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5?(nle niMoWf.M Society
Soli mwk
l.ro I'rlrcr I'iniln Clarke lnlnc' Son
in Uncle Sam' Sen Ice.
I.U-ut. I.co V. TcIitc Is now nt El
lington Field, near Houston, Texas,
taking a course a pilot of u bombing
plane. In u letter received by lilt
father, Frank l'etrre, n few day ag",
.oo tcllii of meeting a grandson of the
late Clarke Irvine, lie suys: "1 was
nvcr nt Gulvcslon n few day ago for
the week end, I lind an cviienci!
there Unit show liow small the worlil
in after nil. I met 11 sailor, ti lirst-
clas conian, named Irvine, t thought
liuthlnic f It until I lieiud some one
rail lit in Clnrke. Then I liegnn asking
questions, uml found out lie wu Clarke,
lnlnc, a gt nudum of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Clarke Irvine, who were for no ninny
Near honuied resident of Oiignn. lie
lives lit Santa .Monica. California.
Young Irvine In 11 son of Cluio Ir
vine, who was bin n nml lulse,! hero,
llliil I well knmvii to n,nli Origiih po'i,
Jili'. Mr. India I'lieo I nn ti-int.
Thru- Army Corp.
!encml .Muitli, chief of statf, has
lilinouniTil that the Lnltid Mutes now
ban three full niniy enli nigunized
liy General 1VI filing. I hi nirmirt
flghtecn divisions lx division to
euch mips, four of legulurs, nine of
iinllonai guards mid live oi the na
tional army. A there nio 18.5't) of
llcer uml Infantry nun In a division,
it means in lound iiuuitx i 111,420 In
unity In uti iirmy eorp. The total
iiumlier of men in nil lnanchco of the
iervlre Inlantiy, Held ortlllciy, ca
nlry, ingiiiccrs. Held signal and nero
Mpiudion numbers 25,730 men; to this
I lidded wugun nnd truck trains, nun
uml nfiirci. 2.M7 total tlivl jiii
Mrcmrth. 2.2I7.
The Tilh division, In which Company
., of Holt county, la n pail, ha been
(isrfgncd tu the second ai my corps, tin:
co r pit coiiimuniler not yet having been
mimed, nut .Major General William ,m,
Wright I in rommand of the division
Now that we know the division ami
intny cm I' to which our bujit uru us
idgncd, our leader need only to watch
the ilinpatrhe for locution of these,
uml they run leurn the wherenliout on
lli gicul line mat Hie Holt county
Imy me located.
The Mth division. In which the Holt
county boy who left lieie Apill 20,
lias not been assigned to any eoips.
Three llrother Enlist a At Inters.
Jay It. I'etree tins enlisted for train-
Ine a an aviator in the navy. He re
ceived notice of the approval of Ida ap
plication on the Tth, anil In it tew day
ten ordered to report to the nearest
naval recruiting station for cxamlnu-
ion and enrollment. He reported lit
St. Joseph Thursday, the 11th, nml wa
sent to Kansas City lor examination,
lie successfully nassed. was enrolled.
nnd ordered to hi home to await ord-
rs to renort for training. This makes
three brother who havo enllsteil ns
uvlntnr in this wur. Harry enlisted
ns soon us war wa ilirlaled, and wa
in Italy when Inst heard from. I .en
enlisted ronn lifter, nml is now lit El
lington I'ielil, nt Houston, Texas, llotli
have lieeome rx.it li)ers. Jay I not
in the diafl, but eonrluded he could nut
stay out any longer, nnd, ns npplica-
lions for i nli.-tmi nt ns mnij nviutoi
were not being taki'ii. nml he wn. d
tcrmlnnl to mt into that branch of
the service, he mli-ted in the naval
uvintion seivlce.
With Jn enll-t'iient. eight of lint
generation of the l'i tree lio s have t n
listed for the win; nil voluntier uml
four of them n inter.
Vital Stutlsllcs.
