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Having been called to the colors, I will
offer at Public Sale, on the street in Ore
gon, Mo., near Reeves' Oafe, on
Saturday, July 27, 1918
at 2:30 p. m , the following described
property, towit:
-Consisting of-
Kitchen utensils, Stoves, Bed
steads, spring and mattress;
Dresser, Chiffioner, Dining Table,
Davenport, Rugs, Washing Mach
ine, Favorite Incubator, kitchen
Cabinet, and other articles too
numerous to mention.
Also 1 Hupmobile Automobile,
in good running order.
TERMS: Cash in hand.
Auctioneer, Col. P. M. Babb.
Warrie Walker, Clerk.
Plenty or Money. Important Meeting.
Tho bank statement! published In th One of the mot important meetings
various papers of the county la.t we k In Hie history of the .Snutnem Moth
shows, that while thele was a I.hkc odlt church will lie liclil In St. Louis,
amount en iltposlt on June 23. IHI.S. Mo., beginning July .'10. when nil of
they hml not so much on tb posit h n the presiding elders of the fc't. l,ouis,
, 10 J ml million in they had at their lust Misouil, Southwest Missouri, Illinois
previous statement, made in March, and Denver cnnfelinccs will meet to
' Hip amount on deposit In March wni consider plans for the gient Mission-
SI.0tll.3T4, while that made 'on June ary Centenary of the Methodist Epls
Js, as $:i,01Tr't')T. This withdrnunl copal church, .South.
Is largely due to Investments In Lib- Hcsldcs the presiding ciders, the mis
erty lionds In May, which amounted slon hoards of these conferences and
to .iTVn, and the lied Cross sub- their lay leaders and district lay lead
scriptlons. also In May, of SI8,T!"0. have been Inviteil to bo present. A
In addition to these factors In the large number of pastors and lending
reduction of deposits, there has lieen laymen of the church have also slgni
an Increase In the land transactions) lied their Intention of being present,
for the (Irst six months of 1018 ns com- This will be the second regional con
pnreil with that of the same period Inference held In the Interest of the
HUT of nearly a million dollars. The'gicut drive to arouse the church to nn
chattel transactions for the same per-i Interest In Intercessory prncr, stew
In. I uere nhout nrnctlcallv the iinu I ordshln and tithing. Ilurlnir the next
In 10IT they amounted to Jlgl.C'.it!, and I live years the Methodist Episcopal
in 1018 they were JI88.55C. 'church, South, expects to rnlse the
This condition will lie remedied targe sum or s.i.,uoo.ooo, which will
largely, we think, ns soon us the new be devoted to war Woik, home nnd for
wheat, now coming in, has been fully elgn missions and church extension,
marketed, ns we look for little to In Throughout the entire church, minis
held by the farmers, the price having jtcrs and laymen have already taken
llii-y lte.Clnirlng.
t'leik Uiinkel and Ins associates of
the local draft hoard, ate a vciy htisj
nt of fellows Just at this time, re
classifying those assigned to the var
ious cIukm'S fioni the lirst legistm
tion, and also classifying iom from
the last leglrtratlon or June .,, 1P1H,
Etaituclirnl Chiircli Notes.
The Sunday school at 11:1.1 Is u good
place to be. The sermon hour Is in
the evening, after the Y, I'. A. scivlco,
which is at T :.'!() p. 111.
The Voung IVoploV Alliance will
nit i t in the evangelical chinch at T:"0
p. m and Mrs. Win. Manna will be
With the contingent of Ml summon""!; I lie leader. The topic is Lessons from
to leave -rainy, July Jti, only li will i-avoruo rsaims.
remain In the original A-l class, but The Ouarlerly Conference of the
It Is thorn-hl the iv.classlllcallnii will Evangclieiil church will be held I'ri-
nugimient the list fully 100 or more. "lay. July L'rt. The communion service
With the last contingent of K and the will be held In the talicrnnclo In Sin
11 that have voluiilecieil, it brings the '' Krmi', northwest of Oregon, near
total ii to 4T0 who have Jolnid the the Henton chinch. The program for
coIoih fiom Holt county ISO of whom him occasion win appear next week.
nie drafted men. Tho land, sea and
air Ik represented In their enlistments,
This means that nlmut one out of eveiy
thirty of our population has Joined the
colors, and are lemly to do their part
In ridding the woild of Kalscrlsm. May
every one of these come back,
T. A. Long, Veterinary.
M. i:. Church Notes.
Kcgiilnr services next .Sunday.
