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D. T. D0IIYX3 TOM Cl'MltY Chaj. Kllnn iva on our sick list
President Sec.aTrcas. several days last week, but I up anil
The Sentinel Pridii gai.d Publishing Co a'-K,' "wundlh, $ Kimscy
(lis.rte., enr iiu?eiu tiauuic, iuif
Ailvd it in rn-tofV.. UrtKDB. lilnourl, u
Stcoed tlM Mtu.r.
4 Wssatr Niprr D.rrtad to lh. foltnats
of lbs Dft Co-nvf !a lbs Unloa.
TEPMSi $2.00 PKR i'EAR.
Watt eat Mlawtnf fsr msis an lis
artla tf ! 9ft. II UIU Ik Salt M
iw mi nkMrittu It M"-
Friday, Julr 19, 1918.
FOR COSTiRKSS William E. Spratt,
of St. Joseph, Mo., hereby declares
himself and announce that hp will
be n candidate upon the Democratic
ticket for the nomination of Repre
sentative of the Fourth Missouri
District In the National Congress at
WnshlriRton, I). C. In the State Pri
mary Election, to Iw held August G,
FOR PROIIATK JU1H51. We are au-
t honied to announce Harry M. Dun.
can as a candidate for the olTice of
Probate Judge of Holt County, Mis
souri, subject to the Republican Pri
mary Klection, Tuesday, August C,
friend of the people, I hereby an
nounce myself a a candidate for
the nomination for Representative
subject to the decision of the Re
publican voter of Holt county, at
the primary election to lie held,
Tuesday, August (!, 1018. Krlcndi,
your volet arc soiicitiM.
FOR COI'NTV JtJIXir. Wo are au
thorized to announce Curtis II, Whit
mcr ni a candidate for Judge of the
County Court for the l-'lmt District,
subject to the Republican Primary
Klection, Tuesday, August (!, 19H.
thorized to announce Isaac I). Paint
er us ii candidate for Judge of the
County Court for the Second Dis
trict, subject to the Republican
Primal-' Klection, Tuesday, August
li, 1918.
thorized to announce I'red W. Cook
as n candidate for the olTlcc nf Cir
cuit Clerk of Holt County, Missouri,
subject to the Republican Primary
Klection, Tuesday, August G, 1918.
We arc nuthnrb.ed to announce W.
K. Illssett, of Ronton township, as
a candidate for the nlficc nf Prose
cuting Attorney of Holt County,
Missouri, subject to the Renubllcun
Primary Klection, Tuesday, August
u, ivis.
are authorized to announce Andrew
O. Danker a u candidate for the
office of Recorder of Deed of Holt
County, Missouri, subject to the Re
publican Primary Klection, Tuesday,
August 0, 1918.
ore authorized to announce Daniel
H. Hunts, nf llenton township, as a
candidate for the oirice of Recorder
of Deeds of Holt County, Missouri,
subject to the Republican Primary
Klection, Tuesday, August 8, 1918.
are Authorized to announce John H.
Simpson a a candidate for the of
fice of Recorder of Deeds of Holt
County, Missouri, subject to the Re
publican Primary Klection, Tuesday,
August G, 1918.
FOR COLLECTOR We are author
ized to announce T. E. Wilson as a
candidate for the office of Collector
of Revenue, subject to the Republi
can IVimary Klection, Tuesday,
August 0, 1918.
FOR COLLECTOR We are author
ized to announce Wm. II. Alkire as
a candidate for the ofTlce of Col
lector of Revenue of Holt County,
Missouri, subject tn the Republican
Primary Election, Tuesday, August
6, 1918.
FOR COLLECTOR Wo are author
ized to announce C. A. (Itert) Ro
telle, of Clay township, as a candi
date for the office of Collector of
Revenue of Holt County, Missouri,
subject to' the Republican Primary
Election, Tuesday, August 6, 1918.
thorized to announco Daniel 13. Kun
kel as a candidate for the office of
Countv Clerk of Holt Countv. Mis-
sourl, subject to the Republican Pri
ninry Klection, Tuesday, August 6,
lyja, i.
Forest City and Vicinity.
Clarence Raker, of St. Joseph,
spent Saturday and Sunday with hi
folks. Vlck Raker and wife.
Iter. J, J. Cafferky held services
nt Wntson Saturday, and at Tarkio
Walter Scott and family, of St.