Our record of births for the month
of June. HUH, show theio ucro tlx
boy unci four Kir", lolal ot ten. llio
death exceed thu births during the
month, nml for the Mint time thus fur
dur tnr the year. I he sexes wero even
lv divided six mule and six female:
the avertiKC age of tho mule was to
years und 8 months, uml of tho fe
mules. -IS years.
For tho llrst six months of tho ycir
there were U7 births; 47 boys und !0
girls. Tho larger number uf girls
weie bom in March I..
Who on this world of ours their eyes
In March llrst open, shall bo wise
In duvs of nerll. llrm uml brave.
And weur the bloodstone to their
Muv wuk the lucky month for boys
ns theic were ten born during thai
Who llrst behold the lleht of day
In spring's sweet llow'ry month u
And weur un emerald all his life
.Shall bo loved und frco from strife.
The deaths during tho llrst six
months of 11)18 were 65 35 wero
males, whoso average ugo was fi'J
'there were M females who died dur
Ing this period, whose average ago
was 4'.i years and H months. Thus it
will bo seen thut tho births cxceedcii
the deaths fur the six months period
by 32, while the male deaths exceeded
lliofo of females by only live.
Wur .Sainu Slaiiin-.
Since the report lust week, ShUiih
Nn. :il ha li reived two sub-rriptloiis,
which makes Hull' total $l,Mi.'i; ipmtj
il.:i'.)0. Tins leaves only llftoen dl-
It lets of the county that did not make
their Uotas. uml some of the lifteen
nre within u veiy few percent.
l ive Hags have been sent to this
county. Two hundred mumr Hags me
to be given to I lie srliooi iiisnieis in
the state nver-subrrllbing their quota
by the Inige.-l percentage. The live
lings have been awaided us follow,:
loifst City Ituli'tiemlcnt DlstrUt, -il
per rent; No. ilO, Culp, 212 per rent;
No. Wi. llrusli l ollege, .No. 1, -11 1 pel
nt ; No. iili, .Maylluucr, llll iier tut;
Craig liiileiieudeiit Distllrt, IHI per
rent. We have fifteen dl.tlicts over
110 per cent, nnd It is pOMdblo that
mine Hag will ! liwuriled In this
Honor Conies lo Him.
Another Holt county boy who has
lieen uwuy front the old root trvo
simile, nas won ins two oars, ami win
leave u lucrative practico to do his
part In the grout wur for Democracy,
Dr. I. II. Kuhl, of Kunsas City, sun
of Mr. and Mrs. J. 1'. Huhl, of New
I'oint, has been commissioned In tho
Medical Itcserve Corps of tho army,
with the rank of captain. Tho doctor
is a graduate of tho old Central Med
ical Col lego of St. Joseph, and for tho
past fourteen years has been a suc
cessful 'practloneer in Kansas City,
anil for twelve years has been the phy
sician for tho "Uluos" baseball teuin,
of that city. His commission reached
lilm on tho 78th birthday of his moth
erland his father Is now In hlf 81st
year, and they are in a position
not to bo dependent on that dear good
boy of theirs. Father Huhl has been
a resident of tho county for C2 years,
and it was In tho town of New I'oint
that Dr. Kuhl was born.
From WiiIiIiikIiiii, I). (',
Flmer I). Trice, ii folmer clllrin,
write us us follow from Wushlngtoii,
I). C. where he Is employed in the )c
pintment of the Interior, lluieau of
I in n now cnmlincil legiilurly In
Department uf Into lor. I am well
pleased with my work nml better
nli'iiM'il with tlie Cimltiil Cliv
wnsliliik'lon is gieutiy crowned wiiii
war winkers, but Uncle Mini i put
ting f oi th his best clTort in trying to
feed und house them. An appropria
tion has been mudc for buildings for
the women woikeis. and for the ship
yard winker. If he Hike erne of and
provide for the women, the men run
then lind better and more teiisomiblo
luurtor. They ran "lough It in hunt
ing quarter mine eusily than the wo
men. With bei-t rrguiiU to The Senti
nel foivo and to ull Inquiring friends."
