Straw Baled, several tons
Power Hay Press Dain.
For Prices Wrllc or Phone
'uden'i'lniw'ih oM'verton, Mo.i' Mies fllcSenliliel PliclfrgiUll 1'llMisllillg CO.
nl u-Iiiisp home he died, ho Is survived
by tliiee daughters nnd one son! Miss
Helen llnmn, of Kverton, Mo.j Mies
Mmllin Ilrown. nf Indluiiiinolln, Ind.:
Miss i:ilzubeth Ilrown, of St. Jo6eph,
ami Louis T. Ilrown, who Is In nnny
6ei--ico In France.
Tlio body wns brought to St. Jo
seph, whero funeral services wero held
Kinwlni- lni-t from tlio Westminister
i'reidiylcrinn church, nnd ho wns buried
with tho honors of tho 0. A. K.
I. r. DOIIVN8.
At Auction,
Having rented out all our farming
land wo will sell our matched team of
albpurposo mares at auction in A. J,
l.nnder's nubile sale at Forest City,
March 11. Seo display advertisement
and bills. A. A. JKFFHKY.
For Sale or Trade My C town
lots and y"ypDENNV
For Sale GOO hedire nostst 2 tons
of oats straw: a ton or more of alfalfa
Oregon, Mo.
JUST ARRIVED An attractive
line of Misses and chlldrens' dresses,
in beautiful plaids, and plains, with
plaid trimming, and at price lew than
you can buy the good for. You will
miss tt if you do not investigate be
fore Duying eisewnere. u, r. awu.
tfiluwi t tli. ro.tomc Ormolu Uliiouri. u
Skoo1 CIm. Il.il.r.
t VMklj K.wrpapar P.toM to tli. InUn.u
el tli. Rut Countr In th. Union.
W.lck Ih. data f.lUwIm rnr Mm. Uw
urala .1 th. p.p.r. II till. U. 4U U
MA ml ..tKfltllw to p.U.
Friday, March 8, 1918.
For Congress.
William E. Spratt, of St. Joseph,
Mo., hereby declares himself and an
nounces that be will be a candidate)
upon the Democratic ticket for tho
nomination of Representative of tho
4th MUouri District In the National
Congress at Washington, D, 0., in the
State Primary Election to bo held
August tiUJ, 1U10.
' 4

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