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The Holt County sentinel. (Oregon, Mo.) 1883-1980, March 22, 1918, Image 3

Image and text provided by State Historical Society of Missouri; Columbia, MO

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While saving is possible, take
advantage of the very low
prices quoted in
Our Great Spring Sale
Best Pilgrim Prints,
light or dark styles. Blue, grey or
white ground. Today's mill price in
17 l-2c in this sale, per yard - wv
L. L. Unbleached Sheeting
good weight and quality, yard C 1 -Or
wide, less than mill value, pr. yd. 1 J i
15c Fine Curtain Scrims
with fanoy woven borders, 11 1 lr
white or ecru, this sale, yard - i"v
15c Heavy Bleached Toweling
fancy blue border, wonderful 111 J)
bargain - nifcl
Bonnets, Sun Hats
House caps and silk auto Bonnets,
Ladies and Children's sizes, all in
good styles, values 26c to $1, choice "
of Ladies' Goats, Suits" and
Dresses. Save 65 to $7.50 by
selecting your Easter clothes
from these garments. Many
sample garments in &4 CT ff
the lot. Choice.,-
"J. H. HALE"
TliU I the first season nc have been obit- to offer our patron tree
of the famou J. II. Hale peach, and (he price 1 only 2.1c vach. CAMP
IIKIX'S EAIU.Y GRAl'F. la annolher one of those choice fruit that
ahould be In every home garden. I.an year we had SlU'Kltll, ami
PI10GES31VE STHAWUEKKIKS fruiting until winter begun, and
think these are the beat strain of "Everbearing" berriea we have ever
had. Last fall we also picked several full grown, well colored, round
applea which we found growing in our nuraery on tree Just three
year from propagation. We will how you -sample, of these apple
(which we have preserved In formalin), Thl Indicate early bearing
procllvltlea well worthy of conlderatlon.
We have a good atock of DELICIOUS and other home and commer
cial varlct lea of applea aa uiualj alio the beat CUERRIES, PEAKS,
Let ua help you to aecure more and better cropa of frulta by lupply
ing you all the beat thlnga In horticultural llnei. Respectfully yours,
Murray Nurseries
Both Phone.
Oregon,' Mo,
if Another Letter From Harry Petree
I Somewhere In France. Feb. 22. 1918.
Dear Folk: I have been enjoying
imyscu immense v thi nnst rew tinvn.
I You remember my writing that I had
round a cousin, Nell Petrcc, from Le-
ami suinroni university, over here.
Wednesday, as Nell hail a pass, w!
look a walk together, and had dlnnnr
nown town, we had a line visit. He
came over with an nmbulancc unit
from hi unlvrntltv nml uw mn.1
deal of service in the Balkans. After
we cot Into the war the vnlt enme bock
to h ranee, and lie was transferred to
ine aviaxion service, nnl Is now a cadet
In the detachment to which I on at
tached. He showed mc pictures of the
ti.MKun iinti low inn Rnmrl i n Af Y.I.
experience thrre. He lias had nn In-
icrcsung time nnd 1ms seen a lot of
r.urupc. iic is n mighty uttracUvo
young man, nnd 1 hope we can be to
gether a long-time. It will be great
ii IH) Is sent to us when he rnmr
Toflni fa a ImlMnt ui,r.. .
blrthday,so I took n trip to a town near
. '.. Two othcr "eutenanta, Costcllo
nm Kohn, went with me. We took u
train at 9:16 this morning. The train
are divided Into compartments, and the
car nrj. ,vdcd Into first, second nnd
third Class. Of rnnr.n ..... .1-
class. Our comnarlmcnt wn u-.!i
furnished an.l very comfortable. We
had an enjoyable ride. The country
was very pretty, everything fresh and
.Ji!lc.r '." mur.1', !,,,,or' connected
with the town which was our destlna-
tion. We went lhmm.li ...Ita
occupied by a famous English king
and crusader. It was a massive rock
tructure, built to withstand a heavy
"eKc, ami ai the time must have been
Impregnable. We saw the big guard
room with a fire place, where the
knight used to toast their shins. We
went up a circular stone stairway, the
stones being much worn. Every few
feet wo saw wedge-shaped crevices In
the wall wit , small slot inside. These
Uu?' hy .,ho nhet '"I"
siege. c went into n room useil as n
iiUM'iiin, nnd saw ninny curious things
In the WnV nf nn.Ul .....I .
.!.. ... ti moiicrn
ilress, utensils, etc.