Their First Appearance
Mildieil HniiiMiy, Floience Walllrk,
Virginia Caskey, Kloise und I 'rice 1'hll
brick und Mary Ctukoy opened their
show season tit tho l ied I'hllhrirk
home, one evening tills week. r
cry numlier was u good one, und was
In the lilgli class vaudeville clinrac
ter. It wusn't n free show, for you
had to pay in tho coin of tho realm to
see such mtists, for not u single mem
ber of tho company is in tho pin and
button cluss. r.acn one of tlie com
puny is u real specialist, und their
specialties on their opening night
brought a good crowd, the sum of ?l.l.i
being taken in ut the ticket window
und after tho show wus over, the man
agcr, in u nrut und patriotic speech
announced to the audience thut tho
gross proceeds weie donated to tho
locul Keel cross.
llelsled to Us.
I'aul S. Faraghcr. u son of llcmv
Fanigher, formerly of this city, in tlie
jewelry business, is professor of chem
Shake My Hoy.
Tho many friends of Carl Bose In
Oregon, ana especially the boys and
girls of the Eighth grade of our public
school the past year, send their sin
cere congratulations to him on his mar
riage, which occurred at Camp Dodge,
Iowa, July 4 last, to a Miss Edith Cat
lihan, of Wellington, Kansas. Mr.
Dose Is now In training at Camp
Dodge. Having been called to military
duty from Nodaway county last May,
He had the faculty of wlnnlnir his wav
a ifiA tifAl4fl tit nlm ttiiifenta wlill
teacher here In our public school, and
it seems no did not stop witn them,
but captured the heart of a Kansas
girl. We wish him and bride a long,
sweet me.
i profes
try In tho State University of I .aw
ence. Kansas. His mother was Delia
daughter of Warren II. Davis, formerly
oi mis city, ami now rcsnnnir n Kan
sas City. I'aul has been commissioned
a captuln, ami will serve In tho chem
iral department for Undo Sam, and ex
pects to be called Into active service at
any time. Everett Meyer, who Is homo
lor the vacation period, assisting Cob
lector Alklre, has been in I'aul's class'
es, and he thinks the professor of
chemistry is tho real stuir.
Sailing lSailing!
A letter from Dick Dobyns, who
wrote us briefly on board ship sailing
over there, which boro a stamp Juno
17, says ho nnd romrndes wero well
and enjoying the trip greatly, and that
no never saw so much water in all his
life before as far as the cyo could
reach nothing but water, whether you
went to thu forecastlo or aft; to lar
board or starboard. Owen Dnnkcrs
also writes his parents on board shin
Juno 26, that he was well and enjoying
tno trip, lie is in a hospital corps,
and has not seen any of the contingent
that left hero April 20, slnco they left
lamp r unston.
Goes Into Tralnlnir.
Lester, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. U,
Hallcy, of this place, has enlisted from
tno state university lor reserve oiric
ers' trnlnlne. and eoes to Camn Slier!
dan, Illinois, which opened for work
on Thursday ot this week, July 18,
The purpose of the reserve officers'
training is to qualify men for officers.
as tho officers' ranks are thinned by
death, wounds, or resignations, and
their places may be filled by those
trained at me government schools,
Tnii, -M.rlUu fixnl un a ii.irriiM-giuiKO rmul, car luiuliil by mule, to the trenches under cuter of diiio winhN.
nil ( mini) l.ncnl llu.ird lue Call
lor i;iKiu-.Miic Mn.
On gun.
Fiuhtv-nlur Ha Al mrii will be
ailed from nur enmity, nrcoidlng to
Inelal iiiiiinuiiceitieiit, through l.lorx
an II. Kunkel, of the Ineal board, tho
list nf tlioM' called following.
ruder the llit two rails for July
nlv III weie railed, but tins rail, bi
nding Ml men, l the lniget that hurt,
:'l lH.'ti cniieil since uii iiinu law
as bit'ii In ellerl. and leaves but sl
t to ho culled nf the (iiiginal A I
I ho board I busy, in fact very bus,
rlassirying,utii thus far ha brought
up mine -:i niimes from the other
asses and have placed them In Al
lass. In addition tit this, the elnssl-
Hcallon of the new rcgistianl will ma
terially augiiiiient this class, from
which the future rail will llrst be
miide until it is nhsorbed, mid perhaps
by that time another registration nf
those leaching 21 years will be nnler-
I, and so nn perhaps until the war i rt,..