Joseph, and Mr. II, G. Carson and
family, of Napier, spent the day Sun
day with their folks, L. J. Scott and
Mrs. tafe Nolnnd received a pos
tal from Her son, James Noland, Fri
day morning, stating that they had
arrived safely In France. His address
is 344 Co. D, M. G. B. N.
Miss May McCaw, of Holdridge,
Neb., spent several days last week with
ner rawer, wm. ltoss, and otner reia
Dr. Bert w, Babeock reports a
fine specimen of a baby boy bom to
E. Staleup and wife, Monday of last
weeJc, July 8.
iiaj ui iu-v ttii-nr
I A h.. .nt.l 1.1. t.ntf In.
tere.t In the Silver Star Theater to
his partner. Pert Hamilton.
Airs. II. (!. Carson und children, of
Nnpier, spent Friday afternoon Willi
her folks, L. J. Scott and wife.
Mr. Frank (ioldcn und daughter,
Miss Juciiuetta, wclc St. Joseph visl-
, t.it-A Thliriljil'.
li. II. Sheirfeld was transacting
business in St. Joseph Thursday.
Mrs. Kmmett l.a France und fnm
lly visited the first of last week with
'.fume tunuetrcr uuu luiuii.
. t.. .Meer anil wife nre the
proud parents of a new 8'i pound lioy,
bom Saturday, July C. Dr. Chandler,
nf Orriron. was In nttend.inrp.
Roscoe Scntney, of Hutchison,
Kans., six-nt several days Inst week
u-lth hi. lirnthor. fhAt. JamlM,!- nml
n.lf., Prt. .... I. a ...Ml I... Mn1tA.l
niltl ,V."VU l(V 1,111 UV lUltl.l
to the colors along about the 2lM nf
mis muntn, ami nu win go to (.amp
t unsion,
Mrs. Dan llahn. Sr., and Mrs.
Dave Realty were visiting Thursday
at the Fnil Wels home, near Oregon.
-Mrs. Jesse Mills visited Thurs
day with her mother, Mrs. Mury tie!
vin, in Oregon.
Mrs. Lennle SchnclTcr wns visit
ing In St. Joseph, Wednesday of last
Wm. McDcrmont made a business
trip to St. Joseph, last Wednesday.
Miss Genevieve Rlrmlnglinm wn
visiting In St. Joseph, Wednesday of
In a, u..V
Jacob Raiser purchased a Ford car
iroin u, . miliums, lasi wcck.
Mrs. Fred Alkire and children left
u.,.i......i ., f i,.i. r. i!n.ii.
a ..... r-.... , ... ...... " n. 1111 1 lltMHMII,
Missouri, where they will make an ex
. i. ... ... ...i.i i .
H-nneii visii un ner ioiks, j. n, irv
Ing uml wife. Freil accompanied hi
wife and children as fur us St. Joseph.
Corbln Cllft wus n business visitor
In St. Joseph, Tuesday of last week.
- ."IIUil" Li'tirh un tl'.'inftiirllnt-
business In St. Joseph. Tuesduv of Inst
Thomas Vine Teare, nf St. Joseph,
vl-ltcd Saturday and Sunday with his
folks here, T. K. Teare und family.
Mrs. Vine Hovey ami daughter,
Miss L-iura, went to Savannah Satur
day, and spent the day und night with
Harry llrant and family, and at the
home Sunday, with Muster Charles
nuisiey mam, who win maKe an ex
tended Vint with Ilia llivimlnm llnvre
and Aunt I .aura.
Harrison Walker went. Saturday.
to the Knsuorth Hospital in St. Jo
seph, where he underwent un opera
tion for a cancer of tbo breast. We
hope that Mr. Walker will return a
well man.
John Gaemllcb, who cume up here
two week ugo from St. Joseph, lias
lxiucht the blltrhiir hmi from IVinV
Custeel. We welcome "Hutch" to our
city ugnin.
... rorest City ami Vicinity.
llnl' Ivfnitr. ivtli. Il lu..n nn n.i
sick list the put two weeks, was able
i in- up aim urounii .-aiuniay, unci we
are glad to see him out again.
(,lOt-Lri StmilH tunili. fi liiialnn.a
trip to St. Joseph, Friday.