I J'm'" r"r!t,rr xvp r""ml fl"m
her v. ith acoustic properties which
nn.ln It n wonderful "whispering gal-
K c "JlT1 I" "InRonally oppo
site corners thirty feet apart, fnc ng
the wnll, nnd coufd hnir the sllghtct
whisper. We went to the roof, where
we found two small rannon, once used
In tlu defense of the ensile. We had
n wonderful view ,.r tl. ( W, ,J
.... .n ruiiiiiirnis. I he rust e took
me hack In t m nl.i .i...- . .r..'.".
nml I wo thrilled to, V.,A .
phere. It utmost mmlc . (v0 thai
he )hiyM of chivalry had come ngnfii
hut we mni'in knh.l.t. ...in .if" '
ate'",1'!',1 ,,f har-' iw
..'m r ?nnB ,,lp raM,c wp 'hopped
awhile nnd then went through n beau
tlful entheilrnl. Then, nfieV a go"d
Inner wo went to a hath house an
l ad a wonderful hot shower ball, worth
L iniiiiv uimui. nc huil a picas
lint iifloniimn, nnd nfter dinner it the
.... ... . .... ,UUKm ,, ,, ,rnm rop
en ,. '"..,!f.,.!n,V',f.nl "TP "ncers,
uieniini, weii In mtr
co..,,rtmeiit. mid wen- very roni'.n.
I no rapfiiii spoke l-'renrh, ,Vr
man urn V.ntr II. h .in- .""'!..
.. Hm.. .1... ..f il - . "t r ii.ui
.. nn 111 .
Where to 'Find Him.
The following letter from our senior
senator fully explain lUelf;
Lear iTiena: xour letter concern
ing the resolution propoilng an amend-
to VI
itated Dl
I propose to vote to submit the amend-
ment to the constitution extending the.
I have already stated
right'of lulfn
to women received.
ublicly that
ment to the states.
Sincerely yours.
W. 0. Proud, If; D., Eya, Ear,
Throat and Nom SpasUUit, Offleo,
FhyateiaoJ ana BargMur bw
7th. and Fraoela ttmti, St. J
-Under present abnormal condition,
straw is needed by the government for
bedding purposes. This demand. Is
only temporary. Before Spriag work
and bad roads come, bale your straw
and realise ea prtseat price.
Receiver and Shippers of Bay aad
Established 1889. Kaasas City. Ma.
ColorlU In all colors.
i. i, ' "1r.r"l,K,',l ioi- i Sigma Alplin
Kpsllim illnnor tomorrow nlglit. i .1
Imye four oirieer nnd eight ,, "
Cltclets llmil tin. I'viL ri ... i....... ...lrn.
. ... iiu.i- KIMt
mini linn roinn ircxnl ent.
Kij you see I am getting ,il,mK v.'m
nicely ,,, B, noting no InmUlii). ..
V-i.r . i ?" r'',",' n i
tilve mi Iia... ... ..i
write ngaln oon. I.ovInul.
Parmer1 Week at t'nluml.i.
The Missouri l.lvo Stock Prixlucera'
Association met In Kansas City Inst
inV.;? .V 1 uunla):': Tl1' tho
ii U1 livestock- pun i:e-
ers .Mlssouii Hi. t.i, ...... r..J .. '
They would like n renresei tnlli. n
nnnt ti . 1 . Alnitnitratlo
islst MiJ'm'0 ,lcV'r"ll,,,ll"
IllSISt (hat the nrm Inrnr I... -I...
consideration will, t, packer nml r'.in-
itiXi 'i " ruwl Aiiminlstrnt on
nwponse to un appeal
from the government for nn Incn'iised
Jtock-the feed loU. were filled at
fall, and later when sold, the Mock-
willing to feI without ,IU pmj, t
ed tlm government got the benefit of
It J. Llt hce")' uniUht tor "10 I'fo
inuL nm.nu'j'ur stock Into tho
luiVO tho nnekii n.... i.i. i ' i "
them. 1 ' ' " lor
i Xnncc' Liberty, Mo., pre.1
.lent of tho association, laid: "Thl,
a no time for us to talk about mak
ing monev. Hut ulk th.
Insuring mcrchanU and every other In
Mi,"swl,"t WHM low!. It seem
kiSd be I given" u,. ,twcrn,," "f
ntHi'Ji- H W1' former President
?;.ih0K8n"tt.?.Sta,5 Agricultural Col
fei"mB.e,ll,,r ?( thn Knns City
..1.1 i ' . nun "lilVII
could get best results by sending a
committee to Washington which l"
TT t"""0 OI ucanng with the
situation. There has never
Saturday, March 30
We advise you take advantage of this op
portunity to save
25, 33 1-3 and 50
on Merchandise for now
and Future.
Please settle your account,
as after March 30, all unpaid
accounts will be given to an
attorney for collection.
Real Estate Alimcorarh
faMWIi(4 Wr.klr Mr K. K Mlcksrii. Oi.f.m .
ODIm I'lultln. In Ik. M..r IIImIi.
Vhitrjcter and Negotiator of In.