Sunday school at Hi 15 a. m.
Preaching at 11:00 n. m.
Epuorth League at T:l!i p. m.
I'rcnching lit 8:30 p. in.
Choir inactlce Thuisday evening of
each week. Welcome. C. I". HANI).
FISK C0RD tires
You want size strength,
safety, beauty and mileage
in a tire. That's what you
get in the Fisk Cord. All
that, plus most unusual re
silicncy,speed,comfortand luxury Made in Ribbed
Tread and the famous Fisk
i ...
been fixed by the government
In .lime, l!l, nt the time of the hi-
hold of the tremendous tak to make
the great undertaking successful nnd
Ing of the bank statements, there was, latest leports are to the clfitt that the
S.'.TO.'ll'll on depoIt, while for Jun"
litis, we hail &l.ilT;iiiT In tho.'c bank..,! contributed.
an ineifae of f.Ttll.O,
The anioimts held on deposit bv the
various banks of the county, June -S.
UMS. were:
Zonk fi ItixckiT. Oregon
I'll irons Oregon
Hunk of l-ioct City ....
Ilin e of I "mi t City . ,
V. ei.ange of Mound City
iiiiiik or Minimi city
nkcd for amount and mure will be
At the St. Louis meeting men of
wlile experience and noted oiators will
deliver witnesses.
'I he Slate I'alr.
S'nti.lln .Mil . .lute Ik Tim i.ri,..nl
' j!,1,::,i,'xntloii of the "(ircat Western Circuit
J1" '".''it State I'airs," a comprehensive and
' . - i harmonious alignment of all the ' Coin
:."'. . I J Vi - ' .. " ,.' i""'1 s,'' 1 "I" '""re floser and
r i ( oi.nu Itatik. M, City.. Ji;...-J !,. .,r-vt(v.. c H.iatlon, has ellm-
"i " ! i Iti'ted that old-time Ii doo, the "one-
...pies of .Maltland 2S.. ,v.l ,liy fir"-now all of the auxilliaty
(.aim of t y,K 4i.p. ...einbeVs of this clirult have so bulhf-
" " ,l"'lr I'loKmiiiK to make eveiy
oples of (ernlntf ?!! t tbeir annual eHstlon a full,
,1111k of ( ..riling l.lx- 'lleiimiilelp"Sliili. l oir ll.v " Mlul,orl.
Hunk of Hlgetow
Hunk of l-orb"s
H.ink of I'orteiiue
"r."'.','!."! mammoth State I'alr aiid Exposition,
mat is nisi in tills year n circuit, und
' will be on August 10-IT, fully exem-
nine nils new iiinn.
0 f )t,..,.,ii. SI. . fin .li.f Al... Ifl f.,lt
!,i'2m!':!!'"11"'c"' I'lograms till Sunday afternoon
-'5;. ':!':. '"'''I night, Uuding up to "Htg Moti-
,m . . . . , , . ,. ,,... ."V. ..it" ... inrimi. ,'i-niK M'IM'III-
i ne uhui iieoosiis neiii i y uic var- )ny um ulI k. "Auto Hoce
""'w" V" ,""uh"11" ""r l)ay," with seven of America's t
Total June 'J 1!M8.
Total Match, I'.'lh ....
'iotal March. I'.MT ....
Total June. l'.tlT
"" "i "" i ( ' i""iv notcil chamiilon dirt track pilots eon
M"!n"i",!.",o,,'"V"! ,f, lirtl t" compet.v-.ach f!.r himself
i.'."1 f o, !" '';t.,,::l'n--fr the! ilcl. prUes olfen-d.
Maltland (J) i, u.VM r,.Mn sunU , ,M1U,... ,.,hUImI
i, K ,.' '.' I '"cl1 lll,)l ' "Hietly en Ids own mcliU
i ' t.'K".",..7. ..V '"ir r1'"1'1 ttl11 w' " '"' "ccordlng to
l-mest City (J) idit; .')' ui,(V t.. 1.1...
lorning (!) ..u, ,,, ,. ut f nul riiro ,,rivi,rj(
ii... 7- T'r '. 7 o i . contracted for Mlssouil's lllg Monday,
Holt (mini) (oiilrlliute. to .Sahalton Iltll ,, n.llllM of ,lC ,imi.,no lhl:..
n u i .;" ' "'V1, ... Wl" I'""'.