Ileiliert Thayer was visiting In
St. Joseph, Saturday.
o.,. ....,
mwim, niun-i nu, a iiiwiness visitor
In St. Joseph. Saturday.
M -...,.... ...' I .1 i.
...ic. i.v.mki inv'ii unii iinuKn-
ter. Mis llerthu; Clare Watson und
wife und sister. Miss l.elii Murry, of
lt(ntlin llt&trft. Hhn-l Ikn .l.il. ti.in-
day, ut the K. I.. Ilrodbeck home.
I I ,1 . II M ..
i-nil i leavers, our lineman lor tnc
wires un u rotlen riYinft.nriti tlm tm.li
on the pole pulled out In such a wny
that he wrenchul his back severely,
runners icicprionc, wnilo fixing the
nml Frnl wi it sure hurts, too; and
Wl hetitV!l It. lilt U) Inl.l nn n fnn.
days. Iiut Is getting better now.
.iis nine iironnecK, wno hus
been nttendlng u senogrupher ami
been unending a stenographer and
turned home Thursday,
. I., h. .Noland, wife und daughter,
Mrs. Chnii. t'rnnrn nn,l .nn lln..Al
went to Rockport, Sutunlay, where'
tllPV ktienl Ihll llril' U'lfli llinlr nn n.l
bmther, Paul Noland. Paul returned
home with them Saturday evening, and
visited until Monday morning, when
ho l-ntumml In Itiu-Vnnr, nifiiln ii-nB,a
he Is clerking In the Krnest Geoffrey
Clyde Markhum, wife und Miss
PaniV Klilsr. nf lvnn.'ia r-lfti. ..IaI.a.1
Saturday night and Sunday with P. V.
oiuu mm wue.
Miss I.ela Murray, of Renton dis
trict, visited last week with her sis
ter, Mr. Clare Watson.
Mrs. Joe Hlrch, who has been
here this spring and summer, visiting
with her folks. Dr. K. K. Ilullock and
family, left Monday for her home at
Port Townsend, Wash. Mrs. F. E.
Ilullock ami daughter, Miss Dcrnlce,
and grandchildren, Frank Edgar Milne
and Tvevlft Mai VnlrKnnU mIuhI
home with Mr. Birch and will make
an extender) visit with her.
Oave SchaelTcr, Mr. Minnie
FidHA find flaa Innn CanaffAa
Mound City, visited Sunday ut the
aiviu. .avMBciivr nome.
John Terhune and Miss Helen
Terhune. of Monml Cil- nw.
reveral days, this week, with their
uncie, ii. li. Terhune and family.
S. E. Field and family, Nate Mc
Gulre and family spent the day Sun
day at the Wm. Walip.. iinn.A
, ...... ..V.I.V,
The Red Cross of the Klmsey ills
trict met Wednesilay with Mrs. John
Waggoner. This is their first meet-
ing for about six weeks. There was
so mucn farm work to be done that it
was impossible for the Red Cross to
meet the past few weeks.
The Junior Red Cross meeting of
zvimsey district, under the instructions
of Mrs. H. B. Terhune and Mrs. John
Waggoner, will take up the shot sacks
and habv hnntfa flits
Mrs. Ed Nusem, of White Cloud,
nwu., Tisiieq iasc ween witn ner niece,
Mrs. D. C. StallanL '
a Chart Yfant-t-fl -"l -Ml1 .J
a .a..aa . a.1 1 1 1. .
wwte uioud, junsw spent tot day
wuuua b un 11 cm omiu nome.
I Mrs. Henry SchaelTcr, son Everett,
I i . i lit.. Ti , . l r. a ,
uuu uiiUKiiii-i , ii.-.i iiiiu, icu ..iuniiaav
evening for Holyoke, Colo., where thiy
will make nn e.vtendeil visit with their
sons and brothels, Everett und Karl
Mrs. Julia Chcsncy, of St. Joseph,
und Mrs. Mollic (ialliralth spent trie
day Sunday at the I). C. Stullanl home.
Mrs. Mollic Galbraith anil grand
daughter. Frances Hlnde, returned lusi
Friday from Kauris City, where they
had been making a two weeks' visit
with Mrs. Galbralth's sister, Mrs. Jes
sie Morris, and their daughter und
mother, Mrs. Weed Hlnde.