Tmnsfi'tn for week ending Mnirh
ID, 1IU8. I
Mirrnnty ieii:
CJee-, VanCimily to J, II. WVIIer. '
his !i. Till, ;i7 111,(1(111
(I. V, folten to Mntlliln Tean-,
Its 7. 8. hlk -10, Forest City. I.HiO,
C. A, McKulty to Karl Knms,
witli the
factory example of prico fixing in
thl country, and since It has been be
gun It must bo carried through to the
end and price must be fixed nil tho
way down tho line."
. .ilri.Stu'fe' ex-Kvcrnor of Knn-
as, said! "Thrrn la on ...... u
mendous question which overshadows
every .other Issue how can wo help
win the war T I bcllevo that any man
who In these time attack tho admin-
utrstion from any partisan incentive,
? cne.'?'r t0."' countrj'. It 13 ri
diculous." ha nl,l ... . T j. '
' 1 ' -w M14 UUACIl
packers fixing price for tho rest of
w?,,Sto 8blle by." The farmers
and atoekmen need organisation.
Nearly eyery county In Missouri
v 'Ywivea at ine
Ids 8 nml !. nt. :ih
Asiiiua l'nistmmi to II. I', nnd
.1. A. Milne, Ids IT nml 'JO,
nn. a? l
Mninle Um-II to W. K. llmlgln
nnd w re. s'i sw'18. C '. .'17. 12.000
Jno. Dminn to II. O. Fries, Ids
1 nnd Ii. fi . IS. nml I. 01. .10 '..1X)00
It. J. linker to Itlley Turney,
Its '-'0 nnd 31, hlk 41, For
est Cltv U.V)
Homer Twymim to J. F. I'oyn-
tor, nml its M ami in, uik
18. Chnnnlncs ml lllcelow..
Win. V. Twyman to J. F. I'oyn-
ter. und ? in snme
J. I,, nnd 1. M. Minion to J. A.
llrown.Jts II), M, 10, lilK ",
Kortescuo COO
C. W. Lukena to It. M. Meyer,
Ids 21. fil. 17 10.000
A. J. Cotten to I.lila Speer, Its
o; 7. u, a. hlk hs, For. u.... J.iuo
I.Ida Speer to A. J. Cotten, It
l. hix 4r. Forest u ty l.uuu
C. F. Ilnnihleer to W. M. Vance,
e'i swVi '.'a nw 20. CI. 38.. 1
It. A. Itow lett to A. 1. Johnson,
Ids 11. 02. .18
It. A. Itowlett to W. W. How-
ctt. tret 1. C2. .'18
K. M. Itowlett to W. W. Itow
lett, tret 1, 02, .18
Administrator's Deedi
C. C. Titus by Ailmr. to II. II.
Crouse, wli Its 1, 4, C, 8, 0,
12, blk 51, Md City COO
Quit Claim Deeds i
W. G. Andes to S. II. Andes,
tret 32. 03. 38 1.1.800
Wm. G. Andes to J. W. Andes,
stt nw 32. C3, 38 10,000
Wm. G. Anile to Jno.M, Andes,
Ids 0, 02, 38 and 31 arid 32,
63. 38 35,3-10
J. F. Chllcoat, ct al to heirs of
wm. M. uossctt, nw so nw
2; 69, 37 1
Cora Richard to Kmma Gil
Flllen, und M int Yi so 20,
C2, 38 6,000
Wills I
Patrick Corby to Catharine Corby.
Anne K. Irvine.
lV ts 'I i
As alike at pcao in a pod
is all flour in 7tPHii sacltc Not even
skilled chemist enn detect iho
clightet variation in ZiLSIH
You can always trust each sack of
i rttiiiiirT nisswiMi uni i
to bake precisely alike.
Using 7o.'v insures you better bread
than your ntighborc.
Cook Foster report the follow
ing sale: B. F. Freeman: Blgetow;
Walter Kneale. Maltland, and Henry
epresented at tho meeting. Thers I Preble, Oregon, Mitchell-Six touring
but two from Holt, H. E. Mllns cars. U F. Stalcup and Sid Moore,
and Avon H. Murray.
The association appointed a com.
" cf out to jro to Washington to
fjui Mr. Hoover, and to maka
tactful demand for representation
upon the meat committee.
Oregon; Arthur Hoer, Craig, Dodge
touring can. Ernest Dahler, Dodge
udin. Cowan Brothers. Maltland.
super six Hudson speedster. Henry
McPike, MaJUand, and-a F. Mltchen,
Bigeiow, vnevroiei wuruig cars.
On March 23, 1918
I will sell at Fublio Auction,
My eight-room residence,
located on Grand Avenue, also my
Livery Barn and Ware house
looated on B. Street, in Forest City.

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