......I ,.,..1 l.'nl..,rl,i.i la ..l.nll.l.A.1 f......
the fare of the eaith. This makes u
otal of ISt men railed by tho local
iimril thus far from Al class. Cletk
unkel has issued rails to the follow
.lt of Call Number Sn3 for Camp
unston, Foit Itiley, Kunsas, July 2ii,
I, liosroe Harrington iurker (II),
"oii-st City.
2. John Harrett (r.:ij, l-oibes.
.'I. William Herts (irinie (7(1), For-
st City.
4. John Henry Thumpson (112),
i. Clarence llradley (120), Mound
(I. Clllford (illlillnnd (lllo), Mnun.l
7. I.obcit (iuy ( 1(31 ), Forbes.
K, l!ncnc Springs (104), Forbes,
il. Itulph McAfee (IfiC), Foil.
10. Fred Fierce Cook (1(17). Oiegon.
II. William Henry Uiwrenre (Iti).
12. Char cy O. Co well (170). Man
III. Elmer II. Combs (20S), Oregon.
14. Sherman Osburn (211), Craig.
ID. Earl Itnymon Drcher (235), Ore
1(1. Herlln Meyer Ford (2.'IC), Forest
it. William A. WhlPPlo (203). I nr.
est City.
18. Uwlght I.vman Sandcll (2T;i).
II). Owen It. Wilson (301). Mound
M. i reilrlck Andrew Kmst nc (317).
Clarlnda, lowu.
l. lirynn u Uchalfcr (322), Forest
22. Vern Drcher (324). Oregon.
23. Ernest Kaltcnbach Thomtson
(u.iu;, L.nug,
U4. William O. Ilryan (332) Fortes-
25. Lewis Elijah Ilakcr (378), Cialg
2U. Otho Ilinklo (402) Illgelow.
27. Jcsso Omcr Yount (45G). Can-
well, Ncbr.
28. James Nathan Combs (470).
Kansas City.
20. Ernest C. Duckies (408), VotcA
30. William D. Wash neton (525).
Mound City,
31. William Albert Honea (034).
32. John Edward Guv (555). Forbes.
33. William Harrison Youne (G20).
34. Joseph L. Honner (C25). Forest
35. llarrv Edwards ((147). Forest
30. Hallie Rorrcr (660), Wheatland.
37. Lloyd Dryon Stnnsbury (074),
38. Elijah Ervln Randall (C77),
39. Clarendon Edward Hopkins
(obu;, uraig.
40. Elmer Guy (6901. Forbes.
41. Chester Johnson Schank (743),
Oregon, .
4J. riaience Vnre (745), Cratg. Ilimir Iihimc In I'aris. nnd with the nld
4 . lintph Messiier (7lil), Craig. nf the lied Cross lepn'sentutives nml
II. l:nl I till in (7lS2). Ilnltnn, Kan, by walking, I saw quite a strip of the
I (ienrge IMuiild liiclimond (7liii), timn. It bulks inini' like un Ameiicnn
.Mailiand. rity than mil I have m il over licle sn
Hi. Mink Anthony Wrller (M0),i far. mid I liav.' ha l (he luck; of nelm;
Mailiand. ' ;l gleul deal nf I I mice. All tngi titer
1., limner Stull (M(!). Follies. I' l've had twelve das r rnnlliiil.il
Julius JiiM'ph Kuehn 2U), Oio-' riding "n tin- train In raiirr. I . w nf
K,i, i the company have had that ginil for-
1.1. Milton Clay Adams (W.i)., lum My trip t. the hnqiital gave me
Fmlito. rlmiiee. (If rmir-e the hnplt'i1
'.(. ( hailes Allen Wned (SIIll), For- trip win not u pleasuie (had the
,.,t 'itj. iiiiuinp-l. Itut the "Sunn I-inure," ii
I. Inoige Elmer llmcher (811), "illiil. dec net enmpiiie wllli (he dear
ItiL-elnu-. II. S. A., and when I get bark (if I
;.J. Jess Finnklln Mullen (805), g't back) m; power ran ever teinnt
emu'. I me to no's the briny dei p ngnlti. Hut
Cenigo Weidoy llamsey (h7t),""' '' ''ie mil eaine ever urn-
inr il iriH,f,', nun n ni'ii i wain in
.I. Ilnb't. Ilenuiiiont Croliind (W2), Intwid t" renin back until we have
St. Jiim'IiIi. I made Kliiser Willie wish he had le't
Wyatt Kainsey (t'.i3l
nr.. lialph
:0. John Ii. Shaver (!Ki5), Stoutlnnd,
57. (ieorge II. Ilenner (i0(l), Mound
fiS. Walter Jay Cumin (1'u.S), .iloun l
Uncle Sam nlnne. 'the Sammies lire
doing It, ton. Hill Is putting up n real
giinil argument nt that though, but I
think he is nearly thlnuith nrimlng.