Mrs. Fulkncr and daughter, Miss
Ollle, of St. Joseph, visited last week
at the George Hopper home, and at
the II. II. Connell home Saturday.
Frank tlenjamln and family, of
M. Joseph, spent several nays last
week with her folks, Adam Schaelfer
ami family, John Schaelfer and family,
ami at tnc w. i. suiuani nome. incy
returned home Saturday evening.
Corbln Cllft, family and Ray MIL
ler spent the day, Sunday, at the
Worth Anno home.
Mrs. Roy Stroud und children
spent several days this week with her
folks, Dick Itahn and family, and with
her sister, Mrs. wm. btcwart.
C. E. Nolaml shipped a car load
of hogs to the St. Joseph market last
George Reeves and wife visited
Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Al
bert Walker, und family.
Mrs. Guy llennctt and children, of
Kansas Uty. who have lieen visiting
with her folks. Rev, J, N. Cole uml
wife, of Mound City, visited Saturday
und Sunday with her sister, Mr. II.
Ilrock and family.
Mrs. Mary Cooksey, Fred Cooksey
und family, and Joe Cooksey, spent the
day, Sunday, with John Cooksey and
fnmil, in Mound City.
Mrs. James Campbell und daugh
ter, Constance, returned home Friday
from L'nion Star, after a two weeks'
visit with James' folks, It. M. Camp
bell and family.
Ml. Julia Chesney, of St. Joseph,
Is visiting scvernl days thl week with
Mrs. Mollic Galbraith.
Mrs. Chris ilerneklnc und niece.
Jennie Wren Fox, of St. Joseph, ure
visiting m me Allien .Marun home.
W. .M. Prussman, while re-shock.
Ing his wheat. Monday of last wee.
had ii sunstroke. Ills son, John, who
wns plowing corn neur the place, found
his father lying on the ground. He
wns taken to the house und Dr. F. E.
Ilullock was sent for, who gave the
necessary treatment, .Mr. Prussmun
Is getting belter now.
.Mrs. C. E. llltz und fumlly, of
Fortescuc. took dinner Thursday ut
the Dr. llert W. llabcock home, and
they ull spent the afternoon with Har
old Kuhn ami wife, neur Oregon.
Wm. Wylle. of Nebrusku City,
Neb., came Fliday swiil visited several
days with his nieces, Mrs. Wm. FiU-
muurice und Mr. II. I- Kverson.
James Foster und fumlly, of Ore
gon, spent the day Sunday with his
brother, Wood Foster, and family.
Wood has lieen on our sick list the pu-t
few days. We hope he will recover
In n short time.
Misses Grnce Efner und Maude
Stallanl returned home Saturday night
from Pertle Snrlnes. Mo., where thee
nttended the hpworth league conven
tion, i ney reported n successful meet.
Ing. Rev. H. U. Cumpbell. formerly
pastor of the Methodist church horp.
wus selected president of the league
ror me rest or the year 1918. The
League of the Methodist church here
ranked with the Frances Street ehurrh
of St. Joseph.
Miss hdna I.ukens. of Orrmm.
spent the latter part of last week at
uie isnipn .ileycr home.
t Herschel Raker went to Omaha,
Neb., Monday of last week, where he
Joined the navy. He Is tonkin? tn lm
called at any time and will leave for
Great Ukes, 111.
Pl mouth Rocks Lead in Missouri.
Reports recently received nt the Unl
versltv nf MtiiniiW a
culture from more than fi.OOO farmers
in practically every county in .Missouri
shows that 30.5 per cent of the farm
keep Plymouth Rock chickens; 20 per
cent keep mixed breeds; 18.'.! per ernt
rnisA IthmlA latnnil IFaula aaj 1 K .....
.... . - ..-.aaa... a.aa.., Ml, I, 1.!I '1T
cent raise Leghorns. Wyandottes in;. I
uriimKions are aiso prominent urceiln.
umcr orecii reported in small num.
orcos, llrahmos, Cochins, Camplnc!.,
uiiercups una names.
A nifty slipper with a
little tongue.
Black Ribbon Bow
Military Heel
All sizes and widths
A $4.50 Value for
S07rllzSt. St. Jewptt, M
Mtatser Ratill Narc'sU Am'q
lUUiead rarM Rebttad.