Ihe Salvatioa Altnv Is putting on a, yMr Cooper In a Slut; lI'Allcen,
cniiipaign fund o assU In thu expeiiM. .nll. ,mlU ).,ow. with his
r its war i.ik. The amouiit a-k.l .-inl (Mllm. nmMw . ,,, nl (,.
for Is live million do lars. Ihe o'lota ,,, ni Wri.k in .Um); (,'aston Chevro
for MisMiuil Is s'UtM I), and MH let. a Cheviolet siKTlali Jerry Wonder
county , .iita was 51.0(10. i(.lt .Mai.uctte Hulck: Cllir Woo.l-
liev. (.oodnle, of .St. Louis, cmue Into -wy iiucsenlicrgcr: Jack Durant, in
Holt county last week and held meet- ,H f,,in,,u Sunbeuin.
ings at Maltland, Mound City. I'm est
City and Craig, winding up his cam
paign with a meeting at Oregon, .Sun
day evening. Ah a result of these
meeting the iiiota for Holt county
was mure than raised.
The meeting at Oiegon was n great
suciess. It was held in thccouit house
park, and n laige audience listened at
tentively to an eloquent address on the
causes of the war, and the walk of the
various organizations In caring for our
soldiers In cnmii and Held. Linn I'at
terson's New 1 olnt band gave a con
ceit before the meeting, rendering a
progrxm of sacred and patriotic music
which una gieatly appiccinted,
Monday morning u committee, head
ed by lEevs. Hand, Meyer and Johnson,
started a canvass ami more than $400
was subscribed to the fund, putting the
county well over the thousand dollar
Itural Motor Express
Lines for Missouri.
All county oificiuls und good roads
enthusiasts interested In the Improve
ment of our public highways are uiged
by the State Highway Department to
co-opcrato with the Highways Trans
port Committee of Missouri which U
under the direction of the National
Council of Defense. The purpose of
this committee Is to encourage the es
tablishment of "Iturul Motor Expri
service" and "Return Loads Hureuus '
Members of the committee are distrib
uted throughout the state as follows;
A. C. McKlbbln. chairman. Jcffei'-
son City.
(coigo A. Mahan, Hannibal.
K. A. King, St. Joseph.
It. T. Conger, Kansas City.
V. H. I'owcll, Sedalla.
Wallace C. Cupen. St. LouU
J. M. McNulty, Neosho.
The active co-operutlon of commer
cial clubs Is desired. The Kurat Motor
Express lines will carry funn, orchard
unit garden products to the cities nnd
towns and will bring back to the farm
merchandise purchased by producers.
The principal object of this is to en
able tho farmer to spend practically
all his time on tho farm producing food
during the present national crisis. The
Itcturn Ixmds llurcaus, established In
towns of 1,000 and over, will provido
clearing houses for retail merchants
and wholesalers, so that n truck de
livering produce In tho city will bo
provided with a return load. Thirty
five of tho leading cities of tho United
States havo already organized Return
Loads llurcaus and a tremendous ton
nago Is now being hauled by Rural
Motor Express Lines, greatly relieving
railroad congestion. Owners of motor
trucks now being operated In this
county arc urged to enroll with tho
Highways Transport Committee at Jcf.
rcrson City. The establishment of
Rural Motor Express lines and Return
Loads Bureaus will be welcomed in
this section.
All persons Indebted to,th old firm
of Moore & Krcek by note, or account,
will please call and settle at once, with
Mrs. Emma Moore or H. E. Krcek.
If you have lost an automobile num
ber call at this office and get it.
Real Estate Miineograpli
l'ubli.,4 W..klr lis K. K. KicklMi, Ur.i.a.
Oltlt. I'liililri, In lb. Xhh lll.ik.
Abstracter anil Negotiator of Loin.
Transfers for week ending July lil,
C. II. Whltmertn W. II. Thump
son, tract In blk 8, Elliott Ills $ r,0
M. II. Jones In S. F. OTallon
and wife. Ids In I'll, CO, .'IT . . T.US0
Hortense Moore, it ul to I.