Vmi know we joke nhout the wur mid
what we will do Individually when
get nn Ihe lines, but ns we get rlnccr
and hear the muring it sort of put
Chas. 1'resley Claik (015), Oit- one in thinking in a serious way. uur
l-iiii. Clinuce in nn i n'iii rinse nun. uml i
liO. David Ii. Wilson (PHI). Muundl l"''t know of a single one In Hie nmi-
City. I pany that is not nnxiou to get that
(II. Wm. Washington llooo (l"t7), rhance. To see truln loads uf wnuiuli d
Mniiml I'iiv. I go thrniiuh mid hear the Imnibs drop-
(i2. ItusM'll (i. McDonald (04l), I'ing from nlr raiders nnd see the death
Ilartletsvllle, Oklu. devices, you would think it would put
(ill. Han l.on Cuiie (UM), 1'orwt " Hamper on tho spirits of the boys
(l. Hllrsel J. ChUlllllg (P.ill), IllgO'
('... Kirn Nnrris (PfiO), Mound City.
00. Albeit Lie Allen (!I72), Cluig.
07. Win. Melvln Jlaiirlng (U74), Oie
gon. 118. Herman I'anrher (H7P), Follies.
80. Hairy Marshall Adams (081),
70. Nathan .Son I (085), Mound
71. Chas. M. Link (O'.KI), Multlnnd.
72. I'earl J. llydcr (1002), Weather
by, Mo.
73. l-elaiid Officer (1010), Mound
74. Frnnk Alvln Dean (1022), Craig.
75. Thos. Edward ilecves (1030),
Forest City.
7C. Ilaudic Albert Younger (1037),
77. Floyd Wuironer (1041). Forest
78. John Fredrick Hopper (1012),
Forest City.
70. Wultcr Waggoner (1015), Forest
80. Unvitle Ultoy Stansburry
(1018), Foibcs.
81. Frank Edgar Cottier (1005),
Mound City.
82. Frank Miles Sipcs (10C6), Ore
83. Juke Will Slsk (1009), Fillmore,
84. Oscur Hill (1070). Foicst City.
85. Wllllnm llarton Light (1073),
jearoiusiown, icnn.
80. Leo W. Hrown (1083), Fortcscuc,
87. Alex l'hillp Harden (1001), Ore-
88. Willie Webster (253), Forest
89. John Irving Griffin (102), Craig,
I but it doesn't, ut leust to nil nutwtiril
appearances. It nnly makes us mme
ili'lf rllilmil to avenge the wimigs ilnlu
nur rnmiades, I have seen many inl
uners nf bnth (leimans nnd Austrian
and when I see une It sort of makes
me hale Ihe lace, but nftrr nil it muv
be n peasant type; to me they look
blank mid animal like; I would like
to bnirnw some uf their fare to light
bulldogs with. Ihitik I have sail
eiinuirh for once nt least nlong that
line. I lie censor hits us lenl hard, su
I don t know how mur h nf this he w
allow to go by; you ran tell the people
we nre nil right nnd nut to worry for
there Is nothing lo worry about. We
will be back when we have given lllil
his little lesnn In behavior. 1 hope nil
is we at home, und I know you nre nil
doing your puit, und many more than
their pait in some rases, vtiui nest
wishes I am as ever. Your truly,
OitVII.I.i; I,. HltllHiMON.