Trtlsi ar Auto.
tmiovzo tmrroiN mTtiriATtonu
(tiy nnv r. 11. KiTWATiitt, d. d,
Tsschsr of Kndlth llltt-i In Hie MiMdy
tlllits fnitlluic of CliUau.)
(Copyright, 15'.J, Western Newspaper
t.F.SSON TEXT-I'silm. lil.H, ); Luk.
OOf.DUN TEXT-lt us thertfors com
boldly unto th throne ot uritc, that
may obtain mrrry, uij nn3 araca lo help
In Urns of necl.-lfebreare 4:14.
TCACIIK.ItS-I'Mlmf r:l-S! Matthew 7iJ.
Hi II Cotlnlhlum U.t.ij James l:l-.
I'lllMAItr MF.MOItr VEttflE-Jehoiah
Is nlah unto all them that call upon Mm.
-I'Mtma WM.
RTOItr MATKIUAfMstthew 11:3-;
Acts IM-ll
ADUl.T TOI'IC-Why and how to pray
anil the results.
Prayer ought tn tie a matter of Brent
concern to every tielletcr (Psalms 14T:
Prayer Is a tnntter hut little under
stood liy Ctirlilliuni In fact, only m
divine nld Is Kit en eun we renlly pray.
The rimee of prayer Is from thn
depths of the soul tn the very
thoughts of God. There wus some
thing ntioiit the prnyliiR nf Jesm that
so Impressed the disciples that they
requested liltn tn tench them to pray
(Luke 11:1). We nowhere rend of
them nuking him to teach them how
tn prenrti. Prnjlng Is more linHirtnnt
than preuchlng. No one I fit to tench
nr preach who dues not know how to
prny. May each one enroll nt once
In the school of prayer with ChrUt ns
our tenclier. He Is n most wining und
riipnlde tenclier. In rcstuinse to the
dl'rlples' nipiest lie outlines the fol
lowing principles of prayer:
I. The Right Relationship of the On
Praying (Luke 11:.!).
1. Filial Tattier."
In order tn prny lo Ood. the sup.
pllnnt mut he u child of God. liml
Is n fnther; his gifts nml lileslng nre
for Ids children. This relationship
enn only tie entered Into through re
generation. Not nil men have n right
to sny, "Our Fattier" when address
ing Gih, Only tho-e who are children
nf God hy fnlth In Jesus Chrlt enn
so address him. It Is not only profes.
Ing to he children hut living like God's
children. Children have rights and
privileges which lire denied to others.
2. Fraternal "Our Father."
God tins more than one child. Ills
ihlldren are hound up together In un
til re and ltilerets. Kven In our se
cret prayer we should address him ns
Our Father, which Is a recognition of
the Interests of others, aloDgsldu of
II. The Right Attitude In Prsytr
(Luke 11:3).
1. Ileierent adoration.
As children we have certain priv
ileges, and yet holy reverence becomes
us. We should hallow his nnme; we
hnuld ndnre him as the eternal God.
& loyalty.
When praying tn God we should
come wltli the spirit of loyalty which
cries nut Thy kingdom come."
3. Submission "Thy will be done."
We should hnve no will ot our uun
regarding the rule of God. Wo should
let him direct us In nil things.
III. The Right Spirit (Luke 11:3-8)
1. Dependent Faith "Give nil our
dally bread" (v. 3).
We should realise that not only
what we Imve, hut life Itself Is ours
tn enjoy because nt him. and that he
Is able to do for us exceedingly abun
dantly above atl that we ask nr think.
S. Penitence and lxve "Forgive us
our debts" (r, 0).
We should come to him realising
that we huve sinned, and cry unto him
for forgiveness. Our hearts should
be no tilled with love for others that
we will forgive those who sinned
against ua as God Is willing to for
give us.
3. Holiness and Caution "Lead us
not Into temptation" (v. 4).
Hecnuse we are Gnd'a children and
n iillilng the depravity nf our natures,
unl the consequent tendency to prac
tice that which displeases Mm, wo
should shrink from that which, tf In
dulged In, would dishonor him.
4. Intercessory (vv, 5, 0).
The msn who asked for bread did
not u' for himself, but for a friend.
Prayer which pleases Ood is unselfish
In Its ri quests.
0. IYrievcrani-e (vv. 7, 8),
Prayer which pleases God and gets
results Is Importunate, perseveres un-
till the object is achieved.