Dungun, und -I, Int Ids In t
and t!4, r.'.l, !!8, no, JIT and
'16, 'JT and :ir., fil, :ty
I'. I. Dungnn to Frank M. Sines.
aw no i, ro, :m 1,000
i. jones to u. ii, iiuker, its
1 and-il and n'.i It il. blk 40.
Forest City 1,200
w. iiiiiiuii-r in v 4, iticaii
owh, sw sw 4. 02. .'IT. and sun.
dry lots In blk L Elliott llts 11,407
1-1 ank 1'ow ell to E. J. McCown,
us u ami t, iuk is, cruig . .
Elliott Marshall to I'. J. Klpcs,
Ids In II and 10. WJ. :ts
James II. Kllnepctcr to R.
iioswell, Its 1:1 and 14, blk 3,
High School Heights
T. K. Armstrong.
Highland Items.
Ladles' Club met nt Mrs. Frank
' -out's, July 10. Those present were:
i Deglow, Mrs. Ilunna, Mrs. Ben
ton Mrs. Karl Henton, Mrs. Norrls,
Mis. Hums, Mrs. Stout and Misses
Ai'a Stansbcrry. Valla Deglow and
Julia Cunningham. Next meeting
will he nt Mrs. Foster's, July 24.
Mrs. Chas. Vclman,,Mlss Ollnda
and Mish Frledo Ott were shopping In
St. Joscp:), Thursday.
Mi.i. tf. H. Ilnnna and Alice have
gono to -it. Joseph for a ten days' visit
and left the'r old man to batch.
Earl llcrton and family and Bryan
motored to Joseph, Monday.
Clllfoid N )rris and wife spent
Sunday with hor parents, Ed Kunkcl
and family,
Sunday brlnr? James Cordrey's
birthday, his neighbors and friends
took him by sutnre. About BO were
there' nnd had a One time; tho table
Just groaned wil'i good things. All
left wishing him many more birthdays.
..r,5a'.I"n(l,mm anl family and
Miss Mable Sarlett, of Fairfax, weio
among those that i.ltcd at James
Cordrey's, Sunday.
Extra large assortment of used
First Class Fords for sale.
The discovery for Home Treat
ment for Consumption; Can be used
In your home without anv dlsadnnt.
ngo: non-poison and non-drug form-
ma- oaoiu iuis treatment works di
rectly on the tubercular germs j con
lists of an inhaler and local nnllr.
tion. Hai proven satisfactory In cases
where it has been tried. For further
imurmauuu, can or aaareM B. JG.
Field, Forest City, Mo..
Interesting Letter.
Le Havre Fiance, June IS, iniS
The Holt County Sentinel. On gun.
l.',i,.ii,u. I mrlveil safely
In Londan, after a trip of IS days. We
had a line trip, good wiiuner ail mo
tltlin tfl nl fur lU'ft lues, tiinl I wu
l.i.i lltili. .ni.lrk- unit one day. llieic
were ".0'J men and i women In our
party. We had classes In 1-icncli anil
European history nnd two hours mill-
. .. .II 1. .1... t .... ..IIW l.ll .
lary iinn eacn nay. i spem
In Londaon, seeing the sights most of
the time. Sunday I went u cnuicn in
Westminster Abbey. We arrived here
eiwinnhiv noil will lie sent from belt!
nut to our mists In n few days. The
...in.t.nH I. ..a ... linn. II 1 I1UIII!
cooler than nt home tills time of jcar,
and the nights arc very cool. Wc have
'J.,0,000 American soldiers in r ranee,
who huvc not been touched by the
Jl. C. A., anil need l,tuu more seen
in,!!., rltrht nnw. n I nm very clad I
came. There seems to be plenty ri
food In this part of the count! )'. Meals
cost fiom To cents to $1.50.
No one can tell how long this war
Is going to Inst, but it will continue
until wc whlii the (Icrmans so burd
that they wonT want to light ngaln for
100 years.
With love und liest wishes to all my
friends. Sinceich ouis,
t. a. cLAdirrr.
American Y. M. C. A., l'J Hue dAgues
scan, I'nris, I'rance.
No. WJ.
It Hie CHUM.' tl tl of llirartii, M.
ilrii.ili. -laluiif Mlwiurl. .11 Die ..