Hull (.'ount liar Organizes.
A number of attorney of Holt coun
ty met In the law oiHcc of It. II.
Ilridgcman und S. F. O'Fatlon In Ore
gon, Wednesday, July 17. and effected
a bar organization.
Meeting wai called to order bv
Judge John Kennish, of Kansas City,
wno stated (lie purpoc of the meeting,
vli: To bring the lawyers closer to
gether to nld in work in connection
with the war ami nlso do all that U
possible tu maintain high standards
and observe the ethics of the legal profession.
Judge O'Fnllon was named ns tern
inrary chairman of the mectlne. nnd
It. It. Ilridgcman ns temporary secre
tary i'lic fiilluwintr olfirers wero
I". O'Fallon. president: It. T. Min-
on. vie-presiileiits It. II. Ilridgcman,
icieiary; II. li. Williams, trrasuier.
I'o ere until the nnnunl meeting nf
he Holt County liar Association, on
(hi- llrt day nf the October tcnn of
mr court.
A. M. TibbcN was etectisl n a dele-
gale tn the annual nieelnig nf the Ml
i.niin State llnr Assocliitliin, In Septan-
tier. t!l.
I lie rules nf the American llnr As-
sncuitmii weie iidnpliil and dues wero
iimh at fi.iMi ier year.
II, utiniiimoii viite Judge Krhnlsh
wm. installed as an honorary member
nf (he Holt County ll.ir Association.
I no rolluwlng leslili nt nttorneys of
Holt county were present at the meet
S. I . O'Fnllon. I.. II. Ilridgcman, W.
and II. II. lilrhnnls. Judce II. M.
Iiuiigan. Frank Fetlie and Alexander
Vim HusUiik. of Oregon; Gin. C. 1'rlce,
It. I.. Million, A. M. TihMs and Wm.
I'.. Illsrettt. of Moiitid Citv: II. II. WII-
Hams, nf Craig.
Some other matters weie taken (in
relative to u library and new books
and the meeting adjourned.
A Splendid Shutting of l.ii)al!.
In n Utter from l!v. II. Wein. pan-
tor nf the Lutheran church tit Corn
ing, to r milk IVtrce. Secretary of tint
Council of Defenre, I lev. Weln italos
Hint tho member of his rongreirstlon
subrcrilHil fur War Savings Stamp to
the ainnunl nr i..,(i.-,ii.imi. The total
number uf men, women and children In
the euiigiegathui Is Ii5. On that balls
their iiuntu was $:i,nq, and they have
uhcriheil fnr 1 10 per rent of their
quota, lids is a splendid showing of
loyulty. Il means vastly more than
any mere protestation of loyalty. This
rniigirgiitlnn has lesponded llbcrnlly to
all rails and we me pioud or our rltl
rens of Get man dexent. They nro
Americans, loyal nnd tine, lllclilv m
our foielgn born citizens hnve always
been ivgnrded heie III Missouri, their
uliole.hi'nitiil loyalty to their adontcil
roiiutry In this win Id war fnr HU'ity
I giving u a higher uppierlutlon or
their woith ns American citizens. This
wnr I making better uml more loyal
citizen nut nf American op!e.
whether of native or foreign birth und
When this wnr Is over there will bo
no (ierman-Ainerlrnns, Swedlsh-Amer-
leans, Irlsh-Ameriruns, or miy other
kind of hyphenated Americans, left in
this country. They will ull be Ameri
can citizen nnd proud of it.