IV. Encouragement te Pray (Luke
11 MM!.).
1. Ood's protnUo (vr. 0, 10).
True prayer I'.innot fall of an an
swer, because GmI definitely promises
that every one thn: osketh recelveth.
he that seeketh flndeth, and to him
that knocketh It slii.lt be opened.
2. The example nf an' earthly fa
ther (tt. 11-13).
No father wilt give a atone to his
son who asketh for bread, or a serpent
Instead of a fish, nor n scorpion In
stead ot an egg. God is Infinitely
more willing to answer the prayers
of bis children than earthly parents
are to give good gifts to their chll
V. The True Coal of All Prayer
(Luke 11:13).
God's gift Is himself tn the person
ot bis Uoly Splrib All those wno
practice 'the principle which Jeans
taught In this model prayer shall be
biassed witn the gift of the Holy Spir
it, CrotTi beat gn t ataa,
We have it and
guarantee it
We have recently secured the
agency for the famous
T""' TfT The Guaranteed
UhaVVlL Lead and Zinc Paint
ttutr Gallons-Wtart Longer
This paint is absolutely pure
100 paint and nothing else
paint to the last drop in the can.
The guarantee formula on every
can tells just what the contents
are. It proves that Devoc con
tains no whiting, no china clay,
no silica or other worthless stuff.
That's why we guarantee that
Devoe will take fewer gallons
and wear longer than any other
paint. Come in and let us show
vou the economy of painting
Devoe. Ask for helpful painting
booklet" Keep Appearances
Up and Expenses Down."
Ileal Ktatf .Matters.
The June real estate transactions
were better than they were for the
some period n year ago. The war
ranty deals were JiiO.OOO greater, while
the trust deed obligations were less.
lor June, llilp, the warranty deals
were JITH.OTN. while for 1U17 they
were $II0,'ll.'i,
Taking' the first six months period nf
PJ1R, wc find thn total warranty trans-
actions amounted tn $'J.lU0,rT0 ; for
the same period in 11M7 the total war
ranty deals amounted to Sl.140.026 a
handsome increase over that of a year
ago, while the trust deed obligations
were $2:il,lK0 less than they were a
year ago.
The heaviest deal thuJ far for the
year occurred during the month of
June, 11118. Involving fSO.Ml.
the following deals were made In
June, 101R, involving; $5,000 or over:
Margaret Anthony and Fred
Antnony to . .-u. uird, ids
in '3 and 'Jfi, V- 40 $80,511
C. r Itucholt to P. II. Heroes,
w'i so III. (!-'. 39 8,001)
J. 1'. Cameron to It. C. lints-
well.s'j m ll.fil.:i3 CIO)
C. V. (.'lick to Ut ttrown, Ids
In 0 nnd 'JO, 61. 38 45,00)
Holt county, Missouri, illstlnsruish
ed Itself by contributing n load of top
hogs to the St. Joseph market lat
week. These hogs were owned by J.
(5. Milne, of Forties, and were put over
the scales by Clay, Uoblnson ft Co.
They were n credit to Mr. Milne's
knowledge of the feeding game, n
well as to the country as a producer
way for future shipments on the St.
way for suture shipments on the St.
Joseph market from Holt county.
W. C. Proud, M. D Kya, Ear,
Throat and Nose Specialist. OS lea,
Physicians and Surrwae budding,
7th and Pranela streets, 8b Joseph,
A - -. Lrgi (SagaTTTiiD
Hnrt-Parr Tractors, Nash Trucks aud Dearborn Truck
Lansing : Michigan
All models carried in stockat Mound City, Mo.,
and can make immediate delivery of both,
Six and Eight Cylinders
2, 4, 5 and 7 passenger
Road Weight and Prices
Six-cylinder Sedan, 2700 ..... price $1695
Six-cylinder Touring, 2500 .... Price $1195
Six-cylinder Roadster, 2400 .... Price $1195
Eight-cylinder, Five passenger, 2960 - Price $1495
E ght-cyl nder Seven passenger, 3000 - Price $1495
Eight-cyUnder, Convertible Roadster,
2800 Price $1495
19Forde 8d USCd Cars orsaIe including a few
Dealer for Northwest Missouri
Independent Thone 340; Mutual 'Phone 115.
Mound City, Mo.
taaaasisisias niiVMiiiaai

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