I.,. Hi,. I llii' -'III '! nt .llllii- l
iiilliit.liiil III The Holt Onillly - tit ..
ii--li!n'r iirintil 'iinl imtiiNii.ii
ni-cnii. Msli'nf MIiurl.on the l.'i
.,( .liny l.iK.
l...... ...i.l ill-i'sttiiil-. lllnli,lltite.llv
tfihloii i r-oo il oriiilluieriit
I..iii., I ill i -lute
lit, hll-ufl .
Il.lllil-llhil -ti.'l.
ellet!lle llilliKlliit liiMI-el .
other n.il lull.
l iinilturentiil HMiiri-,.... ....... ...
Urn (niiiiiiilii rtmnks iiml Innkcm,
'tihjfl lo eliii'k
rt, III in'
Si.-,ie .
Until mtn, 4I0I . ,,
IMIir le-oure,' h- fullowsl
I'.! I.iisrlv llnii'ls ....m ...
I' S. Tri'u.ury i.vrllfli'iili'i of In-
ilrttliilln " .
I' x. W'iir.iivtti,n In tn ! .. .
Mill I
l.i.-' i
i.l i
M i
1I !
I i iv;:
an .
li i
r.ii i
Tot ii I
..IIW.1V! I
c.iiii ii ti'k pitit iii ! awti '
lllilll flllHl IlUM'l
I'ndll I'Ii.I ,ntll-. m l 3.11!
Ihie loliiink' met Inlihrrs. slllijirt
T he Itiheknh's Ml.
Some of the mcmbeis of the Oregon
Hebekah lodge of this city were giesls
of the liebekah lodge of Cling on
Thursday ecnlng of lat wiek. July
II. and they returned In erstacies over
the royal manner in which thej wete
tnateil b their sister lodge. They
witnessed the Installation of the Ciaig
oil it l i s, and also the eotifirring of
the lieuutlful Hiiiekuh degiie by the
Craig bulge, which has the icnutntlon
of having one of the best tlegtee trams
in our state. Following the woik nf
the lodge, an enjoyable lunch was
seivcd, and they drove back home in
curs, simply dec-lighted with their
Extra large assortmi nt of tited
First Class Fords for sale.
in el.ivL
llnllllilll ll ili"ll
eiiivk .
slllijii I to
IK.I li
Tl-..e vrrt lll.Mli- lit il. J. -II . . . .
iiliiliiieellllliMle-ol Hi.nll..
I l-l,l-r' .iierl. I"'
Hill- ii.iynlile iiml ri'.illiniiit.. "
Tlii i il'", i I
I.Mi: "I Ml""flil.' ,
r.niiiiv "( II..M
We. ImiiIi-I . i.'hllillll. lis lilil'li'tit. fllHl W
I .-lilllle. h- .M-l.tt-r of sillil 'mm
Iinf II l.i-..iflllllVtMHtllll Hi
t ililiienl I- line to till' ti'-t of nil, I.H M
1'iUe unit iM-llcf
tMi:t. ..MilMA.N, I'liM.l.i.i
W. P. -I III I.T I- fusilier
nlM.'rlU'l utiil 'snrti to Ii. f.oe le
IMhliV of .tlllV, .. ll, nllote.il Ineioi-iiliileleliti-ll.
W I'l M.- tn Ii Hid lili.l tt.lllfl:ll .m i .
Oil, I i-t iif.ii-. -itl.l ir..tiiiiii
I'l'.AUl Hint ., iiii 1 1 In. I f'lf I, ll'tll. ei.
I t l.ru ir imIi. I 'll' i
Jlll. I. .HiM'
nitity rio.
t'orreel Alti'ti
f. nr.M.IJi.N.
Lost A :tO:ij tiutomohlle tin'
and rim, tall light nnd license No.
'.i.VJTo. Finder plene return to T. E.
Wilson nnd receive reward.
For Sale Some extra good ltcd
Pol lei I Hvlls; registered. Call on or
uddrcss C. A. Zachman, Oregon, Mo.
of the Ages
College ediirntion costs this ear. Hut never swh an opportunity for
the trained gradunte. Saw tnt.lle on three cent fares, an milled
dollar a week on hoard, the rest of the hundred on "small college"
Canning Outfits,
Lawn Mowers,
Glass Fruit Jars,
Jar Caps , Wax Ladles,
Sealing Wax,
Tin Cans,
Electric Fans,
Electric Washers,
Electric Irons,
Oil Stoves,
Oil Wicks,
Cream Freezers.
in Hardware."
Teare & Ruley

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