Tho following soldiers' letters from
Georgo A. Conaway, our Wgelow cor
respondent, will no doubt bo of inter
est to our readers. All of tho rela
tives of the soldier boys who are across
ine big pond are getting letters qulto
frequently, and, of course, the girls
are eettlnir their share of letters also:
we know of one young lady who receiv
ed three letters from ono soldier boy
set Saturday:
Somewhero in France. June 21. 1918,
Dear Frineds; Havo been on the
move so much and so long that I have
not had time to write sooner. We
made tho trln all right, as you have
already heard.-I suppose. I have been
In the hospital, and just came back
day before yesterday, after a few
weeks' absence. Had a great trip on
the way, to the company. Spent eight
Somewhere in France. June 13. 1018.
Dear I'arcnt nnd All: Well, folks,
1 will drop you a few line to let you
know that 1 am well and doing nicely
nnd hopii when these few line reaches
you they will find you nil the same.
They Just moved us. We mndo about
a fiO-mllo hike In three days und then
road a train tho rest of thu way. Wo
were sure glad to crawl on the train,
ton, you ran tell the world. All stood
tho trip well, with the exception of
soro feet; mine stood It exceedingly
(rood. The roads over hero arc macad
amized; they arc better than asphalt
pavement nnd we nro not used to It,
nnd a three-day hike was pretty hard
nn us boys. We aro fixed un much
better hero than wo wero ot our other
pluce. o have good spring water
handy for drinking nnd rooking, nnd
n brook runs through our town which
wo use for bathing. Wo have much
better places to sleep, It has our other
rump skinned nil the way round. We
havo n very beautiful place here,
Germans had this country .in 1916. Tho
French drovo them back nnd Rained
all of this country; we arc about 60
miles fron tho front now, nnd wo can
hear the roaring of tho big guns; tho
Americans are sure raising cam witn
them In the front Well, I guess this
Is all for this time, so urn closing, hop
ing to hear from you soon. With best
wishes and kindest regards. I re
main your loving son nnd brother,
(oiernmi'iil Need Walnut,
The government Is endeavoring to
locate nil the black walnut timber that
is 12 or more Inches in diameter. Tho
timber is needed for the mumifacturo
uf gunstncki.. A survey of all tho
black wulnut timbered legions of tho
United States is being made so that
the Government will be able to obtain
the timber Immediately in cusu of
I'ersons who have timber, or who
know the locution of timber, nro ic
quested to lepnit to Frederick Dunlup,
of tho university ot .Missouri wonego
nf Agrlculluin, coiumblu, .Missouri.
.Mr. Dunlup bus been given charge of
the entire Muck walnut territory west
of the Mlsslsslpi(. Persons who havo
walnut timber, or know of any that in
large enough, should communicate, with
.Mr. Dunhip. Hie Government Is also
anxious to leum of cases whero own
ers of black walnut timber havo been
impored upon by men who are repre
senting themselves us government
III Sixtieth Crop.
The .'150 acres of wheat that W. F.
Davis has Jiutt finished threshing on
his farm, three mile southwest of
Oregon, is a part of tho sixtieth an
nual farm crop that ho hus raised
since ho began farming for himself.
That does not tako Into account tho
crops that ho helped to raise on his
rather farm at which ho began to
mako a full hand when he was U ycais
of age.
llio present crop of wheat Is one ot
the best that Mr. Davis has raised
In ull that time. Keen ng accurnto
meuusurcments and count on the first
SO acres threshed last week, Mr. Davis
was ablo to dctcrmino tho exact yield
a fraction mora that 32 bushels an
acre of wheat that tested 63 pounds to
the bushel. Mr, Davis has ids own
threshing outfit, :, new separator pur
chased especially for this crop, and tho
large oil burning tractor that has been
a part of tho regular equipment of tho
The ladles of Forbes township are
requested to meet at the M. E. church
in Forbes, Saturday, July 20, at 4
o ciock p, m, . . .
Sustains Veto.-
Tho House, on Saturday. last, July
13, sustained President Wilson's veto
of the Agricultural Appropriation bill.
A motion to pass the measure over tho
yeto was defeated 172 to 72, This
simply means that the House sustains
President Wilson in refusing to 'sign
the f 2,4.0 per. bushel tit wheat m 2,

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